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C omment Octoberfest

I’m feeling a bit showed out to be honest. All that walking, talking and catching up with mates. Well, that is always the good bit. Getting my head around what is really new is a challenge.

It’s not the kit, I am more interested in the print production and products. The process, yeah, good to know, but does it look good on paper, and will it sell?

My remit is to sieve through the jargon, new model numbers and, showboating and concentrate on our reports to you that matter most. QPP are printers sharing best practices with our fellow printers.

Print, Production and Profit, plus a few industry good news stories inside…

I need a beer now!

Peter, Make Mine A Large One, Foulkes

Quick Print Pro (QPP) — ISSN: 2050-5140 — is published monthly by Colourfast Group Limited, 36 Cheltenham Place, Brighton. BN1 4AB. A company registered in England Number: 2517164.

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The law on workplace pensions has changed and every employer in the UK must put certain staff into a pension scheme and contribute towards it.

This is called ‘automatic enrolment’.

It’s important that you understand what you need to do — and when you need to do it. This will depend on your circumstances and those of your employees. To work out what you need to do and when you need to do it contact our auto enrolment scheme advisers on:

0800 132100 or email alan.hudson@meridan.co.uk

Help is on hand from the Printing Industry Pension Scheme which has been running since 1986.

Meridan Financial LLP is the appointed advisers for the Printing Industry Pension Scheme (PIPS) and are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Not all Auto Enrolment services are regulated by the FCA.

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Folio Print Finishing has expanded the range of services and applications it can now offer following investment in a Petratto Metro Folder Gluer from IFS.

The Bristol print finishing specialist chose the new addition to broaden its service offering for its current customer base and to develop new business opportunities.

Explains Owner Andy Bird: “We saw a gap in the market we were not servicing. We thought the Petratto’s capabilities would complement what we could already do. We were producing some high capacity pockets and we wanted to better meet demand for this. We also wanted to add crash locking and the Petratto Metro enabled us to do that.”

He continues: “We heard about the machine a long time ago and it was always something we had been interested in. It was a good fit. It has opened up new options for existing customers and we have been able to introduce the service to new customers.”

The Petratto Metro Folder Gluer is designed for customers who want to receive physical mail as well as digital communications - presenting an unmissable customer experience opportunity. Its open and modular structure supports greater flexibility while its digital management system provides a responsive interface with the other elements and attachments of the system. Jobs and

sheet movement are controlled from the console. It manages a wide range of applications from presentation folders and envelopes to multimedia packaging, straight line boxes, cartons, and table tents.

“It is a fantastic piece of kit,” adds Andy. “We did look at other systems, but the Petratto gave us more

flexibility. It is quick and easy to operate.”

As for return on investment he says: “It has increased our productivity three fold. We have already halved the time we expect it to pay for itself to two and half years and it has the potential to be even faster than that.”



Creation Reprographics

(‘Creation’), prepress and repro specialist to the packaging and label sectors, is urging the UK print sector to use International Print Day 2023 (IPD) as a vital showcase of the industry’s strength.

With the theme for 2023 being #PrintConnects, Creation recognises the importance of this event as a unique opportunity for the UK print and packaging industry to reconnect with global brands amidst a challenging international market, characterised by evolving sustainability legislation and continuing logistical challenges.

Taking place October 25th, International Print Day is an annual celebration that unites printing professionals from around the world to celebrate the art, science, and innovation of print. The UK print and packaging sector, renowned for its technical prowess and innovation, plays a pivotal role in the global supply chain.

As sustainability regulations continue to tighten across Europe and the world, the printing and packaging industries face new

challenges and opportunities, and Creation believes that International Print Day 2023 presents an occasion for UK printers to highlight their commitment to sustainability and engage with European and global brands.

Matt Francklow, Director of Creation Reprographics, commented on the significance of IPD 2023, stating, “We’re moving into a golden age of print, particularly when it comes to sustainability awareness and legislation, but with that comes mounting challenges — and the UK print and packaging industry has a vital role to play.

From our perspective, International Print Day is a perfect platform to demonstrate our industry’s capabilities on the world’s stage, and we’ll be taking part in our own way.”

“Take a look around the UK print sector and you’ll see bold innovation, resilience and next-level performance. For example, colour precision has never been more accessible, and brands are relying

on printers to explore tomorrow’s substrates today. For our part, we’ve focused our efforts on becoming the go-to name for low carbon prepress to show how print sustainability begins with better pre-press processes and management.

“We have added new solvent-free Fujifilm Flenex-FW flexo plates to our product lineup, we’re championing fixed palette printing as a core waste (and cost) reduction tool, and we’re working to make proofing and prepress work harder in the

fight for print sustainability. This International Print Day, whether it’s getting involved in global webinars to share insight and best practice or putting on a packaging and labels showcase with the latest examples of print excellence, we want to see UK printers really take advantage of this opportunity and get involved — because we have a lot to shout about.”

For more information about Creation Reprographics, please visit www.creation-repro.com

Andy Bird with the Petratto Metro Folder Gluer


a creative writing organisation co-founded by author Roddy Doyle. The book, which has been printed on Novatech Matt 170gsm and 350gsm, features over 40 stories and anecdotes from printers and compositors. They worked with a team of mentors from Fighting Words to document their memories of apprenticeships and working in jobbing houses, newspapers and binderies – a world very different to that of today’s printing houses. With titles such as ‘Finger Pointing’ and ‘Budget Night Frenzy,’ this collection of stories is sure to prompt memories and conversations among printers, past and present.


The selection of paper is especially important for a publication about print, so choosing a material worthy of this book was particularly significant. The National Print Museum opted for Novatech Matt because of its bulk and feel. The coating of this two-side coated, wood-free paper results in flawless performance on the press, together with dot excellence. It produces images and pictures that are true to life, vibrant and accurate. Novatech Matt also offers high opacity and is archival guaranteed for 200+ years, making it the ideal choice for the printing of books.

Carla Marrinan Funder, CEO, National Print Museum, said, “This book documents the memories of letterpress printers and compositors from the industry of the second half of the 20th century. In creating a book dedicated to craftspeople, it was only appropriate that we work with some of the best of today’s suppliers and printers to produce a beautiful book. We could not be happier with the end result - a true celebration of print past and present.”

500 copies of this beautifully designed and printed book have been produced by Dublin-based Westside Press, printed on their Kimori Lithrone G4OP.

Antalis donated B1 sheets of Olin Colours Baby Blue to produce a limitededition dust jacket. The sheets were printed by Mary Plunket, the museum’s Education Officer, who is also a letterpress printer. www.antalis.co.uk • contact@antalis.co.uk


Darren Walker, a director at approved HP reseller partner Perfect Colours, recently walked the gruelling 96 miles of the West Highland Way in Scotland to generate funds for charity and raise awareness of the incurable cancer he has been battling for more than two years.

Darren was diagnosed with cancer at the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary in July of 2021, after which he was transferred to The Christie Hospital, a specialist cancer facility in Manchester. Here, his diagnosis was confirmed as Pseudomyxoma Peritonei (PMP), a little known and rare type of cancer.

After over two years of his own personal battle against the disease, Darren took things to the next level by walking the West Highland Way to raise funds for The Christie, a charity that supports the work of the specialist hospital that has been treating Darren.

“I decided to undertake this gruelling challenge with my wife Amanda, daughter Courtney and sister Joanne to raise awareness and support research for this rare and still underfunded cancer,” Darren said.

The route from Milngavie to Fort William took the team five days to walk. It traverses some of Scotland’s most picturesque scenery; from countryside parks and loch-shores to open moorlands and steep mountains.

The team has now completed the challenge but donations are still open and can be made through Darren’s Just Giving page. Darren has so far raised more than £13,000 for the charity.

“I hope and trust people can support such a worthy cause with a donation; this would be very much appreciated,” Darren said. “The walk was tough, but it was both the best and worst week of our lives!”

Jane Rixon, Large Format Production Business Development at HP added: “We have nothing but admiration and respect for Darren and his family and their decision to take on such a challenge. What an amazing achievement!” www.hp.com



A favourite Quick Print Pro supplier with the best coil/spiral expertise. Manufacturing 45 coil colours in any length up to one metre, in diameters from 6mm up to 50 mm.

Phone or email for samples and pricing.

Home of Bio COIL, the exclusive recyclable and biodegradable binding solution. Repairs, maintenance and safety checks on a vast range of finishing kit. 020 8810 5770 • sales@pdcuk.com • www.pdcuk.com




Faster time to colour and automated colour-matching process guarantee colour consistency and repeatability using HP Indigo Spot Master and other automated colour calibrations. On-the-fly job colour scorecard and colour performance reports

Up to four times faster colour calibration while printing based on higher frequency Spectrophotometer.


Faster RIP engine ~ 25% improvement Integrated variable data engine

• No “expiration date” as in preprimed material.

Peter Jolly UK & Ireland Manager HP Indigo: “We are delighted to continue our long standing partnership with Baker Labels. For many years Baker has been an early engager in HP Indigo technology, for example being one of the first label based printing companies to install an HP Indigo 20000 flexible packaging press; and now continuing that investment in innovation with HP Indigo 6K with inline primer.” “What is always an added bonus is working with Baker Labels team is always such a pleasure. A brilliantly proactive and positive team, led from the front by Steve Baker.

printing labels with HP since 2006. This latest investment in the HP Indigo 6k will be the 9th HP press purchased by Steve Baker since then. The acquisition is an upgrade to the HP Indigo WS6800 purchased in 2014 and represents Bakers’ continued trust in the innovation and quality of the Indigo presses.

In preparation for the installation, the digital area had to have a major shuffle around to make space for the

remove the outgoing HP Indigo. The experienced teams from Bakers and HP worked efficiently over several days to ensure that the disruption to production was kept to a minimum. The digital department currently boasts three HP Indigo presses and two Screen Inkjets. In addition, the flexible packaging division BakPac hosts an HP indigo 20k press. A flexographic Nilpeter FB3 completes the fleet of reel to reel label presses.

• Web based user interface allowing access to the DFE from any computer on the network without the need to install multiple ‘clients’


• Enables easy on-demand treatment of substrates.

• Print on nearly any substrate.

• Eliminates the need for additional processes.

• Simplify inventory management.

Steve Baker, Managing Director, said, “This latest HP Indigo 6k press with ILP was a natural progression as we needed to update our original 6800. It’s our first to include an in-line primer unit — we currently coat our materials offline, so this gives us a few more options. We have a policy of ensuring our staff have the best equipment to produce top quality work with the least number of issues. This install will ensure the digital division is covered for a few more years.”



Book printer CMP (UK) has confirmed its commitment to versatile and responsive, fast turnaround, short run production with investment in a Horizon HT-300 iCE Trimmer from IFS.

Established in 1995, the Poole, Dorset, operation offers a vast array of book printing services to publishers and self-publishing authors. Producing high quality soft and hard back books in black and white, full colour or a mix of the two, its mission is to provide an unrivalled publishing service, with regards to both cost and print finish. It operates two Canon colour digital presses and three Canon VarioPrint mono digital presses.

Paul Dawe, Owner and Managing Director, explains the investment: “The Horizon HT-300 iCE Trimmer was chosen to introduce production and financial efficiencies and respond to a number of operational challenges. We want to deliver more responsive services and, when it is harder and harder to find good people, investing in the best highly automated equipment helps us achieve that cost effectively.”

Richard Johnson, Client Service Director, continues: “We have been having a lot of success in the publishing market and in a post Covid environment there is an emphasis on short run orders being placed more frequently. That is something digital print is perfectly placed to meet. The Horizon HT-300 iCE Trimmer replaced two Horizon HT-30C trimmers and tripled our productivity. It has helped streamline throughput and enabled us to expand our capacity. We can be more flexible and that in turn supports our clients as we can more easily react to their needs.”

CMP (UK)’s Horizon HT-300 iCE Trimmer runs at 1,100 books per hour and offers fast set up and reduced operator touch points. It incorporates iCE LiNK cloud based workflow that provides access to an intuitive easy to use dashboard that reports real time production analysis for improved efficiency and profitability, remote update capabilities and scheduled maintenance resulting in less downtime. The information is accessible via smartphone, tablet or desktop PC

and the software is designed for integration with MIS systems.

The Horizon HT-300 iCE Trimmer joins a Horizon BQ-470 Perfect binder and Paul says: “We chose the Horizon HT-300 iCE Trimmer because we have had other Horizon solutions and the team is comfortable running them. We put the system through its paces at IFS’s showroom and immediately saw the impact it would have on production. The iCE LiNK will help futureproof us as we continue to invest in the bindery over the next 24 to 36 months. We will be able to join up any new additions together and measure what we are achieving.”

The installation was quick and easy adds Richard: “It was seamless - we were up and running almost straight away. It is three times more productive than the two trimmers it replaced and so we can better support our existing clients as well as confidently look to win new work.” www.ifsl.uk.com

From left, Paul Dawe, Owner and Managing Director, and Richard Johnson, Client Service Director

Your Christmas Hub Is Now Live

Explore our FREE all-in-one Christmas Hub designed to help support your business this festive season!

- Dedicated Product Range

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The NEW SC6500 follows on from the successful launch of the SC6000 earlier this year, adding to Intec’s compact cutter range and is packed with new features! The SC6500 is simple to use, more productive and extremely energy efficient, helping to cut operation costs — possibly one of the most energy efficient, production cutters, in the market today!

The SC6500 enables digital, on demand cutting and creasing, at a truly affordable price point for a range of applications. This allows printers and manufacturing operations to quickly and easily

adapt any artwork, to cut shapes without a physical die and can be placed at the end of a production line. Its aims to provide a sensible and cost effective solution for the manufacturing and production sector of the market, with its new ‘no wires’ working approach.

Providing rapid processing of card projects up to 350micron, packaging and kiss-cut labels, the system boasts a 1,000 sheet auto-feed stacker, vacuum suction pick-up belt and media collection tray to offer true, unattended production. Coupled with this, the new SC6500 provides

excellent media feeding with a range of new features included in the new Media Control Centre to ensure faultless feeding. Features include; gravity restack timing and stack height adjustment, sheet separation with air-blade power adjustment, vacuum belt pickup control and sheet transport speed settings.

Mark Baker-Homes, Intec general manager states, “The SC6500 is a very exciting new addition to our compact digital cutter range. This model is the first release that hosts a new high powered controller and expanded graphics interface. The SC6500 is packed with a host of new features and its energy efficiency is second to none! Because of this it can be


Mutoh Europe has announced introduction of the Mutoh XpertJet 1462UF in the EMEA market. This six colour (C, M, Y, K, White, Varnish) UV LED flatbed direct to object printer with moving gantry has a table size of 1,420 mm (55.9”) x 700 mm (27.5”) and can print onto objects up to 15 cm (5.91”) thick. The print table integrates a four zone vacuum bed, supporting weights up to 50 kg/m².

Previewed at Fespa 2023, the new XpertJet 1462UF A1+ flatbed printer is an addition to Mutoh’s existing award winning XpertJet A3+ and A2+ desktop direct to object printers. Next to a larger print table, the XPJ-1462UF features two print heads and two brand new extra wide UV lamps to drastically enhance high quality multi-layer print productivity. The new printer will cater a wide range of requirements, including 2.5D direct to object, industrial, packaging, awards and sign and display printing, including ADA compliant braille.

Stephan Heintjens, Product Marketing and Product Application manager for Mutoh Europe comments: “Feedback on our new printer from the prelaunch at FESPA has been very positive. We are extremely excited about this printer and are delighted to make it available to the Europe, Middle East and Africa markets. Having this new XpertJet 1462UF printer means that Mutoh now offers a complete direct to object range covering small format as well as the new bigger format, which is a perfect match for the popular 70x100 cm screen printing format. The XpertJet 1462UF has a sturdy and precise chassis for extremely precise ink dot placement and high quality print results.”

He continues “With the XpertJet 1462UF, we have drastically increased the overall productivity to meet the quality and speed requirements of the size. The printer has two print heads on board mounted in a staggered setup and

used as a standalone device, placed anywhere there is a power source, in any production or manufacturing environment!

The SC6500 now offers working modes; DIRECT — using Intec’s industry acclaimed ColorCut Pro software direct from a PC or HELD mode (standalone operation) where jobs can be stored internally or on a USB stick, so anyone can process a stack of printed sheets! Simply wheel the cutter to any point of your production environment, or remote location, plug in to a mains outlet or run using a standalone power/solar pack, load with media, click SCAN on the 7” touch screen and run! www.intecprinters.com


four zone vacuum table has holes to fix jigs, allowing great flexibility in media selection. The printer is powered by our VerteLith genuine RIP software”.

“This is a machine that will prove to be very attractive to lots of businesses, in particular screen printers looking to add more digital direct to object printing to their workflow and industrial printers wanting to add more versatility and colour to their services, concludes Stephan Heintjens. www.mutoh.eu

Scan or click to download brochure
www.paper.co.uk Premier Paper & Materials, Delivered by Experts Splendorgel A range of ultra-fine papers and boards with a smooth, velvety surface. Splendorgel is available in two stunning shades, Extra White and Avorio, for use on HP Indigo, colour laser and litho print technologies; the perfect solution for wedding stationery, menus and much more. Contact your local Premier branch or visit www.paper.co.uk for more information and samples.


Mimaki Europe has announced the development of a new direct-to-film (DTF) printer, the TxF300-75. The new system incorporates the stability and functionality of Mimaki’s first DTF printer, the TxF150-75, while delivering new levels of productivity with print speeds that are three times higher.

Mimaki’s intention, when entering the DTF market earlier this year, was to offer customers a stable, efficient DTF platform that incorporates Mimaki’s renowned quality standards. In line with the original machine, the new TxF300-75 meets these objectives, whilst catering to a diverse set of printing demands, including larger companies requiring higher volumes of high quality output.

“We believe in giving customers choice and anticipating their needs, which is why we are expanding our DTF printer line up hot on the heels of the inaugural system.” explains Arjen Evertse, General Sales Manager, Mimaki Europe. “The TxF300-75 has been designed to offer even greater productivity. The innovative 80cm width introduced with our first DTF printer remains a feature of this new system, enabling customers to print more efficiently.”

The reliability of the Mimaki DTF printer series is achieved through the built in ink circulation system that prevents white ink clogging, and a degassed ink pack, lowering the risk of poor ink jetting. The new printer also includes core Mimaki features, including NCU (Nozzle Check Unit) and NRS (Nozzle Recovery System) for stable, uninterrupted print production. The DTF process also enables customers to print on a wider range of fabric such as cotton, mixed fabric, polyester, and dark coloured fabrics.

In line with Mimaki’s sustainability goals, the TxF300-75 utilises Mimaki’s PHT50 pigment inks which are ECO-PASSPORT certified - validating their lower environmental impact and meeting the requirements for OEKO-TEX certification.

Distributed in the UK and Ireland by Hybrid Services, the company’s sales director, Andrew Gregory, welcomes the addition to the line up. “Since its launch, the TxF150-75 has been an

overwhelming success, receiving a very positive response from the market. It’s exciting to be able to announce the higher production machine joining the range, and we look forward to seeing it later in the year.”

The new TxF300-75 will be commercially available in the UK and Ireland in Q4 2023.

Companies looking to gain a greater understanding of how Mimaki’s direct to film printers can help their business can contact Hybrid through its website.



Xeikon has announced the introduction of a new high-productivity and highly automated dry toner press aimed specifically at volume label printing with the highest quality. Xeikon LX3000 model, affectionately known as The LION, was presented to the public for the first time during Labelexpo Europe 2023 in Brussels. Built for a web width of 330mm, the Xeikon LION LX3000 is a five-colour dry toner press developed as the answer to customer demands for higher productivity and more cost-effective solutions for mass production of high-quality digital labels. Visitors to the trade show had the opportunity to experience first-hand its cutting-edge 42 m/ min operation. This is a 40% speed increase from Xeikon’s current 30 m/min capability. Its automated, precise quality control ensures that the final product meets the highest standards without manual intervention.

The Xeikon LX3000 features Xeikon’s innovative Cruise Control System, which utilises advanced vision technology and artificial intelligence to continuously monitor and automatically adjust print production settings. Cruise Control checks, adjusts, and reports on five key settings to ensure precise colour registration, print station densities, and consistency with the set colour reference. as production quality is depending on external (environment, substrate, operator) and internal (print process) factors. If the quality does not meet customer expectations, an automatic notification is generated and printed alongside the print. This physical marking can drive next actions in the following steps of the manufacturing processes. Additionally, it provides quantitative data for

workflows even further.

According to Frank Jacobs, Senior Product Manager, the new Cruise Control System significantly enhances press efficiency and productivity, reducing waste and allowing operators to focus on higher-level tasks. “Brand owners have grown accustomed to the advantages of digital printing, including unmatched flexibility, great quality, and rapid delivery. Now, with the reliability of Xeikon’s toner technology, which comes with highly accurate variable repeat length, coupled with the LION’s powerful performance and Cruise Control for 100% perfect output, label printers can produce higher volumes of highquality work much more cost-effectively.”

As an evolution of Xeikon’s market-leading toner technology, the LION LX3000 can print on a broad range of self-adhesive substrates without priming and does so using the most food-safe toners in the market today. The print quality also matches

Xeikon’s established high-quality standards, boasting a resolution of 1200 dpi.

The high-end LION is configured with Xeikon’s new ECO toners, which have been formulated with >60% high-grade recycled PET for maximum sustainability. Free from fluorine, Bisphenol A (BPA), TPO and mineral oils, as well as being 100% vegan, ECO toners comply with restrictions around food safety and remain the most foodsafe digital technology, addressing consumers’ concerns about their health and animal welfare.

This innovation is further evidence that Xeikon is fully committed to digitising print manufacturing always adapting to the changing demands of the market and the variable needs of its customers. Furthermore, by boosting the speed of its toner technology for labels, Xeikon is also elevating the breakeven point between digital and conventional printing, allowing customers to capitalise on profitable opportunities in this extremely competitive market.

“Xeikon continues to respond to the specific requirements of our customers, and we increasingly receive larger numbers of requests for more competitive solutions. The Xeikon LX3000 is the result of listening to that valuable feedback, especially from those of our customers who handle higher volumes. Having discussed the new press with some of them in more detail over the past few months, it is clear that this launch is a significant step in the right direction,” adds Jacobs. “We’re very excited about the impact the LION will have on the market and the value it will bring to our customers.”




of time.


Starting from sizes 1800mm x 1600mm, the VeloBlade Nexus is a range of wide-format digital die-cutting systems that operate seamlessly with substrates up to 25mm in thickness. Including; dibond, MDF, fabrics, acrylic and much more! Opening up a vast array of markets for your business to operate in and enabling you to create endless amounts of products with exciting varying materials.

BRAND NEW multi-patented Easymount Hybrid laminator, with unique HOVER technology. Incorporating a traditional roll-fed laminator and atbed applicator. Giving bene ts of both of these applications in one system.

VB-V-69+ VB-V-64+ VB-V-1070+ VB-V-64 VB-V-69
VB-N-1816 VB-N-2516 VB-N-3016
Optional award-winning patented taping system Best Technology 2022 Innovation Masterclass 2022 Print Finishing Equipment Company of the Year 2022/23


Durst Group unveiled full details of a new innovative technology that utilises computer vision and artificial intelligence to take high quality label production to another level. On its stand at Labelexpo the manufacturer demonstrated the Durst Hawk Eye system that is designed to assist operators and automate the print quality. In addition, it significantly reduces set-up time and waste, resulting in enhanced efficiency and a more competitive total cost of ownership (TCO) for the Tau RSC platform printers.

Durst Hawk Eye includes a scanner system, workstation and touch screen monitor. It corrects print mistakes, such as missing nozzles, inline and in real time. In the rare event of a printhead nozzle malfunctioning, in-built artificial intelligence (AI) systems automatically detect and localise any problems without any speed reduction. Neighbouring nozzles then compensate with larger drops to ensure that outstanding print quality is maintained. Operators do not need to complete any set-up and there is no need to print a special test pattern.

Other announcements by Durst at Labelexpo included important ink developments. It is expanding the Tau RSC ink portfolio with the new Tau RSC LED inks. The new ink set, available in CMYK, with optional orange, violet, green and white, is increasing the attractiveness of the Tau RSC press portfolio. By significantly reducing the energy consumption during the operation and by eliminating frequent UV bulb and reflector changes, the overall TCO of the Tau RSC presses becomes even more attractive. The new Tau RSC LED ink combines the excellent print quality and performance of the existing Tau RSC UV ink with Durst Group’s roadmap towards a more sustainable printing industry. It provides reduced energy consumption and a reduction in consumable cost and maintenance time. This results in economic benefits for customers and a reduced ecological footprint. The vivid inks create a huge colour space allowing to precisely reproduce important brand colours.

Durst Group AG Durst has also unveiled the new Tau RSC UV Ink 3 high speed UV inks, formulated without the need for TPO photoinitiator. Durst’s software label ecosystem also featured prominently on the Durst stand. Tau printers are equipped with Durst Workflow Label, prepress and production software, and Durst Analytics, the analytics and monitoring tool, to make the printer a production unit from day one. All Durst software solutions are modular and can be easily managed through a web-based user interface. A browser based VDP editor for creating and managing variable data is available in the workflow.

The show also provided the platform for Durst Group to show live running of the Tau 510 RSCi single pass press, which is equipped with new automation features. The press is equipped with the powerful double white feature, allowing excellent opacity white ink printing at 80m/min.

“Our team of experts are on hand at Labelexpo to provide personalised demonstrations, answer questions and discuss how our solutions can revolutionise customers’ printing operations,” said Martin Leitner, Product Manager of Durst Group. “The Durst Hawk Eye is a game-changer for the digital printing industry. This technology will greatly increase productivity and efficiency, but, more importantly, it will reduce waste and the carbon footprint of our customers. We are thrilled to introduce this innovative solution to the market and provide exclusive information during Labelexpo. www.durst-group.com


The new Coala PVC-free grades are environmentally friendly alternative self-adhesives which give a high visual impact.

Antalis is delighted to introduce the latest additions to their renowned Coala brand - Coala PVC-free self-adhesives. The range, which is now available from stock, includes Coala PP Stick and Coala Paper Stick and provide a more sustainable alternative without compromising on visual impact.

The innovative new ranges are suitable for solvent, UV, or latex printing and come in a variety of materials including paper, polypropylene, or polyester with various adhesion options.

“We are constantly striving to provide our customers with the most innovative and sustainable products on the market,” said Mike Collins, Product Manager at Antalis. “The Coala PVC-free self-adhesives are a testament to our commitment to offer environmentally friendly solutions without sacrificing performance.”

Coala PP Stick is a range of PVC-free polypropylene self-adhesive films designed for (eco) solvent, latex, and UV inkjet printing. It offers excellent printability, dimensional stability, and durability, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. The Coala PP Stick is available with various adhesion options including permanent, removable, and high tack.

Coala Paper Stick is a paper based alternative to self-adhesive PVC vinyl and plastic equivalents. FSC® certified and featuring a water based acrylic adhesive, the paper product is suitable for short term, indoor applications and features a water based acrylic adhesive that allows for easy application and repositioning. Coala Paper Stick is compatible with UV and latex inkjet printing equipment and delivers exceptional print performance.

In addition to the Coala PVC-free self-adhesives, Antalis has also introduced

choice for temporary advertising graphics. With a white, matt, coated surface for better UV inkjet printability and water based, solvent free adhesives, the Orajet films can be applied on multiple surfaces for vibrant advertising for indoor and short term outdoor use.

The Coala portfolio offers a wide range of materials including self-adhesive films, banners, magnetic solutions, papers, synthetic films, wallpapers, and textiles. To aid in selecting the right material for the application, Antalis offers a free Coala swatch book and samples service.

www.antalis.co.uk • contact@antalis.co.uk



Soyang Europe, the manufacturer and distributor of digitally printable wide format and superwide format media and surface coverings, and — through its acquisition of Josero — a supplier of leading edge wide and superwide format print production hardware, has announced that they have been appointed as approved resellers of the VeloBlade range of digital die cutters from leading print finishing manufacturer Vivid Laminating Technologies.

Customers will be able to access the full range of market leading digital cutting solutions through Soyang Europe and Josero. The partnership officially launched at The Print Show 2023.

Soyang Europe and Josero will offer customers access to the entire VeloBlade collection but will primarily focus on the highly popular Nexus range which includes the VeloBlade Nexus 2516, a wide format digital die cutter with a bed size of 2,500mm x 1,600mm. User friendly features on the machine include an automatic cut depth setting, while when combined with a CNC router, the system enables users to work with stocks up to 25mm thick including materials such as Dibond, MDF and acrylic.

To showcase the leading quality of VeloBlade cutting to customers, Soyang Europe and Josero have purchased a VeloBlade Nexus 2516 for live demonstrations at their showroom in Accrington. The machine will also be in action on the Vivid Laminating Technologies stand at The Print Show 2023.

“We have done our due diligence on other solutions and are really excited to be partnering with Vivid on this product,” Soyang Europe and Josero Group Sales Director

Sarah Winterbottom said. “We have worked with Vivid for many years selling their laminator range and we already have a trading relationship. We were flattered when Vivid approached us to discuss expanding this arrangement.

“The fact that VeloBlade machines are manufactured and assembled in the UK is key for us; they are very well built and offer tremendous value for money to users. Our technical team is looking forward to working with customers to help them identify the best solution for their business.”


Lewis Evans, Managing Director of Vivid, adds: “We are delighted to strengthen our relationship with a great company. We have worked with Soyang Europe and Josero previously on our Easymount machines and it was a really sensible move to partner with them on our VeloBlade range.

“They have a space in their portfolio for a top quality digital cutter and router. We

fit the bill mainly because of the aftercare service we offer at Vivid. If they were to buy in kit from abroad, customers would not get the support that they require and Soyang Europe and Josero pride themselves on. Vivid is able to offer high quality support with our expert customer service team in the UK.

“It’s not just the quality of the product but how well their customers will be looked after when the sale completes.”

Lewis also spoke about the potential to expand the relationship with Soyang Europe and Josero further, saying that like Vivid, the company is committed to ongoing R&D to bring more solutions to market.

“The people that work at Soyang Europe and Josero was one of the main drivers behind the new deal,” Lewis said. “Like us, they are very forward thinking and committed to developing new and innovative products. They know there will be new products coming soon from us that they can add to their portfolio and offer to their customers.”

Vivid launched its brand new VeloBlade Board Runner at The Print Show. This solution will autofeed the substrate onto all models in the VeloBlade range, removing the need for manual hand loading by operators.




Remember the film? It was an advertising slogan back in the day, probably for Kodak or one of the other prominent retailers, and a pretty good one as far as catchphrases go. Martin Christie brings film back to life.

It is probably hard to imagine these days, but back then, when packing for the holidays, you might remember to chuck a camera in the bag but forget to check it had a film in it, or even if it did, had any more than a couple of frames left on the roll. Back then, the camera only came out for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, Christmas, etc. — and often the contents stayed inside, unprocessed until the very last shot, when the results could often come as a complete surprise.

In the last days of film, it probably saw more use when high street minilabs made the whole print thing more convenient. But then digital came along, and within a few years, all of those snappy snap outlets were gone.

Of course, the film didn’t go away; it was still there — all 160 years of it. It was still a specialist occupation for much of its first century. Even later, with the introduction of consumer cameras, it was never the ubiquitous recorder of everything that today’s lenses appear to be, but still, over that length of time, a large slice of human life and history is still preserved in a solid format. It might be in an old shoebox in a dusty attic, but it is still there and very real and long-lasting. Celluloid is a pretty tough material, although it is susceptible to fire. It can be cleaned up of most other elements and restored from the ravages of time.

So my point is, if you don’t already, why not take a look at film? We are all looking for additional sources of revenue in an uncertain and competitive marketplace. You don’t have to process it; just look at scanning and printing the stuff that already exists. The hard work has been done, and if you’ve followed this column and advice on using Photoshop and Lightroom to prepare images for print or just digital transfer, there is no real difference other than how you receive the original picture.

In many ways, developed film is a lot easier to edit than much of the digital output you will be faced with. It’s not confused by electronic guesswork at the point of capture. If you didn’t get your exposure settings correct, you didn’t get a picture. Even the most basic instant film cameras had preset settings that virtually guaranteed a result — if you could see the subject, the film could too. Similarly, while it might not be as sharp as it could be, it was likely to be more or less

in focus. And film is what it is — an obvious size rather than something that looks good on a phone but turns out to be nothing more than a thumbnail.

Only the traditional division between photography and print keeps the two disciplines apart, and I’ve always argued that with the advent of digital, the dividing lines are blurred and barely worth noting. It’s only the additional kit that is required, and that isn’t a major investment compared to others you may have made in the past. For under a thousand pounds, you can get a top-of-the-range flatbed film scanner that can scan film and normal reflective items to a high quality.

Years ago, even Xerox thought scanning film was a useful addition to a copier and had a little projection device that could throw a transparent image onto the standard glass. The quality wasn’t great, but the idea was good. Flatbed film scanners work by having an additional light in the hood to illuminate the film. The cheaper ones tend to have a smaller aperture and are slower; the better ones have a full A4 capability.

Photographers tend to prefer dedicated film scanners, which are very good but limited to 35mm film strips.

The advantage of the flatbed is that it can take larger film formats or anything similar that can’t be scanned by conventional means, including old parts catalogues that used to be recorded on clear acetate, blueprints and any light-sensitive sheets, so it’s very flexible.

So, if you don’t know already, it’s worth checking out your nearest film processor — if one exists — and what they can offer. The bonus ball is that an old film archive, professionally scanned, is likely to contain precious memories that would look good in large prints, canvas or other items you already provide as a service. A 35mm negative or slide should be capable of enlarging to A1 if processed at sufficient resolution and on a suitable quality scanner. There are less capable budget scanners that people can buy for as little as £50, and these are fine for an economy job if you don’t mind a purple sky and orange skin. As with anything digital, you get the results you pay for, and no amount of magic can do anything about it, despite what some people claim.


As an old film photographer who went digital, I’ve spanned both worlds and have boxes full of negatives from the last century, so I’ve always had a film scanner to catalogue the archives. More recently, I have upgraded to a more top-of-the-range one, in this case, the Epson V700, now superseded by the V800 and V850 in the range, and this has the specification worth going for because it’s just faster and can handle larger films and more of them at the same time. Loading the film is the most time-consuming bit, and if you can save that time and walk away and leave it to do its job for half an hour, it becomes much more efficient.

The other big issue with scanning film used to be image editing. It was the same in darkroom days trying to get a decent print out of a less-than-perfect negative and I always cringe when people tell me about the magic of film because I can remember the hours of painstaking work under the red light just trying to rescue one perfect print from a tray full of rejects.

Scanning software hasn’t developed massively, but Adobe has, and that’s really made the difference, and that’s why I’m promoting this topic. The trick is just to let the scanner scan and do the trick stuff on Photoshop or Lightroom afterwards, whichever you are comfortable with.


As usual, customers always provide some perfect examples to illustrate this column. First, our friends at Classic Trial Magazine had an assortment of historic colour slides and even older black-and-white negatives, which were needed for print, so they came to us for help. As a vintage dirt bike rider, I have the additional knowledge of exactly what colour a 1970s Bultaco trials bike should be, as well as some of the branded riding gear of that era.

If you are just dealing with an average photo, you can probably get away with having the grass green and the sky blue, as no one will remember exactly what the day looked like. But with something more specific, it’s important to have a more accurate reproduction, which is where a high-resolution scan matched with the latest software does the trick.

The colour shot was taken in the Highlands of Scotland in May when the weather can still be a little wintery, which


is why the original may look a little cold and blue. By isolating the subjects and separating them from the background, I warmed the scene up and gave the action some direct impact. I may not have the heather exactly the right hue, but the bike and rider are perfect. The monochrome is from a decade earlier, and I have been able to make exposure adjustments that wouldn’t have been possible in a camera at the time. The dilemma is whether to expose for the action in the foreground or the landscape behind it. It’s always a compromise that would test even a modern lens. Because the balance is in the bike, the rest of the image is underexposed, what we used to call a thin negative where the celluloid is almost transparent in places. With a little bit of magic, a much more interesting view is revealed.


The final example is more extreme, from a customer who has shot a Brighton street scene at night in a small thoroughfare that is dimly lit at the best of times.

The film has been pushed beyond its recommended limits, so it’s quite grainy in development but, despite that, retains a relatively seamless quality rather than a digital file, which would create a confusion of coloured pixels.

Remember, unlike a negative, digital cannot see black and white, the two extremes of the spectrum. It has to put colour in or at least a shade of grey.

But perhaps the most important difference between film and digital is one we don’t yet know anything about — how long will a pixel last? At least film gives you something you can hold in your hand and doesn’t need the help of a

technology that, like the floppy discs or even a CD, may become obsolete and unreadable.

In Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, made in 1982, long before digital imaging was a reality, Rutger Hauer has travelled the galaxy and seen amazing things all stored in his electronic brain, but he knows when it is shut down for the last time, they will all be gone forever. “All those moments will be lost in time” he says “like tears in rain.”

© John Hulme, Yoomee Archive
Before After
After © Colin Bullock


ArtSystems, the Nottingham based specialist systems distributor and service provider, has announced that Bradley (Brad) Davis has been promoted to Service Operations Manager. This new role allows more effective use of resources and will contribute to further improving the service quality and effectiveness of the Technical Service Team.

Brad has worked for over 10 years in the Technical Services Team progressing from Administrator to Team Leader. During this time, he has built an enviable reputation for professionalism and friendliness.

On his appointment, Lorna Brindley, Technical Service Manager at ArtSystems, comments: “It has been a real pleasure to be able to reward Brad’s unstinting efforts and performance over the years and see him progress to this key position — not only within the team, but within the company as a whole.

“I’ve no doubt whatsoever that he will continue to excel as he has done in his previous roles within ArtSystems. He is a great colleague and is highly respected amongst our customers for the efforts he goes to when providing technical support.” www.artsystems.co.uk


In another senior appointment announcement, Compass Business Finance has unveiled Ken Archbold as Head of Credit. Ken has a wealth of experience in credit and underwriting, as well as working with broker channels.

Over the next three to five years, Compass is looking to double the amount of money it is putting into the market via its own book and intermediaries. To achieve this Compass is making sure it has the right people in place, along with the systems and processes to support its relational approach to finance, providing customers with the best possible solutions for their businesses.



Development Director for the past seven years.

“I am relishing the chance to bring that entrepreneurial role and spirit further into finance and to mirror how the directors Mark, Jamie and David and the team do things differently in the way they transact their business.

“Compass is an incredibly entrepreneurial company,” said Ken, who joins Compass from Metro Bank (UK) where he had been Business


Richard Buxton has more than two decades of experience in the print industry, having previously worked at Minuteman Press. industry knowledge, Richard is an excellent fit for the Customer Accounts Team. He will be your go-to person for any questions or assistance you may need regarding embroidery and garment printing orders.

In the coming weeks, Richard will be actively reaching out to customers to introduce the numerous benefits that their Customer Accounts Team can provide. trade@tradeembroidery.com www.tradeembroidery.com

“Compass is particularly well known in print, packaging and engineering and has a really close relationship with their customers, partners and suppliers. They know the industry inside out, which will be a big learning curve for me. I am looking forward to bringing my experience into Compass to help further expand its capabilities”.

Mark Nelson, Compass Director,

said: “With core strengths in credit and underwriting, Ken also has a wealth of experience in working with broker channels, and will be supporting growth in that area of our business. He is a fantastic addition to our business as we continue to grow in our markets, where his knowledge and understanding in construction and transportation will be particularly welcome. Ken enjoys meeting customers, understanding their businesses and making deals happen. This fits perfectly with our relational approach to finance.”

Ken is married and has two children. He lives in Esher, Surrey.



Domino Printing Sciences (Domino) is continuing its commitment to corporate social responsibility and excellence in customer service with the creation of a dedicated new role to support customers with their sustainability targets. Thomas Guerriero has been appointed Group Customer CSR Manager.

The announcement follows the recent appointment of Jessica Büttner as Group Environmental Impact Manager. As part of the newly developed corporate social responsibility (CSR) team, Guerriero will work alongside Domino’s customer base to identify CSR targets and set goals for reducing production waste and improving their environmental performance.

Guerriero says about his new role: “I am passionate about CSR, and I am excited to work with our customers as they embark on their own sustainability journeys. Organisations worldwide are feeling the pressure of becoming more CSR and sustainability orientated — this naturally includes a variety of topics such as doing more for our people and our society.

“We aim to have as much of a positive impact as possible. This also applies to reducing our impact on the environment by focusing, amongst many things, on becoming more energy efficient, reducing our carbon footprint, and reducing waste. Setting supporting sustainability targets and achieving them is not straightforward, yet it is crucial in today’s landscape, and we are determined to walk this way.”

A key focus of the new role will be working with Domino’s sales channels to equip them with the training and resources needed to identify and develop sustainable growth opportunities for Domino and its customers. Guerriero will also be responsible for progressing Domino’s EcoVadis and Sedex accreditation roadmaps. www.domino-printing.com

Richard Buxton, left, with Jake Adams
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Practice saying YES to seasonal sales enquiries for Christmas raffle tickets. Prize draws are so numerous, and you can win big by supplying the tickets.

Raffle Tickets Direct are suppliers of raffle ticket printing and deal direct and online. The full online shop allows you to choose your tickets and get them printed fast, efficiently and on-time for your event.

Raffle Tickets Direct do not use metal staples to fix the books. All tickets are glued within the stub making your customers tickets 100% recyclable.

Most popular tickets are 205mm x 75mm and are printed on white 80 gsm paper and finished in books of five tickets. Delivery is five working days however if you need your tickets faster use the Raffle Tickets Direct Express three working day delivery service selected at the checkout.

Raffle tickets are not just for Christmas, check out the year-round products. www.RaffleTicketsDirect.co.uk


Less than 80 print days before Christmas, Time to lead by example with your own business opening hours flyers, personalised cards, calendars and more to show off your wares and encourage your customers to join in. Nothing wrong with making a few more beer tokens whilst spreading some cheer and seasonal goodwill.

Over the next three months we will be sharing our print trade suppliers recommendations on these pages and you are invited to join in the spirit with your Christmas pressie tips.


CHRISTMAS SPREAD Welcome to the home of the best blogs in print
+44 (0)1582 671444 www.themagictouch.co.uk

QPP — making a seasonal song and dance about new products for Christmas


Glistening Foils • Laminating Place Mats and Menus • Calendar

Punching and Binding • Creasing Cards • Perforating Tickets

Printers Mart have the kit for that… 01484 860 620 • info@printersmart.co.uk www.PrintersMart.co.uk


No Christmas is complete without gifts, treats and extra special touches – after all, it comes round only once per year!

Step into the enchanting world of the holiday season with the exquisite Eat My Logo Christmas range of branded corporate treats.

As the most magical time of the year approaches, EML have meticulously curated a collection that captures the spirit of giving and reflects the essence of your customers businesses. From elegant keepsakes to practical and luxurious essentials, the thoughtfully designed gifts are sure to delight clients, employees, and business partners alike.

Embrace the joy of giving with our personalised offerings, each bearing your company’s distinctive logo, ensuring a lasting impression that will kindle the warmth of the festive season in their hearts. www.eatmylogo.co.uk/product-category/christmas-collection/


Christmas is coming, print in gloss and matt. This year you can make it the best Christmas yet if you can anticipate your customers needs and make the most of any opportunities heading your way.

Take a Route1 trip to their dedicated Christmas Hub for free tools, resources, and tips to help you do just that.

Christmas Print Products: Find all the products you’ll need this holiday season in one place, from classic greetings cards to all the print accessories needed for a knockout Christmas party. Now that is fighting talk.

Christmas Artwork: Use the Route1 range of free templates to help with your customers Christmas greetings and presents design work or treat yourself to the festive product images to use on your site, no charge, royalty free after all it is Christmas.

Choose from a sleigh load of greetings cards, wrapping paper, gift tags, stickers, labels vouchers. Christmas offer flyers and foiled cards too.

Download the print ready artwork for your own Christmas Catalogue, use this on your website and eshots too. Don’t stop at gifting when there are more print opportunities in event tickets, place name cards, invites, menus, welcome posters and banners.

More Santa specials next issue, until then further your research at www.route1print.co.uk/christmashub

ALWAYS FIRST TO FINISH FINISHINGSTARTSHERE ifsl.uk.com invest@ifsl.uk.com 020 8997 8053 AUTOMATION AT YOUR FINGERTIPS INSTANT PRICES Tel: 0151 259 1221 peter@promotionalmugs.co.uk



Solopress has unveiled Soloflo — a groundbreaking

API designed to vastly improve third-party print procurement processes. With Soloflo, businesses that sell print produced by Solopress can effortlessly channel orders straight from their customer into the Solopress workflow, dramatically enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

Simon Cooper, Managing Director of Solopress, remarks, “In the print industry, where timing, accuracy, and efficiency are critical, Soloflo will be a game changer. We’ve designed it with our customers in mind, especially those who resell printed materials. It makes their ordering process much more straightforward and less prone to errors.”


Existing APIs on the market often fall short when it comes to offering flexible integration, facilitating effortless updates and working with existing SKUs. Solopress has entered this space with a determination to provide a truly user-friendly solution.

Traditionally, resellers of Solopress products grappled with manually transcribing customer orders onto Solopress’s platform or liaising with account managers. Soloflo eradicates manual order inputs.

Elaborating on its merits, Cooper notes, “Soloflo’s core benefit lies in its ability to allow orders received by customers to flow directly into our system. Its flexibility and convenience represent a significant advantage that will make Solopress a more sought-after print supplier to customers who prefer to order in this way.”

Soloflo overcomes challenges tied to system updates and shifting SKU codes. “System updates and changing SKUs have been a common frustration with other print APIs. Soloflo alleviates this issue with a user-friendly, easy-to-maintain system that integrates whatever SKUs the customer already uses,” explains Cooper. “And importantly, we commit to automating updates and providing advance warnings of any price changes.”


The idea behind Soloflo can be traced back to feedback gathered at The Print Show 2022. Recognising a palpable demand for a bespoke API, Solopress rose to the occasion, with plans to debut Soloflo at The Print Show 2023.

Soloflo’s adaptability is evident in its capacity to serve businesses requiring a ready-made plugin or those needing a bespoke, coded API for seamless integration.

Cooper amplifies this sentiment, asserting, “While our primary audience may be print resellers, we recognise that our customers may define themselves differently, such as media procurement agencies or tech start-ups. Soloflo caters to anyone who needs print production and recognises the benefits of automating the ordering process.”

More information can be found at solopress.com/soloflo, where those interested in this solution will be able to view API documentation, request access to a staging environment, or book a consultation to discuss a custom integration. www.solopress.com


Soloflo is a versatile and adaptive API solution that offers time and cost-saving benefits to print resellers, agencies, start-ups, or any business involved with third-party print procurement.


Get up and running with quick integration, whatever your e-commerce platform, via custom code, an API key, or an off-the-shelf plug-in.


Sit back as Soloflo auto-updates, integrates SKU codes without remapping, and sends progress reports directly to recipients.


A dedicated account manager means you can discuss specific issues and bespoke products with someone who understands your business.




Premier Paper has announced its contribution in supporting the Queen B’s Calendar Girls initiative, created by the Queen B’s group and their founder, Bev Nibbs. The calendar aims to raise funds for the esteemed Primrose Hospice & Family Support Centre, which provides vital care and assistance to individuals and families in need.

Bev Nibbs, a Hypnotherapist and Breath work Instructor, established the Queen B’s group in September 2021 with the mission of empowering women over 50 who faced various challenges following the impacts of COVID-19 and multiple lockdowns. With a passion to make a positive difference, Bev envisioned a community where like-minded women could come together, have fun, and create lasting memories. The group’s activities have been incredibly diverse, ranging from a dedicated choir, 70s disco dance classes, book club, cookery classes, and crafts, to adventurous pursuits like paddle boarding, canoeing, golf, theatre trips, wellbeing retreats, mountain climbing, and pole fitness. The Queen B’s group has since flourished into a thriving community of inspiring women who support one another and foster genuine friendships.

Bev Nibbs, the founder of Queen B’s, expressed her profound gratitude for the members’ contributions and friendship. She shared, “The Queen B’s have no idea how much I value their contribution and friendship.”

Michelle, one of the enthusiastic members of

the Queen B’s group, also spoke highly of the community, saying, “I have met beautiful, caring women who are supportive in all aspects. It’s so comforting to be surrounded by like-minded women. Honoured is the one word I can use to sum up how I feel being part of this group.”

The Queen B’s Calendar Girls initiative showcases its stunning artwork and imagery using the remarkable properties of Essential Silk. With its distinctive un-calendered silk finish and exceptional bulk, Essential Silk offers a truly luxurious look and feel to the calendar pages.

The Calendar Girls project showcases not only the members’ creative expressions but also their dedication to making a difference in the lives of others. Each purchase of the calendar will directly


The announcement of Premier and Drytac’s exclusivity deal, will see impressive ranges like SpotOn, now readily available as part of Premier’s product offering throughout the UK and via GPMI in Ireland.

Drytac SpotOn is a trademarked brand of monomeric film, that represents a game changing advancement in adhesive technology. This unique product features a dot pattern removable adhesive that is virtually undetectable yet offers unparalleled ease of application. It allows graphics to be effortlessly installed, ensuring they remain securely in place for the duration of the application and can be removed without any hassle.

SpotOn’s adhesive properties facilitate straightforward, bubble free application of vibrant graphics onto a wide range of substrates without the need for wet application. Available exclusively from Premier in clear matte, clear gloss, white matte, and white gloss finishes, SpotOn is not only the preferred choice for window graphics but also an ideal solution for short term indoor applications. These include wall graphics, tradeshow graphics, or retail graphics that require seasonal changes.

Brad West, Director Wide Format Media, comments “I’m really excited about our exclusive partnership with Drytac in the UK & Ireland. Premier pride ourselves on delivering first class customer service, the combination of Drytac’s unique materials, technical back up and support alongside Premier’s dedicated delivery fleet, local branch network and experienced sales team just makes perfect sense.”

Premier has made big strides in the visual communications arena and has shown its commitment with several investments, recently including a dedicated Display Graphics Hub in Wellingborough that has a capacity of over

contribute to supporting the exceptional work of Primrose Hospice & Family Support Centre, which provides compassionate care and essential support to individuals and families facing life-limiting illnesses.

“We are thrilled to be part of this incredible initiative,” stated Dave Jones, Group Marketing Director of Premier. “Supporting causes that foster community spirit, empowerment, and compassion aligns perfectly with our company’s values. We commend the Queen B’s group for their dedication and enthusiasm in creating this wonderful calendar, and we hope it will make a significant impact in raising funds for the Primrose Hospice & Family Support Centre.”

The Queen B’s group is a Bromsgrove, Worcestershire based community, and if you would like to join their vibrant and supportive Facebook group, visit Queen B’s. They are always welcoming new members who are eager to have fun, make friends, and contribute to meaningful causes. The Calendar Girls initiative is a shining example of how a community can come together to support a worthy cause while enjoying shared experiences. The calendar will be available for purchase through sponsors of the calendar, with all proceeds going directly to the Primrose Hospice & Family Support Centre. To purchase a copy, visit www.onlinecalendarshop.com www.paper.co.uk

media. It also hosts a Schelling FK6 plastic and composite panel saw, a Cauhe GH 366 heavy duty guillotine and a wall mounted Streibig Saw. “I am looking forward to working with Drytac to help our customers grow their business with initiatives such as the Drytac Academy.” West continues.

To celebrate the exclusive partnership with Drytac and the introduction of SpotOn to Premier’s product portfolio, Premier is excited to announce a limited time promotion. During the last quarter of 2023, customers who place an order for any SpotOn product from Premier, will have the chance to win some great ‘spot’ prizes.


An exciting new range of sustainable metallized paperboard products developed for digital print production www.denmaur.com Please contact your local Denmaur office for further information, swatches, plain and printed samples or visit www.denmaur.com 21_0123 It is a certified plastic free product on a Carbon Balanced board substrate. It’s completely sustainable and 100% recyclable! • A foil board substrate rather than a selective foil embellishment • No limitations in the amount, size, complexity or number of foil colours that can be created at the same time. • Works perfectly on dry toner, inkjet and HP digital presses. • Proven to run at commercial speeds with no build-up of static. • Allows in-line foil embellishment with existing digital press.


At Labelexpo Reel Appeal announced an investment in a Tau RSCi single pass label press from Durst, as it celebrates its 20th year of business. The trade printer is also doubling the size of its digital set-up at its headquarters in Oldham. Installation is set for October.

The Durst Tau RSCi press, the first to be installed in the UK & Ireland, will add important new capabilities and print at twice the speed as more jobs are moved from flexo to digital production. A key reason for the investment was the Durst Tau RSCi’s ability to print at 1200dpi, which will open new markets for Reel Appeal – traditionally a major player in agro-chemical labels — such as hair and beauty.

“We recognised the potential when we first started in digital 10 years ago,” said Reel Appeal’s Managing Director Barry Lewis. “I first saw the Durst Tau RSCi at Labelexpo Americas in Chicago last year. I liked the quality and build and came away with a really good impression. I then went to other manufacturers and did more research, but the RSCi was by far the best quality, had a good total cost of ownership and far more capabilities. I was also really impressed by the set up in that Durst makes the machines from scratch at its headquarters in Brixen, Italy. The 1200dpi will up the print quality, help us to lower ink costs, and will be a door opener into other markets, such as hair and beauty.”

Mr Lewis added: “Digital technology has

revolutionised the label industry and we have been no exception. Without the costly set-up and origination costs, digital printing allows multiple sorts to be easily printed on the same print run however short. The RSCi investment is another huge step forward for our business.”

Simon Cosh, Durst’s UK & Ireland Business

Development Manager, said: “We are delighted to announce this sale at Labelexpo. Reel Appeal will benefit not only from the uplift in quality from the 1200dpi functionality, but also lower ink usage as well as a big increase in capacity that will enable the company to complete longer run work.” www.durst-group.com


Printwear & Promotion LIVE! 2024 will take place from Sunday, February 25 to Tuesday, February 27, 2024, in Hall 1 at the NEC in Birmingham.

Following Datateam’s recent acquisition of the exhibition Sign & Digital UK, from Faversham House Ltd., and the positive response received to a proposed co-location, Printwear & Promotion LIVE and Sign & Digital UK, will run alongside each other in Halls 1 & 2 at the NEC.

Event director, Tony Gardner, commented: “The co-location will be a first for the UK’s sign, display and garment decoration markets. There is a real synergy between the two shows with around 1,000 of the 5,000 visitors to Printwear also attending Sign & Digital, and several exhibitors traditionally exhibiting at both shows. We are very excited about the opportunity that the co-location creates to enhance the two events. Visitors will have more compelling reasons to attend, with the added benefits that a two show experience will bring, and Exhibitors will benefit from an increased audience across the two shows.”

“Consequently, there will a slight alteration of dates for Sign & Digital, from the original 27-29 February. This will see Sign & Digital open on a Sunday for the first time and opens the opportunity for the many buyers who are unable to attend on a traditional working day! The Sunday at P&P LIVE is always the busiest day, with well over 2,000 visiting regularly in attendance!”

SDUK, the UK’s biggest and longest running trade show for the visual communication’s sector, covering signage, print, display, décor and design will be celebrating its 35th edition and has an excellent reputation for connecting exhibitors with a wide range of quality buyers and specifiers.

Printwear & Promotion LIVE 2023 attracted over 110 exhibitors and more

than 5,000 garment decorators, clothing retailers and print service providers attended the show — a 15% increase on 2022.

Tony Gardner said: “Our 2023 exhibition was our first show, since COVID, back in our traditional February slot, and following its success, together with the planned co-location, the 2024 show is already well on course to be a bigger event! Most the industry’s major suppliers have committed to exhibiting, including the return of a couple of the big names that were absent this year!”

Visitor registration for P&P LIVE is due to open in the autumn.

Watch this space.




New and used kit for professional quick print pros

If you are starting to foil, cut corners, bind, jog, band, fold, cut, crease, laminate, encapsulate, UV highlight, fold and perforate, you need to finish with Dumor.

0333 123 0166


agree that it is important to use paper products from sustainably managed forests, and 37% pay attention to forestry certification labels when purchasing paper based products.

67% of consumers believe that only recycled paper should be used to make new paper products, indicating that most don’t understand this practical impossibility. Whilst 49% of the fibre used in the European pulp and paper industry comes from paper for recycling, and fibres are recycled on average 3.5 times, they cannot be recycled indefinitely as they degrade to the point where they can no longer bond together to make new paper. Therefore, an input of virgin fibre from sustainably managed forests is always required in the manufacturing cycle.

The recent research report from Two Sides Europe, the ‘Trend Tracker Survey 2023’, seeks to understand changing consumer perceptions towards print, paper and paper based packaging, looking specifically at their environmental perceptions, reading habits, packaging preferences and attitudes towards tissue products.


The print and paper industry is surrounded by myths, many of which are rooted in historical misconceptions about paper’s impact on forests. The need to bust these myths and raise awareness of paper’s sustainability is now more important than ever.

When consumers were asked to rate several industries/activities and which they believe has the most impact on forests, paper and pulp came out as the least damaging. 49% of European consumers believe that energy/wood fuel has the most impact on forests, up from 47% in 2021. 47% believe urban development (building houses or cities) has

the most impact, 45% palm oil plantations and construction/timber, and 37% believe agriculture/ farming/cattle raising has the most impact. By comparison, only 36% of European consumers believe paper and pulp was the most impactful, a decrease from 45% in 2021.

Agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation, which occurs primarily in tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world. In fact, 73% of deforestation in these regions is due to agriculture. In contrast, European forests, which supply wood for making paper, paper based packaging and many other products, have been increasing in net area at a rate equivalent to 1,500 football pitches every day.


Paper’s core component, wood fibre, is a natural and renewable resource. In Europe, where almost all primary forests are protected, paper comes from sustainably managed forests where the cycle of planting, growing and regenerating is carefully controlled. 67% of European consumers

Over half of consumers surveyed (56%) believe that paper and paper packaging production uses an excessive amount of water. In 2021, around 90% of the water used to produce paper and board in Europe was cleaned and returned to the environment, with the remainder evaporated or retained in the manufactured product.

“Whilst it’s good to see there have been some improvements in consumers’ perceptions, this report shows there remain many misconceptions surrounding print and paper based products’ and their impact on the environment,” says Jonathan Tame, Managing Director, TwoSides Europe. “These misunderstandings make the work we do at Two Sides and Love Paper vital.”

An executive summary of the Trend Tracker Survey 2023 was published in June and is available to industry stakeholders upon request. Visit: www.twosides.info/trendtracker-2023 to register your interest in receiving this summary.

To find out more about the Two Sides campaign, and how you can become a supporter visit: www.twosides.info


After supplying the print trade for over 40 years, Presco has a lot of experience and has seen a lot of changes. We ask Tim Painter for his view on the future of the industry.


At Presco we are really positive about the future of the print industry. There is lots of change and the print companies that are succeeding are the ones that are changing with the market.

Invoice pads, magazines, photocopy services, and so many things that printers once depended on, will never come back. But we are

seeing so many new opportunities emerging.

For example, the move away from

plastic packaging is massive for the print industry. Printed and die-cut packaging looks great and is, most importantly, completely sustainable and recyclable.

New products like this bring challenges; with food packaging we get lots of questions about adhesive tapes that are safe to use and can withstand the temperature variations. This is an area we excel in as our Guarantape range of finishing tapes is fully supported by the needed technical advice and certifications.

We are also seeing a revival of demand for quality printed marketing materials and even

catalogues. Print has an impact that can never be replicated digitally. Technology also gives opportunities to offer personalised print, large format graphics and signage work that was once limited to specialists. We believe that print has a great future - that is why we are making significant investments in products, technology and high stocks to support Presco’s trusted reputation for reliable next-day delivery of print finishing supplies and double-sided tapes.

Suppliers you can trust.

For help, advice and free samples: 01793 716300 • sales@presco.uk www.presco.uk



Do you place orders manually with Route 1 Print or are you looking to outsource your printed items to a trade print supplier in the future?

The latest software designed by Print Seller allows for just that. A robust ecommerce store (branded to your business) that enables you to sell print and design online.

Open your business to taking orders 24/7. The solution will allow you to instantly expand your product range; servicing your new and existing customers.

Deliver products ‘white label’ direct to your customer from your trusted trade print supplier Route 1 Print or allow your customer to collect items direct from your premises. The ecommerce website solution brought to you by www.printreseller.co.uk offers this and so much more.


Print Reseller provides a seamless ecommerce website to Route 1 Print solution allowing your existing and new customers to purchase printed items from your branded online storefront.

Administered via an easy-to-use and highly-efficient website/order management system that will make your life so much easier!

NO MORE manually inputting orders and delivery details, manually uploading artwork, manually dispatching orders, manually sending invoices, manually updating price lists.

The platform has been designed with Quick Print Pro printers/copy shops in mind; not only does it allow you to instantly offer all of the Route 1 product range, but it also allows you to sell products that you may produce in-house or purchase elsewhere.

Give your customers the flexibility to order when it suits them from the comfort of their own home, office, pub, bus or train.

Customers can pay securely online via Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer.


They have 17+ years of experience successfully selling printed goods online; with extensive knowledge of the print industry, together with web expertise to provide a solution that really works for you and your customers. Using the latest web

technology, the bespoke Print Reseller system has been designed from the ground up to seamlessly work with Route 1 Print. The robust solution has been thoroughly tested to ensure a smooth ordering process for both you and your customer.


• Set a per cent mark-up, including a minimum profit margin.

• See your profit margin per product quantity.

• Display prices with or without VAT (dependent on your VAT status).

• Offer a design service and set a design fee per product.

• Download a full breakdown of orders placed and cost to ensure they tally with print supplier invoices.


• Accept Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer.

• Automatic customer invoicing via email, no more manual invoice sending.

• Offer a range of turnarounds and delivery options to your customers, including; delivery to multiple addresses and collection from you if your customer prefers.


• Multiple turnaround times are shown for all products.

• Cut-off times for orders placed to achieve advertised turnaround times can be easily adjusted sitewide to suit your requirements.

An example of a website running the software is: Shropshire Printer


• Flexible Online Ordering — Customers can place orders online at a time to suit them, 24/7.

• Order Management — View and manage your customer orders using a robust order management system.

• Bespoke Orders — Bespoke Orders can be set-up manually for products not listed.

• Full Control — Outsource items to Route 1 Print at the click of a button or print off a job sheet to fulfil inhouse.


• Buy prices regularly pulled in automatically and updated.

• Mark-up all buy prices site wide or per product group.

• Chase outstanding invoices at the click of a button.


• The site is pre-populated for you with available products that can be added or removed from your product range as required.

• Newly released products automatically display in the back end and can easily be added.

• Products discontinued or temporarily unavailable are automatically removed and displayed again when available.

• Do you offer other products? No problem, you can easily upload .CSV files of the other items that you offer.

• With the custom URL links you can direct your customer to the exact product they need, including all finishing options pre-selected for them.

• Closure dates, for example Bank Holidays, can easily be added via the Website Management System so that turnaround times shown on the website take these days into account.

• Order Progress Updates

• The Order Management System has many default email templates which can be sent to the customer at the click of a button, such as; Awaiting Payment, Awaiting Artwork, Action Required, In Production, Order Complete, Order Ready for Collection, Order Dispatched. These can be amended, or new ones created as required.

• Outsourced orders to Route 1 Print that are in production or have been dispatched are automatically updated and will notify your customer via email with courier tracking. You can also manually dispatch orders or notify customers that their order is ready for collection.

For more information, call Print Reseller: 0330 111 9494 www.printreseller.co.uk

QUICK PRINT PRO • OCTOBER 2023 29 www.RaffleTicketsDirect.co.uk Fast FREE 7 day delivery on all orders up to 100,000 tickets The d aw willtakeplace atDrumog Go f Resorton Saturday 25thAugus 2018 Pl o 70o h Gea P i V ch s S nsb D e ham a co C e C a pagne o c a R d&Wh e ne (K d o edb d oth Ga w) 0001 0001 0001 0001 We charge less so you make more 10 Day turn around on larger orders up to 1 million Single Colour to Full Colour Easy Online ordering email: sales@raffleticketsdirect.co.uk or call 01933 411332 Prestige Printing, Unit B, 22-24 Denington Road, Denington Industrial Estate, Wellingborough, Northants, NN8 2QH a A A o e e d n d k b n t p o b M nd y N v b 20 M d W TICKETS£1 each £300 John Lewis Gift Vouchers Meal VouchersHampersChampagne and Chocolates and many more Th d w l k pl e M ad w Hou H spi e n S u a 0th N e be 201 a 3 1 p 0001 0001 CHRISTMAS RAFFLE g 8 CHRISTMAS RAFFLE PRINT NEW PRODUCTS FOR NEW CUSTOMERS To complement your existing print service products, find out how to attract new customers and secure your existing ones. • ESTATE AGENT BOARDS • PHONE COVERS • • POS POINT OF SALE STANDS AND SIGNAGE • • STICKERS • BOXES • LABELS • DISCOVER THE RSR FLATBED UV DIGITAL PRINT RANGE • Multiple choice of substrates • • Rotary print options • • Automatic Digital Cutting Solution • SMALL • TALL • WIDE • AFFORDABLE Design, print and cut board, foam board, vinyl, magnetic, plastic corrugated, reflective materials and, yes, paper too. 01268 784999 sales@repro-Sales.co.uk www.Repro-Sales.co.uk Get to know the RSR range including the Alpha-Jet Plus, Gibson Flatbed and iEcho cutting solution. RSR QP 0721.indd 1 23/06/2021 15:37


Trotec, a leader in laser cutting technology, has announced the latest addition of the SP3000 400 watt large format laser cutter to its flagship demonstration centre in Northeast England. This strategic move aims to serve the growing demand for large format laser cutting solutions in the region and surrounding areas.

To celebrate the new addition, Trotec will host an exclusive Open Event at its Tyne & Wear headquarters on 3rd to 5th October 2023. Businesses currently using large format CNC or outdated laser cutting equipment are invited to put the industrial grade 2210 x 3210 mm SP3000 through its paces and find out how it could improve workflow, product quality or save on production costs.

“We are excited to invest in bringing the SP3000 400 watt large format laser cutter to our flagship showroom,” stated Baljit Dhillon, Managing Director of Trotec Laser UK & Ireland. “Many of our valued customers with large format requirements are based in the north of England. With this addition, we aim to open our doors to more businesses, showcasing how our largest laser cutter can seamlessly support their ambitious business goals.”


The SP3000 laser cutter is an innovation in precision and efficiency. Its 400 watt power and smart OptiMotion path control empowers businesses to transform a diverse range of materials with optimal accuracy and speed. The machine’s large 2210 mm x 3210 mm working area accommodates a wide array of applications, from large displays and signage made from wood or acrylic to architectural models, prototypes for manufacturing and textiles, foils and films for the automotive and medical sectors, to name a few.

Trotec Laser’s Guildford showroom, located in Surrey, also houses the SP3000 400 watt laser cutter system. This reinforces the company’s commitment to providing cutting edge solutions and demonstrations across the UK. The SP3000’s benefits include:

• Exceptional Precision: Achieve intricate detailing and high resolution engravings.

• High Speed Output: Get more done in less time with its rapid processing capabilities.

• Versatile Material Compatibility: Cut and engrave diverse materials with ease.

• Large Format Flexibility: Accommodate substantial materials for larger projects.

• User Friendly Interface: Intuitive controls for seamless operation.

Businesses across various sectors, such as manufacturing, architecture, signage, and design, find value in the SP3000’s capabilities. Its versatility and precision make it a go to tool for bringing innovative ideas to life as well as performing vital production steps during the manufacturing process.

Trotec Laser invites businesses interested in witnessing the capabilities of the SP3000 400 watt large format laser cutter to schedule a no obligation demonstration. To arrange a demonstration and explore the endless possibilities of laser cutting, please call, 0191 580 1182.



Celebrating Halloween at the end of October is tastier than ever. Whether you’re working on customer internal events, staff gifts, themed party days or just a spooky surprise. Eat My Logo have once again got a printing trick to create a treat. EML provide a full range of branded goodies, just add your Halloween themed artwork. www.EatMyLogo.co.uk


the catalogue online, then share with your own customers the 72 pages of sustainable merchandise. Easy Navigation. Debuting Video Feature. Your Trade-Only Supplier for Printed Promotional Merchandise. Request Bespoke Printed or Digital Version. www.pens.co.uk • sales@pens.co.uk • www.snapproducts.co.uk

Looking forward to our next issue in November. NPC New Profit Centre continues to research and share best practice in print. PRINT ON DECKCHAIRS: sorry carried forward due to workload, this resellers package with a choice of special personalised start up kits, is a must. Windbreaks to! PERSONALISED CHRISTMAS: check out this issue centre page Christmas spread.


Boxing clever...

SC6000. A new type of automated cutting, kiss cutting and creasing for lightweight card packaging. The SC6000 is an extremely productive machine, loaded with professional production features and with a very small footprint.

FB775. The premium ColorCut FB775 digital die flatbed cutter is our mid range model producing outstanding speed and accuracy. Incorporating a B2+ cutting table for large format sheet cutting.

FB9000. Ultra-fast performance, automatic flatbed cutter with class-leading forces for both die-cutting & creasing. User friendly, delivering high speed performance and unparalleled media control, with dual tools to cut and crease any shape.

The ColorCut Pro Server Station and ColorCut Pro Production Studio software seriously enhances productivity on all models. QR codes and SmartMarks are generated as part of the ColorCut Pro software plugin which integrates with vector based artwork. The job Library retrieves associated cut files - even for mixed job batch sessions or rotated sheets, while the SmartMark registration delivers incredible accuracy.

0800 1381 882  www.plockmaticgroup.com Produce a wide range of great applications on our versatile and affordable digital cutters
ContactusforaFREE demonstrationorformoreinformation



T: 01442 867600

E: sales@abbotprint.com

W: www.abbotprint.com

Manufacturers of business stationery, books and pads.


T: 01779 470606

E: info@ashgrovetrading.com

W: www.ashgrovetrading.com

Ashgrove is the UK’s friendly and personal specialist supplier of innovative products and solutions for cutting-edge digital printing and finishing techniques, making printers’ lives easier and making print better.


T: +44 (0)1279 638 500

E: sales@atlantic-tech.co.uk

W: www.atlantic-tech.co.uk

Reliable Service & Support. The largest independent printer service and support provider in the UK, supplying an extensive selection of top brands including Azon UV

Flatbed, Mutoh Roll to Roll Solvent and UV

Flatbed printers. Proud to offer a national service and support for Solvent, UV and Latex printers from these leading brands: Mimaki, Ricoh, Azon, Roland, Mutoh and HP.


T: 0870 224 2612

E: marketing@artsystems.ltd.uk

W: www.artsystems.co.uk

HP Latex, HP DesignJets, Epson SureColor printers, MakerBot 3D printers, Summa Cutters, and Onyx Rips.


T: 01277 281900

E: sales@bakerlabels.co.uk

W: www.bakerlabels.co.uk

Baker Labels can handle exceptionally large or surprisingly short print runs and aim to have your order ready within four days of proof approval. The sales and customer service team can assist you in selecting the most appropriate material, adhesive and finish depending on the end use of the product.


T: 01484 542 795

W: www.calf-hey.com

Label manufacturer, trade-only, plain, printed, laminated, barcodes, numbering, one- to fullcolour, we do it all, total label solutions at trade prices. Call for free sample pack.


T: 01895 648 000 • 0844 892 0810

W: www.canon.co.uk/business/ products/production-printers

Enjoy superb image quality and optimised output speeds with the Canon range of digital production printers.

Make light work of demanding print jobs with scalable, modular and innovative commercial printers.

Advanced yet cost-effective, Canon continuous feed printers are perfect for a variety of transactional and graphic arts applications.


T: 01727 852211

E: info@caslon.co.uk

W: www.caslon.co.uk

Business card cutters, Digital print finishing,, Finishing products and systems, Foiling equipment, Print finishing equipment and Thermographic equipment & supplies.


T: 0116 2600777

W: www.cjbpe.co.uk

E: sales@cjbpe.co.uk

CJB Printing Equipment Ltd was formed in 1994 by two directors with over 40 years of combined experience in the printing industry. We are an independent leading supplier of a large comprehensive range of print finishing equipment. The company is now a substantial two-generation family concern with an evergrowing reputation for supplying quality new and used equipment.


T: 01273 674321

E: sales@colourfast.co.uk

Can print and deliver for you in Brighton.


T: 01723 584091

E: sales@duraweld.co.uk

W: www.duraweld.co.uk

Manufacturer of presentation products to package, present and protect printed paper and multimedia. Ring Binders, Tabbed Dividers and Indexes, Files and Folders, Wallets, Polypropylene Boxes, Multimedia Packaging, Self Adhesives and Presentation Ring Binders. Customise to your requirements through screen or litho print, pockets and accessories. Quality service, competitive prices and fast turnaround.


T: 01945 463434

E: sales@elmstok.co.uk

W: www.elmstok.co.uk

A leading worldwide supplier in document presentation systems and finishing equipment including Binding Machines and Supplies, Manual and Electric Guillotines, Laminating Machines and Supplies, Paper Drills and Punches, Folders, Booklet Makers and Shredding Machines.


T: 0118 956 1740

E: sales@fdsolutions.ltd.uk

W: www.fdsolutions.ltd.uk

GBC main UK dealer as well as nationwide distributors of all types of binding, laminating machines and supplies, including guillotines, paper drills, booklet makers, folding machines and cutting and creasing equipment. Nationwide Service cover offered on all finishing equipment.


T: 0116 267 6269

E: admin@flexpress.co.uk

W: www.Flexpress.co.uk

Trust, in any relationship, is paramount so you’ll find Flexpress provide a good, honest trade print service and keep our promises; this is how, since 1989, we’ve grown to become one of the most respected printers in the UK. Everything we do is produced by us right here in our own production facility using the very latest state-of-the-art equipment.


T: 020 7407 6174

E: london@gfsmith.com

W: www.gfsmith.com

Paper and card suppliers of prestigious printing and presentation media.


T: 020 8997 8053

E: info@ifsl.uk.com

W: www.Ifsl.uk.com

A leading supplier of finishing equipment including the Horizon market-leading automated system range in many of the key finishing disciplines — including folding, perfect binding and saddle stitching. 35 years serving the digital and litho print industry.


T: 01553 818818

E: sales@listawood.com

W: www.listawood.com

UK manufacturer of promotional products including mousemats, ceramics, liquid filled products, USB Flashdrives and magnets. 100% trade only.


T: 01553 818848

E: tradesupplies@listawood.com

W: www.listawood.com

A one stop shop for consumables and equipment for dye sublimation and chromablast. Authorised distributor of Hix heat presses and parts.


T: 01273 911730

E: info@magazineproduction.com


Comprehensive cost-effective white label design, production and print solution for independent publishers. In-house company newsletters, brochures and magazines — we can send print compliant artwork back to you for printing for your customers.

Finishing Products and Systems Caslon

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Finishing Products and Systems


T: 0800 1381 882

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Manufacturer of a comprehensive range of finishing products and systems. Booklet makers & Trimmers, Collators, Business Card Cutters, Creasers.



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Bespoke printing in the UK for trade NCR pads, sets, books and continuous forms.


Wide format materials: 0800 623 623

Small format materials: 0800 212 943

Renowned supplier of copying and printing equipment to copy shops, carries one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive range of consumables, for both small and wide format machines, from A4 white paper to display graphic materials such as backlit films.


T: 01784 274300

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Trade pen supplies.


T: 0845 680 9000

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E: info@perfectcolours.com

HP Preferred Partner specialising in large and grand format printing and finishing solutions, supplying Durst, Jetix, HP, Canon and Epson LF printers. For more information or to book a free printer demonstration call or E: us.



T: 020 8810 5770

E: sales@pdcuk.com

W: www.pdcuk.com

PDC are the UK’s Coil/Spiral experts, we manufacture 45 coil colours in any length up to one metre, in diameters from 6mm up to 50mm and in a range of 45 colours. Call or E: for free samples and pricing.


T: 0121 313 1115

W: www.paper.co.uk

The Premier Paper Group is the UK’s leading independent paper merchant and through its business divisions and nationwide branch network, offers a great choice of products and services for professional print service suppliers. Premier Paper deliver more than mere paper by providing first class services, sharing knowledge and information, they endeavour to become an integral and valuable part of quick print pros business.


T: 01933 411332

E: sales@raffleticketsdirect.co.uk


One colour to full colour raffle tickets. Fast free express delivery. Cheapest prices in the UK at the best print quality. All tickets are glued within the stub (no metal staples used to fix books).


T: 01707 270001,

W: www.renz.co.uk

The leading manufacturer of punching and wire binding machines from desktop to fully automated systems. Largest UK supplier of spools and cut length wire.


T: 0114 294 5026

E: sales@route1print.co.uk

W: www.route1print.co.uk

• Free Next Day Delivery • Free 30 Point

Artwork Check • Trade Customers Only • White Label Packaging

Route 1 Print are passionate about helping quick print pros. Offering dedicated account managers and a 10-second proofing tool, to white label packaging and unbranded sample packs, Route 1 Print is committed to making your frontline printing service easier.


T: 020 8734 2000

W: www.sharp.co.uk

4 Furzeground Way, Stockley Park, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB11 1EZ


T: 01443 816414

W: www.sovprint.com

Sovereign are industry leading screen and digital print manufacturers of durable and bespoke Labels, Tags & Signage. We supply over 100 expertly produced products to industry, trade and commerce. Ranging from heavy-duty labels and stickers, to point of sale, machine fascia’s and high-quality bespoke signage.


T: 01905 458000

W: www.stanfordmarsh.co.uk

Official dealer for all main manufacturers, allowing us to supply best fit solutions for all users. Please visit our website.


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Label Suppliers, Roll Labels, Laser Labels, Warning Labels, most formats available.



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Supplier of transfer papers, colour laser printers and heat presses to open up exciting opportunities to print on a limitless range of products.


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Vivid offer a wide range of innovative and exclusive Laminating Systems ranging from Desktop to Wide Format Laminators. Visit the website to view the full range which also includes Binding and Print Finishing solutions.


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The Document Company supply a full range of office equipment.


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With an impressive portfolio of products to offer and a dedicated service team. Everything you require from wide format printers to the assisting software and finishing solutions. YPS are authorised suppliers of Mimaki, RolandDG, Epson, Flexa, Vivid, Drytac, Metamark and Toyo. YPS also offer training and support through Your Print Institute, a new initiative to help those entering the print industry gain skills and knowledge to help them succeed.

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October 10th was such a great day. 10/10 I can’t believe people are letting fireworks off in October! It’s scared the dog so badly he’s knocked the Christmas tree over.

Apparently, I was supposed to wait until October 31st to dress up like a ghost. Guess I spook too soon. It’s October 1st and we all know what that means to stores around the world. “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”


One day in October, Humpty Dumpty went to the clothes shop…

He picks out a nice jumper, a pair of socks, a coat, etc. He pays for them and leaves. He heads out and goes to get groceries, and buys milk, eggs, tuna fish, matches, and a single pumpkin.

On his way home now, he sees a stray cat in the cold. Feeling charitable, he offers it some tuna fish, and decides to take it home.

Now home, he takes a match and lights his fireplace, gets a blanket, and wraps the cat with it. It falls asleep. He then takes the pumpkin and begins carving it out to be a Jack o’ lantern. He takes a picture and sends it to a friend, who gives it a 10/10.

Now tired, he wraps himself in a blanket, lies in a chair next to the fireplace, with the cat sitting cosy in his lap. He thinks to himself before he drifts asleep… “Humpty Dumpty has had a great fall!”


A man walks into a bar and orders a beer. “Ah, October! Almost time for Halloween. This season reminds me of how I met my wife. I went to a costume party and saw her across the room. Standing there tall and gorgeous next to her friend. They’d come to the party together dressed as the number ten,” he tells the bartender. “That’s when I knew, she was the one.”


What happened to the cannibal who showed up late to Halloween dinner? They gave him the cold shoulder.

Why did the monster go inside the bar? For the boos.

What health insurance do Halloween creatures use? Medi-scare.

What do you call it when a vampire has a serious problem in his home? It’s a Grave problem.

Why do skeletons make good comedians? They are two humorous.

Why is the woman afraid of the vampire? Because he is all bite and no bark.

What’s the Cause of Death when the gigantic prize winning pumpkin crushed a man to death? He was gourd to death.

What happens if you combine a vampire and a snowman? You get frostbite.

What do skeletons call a raging fun party? An osteoblast!

Do zombies eat popcorn with their fingers? No, they like to eat the fingers separately.

Do you know what killed the man who had a two ton pumpkin fall on him? He was squashed.

What is a vampire’s worst fear? Tooth decay.

What should you give a pumpkin who can’t quit smoking? A pumpkin Patch.

What happened to the man who got behind on payments to his exorcist? He got repossessed.

I heard there is a skeleton in your closet?! No, the body hasn’t decomposed yet.

Why are pumpkins better than men? Every year you get a fresh crop to choose from.

What did the boy ghost ask his father? Do humans really exist?

Why did the headless horseman start his own business? To get ahead in life.

Why did the team of witches lose the softball game? Their bats kept flying away.

What’s the safest way to pay for stuff when buying from creatures on the dark web? Always use cryptocurrency.

What do you call six witches in a jacuzzi? A self cleaning coven.

Do you want to invest in my start up company to destroy all vampires? I’m the main stakeholder.

Why was the vampire in a bad mood? Too much B negative.

What did the parent say to the baby ghost? Don’t spook until you’re spoken too.

What are two freshly married spiders called? Newly webbed.

Why did the ghost go to the bar? To get sheet faced. What is it like to be friends with a vampire? It’s a pain in the neck.

Why hasn’t anyone ever seen ghost poop? Because it’s invisible.


What did the limestone say to the geologist? Don’t take me for granite!

What is a computer’s favourite snack? Computer chips!

How do you make an octopus laugh? With tentickles!

Why couldn’t the pony sing a lullaby? She was a little horse.

What kind of award did the dentist receive? A little plaque.

Why do bees stay in the hive during winter? Swarm!

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana. Ladies, if he can’t appreciate your fruit jokes, You need to let that mango.

Geology rocks, but geography is where it’s at! Can February March? No, but April May.

Some aquatic mammals at the zoo escaped. It was otter chaos!

Long fairy tales tend to dragon.

My sister bet I couldn’t build a car out of spaghetti. You should’ve seen her face when I drove pasta. I knew a guy who collected candy canes. They were all in mint condition.

Having the ability to fly would be so uplifting.


I told my girlfriend she drew her eyebrows too high. She seemed surprised.

A roman walks into a café holds up two fingers and gets five coffees.

Three unwritten rules of life: 1), 2), 3).

Why can you never trust an atom? Because they make up everything.

Your veterinarian won’t tell you this. …but if your dog is running a fever…
…go to the store and buy some mustard. It’s the best thing for a hot dog.
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