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In This Issue ADVISORY: This magazine contains over 100 Departments phone numbers, emails, websites and contact The Cosign 6 information for various artists, producers, DJs, promoters and people actively involved in the Face Card 4 entertainment industry. This magazine is not Pink Directory 6 to be read... it is to be USED! Network wtih the Publishers Note 5 individuals featured. This magazine holds the shortcuts to new relationships, new clients and Resource Directory 23 new opportunities. Enjoy! 101 Mixtape Sites & Blogs

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Meet ATL’s Bossy, Dime, Classy Rhyme Diva with Records as Big as her Grind!

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Having it all: Can you find lasting love dating in the industry?

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DJ Karina 12

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Adele 18 Makin’ It Magazine | 3

Publisher’s note

Do My Ladies run this Mutha... Whether you look to public relations, booking, management or operations, its apparent women are the glue that hold the industry together. For over two years now, I’ve wanted to do a special issue spotlighting females in this industry to raise money for Breast Cancer awareness. While I’m extremely excited to finally see this vision come to fruition, I won’t hesitate to say I was disappointed by the level of participation from the ladies. While possibly one of our finest issues yet, the Pink issue posted our lowest ad sales numbers to date. In an effort

4 | Makin’ It Magazine

to fill every page (cover to cover) with female artists, producers, Djs and entrepreneurs, we held on accepting all other advertising until the last minute. Ironically, the same females who so passionately voiced the need for women to be taken seriously and treated equally, were not referring to anything that involved spending money. However on the flipside of things, there were a select group of women who came to the table with positive energy, not looking for special treatment and most importantly ready to work. We are proud to have these ladies

gracing the cover of our magazine and blessing its pages with their presence. I would like to make a special appeal for every reader to reach out to each one individually. When you take yourself seriously…. there’s no NEED to ask others to do the same. Ohhh… and before I get out of here, I would like to introduce you guys to my newest Co-Publisher born July 25, 2011 weighing in at 7 pounds 1 once, Katelyn McKenzie Cannick.

678.528.6925 |

GIA Gia the Goddess’ humble beginnings commenced in Frankfurt Germany. At just 3 years old, Gia began landing print and commercial ads. As years progressed ‘The German Goddess’ acquired a love for gymnastics as well as figure skating. To add to her arsenal, she fell in love with the hip hop culture and dancing soon became her new addiction. With so much on her plate at an early age, Gia’s parents wanted her to enjoy her adolescent years and pulled the plug on her career. After trying her luck in the corporate world as a translator, her unwavering love of the big lights consumed her once again and with the fear of losing herself ‘The Goddess’ took a gamble and pursued her passion once again. With a versatility that allows her to exude the sweetness and innocence of a Daisy Duke in one photo shot, Gia totally transform into a blond German bombshell in the next. In front of the camera, her alter ego comes out and she’s ready to rock n roll. She loves being different, surprising people and challenging herself with each new shoot. She is the type of model that is willing to do whatever it takes to get that great mind blowing shot, whether it means to twist her body in every obscene, crazy direction possible, pose with venomous snakes, in a shark tank or hang off a cliff, her goal is to be edgy, innovative, provocative, controversial, seducFollow us on Twitter: @MakinItMag

The Goddess

tive, suggestive but always while being classy! She might not be 5’9 but throw this 5’4 vixen in a pair of high heels and she will rip da runway better than her taller counterparts. Seeing modeling as just the beginning, she has plans to venture into music and film as well. Gia is capable and interested in doing shoots for magazines, calendars and websites, whether it be for eyecandy, glam, high fashion or editorial. She is also interested in doing music videos to fulfill her passion for dance and getting involved with the film, playing parts in movies and commercials. She can see herself being a spokesperson for young girls trying to pursue modeling and the creative industries. “Tyra Banks is a great example. She started off with modeling, now she is one of the most successful women in America; producing Tv shows, her own talk show, etc. To me there is no limit as to what you can do if you have the motivation and the drive!’ When asked why she chose Narcissist Entertainment, she replied, “There motto is ‘Where vanity is a way of life!’ and I feel in order to be successful in life and especially in modeling and entertainment, you have to love yourself first. Then others will follow! by B Walker Makin’ It Magazine | 5

Mizz Lady Red

As the First Lady of Narcissist Entertainment, Lady Red is able to take advantage of a situation not many independent female artists are afforded. With the full backing of an international coalition of DJs, Entrepreneurs, Video Directors and equally talented artists, she is able to focus on her craft. Combining a sexy confidence with unbridled talent, Lady Red is diligently working on a new mixtape project expected to drop February of 2012, while building her brand through strategic business ventures including a jewelry line and wine label.

First Lady of Narcissist Ent

his skill for networking. Carving a unique niche, Moka has also established a firm foothold in the world of film, both directing and producing. A strategic move that cuts production costs for his company while opening new avenues to distribute its visuals.

Together with fellow co-founder Chris “Yours Truly” Morton, Narcissist entertainment was born out of the ashes of Tragedy. Reeling from the loss of close friend, Zack Beveridge, who passed April 24th 2011, both Moka and Chris’s resolve was strengthened to bring to life the ambitions the Although a “narcissist”, Lady Red three had always discussed. In is quick to share the spotlight with less than a year’s time Narcissist her team especially leading co- Entertainment has grown into a founder and CEO of Narcissist budding powerhouse providing a Entertainment, Moka Blast. A con- driving force behind international summate businessman, his musi- Artists, DJs and models. Roundcal talents are only surpassed by ing out the team, Narcissist En6 | Makin’ It Magazine

tertainment also formed a unique Partnership with 4 time Southern Entertainment Award nominee DJ Ames, whose International Hustle series has become somewhat of a staple on both sides of the pond. All and all, Team Narcissist is locked and loaded with its sights clearly set on the top. With a backing like this, its safe to say that Mizz Lady Red is destined to make a huge impression on the music industry.

By B. Walker For booking or more information call 718.705.2895 or visit

678.528.6925 |


Here are a few of the fresh faces making an impact on the industry. To be considered for the next issue of Makin’ It Magazine register at

Jas - As Executive Assistant to Benny Demus (Akon’s DJ) and Client Liason to Vince Phillips (Entertainment Attorney & Co-Founder of BME with Lil Jon), Jas is also founder and CEO of the ATL Beat Battle under which she produces not only a monthly beat battle but educational panels for producers and songwriters. For more information contact (404) 207-6717, or visit

Tawana Carter - As opera-

tions manager for one of Atlanta’s biggest nightclubs, Tawana is also owner of a Premium Society, a successful public relations firm that specializes in lifestyle management and event planning. For more information or to receive a full list of services contact PremiumSociety@ Also follow her on twitter at @MissCarter or @PremiumSociety.

Tori Gr8ce - Regularly booked for music videos and photo shoots her natural gift for communicating finds her just as much work hosting events, booking artists and blogging. More than just a pretty face, she is a consummate networker with tremendous drive. Catch her as an on air personality at InsaneRadioATL .com. For more information and booking contact, (678) 643-6837 or

Malibu - Going to school for Marketing Management, Tanya “Malibu” Young got an early start in the entertainment industry. Opening her first record store, she’s experienced with Visual Merchandising and Retail Management. After returning to school for Hospitality and Tourism she soon added event planning and catering to an already long list of services her company provides. Whether you need a notary or promotional campaign reach out to Midsouth Marketing and PR. For more info contact (404) 671-0843 or

Tracye - Excelling from coat-check girl

Lois “LS” Lane - Born to entertain,

Follow us on Twitter: @MakinItMag

to promoting some of Atlanta’s hottest events is Kind of a Big Deal. Quickly raising through the ranks of AG Entertainment, Tracye later linked up with Clay Evans (Road Manager for TI) and begin working under the Grand Hustle umbrella. Now with the city’s most successful monthly open mic, Tracye is poised to expand the Hustle N’ Flow brand to include a Tour and Mixtape series. Tracye also promotes 2 wildly successful nights (Mon & Wed) at Kamals 21. For info contact (404) 786-0444, or visit

LS, is more than your typical emcee. Host of Koncentration, an ATL dance television show, she also Produces a spinoff show called Koncrete on the Streets. Traveling throughout the Southeast performing with two bands, she’s currently busy working on her latest project “I Aint No Rapper Vol. 2: Get Live or Get Lost!”. Already booked to perform at Vinyl and a cruise to Key West, First quarter promises to be very busy. For more information contact (770) 572-0818, or visit

Makin’ It Magazine | 7


Whether you like her music, her clothes or the controversy that may often surround her, Rihanna is a successful entertainer that beat the odds to become an international superstar. But for all the success that one attains, there is no escaping the harsh reality of racism.


are starring in “Sex Tapes” (more widely known as porn)?

After little deliberation the answer was quite apparent; because they can. No matter the status, it is to a degree socially acceptable to a degrade women of color. Could you imagine the uproar the Last month Dutch fashion magazine, Jackie, pub- same article would elicit had it instead been enlished an article entitled “NiggaBitch!” which of- titled “AmericanBitch!” and gave advice on how fered its readers a little advice on how to dress to dress like a Hilton or Kardashian. Needless to like Rihanna without looking like the “ultimate nig- say it would have spawned a lot more criticism, gabitch.” While later explained away as a Joke, media attention and backlash. We would love to it leads one to wonder why single out Rihanna, hear your opinion. Share your thoughts online at when you have celebrities like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, whose only true claims to fame 8 | Makin’ It Magazine

678.528.6925 |

Young E is 22 year old rapper from Albany, Ny. Rapping since age 12 she brings a distinct confidence to the mic. often compared to Da Brat, Young E takes it as a compliment as there are few dominant females in the industry like her. Young E’s goal is to create a movement for a new generation of more dominant females. | (678) 860-0732 Lady AJ not only does promotions, event planning, consulting, administrative services and graphic design, but Arica “Lady AJ” Nears is also the owner of AJENT Services. AJENT Services is a network of businesses working together towards one goal… YOUR SUCCESS. AJENT Services’ motto is “If we can’t do it for you, we can connect you with someone who can”. | (678) 887-7136 |

Elee Energy, style and grace come together in a beautiful package that is Elee. Passionate and down to earth this southern belle from Birmingham, Alabama, has been circulating throughout the Southeast performing, networking and building her unique brand. With a blend of so many genres and influences it is hard to classify her music as anything other than simply entertaining. With two mixtape projects under her belt (Molasses for the Masses and Initiate Overflow), she is finalizing her third release slated to be out by February 2012. Always looking to collaborating with other creative artists, Her next priorities are getting more visuals out for the project and secure performance opportunities in the West Coast, Midwest and Canada.

For booking, features and general business inquiries email

Mz. Nicky2012

For the past four years Mz. Nicky has been building her brand, releasing several independent hits including the single “Caked Up” which had a successful run on radio stations throughout the South and Midwest. Together with manager (Nee Dee Productions), the two females started Natural Born HustlHers, a name which celebrates the grind while proclaiming for all that WOMEN ARE HUSTLERS TOO. This sentiment that goes beyond merely the name of the label as Mz Nicky prides herself on the ability to stand solely on her natural god-given talent. While other artists were out looking for deals, she invested her time, money and energy into becoming “the deal”. A true boss in every since of the word, she cuts the checks and demands respect. Also working with J. Jones entertainment, she has a well rounded staff of women that are ready to take on any challenge. Back in the lab lining up a series of new singles for 2012, her latest release “This Weekend” Featuring Trin and Tommi Girl, is available on iTunes and wherever digital downloads are sold. Newly in love, Mz Nicky admits she is very excited about the record, “I Don’t Wanna Creep No More” which she recorded with a full band. She explains the inspiration behind the record, “Once you’ve found what you’ve been looking for, you just don’t wanna hide it. You wanna share it with the world. No more sneaking around, hotel to motel. We just gone do this out right.” Mz. Nicky album release party is currently scheduled for March 30th and 31st in Atlanta along with

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and Making It Magazine. Details will be announced on For more information contact her at mznicky513@ or 513.526.5615

Makin’ It Magazine | 9

Family, Career and Balance


With 16 Grammy Awards, 11 MTV Video Music Awards, a Billboard Millennium Award and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Beyonce has sold more than 75 million albums worldwide. As an actress, her short list of just six films has collectively grossed more than $750 million at box offices worldwide; 3 of which debuted at #1. Finally marrying husband, Jay-Z, in 2008, the two have been together for 10+ years, and recognized by The Guinness Book of World Records as 2009’s Power Couple, earning a combined $122 million. In 2011, she set a new world record for most tweets per second after revealing her baby bump live at the MTV Video Music Awards. They’ve always said you can’t have it all but I would argue to say that she does. Beyonce has the career, the man and now the family, but is she proof that it can be done or just the exception that proves the rule? There’s no doubt a woman can do any job as well as a man, but often in pursuit of a career she must defer personal goals (a husband, kids, etc). The entertainment industry, with its long hours, late nights

J. Jones

Cincinatti, OH Industry dating for me is a no no. I do however love the one’s that do workout, Nicholas Ashford and Valerie Simpson always made me second guess my beliefs, but then I think about Ike and Tina and I laugh and keep it moving. It’s about the people bottom line. Two people who share the same goals and acknowledge each others well being can make it through any obstacles. Life in itself is full of trials and tribulations but being married now for over 30years I can say that it works for me cause even though he is not in the business he understands that I am into him, and I know he is into me and whatever we do is for the best of us both as one. We Are after all ONE.

Brandy Camille Atlanta, GA

It always depends on the individual. Someone can work in the industry and still not “understand” because of jealousy, insecurity or belief in a double standard. Someone who doesn’t work in the industry can be understanding without necessarily having experienced all the demands of the business. It’s all a matter of choice, trust, communication and respect. Industry or not, I

10 | Makin’ It Magazine

and complex social circles, adds an extra layer of difficulty to finding true love. The million dollar question is, “Is it a good idea to date inside the industry?” We’ve all heard the saying, “You don’t mix business with pleasure,” but when your job is more like a lifestyle, it helps to have someone in your corner that understands it. Having someone that isn’t question every picture you take with someone of the opposite sex or that understands how bad the cell phone reception is in a certain studio can go a long way toward avoiding needless arguments. On the other hand there’s the awkwardness of having to work with someone if things don’t work out or even worse the possibility of ruining a perfectly good business relationship. From the outside looking in, it would seem Beyonce and Jay-Z, have a perfectly happy relationship. I’m sure some degree of that continuity can be attributed to both understanding the industry and its demands. Share your thoughts with us. Would you rather date someone who is or isn’t in the industry and why?

would rather date someone who treats me the way he would like to be treated and adds to my personal/professional success. That’s the kind of partner that I have, and he is in the arts & entertainment industry.

Lola Sims Atlanta, GA

I think every situation is different but its very hard to be with someone who isn’t use to the lifestyle that an industry person lives. Late night studio sessions, last minute trips, close ties to celebrities, the parties are all what make the industry intriguing to people but its also the same thing that can cause problems in a relationship. The real question is can you even date period. If you find somebody that understands it, count your self as one of the lucky one’s whether their in the industry or not.

Skyy Dniels Indianapolis, IN

I think most industry people naturally date an industry person at some point in their career or at least attempt to. VERRRRRY few and the numbers show that very few industry relationships make it. The natural draw, especially in the

music industry is that musicians, producers, and other entertainers and executives are drawn to people that are as passionate about music as they are. It a “turn on” to have somebody that loves, respects, and actually UNDERSTANDS your career and is successful in their own right. It’s definitely tricky with two POWER people in the industry because of travel schedules, media, privacy, and EGOS.I wouldn’t recommend it, but you can’t help who you are attracted to.

DJ Roots Queen Atlanta, GA

I would rather date someone in the industry because they understand the late hours and other things someone not in the industry may not understand.. However, I prefer someone behind the scenes.. You wouldn’t catch me dating an artist.

Got a comment on this story you want to share? Join the coversation online at

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Makin’ It Magazine | 11

Irene The Dream

A Picture Perfect Situation!

With a Colgate smile from ear to ear and a body that even a Coke bottle would envy, Irene “The Dream” Chambless is in a perfect position to succeed. Singing in the church choir since the tender age of five, hers is a classic story of a good girl done bad. Overcoming the unbelievable mental, physical and sexual abuse she faced growing up, instilled her with a resolve to accomplish any goal set before her. Now, firmly focused on her long lasting passion of music, Irene is assembling the necessary pieces to turn her company, Picture Perfect Dreamz LLC, into a household name. Having caught the ears of T.I., Rico Love and Bobby Cree-

kwater, she continues to impress key industry players with both her singing voice and rhyme skills. With strong financial backing and others looking to invest, Irene is busy finishing her latest mixtape. As she and her team focus on bringing aboard additional producers and songwriters (both Hip-Hop and R&B), we advise all of our readers with beats, hooks or completed records fit for a female Hip Hop artist, to submit them to For further information, event hosting, DJ drops or general business matters contact Doug at or 706.627.3829

DJ Karina

First Lady of Under Ground Official

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, DJ Karina is the resident vocalist for Canadian super group UGO Crew. Growing up practicing ballet and urban dance she learned to DJ from her brother and at just 19 years old would go on to win 3rd place in the DMC DJ World Championships. A DJ, Singer and Model, Karina’s solo efforts have done tremendously well over the past year. Her single “Sugar Baby” has received over a dozen adds at radio stations throughout Canada and the US. For more information or booking contact or (647)381-2000.

12 | Makin’ It Magazine

678.528.6925 |

Nicki Minaj

Only room for ONE Queen Bee?!

After three years of mixtape releases (2007-2009), a feature in XXL, coverage on BET and MTV and winning Best Female Artist of the Year at the 2008 Underground Music Awards, Nicki Minaj’s buzz finally reached its boiling point resulting in a lucrative deal with Young Money Records (Cash Money/ Universal Records). 2010 saw Nicki’s star rise further with guest appearances on singles from Christina Aguilera, Ludacris, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Trey Songz, Usher, Rihanna, Diddy-Dirty Money and many other big names. This new found success quickly marked Nicki with a bright pink bull’s-eye, as she left a host of female emcees brooding in her accomplishments. In early 2010 it seemed nearly every female rapper had something negative to say about her. I can recall being at a networking event in conversation with a couple well known producers, Atlanta’s head of ASCAP and a two A&Rs, when a female rapper broke into the conversation to vehemently berate Nicki. After an extended period of silence and a few raised eyebrows she sputtered off. Upon her exit someone in the group made this observation: “What these chicks don’t understand is they NEED [Nicki Minaj]. If her album flops… that’s it for female rappers. If

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she can’t sell with all this hype and publicity surrounding her NO major label is gonna gamble on another female rapper. Ever!” More than a year later Nicki’s debut album has sold over a million copies spawning several successful singles. Her official Super Bass video has received over 215 Million views beating out Adele with a distant second of 80 Million views. She’s surpassed Eminem as the most followed rapper on twitter with over 8.4 Million followers. It’s even been recently confirmed that she will be expanding from just nail polish and lipstick to a full fashion line. While it may seem counter intuitive to some, I strongly agree that all female rappers are in part vested in Nicki’s success. The more albums she sells, the looser the purse strings of major labels will become as they search for the “Next Nicki”. While many may feel there’s only room for one “queen bee” it’s important to remember that the hive is actually a community of all females working together to survive. Share your thoughts on this article online at

Makin’ It Magazine | 13

Wendy Day

Jasmine V. Rowe, born in Paterson, NJ, has been singing since the age 5. A singer/ songwriter & actress, who idolizes great artist such as Mary J. Blige, Janet Jackson, and Bob Marley, she plans to be as significant as they are. With her debut single “Tell Me” spinning in NJ, NY, Jamaica, and Europe it will not take long before the world knows who Jasmine V. Rowe is. | | (678) 308-4966 Born in Muskogee, Oklahoma and raised in southern California, Courtney Stephens has overcome much in life to establish herself in the entertainment industry. Working in the areas of promotions, business development and management in Atlanta for nearly eight years, her mission is provide help, advice and encouragement to any who seek. For more information or to setup a consultation visit

Giving the Game Away! They often say, “You never get the flowers while you can still smell them.” With that in mind, I felt compelled to spotlight a woman that has personally had a profound influence on my success and understanding of the music business. I won’t waste time stating an exhaustive list of the major artists whose careers she’s helped launch or salvage, nor a list of the history making deals she’s been a part of. What I will tell you is that Wendy Day has spent most of her professional career guiding independents on a path to true financial independence through the proliferation of information and resources. The articles and knowledge I gained from her website provided context for me to make over $20,000 off my first album as a college freshman, and would later serve as inspiration for this very magazine. With all this being said, I am happy to announce that after years of writing columns and speaking on panels, Wendy Day has finally published her first book, “How To Get a Record Deal: The Knowledge to Succeed”. I encourage any independent artist, manager or label to visit as soon as possible and add this one to your library.

Trudy TruDiva

Described as a cross between Rihanna, Kesha, and Beyoncé, but with a style all her own, Trudy (TruDiva) has almost overnight caught the eye of leading industry tastemakers with her wildly successful club record “Party All Night (BootyDance)”. Born and raised in Jamaica, Trudy began singing at the early age of 4. Now positioned to make an international impact, Trudy is busy in the studio writing and recording with “who’s-who” list of award-winning music producers, including Jamaican hit-makers Christopher Birch, Demarco, Conroy Forte, and in the USA – Chuckey Charles, Jerry Flowers, Cirocco, Alvin Speights, Chris Bell, Reezington, and Chris & Craig Reeves (VIP). For more information visit 14 | Makin’ It Magazine

678.528.6925 |


Pink Bandanas & The Lipstick Gang Twiter: @ADizBambi

The first time I saw Bambi was on a video shoot; I assumed she was a model. The second time I saw Bambi was a promotional video for her mixtape release; I learned she was an artist. The third time I saw Bambi was a performance at Club Crucial; It was THEN that I realized she was a Movement. Witnessing a sea of females flood the stage with pink bandanas prominently displayed you’d assume that Bambi’s Lipstick Gang is just that… a Gang, but upon closer examination you’ll see a sisterhood built on empowering and supporting all women. Participating in community events such as Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure, their bond extends beyond entertainment. Riding this dedicated wave of support, she’s destroyed the competition winning hot 107.9 battlegrounds; garnered radio play in over 10 markets and began booking paid shows throughout the Midwest. The success of her first project, BamLanta, has set this Compton born bombshell on the right path as she re-enters the studio to work on her second mixtape, BamLanta 2. For more information and booking contact dcannon007@ by Kelby Cannick Follow us on Twitter: @MakinItMag

Makin’ It Magazine | 15



At Makin’ It Magazine we support DJs that support independent music. If you’re a DJ with an ear for good music register at to be considered for our next issue.

DJ Honey B | DMV

DJ Princess Cut | Atlanta

Jiji Sweet | Los Angeles

Mixtape | Club | Radio Twitter: @DJ_HoneyB

Mixtape | Club (404) 468-7276

Mixtape | Club | Radio (323) 309-1751

Song: Who Dat Artist: TrakBlazas (DreDay ft Nowly) Online: Comment: “This record has sooooo much energy and the flow is nice! People need records they can relate to and this is it!”

Song: Daddy’s Girl Artist: Guatemala Shawty f. Pei Melody Online: Comment: “This record represents good southern music that paints a vivid picture for the listener. It’s a song that you can vibe out to and just feel good. Download Now!”

Song: Gimme That Artist: The Sistem f. Kandi Cole, Dawn Gun, Oracle, Bliss, Madam Brown, DVS-1 Online: Comment: “Hot Westcoast Collective Of Female Artists! Be On The Look Out For Them in 2012!”

DJ Miss Entyce Muah | Atlanta

DJ Crysty | Pennsylvania

DJ MIM | Washington DC

Mixtape | Club

Mixtape | Club (717) 496-1698

Mixtape | Club | Radio (202) 360-7378

Song: I’m Just Saying Artist: Tarvoria Online: Comment: “Its the new anthem for the females. Its been due time for the ladies 2 express that they r doing their own things and dont need a man 2 accomplish what we want.”

Song: “Can’t Get No Better” Artist: Big Jerz & Chauncey Available at: N/A Comment: “This is a father and son team. Old school meets new school. I would describe this as witty, lyrical wordplay with a touch of soul”

Song: Got Me Loose Artist: Reesa Renee Available at: Comment: “From the minute I heard her voice and then saw her perform live...I knew Reesa had IT! This song is a well-rounded display of her talent. She got NEXT!”

DJ K-Styles | Brooklyn

DJ RootsQueen | Atlanta

DJ Desirez | Upstate New York

Mixtape | Club | Radio (646) 644-4480

Mixtape | Club (404) 271-0484

Club | Radio (347) 746-5269

Song: The Life Artist: Rashad ft. Styles-P Available: Comment: “this track is smooth and sexy, but still keeps that street vibe that we all love in an r&b song. silky vocals over a dope beat. can’t beat that.”

Song: Marilyn Monroe Artist: Brianna Available at: N/A Comment: “Cute record. Ladies love it”

Song: Brochures Artist: Skye Available at: Comment: This song is a hot R&B/ Soul track that makes you think about love and letting go.

Twitter: @DjMissEntyceMuah

16 | Makin’ It Magazine

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Jemiah jai #BossyDimeClassyRhymeDiva It’s gotten to the point where you can’t throw a rock in Atlanta without hitting at least two rappers and a model. These two titles are very loosely thrown around by those in love with the idea of being a star. We often joke at Makin’ It Magazine that everybody wants to BE in the entertainment industry but nobody wants to WORK in it. I guess that’s what sets artists like Jemiah Jai apart from the pack. Over the course of a year we’ve had the opportunity to watch her grow as an artist, accomplishing what most others only talk about. Transitioning from a mildly successful modeling career, which has seen her appear on the pages of Sweets, TearSheet and Feds Magazine, she emerged on the scene with the single, “Who Gone Check Me!” which instantly made many stand up and take notice. A vixen with versatility, she balances sex with substance. Originally from the small town of Gordo, Alabama she maintains a humility and strong emphasis on family that helps define her as an artist. “I try to not go too far in any extreme. I’m not trying to be anybody’s role model but I do want to set an example for the youngr ladies that may be listening. So while some songs may just be fun, I feel the need to balance them with others that are more serious and touch on real life situations.” In less than a year’s time, Jemiah has built up a substantial catalog and is preparing for the release of her debut mixtape. Always on the scene networking with key DJs, established artists, producers and industry professionals, I imagine it won’t be long before this artist is off the market. Currently doing shows across the country from Miami, Florida to Phoenix, Arizona, this is a rising star to hitch your wagon on. For more information or booking contact or visit

By Kelby Cannick Follow us on Twitter: @MakinItMag

Makin’ It Magazine | 17


Breaking Boundaries & Records

Born Adele Laurie Blue Adkins in London, England, singersongwriter Adele is riding a wave of international success. Being offered a record deal fresh out of high school in the fall of 2006 by XL Records, Adele was discovered when a friend posted her demo (made for a class project) to MySpace. Less than two years later Adele released her debut album, 19, at just 19 years old. Critically acclaimed, the album went on to sell 6.5 Million copies. With some doubting her ability to outperform such astounding premiere, in January of 2011 Adele released her sophomore album, 21, which has spent 16 non-consecutive weeks atop Billboard charts and selling more than 16.5 Million copies in just one year. To put that number in perspective that is more CDs than Jay-Z’s first six albums sold to date combined (16.3 Million).

18 | Makin’ It Magazine

Growing up, Adele was always infatuated with music and voices. A huge fan of artists like Aaliyah, The Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child, Pink and Mary J. Blige, Adele attended the BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology with ambitions of becoming an A&R to help launch the careers of others. Crediting the school for nurturing her talents, Adele is just one of many stars in the industry that have benefit from the environment a performing arts school provides (Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Leona Lewis). In a political environment rife with proposed budget cuts, “Non-Essential” programs like the arts are often the first to go but I ask, How great would it be for our children to be able to go to school for their dreams instead of just their “Plan Bs”? Share your thoughts online at

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La La Brown

While many may only know Yolanda “La La” Brown from her major label debut singing on Lyfe Jenning’s 2006 single, S.E.X., this 21 year old R&B songstress was all set to take the industry by storm before her life was so tragically cut short. Having completed her debut album only a few weeks prior to being needlessly murdered, La La loved to work with kids contributing time as a motivational speaker for the Got Game Professionals Ad Agency. With all that she accomplished and contributed over her relatively short 21 years of life, La La’s true legacy is daughter, Amirrah Brown. Now 9 years old, Amirrah

copes with the loss of her mother while continuing to focus on her education. Now with the aid of the same company La La was a motivational speaker for, her album is being shopped for a posthumous release with proceeds going to the Amirrah Brown College Fund. Distribution of the dedication single ,”What U Meant 2 Me”, has been structured into a regional fundraiser working with schools throughout Florida. For more information about the program or to find out how you can get invovled please visit or email GotGame5848@

Images (advertising agency), Money 2 Wipe (novelty toilet tissue company) and actively seeking a network deal for her Who Got Game Reality TV Show, which she plans to pitch to cousin Mark Curry and Jamie Foxx as executive producers. For more information about various business ventures or services contact her at GotGame5848@gmail. com or 800-758-2712

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In addition to all of the companies, artists and independents you see featured in this magazine. The following list also contributed in part to make this issue possible. We ask that you take time to network and patronize their businesses. Thank You Management ARTISTS & SONGWRITERS FA$E (757) 775-4652 Tha Street Stringa (855) 887-8733 Kamali (678) 799-6525 B2thaDot (570) 502-1427 Boonie (253) 592-4628

Mz. Dolla Born in New Orleans but raised in California, Mz Dolla Opportunity was inspired to become a professional music business consultant after seeing the lack of pay and recognition many artists were receiving. Going on to teach clients like Anthony “Big Bos” Boswell who would later become VP of Operations for No Limit Records, she has always prided herself on remaining accessible to independents. As VP for the South Coast Region for Bam Records under Jerry Roy and Jeff Davis (Christina Augulaira, Jenifer Lopez, Etc) she is actively engaged in a variety projects. With a very diverse business portfolio she is the founder Art Deco

The Pink Directory

CONSULTANTS Doby Communications, Inc. (323) 825-1584 DVD MAGAZINES Street Therapy DVD Magazine (404) 484-3594 GRAPHIC & WEB DESIGN Divine Pixel Inc. (561) 601-9526 MANAGEMENT & MARKETING T&T Management & Production (770) 896-2586

J. Jones Entertainment (513) 200-4856

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Block 4 Block Internationally Known; Locally respected

Twitter: @B4B305 Miami rap duo, Block 4 Block, has been making their rounds through the Southeast networking, touring and picking up radio spins along the way. Together Blaize and Slim-Dogg have been musically pushing the envelope. Currently working on a new project “Wish You Were Here” which will include a mixtape and album, the project showcases the group’s

inky boy

Originally from Johnson City, New York, this Italian American rapper blends a mix of Hip Hop, Techno, Pop and R&B to produce a sound as unique as his look. Relatively new to the music industry, Inky along with Manager DJ SL Jamz, are making huge strides toward shoring up their home market of Jacksonville, Florida; Including the completion of a new Mixtape Project with Internationally known DJ Bigga Rankin and bringing out over 2,000 fans for his most recent show. Inky is currently looking to connect with Event Promoters, DJs, Club Owners and Artists from other markets interested in doing co-op shows in Jacksonville. For more information contact SL Jamz at (773)357-5428, (904)517-6001 or justjamzent@

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unique style influenced by Miami’s multicultural composition. Their current focus is securing their regional base while leveraging their online presence to reach a global audience. Lajan Entertainment is interested in connecting with DJs and Online Promotion companies as they gear up for their 2012 push. Contact them at

The Chicago emcee Jaiy Bradie lays claim to the crown on his newly released single, “Gettn 2 It” off his latest mixtape, F*ck Yo Celebrity hosted by DJ Scream. At his creative apex, he delves into his personal life, while utilizing his storytelling ability. Operating at new heights with a hustle-fuled ambition, we are now witnessing his 4th mixtape. | 404-484-2706 Currently pushing his new single “Throw It Byke” featuring Juney Boomdata, Ashton is simultaneously working on his new mixtape “10 Out of 10” and an E.P. entitle “Green Tuesday” (both slated for a first quarter release). In addition to the music Ashton is preparing for the launch of his graphic design company, First Class Graphics. (404) 671-0843 | |

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Nikal Plated Rochester, New York may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of hip hop but rapper Bugzie plans to change that in a major way. Getting his start at an early age he reminisces on seeing Eminem in concert on the Up in Smoke Tour. He says it was then that he knew this would be his destiny. Since then he has been hard at work.

Twitter: @Bugzie0187

Bugzie is currently back in the lab finishing up his album, “It’s Never Enough”, which boasts four tracks from Bad Boy producer Battle Roy (Eminem, Bruno Mars “Lighters”, etc). The album also includes features from Terror Squad’s own Armegedon as well as other artists on Bugzie’s Nikal Plated imprint. While “It’s Never Enough” isn’t expected on the streets until April, you can catch Bugzie’s music on numerous Shadyville Mixtapes, By Dj Young Cee, including Turf Warz 7. Connecting with Jamaica Johnson (formerly of Atlantic Records), James Love (Interscope) and Artists like Benzino and Taydizm as well as Allstar, Violator and Core DJs, Bugzie understands the importance of a strong network and is looking to further increase it. For booking and information contact or (585) 420-8642. by M. Steeley

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Good Music + Character = #Winning

Every new artist claims to be what the game’s been missing, but newly signed Collipark Music artist, Translee, is actually what the game has been needing. A gifted lyricist with a work ethic to match his word play, I was first introduced to his music by one of my twitter followers. It wasn’t until the BET Hip Hop awards that I would bump into him and get a full copy of his mixtape. After listening to the project I was sold on his music, but what really drew me into him as an artist was seeing him perform over the next couple months. Pouring himself into every performance, he always came off stage passing out CDs and putting forth an effort to personally connect with every potential fan in the venue. I can only hope his humility endures all the success that is destined to come his way. I encourage all my independent artists and producers to reach out now for features and collaborations. For more information, booking and drops contact Chris Hunter of Digital Native Culture at (404) 918-3443


Twitter: @Revenue_Mr704

Applying Pressure to the Game

North Carolina rapper, Revenue, definitely closed out to 2011 with a bang. Since we last spoke, he and his APE Mob crew have been working the map, from the CRC DJ Music Conference in Virginia Beach to the Core DJ Retreat down in New Orleans. His infectious records and high energy performances have captured the attention of many DJs and promoters earning his single “Goodbye” rotation on Power 98 in Charlotte and seeing him booked throughout the Mid-Atlantic opening for acts like Jim Jones and Juelz Santana. Focused on preparing for serious promotional push in 2012, he

22 | Makin’ It Magazine

still found time to give back, donating hundreds of Book Bags for the Charlotte, NC Back to School Drive and performing for the Travis Porter Christmas Benefit Concert along with artists, 2Chainz, Yo Gotti, Big Kritt, Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy. The release of the Sudden Death Sampler with DJ E.Sudd has stirred a lot of interests within the Southeast region further accented by features on WorldStar Hip-Hop for videos, “7/11” and “Smoke & Chill”. For more information, booking, features and drops contact Gerah Wallace at (919)-885-3174.

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Justin Wise, better known by his stage-name Wise, is a 20 Year old Artist from Athens Georgia attending Tuskegee University. With a resume that is reminiscent of a young Tupac, Wise is a Rapper, Actor, Poet and Founder of the Boys to Men Non-profit which mentors young men in the community. Wise is truly a talented artist with his Heart and head in the right place.


3rd15th12th | (404) 606-0043 | Many moons have passed since a soul-stirring singer has come along with gut-wrenching harmonies. That was until the introduction of Memphis-born crooner FortyWest. Being featured on sites such as and winning 106 & Park’s Male R&B competition this 21 year old R&B artist is putting the finishing touches on his 2012 EP while enrolled full time student at Tennessee State University. Look out for his first single, Conquer. | | (901) 859-6854 Nigerian born, RoyDK, is a 21 year old R&B/Pop singer, that many have compared to the likes of Usher, Chris Brown, and Neyo. Having lived and showcased his music in Texas, Louisiana, Dubai United Aerobics and Indiana, he now resides in Atlanta where he has officially released his first single “Speed of Light”, in preparation of his solo debut. | ((770) 314-7796 | Graduating from the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences, Kache Monet (Houston, TX) is an aspiring artist/ producer that is eager to network with other independents to create new projects. Having released several singles on iTunes and opened for national recording artists, he has built a grassroots fanbase through social media tools.

Twitter: @3rd15th12th Twitter: @365Recordsinc Youtube: TeamVARTV

A part of the Columbus, GA based hip hop group #iVAR540, Granz is a true hip hop practitioner. Drawing inspiration from its golden era, he cites artists like Rakim, Method Man and Outkast as his motivation for creating music. Hot off the promotion of his 2011 release, “It All Starts with P*$$y” he is gearing up for the iTunes only release of his “Maybe Left is Right” LP. Clearly focused on organically building a true fanbase

and cultivating a stronger music scene in his hometown, he hopes to attack the streets and the internet. To connect with Granz or a rep from 365 Records ivarareyou@gmail. com or 365records@ by G. Lawrence “I just want to thank all of my fans and people who have been supporting what we’re doing” - Granz | | 817-690-8793

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From Kuwait with Love After an appearance on the cover of our last issue, we caught up with New Orleans born singer/songwriter, JoBee to check on the progress of his latest mixtape release, “Irresistible Me”. Since last we spoke, things have really taken off for this burgeoning R&B sensation, whose single, “After the Club” has been receiving considerable airplay on both online and broadcast radio stations. In addition, the song spent a total of seven weeks at the top of the Online Radio Break Out Chart while his second single “I Need Your Love” reached #3 on the Top 40 Rhythmic chart. The huge momentum he’s built online has contributed to increased sales on Amazon, iTunes and CDBaby. With a growing international fanbase in the US, the UK and Germany, JoBee is preparing to return to the states to give his music some much needed promotional support with long overdue market visits. Although being in Kuwait has held him back from doing all he would like promotionally, it has provided time to focus on his growth as an artist. JoBee has been greatly expanding his skills as a vocal producer and as a writer, widening his subject matter. While his records are growing more introspective, he promises to deliver them over the same type of hard hitting beats. Drawing influence from Germany’s Dance scene, the Middle East and even France’s Zouk movement, his next project promises to be something truly unique.

24 | Makin’ It Magazine

JoBee will be relocating to Atlanta around the 2nd Quarter of 2012 and is looking to network with DJs, Producers, Promoters and Songwriters. For more information or feature requests call 504-208-2975 or email

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Mixtape Promo 101 Mixtapes have become the life blood of urban music. Whether you’re independent, major, hip hop or an R&B artist, the mixtape has become the promotional vehicle of choice for building or expanding on an artist’s fanbase. Unfortunately, with so many artists releasing mixtape after mixtape after MIXTAPE, it is becoming increasingly difficult for those few great artists to really stand out from the pack. While the old industry model of physical distribution was expensive, it provided a barrier to the market preventing less serious, talented or well funded artists from clogging up the pipes. Now, due to advances in technology, there is simply too much material. First we removed the cost of production with tools like Fruityloops, Soundclick and home recording software. Now we’ve removed

the cost of manufacturing with digital distribution platforms like LiveMixtapes, iTunes, etc.

These days, releasing a project is relatively easy. Getting people’s attention, however, is the hard part. Just look at independent music sales on iTunes or Download numbers from DatPiff for proof. The distance between uploading your mixtape and getting potential fans to press play can be huge, and the cost of promotions CANNOT be eliminated. While dozens of companies have stepped in to fill this void, many are selling only empty boxes; from services posting mixtapes to irrelevant blogs for suspected SEO value to mixtape site directories filled with outdated, duplicate and broken links to sites that have not been posted to in years. It is important to note that

Digital DIY

online promotion isn’t free and when it is done correctly it isn’t cheap either. But for those of you who aren’t long on cash, here are a few tips to help you get bang for your buck.

1) Do it yourself Initially handling your own online promotion will save you some money while also allowing you to gain knowledge that will save you from getting screwed when you eventually hand over the responsibility to a third party 2) Learn the platforms Different sites have different purposes. Mixtape sites offer you a place to host the files for your mixtape so that potential fans can download or stream them. Blog sites expose your music to potential fans. Torrent sites open your mixtape up to peer to peer sharing. Social networks such as twitter, facebook, etc help expand your social foot print and serve as channels to drive people to your music. 3) Target When submitting your music to blogs it helps a great deal to make sure your music is a good fit. Read past posts and see if you fit in. Contributing qual-

ity comments to posts can often serve as a great first introduction to the blog owner and its readers. 4) Presentation When submitting Mixtapes presentation is important. A quality designed cover can be very persuasive. Include a brief description, track list, download link and single selection. Most blogs will not host an entire mixtape on their own site but providing them with an mp3 of the single to add to the post gives their readers something to listen to while deciding whether to commit to downloading the entire project. 5) Spend money Use some of the money you save on doing the promotion yourself and support those blogs or sites that are supporting your music. If the price is reasonable purchase a banner ad, email blast, etc. It will go a long way toward building your relationship and helps keep good sites up.

With all that being said, here is a directory of 101 websites and blogs to post or submit your latest mixtape to. Good luck!

Mixtape Site Directory is the #1 mixtape website on the internet receiving 1.7 Million visitors per month. After registering for an account it is free to post but advised to pay $50 for sponsorship. Sponsorship provides placement on front page for a VERY limited time but allows visitors to download your mixtape without having to register on the site. is the second most popular mixtape site. While it does not allow you to see the number of plays or downloads like on Datpiff, it has a richer community of fans that actively rate and comment on your music. Unlike datpiff it has a simple layout that lets you quickly listen

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to a music without avoiding 50 million ads. On the flipside, money not genereated from ads means higher prices for placing your mixes on the site. Online radio station with w/ site showcasing mixtape releases from indie artists. Music submission form on site. You won’t find any fancy flash players here but everyday 11,000+ fans visit this site looking for new mixtapes. A very simple design that lists all the latest mixtape releases with cover art, a brief description and a link to download for free using the bittorrent network. Canadian Hip hop blog. Submit your mixtape to be featured in the music section or 1VibeExclusives European blog site offering FREE exposure to indie artists. Submit your mixtapes to Mixtape hosting site. Blog is rarely updated but site still receives 800+ hits/ Day Blog cover hip hop news. Singles and Album Reviews. Sit averages 4,000+ hits/Day

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