Gourmet Today Issue 35

Page 53

August 2015



KITCHEN TRENDS LIGHTING A kitchen design package is not complete without particular attention to its interior lighting. Nowadays, light fitting options are endless and one may feel a bit intimidated with the choice and, as a result, play it safe and go with what is recommended. As a designer, I put a lot of effort into light Sean Cassar fitting positions and designs Managing Director Design Hub Malta recommended to clients for both exterior and interior usage. Malta boasts a large selection of great light fitting outlets which are sourced from all over the world. One particular supplier called Smart Creations in Birkirkara,

has lately impressed me with their fresh selection of light fittings. My favorite selections are the ones sourced from Scandinavian countries, featuring many copper and concrete finishes which can really dress up a modern day contemporary kitchen. Open plan kitchen ambient lighting Achieving a backdrop of a warmer colour temperature led strip lighting, within the open plan. A hue of light is created around the kitchen to help as general directional lighting around the open plan space. When watching television in an open plan layout it may play well to have light as a back drop of low lighting within the space, not making the space too bright and still having access to the kitchen. Directional overhead lighting Spots of light for designated seating and dining.

Consideration for lamp source and a moderate colour temperature allocated. This enhances general dining experience with direct plate lighting. Directional overhead task lighting Easily directed moderately warm light for cooking. A three cluster light fitting may have different lamp sources offering light of different colour temperatures. Presentation is important to the overall cooking experience and though having the right lights on workspaces may seem unimportant, it is only when you are shown the difference that it is possible to recognise this. A light spectrum that is on the cold side will make your greens look great, though meats require warmer colour temperatures. Being able to mix and match with the different lights will result in a more appetising dish overall – more so if you taking pictures of your food! Overhead ambient/task lighting Work top and cabinetry fluorescent lighting, emitting cooler light temperatures aiding colder colours within the space. As a result, this enhances the full colour spectrum within the space. This particular type of light fittings aids in giving a generally strong working light which is consistent around low level cabinetry.

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