Candy Button Heart Tutorial

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Button Candy Heart Tutorial By, Jessica Perkins From

Materials Needed: Two Large, Stiff Red Felt Sheets Stiff Brown Felt Sheet Lace, Ribbon, or Some Other Trim Buttons Scrap Cotton Fabrics in Varying Patterns (I used 3 different patterns) Needle & Thread

Part I. Candy Box 1. Bend a stiff piece of large sheeted felt in half. Put the heart pattern on the felt so that the bumps of the hearts are hitting the top of the bend – you are not going to cut this part.

This is what it looks like when you cut it properly – it should be one whole piece. 2. Cut out 1 single layer of another piece of felt. Now you will have two pieces total – the double heart, and a single heart.

3. Pin Ribbon, Lace, or whatever trim you want around the single heart cut out.

4. Sew the Trim onto the heart – this will eventually be the inside and won’t be seen.

5. Pin this heart to one of the double hearts‌making a sandwich - Single heart, lace side-up, double heart. If done correctly, you shouldn’t see the raw edges of the lace or trim you used, it will be inside the heart sandwich.

6. Sew the heart sandwich together, leave the other side of the double-heart untouched.

*The Box could be done at this point (You don’t have to decorate the front if you choose not to). The next section will explain how to make the candy cups and candy pieces.

Part II. Inside of the Candy Box 1. Cut out Shapes of stiff chocolate-brown colored felt for “candies”. I made 6 different shapes for my box.

2. Using a Cotton Fabric, trim a similar shape, slightly larger using pinking sheers to get the crinkle paper effect that most candy wrappers have.

3. Collect Buttons for your project – one for each piece of chocolate. Here are the Candies, Wrappers, and Buttons.

4. Layout where you would like each chocolate shape to go inside the box.

Candy Wrapper, Chocolate, Button.

I took a picture of the layout, with the buttons, so I could use it as a reference later.

5. Sew the candy wrappers onto the heart sandwich.

I used Fray-Chek on the wrappers to keep them from fraying further. This is optional.

This is what it looks like on the bottom of the heart sandwich.

6. Sew the buttons onto the middles of the candy wrappers.

7. Cut a slit into the brown felt (chocolates) - you choose the direction. I made sure some were vertical and some were horizontal just to give my little one practice with both.

I found this easiest to do by folding the shape in half and cutting. * Take care to make sure you don’t make the hole too big as you don’t want to cut through the entire piece. This will also be manipulated a lot, so you don’t want to make the hole too close to any of the edges. *

8. Attach all the Chocolates to the Candy Box to make sure they all fit well and go on easily.

Now the inside of the Candy Box is Done! The Next Step is Optional – decorating the front of the box.

Part III. Decorating the Outside of the Candy Box I decorated the untouched heart (or lid) using two different sized hearts and the word LOVE. To do this you need to:

1. Cut out two different sized hearts, smaller than the lid. 2. Sew the larger one on first, making sure to open the lid before you sew – as not to sew ALL the layers together. 3. Sew the letters LOVE onto the Second Heart – or you could use Heat-N-Bond and bond to the fabric as directed on the package. 4. Sew the second heart on top of the first, again making sure to open the lid before you sew – as not to sew ALL the layers together. DO NOT SEW THE WHOLE HEART – LEAVE THE “TOP” (BUMPS) OF THE HEART UNSEWN so you can later use this as a pocket for the Candy Pieces.

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