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CONTENTS  Who Is A SAP ABAP Consultant  What is SAP ABAP

 Types of ABAP Programs  SAP ABAP Consultant Roles  Responsibilities Of SAP ABAP Consultant  SAP ABAP Consultant Tasks

 SAP ABAP Consultant Career

Who Is A SAP ABAP Consultant  SAP ABAP consultant is the professional who has specialized in

Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) - one of the SAP modules.  Experts of reading and coding in ABAP code and familiar with

SAP programs in general.  Highly technical, specialized position that handles a large

number of software issues.

What is SAP ABAP  ABAP- High-level programming language created by SAP.  Interpreted programming language – runs in the SAP ABAP

Runtime environment .  Used for building solid-state business application solutions in

the SAP Runtime environment.  Object-oriented programming - recent version of ABAP

Objects.  ABAP Objects uses a single inheritance model and full support

for object features.

Types of ABAP Programs ABAP distinguishes two types of executable programs  Reports  Module pools Non-executable program types include  Include modules  Subroutine pools  Function groups  Object classes  Interfaces  Type pools

SAP ABAP Consultant Roles  Provide technical advice,

code reviews and assistance to other SAP programmers.  Develop/ maintain computer programs to  Prepare test plans and/or store, locate, and retrieve detailed technical specific documents, data specifications from which and information. programs will be written.  Write programs involving  Write programs that

interface with external systems and equipment.

multiple, complex screens, interfaces, tables and outputs.

Responsibilities Of SAP ABAP Consultant  Resolve questions of program intent, input data acquisition, time

sharing, output requirements, coding use and modification, and inclusion of internal checks/code reviews for system integrity.  Observe or runs test of program using sample or actual data, assist

in user acceptance training.  Participate in the roll out and on time delivery of developed

applications.  Maintain a working knowledge of advancing technologies.  Identify applicable solutions and implement with existing networks

when appropriate.

SAP ABAP Consultant - Tasks  Maintain and develop

 Understand complex table

documentation for responsible area.

joins and advanced programming concepts.

 Prepare and provide status

updates of assigned project plans and schedules.

 Understand functional

integration points, entity relationships and module flows.

 Interface with functional

specialists to ensure solution  Recommend/conduct design and integrity. training.

SAP ABAP Consultant Career  Formal education and experience with computer science and

programming languages  Experience specifically with SAP programs is needed.  Technical skill - to test, design, and debug various types of ABAP

programs  SAP ABAP professionals work according to guidelines for the

development and implementation of the technological code usually provided by the company  Requirements for a SAP ABAP programmer are extensive in present

job market

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