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WHAT HE SAID • Quote unquote from Franco Debono’s online soapbox The motto of the so called ‘Evil Clique’ Utility bills “This burden on Maltese families has little if anything to do with the price of oil.

“Opportunity should not depend on ability but on being a lackey. They blame you for their mistakes and they steal and take the merit of your good ideas. They do not resign for creating problems, yet they expect credit when the same problems are solved, possibly using your ideas.”

It should be those responsible who should pay and not the innocent Maltese population. I wish the Prime Minister and

A Christmas election

his family a good holiday.” “Is Gambler Gonzi, recklessly risking a Christmas Eve election? I have been telling him for weeks if not months to take his decisions.”

To Tonio Fenech

Lawrence ‘DCG’ Gonzi “They tell me Lawrence ‘DCG’ Gonzi is attacking me on their blog, or surely with his total blessing. “I consider these attacks as coming directly from or with the blessing of this Azzjoni Kattolika qabar imbajjad, and the people with whom he has surrounded himself - the Evil Clique. These are the people who have destroyed democracy in Malta. Is this worthy of a Prime Minister of a country?”

“Listen to me, this Budget could be an utter waste of time. Do not gamble. You are heading for a Christmas Eve election or a Christmas in the middle of an election campaign?”

Going rogue “Last January on Bondi+ I made it clear that the reshuffle was done on 6 January, precisely the day I made very bold declarations stating I would not support a Prime Minister held hostage by people like Austin Gatt.”

Budget 2013 “For the next Budget I also have valid ideas in order to counterbalance the atrocities which have been committed on Maltese families and individuals in the past years by the Untouchable Bullies.”

Austin Gatt “Why is Austin Gatt allowed to have multiple political lives, whilst others’ ideas and opportunities have to survive multiple abortion attempts?”

Franco Debono - quotes from his soapbox blog  

A collection of sayings from Nationalist MP Franco Debono's personal blog.