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Spring 2013

In Touch CCMS Alumni Newsletter

President’s Message I am happy and honored to be serving another year as CCMS Alumni president It is the least I can do for a country and university that has given me so much and asked for so little in return. I have been blessed with a wonderful team of alumni leaders to help move the CCMS chapter forward. The last few years we have been taking steps to solidify the base on which

 Let’s not forget our golden past  Editor’s message Page 2

we shall build a strong cohesive network able to aid not only fellow graduates but also the community at large.

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 A Journey of success

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Spring 2016 2013 Spring

Let’s Not Forget Our Golden Past

Editors’ message Zayed University Alumni definitely provides students with an opportunity to stay in touch with university. However, we believe that a lot more can be done to assist students in career advising, finding suitable jobs and moreover establishing a strong relationship between the students and Zayed University. This relationship can benefit both the students and university as the university would feel proud of its students’ achievement and the students would continue their association with Zayed University to develop and promote sense of community.

Zayed University Alumni Association has been a popular association amongst the students since it establish. Its popularity was clear since the beginning because students often only recognize the value of university once their time there is over. Graduates miss their friends, their teachers, their staff members and even the canteen staff. After the students complete their university golden period, they typically wish to continue with activities at the university. Therefore, Zayed University ex-students or post-graduates also proudly participate in the Alumni Association activities.

successfully on their chosen path. There are a number of advantages the alumni association members receive. They own an ID card, which can be collected from any of the Alumni Affairs Offices on each campus. This card can provide three very special benefits: campus access, library privileges, and vendor discounts. So be ready to get involved in programs for graduates in a committee or college chapter and have a great future!

The Zayed University Alumni Association is committed to provide the graduates with something that can make them feel pleased and give them a sense of belonging with their beloved university. The association expects from all the graduates to remain in touch with university. The alumni association is also committed to provide graduates with tools that will help them go smoothly and

We hope Alumni would continue their support… Maha, Amani and Hooreya

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Spring 2016 2013 Spring

A Journey of success Alumni is not only a chapter, it’s where achievements is born. Zayed University graduates automatically become members of the Zayed University Alumni Association soon after they graduate. An official board runs the alumni association and it cares a lot about the graduates. The graduates are offered services and guidance so that they can live a successful life. Through the alumni association the graduates are supported and allowed opportunities to connect and engage with the community, with their university and with other Zayed University graduates. Therefore, Zayed University Alumni Association helps graduates to become better citizens, workforce contributors, ambassadors, recruiters and life-long partners with the university. Strong relationships are created, maintained and supported between

graduates and the university so that the university can be connected to the world outside. The association’s aim is to arrange social events, link professional support programs in the colleges and Career Services, provide community service, establish volunteer connections, as well as facilitate alumni networking. To connect the University with its graduates the Alumni arranged an event on June 13 2012 for ladies. Through the event the graduates were also given advice about their career development and resuming education. th

The alumni have achieved a great deal of success so far. For instance, Arwa AlNauimi. Arwa graduated in 2010 from the College of Continued on


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Continue President’s Message As CCMS alumni our role in this age of a media driven community is especially important. We are responsible for the ethics, morals, and values that the organizations we work in impose on society. We are responsible to be an active force in the positive change that is happening, and more importantly to lead positive changes that we believe will benefit those around us. I would like to thank all alumni who have made the CCMS chapter a success, and encourage those who have not yet volunteered with the chapter to come forward and leave their mark on the road of progress that we are paving. I hope to see you all very soon.

Yours truly, Shamma bent Khalifa ben Hamdan CCMS Chapter President

Spring2016 2013 Spring

Information Technology with a strong background in Information Security and Network Technology. Arwa started her career with Zayed University as a circulation assistant in the library in September of 2010 and now she is working as the Administrative Assistant in the College of Information Technology. Another example is Samah Shaalan, who graduated in 2009 from the College of Business Sciences with a degree in Human Resource Management. She now works as an employee on the

Zayed University Abu Dhabi campus as the Recruitment & UAE National Development Officer in the Human Resources Department. These are only a couple of examples of the Zayed University Alumni Association achievement. The association has provided constant support to the graduates and many of them are now leading a successful journey. However, it can be assumed that this is only the beginning… there is still a long way to go!

Alumni spotlight Farah Al Bakoush graduated from Zayed University in 2009. Since then she worked at the Corporate Communications Department at TDIC as an Assistant Manager of Public Relations. She always follows the proverb that says, “if you want to do something, then do it right”, which means that it’s very important that you spend enough effort and time to do your job in the right way, so you achieve great results. “I always believe that hard work is not enough,” Farah said. “But you should have the passion for what you’re doing that will make you

thrive and grow in your career.” She is very proud that she is working in the field that she has passion for. “If I could share the key elements that contributes to my success,” Farah said. “I would say it’s passion, passion and passion!” She also added that if you have the passion, you would know how to manage your time, learn more, deliver quality work, do your job in the right way, and be creative because you simply love it! Good luck Farah and 4 keep it up. 4

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Spring 2016

Alumni Star of the month Our Alumni star for this edition is Huda Salem Al Rashedi. Huda graduated from Zayed University in Spring 2010. She has Bachelor degree in Public Relations & Advertising Managt. Huda Al Rashedi works at Abu Dhabi Ports Company in the Corporate Communications department. By the end of this month January she will complete one year working with them and she enjoy her work so much. Huda is currently undergoing development program in which she experiencing different

aspects in different areas of Communications, Media Relations, PR, Marketing, Internal Communications, Events and so many interesting things as she mentioned.

“My biggest achievement till now was being part of the team who worked on Khalifa Port Inauguration which took place on 12.12.2012,” Huda said. “I was honored to meet and greet H.H. President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Prime Minister H.H. Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.”

Benefits of alumni

ID card to enter the campus

Borrow books from library

Our best wishes to Huda in her career. Special discounts offers (10 – 15%)

Attend ZU courses 5 5

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Spring 2016 2013 Spring

Proud of our Spring 2012 graduates

We would like to take this chance to congratulate:  Mayyasa Saeed Al  Shaima Ali Malek Hamdan Yammahi Al Shehhi  Noura Ismail Al Mulla  Sahar Sultan Ahmed Al  Fatima Rashid Al Falasi Marzooqi  Reem Ali Mohammed  Salama Yousef Mohmed Al  Ayesha Ibrahim Almazroui Fahim  Noura Ismail Al Mulla  Hamda Mohamed  Sahar Sultan Ahmed Al AlRomaithi Marzooqi  Hebatullah Jawhar Al  Fatima Abdul Razzaq Al Dhaheri Awadi  Hessa Ali Al Ketbi  Melissa Ghazi Al  Mahra Saeed Alfalasi Iskandarani  Nadra Naif Al Braiki  Mariam Mohamed Hassan Al Ali

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Issue One

Spring 2013

We Need to Hear Your Voice We will be very happy to hear from you Our main purpose from this newsletter is to keep you, CCMS Alumni, in touch with each other to know more about one another, about your College and your University. This publication is made by you and for you. So if you have any interesting stories, situations you face or events you participated in please let us know. We will be happy to know about you. Your friends in CCMS Alumni will also be interested to know. Any story, news or even a photo you want to share with your friends, we will be pleased to publish it for you.

New instructor in CCMS Russell Williams He has been teaching new media and virtually everything else in communication for 20 years. He came to Abu Dhabi last year to teach in the Master of Creative and Cultural Industries program at HCT. “The students there were great and I decided I wanted to teach at the Undergraduate level as


in the CCMS at ZU.” He added: “I really enjoy working at ZU. The students are great. They are active and interested and take part in class work and discussions. Sometimes they even laugh at my jokes. I need a classroom where students are an active part of the process and that is definitely true at ZU.” He ended his conversation by: “I am very happy that I am here.”

CCMS 2013 events: ZUMEFF: Zayed University Middle East Film Festival. Where

talented students show high professional short movies they produced. April 30th – May 1, 2013 MEPRA: The Middle East Public Relation Association event has the title of “Local Achievements in Public Relation”. The event will help us, Emiratis, to achieve high profile and prestige. Thursday 7th March 2013 Peace Forum: It’s an event of the Professional Journalism Chapter to promote peace. Tuesday 12th March 2013

CCMS Alumni Newsletter  

Done by me, Amani and Hooreya