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THE HARRIERS HERALD No. 301, March 2018 Editor: Sue Francis

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Thursday night schedules for March and April Membership renewal reminder Ridgeway Relay – team update Race results and reports – Thames Trot 50M; Oxfordshire x-country Race 4; Bramley 10M & 20M; Wokingham Half; Bourton 10K; Bourton 10K Handicap Race – Another win from Mike extends his Championship lead Webmaster’s article – Mo features: Boundary Run 1990 video (do you recognise the winner?); post-run recovery tips, and core workouts; and a list of forthcoming races Thanks to Mo for this month’s contributions

Thursday night schedule for March Note: on highlighted evenings, there are events on at Downs School which will affect parking; alternative meeting place for run start would be preferable Thurs 1st Lucy to lead Thurs 8th Aaron lead Thurs 15th Jonathan to lead Thurs 22nd Sue to lead Thurs 29th Handicap Race

Thursday night schedule for April Thurs Thurs Thurs Thurs

5th 12th 19th 26th

Martin to lead Philomena lead Mo to lead Potential date for Boundary Run and Walk – to be discussed

CH membership reminder Thanks to those who have already renewed their membership for 2018. A reminder for those who have yet to do so: membership renewals are now due! The updated form (in Word and PDF) can be downloaded directly from our website . You can also check out our Club Rules and Code of Conduct etc, to which you are agreeing when signing the Membership Form. Please give or post your completed form to our Membership Secretary, Jonathan. Payment should preferably be either by bank transfer or cheque (details on membership form) as it makes it easier to trace who has paid. If paying by bank transfer, please ensure you reference your payment with your name, and also send an email to Jonathan, Pete Humphreys (Treasurer) and Sue (Secretary) to confirm you have paid.

Ridgeway Relay 2018 – 17th June Many thanks to Mike for taking on the role of Team Captain and for coordinating entry of Compton Harriers’ team. The team is (in running order): Martin, Sue, Lucy, Debbie, Ryan, Susanne, Mike, George, Jonathan, Philomena (reserves Ben and Tim).

HH March 2018


Race Results and Reports Thames Trot 50M, 7th February Well done to Terry and his friend, who completed the Thames Trot Ultra (Oxford to Henley) in 9:16:40 (89th place). This was the longest distance Terry had ever run, as he trains for a summer 100miler. For the second half of the race (Streatley to Henley), Terry was joined by Vince, who used it as a training run and helped to keep Terry going. The weather was not great. There were 200 finishers, but a lot of competitors retired.

Oxfordshire x-country League Race 4, Swindon, 4th February Sue Race 4 was held on a cold but sunny day at Lawns Park, Swindon. This is an undulating course, with very little on the flat, and much of the course was quite boggy underfoot (the run-in to the finish was particularly bad!). The course was interesting and scenic. Some parts were very exposed to the cold wind, while other parts were very pleasant, being sheltered and in the full sun. The ladies race was won in fine style by Jess Franklin (26:05) - running for her first claim club, Newbury, but also a Compton Harrier. Jess has been getting closer to her younger Newbury teammate (Issy Fry) with each race, and this time secured a 15second victory (lapping a few ladies on the way – see photo). Well done Jess – see what running with Compton Harriers has done for you! Team Kennet’s young Emily Faulkner finished an excellent 5th (27:50). With back-up from Sue (27th, 30:59) and Kirsty (37th, 32:03), the team finished a brilliant 2nd on the day. The men’s race was won by Simon Fisher (Oxford City). Team Kennet men’s team were 8th in Division 3, but there were no Compton Harriers in the team this time. See: for all of Mo’s photos

HH March 2018


Bramley 10M & 20M, 11th February Four Harriers ran the Bramley road races this year. In the 10-mile race, Martin was 105th in 1:11:43, despite having a very tight calf muscle, and Lucy was 340th in 1:28:14. The 10M winners were Henry Pearce (Tonbridge AC, 49:54) and Laura Brenton (Southampton AC, 58:33) and there were 657 finishers. In the 20-mile race, Giles was 71st in 2:16:44, and Philomena was 388th in 2:54:51. The race winners were Alex Wall-Clarke (Southampton AC, 1:54:23) and Rosie Keane (Luton AC, 2:01:59) and there were 684 finishers.

Giles at 18.7M Martin does battle with Newbury’s Wayne Lillis at 8.7M Lucy at 8.7M Meena at 8.7M Photos by Barry Cornelius (

HH March 2018


Wokingham Half, 18th February The 2018 Wokingham Half is rumoured to be the last in its current form, as new housing estates will affect the race HQ and race route. The race took place in good conditions. Vince and Ben ran together for the first 6 miles, but Vince was then forced to slow as his feet were feeling numb – he blames this on wearing his wife’s socks! Ben finished 471st in 1:34:31, and Vince 516th in 1:36:13. The race winners were Scott Overall (Blackheath & Bromley AC, 1:05:11) and Naomi Mitchell (Reading AC, 1:17:52) and there were 1867 finishers.

Bourton 10K, 25th February Lucy completed the Bourton 10K on a sunny but cold morning. She finished in 51:48 (347th) out of 544 finishers. The race winners were Will Ferguson (CLC Striders, 32:18) and Jenny Nesbitt (Worcester AC, 33:24). Tuesday and Thursday run selfies

HH March 2018


Handicap Race February’s race took place on an evening which was cold, but otherwise good for racing. With a few runners out of action or taking it a bit easy due to recent illness, there were fewer people racing this time. However, those who did go for it posted some good times. Mike’s wife, Sarah, had told him that if he didn’t bring the trophy home again he’d have to sleep in the shed. This was the perfect incentive for Mike to have another great race – a 13-second victory and a fast time, just 1 second away from his PB. Kirsty took a well-deserved 2nd place, taking a few seconds off her PB. Philomena was 3rd, just holding off the fast-finishing Aaron and Vince. Many thanks to Jan and Dick for time-keeping and accurately recording the close finishers. Finish Position 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Position on handicap 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Handicap Championship


Start time

Mike Kirsty Philomena Aaron Vince Mark Richard Ben Sue

3:58 2:32 1:51 3:11 3:58 0:17 1:56 4:01 -

Finish time

Actual time

15:39 15:52 15:55 15:57 15:58 16:03 16:16 16:36 -

11:41 13:20 14:04 12:46 12:00 15:46 14:20 12:35 15:46

Handicap Beaten? -0:21 -0:08 -0:05 -0:03 -0:02 +0:03 +0:16 +0:35 -

After two wins, Mike has a clear lead, with Vince and Aaron in 2nd and 3rd



1 2 3 4 5= 5= 7= 7= 9 10= 10= 12 13 14= 14=


Mike Vince Aaron Kirsty Mo Philomena Darren Sue Ben Lucy Mark Richard Colin Matt Dick

HH March 2018

Race 1 12 10 7 4 9 8 5 3 6 2 1 1

Race 2 12 7 8 10 9 3 4 6 5 -

Race 3 -


Race 4 -

Race points Race Race 5 6 -

Race 7 -

Race 8 -

Race 9 -

Total of best 5 24 17 15 14 9 9 8 8 7 6 6 5 2 1 1

Website update… Mo When the Harriers Herald is emailed to all members every month, I also upload a copy that can be read online with the facility to 'click' and turn over the pages. The online service was provided free by and it provides a useful archive to look up previous issues. However, I have been informed by Issuu that the service will change on March 21st and certain facilities will no longer be free. Individual publications can still be read in the same way, but downloading, embedding and multiple uploads will no longer be available ... unless I transfer to a 'paid-for' plan. As the cost for the basic plan has gone from 'free' to $39 (~£28) a month and the Herald is a free publication, I have decided to give it a miss! I suspect most members won't notice any difference anyway, unless a download is required. On the main website, I have re-jigged the 'Links' page a little, checked out all the links and removed those that no longer work, so do have a look through from time to time ... you may be surprised at the amount of info at your fingertips! Links of interest this month: (General list at: My link of the month comes from Running Bug's newsletter of 25th Feb 2018 which provides 10 essential post-run recovery tips; There are also another couple of links to videos of the IAH Boundary run 1990, which you may not have seen yet. Just go to the links on our website page: Original video taken by Dr Richard Selwood, Senior Scientist, IAH Compton. This month's article: Core Workouts You Can Do Anywhere Weather bad? Stuck for time? Away on business or pleasure? All of these provide you with an opportunity to tune up your core. Try the following exercises in a circuit for 15 - 20 minutes (or longer), according to how much time you have. These routines incorporate strength-building exercises that don’t require weights, big movements or much space to carry them out. A little stretch to get you started: 1. Stand up and stretch your arms overhead, then bend forward at the waist and let your arms loosely hang down. 2. Now with your head looking forward, place your hands on the ground and step back into the plank position, holding for two or three seconds. 3. Lower as if you are doing a press-up, push your head and chest up into a cobra pose and stretch out your back. 4. Then, raise your body to form a triangular shape with the floor and hold for a second or two before 'walking' back into a forward fold and standing up to start the routine again. 5. Repeat three times. Running the plank to add a little cardio: 1. Drop into a forward plank position and with your arms straight and your body in a straight line, bring one leg forward to your chest, return and then bring the other leg forward. 2. Switch legs as quickly as you can as if you are running, keeping your plank posture whilst trying not to fall over. 3. Do the exercise as quickly as you can for about 30 seconds Forward Lunges for strength & endurance: 1. Lunge forward with your left leg, touching your right knee on the ground, then step back to the starting point. 2. Repeat the exercise on the opposite side by lunging forward with your right leg, touching your left knee on the ground and stepping back to the starting point. 3. Do these lunges slowly, alternate sides, focussing on control and balance rather than speed. 4. Do 10–15 lunges per side. HH March 2018


Squat Jumps using body weight to strengthen muscles: 1. Stand up straight, then crouch down into a squat. 2. Forcibly jump up and come back down into a squat. 3. Keep repeating as fast as you can for 30 seconds.

Plank to side Plank: 1. Start in a normal plank, on hands or forearms and hold for 15 secs. 2. Shift onto your left side so your right leg is stacked on your left leg and your right hand up in the air. Hold for 15 secs, then return to centre for 15 secs. 3. Switch to the right side for the last 15 secs. 4. Do two sets, taking a 30 sec break between sets. If you have access to a treadmill, do each circuit, then add 5-10 mins of easy running between sets.

Events Calendar Summary – see Website for full details:







( Sat, 03: 07:30 Lulworth Cove Trail -10K, ½ Mthn, Mthn & Ultra Sun, 04: 11:20 Oxford Mail XC League Round 5 (Farmoor) • Goring 10k Sat, 10: 10:45 Deep River Trail ½ Mthn & 10k Sun, 11: Barcelona Marathon • MK ½ Mthn & Festival Of Running Sun, 18: Reading ½ Marathon • Ridge Off Roader • 10:30 34th Hastings ½ Mthn • 12:30 Windsor & Eton 5K, 10K & 15K Sun, 25: 09:00 Yeovil ½ Marathon • 09:30 Wokingham 5K/10K • 10:00 OX5 Run • 14:00 Combe Gibbet 2018 - 16miles Fri, 30: 09:30 Maidenhead Easter 10 Sun, 08: 08:30 Thames Towpath 10 • 09:30 White Horse ½ Mthn • Baildon Boundary Way (Trail ½Mthn) • Devizes Half Mthn 11:00 Highworth 5 Sat, 14: 12:30 Thames Valley Spring ½ Mthn, 5k, 10k & 15k Sun, 15: The Brighton Marathon • 09:00 Woodley 10k • 10:30 Chedworth Roman Trail 10 ml Sun, 22: 09:00 Southampton Mthn, ½ Mthn, 10k & 1ml fun run • 10:00am Virgin Money London Marathon Sat, 28: 11:00 Hurstbourne 5 Multi-Terrain Race Sun, 29: 10:00 Blackwood Fun 10k, 5k •Treehouse School 10K & 5K • 11:00 Ciderthon ½ Mthn• Blenheim 7K Sat, 05: 11:00 Oxford Greenbelt 10k Sun, 06: 08:30 North Dorset Village Mthn & Relay Mon, 07: 09:30 Shinfield 10k • 10:00 MK Mthn, ½ Mthn, Mthn Relay (Team of 4) • 12:00 Chalgrove Festival 10K Wed, 09: 19:30 Silverstone 10k Sat, 12: 10:30 Chieveley Chase 5.7ml • 11:00 Silchester Village 5ml & 2.5ml Trail Sun, 13: 09:00 Henley ½ Mthn & 10km Trail Runs • Bracknell Half Marathon • 09:30 Marlow 5 miles 10:00 Hairy Legs XC Challenge • 10:00 Oxford Town & Gown 10K Sun, 20: 08:30 Royal Windsor ½ Mthn & 10k River Trail Runs • 09:45 Wallingford Thames Run 10k & 5k 10:00 Binfield 10k • 10:30 Royal Berkshire 10K • Windermere Marathon Sat, 26: Grand Union Canal 145ml Sun, 27 10:00 Newbury 10k • 11:00 Dauntsey 10k Sun, 03: 08:30 Windsor 10k River Trail Run • 10:00 Chiltern Chase 15.4K, 10K, 5.4K • Ollie Johnson Memorial Kintbury 5 Sat, 09: 10:00 Run the Rock 5K and 10K Sun, 10: 10:00 Downland Dash 10K Tue, 12: 19:45 Banbury 5 Sat, 16: 10:00 Ridgeway Revenge ½ Mthn & 10K Sun, 17: 07:30 29th Ridgeway Relay Sun, 01: 09:30 Didcot 5 • Beat the Boat 10k • Hungerford Harey 8 Thu, 05: 19:30 Thames 10km, 5km and 3km at Beale Park Sun, 08: 10:00 Run Wexham 5k, 10k & Fun Mile Sat, 14: Race to the stones Sun, 15: Race to the stones Fri, 27: Kennet & Avon 145-mile Canal Race Sat, 25: Leeds & Liverpool 130-mile Canal Race • Ridgeway Challenge 86 Miles Sun, 26: Leeds & Liverpool 130-mile Canal Race • Ridgeway Challenge 86 Miles • 11:00 Englefield 10k

HH March 2018



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