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Picking the best anti virus program is probably one of the hardest decisions you will have to make. With heavy competition in the anti virus market with every ant virus claiming to be the best offering the same set of features, protection with an equally economic price tag picking a good antivirus software can be a tough decision. Your definition of the best anti virus program would probably be one which consumes least memory, has the highest detection rate and doesn't have a price that's through the roof. Unfortunately at a glance at the several antivirus programs on the market, they are all apparently strong in these aspects. The only way to figure which antivirus is best would be to individually test each one of them, and this is quite a tedious process, fortunately I did this for you to save you the trouble, I have tested several anti virus programs, and all of them seemed to lack in a certain aspect, most of them due to the memory usage factor, while others had other flaws. After all the testing, Kaspersky Antivirus turned out to standout from the rest. So what makes Kaspersky the best anti virus program, Kaspersky has the highest detection rate in the market, based on personal use and feedback by other users, thus you can be sure you will be completely secure from any viruses with Kaspersky protecting your computer. Kaspersky is also very userfriendly with an easy to use interface and supported by tool-tips for all features and plenty of documented support as well. Scanning your hard drive is comparatively a lot faster taking around half an hour to forty five minutes only and it will cost you only $40 which is a steal for the protection and features it offers.

Luqmaan Ameen is a software developer, blogger and is also an antivirus expert, having tested dozens of antivirus programs on the market. Read his comprehensive kaspersky review on

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==== ==== Get 60% OFF Kaspersky Antivirus. Antivirus software comparison, reviews & coupons: ==== ====

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