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talent had asked me WHY did we want to create so many platforms for entertainment, artists and production in Nevada? Wasn’t there simply enough already? I explained that “Yes, but No”.

I wanted to help foster a budding industry. With the passage of SB 165 (the tax incentives for film), I felt stronger than ever that Nevada had exactly what the entertainment, film, television and event industry needed; we were in many ways virtually untapped. In the past year I had met so many talented people that had strong entertainment backgrounds and had been unable to connect with an audience. These artists had come from a wide range of performance experience, some had full careers while others were unknown. As we were building our network for the Northern Nevada Resource Directory, and gaining new talent through our agency; I felt we were still missing an important piece of sharing Nevada

artists and resources with industry professionals.

We needed something structured that would be entertaining, educational and exceptional. During a meeting with advertising and media professional, he said something really insightful, and I felt “How did I miss that” after he said it.

“People are visually driven. They want something to make them look, they want something to make them look further”. I want to thank all our contributors, writers and staff. We want Desert to help foster, grow and expand all our Nevada entertainment professionals. ~MS

We wanted to create something that was unique, and could showcase Nevada in a different way 4

Halle Rogers

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The Parent Corner |

The parents guide to kids in industry with Ami Rogers

Have you flipped through a catalog or watched a commercial and thought my child could do that?


Before getting your child into “showbiz� there are a couple of things to consider.

Is your child as interested in acting and modeling? Your child may be the cutest, most charismatic kid on the planet but if they aren’t as interested in a career in showbiz as you are you will be fighting an uphill battle.


hile the idea of traveling to exotic locations for a photo shoot or having your child star in a movie is exciting, the reality is that a lot of hard work goes into being an actor or model. They typical day on set lasts 12 hours and much of that time is spent waiting to be called to set. Once on set your child may be asked to shoot the same scene multiple times. They may be asked to stand or sit quietly for hours. Children are expected to deliver their lines with the same level of professionalism as the adults on the set.


Catalogs and print advertisements are usually shot six months ahead. This means that your child may be asked to stand on a windy beach in a swimsuit in January or be bundled up in outerwear in July. While steps are taken by set teachers to ensure the safety of your child on set, it is likely that sometime in their career they will have to do things that are boring or uncomfortable. If they love what they are doing they will be able to work through these situations and enjoy themselves, if not both of you will be miserable.

Do you have the funds and time necessary to get your child started? You will need to devote several hours a week supporting your child in the pursuit of their dream. While no legitimate agent will require you to pay them anything before securing work for your child there are still expenses that you can expect to pay up front. For example, your child will need a professional headshot and or/comp card for submission purposes. They will also need a model bag stocked with accessories, plain colored T shirts, and different types of shoes. If selected to work as a background actor they will be required to bring between 3-5 complete outfits to set each day. You can expect to pay your own travel expenses including gas, food and lodging for most auditions. Auditions can be scheduled with little advance notice so having a flexible schedule is absolutely necessary. Plan ahead! Have resources in place like



childcare for siblings and coverage at work. Make sure that you have reliable transportation. A well-rounded child is more likely to be called for auditions and book work. Preparing for their big break includes attending acting, modeling, and dance classes and/or voice lessons. This translates into an initial investment of your time and funds. Your support will be imperative to their success.

For more great tips and information please visit Ami’s Parents Corner at our website 10

DESERT MAGAZINE Submission Guidelines We are now accepting articles, editorials, photos. If you are working in the entertainment industry in Nevada you can be part of Desert Magazine! To submit your idea please email us at Be sure and include your name, phone and contact information! • All content must be from within Nevada • All content must be owned by the content author • All content must have full release for publication

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Things retailers do to make you love their stores - and spend


Holiday shopping can make you feel frantic, while you sprint from store to store, trying to find the right gift for everyone on your list. If you think you’re under pressure to achieve during the holidays, however, just image how the retailers feel; holiday season is often makeor-break for many of them. And they’ll go to great lengths to keep shoppers in stores, happily spending. From sweet-on-the-feet commercial flooring to interactive product displays that incorporate sound and video, stores use a variety of marketing tools to make you feel welcome, wanted, and generous during the holidays. As you’re scouting for deals this holiday season, keep 12

your eyes open for these five “come-hither” tactics employed by retailers: * Fatigue-fighting flooring - As you scurry from store to store, you probably haven’t considered the toll that average store flooring takes on your feet. Concrete floors, covered by carpet, tile, or vinyl, are common in retail settings, and they can contribute to foot fatigue. Savvy retailers realize that if your feet hurt, you’re not likely to linger in one spot. By installing flooring with anti-fatigue properties, like ECORE’s forest rx, stores hope to keep shoppers more comfortable. While the flooring looks like hardwood - adding a touch of class in retail settings - it’s really a revolutionary composite of vinyl sheet laminated to 5 millimeters of engineered, recycled rubber underlayment. It’s more comfortable underfoot, easier to keep clean, and quieter than tile and some carpet - all of which adds up to a more pleasant environment for shoppers.


* Lights, camera, action! - Taking advantage of new technologies, many retailers have added interactive video displays throughout stores to entice shoppers to pause and learn more about a featured product. Some employ touchscreen technology to engage shoppers whose interest is already piqued by video and sound displays. Others have even added features that interact with shoppers’ smart phones, such as scannable barcodes that deliver information or coupons to a user’s phone. * An oldie but still a goodie - For a while, department stores stepped away from the whole concept of free gift wrapping, but these days it’s back in a big way. From big department stores to momand-pop gift shops, retailers have rediscovered the value of providing this service to customers. Free gift wrapping is a relatively low-cost service, but it’s hugely valuable - both to time-pressed customers who appreciate the convenience, and for retailers who are able to keep shoppers in-store a bit longer while wrapping takes place.


* The way to a shopper’s heart - Another tried-and-true holiday enticement is food and beverage. You might expect to find samples in a grocery store or wine shop, but enterprising retailers know

refreshments are welcome, regardless of what product they’re selling. During the holidays, clothing stores to hardware shops find their way into consumers’ hearts via their stomachs, serving a variety of treats that range from specialty candies available for sale in the store to holiday cookies, cider, or hot chocolate. * Y’all come back now - No matter how delightful your shopping experience, eventually you’re going to leave the store. Smart retailers use a variety of tactics to encourage you to return another day - from handing out coupons for future discounts at the cash register when you check out, to “greeters” who also bid you a fond farewell on your way out the door. Marketers know that if they can leave you with a positive feeling and a reason to return, you’re much more likely to shop in their store again.

Of course, retailers have many ways to draw consumers into their stores. And as the holidays arrive, they’ll be adding incentives like these to ensure shoppers enjoy their time in stores more - and hopefully spend more because of it. BPT


‘Tis the season to entertain:

A simple guide to artisanal wine and cheese pairings Planning a get together with close friends or family this holiday season and fretting over what to serve? Regardless of theme or guest list, a delicious artisanal cheese and wine platter is a great way to start off any gathering. By following these simple guidelines, creating the perfect pairings can be one of the simplest things on your to-do list this holiday season.

Vary your cheese choices Lindsey Jessup, cheese and wine pairing expert and wine ambassador for Bridlewood Estate Winery, suggests that balancing a variety of flavors is a good place to start. The key is creating a diverse platter that offers something for all your guests to enjoy. “Contrast your tastes and textures by offering a number of different cheeses,” suggests Jessup. “By balancing the different flavors, you’ll have a dynamic and complete holiday cheese plate that can be the perfect complement to your wine selections.” 16




The Star Hotel opened in December of 1910 after a September construction start and building costs of $11,000. The long time dream of Pete Jauregui to make a home away from home for Basques, had come true. Eleven rooms, one bath and heat from wood stoves provided a cozy home for herders needing a place to stay until spring. Two years later, increased business demands required adding on, thus doubling the size of the building to its present day size. Sheep bands were sold in the winter, leaving herders without a home. The Star Hotel offered a friendly place with familiar language and customs, so unlike the English language and the incompre18

Chris McLeod

From Fairbanks to Florida, Boston to Brisbane and Seattle to Shreveport...I have Never had a Better Meal anywhere.


hensible customs they found in their new, strange land. The Basques, since recorded time, have always sought work wherever necessary to survive economically. Whether they were cod fishermen in Newfoundland prior to Leif Erickson, Europe’s first whalers, or sailors Columbus relied on, they never forgot their homeland. It was customary for Basques to immigrate and then, once established, bring over family. It was common for religious people to immigrate, as evidenced in Mexico, which at the time included the American Southwest, California and Nevada. Many Basques went to South America, and not until the 49’ers and the gold rush in the late 1840’s, did the Basques send word of their new land. They brought relatives to be ranchers and sheep herders, and as the word and idea spread, many Basques came and were among the primary developers of the open range sheep industry. Time and political wars divided the Basques geographically, the North (France), the South (Spain). “Zazpiak bat”, “the seven are one”, symbolizes the four Spanish provinces and three French provinces. The beginning of Basque nationalism and the name “Euskadi” referring to the Basque region, began in the 1890’s. It was a long time coming for a group of people and 20

a language that evolved from the inhabitants of the caves of that region over 10,000 years. The Star Hotel was and continues to be a gathering place for all Basques. When it was first built, night life was nonexistent and the Star began holding dances, forerunners to the Sheepherders’ Ball, still held during the winter. One attraction of these dances, was the presence of young Basque girls who had come over to work in the hotel as maids and waitresses. Turn over was rapid because most of the young women quickly received marriage proposals. Many Weddings were performed at the Star, and the Jaureguis


would furnish the wedding supper and dance as a wedding gift to the happy couples. In the years that followed the marriages, the Star served as a lying in hospital for expectant mothers who came in from remote sheep camps and ranches where they lived. Matilde Jauregui, wife of the owner, assisted the doctor with deliveries and care of the mothers and their new babies. Also, during World War I, a flu epidemic raged, and many stricken people were cared for at the Star. Board and room during the early years cost $1.00 a day, and drinks at the bar were eight to ten for $1.00. During prohibition, drinks were served in a private room where the evidence could quickly be hidden in the event of a raid. Meals were served family style, in the patterned copper ceiling dining room. When the meals were ready, a waitress rang a large bell which could be heard everywhere in the hotel. There were no menus, and everyone ate the same thing at long tables where they mingled while eating. Meals included porru-salda (leek soup), baratzuri-salda (garlic soup), bacaloa a la vizcaina (salt cod in tomato and pimento sauce), clams and rice, garbanzos with chorizos, arroz con pollo (rice with chicken), rice pudding and flan or fruit. Spaghetti and beans were added as side dishes. Most early diners were boarders of the hotel. Family style service and the calling dinner bell are customs still practiced today. There are some 22

long term boarders who are considered family and who eat at the Star, but most of the restaurant business comes from the community and tourism. Jauregui, Corta, Arrascada, Garamendi, Bengoa, Ozamis, Juaristi, Esnoz, Yanci, Aldazabal, Sarasua, Leonis, Lazcano - these were the families that have made the Star Hotel continuously owned by Basques, carrying on a 97 year tradition of Basque hospitality. The present proprietors of the Star Hotel are Scott and Tricia Ygoa. They purchased the establishment in November of 2004 and are continuing to provide the friendly atmosphere and excellent food that has been the hallmark of the Star since 1910.

Micki Votruba (Nebraska)

Love authentic Basque cuisine...great atmosphere and service. An absolute must-stop if you are visiting Elko...the locals already know how wonderful it is Scotty and Tricia Ygoa


David Rosen Award winning composer from Las Vegas Nevada.



Music W

hen searching for a score or source music for your next film, commercial, video game or webisode there is no need to look any further than Las Vegas, Nevada. Located in Southern Nevada, award winning composer David Rosen has collaborated with film producers and musicians over the last 12 years to build an extensive list of credits. He has built a large library of ready-to-go tracks and routinely creates original music for short and feature length films, video games, and new media. He collaborates with producers to ensure that they get a unique and customized sound for their project. His highly anticipated debut solo album Echoes in the Dark, released September 3, 2013 consists of 16 high quality, original tracks. Each track has a distinct sound ranging from undulating electronic beats to new-age inspired melodies. Tracks like “Dark Rain” and “Echoes” evoke a visceral response that would perfectly compliment any haunting visual imagery. “If Only I

“Rosen’s sound is a fusion of electronic and new age with a smattering of rock. “

For more information, contact David Rosen at

Could Sleep Tonight” is moving and dramatic. Rosen’s sound is a fusion of electronic and new age with a smattering of rock. The instrumental tunes are layered with a level of complexity that creates rich and organic soundscapes. Recently his videos “Lights in the Sky” and “Whirlwind” premiered as Official Selections at the 2013 Laughlin International Film Festival and Pollygrind respectively. Echoes in the Dark is now available on iTunes and Amazon. For more information, contact David Rosen at

2013 Reviewed by:

Ami Rogers

has her BA in Arts and Humanities Administration from Great Basin College and is currently working towards her MAS in Media and Popular Culture with an emphasis in Film from Arizona State University. Ami teaches Film Studies at Great Basin College, is the Director of the Ruby Mountain Film Festival, serves as President of the Battle Mountain Arts Presenters and Vice Chair of the Lander County Convention and Tourism Authority and is a published author. In her free time, she volunteers at the Sundance Film Festival and supports her three children who are involved in the entertainment business.







The Polar Express at the Nevada Northern Railway. Ely Nevada November 22, 23, 29 and 30 Times Vary. Sights, Sounds, and Smells of Christmas (SSSC) Bristlecone Convention Center Ely Nevada November 29 - December 7 Christkindlesmarkt in the Sculpture Park on Aultman Street Ely Nevada November 29 Christmas Fashion Show Ely Nevada November 30


Las Vegas

14th Annual Latin Grammy Awards Mandalay Bay Resort November 21 Las Vegas Contemporary Dance Theater Fall Concert Series 2013 Presents Firebird The Smith Center November 8 7:30 pm Las Vegas Philharmonic: Masterworks Series II “Love of Country The Smith Center November 23 7:30 p.m. Motor Trend International Auto Show Las Vegas Convention Center November 29- December 1


26th Annual Fast Past Car Show Golden Nugget North Parking lot November 7-10 Laughlin Veterans Festival Between Golden Nugget Laughlin and River Palms November 8-10 Oliver North Aquarius Pavilion November 9 2:00 p.m.


Nevada Elko

Lamoille Womens Craft Festival Spring Creek High School November 9-10 TED Talks Great Basin College November 13 7:00 p.m.


Chocolate Wonderland Ethel’s Cactus Gardens November 15- January 1 5:00 p.m. -10:00 p.m.




We would love to hear about your upcoming event! If your event is happening in Nevada please contact us to find out how we can help you get the word out! Submit your event through our Email


Party-planning tips to make


Every host knows the elements of a great party - fantastic food and beverages, just the right balance of sophistication and fun, and decor that speaks to the season and theme of your soiree. In the right combination, those ingredients ensure guests will have a great time. But what about your good time? Staging a party should be every bit as sweet for you as attending it is for your guests.

As your celebration plans rev up, follow these simple steps to ensure your party-prep is both fun and effortless: * Go with what you know. Sure, sampling new dishes can be fun and you can introduce a few unfamiliar dishes to your party menu. But for sure-fire success, stick with what guests know and love - and do the familiar with flare. Familiar, traditional and simple are just fine, as long as what you're serving - hors d'oeuvres to dessert - is palate-pleasing. * Plan one show-stopping experience for your party guests. Host a wine tasting event by pairing your favorite variates with a selection of premium dark chocolates, like Lindt EXCELLENCE dark chocolate diamonds. Individually wrapped and available in four distinct flavors, these chocolates lend themselves to an array of wine pairings. Try serving Lindt EXCELLENCE A Touch of Sea Salt with a Pinot Noir or EXCELLENCE Intense Orange with a Chardonnay. 30

* Make prep manageable. If you're rushing to do everything the night before or the day of the party, it's easy to feel overwhelmed - and make mistakes. Look for ways to minimize day-of prep, such as making and freezing a batch of appetizers the week before, or tackling house-cleaning bit by bit over the few days leading up to the event. The day before, take care of set-up by placing decorations and arranging furniture to facilitate conversation and a clear path to the food table. * End the evening on a high note. Give your guests something to savor and enjoy on the way home by offering each a parting favor. Individually wrapped treats such as the premium Lindt EXCELLENCE chocolate diamonds say "sophistication" and "'til we meet again" far better than a hasty hug at the door. Consider placing the individually wrapped chocolate in small mesh bags tied with colored silk ribbons. Place the bags on a decorative tray by the door at the end of your night to ensure that every guest leaves your party with a memorable token.Celebrations should be fun for everyone - the hosts as well as the guests. You can maximize your party enjoyment and create a memorable event for guests by keeping things simple, planning ahead and serving familiar favorites with flare and fun. BPT


Traveling this Holiday?

Take Your Family Traditions on the Road Traveling this holiday season? Even if you aren’t in the comfort of your own home, you can make the experience special for your family. From decorating your hotel room to welcoming Santa, there are ways you can still enjoy those holiday traditions that are near and dear to you. By taking your traditions on the road, your family can capture the holiday spirit in your temporary home-away-from home. Here are a few tips for making the time special, no matter where you are: • Tell your destination if you are celebrating something special before you arrive. They may be able to accommodate or assist you with your plans. • Just because you’re not at home, doesn’t mean Santa won’t deliver. Don’t let those presents go unopened until you get back home. Bring them with you on the road. You can even consider setting up a small Christmas tree in your hotel room. • Bring your family’s elf along for the ride to keep your little ones on their toes – and on the “nice” list! Whether he’s peeking out of the drapes or hanging from the fan, a hotel room offers some creative hiding spots. 32

Step outside the Family tradition

Create cherished family moments in new places for the holidays • Try asking the front desk to have milk and cookies delivered (quietly) late at night. • If possible, book a suite with a fireplace and bring along the stockings to hang. • You may not be able to pack up your kitchen and bring it with you, but you can still have a delicious holiday meal. Many hotels and lodges serve up all the seasonal favorites, like turkey, mashed potatoes, roasted pork and holiday desserts. Reserve a spot for dinner in advance so you don’t miss out on a home-style meal. “Families don’t need to fear losing out on making special memories or feeling far from home while vacationing during the holidays,” says Phillip Cunningham, General Manager for Great Wolf Lodge New England, one of 11 indoor waterpark resorts nationwide that makes it a point to honor guests’ holiday traditions, and encourage new ones. With this in mind, Great Wolf Lodge’s annual “Snowland” tradition speaks to that sentiment – the enchanted winter wonderland includes indoor snow showers, twinkling lights, life-size gingerbread houses and visits from Santa. More information is available at Home is where the heart is. So celebrate the season with your family -wherever you are. PhOTO SOURCE: Courtesy: Great Wolf Lodge Resorts


Tips for hosting a holiday party Entertaining with family and friends is one part of the holiday season that we all look forward to. But holiday hosting can sometimes be harried. To keep you and your guests merry this season, consider hosting a wine party that shines.


David Mirassou, wine expert and sixth generation of America's oldest winemaking family, believes that food and wine enhance one another and are best shared with family and friends. His secret to hosting a stress-free soiree is planning for a creative, small-bite menu with wine pairings that highlight the flavors of each dish. "The wine you select should complement the food, look beautiful on the table and inspire toasts," says Mirassou. "The right wine can add elegance to any holiday occasion and it can play an important role as both a gift and entertaining staple at celebrations throughout the season."

Here are a few wine entertaining and gift-giving tips to get you in the holiday spirit: * Offer small bites and festive fare. Prepare an assortment of appetizers and small plates for entertaining, allowing your guests more sampling opportunities and letting you out of the kitchen to mingle more. * Create a cozy setting. Consider setting up food stations in your home to allow guests to congregate in different areas. Floor cushions around a coffee table and coasters on the mantle will encourage mingling. * Plan to offer your guests both a red wine and a white wine. A Chardonnay has wide appeal because it has fruit-forward flavors to maximize food pairing options. A Pinot Noir also has great versatility in food and wine pairings. * How much wine should you serve? A general rule of thumb is to plan on about one glass of wine per person for each hour of the gathering. * Stretch your wine dollar. Now is the time to take advantage of price breaks for purchases 34

of six or more bottles at many supermarket chains. For an event, the savings can really add up. * Personalize a gift from the vine. Not hosting this season? With very little effort, wine can be a gift with a personal touch. Embellish wine gift bags or boxes with festive ribbon and trim or add a custom neck tag by writing a note about the wine you are giving. Having trouble picking the right wine to give as a gift? Visit to take their quiz and see what's right for you, along with some wine pairing ideas. You can also visit the site or for more entertaining tips and recipe ideas. Try this Belgian Endive and Dried Cherry Quinoa Salad - an easy-to-prepare recipe that is also festive in its presentation.


Belgian Endive with Dried Cherry Quinoa Salad Prep time: 15 minutes Cook/stand time: 22 minutes Chill time: at least 1 hour Ingredients: Salad: 1 cup quinoa 1 1/2 cups vegetable stock or broth 1/2 cup dried cherries, chopped 1/4 cup snipped fresh chives 1 tablespoon chopped fresh thyme 1/4 cup chopped walnuts, toasted 24 Belgian endive spears Dressing: 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 3 tablespoons white balsamic vinegar 1 teaspoon stone ground mustard 1/4 teaspoon sea salt or to taste Freshly ground pepper to taste


Directions: Rinse quinoa in a fine mesh sieve; drain well. Bring stock and quinoa to a boil in a small saucepan. Reduce heat and simmer, covered, for 12 minutes. Remove from heat and let stand for 10 minutes. Fluff with a fork, then let cool. Whisk together all dressing ingredients and stir into quinoa with cherries, chives and thyme. Cover and chill for at least 1 hour. Stir in walnuts and spoon into endive spears. Garnish with fresh thyme sprigs, if desired. Makes 8 servings. Recipe tip: This light appetizer may be prepared one day ahead. Add walnuts and spoon into endive spears just before serving. Use a tri-color quinoa blend for extra color. Pairs best with Mirassou Sunset Red. BPT


Five tips to avoid holiday


Who doesn't love the smell of a warm kitchen during the holidays? They're designed around food and bringing family, old friends and new friends together. However, holidays can also be a detriment to your healthy lifestyle and cause you to lose your focus through the end of the year. But they don't have to. "Think of fall as the perfect time to reassess the state of your health and prep for the challenges of the holiday season," says Alicia Rodriguez, corporate registered dietician at Life Time - The Health Way of Life Company. "When it comes to nutrition and avoiding weight gain, my motto is, keep it simple and easy." Here are some tips to help you do the same. Bulk up your plate with protein and vegetables The side dishes at most holiday meals are often as good as the turkey or ham, but stuffing and mashed potatoes aren't the best way to fill your plate. One way to avoid-weight gain is to build your plate with protein. This should be easy since holiday dinners


revolve around meat. Second, fill your plate with side dishes that include vegetables. You may have a little spot left on your plate - use this space for your "indulgence." When you look at your plate, the goal is that the majority is still providing you with good nutrients and reduced carbohydrates. Use the "fork" trick Many of us go back for seconds, and even third helpings at holiday meals. This year, focus on asking yourself if you're enjoying your food. To help you answer this question, use the fork trick. Once you take a bite of food, place your fork down on the plate and let it go. Chew your food, swallow and then pick it up again. The key to this trick is letting go of the fork. This will remind you to slow down, enjoy your food and converse with friends and family. Avoid the clean plate club Growing up, many of us were always told "You can't leave the table until you finish everything on your plate" and inevitably, we spent many nights sitting alone at the dinner table. These days, Rodriguez advises her clients to eat until they are full and, if their plate is not clean, it's OK. Focus on one plate of food, slow down and be careful not to overeat. Overfeeding is never really a healthy thing to do. Share your dessert with a loved one After a satisfying meal, it is hard to avoid the sweet smells of pumpkin -or warm apple pie. If you choose not to skip dessert, share a small slice with a loved one or new friend. If you are hosting, designate one family member to bring dessert to limit the endless selection of pies and reduce the urge to over indulge. Make like a turkey and trot out the door Start your holiday with a new tradition this year and gather the family to do something active. Take a walk to a local park, put together a family friendly flag football game, rake the leaves up in the yard (and jump into them) or encourage the family to sign up for a run/walk event such as the Life Time Turkey Day 5K or Commitment Day 2014. Holidays are a time to be thankful for family, friends and everything in between. Savor the moment, really take time to taste your food, get out and have some fun, and avoid the-holiday weight gain. BPT


An interv W

e recently got a chance to sit down with music composer David Rosen to discuss his career and new album Echoes In The Dark. Here are some excerpts from our conversation.

Tell us a little bit about the projects you've worked on. “I believe that each project offers something unique and, therefore, it’s difficult to narrow it down. Still, I’d definitely credit Las Vegas filmmaker Douglas Farra’s A Moral Discord, which screened at Pollygrind 2013, as a recent favorite. (Farra is also directing my next video.). Another big one for me was Orlando director Chase Caldwell’s I Did. Not only was it the first feature-length film I ever scored, but I feel it was some of my best work. 2013 has been the biggest year of my career so far. I've worked on some of my best stuff, including the release of my first instrumental album, Echoes In The Dark. The response to it has been overwhelmingly positive so far, and the first video off the album for the song “Lights In The Sky” has so far been accepted into four film festivals, winning ‘Best Short’ at the Vegas IndieMeet. How would you best describe your style? “My goal is to continuously grow as an artist, while experimenting with a wide range of styles. However, I do have a specialty that focuses on darkness and beauty. It brings together elements of traditional film score melded with electronic and alternative music. How has living in the city of Las Vegas affected your career and the types of projects you get? “There’s a lot of interest in dark and unique films in this town, and that’s provided a good breeding ground for things like the Pollygrind Film Festival. So, therefore, many of the people I meet have projects that are perfectly suited for my style of music.” What do you think makes you stand out from other music composers? I like to think that the quality of my work speaks for itself. Even at what would normally be considered the ‘demo’ stage, what I’ve created already sounds like a professional piece of music.


view with David Rosen


David Rosen Also, people are often impressed by how quick my turn-around time is. It’s not uncommon for me to have a fully realized piece of music completed in under a day. So, I’d definitely say that is another one of my selling points. What are you currently working on? A LOT. Where do I start? I'm working on more instrumental albums. I'm working on an interactive music video as well as a couple more regular music videos from my current album. I'm composing music for films from a number of filmmakers, a lot of which are from Vegas. I'm also starting to build up my music library presence so my music is more readily available for filmmakers and producers of all kinds of other projects. And of course I'm always open to

“There’s a lot of interest in dark and unique films in this town, and that’s provided a good breeding ground for things like the Pollygrind Film Festival. So, therefore, many of the people I meet have projects that are Perfectly suited for my style of music.” 42

David Rosen’s composer reel, albums and contact info can be viewed on his website, or on Facebook at bydavidrosen.


Nevada Untapped Damon Nelson Height 6’2’’ Booking contact


Nevada Untapped Damon Nelson Actor, Model Sarah Earnhardt Actor, Model Seth Earnhardt Actor Model Sierra Lorenz Model Brenden Brown Actor, Model




Sarah Earnhardt Height 5’8’’ Booking contact






Seth Earnhardt Height 5’9’’ Booking contact




Sierra Lorenz Height 5’8’’ Booking contact





Brenden Brown Height 5’10” Booking contact






Battle Mountain Nevada Photos by Kendall Sheen

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Battle Mountain Nevada Lander County Battle Mountain is located at the confluence of two rivers, the Humboldt and the Reese. The town is in the Humboldt valley between the Shoshone Range to the southeast, Battle Mountain to the southwest and the Sheep Creek Range across the Humboldt to the north. According to the United States Census Bureau, the community has a total area of 3.6 square miles (9.2 km2), all of it land. Battle Mountain’s climate is semi-arid (Köppen climate classification ‘BSk’), receiving just enough precipitation to avoid arid classification. Due to aridity and high elevation, the area commonly experiences large diurnal temperature variation, particularly in summer, where it frequently approaches and exceeds 40 °F (22 °C).[6] The monthly daily average temperature ranges from 30.9 °F (−0.6 °C) in January to 75.5 °F (24.2 °C) in July. There are 14 days of 100 °F (38 °C)+ highs, 74 days of 90 °F (32 °C)+ highs, 11 days where the high does not rise above freezing, and 7 nights of sub-0 °F (−18 °C) lows annually; the average window for freezing temperatures is September 16 thru May 29.[7] The average seasonal snowfall of 20 in (51 cm) on average occurs from November 25 thru April 2, the majority of it occurring in December and January. With a period of record only dating back to 1944, extremes range from −39 °F (−39 °C) on December 22, 1990, up to 112 °F (44 °C) on July 12, 2002. -Wikipedia 2013



Secrets for a Streamlined routine:

How to look flawless in seconds Award winning actress shares her must-have multi-tasking beauty solution Every year, women spend billions of dollars on cosmetics and beauty products because they think that a complex routine is the key to unlocking their beautiful best. Women are busier than ever and need simple solutions to streamline their everyday. Emmy and Golden Globe Award nominated star of the TV series "Nashville," Connie Britton was one of these women whose routine involved multiple steps. Back on set and busier than ever, Britton offers up her favorite tips for simplifying her routine. * Connie's beauty secret: "I have tried many products over the years and have a cabinet full of the latest moisturizers, sunscreens and foundations to prove it," says Britton. "I was so excited to finally discover POND'S Luminous Finish BB+ that has short and long term benefits - it gives me flawless coverage instantly and evens out my skin tone while brightening and moisturizing my skin. It really does it all and keeps its promise." Britton has teamed up with POND'S to help women get flawless skin. The multi-tasking beauty benefit cream is formulated with Tone Perfecting Complex and visibly fades dark spots. * Snacks to swear by: Busy routines allow for little time to sit down and enjoy a meal. "I make sure to carry high protein, healthy snacks like almonds that are great for my skin and help keep it radiant," explains Britton. As a bonus, being prepared with healthy snacks make it is easier to resist the urge to give into the temptation of sugary treats. * Get glowing: Britton's other secret for beautiful skin? "I love doing exercise that feels like it strengthens and nourishes inside and out, so lately I have been doing a lot of yoga, which incorporates body, mind, and spirit," she says. "I always feel great after!" 70

* Make-up for lost time: "As a mom, it's tough to fit in a full eight hours of beauty sleep," says Britton. "But I'm always really amazed at what a difference a couple of coats of volumizing mascara make in the morning. It actually helps me look bright-eyed and well-rested." After curling lashes apply two coats of mascara for eyes that looking instantly brighter and awake. For more tips from Britton, visit the POND'S Facebook page at BPT



Baking Alaska Short Documentary Directed by: Kari Barber 30 min. 72

BAKING ALASKA is a heartwarming tale of taking risks and second chances. Set against the majestic backdrop of Homer, Alaska this short documentary follows sisters, Jackie and Kathy, and their mother, Doris, as they leave their homes behind and strike out in pursuit of Jackie’s dream of owning a bakery. It is an intimate portrait of a family struggling to deal with the loss of their father and trying to find a way to reconnect. The adventure begins when Jackie leaves her stable job in Texas, purchases a building online, recruits the help of her sister and mother, and travels cross country to open the Boardwalk Bakery in Alaska. Director Kari Barber, a professor of journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno, paints a humorous and inspiring tale of adventure and family bonding. In her directorial debut Barber skillfully balances intimate family moments caught within the walls of the tiny bakery with sweeping shots of picturesque Homer and the breathtaking Kenai Peninsula leaving the viewer with the impression that this


family has found their place in the world at the “end of the road”. This film won a 2013 Ruby Award at the Ruby Mountain Film Festival and was an Official Selection of the LA Femme International Film Festival, Santa Fe Independent Film Festival and the Anchorage International Film Festival. Rating: A This column is dedicated to the review of independent films from all genres. If you’d like to submit your film for review email a link to your film to . Each month a film will be selected for review.

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