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From the Editor “The times they are a-changin’”, Bob Dylan sang in the 60s, announcing the generational revolution that brought about flower power, Woodstock and other liberal ideologies. I don’t know if Dylan will protest if his anthem will be used to herald a geo-economic revolution that sees a shift f the centre of capitalism, the United States of America, to the last bastion of communism, China, now the second biggest economy in the world. If we add up Japan (the third biggest economy) to the equation, then hands down, Asia has become the centre of the world. In this issue of CORD, we focus on the United States and ask the question on whether it is losing its influence in the world. A short piece is written about China. No, CORD isn’t becoming a political magazine but we are definitely looking at the impact of this geo-economic development on peoples’ lives and nations’ cultures. A must-read is the CORD list of the top five songs that reflect the spirit of Uncle Sam. We would like to thank everyone for the increase in number of readership to CORD reaching more than 30,000 in the last issue. Our next phase is to get your contributions in terms of articles, literary work and linkages to independent music artists so we can promote them to the rest of the world. Enjoy! MEL B LIBRE Editor in Chief

Editor in Chief: Mel Libre Creative Director: Mel Elijan Libre



WORDS Hawk Nelson INTRO: Dm - C - F VERSE 1:

Dm C F They’ve made me feel like a prisoner Dm C F They’ve made me feel set free Dm C F They’ve made me feel like a criminal A# Made me feel like a king Dm C F They’ve lifted my heart Dm C F To places I’d never been Dm C F And they’ve dragged me down A# Back to where I began PRE-CHORUS: C Words can build you up Dm Words can break you down A# Start a fire in your heart or put it out CHORUS 1: F 

Let my words be life Dm Let my words be truth A# I don’t wanna say a word F Unless it points the world back to You VERSE 2:

Dm C F You can heal the heartache Dm C F Speak over the fear Dm C F God, Your voice is the only thing A# We need to hear REPEAT PRE-CHORUS CHORUS2: F Let my words be life Dm Let my words be truth A# I don’t wanna say a word F Unless it points the world back to You 5

F Let the words I say Dm Be the sound of Your grace A# I don’t wanna say a word F Unless it points the world back to You BRIDGE: Dm C I wanna speak Your love F A# Not just another noise Dm C Oh, I wanna be Your light F A# I wanna be Your voice REPEAT CHORUS 2 OUTRO: C Words can build us up Dm Words can break us down A# Start a fire in our heart, or put it out A# I don’t wanna say a word F Unless it points the world back to You


Tenth Avenue North

INTRO: F#, Bbm, B, Ebm, C# x2 Verse 1: F# Bbm B Ebm C# I’m tired I’m worn. My heart is heavy F# Bbm B Ebm C# From the work it takes to keep on breathing F# Bbm B Ebm C# I’ve made mistakes. I’ve let my hope fail F# Bbm B Ebm C# My soul feels crushed by the weight of this world PRE-CHORUS: F#/Bb B C# And I know that You can give me rest F#/Bb B C# So I cry out with all that I have left CHORUS: B F# Let me see redemption win C# Ebm Let me know the struggle ends B F# C# That You can mend a heart that’s frail and torn B F# I want to know a song can rise C# Ebm From the ashes of a broken life B F# C# And all that’s dead inside can be reborn B F#/Bb C# Cause I’m worn VERSE 2: F# Bbm B Ebm C# I know I need to lift my eyes up F# Bbm B Ebm C# But I’m too weak life just won’t let up PRE-CHORUS: F#/Bb B C# And I know that You can give me rest F#/Bb B C# So I cry out with all that I have left


CHORUS 2: B F# Let me see redemption win C# Ebm Let me know the struggle ends B F# C# That You can mend a heart that’s frail and torn B F# I want to know a song can rise C# Ebm From the ashes of a broken life B F# C# And all that’s dead inside can be reborn B F#/Bb C# Cause I’m worn and my prayers are wearing thin B F#/Bb C# Yeah I’m worn even before the day begins B F#/Bb C# Yeah I’m worn I’ve lost my will to fight B F#/Bb C# Yeah I’m worn so heaven come and flood my eyes ENDING CHORUS: B F# Let me see redemption win C# Ebm Let me know the struggle ends B F# C# That You can mend a heart that’s frail and torn B F# I want to know a song can rise C# Ebm From the ashes of a broken life B F# C# And all that’s dead inside can be reborn B F# C# Yes all that’s dead inside will be reborn B F#/Bb C# Though I’m worn B Yeah I’m worn

HELLO, MY NAME IS Matthew West


B Hello, my name is regret G#m I’m pretty sure we have met F#m Every single day of your life E I’m the whisper inside B That won’t let you forget VERSE 2 Hello, my name is defeat I know you recognize me Just when you think you can win I’ll drag you right back down again ‘Til you’ve lost all belief PRE-CHORUS G#m E These are the voices, these are the lies F#m B And I have believed them, for the very last time CHORUS

B Hello, my name is child of the one true King G#m I’ve been saved, I’ve been changed, I have been set free


F#m E “Amazing Grace” is the song I sing B Hello, my name is child of the one true King G#m Wha Oh Oh

E B Wha Oh Oh

Wha Oh Oh

VERSE 3 I am no longer defined By all the wreckage behind The one who makes all things new Has proven it’s true Just take a look at my life (To Chorus) BRIDGE B G#m What love the Father has lavished upon us F#m That we should be called His children E B I am a child of the one true King [Repeat] [CHORUS]


VERSE 1: G Am C I tend to be busier than I should be G Am C And I tend to think that time is gonna wait for me


Am C Sometimes I forget and take for granted G D That it’s a beautiful life we live Am C I don’t wanna miss the moments like this G D This is a beautiful life You give CHORUS:

G D You’re the reason for every good thing, every heartbeat Am C Every day we get to breathe G D You’re the reason for anything that lasts, every second chance Am C Every laugh, life is so sweet BRIDGE (X2):

G You’re the reason for every good thing, every good thing Em C Every good thing, every good thing...(x2) VERSE 2: G Am C There will be days that give me more than I can take G Am C But I know that You always make beauty from my heartache Am C Don’t wanna forget or take for granted G D That it’s a beautiful life we live Am C I’m not gonna miss the moments like this G D This is a beautiful life You give [CHORUS] BRIDGE (X2)

G It’s our family, it’s our friends Em C It’s the feeling that I get when I see my children smile G G Em You’re the reason for this life, everything we love C It’s You alive in us Am D You’re alive in us [CHORUS] BRIDGE (X2) G Em You are, You are here in every moment, C G And I know that You’re every good thing Em You are, You are here in every moment, C And I know that You’re the reason for G Am C Every good thing..... Every good thing...

ONE THING REMAINS Passion feat. Kristian Stanfill

G D Nevers run out on me. (repeat 2x) Em – C – G – D Your love VERSE 1: C G D And it’s higher than the mountains that I face C G D And it’s stronger than the power of the grave C G D It’s constant in the trial and the change C-G D This one thing remains (This one thing remains) [VERSE 1] [CHORUS] VERSE 2: C G D And on and on and on and on it goes C G D It overwhelms and satisfies my soul C G D And I never ever have to be afraid C-G D This one thing remains CHORUS BRIDGE C G D Am C G D In death, in life, I’m confident and covered by the power of your great love C G D Am C G D My debt is paid there’s nothing that can separate my heart from your great love

CAPO 4 CHORUS Em C Your love never fails, it never gives up





/11 shook the world. More so the United

est economy in the world. The low-wage factory of

States of America.

the United States, China learned the ropes of capitalism and invested in research and development

It was improbable for the US to be attacked by

that allowed its companies to create global brands

terrorists, but it happened. In the aftermath of the

such as Lenovo and Haier. While the center stage

tragedy, the US pursued a war against terrorism

of the world news remains in America, China has

that dragged on for years, causing not only huge

taken steps of show its readiness towards becom-

costs to the American people, in terms of econom-

ing an equal if not a far stronger nation than the

ics, but more importantly in lives lost. While the

United States. While the US has left its space

US succeeded in containing terror in many parts

program to entrepreneurs, the Chinese govern-

of the world, it resulted in anti-American sentiment

ment has sent astronauts to space in the manner

among predominantly Muslim nations.

that the US did in the 1960s. Through low-intensity acquisitions, China has taken over some impor-

It wasn’t helpful that the US economy nearly went

tant companies in other nations including Fisher

bust in Wall Street and in the major US automo-

& Paykel, one of New Zealand’s most respected

bile companies. If not for drastic legislative and

brands in appliance manufacturing; US-based

executive actions, the US would have gone into

Smithfield Foods, the world’s largest pork proces-

depression that would have resonated all over the

sor; and 2GO Travel, the Philippines’ largest ferry

world. So disgusted were the American people of

and domestic freight company. Nobody is com-

the inefficiency of their president that they bet their

plaining because the Chinese entities have pur-

hopes on Barrack Obama to lead them to a new

chased the shares of stocks of these companies,

start. He showed a lot of promise, but faltered as

all above board.

the opposition in Congress blocked some of his

There is a possibility that China may overtake the

well-intentioned agenda. Despite the setbacks, he

US in the field of economy, but does that mean the

carried on, and the people of America rewarded

demise of impact of the US in the world?

him with a second term. The US is unlike the Roman Empire or the British But as the US struggled from one crisis after an-

Empire. It did not build its global influence through

other, China cruised to becoming the second larg-

colonization rather it became a powerful nation


through its economic and military might, diplomacy

when in fact they are Jamaican in origin. Star Trek,

and pop culture. The latter, pop culture, proved to

the sci-fi television series, had a multi-racial cast

be its most effective weapon in global domination:

and, if you didn’t know, showed the first interracial kiss. America elected its first black presi-

dent when in the 60s it was merely a dream of Martin Luther King. So peoples of the world get a feeling that the


US has become what it


is because some of their

American movies, American music, American fashion. These penetrated the minds of people in all corners of the globe thereby transforming cultures, changing lifestyles and even loosening morals. If there is one thing that makes America likeable – it is cultural amalgamation, the ability to incorporate other cultures into mainstream society. Bob Marley and reggae are now deemed American 

brightest minds who are migrants and contributed to its being. Australia has offered its students opportunity to learn the Chinese language as part of its curriculum, and maybe other nations are leaning towards the idea that China will dominate the world sooner than later. Let’s not be too hot about that, as the US has more than economic might to remain the most powerful nation in the world: entertainment. And we know that everybody wants to be entertained. 11




John Lennon (Written by Beatle John Lennon who was killed in New York, Imagine became an anthem among hippies and peace advocates. In the aftermath of 9/11, this song was performed by various artists, as it embodied the values of the American people) G Bm/G C Imagine there’s no Heaven G Bm/G C It’s easy if you try G Bm/G C No hell below us G Bm/G C Above us only sky C Em Am C Imagine all the people D G D G Living for today G Bm/G C Imagine there’s no countries G Bm/G C It isn’t hard to do G Bm/G C Nothing to kill or die for G Bm/G C And no religion too C Em Am C Imagine all the people D G D G Living life in peace C D G B B7 You may say that I’m a dreamer 12

C D G B B7 But I’m not the only one C D G B B7 I hope someday you’ll join us C D G And the world will be as one G Bm/G C Imagine no possessions G Bm/G C I wonder if you can G Bm/G C No need for greed or hunger G Bm/G C A brotherhood of man C Em Am C Imagine all the people D G D G Sharing all the world C D G B B7 You may say that I’m a dreamer C D G B B7 But I’m not the only one C D G B B7 I hope someday you’ll join us C D G And the world will be as one


American Pie

Don Mclean (Popular in the 70s, this song was revived by Madonna with an accompanying video that had the American flag as a background. The song makes reference to some of the artists who had impact on American pop music) G D Em A long, long time ago__ Am C Em D I can still remember how that music used to make me smile.__ G D Em Am C And I knew if I had my chance that I could make those people dance Em C D and maybe they'd by happy for a while. Em Am Em Am But February made me shiver with every paper I'd deliver. .C G Am C D Bad news on the doorstep. I couldn't take one more step . G D Em Am7 D I can't remember if I cried when I read about his widowed bride, G D Em C D7 G C G Something touched me deep inside the day_ the music died._____ Chorus: G C G D G C So bye-bye, Miss American Pie.Drove my Chevy to the levee but the G D G C G D levee was dry, them good ole boys were drinkin' whiskey and Rye, singing Em A7 Em D7 his'll be the day that I die, This'll be the day that I die.__ G Am, C Am Did you write the book of love and do you have faith in God above?__ Em D G D Em If the Bible tells you so__ Now do you believe in rock and roll? Am C Em A7 D7 Can music save your mortal soul? and can you teach me how to dance_ real slow? 




Am Well I know that you're in love with him 'cause I saw you dancing in the gym, C G A7 C D7 You both kicked off your shoes, Man I dig those rhythm and blues! G D Em Am C I was a lonely teenage broncin' buck, with a pink carnation and a pick-up truck. G D Em C D7 G C G But I knew I was out of luck the day, the music died.___ G D7 I started singing.... (chorus) G Am, C Am Now for ten years, we've been on our own and moss grows fat on a rolling stone, Em D G D Em But that's not how it used to be.Cause when the jester sang for the King & Queen . Am C Em A7 D7 in a coat he borrowed from James Dean and a voice that came from you and me__ . Em Am Em Am Oh and while the king was looking down the jester stole his thorny crown _ C G A7 C D7 the court room was adjourned no verdict was returned. . G D Em Am C And while Lennon read a book on Marx the quartet practiced in the park G D Em C D7 G C G and we sang dirges in the dark the day__ the music died__ G D7 13

I started singin' . Chorus: . G C G D G C . So bye-bye, Miss American Pie.Drove my Chevy to the levee but the . G D G C G D . levee was dry, them good ole boys were drinkin' whiskey and Rye, singing . Em A7 Em D7 . this'll be the day that I die, This'll be the day that I die.__ . G Am, C Am Helter skelter in the summer swelter_ the birds flew off with a fallout shelter Em D G D Em Eight miles high and falling fast__ it landed foul on the grass . Am C Em A7 D7 The players tried for a forward pass with the jester on the sidelines in a cast_ . Em Am Em Am The half time air was sweet perfume while the seargeants played a marching tune _ C G A7 C D7 we all got up to dance___ but we never got the chance. 'Cause . G D Em Am C the players tried to take the field, but the marching band refused to yield .G D Em C D7 G C G Do you recall what was revealed _____ the day the music died. G D7 I started singin' (chorus) . . G Am, C Am And there we were all in one place, A generation lost in space. . Em D G D Em With no time left, to start again. So come on, Jack be nimble, jack be quick, Am C Em A7 14

D7 Jack flash sat on a candlestick. 'Cause fire is the devil's only friend. . Em Am Em Am And as I watched him on the stage my hands were clenched in fists of rage. . C G A7 C D7 no angel born in hell__ could break that satan's spell . G D Em Am C And as the flames climbed high into the night to light the sacrificial rite G D Em C D7 G C G I_ saw Satan laughing with delight, the day the music died. G D7 we were singin' (chorus) . . G D Em I met a girl who sang the blues so . Am C Em D I asked her for some happy news but she just smiled__ and turned away. .G D Em Am C I went down to the sacred store. Where I heard the music years before.__ . Em C D But the man there said the music wouldn't play.__ And Em Am Em Am in the streets the children screamed, the lovers cried and the poets dreamed. . C G Am C D But not a word was spoken.__ The church__ bells_ all_ were_ broken. . G D Em Am7 D And the three men I admire most: the father, Son and the Holy Ghost__ . G D Em C D7 G C G They caught the last train for the coast the day, the music died. G D7 C D7 GCG And they were singing:(chorus twice, ending: this'll be the day that I die)


Born In The USA

Bruce Springsteen (This song brought Springsteen to the limelight as the working man’s hero. It makes reference to the Vietnam War long after the Americans had gone. If this was released at the height of the Vietnam War probably it could have been labelled ‘treasonous’. Be that as it may, Springsteen wondered why in one of the presidential elections, this song was adopted as its anthem.) B Born down in a dead man’s town The first kick I took was when I hit the ground E End up like a dog that’s been beat too much Till you spend half your life just covering up B Born in the U.S.A., I was born in the U.S.A. E B I was born in the U.S.A., born in the U.S.A. now B Got in a little hometown jam So they put a rifle in my hand E Sent me off to a foreign land To go and kill the yellow man B Born in the U.S.A., I was born in the U.S.A. E B I was born in the U.S.A., born in the U.S.A. now

B I had a brother at Khe Sahn Fighting off the Viet Cong E They’re still there, he’s all gone B He had a woman he loved in Saigon I got a picture of him in her arms now B Down in the shadow of the penitentiary Out by the gas fires of the refinery E I’m ten years burning down the road Nowhere to run ain’t got nowhere to go B Born in the U.S.A., I was born in the U.S.A. E B Born in the U.S.A., I’m a long gone Daddy in

B Come back home to the refinery

the U.S.A. now

Hiring man said “Son if it was up to me”

Born in the U.S.A., Born in the U.S.A.

E Went down to see my V.A. man

E Born in the U.S.A., I’m a cool rocking Daddy in

He said “Son, don’t you understand” 

the U.S.A. now 15


The Land Is Your Land

Woody Guthrie (Guthrie was the man before Bob Dylan became the face of folk music in the 60s. He remains well-loved for writing some of the finest Americana songs of his time that continue to find relevance today.) G C G This land is your land, this land is my land D G From California to the New York Island G7 C G From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream waters D7 G This land was made for you and me. VERSE 1: G C G As I went walking that ribbon of highway D G I saw above me that endless skyway G7 C G I saw below me that golden valley D7 G This land was made for you and me. REPEAT CHORUS VERSE 2: G C G I roamed and I rambled and I followed my footsteps To the sparkling sands of her diamond deserts G7 C G While all around me a voice was sounding D7 G This land was made for you and me. REPEAT CHORUS VERSE 3: G C G When the sun came shining, and I was strolling And the wheat fields waving and the dust clouds rolling G7 C G A voice was chanting, As the fog was lifting, 16

D7 G This land was made for you and me. D-G REPEAT CHORUS VERSE 4: G C G As I went walking I saw a sign there And on the sign it said “No Trespassing.” G7 C G But on the other side it didn’t say nothing, D7 G That side was made for you and me. REPEAT CHORUS VERSE 5: G C G In the squares of the city, In the shadow of a steeple; D G By the relief office, I’d seen my people. G7 C G As they stood there hungry, I stood there asking, D7 G Is this land made for you and me? REPEAT CHORUS VERSE 6: G C G Nobody living can ever stop me, D G As I go walking that freedom highway; G7 C G Nobody living can make me turn back D7 G This land was made for you and me. REPEAT CHORUS 2X D-G


Star Spangled Banner

(National Anthem of the United States of America) (“The Star-Spangled Banner” took its lyrics from “Defence of Fort McHenry”, a poem written in 1814 by Francis Scott Key, after witnessing the bombardment of Fort McHenry by the British Royal Navy ships in Chesapeake Bay during the Battle of Fort McHenry in the War of 1812. It was set to the tune of a popular British song written by John Stafford Smith for the Anacreontic Society, a men’s social club in London. Nearly every popular singer in the United States has at one time or another been asked to perform this song in such major celebrations as the Inauguration of the President and in sporting events like the Super Bowl.) G D Em B7 Em A7 D O say, can you see, by the dawn’s ear-ly light, D7 G D7 G What so proud-ly we hailed at the twi-light’s last gleam-ing, Whose broad stripes and bright stars, Thru the per-il-ous fight, D7 G D7 G O’er the ram-parts we watched, Were so gallant-ly stream-ing? G D D7 And the rock-ets’ red glare, the bomb burst-ing in air, G D Em A7 D Gave proof thru the night that our flag was still there. D7 G C E7 Am C Gdim5 G - D O say, does that star-span-gled ban-ner yet wave D7 G G A7 G D7 G O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave? G D Em B7 Em A7 D 


Dear President Obama, How are you today? I hope you are fine. I am writing to you to tell you how I am, with you as President of the United States of America. I am not American, but I know a lot about America: Ben 10, Iron Man, Candy Crush, Justin Beiber and Lebron James. And my favorite, Transformers! I like Rihanna but mum doesn’t like her. So I just sing Bruno Mars songs. When you became president, there was so much talk about your being the first black president. The color of one’s skin doesn’t really bother me. I am brown. Anyway, I think you are cool, as you play basketball and don’t mind being poked fun by comedians. My mum works as a nurse, and my dad, I guess, goes to a chicken factory. I love my mum, but how she works so hard and still finds time to attend to me and my little sister. Yes, I have a little sister, and I love her too, and as a big bro’ I am there to protect her, just like Iron Man. My dad, well, he is strict, so I try to behave when he is around. But you know sometimes, I can’t help but play even when it’s time to eat. I get scolded, and at times I cry, but that’s okay. I want to grow up to be good like my super heroes. I am told that you are the most powerful person on earth. If that is true, why haven’t I seen a comic book about your exploits? Anyway, if you are really powerful, can you please stop the violence going on everywhere? I know that there have been children and grownups killed in schools and theatres by crazy people. I know that there are many children who do not have enough food to eat. I know that there are people who live in tents because of wars. I know that there are many who want to live in your country to have a better life, but are turned away. Just the other day, I saw this man who was looking for food in the garbage, and it made me think about me not finishing what’s on my plate. And those skinny children on television where they ask for donations, how I wish I had so much money so I can help them. My mum told me I can help them by learning in school. If only I could be like you, the most powerful man on earth, I’ll do something now, because tomorrow may be too late. I don’t know if you read this, but if you do I know you understand what I’m writing about because I’m told you are very bright. Those super heroes I know are just made up and they can’t really help. You are real, so I believe you can do something. Thanks and send my regards to your daughters Malia and Sasha, I wish they were my sisters. And to Michelle, too, she reminds me of my mum. I pray for you. Yours truly, Every Child


THE IMPORTANCE OF CHINA No one will argue against the impact of China in the global economy. Economists agree that if not for China’s growth in the past decade, then the world would be in a scary situation with the financial crisis in the United States and the credit crunch in the Euro zone. The insatiable demand for resources to support the construction boom in multiple growth areas in China and the increase in the number of middle-income earners, among others have made the neo-communist state the investors’ Shangri la and the sweetheart of resource-rich countries like Australia and New Zealand. Now the second biggest economy in the world next to the United States, China has encouraged both state-owned enterprises and home-grown entrepreneurs to expand their businesses to other countries. A few countries have looked at this with suspicion, but many are lining-up to get the interest of the Chinese to help their own economy and more importantly to break into the lucrative market of the Communist Dragon. Instead of being threatened, the United States and the European Union have been cordial with China though there have been suspicion of economic espionage and undercutting competition. The US is a debtor to China, while the EU understands the importance of China in the region’s precarious economic environment. So lucrative is the Chinese market that when the film, Iron Man 3, was released a sequence was added to entice the audience to come in hordes, and they did. In 2013, China failed to attain its economic targets, and the mood has changed from aggressive to cautionary. Questions have been asked if the economy is overheated, or if the bubble is about to burst. China’s leader Xi Jinping knows the danger of recession, and has started making economic and political reforms to keep the economy on track. He has campaigned for moderate lifestyles and pursued corrupt comrades in power. As long as China does not export its ideology to other countries, but simply stick to business, then nobody will complain.




At 16 years old, Lorde (real name: Ella YelichO'Connor) released in New Zealand her first EP, The Love Club, online in December 2012 producing two no. 1 hits namely “Royals” (March 15) and “Tennis Court” (June 14). And she may just be the next major artist from Aotearoa after Grammy Award winner Kimbra. She is getting buzz in the US and UK. US multimedia presenter Ryan Seacrest in his website thinks Lorde is “the real deal.” He continued "Lorde lets her voice and lyrics really shine, thanks to the super simple one-take video."


Britain's Observer described her breakout single, “Royals” as "the most deliciously radio-ready critique of wealth you'll hear this year". On how the song came to be, she said, "What really got me is this ridiculous, unrelatable, unattainable opulence that runs throughout. Lana Del Rey is always singing about being in the Hamptons or driving her Bugatti Veyron or whatever, and at the time, me and my friends were at some house party worrying how to get home because we couldn't afford a cab. This is our reality." On the edge of international fame, Lorde is currently a Year 12 student attending Takapuna Grammar School in Auckland's North Shore.


Dubbed as the “New Wave Rave” in the 80s, Cuarenta (originally called 40-The Band) did covers of songs from Duran Duran, Tears for Fears and the like. Then the band confidently produced an indie album that contained “Rain” one of the pioneering materials of New Cebu Music. They followed this up with “What I Say”, thereby making them one of the most respected rock bands south of Manila. When Cebu radio slipped back into safe formats of AT40 and Original Pilipino Music hits, the band nearly disintegrated, if not for lead guitarist Arnold “Anot” Ang keeping the faith alive. When NU107 Cebu embarked on “In the Raw” to regain lost ground for Cebu bands, the band renamed itself as “” creating a tighter and synth sound that earned the No. 1 song of the year. Lately the band resurrected as Cuarenta specializing in classic rock and blues. The current line consists of Juel Zoleta- Drums, Arnold AngGuitars/Backing Vocals, Henry Tradio- Guitars, Lyndon Banzon- Bassist, Kay Tradio- Vocals and Randy Pages-Guitars. If not for visa issues, the band would have represented the Philippines in the 14th International Rock Festival in South Korea from August 2-4 this year. But drummer Juel will be there to commit the band in next year’s event.




Birth name: Robert Allen Zimmerman Date of Birth: May 24, 1941 Place of Birth: Duluth, Minnesota, USA Genres: Rock, Folk, Blues, Country Occupations: Singer-songwriter, Producer 22


CHORUS: C D G C The answer my friend, is blowin in the wind. D G The answer is blowin in the wind. VERSES: 1: G C D G C D How many roads must a man walk down, before you call him a man? G C D G C D How many seas must a white dove sail, before she sleeps in the sand? G C D G C How many times must the cannonballs fly, before they're forever D banned?

3: G C D G C How many times must a man look up, before he can see the sky?


G C D G C D How many ears must one man have, before he can hear people cry? G C D G C How many deaths will it take 'till he knows, that too many people have D died?

2: G C D G C D How many years can a mountain exist, before it is washed to the sea? G C D G C How many years can some people exist, before they're allowed to be D free? G C D G C How many times can a man turn his head, and pretend that he just D doesn't see?


CORD IMAGES In America by Eduardo Ong

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

La Jolla Cove, California


Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC

Niagara Falls, New York



ASB Showground, Auckland - April 20 IMAGINE a situation where you entered your favorite pizza place for the first time in five years; for added realism let’s select one, Shakey’s. You know exactly what to order : Manager’s Choice Pizza, with all the trimmings and specials, cooked on traditional thin crust, and four-piece Chick N Chips for you and your companion, chicken thigh and breast cooked just the way you like, with mojo potatoes. The hunger pangs caused by waiting for the treats is dulled by ice-cold San Miguel Pale Pilsen, and the waitress brings the pizza and chicken with a flourish, just after your last gulp of cerveza and just when you thought your dinner would never arrive. The combination of tastes and smells is just what you expected : slightly salty, slightly tangy, slightly sweet, and intensely delicious. You don’t care that your tongue gets slightly burned by the first few bites, even this slightly stinging sensation is part of the package, and what a package it is. Uniquely Pinoy, uniquely memorable and worth coming back for. It’s this above experience that comes to mind when I recall the recent concert we attended in Auckland l with a great musical and entertainment talent that made many in the Pinoy community in NZ nostalgic for the homeland. Mr Ogie Alcasid, also known as Ogie the Pogi, sang not only his signature Nandito Ako, Kyng Mawawala Ka and Sa Kanya, he also sang songs he wrote that were popularized by other artists like Freestyle (Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang), Martin Nievera (Ikaw Ang Pangarap), Gary Valenciano (sorry, I can’t remember the title) and Piolo Pascual (Kailangan Kita). He also sang OPM standards throughout his short but exciting concert. No less than six Kiwinoys sang before the main act, but the more memorable entertainment was provided by singer-comedians Joffrey and Russell who impersonated various OPM artists like Jaya, Nora Aunor and Yeng Constantino and kept the audience laughing until it was time for Ogie to make his entrance. Like the Shakey’s dinner, the Ogie concert was too good to last, and I had to remind myself that until my next homecoming, Mr Alcasid’s evening of songs would have to replenish my store of memories of my Inang Bayan and her music. Thanks for bringing us home, if only for an evening Ogie! (YLB Noel)



Amway Center, Orlando, Florida - May 19 With “Eight Day a Week” a fit and in form Paul gets the party started that would cover 38 songs from his Beatles, Wings and solo songbooks. Here are some of the highlights: As he hits the first note of “Baby I’m Amazed”, Paul tells “This one I wrote for Linda”. He plays the grand piano like Elton John and you do get carried away with the emotional intensity in his voice. Paul sings “Lady Madonna” showing off his chops as a keyboard player behind a psychedelic piano. “Something”, Paul, vocally perfect, delivers the song accompanying himself on ukulele and latter with his competent electric band. “Band on the Run”, one of the finest outputs of Paul in his Wings days, got a power treatment, with the historic photo session that featured some of the biggest personalities of those days. After performing “Back in the USSR”, he tells a story about meeting high ranking Russian officials who told him of their familiarity with Beatles music, then he gives it a go with “Let it Be”. When we thought the concert would end with “Hey Jude”, Macca returns for a three songs encore: Day Tripper, Lovely Rita and I Saw Her Standing There. The crowd wouldn’t let him go, so Paul makes a second encore, starting with an acoustic version of Yesterday, faltering midway through the ballad, the ol’ man still is the original in this most recorded song of all time. To finally end “Out There”, Paul does a medley of Golden Slumber, Carry that Weight, The End, from the piano and back to his bass. No the man isn’t slowing down, and he tells everyone, “See you next time.” But I must tell Paul that you’ve done great, you do need to take a lot rest after this tour. (CORD)



Abrams is definitely the most musically-prolific finalist of American Idol. Why it has taken so long for him to release a record makes me wonder, but finally the wait is over. This is a totally brilliant album that reflects the persona of Casey. “Simple Life” is perfect for intro followed by the fingertapping “Ghosts”. “Get Out” supported by a humorous video deserves considerable airplay. Two gems follow “Great Bright Morning” and “Blame It on Me”. He soars in “Wore Out My Soul” and goes ragamuffin in “Stuck in London” like a native Jamaican. The next cut is forgettable, but “Boy Can Dream” is definitely a hit song, so catchy, so natural, so easy listening. What a way to end but with a driving upbeat freewheeling “Dry Spell”. It is unforgivable if this album is taken for granted. Casey Abrams is real and fearless. (CORD)


There are a lot of albums available for listening in AOL’s Full CD Listening Party. A lot of unknowns compete to get attention. Well The Lonely Wild caught me with their unusual music style – Americana with a blend of Sergio Leone’s spaghetti Western air. The title song takes time to register but kept me wondering what this band has to offer. By the third cut, “Everything You Need” I was somewhat hooked. “Closer than the Needle” sparkles. This is followed by a needless instrumental, “Who’s Calling.” Did I hear Mumford & Sons in “Come Back Down” and “Over the Edge”? The next three cuts got me lost though. Thanks to the final song, “Over the Hill” which is powerful with the signature harmony of the band. It was worth the listen. (CORD)



Guitarist Benjie Rigor gained notoriety/fame at the height of the New Cebu Music period in the early 90s having been commissioned by legendary Y101 manager Johnny Kawa to create a rock-oriented instrumental version of the Philippine National Anthem. Every morning, Benjie’s electric guitar rendition of “Lupang Hinirang” heralded the coming of a new day, and the same piece closed the station’s broadcast by 12 midnight. He gave that edgy element of the music of bands that he played including 12 Inch and Monks. This album may just be the very first of its kind in Cebu, the new music capital of the Philippines. No one has ever attempted to come out with an album from a guitarist and with original materials at that. But Benjie is not just a guitarist, he is a virtuoso of the instrument, and this 8-track collection mirrors that. The first cut, “Ha Long Bay”, drives us to the point of his guitar deftness: fast, smooth and definitive. “Asleep” and “Mary’s Song” are pretty, in slow hand techniques. Benjie makes his guitar cry in “First Time”, and continues the wailing in “Miles Away.” The entrancing “Benjie’s Blues” is enough reason to get hold of a copy of this album. “Rooftop” is simply cool and relaxing, which reminds us of finger-trippin’ licks of Lee Ritenour. In the finale, “Revolver”, Benjie shows why he has the fastest fingers in this side of the earth. Thank you Rio Dumdum for producing this masterpiece of an album, not to mention the talented back up musicians, Enan Canete (bass), Keanu S (drums) and Elvis Somosot (keyboards). (CORD)

BLANK WALLS Martina San Diego

Tagged as a folk pop rock artist, Martina San Diego must have poured a lot of emotions into this 7-track album. The first two cuts, “Wanted” and “Guard Down” are great introductions to her lullabyic voice. “Crystal Clear” is a slow dreamy song with that nice line, “If you’re scared/Take my hand”. She goes upbeat in “Someday” demonstrating playful vocal calisthenics complimented by brilliant reggae/New Orleans instrumentation. When she sings “Stars”, one realizes that Martina has the makings of another Joni Mitchell, vocal-wise and as a songsmith. The title cut, “Blank Walls” is “Emo poetry” at its finest, with Martina revealing vulnerability: “I’ll never be another piece in your games”. What an emotional ride. (CORD)


MUSIC + CURRENT Building 249’s frontman, Jason Roy, took home the top honor for the BMI 2013 Christian Song of the Year for the single, “Where I Belong,” co-written with Jason Ingram. The tune was Billboard’s Christian Song of the Year in 2012 and was the longest running No. 1 single in Billboard’s NCA chart history at fifteen weeks…Switchfoot has debuted the trailer for their upcoming documentary, Fading West. The band announced: “We couldn’t be more excited to finally share these announcements with you -- after months of preparation we’re now able to release the full trailer for Fading West, our fall tour dates and the lineup for this year’s Bro-Am! We can also officially say that our new album, also titled Fading West, will be in your hands this October!” …. Dove Award-nominated band PRESS PLAY will release their latest album on October 1. The new album called #LITO is the band’s 4th studio album on Dream Records. PRESS PLAY recorded the album in Minneapolis, MN, where the group teamed up with producer, David Thulin, who also worked on World Anthem... Hillsong UNITED is riding the wave of their USA “WELCOMEZION” Tour, surpassing 15,000 in attendance at the famed Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, as they cross the country captivating capacity crowds. The Australianbased worship group brought their “WELCOMEZION” Tour to a sold-out audience at Red Rocks in Denver. The tour is one of the top attended Christian tours of 2013 with nearly 80,000 people in attendance... Non-profit, HeartSupport, the online community built to encourage, inspire and bring a message of hope, have announced that they will be sponsoring this year’s, iMatter Festival. The festival will be held at Eldridge Park, on September 7th in Elmira, NY. This year’s lineup includes: August Burns Red, For Today, The Color Morale, MyChildren MyBride, My Heart to Fear, Fit For A King, Those Who Fear, GHOSTxSHIP, and Sirens & Sailors... Jason Gray ‘s “Nothing Is Wasted” reached the top spot on the Soft AC Chart. He continues to get letters of support for the single, with the messages saying how the hope and reminder that Jesus is our redeemer has changed their lives. It’s from the deepest wounds/ That beauty finds a place to bloom/And you will see before the end/ That every broken piece is/Gathered in the heart of Jesus/And what’s lost will be found again. .. Matthew West celebrated the distinguished honor of being named ASCAP Christian Music Songwriter/Artist of the Year during the ASCAP Christian Music Awards. As a veteran recipient of ASCAP’s Christian Music Song of the Year, West’s career highlights boast four No. 1 hits along with songwriter credits including cuts by Rascal Flatts, Billy Ray Cyrus, Diamond Rio and more. The award comes off the heels of West’s nomination in the first ever K-LOVE Fan Awards as “Male Artist of the Year”. 30

HAIKUS By M Batulan Under the shadows Death lurks in everyone’s lives When it strikes, who knows? Agonising pain Where O where are You Lord? Stop, shower o’ pain The body is weak, Let my spirit be strong, God I, your child, am meek ‘The End’ it is time The heart comes to a full stop Come sing hymn sublime Hum ‘Amazing Grace’ Depart, spirit of brethren Towards heaven’s maze








GOOD LAUGH The wife returned from a long flight and talked to her husband: Wife: I saw a beautiful in-flight movie. Husband: What was the title? Wife: Hmm, I forgot. Husband: What was the story? Wife: Hmm, I can’t recall. Husband: Who were the actors? Wife: Hmm, I don’t remember. Husband: Hmm. *** There was an old man sitting on his porch watching the rain fall. Pretty soon the water was coming over the porch and into the house. The old man was still sitting there when a rescue boat came and the people on board said, “You can’t stay here you have to come with us.” The old man replied, “No, God will save me.” So the boat left. A little while later the water was up to the second floor, and another rescue boat came, and again told the old man he had to come with them. The old man again replied, “God will save me.” So the boat left him again. An hour later the water was up to the roof and a third rescue boat approached the old man, and tried to get him to come with them. Again the old man refused to leave stating that, “God will save me.” So the boat left him again. Soon after, the man drowns and goes to heaven, and when he sees God he asks him, “Why didn’t you save me?” God replied, “You dummy! I tried. I sent three boats after you!” 38





Man of Steel This is another re-boot of the origin of Superman, and it must have been a challenge to the team of producer Christopher Nolan (Batman trilogy) and director Zack Snyder (Watchmen, Legend of the Guardians and 300) to give it a different spin. Enter David S. Goyer, writer of such films as Dark City, Blade, Ghost Rider, Jumper and Dark Knight. I must say that the triumvirate did an excellent job. The story puts more sense on how Superman came to be. The episodes on his birth and the destruction of Krypton are mov-


ing, while the struggles of a young Clark Kent in keeping on hold the enormous powers he possess draws us to an emotional attachment to the character. This film is so different from the romanticized and sleek Christopher Reeve series. It is more real (Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as adoptive parents wear no makeups), darker (not just in terms of lighting, but in storytelling) and far more explosive (the fight scenes and the damages these leave are unimaginable). Henry Cavill (as Superman) has lived up to expectation, while

Amy Adams (as Lois Lane) gives more spines to her character. But it is Michael Shannon as General Zod who gets the meatier part, an idealistic military man who believes in the principles of his world. While he may have been a villain in the end, he had good intentions for his race though not for the people of Earth. It is a challenge for Nolan, Snyder and Goyer to come up with a sequel as captivating, as actionpacked and as thrilling as this masterpiece. (CORD)


the masterful Tron: Legacy. This is one film that won’t go down to oblivion. (CORD)

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Into Darkness

We have been swamped lately with post-apocalyptic films, and Tom Cruise has his take in “Oblivion”, the film adaption of a Radical Comics graphic novel of the same title. The main character is Jack Harper (Cruise) former Marine commander and drone mechanic 49 assigned to conduct a cleanup operation on an earth that had been devastated after a failed alien invasion. Also part of their task was to ensure that earth’s resources would be systematically drained to be brought to the human’s new colony in Saturn’s moon Titan. In two weeks together with colleague Victoria (Andrea Riseborough), the team would have completed their task and join the rest of humanity. But as the story unfolds there is more than meets the eye. The movie puts us in the shoes of Harper as he step-by-step uncovers the mystery behind his recurring dreams and fights the real enemy. Cruise has been in a similar sci-fi ground before in one of his more memorable films, Minority Report. We are treated to new experiences such as a futuristic space station, angry bird drones and turbo-charged air combats. Joseph Kosinski who co-wrote, produced and directed this film has strengthened his credentials as one of the best sci-fi directors (take note JJ Abrams) after his initial foray in 

While not be a hardcore Trekkie, I must confess that Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek has always fascinated me since its beginnings on television. When JJ Abrams re-booted Star Trek, delving on the backstories of Kirk and Spock, I thought it was a brilliant idea. JJ Abrams respected Roddenberry’s creation, though I had doubt about Chris Pine filling in William Shatner’s big boots. Into Darkness is the rebirth of James Kirk in Pine, as the actor has developed a character whose imperfections make him less of a caricature to a real human being. There was no problem with Zachary Quinto whom Leonard Nimoy provided Mr Spock a smooth transition in the first outing, and even in this film. But as in any movie, the pivotal role goes to the villain and Benedict Cumberbatch is a catch as Khan Noonien Singh. What makes this movie engaging is “who’s the real villain?” angle. Of course, the fight scenes are bombastic; while there is even room for teardrops to fall. There is no denying that the next episode will be the war against the Klingons. That should be interesting. (CORD)

Steve Carell came to notice when he played a sidekick role to Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty. He has since become a star of his own, but unlike Carrey who depends mostly on physical comedy, Carell plays quirky characters that end up likeable. Dodge (Carell) and Penny (Kara Knightley) are apartment neighbors who take a road trip together as the world is about to end. They do not share common interests, yet their hopeless lives change as they get to know each other. They try to complete each other’s unfinished business, only to realize that they are meant to be together at the end of time. What makes this film more than interesting are the encounters the pair have with people dealing with “The End”. It is actually thoughtprovoking; as it makes us aware that life is so short that we should not be wasting it. I love this film. (CORD)



Step aside Flintstones, the Croods are taking over your world. While the pre-historic Fred, Barney and company made us laugh with the ‘modern family’ take on the Stone Age, the Croods’ story takes a more genuine approach to the challenges when the world was more simple, yet extremely dangerous. It is about survival, trust and most importantly family. Grug Crood (voiced by Nicolas Cage) is an old school caveman who does everything to protect his family. Daughter Eep (Emma Stone) is adventurous and at times rebellious. As the world undergoes tectonic changes, the Croods’ sheltered life is shattered. Guy (Ryan Reynolds), a nomadic individual, challenges the traditional ideas of Grug, and little by little, he wins over the family in pursuing his dream paradise called “Tomorrow”. The film is funny, suspenseful and, of course, family-oriented. It’s one where you just have to enjoy the ride, with certainty that there will be a happy ending. (CORD)


the voice lineup is impressive including Amanda Seyfried, Colin Farrell, Christopher Waltz and Beyonce. Professor Bomba (Jason Sudeikis) believes that tiny soldiers inhabit the forest, but nobody believes him, more so her daughter Mary Katherine or M.K. (Seyfried). The latter is disappointed with her father, and decides to leave, only to be engulfed in the looming war between the Leafmen and the Boggans, evil creatures led by Mandrake (Waltz). M.K. by coincidence ends up with a magical pod that turns her to the size of the Leafmen, as the forest queen, Tara (Beyonce) is killed by Mandrake. The adventure then begins to get the pod to the rightful heir, and at the same time, bring M.K. back to normal. With the help of a young Leafman Nod (Josh Hutcherson), the main characters take on their war against the Boggans, with some help from a petrified Professor Bomba. The film is technically well-produced and perfectly scripted beyond criticism. But the characters fail to engage, probably because there are just too many of them to be developed in between the high-flying battles and races. This fantasy flick is nice, but definitely, not epic. (CORD)

Olympus Has Fallen

With the barrage of animation movies that studios have released, Epic had a lot of promise based on the trailer that promoted it. Even


This is “Die Hard” relocated in the White House and Gerard Butler (as Secret Service agent Mike Banning) doing the oneman army role of Bruce Willis. Demoted from presidential detail due for failing to save part of the entourage of President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart), he has been re-assigned to desk work in the Treasury Department, within sight of the White House. What would have turned out to be another dragging day for Banning becomes the longest 24-hours, as terrorists led by North Korean Kang Yeonsak (Rick Yune) infiltrates the White House and holds hostage the president, vice president and other staff. The entire military force of the United States is totally helpless as Yeonsak demands for the withdrawal of the US forces in Korea and extracts the access codes of Cerberus that controls all the US nuclear missiles. Banning, who had entered the occupied White House, gets the approval of acting President Allan Trumbull (Morgan Freeman) to save the president, and he does so like New York City Police Department officer John McClane would do in “Die Hard”. These days though the carnage is far damaging and violent and that is not a good thing. The body count increases nearly every five minutes with some top Washington officials getting tortured, if not killed. The script has gone through the Hollywood treatment: predictable, incredible and bombastic. Butler whose breakthrough movie was “300” does a decent job as Banning, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if he’d do a sequel. But what would top the White House? (CORD)


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