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TIGER PINTS 99 Baht 3.30-8pm

Krabi Ashore Story and Photos by Dave Stamboulis

Explore the lesser-known highlights on this southern hotspot


ow that the clear and consistent weather of the dry season is upon us, lots of folks head to the islands and beaches in the Andaman. Krabi of course is no exception, with it turquoise bays, white sand beaches, and outstanding limestone karst peaks, most famously in Railay Bay, where some of Southeast Asia’s best rock climbing is to be found. Unfortunately, everyone and their mother knows about these spots and a recent trip there put me on one of the country’s most knockout strips of white sand, along with about 2,000 Russians and Chinese, so I decided to move away from the sea, further inland, where Krabi also provides some great destinations well ashore from all the beach throngs. Sa Morakot, also known as The Emerald Pool, is one of Krabi’s most beautiful haunts. There is a lowland forest reserve about an hour south of Krabi town called Khao Pra-Bang Kram Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to hot springs, lakes, and to the endangered Gurney’s Pitta, a beautiful passerine bird that is found here. While the park itself is quite magical, offering some quiet walking and deep forest, the highlight here is the colourful emerald pool, which is a brilliant jewel blue due to

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the abundance of calcium carbonate and limestone solution in the water, which reacts on local algae and bacteria found in a hot stream which flows into the pool, causing the splendid emerald tones. Additionally, the pool is quite large in circumference and almost several metres deep, so it is quite perfect for swimming in. Come early afternoon, many of the tourist hordes in Ao Nang and Krabi come out here on coach tours, but if you arrive early in the morning, you’ll have the forest and pool mostly to yourself. There are also other areas of the park to explore. Further up the trail, there is a clear indigo blue pool known as Sa Nam Phut, which is the origin of the Emerald Pool and about as clean a pond of water as one will find in Thailand. Due to its distance from the visitors centre it sees few tourists and is a very quiet and magical spot. Nearby, one will also find the Hermit Shrine, where a small temple and tiger statue pays homage to a forest monk who retreated here to live without disturbance. On my visit here, the only other person I encountered was a forest ranger praying at the shrine. Not far from the Emerald Pool, those looking

for more inland water activities should call in at Nam Tok Rawn Khlong Thom, or Khlong Thom Hot Springs. Thermal springs coming from the volcanic chambers of nearby caves have created 35-40 degree water which cascades into a river. Several-human sized pools have been formed here in the forest, and visitors can choose from the natural hot tubs to a newer man made concrete pool structure near the changing rooms. Again, getting here early in the morning or late afternoon is the way to go, and a wonderful way to enjoy the superb surroundings. Not all inland Krabi attractions have to be this relaxing though. One bit of penance that ought to be on everyone’s list (at least to burn off some of the past evenings’ happy hour sessions) is the climb up Wat Tham Seua, better known as the Tiger Cave Temple. No, this is not the temple where they have tigers that are supposedly drugged and controversial. That one is in Kanchanaburi. This one is Krabi’s highest landmark, a Buddhist temple that sits right on top of a mountain. Tiger paw prints were found in a cave here, and the temple takes its name from a Vipassana prac-

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ticing monk who came to sit here and saw tigers roaming the area. These days one is more likely to see hundreds of aggressive monkeys than tigers, pleading for tourist handouts, but the monkeys are just a side show. The real attraction here lies in climbing the 1260 steep stone steps (the sign at the bottom says 1237, but the numbers rise at the top!) to get to Krabi’s own slice of heaven. The going is brutal, especially in the hot sun, and it is a quad and calorie burner, but is well worth it for the fabulous views of all Krabi Province from above, looking all the way out to the Andaman and all of the limestone and jungle clad surroundings. There are several golden Buddha statues up here to keep you company, and if the weather is really clear, you might even see that white sand beach you left just for the privilege of getting this high. However, before you start thinking of just how good that celebratory beer is going to taste, remember that it is another 1260 steps back down.

Travel Tips The Tiger Cave Temple is just outside of Krabi Town, about 2-3 kilometers, where one turns left onto road 6017 and the temple is another 2km further on the left. Look up if in doubt and you will see the temple perched on top of a peak. There is no fee to punish yourself here. For Khlong Thom Hot Springs and Sa Morakot Emerald Pool one needs to travel about 45 kilometers from Krabi south on Highway 4 towards Trang. When you reach Khlong Thom town, there will be signs posted for the left turn onto 4021 heading out to the springs and pool, which are another 25 kilometers inland and about 10 kilometers apart (hot springs are first). It would be very hard to get here on public transport, so you either need to take a tour or rent a car. Unfortunately, the parks which these attractions are in do not give foreigners with Thai ID cards the usual Thai price, so you need to cough up 200 baht for the Emerald Pool and 100 for the hot springs unless you have Thai citizenship.

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The Art Of Eight Limbs

Muay Thai is an ancient sport attracting more interest than ever before

The smell of liniment hangs heavy in the air as the drumbeat gains pace, matching the fighters’ march to the ring. It’s the curtainraiser at MBK’s regular Wednesday Muay Thai fight night and, today, the opening bout is between two lads aged maybe 10 or 11 – known as nak muangs. They perform to prefight ritual, known as the wai khru, which is a mark of respect to their teachers. And then it’s on. “It’s the art of eight limbs, because you’ve got fists, feet, elbows and knees,” explains Arran Sirisompan, one of the organizers of the MBK fight night and regular ringside commentator. “It’s an ancient fighting style, maybe 400 or 500 years old. It was used by the army as a way to defend the King, so it’s a real warrior’s art. “The scoring system is just like in boxing – the judges will award points based on who’s more dominant. They also look for who’s using all aspects of Muay Thai – using their knees and elbows as well as just throwing punches and kicks.” After the young fighters have finished, several more bouts follow between mature contestants. Even without understanding the finer points of the sport, it’s impossible not to appreciate the spectacle, with both fighters seemingly taking it in turns to explode toward each other in bursts of movement and fury. When a kick connects, the slap rings out loud enough to be heard on the other side of Ploenchit Rd. Arran comes from a well-known Muay Thai family. His father, Grand Master Chinawut Sirisompan was one of the first Thais to take Muay Thai to the UK, where he trained fighters at his gym in Manchester. After the family moved back to Bangkok, Chinawut was approached by MBK to stage a regular fight night. It quickly became a family affair, with

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Arran commentating and his sister becoming a successful fighter. Indeed, the issue of women’s Muay Thai is a prickly one. In the big stadiums, it is illegal for women to touch the ring, let alone compete. But at MBK, women are well and truly part of the package. “Women’s Muay Thai is one of our staple attractions,” Arran explains. “There are definitely women who are interested in competing and not many outlets for them. So we’re happy to give them that opportunity.” Otherwise, the fighters at MBK are, in Arran’s words, a “mixed bag”. They tend to be fighters who are either on the way up or the way down. “There are guys who have moved from our fights to go and fight in the big stadiums and for big promotions,” he explains. “And there are a lot of people who are training in Bangkok, aiming to have careers in Muay Thai. There are always fighters in Muay Thai gyms who are either winding down or on the way up and want that experience in front of a crowd.” And these days, Muay Thai is certain to draw a crowd. The sport is in rude health with a booming profile that extends overseas. And, as a result, even Thais are embracing the sport in hitherto unseen numbers.

“There was a time when Muay Thai was looked down upon among hi-so Thais,” Arran explains. “You’d have these young guys coming down from the north to fight in Bangkok and then heading back with whatever money they earned. That was the old rule of thumb. “But now, partly because of the foreign interest and partly because some of the fighters are superstars because of TV, hi-so Thais now watch Muay Thai. So attitudes toward the sport and the understanding of it have changed a lot.” MBK Fight Night is held every Wednesday night from 6pm, outside MBK on Ploenchit Rd.

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The Office Here we are!

Soi 33


Sukhumvit Phrom Phong BTS

99 Baht

All Night, Every Night!

mojo’s live music pub

Bar Snacks 99 Baht Spring Rolls Onion Rings Corn Chips & Salsa

Coyote Dancers From 10pm

Live Music Everyday From 9:30pm (Except Monday) Open 5.30pm Till Late

Western & Thai Food Free Wi-Fi Dance The Night Away Functions/Private Parties



Large Bar with Accommodation 4 Floors and a rooftop, the main bar area is on the ground level, with furnished staff and owner accommodation above. Kitchenette on ground floor. Sukumvit Soi 33. ;;

Reduced to 2.2 Million Baht

2 Story Corner Restaurant in Chareon Krung

Guesthouse & Café on Suk. Rd.,

Small Massage Shop - Ploen Chit

2.4 Million Baht

520,000 Baht

12 Rooms, all with A/C, TV, Hot and Cold Showers and close to a BTS. Small kitchen and laundry. Light breakfasts are served in the Café. Rent is only 71,500 Baht a month.

3 Massage beds, 2 Massage Seats, Reception Counter and a shower recess. Storage and toilets behind the shop. Rent is 30,000 Baht a month. Sukumvit Soi 1, Ploen Chit.

Indoor Air-Conditioned Bar on Sukhumvit Soi 22

Small Open-Front Bar in Busy Ex-Pat Plaza.

800,000 Baht

No expense spared in this large restaurant with functional kitchen. Seating upstairs and down and an outdoor area for alfresco dining. Fully equipped and quality furniture.

Just listed and fully refurbished. Small outdoor patio, fridge, air-con, toilets, ground floor and right on the main soi. Rent is 30,000 Baht. Equipment and licenses included.

2.4 Million Baht

850,000 Baht

Corner In&Outside Sports Bar

Ex-Pat Bar in an Ex-Pat Plaza

Hair and Nail Salon - Ploen Chit


Brunswick pool table, TVs, toilets, store-room, licenses, equipment & stock included. Inside has air-con, and the outside section has its own bar and under-cover seating.

2.5 Million Baht

Multi-Story Indian Restaurant on Sukhumvit Road 2 levels of seating for around 60, with owners suite, staff accommodation, kitchen and store-rooms above. Long established and popular. Lease negotiable. ;;

Reduced to 6.6 Million Baht

Seats about 20 people, and is in a good location. Licenses, stock and equipment all included and ready to trade. 12 months renewable lease and rent is 39,100 baht.

Great returns for this simple airconditioned bar with TV and Darts, bar counter and high-table seating. Books available to genuine buyers. 12 months renewable lease.

3 Hair stations. Air-conditioned, with reception counter and massage chairs. All equipment included. There is a storage area out the back. Rent is 30,000 baht a month.

1.5 Million Baht

370,000 baht

Fine Dining Seafood and Steak Restaurant in Silom

New 48-bed Hostel in Sukhumvit Soi 33

13.5 Million Baht

1 Million Baht

400m2 with quality furniture and fittings. Private rooms, walk-in Wine Cellar, Bar, Lounge area and an upstairs Mgr Office. A beautiful restaurant trading profitably. 02 001 9847

Not finished yet, but due for its first guest in February 2015. The early investor will scoop a bargain here. Rent is 150,000 baht a month for this 4 story hostel.

Indoor/Outdoor Restaurant in Thong Lor Small Italian take-out/delivery and dine-in restaurant in Thong Lor. Services condos in local Thong Lor and Ekkamai areas. All equipment included. Owner must return to Italy

Reduced to 1 Million Baht

MANGO NIGHTS Ice Age Looming Large Bangkok kicks off the New Year with one of Europe's most exciting rock bands visiting our shores Ice Age are a four-piece band from Copenhagen, Denmark with their original roots in punk. They formed in 2008 with the average member aged 18, and are now on to their third album Plowing Into The Field of Love which was released just last October. The post-punk sound, somewhat reminiscent of Joy Division, remains but the new opus sees them expand their palette of instrumentation to sources as eclectic as the mandolin and viola. "I think it’s important bands grow a little and experiment with different sounds while still being themselves and not disappointing their fan made the profile pages of Vogue magazine, after Massacre have been together for nearly two years base,” says Popscene promoter Matt Smith, who all, usually the preserve of the Sophie Ellis-Bex- and have been putting the hard work in playing is bringing them to Bangkok. tors of the music world. anything and anywhere Bangkok has to offer. Smash Cut Reviews, who give the new album 8 out of 10, said: "When they really decide to slow it down, with the drunken-stumble-home of Against The Moon, there’s enough going on, what with the horn section and piano motif, to doubly engage the listener while also laying out one of the most emvotionally bare (and metapunk) sentiments: “Whatever I do, I don’t repent.” It reaffirms the idea of ‘punk’ as a concept instead of a sound, and is beautifully exemplified here.”

Singer Elias Bender Rønnenfelt told Vogue: “The songs are a lot more open and not so compressed and frenetic. I wanted to make the vocals sound very intimate. I’m not perfect at hitting notes, but I don’t try very hard either. It creates an effect that’s more about intuition. Anyway, I do consider myself a great singer.”

They have just released their first EP The Versus Of Vice which is available via their Bandcamp page. And The Ginkz have been on the Bangkok scene for several years now and are real entertainers. They play more traditional, tongue in cheek, sometimes Molam sounding material."

In keeping with Popscene's philosophy of bringing in local supports for international acts, two Ice Age with Sangsom Massacre and the Ginkz Bangkok acts are playing with Ice Age. are playing at Langsuan Castle in Chatuchak on Ice Age have certainly turned heads in their naSaturday, January 17. Prices are 650B including a tive Europe. Not many Danish punk bands have Says Smith: "Alternative rock act The Sangsom free beer.

Degaruda making waves Degaruda have been turning heads for over a year now as one of Bangkok's tightest and most innovative original rock bands. Quite brilliantly, they self describe as being influenced by "DC hardcore punk, stoner metal, and Karen Carpenter.”

It presaged a year of ups and downs. Tarasin says: "Our best live experience was at Noise Market 2. It was raining all afternoon and we were delayed so we didn't expect to play to a lot of people. But then we started playing and about 300 people were there and they all went nuts and had huge smiles on their faces.

But according to singer Dino Tarasin: "Our main influence is the Carpenters in terms of song writ- “Probably a low point was a show we did at Iming. We like pop melodies mixed with unconven- mortal Bar the second night of curfew after the tional song structures." coup hit. There was literally no one there but the other band that played before us.” Last year, the band released their first self-titled album. The song titles are certainly succinct and Degaruda plan to release a new album this year hint at the tightness of the tracks with names but have to wait first as bassist Phil will be entersuch as Tanks, Milk and Lamb. ing monkhood in January. And unlike some of

the city's promoters and venue owners who are feeling down about the musc scene, Tarasin is quite buoyant. "Personally, I feel that we're either coming to or in the middle of a golden age in terms of the indie music scene,” he says. “There are so many bands with so much talent that are doing it for pure love and passion and don't really give a shit if they get famous. “We've played with bands like Monomania, Plastic Section, Matthew Fisher and the Fishes, aire, Triggs and the Longest Day. And they've always put on inspiring shows.”

mango metro




A Year of Hard Knocks Will 2015 bring a better or worse year for the capital’s nightowls? The jury is divided 2014 was certainly a tumultuous year for Bangkok nightlife with the effects of martial law, enforcement of closing times, visa crackdowns and increased police searches of foreigners in the Asoke area all having an impact on the quality of the scene. Mango Metro asked a sample of promoters, DJs and comics across the city to comment on what they thought about the current situation and one common thread that emerged was the strict enforcement of 1am and 2am closures across the city. According to Popscene promoter Jimmy Livewire: "Fingers are crossed that things can improve in regards to late licenses. If things can go back to how they were a few months ago then I think punters will feel a lot more relaxed about going out and will hopefully do it more.” Thai DJ Souldust, a perennial at venues such as Oscar and Vogue Lounge, concurs but certainly doesn't mince his words when asked what he sees as the no 1 challenge for Bangkok's night life.

12 mango metro


"The enforced, Orwellian, totalitarian and downright fucking shit 2am curfew [excuse the language]. It’s the single biggest killer in our city’s otherwise flourishing scene," he says. But dig a little deeper and it seems the early closures aren't the only problem for the sector. Mixmag Asia publisher and SixSix Asia director Dave Milligan, who has been responsible for some of the biggest international DJ events in Bangkok, says he is wholly negative about prospects for the city. Indeed, after concentrating on this market for some years he is now branching out into other parts of Asia for his events. "Unfortunately, things have been so stagnant for so long that there isn't one venue which is remotely comparable to a world class venue. The powers that be are holding things back in a massive way," Milligan said. "I have nothing positive to say unfortunately.” Early closures hit the dance clubs hardest but the live music scene also appears to be under-

going mixed fortunes. Popscene's Jimmy Livewire recently indicated he intended to curtail his regular promotion of touring international rock acts because of the apparent fickle attitude of Bangkok's audiences to actually attending their gigs. "The excuses ‘I have work tomorrow’, ‘The venue is too far away’, ‘It’s too expensive’ are actually a bit pathetic. My ticket prices are never more than 650 baht, 80 percent of the time the venues are accessible by MRT or BTS and if they fall on a school night then they’re usually over by midnight." Livewire says. "I’m really not one to blow my own trumpet but if Popscene didn’t exist then there would be a lot less international bands/artists travelling through Bangkok. I’d actually go as far to say 80% less acts. If people don’t come and buy tickets for my shows then I can’t pay the artists. No tickets sold means no more shows, it’s that simple." For Bangkok's own rock biographer and uber-

MANGO NIGHTS blogger Dave Crimaldi, the live music problem is related to a lack of supply as much as demand. "The underground live music community needs more venues,” he says. “But police seem to be enforcing laws they never cared about in the past like zoning laws for music and entertainment – this has forced some popular underground venues like Fatty's to no longer feature live music. Last year [2014] we also lost Harmonica and Cosmic Cafe that really hurt us to lose. "I also think the scene needs more music writers, reviewers, photographers and videographers because developing digital content is vital to global awareness of the Bangkok scene. While time-consuming, this is the DIY attitude. If you can't get press, start a blog or zine. If you can't get a producer, produce your album yourself.” That said, Crimaldi, also sees positive signs in the venues who are embracing independent music such as Play Yard, The Overstay, Immortal, Rock Pub, Hemingway's, Jam, Det 5, and Brownstone Studio. He also namechecks some interesting innovations such as SoFar. "They are secret gigs set up in intimate settings,” he says. “It's all volunteer production crew and people register to go. It's a novel idea and brings the mystery back to music. Things like that keep the medium alive." "The festivals Keep on the Grass and Noise Market are both taking place out of town on the

same day at the end of January – I think the sites Grem Wood, who performs with another comof those festivals are very close so people can edy troupe, Bangkok Hilarious, agrees that 2015 enjoy Noise Market in the day and then go to will see comedy establish a foothold. Keep on the Grass towards night.” "2015 should see it grow to receiving more inLivewire also agrees that the burgeoning num- ternational performers," he says, predicting a ber of festivals here might serve to keep the mu- minor surge in comedy and stage shows. sic scene stimulated. "A growth in the theatre industry in Bangkok One area of the city's nightlife that is certainly will define the new year, allowing acting in more on the up and up is English language comedy. than TV commercials and minor movie roles, this A dedicated Bangkok Comedy Club opened up growing a bigger and more tight nit performing above the Royal Oak Pub earlier in 2014 and community.” principal Chris Wegoda sees this as epitomising a trend away from nightclubbing toward other One thing all our respondents agree on is that nocturnal activities. there will be no shortage of artist "supply" in the new year. "Not long ago all you could do was party at night in Bangkok, that hasn't changed but party can "The Kolour parties are going to get bigger and mean so much now. I think the ever growing carry on the momentum of their growth; they’ll English language arts and entertainment scene elevate themselves to the next level for sure." with more and more theatre, cabaret, magic and Souldust says. "Others may see this as a bad of course comedy shows has to be a large part of thing, but the way I see it is they’ll leave a gap it," Wegoda says. in the market for mid-tier brands to come into light." "The popularity of international comedians at our club has motivated us to add more to the He also sees a trend away from the current schedule in the New Year. This will also help the deep-house scene toward house and techno: growing local comedy community, which has "The best thing about the city’s scene in 2015 is really blossomed this year. how competitive it’s going to be, and much like any economic model, a market which is highly “We are going to be having some big names competitive will be much more interesting with starting as soon as January with Gina Yashere people offering different styles of music, price who has appeared on Comedy Central, the To- range and party concepts. The punters will be night Show, Conan O’Brien and a lot more." spoilt for choice.”

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DJ AFRIKA ISLAM With WASABI BYTES (live electronica) in support & Together

Saturday, January 10 LIVE COMEDY


WASABI BYTES Bangkok’s international electronica act release their new single “Euphoric” and preview their new album “Greatest Bits” exclusively at Glow. Live performance and free CD for first 100 at the door. FREE, THURSDAY JANUARY 8 FROM 9PM

MANGO BITES Ari’s dining scene has really taken off in recent months and Rock may be the most sophisticated of the new places that have opened up lately. Set up by a team of foodie friends, Rock offers a Thai-inspired menu that boldly borrows bits and pieces from other Asian cuisines without toppling into full-blown fusion. In fact, it’s these innovations that make Rock stand out from the crowd. The canapés are exceptional, starting with the fresh pomelo slaw with toasted coconut, served in betel leaves. This dish is a classic Thai starter that has returned to several menus throughout the city, albeit with a certain modern twist. The crab rab wafers that come with a cream cheese and a sweet-sour sauce are just as impressive. Moving on to the appetisers, the sweet mango salsa with smoked duck breast and crispy wantons is a beautifully balanced dish, with the mango delivering a delicious citrus offset to the smokey duck.


The charcoal-grilled pork neck with tamarind dipping sauce is also immensely satisfying – there’s a hint of street food style here, heightened and refined by the introduction of more delicate flavours. There are some inspired mains as well – try the yellow curry lamb shank with roasted potato and carrot or the crab curry with rice noodles.

Overall, Rock is the fresh, thoughtful approach to modern Thai food, set in a gorgeous interior. Rock 7/1 Soi Chumnanaaksorn, Phanonyothin soi 9


Jim’s Burgers and Beers It’s fascinating to watch Thai embrace western food in such vast numbers and there are few places where this phenomenon is as acute as at Jim’s Burgers and Beers. It’s a compact cafe set-up in Ari with an even more compact menu. Nevertheless, it’s packed night after night with an overwhelmingly Thai crowd. The interior is comfortable and welljudged but the openers haven’t broke the bank going for appearance. Rather, they have hit upon a formula for a damn good burger and are sticking to it. The signature offering here is the Honey Beef Burger, which uses milk, cheese and honey to flavour the patty. It’s a serious offering. Forget about the dinky little sliders served up at some of the gastropubs around Sukhumvit and Silom. This burger is a proper two-handed beef sandwich. And it’s an absolute winner. Not to be overlooked, the Super Cheesy Pork BLT is as epic as it sounds and the Mr Maew fried chicken is an ideal side. Wash it all down with a Lucky Jack Pale Ale.

Jim’s Burgers and Beers Rama 6, in front of Ari Samphan Soi 3 02-000-9598 Facebook: JIM’s Burgers & Beers

mango metro



MANGO BITES g enin p o New


Dutch chef Hank Savelberg caught the eye of Michelin with his European restaurant in the Hague and now, as of last month, he’s brought his eponymous brand to Bangkok. Wireless Rd is already full of lavish restaurants and luxury hotels, so Savelberg will have its work cut out standing out from the other glittering options in this neighbourhood. Savelberg made his name serving more traditional cuisine than is on offer here – it appears that, rather than doubling down on the formula that has brought him a flood of accolades previously, Savelberg is embracing a more modern style as he branches out into Asia. Even allowing for this snazzier presentation, the produce is still allowed to shine. For example, the lobster salad comes with lobsters cream, vinaigrette, lemon and honey, creating a delicious offset that never threatens to take the spotlight off the lobster.

The grilled turbot is also excellent, the beautifully moist fish coming with a cream of peas, asparagus and onions, topped off with a wild mushroom sauce. The turbot itself is expertly prepared but the sauce here is particularly memorable. Likewise, the slow-cooked candied chicken leg, served with celery, wild mushrooms, hazelnuts and smoked garlic sauce is another shining example of Savelberg’s ap-

proach: taking traditional European flavours and ingredients and heightening them all with a modern twist.

Savelberg GF Oriental Residence, Wireless Rd 02-252-8001

Sway In Bangkok, the gastrobar is the Holy Grail of nightlife venues. Places that can attract diners as well as drinks rake in the cash but getting it right is harder than it might seem. Sway, though, does a fine job of balancing their food and drink, pairing some well-chosen craft beers with their signature chicken wings. Sway boasts a self-service ‘beer wall’, allowing customers to pour their own craft beers. They’ve sourced some interesting brews, offering a well-balanced selection that gives plenty of space to the thriving home brew scene on the west coast of the USA. The food is rustic, with a few Canadian classics reflecting the nationality of the owners. The putine is a messy delight: fries liberally seasoned with a choice of toppings, whether it’s gravy and cheese, jalapeños, pork belly or grilled chicken. But the chicken wings, served in a variety of flavours, are the main attraction. Start with a bowl of the signature Pok Pok wings, seasoned Thai-style with garlic, chili paste

16 mango metro


and cilantro, before moving on to the Indian Spice option, which come dusted in curry powder. Or try the Lemon Szechuan, the Dark Chocolate or the Sweet and Spicy Mango. As signature dishes go, these wings definitely warrant a return visit.

Sway Arena 10, Thonglor Soi 10 02-711-6052


Hungry Hub is Thailand’s premier online restaurant reservation service, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


ungry Hub was founded on the notion that today’s consumers want to be able to search for local restaurants by location or cuisine and then make reservations at a restaurant all with the click of a button on their computer or mobile device. The reality is, restaurants aren’t open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and that limits their ability to accept reservations when the potential guest is making dinner plans. Many restaurants use an archaic method of manually recording and tracking guest reservations; with Hungry Hub, the reservations are made electronically and tracked in much the same way. It’s more convenient and there is less room for error this way. By streamlining this process, Hungry Hub is revolutionising the way diners and restaurateurs interact. It is the new standard in restaurant reservations in Thailand.

Members are important to Hungry Hub and they work very hard to bring them the most up-to-date information available through social media, and With every successful booking, members receive Hungry Points Rewards which are redeemable for cash. Service standards are among the highest in the industry because Hungry Hub listens to and acknowledge the individual needs of members. With slightly over one month of soft launch, Hungry Hub has over 1,000 downloads for their app; more than 65 restaurants on the list and seated more than 200 people through our booking engine. Initially they have focused on restaurants around Sukhumvit/Thonglor & Sathorn/Silom but are now expanding to Ari and soon to other areas by adding 20-30 restaurants a month.

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mango metro



MANGO BITES hat c e i Food

Dan Koh

Through his company Sea Truffles, Dan Koh has created a niche for himself as an importer of high-quality seafood. With the demand for oysters now booming in Bangkok, Koh’s Irish Premium Oysters have been cropping up on menus all over the city. “With the economics of Thailand getting better, with a growing middle class, many more people can afford this luxury item,” explains Koh, a Chinese-Korean who hails from Hawaii. “In America at the start of the 20th century, oysters were the cheapest protein. It was cheaper than chicken, beef and pork - in the northeastern port cities the vendors would sit on the docks, selling them like street food. “Times change - refrigeration comes into the equation. You have trends and oysters have come back as a luxury item.” Koh is also a devotee of organic sea urchins, or uni, which he sources from the waters near the Philippines. “I’ve been eating uni for a long time - it’s hands-down my favourite kind of sashimi,” he says. “It’s expensive – it’s like foie gras of the ocean, so you pay for it wherever you go. “Uni has some of the highest occurring natural glutinates of any food in the world. These

18 mango metro


glutinates are what trigger what’s called ‘umami’ - or ‘the fifth taste’. It means any food with naturally present glutinates is going to be delicious.” Koh is from Hawaii, so perhaps it’s no surprise that he also swears by tuna.

“I’m from Hawaii - so the best way to eat tuna is ahi poke. It’s fresh tuna, cut into cubes, then marinaded with garlic, ginger, sesame oil and soy sauce, a little bit of chili pepper. Just a light marinade – it’s so good.”

“High-quality tuna has no smell, and is a deep rich, vibrant colour and is very sweet,” he says.

For more information, check out Facebook: Sea Truffle or contact Dan Koh at

“Deutsches Eck� is a guest-friendly oasis in the heart of Bangkok and a meeting point for everybody Restaurant Pub &

Deutsches Eck B a n g ko k

Open daily 8am - 1am Free of charge parking and complementary WiFi Sit at our spacious garden terrace or inside the air conditioned restaurant. Watch the latest sports events like Bundesliga or Formula 1 LIVE on our big TV screens Sukhumvit Soi 20, Rembrandt Tower Serviced Apartments, Klongtoey Bangkok 10110 Tel.: +66 (2) 262 0263 Fax:+66 (2) 262 0264


Advances in science and technology over the past decade have allowed us to learn a lot and understand more about heart disease. But unless you follow medical news closely, there is a chance you might have misconceptions about the risk factors for heart disease, or heart disease itself. We’ve compiled a list of the five most common heart disease myths.

1. If you have heart disease, you need to take it easy.

cause artery walls become stiff with age. Stiff ar- some from certain foods. Consumption of food teries force the heart to pump harder. This sets up carelessly with hope that medication will take a vicious cycle. care of everything is generally a bad idea. Statins reduce the amount of cholesterol made by the Blood pounding against the artery walls dam- liver, but not those from food you eat. That is why ages them over time. The overworked heart mus- doctors always prescribe cholesterol-lowering cle becomes less effective and pumps harder to medication together with careful diet selection meet the body’s demands for blood. and lifestyle modification, which proves to be most effective in controlling cholesterol and reThis further damages the arteries and invites fat ducing heart disease risk. into the artery walls. This is how high blood pressure increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. 5. Angioplasty and stenting or

Being diagnosed with heart disease may make some people hesitate to live an active lifestyle 3. If you have heart disease, you through fears that it could be harmful to their should eat as little fat as possible. heart. In fact, being sedentary does more harm than good. It is true you should eat a diet low in saturated fat, partially hydrogenated fat, and trans fat. But Exercise helps strengthen the heart muscle, im- not all fats are equal. The unsaturated fats in vegproves overall health and well-being, and ensures etable oils and other foods are beneficial. In fact, the risk factors of heart disease including high eating fish high in omega-3 fatty acids can lower blood pressure and diabetes are under control. the risk of heart disease.

bypass surgery will “fix” your heart.

Angioplasty and bypass surgery can better your heart function and reduce chest pain as well as improve your quality of life. But they don’t stop the underlying disease –atherosclerosis.

Without correcting the problems that contribute to atherosclerosis, arteries will continue to become clogged with fatty plaque, which may mean the return of angina or a heart attack. After 2. Higher blood pressure is normal 4. If you take a cholesterol-lowering undergoing angioplasty or bypass surgery, it is as you get older. drug, you can eat anything. important to correct the problems that led to the need for the procedure, such as high cholesterol Blood pressure tends to rise with age, but that Cholesterol in the bloodstream comes from two or blood pressure, a poor diet, smoking, or lack doesn’t mean it is good for you. It happens be- sources – your liver makes some, and you get of exercise.

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