MALVIE Media Group

MALVIE FRENCH MAGAZINE is a revolutionary publication in the fashion, beauty, and art industry, dedicated to showcasing the most talented and innovative emerging artists and photographers. We are more than just a magazine, we are a platform for creativity and self-expression, a destination for those seeking inspiration, and a community for artists to connect and collaborate.

We believe that fashion and beauty should be a means to inspire, not dictate personal style. Our mission is to provide a platform for promoting individuality and uniqueness, and to give our contributors the freedom and respect they deserve as artists. We are a reference guide for personal style, and we strive to empower our audience to embrace their individuality and pursue their unique vision.

We are committed to being the international leading fashion and beauty magazine, offering our audience revolutionary content, memorable experiences, and a transformative aesthetic journey. With over 40000 artists published in just a few years, we have established ourselves as a leading publication in the industry, known for our curatorial expertise, award-winning approach to storytelling, and our ability to discover and promote emerging talents.

As a community of artists, we welcome submissions from all creators and encourage diversity in our content. We strongly encourage all interested parties to review our Media Kit before submitting their work. Our Media Kit provides detailed information about our magazine, including our focus, style, and target audience, and offers a glimpse into what it's like to be a part of our publication. Our Media Kit can be found here:

We are excited to see your creations, and we look forward to potentially featuring your work in our publication, and giving you the opportunity to be part of a community of like-minded individuals, who strive for excellence and creativity. Submit your work via Kavyar: