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Summer 2010 Issue

NEWS IN BRIEF Holland Workshops

The AcuEnergetics workshop taught in Holland in June this year was the first AcuEnergetics® workshop to be taught in Europe and it was a huge success. The workshop went so well that the AcuEnergetics® team will be returning next year in 2011 to teach more workshops. The Humaniversity was an amazing place to host the workshop, with wonderful people to be around. For more info Contact ®

Level 1 ‘Skills for Living’ in India

The AcuEnergetics® Level 1 ‘Skills for Living’ course will once again be on offer in Pune, India. However the dates have changed and it will be held in December 2010 instead of the usual January slot. The workshop will be taught by AcuEnergetics® Teacher Rupa Selecki at the Osho International Meditation Resort. This is a wonderful way to surround yourself in meditation, new experiences and wonderful people. For more info call the clinic on 02 9818 1522.

First AcuEnergetics® Meditation Retreat in Bali - January 2011

The AcuEnergetics® meditation retreat in Bali is scheduled to run on 15-21 January, 2011. The Bali workshop will be a 7 day Neshamah Enlightenment Retreat - an experience in profound energetic opening techniques and blissful meditations. This is not one to be missed. There are only a few places remaining for this retreat, so if you want to come along, book now. Call AcuEnergetics® on 9818 1522 to find out more or to book in. Information is available on the website

AcuEnergetics® Website Upgrade

The AcuEnergetics® website is undergoing an upgrade to include loads of new features for the public, students and practitioners. The new site is expected to launch in the beginning of 2011 and will include new resources, shopping facilities, photo galleries and lots more.

TREATMENTS AcuEnergetics® is fast and accurate and can be used to treat a wide range of physical, mental and emotional conditions. Many people come for specific treatment of an injury, chronic health problems or work/family related stress. Some clients attend sessions to work through issues that arise frequently in their lives, such as anger, fear guilt, insomnia, relationship breakups and panic attacks. Others come because they find that energy balancing helps relax them and keep them at optimum health. Common conditions treated include: • Chronic back & neck pain • Depression and anxiety • Menstrual & fertility problems • Chronic fatigue • Chronic stress & panic attacks • Headaches • Trauma & grief • Abdominal pain & constipation • Low energy • Breathing problems • Sore knees, shoulders & joints • Speed up healing after surgery • Sports injuries How does it work? In short, AcuEnergetics® practitioners understand how energetic channels and centre’s work in the body. When these channels are blocked, specific illness, pain or symptoms can appear. AcuEnergetics® practitioners work with energy centres, pranic fields, meridians and other energetic channels. Using their hands they feel blockages and imbalances in the energetic system and can clear them using various energetic techniques. What happens? During an AcuEnergetics® treatment the client remains fully clothed. Depending on the treatment, the practitioner may treat with their hands on or off the client’s body. “If you wish to see why the body is the way it is, look at how you’ve been thinking for the past ten years. If you wish to see how your body will be in ten years time, look at how you’re thinking now.” Buddha 550bc

AcuEnergetics® is a modern energy healing modality, based on a detailed understanding of the energetic physiology & anatomy of the body. It combines the latest discoveries in energy work with traditional knowledge from ancient texts by Chinese, Judaic, Middle Eastern, Indian & Western Physicians. AcuEnergetics® understands the whole energy body and its connection to the mind, which is vital for the effective treatment of any symptom in the body.

AcuEnergetics® & Energy Medicine Magazine This magazine is owned and produced by AcuEnergetics® and all content is copyright AcuEnergetics®. AcuEnergetics is located at 372 Darling Street, Balmain, NSW, Australia 2041. Ph: 02 9818 1522. Email


sunshine vitamin

I t ’s e a s y e n o u g h t o g e t , b u t a r e y o u g e t t i n g e n o u g h ? S u m m e r i s almost here and these days the general consensus is that people need to protect themselves from the sun and stay out of it. But before you avoid it completely and run for the shade, consider the fact that just ten minutes a day is about all you need to get your daily vitamin D dose and h e l p p r o m o t e h e a l t h a n d a v o i d p r o b l e m s a s s o c i a t e d w i t h d e f i c i e n c y. Vitamin D – also known as the sunshine vitamin – has many important functions in the body and has been found to be extremely helpful in protecting the body from a number of negative symptoms and illnesses. The main function of vitamin D is to maintain normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorus. It also helps absorb calcium, which promotes strong, healthy bones. According to the Mayo Clinic some extremely interesting new research also suggests vitamin D may help provide protection from some cancers, autoimmune diseases, osteoporosis and high blood pressure. The sun contributes significantly to the daily production of vitamin D, however it can also be found in food we eat such as fish, eggs, fortified milk and cod liver oil. There are different types of vitamin D but the ones important in humans are D2 and D3. Vitamin D2 is synthesized by plants. Vitamin D3 is synthesized by humans in the skin when it is exposed to ultraviolet-B (UVB) rays from sunlight. Foods may be fortified with vitamin D2 or D3. Check out the benefits...

WHY VITAMIN D? • Helps with healthy bones • Regulates the immune system • Vitamin D may have a key role in helping the brain to keep working well in later life, according to a study of 3000 European men between the ages of 40 and 79. • Vitamin D is probably linked to maintaining a healthy body weight, according to research carried out at the Medical College of Georgia, USA. • It can reduce the severity and frequency of asthma symptoms, and also the likelihood of hospitalizations due to asthma, researchers from Harvard Medical School found after monitoring 616 children in Costa Rica. • It has been shown to reduce the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis in women. • A form of vitamin D could be one of our body’s main protections against damage from low levels of radiation, say radiological experts from the New York City. Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. • Various studies have shown that people with adequate levels of vitamin D have a significantly lower risk of developing cancer, compared to people with lower levels. (medical news today)

anger and what it’s doing to your body By Rochelle Taylor

If we really understood what getting angry did to our bodies and how much it hurt us, we would take drastic steps to make sure we never got angry again. As a child we learnt pretty fast that when we touched something really hot, it burned and hurt, so we didn’t do it again. The truth is, every time we get angry we are hurting ourselves at such a deep level, that we can’t see it. We might vaguely have some idea about how getting angry or stressed plays a role in the health of the body, but generally people see this as some kind of emotional hurt we are inflicting upon ourselves. While this is partly true, what we can’t see is the physical damage we are doing to ourselves – to our heart, liver and gall bladder, arteries and lungs, as well as our muscles and cells and brain – all from getting angry. All of us know first hand what happens in our bodies when we experience anger, frustration, annoyance, stress or whatever your preferred synonym for anger is. Some people go red in the face, others experience shortness of breath, headaches, tenseness in the body, tight neck and shoulders, sore or tight throat, increased heart rate and the list goes

on. What you might not know is that the symptoms don’t just end there and ongoing behaviour demonstrating symptoms like this can lead to something much more serious than just a headache. In an article published in the New York Times titled The Lethal Effects of Anger it stated the results of a study in the journal Circulation found men who explode with anger are at greater risk of having a stroke or dying. The study showed that angry men had a 10 percent greater risk of developing a heart flutter called atrial fibrillation, which increases the risk of stroke. Men who unleashed their anger were also 20 percent more likely to have died from any cause during the study. So how does this happen? As your heart rate increases, you breathe faster and start to get tension in your muscles. Your body senses danger and starts to prepare to protect itself. When you are in survival mode the body anticipates injury and therefore releases chemicals to clot the blood. However due to the fact that there is no ‘real’ danger – the cause of this incident is all in the mind - the clots in the blood don’t have anywhere in particular to go and may flow to the heart or brain resulting in a stroke or heart attack. This is a straight western medicine view on anger and the body, but it doesn’t stop there.

Energetically when we get angry, we often create congestion in the area around our throats and almost always our hearts. This in turn can affect many organs in the body, specifically the liver and gall bladder from its connection to the throat and the lungs, large intestine, small intestine, pericardium and triple heater from the heart congestion to name just a few. The liver and gall bladder are the organs typically associated with anger. When the liver and gallbladder are congested a person may experience pain or tenderness in the area of the liver/gall bladder, as well as producing gallstones and problems with digestion and detoxifying the body. Congestion in the liver/gall bladder meridian can show itself in many different forms from inflexibility and headaches to back and hip pain, eye problems and tightness in the neck and shoulders. However it’s not just these organs that become compromised when anger strikes. Congesting the heart through anger can affect the whole body. In addition to creating chest pains from closing the heart directly, it also affects the breathing via the lung meridian, which means lack of oxygen to the body and possible damage to cells. It also affects energy circulation via the pericardium and triple heater meridians. People also

“You will not be punished for your anger. You will be punished by your anger.” Buddha. experience constipation and digestive disorders, as well as other forms of inflammation in the body as a result of getting angry.

All in all it’s pretty conclusive no matter what your background – western medicine, eastern medicine or alternate therapies – anger harms the body. So what to do about it? Well there are loads of anger management places around but to be honest, I think the best first step towards letting go of your anger is to learn to sit down and still your mind. Everything we get upset and angry about is because of our opinions, attitudes and judgements in our minds – and because our hearts are not really very open. If we can learn to still our minds – and the best way is through daily meditation – then we can avoid getting caught up in

all the mind garbage that causes us to think something is right or wrong and react to it. Also, when we make a commitment to opening our hearts every day, then the powerful love energy that resides in the heart will help us to stay feeling good. With your heart wide open you’ll soon find that things that used to bother you just don’t trigger you in the same way anymore. It’s really important that we all realize the damage that anger does to us every time we get even a little frustrated – we need to remember that story about getting burnt as a child and remember that when we start to feel the anger creeping in. None of us are perfect angels and of course there may be times you lose it, but as soon as you realise what you are doing, stop that instant and let it go. No matter what is making you angry, it’s just not worth it. If that’s not enough, remind yourself of blood clots, strokes and heart attacks and that should do the job.

When it comes to anger, prevention is better than cure. It’s much easier to prevent getting angry than to try and stop yourself once you’ve already reached boiling point. So how do you prevent going off the deep end? Learn to open your heart and keep it open. The best way is to do a heart meditation every morning as soon as you wake. Spend at least 15 minutes in this beautiful heart space before you start your day. You’ll soon find that you start your day much happier, which makes you less prone to being triggered by things that ‘make you angry’. Remember, no-one can make you angry - you choose it - but if you do find yourself getting a little hot under the collar, make the decision to drop it straight away and stop taking everything so seriously. Then open your heart again.

meditation as medicine For many thousands of years people have undertood the beauty and importance of meditation in one’s daily life. Kevin Farrow explains the mind and energy behind why and how it works. Below is an except from his new book titled Meditation as Medicine. How meditation as medicine works

When you look at your old shoes, you’ll notice that there are spots where they’re worn. If you look at any old shoes worn by different people, you’ll notice that they are all worn in different places. That is, they all have different patterns of wear. Even the left and right foot of the same pair of shoes will have different scuff marks. The left shoe may have half the heel missing and its pair on the right may just have worn marks on the inside edge. This difference in the patterns of wear is due to the fact that we all walk in different ways. The minor difference of a slight tilt in our pelvis will cause uneven foot pressure when translated down to our feet. Even a minor injury to the body will cause a change in weight distribution that can be seen in different wear of our shoes. Someone who has a sore foot for example, will try to compensate the pain by placing less weight on that foot or walking on the edge that isn’t sore. Even our attitudes translate to the wear of our footwear. If we’re feeling lazy and walk without lifting our feet high enough, we will naturally scuff the soles of our shoes. If we’re feeling very energetic, we might march and bring our feet down harder and cause wear to the heels and toes. Depending on how we think, our shoes get different patterns of wear. In a similar way, our bodies exhibit different patterns of wear from the ways that we think. Our mind and emotions affect our body to a greater extent than they affect our shoes. If you’ve ever had butterflies from going on a first date, you can understand this. Before the date, there’s the thought of what might happen, then the emotions of nervousness and expectation, and finally the butterflies in the belly. Not many of us get butterflies on the tenth date with the same person. Why not? After all, isn’t it essentially the same experience? We go out with the same person, probably pick them up at the same

place and maybe even do the same things. What’s different is how we think and feel about the experience. After ten dates, we are more comfortable with what we think may happen and our tummy’s are more comfortable too. So our different thoughts and emotions have different effects on our body. Two and a half thousand years ago this concept was understood on the three great continents of India, Asia and Europe. In India, Gautama the Buddha said, ‘If you wish to see why the body is the way it is, look at how you’ve been thinking for the past ten years. If you wish to see how your body will be in ten years time, look at how you are thinking now.’ At the same time in China, the philosopher Confucius said, ‘To heal the body, first rectify the mind.’ In Greece, Plato said, ‘The cure of the part should not be attempted without treatment of the whole. No attempt should be made to cure the body without the soul, and if the head and the body are to be healthy, you must begin by curing the mind. For this is the great error of our day in the treatment of the human body, that physicians first separate the soul from the body.’ Through our western mechanistic approach to medicine and the body over the last thousand years, we have lost sight of this essential understanding. Some western philosophers blame the Catholic Church and science for this separation of spirit and flesh, citing the argument between the Church and Galilleo, where science agreed that the spirit or mind was the property of the Church and science could have the body. However, the truth is that this separation happened everywhere. Even China and India, which are not reknown as Catholic countries or until recently, bastions of modern science, lost the real thread of mind and body connections. While some argue

that acupuncture and ayurveda have some traces of this idea, the truth is that what is left now is only a shadow of what it once was. There is no longer a real understanding of this phenomenon or how it occurs.

While the change in breathing due to our emotions is the most apparent alteration, there is a hidden factor in this emotional breathing that considerably increases our risk of dis-ease. The ancient yogis of India understood that the breath is divided into two streams of negative and We are now in the twenty first century and just starting positive polarities. These were termed the ida and pingato understand from a western scientific perspective, that la channels of breath. When we are excited or angry, we our minds influence our physical bodily Kevin Farrow breathe in the positive polarity and when we are passive Elmer Green who conducted the Mayo Clinic research or sad we breathe in the negative. In balance with each into Bio-feedback reported, ‘Every change in the physiother, neither is harmful. ological state is accompanied by an appropriate change in the mental emotional state, conscious or unconcious, However, when we breathe in one to the exclusivity of and conversly, every change in the emotional state, conthe other, we are at risk of various dis-eases. So being scious or unconscious, is accompanied by an appropriexcited or angry all the time, will lead to dis-ease beate change in the physiological state.’ (Green, Green, & cause there is a fundamental imbalance in the type of Walters, 1970) energy that is brought into the body through the breathing. Similarly, a life spent in passivity and sadness will More recently, in the book Healing Emotions, Daniel lead to dis-ease because there is a fundamental imbalGoleman stated, ‘…the weight of scientific data shows ance. that the link between emotions and health is particularly strong for negative feelings: anger, anxiety, and depresWhen we respond to thoughts and events with anger, sion. These states, if strong and prolonged, can increase indignation, guilt, sorrrow or excitement, we will alter the vulnerability to disease, worsen the symptoms, or hinder basic harmony of the body mind. If we look at how the recovery. On the other hand, more positive states like body responds to hypnosis, we can see this in action. equanimity and optimism seem to have salutary effects Under hypnosis, a person’s body will exhibit different on health – ’ (Healing Emotions. Ed. Daniel Goleman.) patterns of behaviour because the mind’s beliefs are different, even if only for a few minutes. So an apple can Physical problems in the body aren’t caused by thoughts easily be perceived as an onion and eating it can bring and ideas themselves. These are really like neutral shadtears to the eyes, while an onion can be perceived as an ows flitting across the screen of our minds. The physiapple and does not. We see this on TV or on the stage cal problems come about because of what the Taoists and laugh and don’t really think about the meaning, call the emotional consciousness. In other words, what which is that the body is like a marionette to the mind we think is not so much a problem as how we think. It’s and emotions. our emotional attachment to our thoughts, that causes changes in the breath and the energy flows in the body. Our opinions and our emotional feelings all pull the It’s not hard to notice that we breathe in a shortened strings causing changes or dis-ease in the physical manner when we are angry, or that we breathe in long body. Dis-ease is a good word. When the mind is not at sighs when we are sad. ease, there are going to be problems with the body.

Meditation as Medicine

On top of the particular thoughts and emotions that cause problems, there’s the issue of the speed we live at, which is the speed of our minds. Often in this modern world, our mind’s are racing and many of us try to slow them down - in order to relax - with substances like alcohol and prescription or non prescription drugs. If we’re not racing in our minds, we’re usually living in a sort of slow motion where we can’t function normally and both these states of mind cause physical problems. If we have a racing mind, this is similar to sitting still in a traffic jam, with the car in neutral and our foot flat to the floor on the accelerator. We’re not moving but we’re still racing the car in our minds - doing a hundred and fifty and hanging on to the wheel. This approach makes our life experience a bit like going to appreciate the wildflowers by driving through them at high speed. If we’re in slow motion, we can miss everything in our lives because we’re like a fly that’s fallen into the honey jar. Both of these states of mind demonstrate the mind believing in a time sense and it’s this time sense that causes many of our physical problems. The only good thing about this is that by learning to be still, the problem can be relieved. This sounds funny but it works because it allows the body the peace and stillness (rest) to heal itself. It’s like taking a holiday from yourself. If you race around in your mind or just jog around, then there is no stillness, so it is more difficult for the body to heal. Although we believe in the sense of time, in reality there is no such thing. The time sense is about our perceptions, which is why we slow down on holidays and race when we’re late to work. In reality, only movement exists - the sun comes up and goes down, the hands of the clock go around, seasons change, things grow, mature and fall away. We give the sense of time to these movements. This was very well understood in ancient cultures but sadly we’re missing it. We have some of the ancient understandings of time but we often don’t recognise them anymore. The most common of these understandings is just wearing a watch. The older name for clocks and watches is chronometer, which is named after Chronos, who was the Greek God who invented time. In the ancient Gnostic tradition, the first step on the path to higher knowledge was to go past the serpent of Chronos, that is to escape from the limitations of time perception. When this happens, we also work more efficiently, and we don’t have to do things twice or three times to get them right. We don’t get upset in traffic jams and we allow our minds a chance to live in stillness, which helps our bodies to grow and heal. This is because our physical cells work in exactly the same way as our minds. They are either growing or they are in fear and protection mode. The cellular biologist, Dr Bruce Lipton has shown in experiments, how individual cells respond to either nutrients or toxins. In the cells that get the nutrients, the cells moved towards the food. This is a growth phase. The other cells were presented with toxins instead of nutrients and sensibly, they moved as far as possible away from the toxins. The point of this, is that our cells are dying and reproducing every second.

If our cells go into the protective phase instead of the growth phase (you can’t have both phases at the same time) then the body does not renew its cells properly. If our mind is in protection, we don’t leave any opportunity for our cells to heal properly, because they are also in protection. If we want our body to recover, we need our cells to be growing – so our mind has to be in a growth phase and the quickest phase of growth is through rest. Rest the mind - rest the body. If we were able to change our mind and emotions with each other, we’d really see how the body responds instinctively to the mind. The body of someone who suffers from arthritic pain would be considerably improved if they could swap it for a time with someone who doesn’t suffer from that ailment. If you suffered with painful migraines, your body would welcome the relief of another’s mind and emotional pattern that didn’t elicit that response. Of course, in time, the body you swapped for, would develop the same problem. So why do we think in these obviously detrimental ways to start with? The way we think is really a way to acquire balance. It’s just that we really don’t understand how to go about it, so we become like a man on a tightrope with a weight who constantly throws it from hand to hand in an effort to achieve balance. We lack the inner realisation that we could just drop the weight (from either hand) and life would become a whole lot easier. So we spend our lives throwing the weight back and forth constantly, trying to balance our hope and fears. These attempts at balance are all just about changing the weight from one hand to the other. The purpose of this book is to teach you how to drop the weight, but to do that, we have to understand a bit more about how our mind really works. Copyright Kevin Farrow, Meditation as Medicine 2010 Meditation as Medicine is available for purchase online at or from the AcuEnergetics® shop on 02 9818 1522.

AcuEnergetics® Open Meditation Nights Open Meditation nights are open to anyone interested in learning meditation, particularly opening the light body using AcuEnergetics® techniques. The next Open Meditation Nights are: Thursday 18 November, Thursday 16 December, Thursday 17 February, Thursday 24 February, Thursday 3 March, Thursday 10 March. Where: The AcuEnergetics® School, 1/372 Darling Street Balmain. Ph: 9818 1522. Time: 7.15pm Cost: $10.

First AcuEnergetics Workshop in Europe ®

In June this year AcuEnergetics® took its teachings to the beautiful country of Holland and taught its first ever workshop in Europe. AcuEnergetics® Founder Kevin Farrow and AcuEnergetics® Teacher Rochelle Taylor facilitated the course, with the support of 10 of their dedicated and talented practitioners and students to assist in the workshop. The response to the course was overwhelming - almost 50 people enrolled in the group – people came from all around the world to take part. There were Germans, French, Russians, Americans, Japanese, English and of course Dutch and Australian people who traveled to varying lengths to share in the wonders of this workshop. The Humaniversity was an amazing place in which to run this course and the people there were all very kind and friendly, making it a fantastic environment for everyone involved. Due to the success of the workshop and positive response from the Humaniversity and the participants at the conclusion of the course, AcuEnergetics® will return in 2011 to facilitate more workshops. The dates are expected to be held in June/July 2011. You can find out more about courses and AcuEnergetics® by logging on to the AcuEnergetics® Facebook page or




BML SURRY HILLS: Level 1, 55 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills | ph 9211 4111 BML ROZELLE: 713 Darling Street, Rozelle | ph 9810 3146 WWW.BODYMINDLIFE.COM

Books for your spirit Meditation as Medicine Kevin Farrow

For many thousands of years, people in cultures far and wide have understood the beauty and importance of meditation in one’s daily life. Meditation helps to still the mind and creates a feeling of peace and happiness. It is also a brilliant way – when done correctly - to promote healing and vitality in the body. To master the art of a pure no-mind space - even for a few moments - is something that is possible for all of us. With practice we can experience this stillness for longer periods of time, enabling us to go beyond the mind and feel truly awakened. In addition, meditation will also benefit your physical health and emotional wellbeing. This book provides practical, easy to learn meditation techniques for you to begin to free your mind and heal your body. RRP $9.95 Meditation as Medicine

To purchase your copy contact the AcuEnergetics® clinic in Balmain on 02 9818 1522 or email

by Kevin Farrow

Tao Te Ching Lao Tzu

The wisdom gathered by Lao Tzu in the fourth century BC is central to the understanding and practise of of Taoism. Taoism is based upon the concept of Tao or the Way, as the universal power through which all life flows. The Tao Te Ching offers a practical model by which both the individual and society can embody this belief, encouraging modesty and surrender as the true path to a harmonious and balanced existence. It’s not the simplest text to understand on a first read, but within it lies true gems of wisdom and understanding from which we can all learn some of the greatest secrets of life. To purchase your copy contact the AcuEnergetics® clinic in Balmain on 02 9818 1522 or email

The Psychology of the Body Kevin Farrow, Founder and Director of AcuEnergetics®, is the author of The Psychology of the Body: The First Accurate Mapping of the Energy Body. In this book Farrow explains how mind and emotions affect the body through the energetic system. Although this concept of a mind and body connection is not a new one, exactly how this occurs has until now remained somewhat of a mystery. This is where Farrow’s 30 years of research and discoveries provide a clear and precise framework from which to understand how the physical, mental, emotional and energetic systems work together – and how together they can either create illness or wellness in the body. RRP $130. To purchase your copy contact the AcuEnergetics® clinic in Balmain on 02 9818 1522 or email All books are available at the AcuEnergetics® bookshop, 372 Darling Street, Balmain.

The First Accurate Mapping of the Energy Body

Kevin Farrow

the Psychology of the body Founder and Director of AcuEnergetics ® Accurate Energetic Healing Clinic and School

Looking for a new career in healing? Study a fast growing modality that really works Whether you are looking for a brand new career choice, or a modality to complement your current skillset, AcuEnergetics® could be just what you’re looking for. It’s a career choice that is extremely fascinating, deeply fullfilling and one which produces consistently positive results. AcuEnergetics® has attracted many practitioners in other fields due to it’s unique, effective and truly wholistic approach to treating illness in the body. It is a modern energy healing modality based on a detailed understanding of the energetic anatomy and physiology of the human body. It combines Chinese, Middle Eastern, Judaic, Indian and Western medicine together with founder Kevin Farrow’s 30 years of research and clinical studies to create an accurate energy medicine. Practitioners trained in other modalities such as acupuncture, physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic and psychology often discover that the AcuEnergetics® approach is exactly what they need to complete their understanding of the human body and fill in the missing link that is the energetic system . Training to become an AcuEnergetics® practitioner starts with Level 1 ‘Skills for Living’ and Level 2 ‘Inner Alchemy’, followed by Level 3 ‘The Art & Science of Energy Healing’ and then the AcuEnergetics® ‘Practitioner Training’. Course dates are available on the AcuEnergetics® website. The School is located at 372 Darling Street, Balmain.

Course Dates Level 1 DATES: November 20-21 or February 19-20 or March 26-27 (1 weekend) Level 2 DATES: April 9-10 and April 16-17 (2 weekends) Level 3 DATES: Course starts May 10 (21 Tuesdays) or 24/25 September (8 weekends)- see online calendar for all dates) CONTACT: Call 9818 1522 or email

the science of energy By Kevin Farrow

“The most subtle body consists of fine channels called nadi along which a number of plexus points or chakras are disposed. A so-called “wind energy” circulates through this system, which is basically inseparable from consciousness, but in its most gross forms manifests as passions like anger and lust. In the unregenerate individual, the nadi are knotted up, so the movement of the wind energy is vitiated.” John Snelling, The Buddhist Handbook.

To really understand our physiology and anatomy, and thereby have a profound effect upon the health of the individual, we need to understand how our spirit interacts with our subtle body, and how this subtle body interacts with our physical body. In reality, these three bodies are of course one, an amazing combined weave of awareness and energies and matter that provides our consciousness with a vehicle for this life. The practical question that has been asked by healers through the ages, is how this actually works? I have attempted to answer this question from principals that have been tested and proven to work in clinical practice on a large range of health problems ranging from knee, back and shoulder problems to hearing loss, thyroid and kidney malfunctions, chronic fatigue and depression.

While the specific effects of attitudes and emotions on the energy centres and meridians and their consequent specific effects on the physical body, provide many of the keys in determining the cause and thereby the cure of illness, there are aspects of the energy system that are generally unknown and associated conditions which are considered untreatable. Successful cures are termed ‘miracles,’ however, as St Augustine said ‘Miracles are only unknown laws.’ Increasing our knowledge of these unknown laws is enormously useful to health practice, regardless of the modality. The following example illustrates aspects of the energy system that are over looked by medicine in general and illustrate the advantages of this new knowledge in a clinical situation. Example: The client - let’s call him John - was a very engaging, sprightly man in his early 70’s who sought treatment initially for a hearing problem. However, his most interesting problem from my point of view was how he got up on the treatment table. He initially stepped up with one leg, and then had to step down and change his feet. He apologised and said that he had a problem with that foot. He had lost the ability to push off on the left foot after a back operation thirty years previously. He had the back operation after five years of walking around bent over, from pain in his back. The surgeon had “cured” this by removing parts of two prolapsed discs at L4 and L5. Unfortunately, this also affected the movement of the foot. John was so overjoyed at being able to stand up straight, that he accepted this loss without a drama, although he tried the usual treatments such as chiropractic, physio etc without success. At this point, he also mentioned that he had lost feeling in the pad of the foot. I thought this was very interesting, particularly as in Acupuncture, the Ba Feng points



- which are between the toes - are specifically indicated for parathesia and restricted movement. By balancing the energy at these points I succeeded in reactivating feeling in his foot, but not the movement. I then proceeded to direct a stream of energy to an area, which corresponds to the heel knot in the Foot-Shaoyin muscle region in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and the Kurchashira marma point in Yoga. This also corresponds generally to the lower lumbar area in Reflexology and the heel point of AcuEnergetics®. The point went crazy and pulsed and rotated for several minutes before calming down. I then pushed against the foot and asked John to push back. He did and his full foot function was restored after thirty years, in a matter of ten minutes.

fundamentally, they assumed that: • nerves alone were responsible for communication between parts of the body, in this case the spine and the foot, and • that a severance of these nerves meant that the wires were cut and no communication could ensue • that movement itself is activated by “throwing” a switch in the brain which results in the transmission of a message along the solidstate pathways of the nervous system. This in itself is an interesting piece of thinking. We have wireless systems, we communicate sound and vision through the ether as part and parcel of our daily world. Why do we still think the body works like a primitive mechanical toy?

Of course this was only the beginning. As he had not used his left calf muscle properly for thirty years, it had atrophied and it was only about a third of the size of the right hand side calf. After several months of walking on the beach and the golf course (where his game had improved dramatically due to better balance) I saw him again and noted that although he had movement in the ankle, he could not lift the toes independently and tap his foot. He also noted that walking for several miles in sand gave him a twinge in the area of his old back injury. AcuEnergetics® balancing of this area to the edge of the heel, restored the ability to tap his toes and strengthened and balanced the whole leg. His walking was much improved as soon as he got off the treatment table. So why was his problem described as impossible to fix? Because the people who treated him did not understand the nature of the energy system that is the body, and instead, thought in terms of physical levers and pulleys. They assumed that nerve damage had resulted as a consequence of the operation to the back but more

In John’s case, the assumption was that the foot and leg always had the potential for movement, it was just that the signal to give movement couldn’t be delivered because the hardwired nerve communication link had been severed. The patient’s recovery of full use of his foot, albeit thirty years later, draws into considerable doubt, the assumptions on which his original treatment was based. In his book, Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance, (Butterworth Heinemann 2003) James Oschman tells the story of a dancer who trained a paraplegic with a severed spinal cord to crawl using trance dance techniques of breathing, sound and movement that she had learned in Haiti. The process took several years but it is a very good demonstration of a fundamental discrepancy between what we believe and what actually happens in the body. The development of our understanding of how our bodies actually work is having, and will continue to have, an enormous influence on the future treatment of injury. Copyright Kevin Farrow 2010

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Energy Medicine Magazine - Summer 2010  

Energy Medicine Magazine - Summer 2010