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program. Moral reasoning ability, moreover, is correlated with EEG coherence; that is, the more coherent one’s brain physiology, the greater one’s moral development. The “moral compass” resides in a coherently functioning brain.22 As we grow in enlightenment and live increasingly in accord with Natural Law, Maharishi explains, we spontaneously use our growing creativity and intelligence more responsibly, acting in a way that benefits everyone around us. This growth of “life-supporting behavior” reaches its fulfillment in Cosmic Consciousness, when we enjoy what Maharishi calls spontaneous right action. We no longer make mistakes. Everything we do is for good. Yogic Flying offers a technology for the moral development of society as a whole. When large Yogic Flying groups reduce crime, terrorism, and warfare, we see the whole society acting in a more morally responsible manner.

Memory, learning ability, and grades improve Memory, both short- and long-term, improves with the Transcendental Meditation technique. One study found that college students’ learning ability improved significantly after just two weeks’ practice of the technique — and the more difficult the material, the better they performed.26 Other research shows that meditators learn new concepts more efficiently. When TM® meditators are learning new material, their frontal EEG coherence increases — meaning that their brains are more awake and process information in a new way. This is notable, for in mentally challenging situations most people become agitated — while meditators become calmer and more alert.27 Other studies find that after college students learned the Transcendental Meditation technique, their grade point average increased significantly more than non-meditating students — from a C+ to a B+ in just six months.28

Memory and Perception Improve


Accelerating children’s mental development


s doctors well know, an expectant mother’s health affects her baby’s health. When mothers practice the Transcen­dental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs during pregnancy, their babies then tend to have longer and more frequent “quiet alert” periods, where they are visibly content, free from distress, and most receptive to learning.29 Children may learn the Transcendental Meditation technique at age ten. Earlier than that — at age four or five — they learn the Word of Wisdom technique, which they practice a few minutes twice each day. This technique, Maharishi explains, integrates and strengthens the mind and brain physiology. Studies show that children practicing this technique display greater maturity, intelligence, field independence, and general intellectual skill than matched, non-meditating control groups. The longer the children have been meditating, the better they do — and the longer their parents have been medi­tating, the better they do.30 sm

In this study, college students were given a test of perception and short-term memory, then randomly assigned to one of three groups: one learned the Transcendental Meditation technique, one rested twice a day with eyes closed, and one made no change in daily schedule. Two weeks later, at post-test, the Transcendental Meditation group improved significantly in perception and memory.26


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The Complete Book of Yogic Flying — Part I  

Developing total brain functioning, higher states of consciousness, national invincibility and world peace through the group practice of the...

The Complete Book of Yogic Flying — Part I  

Developing total brain functioning, higher states of consciousness, national invincibility and world peace through the group practice of the...