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Burn 100 calories at home: NORDSTROM

22. Vacuum up all the dog hair (25 minutes) 23. O  rganize, dust and clean out your desk (30 minutes) 24. Make their favorite homemade dinner from scratch and set the table (35 minutes) 25. Wash all the dishes, pots and pans from dinner (35 minutes) 26. Carry in and put away all the groceries, take out the trash, empty the dishwasher and wipe the counters (30 minutes) 27. Shovel a real snowfall (15 minutes) 28. Wash all the salt off the car (20 minutes) 29. Carry your groceries in a basket (30 minutes) 30. Blow dry and straighten your hair (30 minutes) 31. Clean your closet including changing seasonal items, dusting, reorganizing and discarding items you never wear (35 minutes) 32. Unload the laundry, fold and put away (40 minutes)

Burn 100 calories with a friend or loved one: NORDSTROM

33. Shop and try on the latest fashions with your daughter (30 minutes) 34. Window shop the entire mall with your husband (40 minutes) 35. Enjoy talking with your mom as you walk outside (30 minutes) 36. Give a loved one a shoulder massage (20 minutes) 37. Carry your baby or grandchild (24 minutes) 38. Pick up trash on your block with a few neighbors (20 minutes)


Burn 100 calories without even trying:

39. Enjoy good belly laughs during your holiday get togethers (20 minutes) 40. Fidget all day: twirl your hair, tap your leg, move your shoulders, itch your leg, pet your dog (100 calories per hour!)

Get excited to enjoy the holidays and all the tasty treats, without neglecting your health and gaining weight. Keep the indulgences to a minimum and add movement to your day. Come January, you’ll be ready to show off your winter- fit body.

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