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Professor Carrie MacEwen


President of The Royal College of Ophthalmologists Professor Carrie MacEwen’s earliest ambition was to become a dancer. Realising that her strengths lay in her hands and not in her feet, she became inspired by her innovative surgeon father, who was always keen to train and nurture young ophthalmological talent. Carrie trained in Glasgow, Dundee and London and found ophthalmology the most satisfying job in the world.

Restoring and improving vision is a real thrill, and she found that she could make a huge difference to people’s lives almost immediately. After completing her clinical training, Carrie decided to specialise in strabismus and disorders of ocular motility. Carrie was appointed to her Consultant role at Ninewells Hospital and Medical School in Dundee and her areas of research include epidemiology, paediatric naso-lacrimal disease, ophthalmic trauma, sports medicine and clinical research into strabismus management. She has published over 150 peer-reviewed papers, written or edited three textbooks and contributed to seventeen undergraduate and postgraduate textbooks. Carrie was also appointed Honorary Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Dundee. With her background in eye injuries and sports medicine, Carrie was well placed to represent the Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth) in the development of the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine and was a member of its founding council and the first Chair of the faculty’s examination committee. Carrie was delighted when the newly formed faculty asked for an Ophthalmologist for the Rugby World Cup, and she was chosen. In 2008, Carrie was elected Vice-President and Chairman of Examinations at the RCOphth and has been a Member of the British Ophthalmic Surveillance Unit Committee since its inception. She has received many national and international awards for her work, including the Gregg Medal for ‘contribution to medical science’, the Founder’s Cup, Ian Fraser trophy, Spencer Walker Prize and the Foulds’ Trophy. Carrie is Associate Postgraduate Dean in the East of Scotland and was appointed to the role of President of the RCOphth in 2014–2017. She is most proud of this achievement as it enables her, with the support of the membership and College staff, to influence meaningful changes in standards for eye health. She is also ophthalmic Specialty Adviser to the Chief Medical Officer and Government in Scotland. Carrie’s biggest mistake is concentrating all her time and efforts on medicine and not developing other interests to their full potential when she was younger. She admits that while she enjoys a happy and fulfilling professional life, she has never taken a break! She has, however, learnt that it is never too late to try to catch up and she will soon be busy honing her more artistic side. Carrie is married, and they have three children.

* Favourite Song: Bridge over Troubled Water * Three objects Carrie cannot live without: Bike (I mostly cycle to work), Computer, Garden shears

Carrie’s advice to junior doctors is “Keep patients as your primary focus – think about what you would want in their position.”


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