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Studio One’s Take Part programme is producing inspirational results at Malvern Theatres. More than anything else, Studio One provides a dedicated space for our expanding programme of classes and workshops. We offer sessions in the evenings and at weekends, as well as during the day, widening the opportunities for participation. In this brochure, you will find details of twenty-one regular weekly classes and workshops for people of all ages and abilities.

Our creative learning programme is delivered by teachers whose aim is to nurture a life-long engagement with the arts. Whether as a participant or audience member, our vision for Studio One is to expand and enhance creative learning experiences. Everyone who takes part will have the opportunity to develop their artistic expression, be it through dance, music, drama or the creative arts.

We look forward to seeing you at a class soon.

Book your class or workshop online at or call the box office on 01684 892277

Taster sessions are available for new participants

Contemporary Dance for 7-11 years Contemporary Dance for 12-19 years

This is a highly physical, fun and engaging dance class. Through skill building exercises, participants will develop a grounding in contemporary technique. The young dancers will also learn and create dances which will be performed in the studio theatre each term.

Mondays 13th May to 15th July (no session 27th May) 5.15-6.15pm 7-11 yrs Termly rate: £54

This is an exciting and dynamic company led by Translucent Dance Company. Our aim is to help our young dancers empower themselves by finding their own individual voice through exceptional training in dance technique, choreography and performance. The dancers will experience what it is like to work as part of a professional dance company, creating and performing work for public viewing at Malvern Theatres as well as at local and national festivals.

Mondays 13th May to 15th July (no session 27th May) 6.30-7.30pm 12-19 yrs Termly rate: £54


Dance for over 50s


Dance for 16-65 years+

This contemporary dance company aims to celebrate and showcase the unique and wonderful contribution older dancers bring to the stage. No previous dance experience is required, just an openness and willingness to explore movement in a supportive and positive environment. You will work with Translucent Dance Company to discover the joy and freedom of moving the body and connecting with others.

Tuesdays 7th May to 16th July (no session 28th May) 7.45-8.45pm 50 yrs+ Termly rate: £60

This is an open level contemporary dance class for adults aged between 16-65+. At Translucent we believe that movement is a universal language, and a wonderful way to express yourself while strengthening the body and supporting positive mental health. We will explore both technical and improvisation exercises as a way improve strength, agility, memory and postural alignment, whilst having fun. You will experience a friendly and supportive atmosphere created by our experienced practitioner who will treat you as an individual, while experiencing the joys of being part of an intergenerational group.

Tuesdays 7th May to 16th July (no session 28th May) 6.30-7.30pm 16-65 yrs+ Termly rate: £60

Parents & Wobblers

Movement Class for under 4s and their carer

Jiggle and sway the morning away with this fun, interactive movement class for little dancers and their grown ups. Packed with play and imaginative movement that challenges tiny dancers’ imagination and creativity, encouraging development and confidence in early years, led by Amie Morgan from Dancefest.

The Big Jig Irish Dance Class for Adults

Discover the dynamic world of dance with Jack Ludwig, a world-touring professional Irish Dancer. Embark on a journey filled with rhythm, precision, and exhilaration. Under Jack’s expert guidance, you’ll learn all the fundamental steps, mastering the intricacies of Irish dance while building a solid foundation, from the lively jigs to the mesmerizing reels.

Mondays 15th April to 17th July (no session 6th & 27th May) 10.30-11.15am 18 mth–4 yrs

Wednesdays 17th April to 10th July (no session 29th May) 11.30am-12.15pm 18 mth–4 yrs

Weekly rate: £5 Termly rate: £55 / £60

Immerse yourself in the benefits of dance as you unlock a world of physical and mental wellbeing. Irish dance is not just about the impressive footwork; it’s an invigorating workout that improves coordination, strength, and flexibility. It will boost your cardiovascular health, and enhance your overall fitness.

Thursdays 9th May to 18th July (no session 30th May) 6.45-7.45pm 18 yrs+ Weekly rate: £5 Termly rate: £50

Chance to Dance

Dance Exercise Class for Over 50s

A wonderful opportunity to take part in a gentle dance exercise workshop. This session teaches basic dance routines using simple movement for those 50yrs+. Sessions are led by an experienced tutor from Dancefest.

Chance to Dance Mondays 15th April to 15th July (no session 6th & 27th May) 11.30am-12.30pm

Wednesdays 17th April to 10th July (no session 29th May) 10.15-11.15am 50 yrs+

Weekly rate: £6

Termly rate: £66 / £72

Chance to Dance - Flow Mondays 15th April to 15th July (no session 6th & 27th May) 1.15-2.15pm

60 yrs+ Termly rate: £66

Gentle Dance

Seated Dance Class for Adults

Gentle Dance is a seated class (with opportunities to stand), that encourages you to explore structured and expressive movement in a safe environment. Sessions are designed to exercise, motivate and uplift, helping reduce stress and tensions associated with illness, injury, pain, or lack of confidence.

Taking inspiration from a range of music and the world around us, we dance together at a gentler pace; helping to reconnect, strengthen and energise the body and mind. Led by Marie Oldaker from Dancefest who is very experienced in the delivery of community classes across all ages and abilities.

Fridays 12th April to 19th July (no session 31st May) 10.30-11.30am Price: £6 per session

No classes during half-term w/c 27th May

Parents & Wobblers 10.30am11.15am Chance to Dance 10.15am- 11.15pm Parents & Tots 11.30am12.15pm Gentle Dance 10.30am11.30am Make Your Mark 10.30am12.30pm Make Your Mark 1.30pm- 3.30pm Senior Musical Theatre Academy 5.30pm-6.30pm Junior Musical Theatre Academy 4.15pm-5.15pm The Big Jig 6.45pm-7.45pm Translucent Junior Dance 5.15pm-6.15pm Make Your Mark Xtra 10.30am12 noon Chance to Dance 11.30am12.30pm FLOW with Dancefest 1.15pm- 2.15pm Little Theatre Makers 4.15pm-5pm Translucent Youth Dance 6.30pm-7.30pm Translucent THRIVE 6.30pm-7.30pm Junior Theatre 4pm-5pm Advanced Acting Course 6.30pm-8.30pm Translucent REGENERATE 7.45pm-8.45pm Youth Theatre 11am-12.30pm Film Making 10.30am12.30pm 9pm 1pm 5pm 10am 2pm 6pm 11am 3pm 7pm 12 noon 4pm 8pm For all bookings please call the box office 01684 892277
Weekly Timetable

Make Your Mark Mixed Media Creative Art Workshops for Adults

These interdisciplinary creative art workshops led by Bridget Lloyd, Head of Creative learning at Malvern Theatres, offering innovative and varied techniques. With an emphasis on drawing and mark-making, you will explore a range of techniques. Specialist materials are provided for this. Much camaraderie is gained by working to a united theme, so come along and release your creativeness.

Make Your Mark Xtra

Creative Art Workshops tailored for Adults with learning difficulties

Sessions are tailored to enable participants to overcome physical barriers or impairments. It also offers the opportunity to enjoy spending time with people and to express their individuality through working with a variety of mediums. Make Your Mark Xtra provides a great boost to confidence and concentration. All materials are provided.

Thursdays 9th May to 18th July (no session 30th May) 10.30am-12.30pm & 1.30-3.30pm Price: £6 per session

Wednesdays 17th April to 17th July (no session 29th May) 10.30am-12pm Price: £5 per session

Junior Musical Theatre Academy Multi-disciplinary Theatre Class for 7-11 year olds

Join Jack Ludwig, Artistic Director, choreographer and performer in an exciting one-hour Musical Theatre class for ages 7 – 11 years and 12yrs+.

Weekly sessions will look at all aspects of musical theatre and the disciplines needed to be a Musical Theatre performer: dance, singing and acting, enhancing performance techniques by building the skills together to create dance routines and production numbers from Broadway and West End musicals.

Senior Musical Theatre Academy Advanced Musical Theatre Class for 12-18 year olds

We welcome students of all abilities; whether you are new to musical theatre and want to try something different, build on your life skills, and boost your self-confidence. You may want to make new friends or hope to pursue a career in the arts. Whatever your dream, with his professional guidance and industry experience, Jack can help nurture and build those skills, and instil confidence that ‘anything is possible.’

Thursdays 9th May to 18th July (no session 30th May)

Juniors (7-11 yrs) 4.15-5.15pm Termly rate: £50

Thursdays 9th May to 18th July (no session 30th May)

Seniors (12 yrs+) 5.30-6.30pm Termly rate: £50

Little Theatre Makers

Interactive Drama Class for 5-7 year olds

Fun-filled sessions for little theatre makers are led by an experienced tutor from Amelia K Academy. These diverse classes will be packed with fun and games, while building children’s confidence and creativity.

Unleash your imagination in these playful classes. With a warm, friendly, and creative environment, we will journey through all aspects of drama, musical theatre, and dance.

Junior Theatre

Creative Drama Class for 8-11 year olds

Create believable characters and learn the basics of stage craft and vocal techniques. These fun and creative sessions are perfect for improving drama skills, confidence and creativity. These sessions are led by Ben Mowbray, an experienced theatre practitioner.

Mondays 15th April to 15th July (no session 6th & 27th May) 4.15pm-5pm 5-7 yrs Termly rate: £54

Tuesdays 16th April to 16th July (no session 28th May) 4-5pm 8–11 yrs Termly rate: £66

Youth Theatre

Advanced Drama Class for 12-17 years

Led by Ben Mowbray, Youth Theatre improves performance skills, vocal techniques and enhances knowledge of theatrical practices. Youth Theatre are also invited to see a drama performance each term from our theatre programme at no additional cost.

Advanced Acting Course

An Actor’s Guide to improving your practice for 17 years+

The workshop series led by local actor, Moa Myerson will allow you to connect with yourself and learn how to progress as an actor, build skills for performance, act in the moment, and not overthink the process.

Through improvisation, acting exercises, and games, you will improve your technique by coordinating your mind and body. An exploratory acting class using movement and voice in combination with acting exercises will build the foundation to take your skills and confidence to the next level.

To advance your performance as an actor, you will have the opportunity to work on selected pieces from plays, poems, or songs, focusing on bringing out individuality in your performance.

Saturdays 11th May to 20th July (no session 1st June) 11am-12.30pm 12-17 yrs

Termly rate: £100 (payable in two instalments)

Studio One: Wednesdays 8th May to 17th July (no session 29th May) 6.30-8.30pm 17 yrs+

Termly rate: £80 (payable in two instalments)


Film Production Class for 17 years+

Jonathan Zaurin is a professional filmmaker with a wealth of experience in his field. Telling stories with images is something he is passionate about, and he has collaborated with many international producers on various projects.

Through the series of workshops, you will learn the essential steps of storytelling; from scriptwriting to storyboarding, shooting to editing.

You will acquire a thorough knowledge of cinematic language and gain a deeper understanding of the filmmaking process; learning how to utilise your equipment effectively to achieve your creative goals right through to producing your final product.

Saturdays 11th May to 20th July (no session 1st June) 10.30am-12.30pm 17 years+

Termly rate: £80 (payable in two instalments)

Out Of Whack

Translucent Dance & Malvern Theatres

A performance of intergenerational Contemporary dance

You are invited to an exciting evening of contemporary dance, celebrating the first year of collaboration between Malvern Theatres and Translucent Dance Company. Our junior, youth and adult companies showcase their wonderful achievements alongside Translucent Dance Company who perform their beautiful, dynamic duet entitled Out of Whack.

Studio One: Friday 31st May 5pm & 7pm

This is a free, but ticketed event, and capacity is limited Please book via the box office




Wonka’s Wonderlicious Workshop! for 7-12 years

Roll up, roll up and join us on a journey to Loompaland in a world of pure imagination!

Join Dance in Motion this May half term with a fizzpopping dance workshop featuring the scrumptious songs from the motion picture, Wonka. Dive into a fun-filled day bursting with fantastic dance routines in Wonka’s weirdly wonderful world! No experience necessary, grab your golden tickets and join in the fun. Animation

Studio One: Tuesday 28th May 10.30am-4.30pm 7-12 yrs

Price: £30 (inc bfee)

Workshop for 8-13 years

Reel Access is a Birmingham based creative media organisation who make films and animations with people.

This workshop will give you an introduction to stopframe animation on iPads, which will be provided, along with a variety of props and materials for you to work with. So whether you like Lego, clay or paper there will be something to inspire you!

You are also welcome to bring your own device or props to work with.

Studio One: Thursday 30th May 10.30am-4pm 8-13 yrs

Price: £30 (inc bfee)

Euripides MEDEA

Malvern Theatres Young Company is remembered for its powerful staging of Sophocles’ Antigone in 2018 and its production of Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood the following year.

This strong and capable ensemble returns with Euripides’ Medea. A heartbreaking portrayal of a mother’s betrayal, despair and ultimate revenge, Medea is as shocking today as it was 2,500 years ago.

Director Nic Lloyd’s perfectly scaled production will leave audiences in no doubt as to why the play remains the most frequently performed of all the Greek tragedies.

Studio One: Tuesday 6th to Friday 9th August

Evenings 7pm; Wednesday Matinee 2pm

All Tickets: £11.20


Book by Jose Fernandez

Lyrics by Jacques Levy

Music by Steve Margoshes

Title Song "FAME" written by Dean Pitchford and Michael Gore

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Music Theatre International

Malvern Theatres Young Company proudly presents David da Silva’s high-octane musical based on the 1980 film of the same name.

Fame the musical has been dazzling audiences and critics alike for over thirty years!

Featuring the Academy Award-winning title song and a host of other catchy pop numbers, including Dancing on the Sidewalk, Bring on Tomorrow and I Want to Make Magic, this high-energy, contemporary pop score will have you dancing in your seats.

Recommended age 12 years +

Tuesday 20th to Saturday 24th August

Evenings 7pm; Saturday Matinee 2pm

£22.40 £16.80 Under 26s £11.20

Malvern Theatres Young Company presents

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