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I have never been so sure of something in my life. From the moment I took my first picture, I was hooked. My heart has never felt so whole and complete. I understand the beauty and sincerity of photography and the world through the lens. I couldn’t be more happy. I desire to inspire through my photography. It’s my passion and love that keeps me going. Photography is more than a simple click of a button, it’s a moment captured in time that will last forever.

PEOPLE I never in my life thought that taking pictures of others would be something I loved doing so much. There are so many stories to tell, so many personalities. I believe: everyone deserves to have their picture taken. Whether it’s a portrait, fashionstyled, or simply doing something they love. It’s not just the camera that does the work, it’s the subject in front of the lens, and the photographer. People are simply beautiful.

CHILDREN When it comes to children, taking pictures of them is one of my favorite things to do. A child is so innocent and every photo I want to take is always candid. It’s almost nearly impossible to have a child pose for you, and plus, what’s the fun in that? Every kid is born with a complete candid attitude and style, so I choose to capture it while I can. No child can ever have their picture taken too much. Each photo taken is a memory captured in time - a memory that will last f o r e v e r .

HAITI In the summer of 2012, my life was changed forever. I learned about photography in a way I never have before. Throughout this trip, I met many Haitians and spent a week playing with orphans. Though I was unable to speak their language, I communicated with the Haitian children through the lens. After every picture I took, I turned my camera around to show them how beautiful they are. A smile, a picture, and that’s all I needed to make my heart full. I want to communicate with others through my photography, and that journey began in Haiti.

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Photography Portfolio 2013  

Mallory Ward's photography portfolio 2013

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