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Essendon Fields’ environmentally friendly reputation is not only well earned, but also one its landscape design team is immensely proud of. Mark McWha – Director of award-winning site landscape architect Formium and equipped with 30 years practical experience – is charged with the task of overseeing and instituting the site’s broader landscape master plan. Over many years, McWha has worked extensively with the Directors of Essendon Fields to achieve a landscape environment that tangibly elevates the site’s life experience. And the fruits of that relationship are immediately evident upon entering the park’s generous open spaces. “Our collective landscaping vision was that of an urban oasis that privileged the use of local

materials. It was important to us to harmonise a sense of amenity with a quality, sustainable living landscape. We feel that we have established a site wherein both workers and visitors can enjoy lowmaintenance, attractive and useful outdoor spaces.” One important element of this ‘worker friendly’ commitment is the series of interlinking pedestrian dedicated footpaths that connect the various public spaces and office buildings throughout the Essendon Fields precinct, so providing workers with pleasant avenues along which to take a walk at lunchtime. For McWha and his team, the very location of Essendon Fields – situated as it is on Melbourne’s northern plains – dictated a full-bodied approach to plant selection when it came to filling the site’s garden beds. “We were mindful that the vegetation should be suited to the local climate, growing conditions and soil conditions.

Given the prevalence of reactive basalt soils and the quite frequent northerly winds, this can sometimes be a tricky environment for certain sensitive plant species to flourish.”

The choice of Essendon Fields predominating tree – the Ornamental Manchurian Pear – was thus a highly deliberate process taking myriad factors into account. Providing a basic contrast to the largely native plant material of the Tullamarine freeway, McWha’s theme tree not only exhibits fantastic stress-resistant qualities, but also striking seasonal variety. “These trees are a robust urban species, and hence require very little watering once established. On top of that though, they retain incredible visual appeal, regardless of the time of year. They exhibit massive white blossoms in spring, a flush of verdant green in summer, and then brilliant reds and yellows throughout autumn.”

Even the very placement of these deciduous beauties was decided with the seasons in mind. “The tree planting throughout the site was very strategic. In the hot months, the pear trees’ shady foliage serves to screen buildings and absorb heat, thus saving on air conditioning cost. But in winter, the exposed architectural structure of the leaf-less trees welcomes sunlight in, thus allowing it to penetrate and warm the various building sites.” Further, McWha’s architectural interplay of pear trees in the English Street precinct is typically considered. “The trees are arranged in diagonal lines, providing entering park goers with a sequence of controlled views that immediately establish a sense of rhythm to the landscape.” The park’s environmental conscience does not end with the implementation of the rarely thirsty Manchurian Pear, however. The hard work of



COVER STORY CONTINUATION diligent landscaper Mark Stanburg, of Supergardens – coupled with an array of cutting edge techniques – have too yielded a great impact on the Essendon Fields site. The use of a new variety of buffalo grass – one that is extremely hardy and retains its colour throughout both winter and summer – has been a positive change in terms of reduced mowing, fertilising and watering expenditure. Ever mindful of minimising wastage, approximately one million litres of water is stored in tanks interspersed throughout Essendon Fields, which are filled via roof rainwater run-off. Drip lines, pop-up sprinklers, stringently monitored moisture levels and check valves – which engage to prevent any excess water wastage – round-out Essendon Fields’ water conservation arsenal. McWha also takes pride in the use of local Victorian white-grey sparkling granite throughout Essendon Fields. “This quality natural stone comes from a quarry near Castlemaine, and has been fashioned by highly-trained craftsmen. Using such a superior long-lasting product to construct the retaining walls and signs not only reduces our environmental footprint, but really helps to visually unify all of our disparate landscape areas.”

Essendon Fields Fitness Addix


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Essendon Record & CD Fair this April


Air Ambulance Victoria celebrates 50 year milestone at Essendon Airport


History of Essendon Airport - Series 11


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2013 Melbourne International Comedy Festival Hello Kitty Flanagan



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Other practices employed at Essendon Fields have broader community benefits, states McWha, such as the use of bio swale in the grass areas around the site. “The swale depressions in the mediums at the side of the road collect stormwater, which we organically treat. The water is filtered in reed beds before it enters the stormwater pits, so separating it from road runoff impurities, like potassium and nitrogen nutrients off rubber tyres. This means that by the time the water hits Melbourne’s creek system, it has been treated, so nullifying the spread of pollution throughout the city’s waterways.” With such environmentally conscious practices already well established – and plans afoot for more, including the potential use of a disused underground tunnel for increased water storage capacity – Essendon Fields’ future appears bright (green) indeed.

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When Fitness Addix Essendon Fields turned one at the start of the month, it came as no surprise that its team forsook celebratory birthday cake for more of what they really love to indulge in – training. Indeed, instead of blowing out candles, they encouraged others to ‘feel the burn’ instead. “We offered a two week trial for our existing members to bring a family member or friend down, who themselves received free trial memberships for the gym.” Having established Fitness Addix in Brunswick 9 years ago, owner Kelly Britter had felt that the time was right to channel her bespoke fitness programs – with their genesis in boxing training – into a second gym. And in Essendon Fields, Britter not only saw a promoter’s dream, but somewhere her gym could go the distance. “It was mainly the growing location that appealed to me initially. I saw Essendon Fields not as a short term fix but a long term investment: we want to develop our business as the site itself continues to grow over the next five years.” The philosophy pervading Fitness Addix is one that privileges a quality, member-first approach to fitness training. “We’re definitely not a

commercial type gym. We are proud to present ourselves as a boutique gym with unique training methods that concentrate on less members, for better results.” When focus wanes from the speedball or the heavy bag, it typically falls sharply on each individual client’s needs. “We commit ourselves to finding out as much as we can about the person as possible, so whatever we’re doing suits them. A class of thirty at Fitness Addix, for example, will be catering to a class of thirty individuals, not a generic set program. The emphasis is on each individual in the class, never the trainer taking charge of that class.” Britter herself runs approximately four to five classes per week – predominately boxing based ones – at the Essendon Fields facility, with a personal training crew of ten on her staff. “All of our staff work really well with each other and bring different fitness and sporting backgrounds to the gym, which is by design. If one isn’t particularly strong in a specific discipline, the next trainer will be, meaning that our staff complement each other to form a very well-rounded instructor group.” Whilst she still commits between two and eight hours a day to the new facility, Fitness Addix Essendon Fields is largely managed and overseen by Britter’s brother Adam, who has proven a more than adept corner man.

Popular classes include basic boxing and kickboxing training, cycling and weights, as well as Addix Fit class, a fun (for some!) group fitness freestyle circuit class that incorporates resistance, conditioning and cardio training to form an all-purpose workout. Weight loss and nutritional advice is another of the gym’s specialities. The Fitness Addix trainers themselves are charged with meeting a simple but strict daily brief: no two classes can ever be the same. Britter is emphatic about this policy’s worth. “Other gyms will follow a set program structure, but all of our classes are our own tailored freelance style. Our trainers are responsible for designing the composition of their classes each week and making sure they are different and engaging. This stops boredom, keeps people coming back, and shows that variety is out there so that people don’t get stagnant in the way they train.”

As for anybody seeking advice on how to stay trim and healthy during the approaching colder months, Britter keeps coming back to one single word: consistency. “If you can only do one session a week, make sure you consistently complete that one session. If you can do two, make it two. A lot of people go too hard and can’t keep up – you have to maintain a routine that is compatible with your lifestyle.” Those wanting more information on Fitness Addix Essendon Fields’ tailored fitness programs can phone Kelly or Adam on 03 9374 3337. 92 Bristol Street, Essendon Fields

Adam & Kelly at Fitness Addix


WALK OR RUN FOR BREAST CANCER RESEARCH As the largest charity fundraising event in Australia, Mother’s Day Classic (MDC) is the annual event for participants and volunteers to show their commitment and support for breast cancer research. Held on Sunday 12 May, MDC raises funds for breast cancer research, supports and remembers those touched by breast cancer and starts Mother’s Day in a fun and healthy way. A national celebration, the Mother’s Day Classic is being held in all capital cities and major metropolitans, and the goal this year is to extend to over 60 regional areas. Families, friends, colleagues, schoolmates, and corporate teams get into the spirit of the day with many sporting fancy dress and an abundance of pink. Many wear tribute cards dedicating their morning to loved ones who have been lost to or are currently fighting breast cancer.

The festival atmosphere is also an opportunity to celebrate the life of survivors and enjoy a fun and healthy morning on Mother’s Day. There is also the opportunity to shop from the new merchandise range, sponsor friends or if you can’t be there simply make a donation to show your support. Every dollar makes a difference! Whatever you decide, you will be helping to raise funds for breast cancer research and supporting women with breast cancer. Whether you walk, run, cheer or volunteer you’re helping to fund essential research - make Mother’s Day a memorable and meaningful day by registering as a participant or volunteer today –

Sunday 12 May, 2013

STEP OFF DANCE CREW COMPETITION As part of National Youth Week 2013, Moonee Valley City Council is again running the popular urban dance crew competition, Step Off. Taking place on Saturday, 13 April at the Dallas Brooks Centre, Step Off is a sell-out event last year drawing a crowd of 1600 people with over 400 dancers from all over Melbourne showcasing their hip hop dance skills. Tickets have previously sold out early so book your tickets to avoid disappointment as there are no guaranteed door sales.

Saturday, 13 April, 2013. Doors open at 6pm for 7pm start. Dallas Brooks Centre, 300 Albert Street, East Melbourne. Tickets: $35 adults, $25 concession. Tickets now available from the Clocktower Centre - 750 Mt Alexander Road, Moonee Ponds. Tickets can be purchased over the phone on 9243 9191 or online at





Since the onset of the GFC, billions of dollars have built up in Term Deposits and interest bearing deposits. There is no doubt that for the last 5 years cash has been king.

Over this period of declining interest rates Global sharemarkets have rallied. In the case of the Australian market, this rally has reflected higher valuations, rather than increased company earnings, and pushed the market to a three year high, albeit off a low base.

Cash has outperformed most other asset classes, over that period. However, that is only the fifth period in history where cash has outperformed Australian shares as an investment. But that is history – where to from here? The World is a different place, but there are signs of an improving Global outlook.

THE OUTLOOK FOR TERM DEPOSITS AND CASH Term Deposit and cash rates have been coming down since mid 2011. The average 12mth term deposit rate is currently around 4.3% and the average on-line savings account is approximately 3.2%. It is almost certain that those rates will come down further over the course of 2013, with: • The Australian economy needing lower interest rates to provide stimulus. The mining investment boom is expected to peak and then progressively decline over the next few years. Growth in the non-mining sector has been moderate at best as the Australian dollar remains strong, households de-leverage (pay off debt), and Governments, both State & Federal, constrain spending. • Financial institutions are no longer competing as strongly for deposits as financial markets have improved and alternative funding sources have again opened up. Further cuts in interest rates could well see bank deposits returning negative real returns i.e. returns less than inflation.

Whilst the market is not considered expensive, for the rally to continue there will need to be signs of earnings growth. What this all suggests is that capital growth is likely to be modest from here. With possibly negative real interest rates investors should continue to focus on sustainable income and yields. This environment is where companies with strong balance sheets, a dominant market position with sustainable margins and good cost control come to the fore. With the average dividend yield for the Australian sharemarket now around 4.5% (approximately 6.4% when grossed up for franking credits-i.e. a tax credit passed on by individual companies to shareholders), income from a diversified share portfolio is likely to exceed that from bank deposits. Even following the rally in its share price, the Commonwealth Bank, for example is currently yielding 5.4% (grossed up yield of 7.7%). Whilst the yields from many Australian companies remain attractive, investors have to be prepared to accept the volatility in the capital value. Identifying companies that fit the criteria above is critical. Another option to consider is property syndications into high quality commercial properties. Current yields can still be in the 7% to 9% range – often with tax benefits.

Geoff Steer is a Founding Partner of Matthews Steer Chartered Accountants. Geoff’s knowledge of taxation matters combined with his financial planning skills enable him to provide a complete financial service for professional, executive and small business clients. Geoff was recently ranked one of Australia’s top 50 financial advisors by the AFR Smart Investor Magazine’s 2013 Masterclass. Contact Geoff Steer at Matthews Steer Chartered Accountants Essendon Fields House Level 2, 7 English Street Essendon Fields Phone: (03) 9325 6300 Fax: (03) 9325 6399

VICTORIA’S EMPLOYMENT GROWTH LEADS THE NATION Victorian Treasurer Michael O’Brien welcomed labour force figures delivered in mid March as a vote of confidence in the Victorian economy.

“Today’s strong labour force figures are good news for Victoria and reflect the strong fundamentals of the Victorian economy,” Mr O’Brien said. Victoria’s unemployment rate fell sharply to 5.5 per cent in February, down from 6.1 per cent the previous month. While the sharp fall partly reflects some degree of volatility in the data,

the positive result was driven by a record monthly rise in employment – the highest monthly growth in almost 30 years. Overall, Victoria accounted for more than half the national rise in employment for the month. “Employment in Victoria rose by more than 37,900 – the single greatest monthly increase since November 1985,” Mr O’Brien said. “This accounts for more than 50 per cent of jobs

created across Australia and is a clear demonstration that Victoria continues to be a place for business to invest. Victoria’s labour participation rates also rose and are the highest of the non-mining states. Over the year Victoria increased jobs by 56,600, more than one quarter of national jobs growth.



ROUTE CONFIRMED The Victorian Government confirmed on March 15, a route for development of a rail link to Melbourne Airport after assessing 80 alternatives, with findings from the $6.5 million Melbourne Airport Rail Link Study now available. Speaking at the release of the study’s findings and technical report, Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder said the confirmation of the route was an essential step in providing a Melbourne Airport rail link.“Public Transport Victoria has completed this work and found that a route known as the ‘Albion East route’ outperforms more than 80 alternative routes considered by the Melbourne Airport Rail Link Study”. The recommended Albion East route builds on the foundations of previous planning by using land reserved in 2001 for a new section of track. However, the study has found that the 2001 design is no longer feasible as it cannot provide the capacity for rail services to the airport as well as increased services to cater for the unprecedented patronage growth occurring in this corridor. “A new Albion East design follows the 2001 route from the airport boundary via new tracks through reserved land and a freight corridor, but will use the existing rail tracks from Sunbury within the Sunshine corridor and connect with the Government’s planned Melbourne Metro rail tunnel,” Mr Mulder said. The Victorian Coalition Government is advocating for Commonwealth support for ongoing joint planning of this HighSpeed Rail route linking the other east coast states with the CBD via Melbourne Airport. The Melbourne Airport Rail Study will continue to co-ordinate with the Commonwealth on this work. The findings of the Melbourne Airport Rail Link Study are now available at



STAND UP AND SUPPORT A BULLY FREE AUSTRALIA! BFAF BOARD MEMBERS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Ali Halkic - Operations Manager Vic, DHL Supply Chain, Dina Halkic, Cindy Millen - Victoria Police, Jane Garrett MP - State Member for Brunswick, Oscar Yildiz - CEO, Bully Free Australia Foundation,The Hon Julia Gillard MP, Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Schembri - Director, Schembri Lawyers, Craig Ondarchie MP - State Member for the Northern Metropolitan Region Inspector Dean McGowan - Victoria Police, Adam Centorrino - Director, Centorrino Technologies Pty Ltd, Alan Yildiz - Director, Gillon Group

BY LISA QUITTNER | The timing was apt for the Bully Free Australia Foundation launch on Saturday March 16, following the 2013 National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. Despite the incidence of school yard and workplace bullying reduced by 80% since the 1970s, the pressing need for the community to band together and stand up as a nation for a bully free Australia is stronger than ever. The youth of today face more social pressures than any generation before them due to our reliance on mobile phones, internet and social media platforms in our 24 hour communication way of life. Last year alone 2500 people took their own lives in Australia; amongst that figure 450 were children. In more than 80% of these cases bullying was a contributing factor. Although these figures are alarming, the aftermath for the families left to cope with suicide is catastrophic. While great work is

being done by many organisations working toward eradicating bullying from our society, the official launch of the Bully Free Australia Foundation (BFAF) and the tireless and dedicated work of Moreland City Mayor, Oscar Yildiz and the Board of BFAF will hopefully fill the gaps for these families and substantially decrease these figures into the future. “ There is great need for targeted education not just for kids and employees in the workplace, but to teach parents and employers to be aware and tech savvy enough to enable them to identify and respond appropriately to issues where bullying may present imminent dangers. “There are huge gaps in the services currently provided, in particular for families that have lost loved ones to bullying. BFAF is committed to filling these gaps” said Cr Yildiz. BFAF is dedicated to addressing the devastation these families experience and bridging the isolation of cultural and linguistic barriers. The issue of bullying deserves prominence in our society and this was clearly reflected on

March 16 with Prime Minister Julia Gillard personally attending and speaking out against bullying at the BFAF launch, together with Federal Minister Mr Bill Shorten and BFAF Board Member and Victorian MLC for Northern Metropolitan, Craig Ondarchie. An amendment to the Crimes Act in Victoria could now see bully’s face up to 10 years imprisonment. A legislative Bill to be passed through the House of Representatives will include a provision from 1 July which will allow individuals bullied at work to go to the Fair Work Commission and have their case heard. Cr Yildiz is extremely grateful to the businesses and organisations that have extended their support both monetarily and actively to date. “The entire Board of BFAF has individually committed their time and thousands of out of pocket dollars. We are truly grateful to the local businesses of Essendon Fields in particular for their support. The management and staff at Essendon Fields have, without exception, been forthcoming and generous with every request

we have made. LaManna has provided us the opportunity to further our awareness campaigns, along with so many others that recognise the need for our vital work.” Says Cr Yildiz. Bullying and violence at school or in the workplace is not acceptable. BFAF calls on your support to fulfill their objectives and create better outcomes for this generation and those to come. Whether financially or through volunteering on one of their 8 sub committees, you and or your place of business can truly make a big difference! Every dollar donated to BFAF is monitored and allocated solely to support those in need of help and in defining and cementing a no-tolerance culture of bullying throughout our society. All Australian’s are urged to band together to support one another and stand up and lead the world as a bully free nation to save precious lives. Bully Free Australia Foundation 72 Hargrave Ave, Essendon Fields. For further information please call 1800 028 559, visit or email





Shannon’s American Motoring Show is held annually during April in the Flemington Racecourse Members’ car park. Last year’s exhibition attracted over 1150 American vehicles from muscle to veteran and everything in between.

Now the largest display of American vehicles in Victoria, there is a car on display to excite every taste and interest. If you like Ford Mustangs there are over 200 vehicles on display, if large fins are more your speed be sure to check out the Cadillac’s and if the more sleek body revs your engine there are Chev Corvettes dazzling in every colour. This year, Shannon’s American Motoring Show will celebrate 110 years of the Ford Motor Company, still under family control, the company found by Henry Ford is truly a global manufacturer and icon brand. Together with Ford, Buick celebrates its founding in 1903; part of General Motors, Buick is amongst the oldest American


Melbourne’s record collectors and interstate stall holders will present a genuine 70,000 Records, 10,000 CD’s and music memorabilia from the past to the present at the Essendon Record and CD Fair on Sunday, 21 April 2013. This is Melbourne’s largest totally music related fair and the first fair for the year. After a seven month break, the expectation level will be high! Stall holders will have an extensive range of pop, rock, grunge, blues, jazz, country, folk, punk, progressive, heavy metal, electronica, dance, alternative, funk, soul, disco, easy listening, and selections of most other styles.Vinyl forms 70% of stock while music magazines, books, posters, sheet music, DVD’s, and memorabilia will also be available.

Interesting inclusions are a swathe of early 60’s girl groups including a 2CD obscure girl artists compilation, doo wop and male pop CDs. Also 2 CD live sets from 1967’s Monterey International Pop Festival with highlights from Hendrix and sets of his 2 CD BBC sessions 1967 performances. Plastic record sleeves and a range of turntable products. Oz Indies the Corpse Grinders’ “Kustom Grinds Of The 80’s” 2 CD sets. From Tommy Roe’s 1969 pop hit “Dizzy” on his comprehensive 18 Greatest Hits CD, to all weird and wonderful music. Many bargain boxes of $2 LP’s through to expensive rarities. All styles and all eras are represented.

Many spend 2-3 hours or more browsing in a friendly atmosphere where people of all ages and musical persuasions can be found with the same passion. It’s a music comfort scene where nobody feels out of place.

The stall holders are an intriguing mix of dedicated collectors. People attend in search of rarities, bargains, favourites from their past, unusual and more recent items.

From: 9:30am- 5:00pm. Admission is $4. Enquiries to Mick on 9308 1729 or email:

Ample free parking is available at the Essendon Station car park and public transport right to the front door runs every 30 minutes. Canteen facilities are available all day. SUNDAY 21 APRIL 2013 UKRAINIAN HOUSE, 3 RUSSELL ST, ESSENDON (opposite Essendon Station )

automotive brands. More recent milestones include the Chev Corvettes 50th birthday, fast and sleek. The diversity of cars on display will astound any motoring enthusiast from long forgotten marques to the latest offerings from Chrysler, Ford and General Motors. Shannon’s American Motoring Show will be held on Sunday 7th April with rock-n-roll music, children’s entertainment and trade stalls. Display vehicles open at 9am and spectators from 10am. Admission for display vehicles is $15.00, spectators $12.00, children are free.

For more information visit or phone 9890 0524

FUTURE FOCUS AT EXPANDED AVONDALE HEIGHTS LIBRARY One of the busiest community spaces in Moonee Valley is prepared for even more people to enjoy its services and activities, following the launch of the extension to the Avondale Heights Library and Learning Centre. Officially opening the extension, Minister for Local Government Jeanette Powell was joined by Member for Western Metropolitan Region Andrew Elsbury, and said the $436,000 project increased the library’s available floor space by almost 60 per cent. “Every day an average of 450 people visit this centre, which shows the extent to which the community values the services and activities on offer here,” Mrs Powell said.“This new extension gives visitors more space to use the free wireless internet, attend the English conversation classes, read a newspaper or study. “Now, more people will be able to make the most of the flexible learning and meeting spaces, including the Avondale Primary School which is bringing a class of children every week. Mrs Powell said the Victorian Government contributed $134,000 for the Avondale Heights library extension to provide the flexible space for more services, programs and activities. The Keilor East Community Bank Branch of the Bendigo Bank contributed $20,000 to support the provision of audio visual equipment and a youth art space in the facility.



AIR AMBULANCE VICTORIA CELEBRATES 50 YEAR MILESTONE AT ESSENDON AIRPORT we are at the forefront of pre hospital patient care in Australia and worldwide,’ he said.

Air Ambulance Victoria (AAV) marked its 50th year in our skies with a special celebration at Essendon Airport. Over 100 people including Minister for Health David Davis, Ambulance Victoria CEO Greg Sassella, joined past patients and their families, past and current staff including flight paramedics, pilots, navigators, and auxiliary members, members from emergency services and Pel Air as well as representatives from The Royal Children’s Hospital. Commencing operations in May 1962 with only one rotary wing aircraft and one fixed wing, in its first year alone 12 patients were transported via air, the majority being medical and trauma patients from the Snowy Mountain Hydro Scheme. Fifty years on and Air Ambulance Victoria has five rotary wing aircrafts, four fixed wing aircrafts, 69 Operational staff consisting of MICA Flight Paramedics, Flight Paramedics, Flight Coordinators, and a strong team of pilots, crewman, engineers, trade assistants, doctors, and administrators. Last year AAV made 6,530 transports. Ambulance Victoria acting Manager Air Operations Anthony de Wit credits the hard work and vision of those who went before him and his current colleagues who have contributed to making it the world leading aero medical service that it is today. ‘Air Ambulance Victoria is something that the Victorian community should be proud of and

‘We provide a world class service using state of the art aircraft efficiently maintained by our engineers and flown by highly trained professional pilots and aircrew. ‘Fifty years is an important milestone as we have come from humble beginnings to become one of the best aeromedical services in the world. This has been achieved through innovative and dedicated employees, continued support from the state government and our aviation contractors which in turn means a higher quality level of care and transport for our patients.’ Manager for Emergency Management and Air Ambulance, Paul Holman believes that working for Air Ambulance Victoria is a privilege for those who strive hard to work there. ‘The performance and the standard we demand of our employees are of the highest quality and it’s a lot of hard work to get here and a lot of hard work to maintain that high quality and performance,’ he said. ‘We don’t settle for second best and it’s a privilege to manage Air Ambulance Victoria. ‘We’ve continued to improve our clinical care, our facilities and the way we go about our business. We walk in the shadow of those over the last 50 years and people all over the world use us a model. That’s something to be celebrated.’

PRESCHOOL REGISTRATIONS OPEN THIS APRIL FOR 2014 Children develop and learn much faster in the first five years of life than at any other time.

Venue: Clocktower Centre, 750 Mt Alexander Road, Moonee Ponds

Three-year-old programs and four-year-old preschool (previously known as kindergarten programs) provide children with an environment in which this development can be encouraged and stimulated. Children’s programs give your child the opportunity to develop social, emotional, cognitive, physical and language skills, which are vital in later learning.

Please RSVP to 9243 8888 or by 12 April.

Moonee Valley Mayor, Cr Narelle Sharpe, said Moonee Valley City Council’s registration process for three-year-old programs and fouryear-old preschool in 2014 opens on 18 April 2013. A preschool information session will be held to help families better understand the registration process. “We want families to be aware of all the preschool program options available in Moonee Valley so they can plan for 2014 and decide which centre is right for them,” said Cr Sharpe.

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PRESCHOOL: Date: Wednesday, 17 April Time: 7pm to 8.30pm

For more information about the registration process please visit or call the Preschool Enrolment Officer on 9243 8709


Air AmbulAnce VictoriA



REVIEW – HAVE YOUR SAY Moonee Valley City Council is asking the community to provide input into one of the “Big 3”; the Planning Scheme. Mayor of Moonee Valley, Cr Narelle Sharpe, said the Big 3 included the Council Plan, The Planning Scheme and the Municipal Public Health Plan. “Every four years Council is required to review and update these three large strategic documents. They essentially guide all other strategic work we undertake during our term and beyond,” she said. “All three documents are focussed on working towards developing a community that has healthy people and healthy places.” Portfolio Holder for Land Use Planning, Cr Paul Giuliano, said the planning scheme was a legal instrument that guides all decisions on planning and development in the local area. “The planning scheme includes a combination of both State and local planning policies. Our local policies need to align with State Government objectives but can be more specific to pick up issues and challenges specific to Moonee Valley.

“The local policies in the planning scheme cover seven main themes: Sustainable Environment, Housing, Built Environment, Activity Centres, Economic Development, Social and Physical Infrastructure, and Transport and Access. We have developed an Issues Report which looks at each theme and identifies potential gaps and opportunities within them. “We are encouraging the community to have a read of the Issues Report and provide us with comments, feedback and ideas about what our planning scheme should cover, what is missing or what is working well. This is such an important document for Council and the community as it guides all of our decisions on development and land use in the area.” Cr Paul Giuliano said. The Issues Report is on consultation until 12 April 2013 - Community can have their say by: • Visiting the online forum at • Put in a written submission Submission forms will be available at shopping centre sessions ( see the website for locations and dates), at the Council Civic Centre, Libraries and online at Written submission can also be made in any format by post to PO Box 126 Moonee Ponds VIC 3039 or by email to





One interesting aspect of Essendon Airport’s history relates to something that was largely not even on the airport! It was the high intensity approach lighting system, which was commissioned for use by airlines on 4th July, 1953. Three airport lighting systems – the British Calvert Cross Bar System, the French Approach Light System and the United States Slope-line Approach Light System – were first evaluated. It was decided that the Calvert system was best suited to Australian conditions.The Essendon installation was to be the prototype from which to gain operational experience, and to decide on the number of systems to be installed at other major airports. The Calvert system was invented and developed by E.S. Calvert BSc at the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough, England in 1946. The system allowed aircraft to land in object visibility of 230 metres by day and 100 metres by night. Occasions when visibility fell below these figures were rare in Melbourne, and it was estimated that

the yearly closure of the airport would be reduced from 160 hours to about 30 hours. Early in 1950 the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) announced the acquisition of 25 allotments between Fenacre Street and Moonee Ponds Creek for approach lighting to the East-West Runway.This naturally caused local concern, with claims of “more land to go to the Drome.” DCA responded that in bad weather, the lights

Calvert Horizontal: One of the five horizontal bars of lights, to give the pilot an artificial horizon.

Calvert pilots view.

Calvert Layout.

The site today, with the one remaining light footings.

would allow Essendon to remain open, and aircraft would not need to divert to Mangalore. The layout of lights comprised a line of lights along the extension of the runway centre line, at intervals of 100 feet (30 metres) for a distance of 3,000 feet (910 metres) from the runway threshold. In addition to the centreline lights, five horizontal bars of lights at 500 feet (150 metres) intervals along the centreline, provided the pilot with the equivalent information of a natural horizon. The Control Tower could vary the brightness of the lights to avoid dazzling the incoming pilot. The system comprised about 200 lights, having a total power consumption of nearly 50 kilowatts. The lights were normally powered from local State Electricity Commission (SEC) mains, but to safeguard against interruption to the lights during a power failure, a diesel electric generating set was provided in a power house located in Drina Street. Failure of the local supply would automatically start the emergency generator and restore power to the lights within 10 to 20 seconds. By 2005, the system required upgrading but as the general consensus was that the approach lights were no longer needed, the system was removed, including the power house. You can walk from Fenacre Street, right through to Pascoe Vale Road along the grassy blocks of land that were once occupied by the Calvert approach lights. All that remains of the system that gave 52 years of service to pilots using Essendon Airport is a single concrete base and the bolts that once supported one of the light poles.



ESSENDON FIELDS SCHOOL HOLIDAY MOVIE REVIEW Return to Nim’s Island GORDANA ANDJELIC-DAVILA | REVIEW Return to Nim’s Island is a sequel to the 2008 film Nim’s Island. In the original, Nim (Abigail Beslin), is a girl living on an isolated island with her scientist father (Gerard Butler), and eventually communicates with an agoraphobic author (Jodie Foster) who travels halfway around the globe to help Nim as her island is “invaded” while her father is away, and a fabulous adventure unfolds. Five years forward, and a teenage Nim still communicates with animals, makes mealworm sandwiches and assists her father in the quest to preserve their island from the outside world. Appropriately, in this film Nim is played by Aussie’s own Bindi Irwin, daughter of the late environmentalist and worldfamous “Crocodile Hunter,” Steve Irwin. essendon theatre company presents

Nim’s scientist father (Matthew Lillard), once again leaves his daughter with her animal friends and travels to Queensland to meet with Government authorities to persuade them to protect the secluded island from developers.

full attention of its young target audience. The accompanying adults will not be disappointed either, as they will surely enjoy the striking shots of pristine white sandy beaches and crystal clear underwater scenes.

While he is away, a handsome teenage boy (Toby Wallace) finds his way to the island, but unfortunately and unbeknownst to him the boat he chartered to bring him to the remote location is owned by poachers, who see this as the perfect opportunity to ransack the island of its exotic animals.

In real life, Bindi has said that Return to Nim’s Island reflects on her own life, and that she is trying to carry on in her dad’s footsteps, to make sure his message never dies; she is definitely sowing conservationist mindset seeds with this film.

Thrills and spills ensue, featuring wild animals, cliff climbing (Bindi and Toby performed most of their own stunts) and a message focusing on a collective effort to protect the island and the environment overall is conveyed. Though the storyline is slightly thin and predictable, it’s successful in captivating the

Director: Brendan Maher Production company: Pictures in Paradise Duration: 90mins Main cast: Bindi Irwin, Toby Wallace, Matthew Lillard, John Waters, Nathan Derrick Rated: G Melbourne Release Date: 4 April


A children’s Pantomime By Jenny Lawther Directed by Dawn Hinrichsen

Friday 5 April at 2pm & 7pm Saturday 6—Sunday 7 April at 2pm Friday 12 April at 7pm Saturday 13 April at 2pm and 7pm Bradshaw St Community Hall 9 Bradshaw St Essendon (off Buckley St)

Fun for the whole Family! Tickets: $15 or $40 for family of 4


A children’s Pantomime by Jenny Lawther Directed by Dawn Hinrichsen “Fantasmagorical” is a children’s play about Lynda, a little girl who doesn’t believe in magic, and her adventures through Magicland with Grumps the Brownie. Grumps and the various characters they visit along the way help Lynda to believe. Together they help Mary Mary Quite Contrary to find her nursery rhyme and help Grumps to not be so grumpy!

The production incorporates lots of singing and dancing and encourages the children and audience to get involved in the story.

With a cast that includes lots of local children in the production this is sure to be a Fantasmagorical adventure these school holidays for families to enjoy. Don’t forget to pick up a colouring in poster and bring it along on the day of the performance to be entered into the competition to win. Posters are available from some local schools and from Book Bonding in Keilor Road, Niddrie.

For further information and tickets contact: Bookings: 0422 029 483 or email Friday 5 April at 2pm & 7pm Saturday 6 - Sunday 7 April at 2pm Friday 12 April at 7pm Saturday 13 April at 2pm and 7pm Bradshaw St Community Hall 9 Bradshaw St Essendon (off Buckley St) Tickets: $15 or $40 for family of 4

Bookings: 0422 029 483 or


Starring Rhonda Burchmore After rave reviews and sell-out shows in Adelaide, Brisbane and recently at Melbourne’s Comedy Theatre, Australia’s sexiest chanteuse Rhonda Burchmore brings Cry Me a River: The World of Julie London to the Clocktower Centre for one show only. Throughout her career Rhonda Burchmore has made a distinctive impression on audiences with her dazzling dance steps, superb comic timing, effervescent personality and impressive voice. Backed by a fivepiece band, Rhonda dims the lights as she slinks into the world of one of America’s most mysterious sirens ,Julie London. Taking audiences to the West Coast Cool jazz scene of the 1950s and 1960s, she tells London’s story through a mix of sensuality and humour. With a song list that includes some of the great tunes of the era, Rhonda teases the audience and captures London’s effortless style while showcasing some of her biggest hits. When: Saturday 27 April at 8pm Where: Clocktower Centre - 750 Mt Alexander Road, Moonee Ponds Tickets: Adult $45 All Conc/Child $40 Bookings: 9243 9191

THE BOBBY DARIN STORY WITH ROB GILBERT Bobby Darin was an American singer, songwriter, and actor of film and television. He performed in a range of music genres, including pop, rock, jazz, folk, and country. Enjoy Morning Music at the Clocktower this April as well known singer on the Australian jazz circuit, Rod Gilbert takes centre stage with his big band and Julie O’Hara in this fantastic line-up of some of Bobby Darin’s greatest hits including Mack the Knife, Splish Splash, Dream Lover and more. Complimentary tea/coffee is available prior to the 11am performance, or after the 2pm performance. The performance runs for 75 minutes without an interval. When: Tuesday 16 April at 11am & 2pm Where: Clocktower Centre 750 Mt Alexander Road, Moonee Ponds Tickets: $20 Bookings & Further Info: 9243 9191



THE BABY & TODDLER SHOW Whether you’re stocking up for your precious new bundle of joy or looking for new ways to keep your toddler busy, The Baby & Toddler Show is a shopping mecca for everything a busy Mum (and mumto-be) needs. With the convenience of hundreds of brands under one roof, you can browse, explore, and shop to your heart’s content. There is also a comprehensive range of expert seminars, covering a range of subjects from baby basics to development milestones, and parenting professionals on hand for you to have one-on-one consultations with, giving you reassurance and peace of mind in this sometimes challenging but wonderful new stage of life. Look forward to a special day out with luxurious facilities for new mums and first-class entertainment for the whole family. When: 12th – 14th April, 2013 Where: Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Tickets $20 at the door or online Further Info:

MELBOURNE AQUARIUM’S NEW SEAHORSE NURSERY Males that give birth, magical underwater courtship dances and tiny seahorse fry are just some of the weird and wonderful things visitors will discover at Melbourne Aquarium’s latest experience, Seahorse Nursery. Everyday throughout the school holidays, visitors will have the exclusive opportunity to tour behind-the-scenes of Melbourne Aquarium’s all-new Seahorse Pier exhibit, home to the internationally-recognised Weedy Seadragon breeding program and dedicated Seahorse breeding facility. Journey through the paternity ward where hundreds of tiny baby seahorses and seadragons are on display—don’t miss your chance to learn all there is to know about secret underwater world of these enchanting creatures and even help feed the precious babies with live shrimp! When: Throughout the Easter School Holidays Times: 11:30am, 12:30pm, 1:30pm and 2:30pm (School holidays only) Where: Melbourne Aquarium, Cnr King and Flinders Sts Cost: Adults: $15; Child: $10 Bookings essential Further Info:





HELLO KITTY FLANAGAN BY LISA QUITTNER | Performing at her third Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Kitty Flanagan returns in 2013 with the highly anticipated Hello Kitty Flanagan. Essendon Fields News checked in with Kitty to find out more… What and where did you gain the inspiration and material for your new show, ‘Hello Kitty Flanagan’? This show is probably a bit more personal than my last one, which was a compilation of all my favourite bits taken from years of working comedy clubs. But now, doing the Project every week, I think I’ve become slightly addicted to spewing my ill informed opinions at people. What makes it addictive is that the reaction has been (mostly) positive, it’s been heartening to find that lots of people reckon what I reckon! So this new show is a bit of a “here’s what I think, who’s with me?!” I guess it’s like a really piss-weak, non violent rally, where I work us all into a bate for an hour - then we all calm down and go out and have a wine. So middle class.

This is your third appearance at the MICF, what do you find unique to Melbourne about the festival and audiences? I love the way Melbourne people use their city. Seven days a week, whatever the weather, the people of Melbourne are out and about, participating. That’s why the festival works so well, because Melbourne people get involved, they embrace whatever is being offered up. Spiegeltent, let’s go. Hedge maze in festival square, let’s go. Pop up bar on the dirty brown river, let’s go. That’s why there’s always good stuff on in Melbourne because the city supports it. Sydney is hopeless by comparison, we’re always looking for reasons not to attend something: “Oh, no, I’m not going there, I can’t get a park! “Oh no, it’s raining, I’m not going out in that!” We’re quite pathetic. The new show broaches some of life’s big questions including what’s wrong with teenagers; why babies are so angry and what snack foods should be avoided when dating, but I note that the topic of sibling rivalry doesn’t appear to be on the

agenda, would that have anything to do with your sister Penny making a guest appearance in the show?

what they have missed out on to date and why they would be nuts to miss seeing you at the 2013 MICF?

Oh there’s no sibling rivalry. I’m the eldest, so quite obviously I’m in charge. Whatever I say goes. I call her my musical stooge. And Penny’s quite happy with that. She’s got three kids at home, to be honest, she’s just happy to be out of the house.

This is my best show ever. Who wouldn’t want to see me do fully clothed burlesque dancing, who doesn’t want to know why pets are better than teenagers and who doesn’t want to hear a song about religion that rhymes the word “jesus” with “cheeses”. That last one is my proudest comedy achievement.

As a regular on Channel 10’s The Project each Tuesday night, is a slow news week a blessing or a curse in preparing your weekly segment? Well, I have to say it doesn’t really affect me, it’d be a stretch to call my segment “news”. I tend to rely on universities and research institutions turning out absurd studies. And there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of those. Bless the universities and their penchant for useless statistics and research like “what the shape of your nose says about your personality” or “how many people have died from vegetable related injuries” etc. I believe in the past you were a former advertising copywriter, for those that haven’t seen one of your show’s yet how would you describe

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Lastly, when in Melbourne where are the best places to find material for future stand-up shows? I’m a dreadful eavesdropper. In cafes, shops, on trams, wherever I am, I suggest you keep your voices down people, I’m always listening. Hello Kitty Flanagan 9 April – 21 April (not Mondays) Athenaeum Theatre - 188 Collins Street, Melbourne Tickets: From $30 - $39 Bookings: Ticketek 132 849 or

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