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I don’t have any kind of chip on my shoulder about being an at-home dad. I feel lucky to be able to be one, and am much more often supported and encouraged than looked at funny because of it. But this article has me pretty steamed. Based on... absolutely nothing... it speculates that women should fear being seduced by at home dads via play dates with their kids. That “one-on-one play dates give the appearance of an impropriety.” Look, if someone reads this and is subsequently afraid to hang out with me for fear of the uncontrollable passion that might erupt, well, that’s laughable, but I don’t care for my sake. I care because articles like this could make it harder for my daughter to socialize with her peers. JAMIE LYNN FERGUSON

I read the article and don’t find it offensive at all—it’s actually just logical reasoning, backed up with quotes from experts. To me, the message is...don’t compromise your marriage for a partnership that’s centered around your children. And be honest with yourself about your intentions and boundaries. AL WATTS

The premise of your article is ridiculous. My wife works with mostly men and travels 3-4 days a week staying in hotel rooms steps away from these men. She has way more opportunities than I ever would to stray from our relationship. BILL EKHARDT

I appreciate the idea that moms “be prepared and don’t be afraid of play-dates with stay-at-home dads.” Unfortunately, your opening line suggests we need to be afraid that such a play-date would actually be “dating” someone else’s husband. We do not pretend that our setting is without the risks of the workplace. In fact, what we desire is that publishers like this one examine suggestions regarding at-home dads through the lens of women in the workplace. MAKE IT BETTER

Wow, we’ve touched a nerve and we’re glad to see such a huge response. Clearly, it’s not our intention to suggest that women should avoid attractive guys. Our experts suggest that it’s only a problem if you are attracted to them. Trust your gut and remember, in the end it’s just a play date.

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