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Word from the board - Birthday s - The fi rst weeks Trip: Ma of ... Caro astricht lin - Queen of Romance Building Pass it updates on! - Wall of shame Face-off Culture Location L Share oca - Up coming Ac tivities And Much More!

The Editorial Committee

The editorial committee consists of six enthusiastic members of I*ESN, with various backgrounds. We have Jinwei (an article writing buddy who is from China), Fitra (the provider of all the beautiful photography in the magazine from Indonesia), Paul (a Dutch mentor who is the designer of the pretty layout and graphics), Michael (one of our promising writers from Australia), and Janneke (a board member who coordinates the committee).

Editorial: Janneke Janssen, Jinwei Zhang, and Michael Landis Design/Technical Support: Paul Deckers Photography: Fitra Kurniati, and I*ESN Special thanks to: Mark Lauret, Carolin Bรถdding, Sirli Luik, Stan Berkers, Adri Redpants, Jiska Vroon, and Joyce Adriaensen


I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume1 - Issue 2

Table of Con tents

The Editor

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The first w eeks of ... C


Pass it on!


Queen of R omance

Wall of Sha m Building U




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Culture Sh are: Have a 11/12 l o ok at your f o o d! Trip: Maas tricht 13/14 Upcoming Activities 15 Location L oca 17/18


I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume 1 - Issue 2


A word from the board... “Yellow wakes me up in the morning. Yellow gets me on the bike every day. Yellow has taught me the true meaning of sacrifice. Yellow makes me suffer. Yellow is the reason I am here.” -- Lance Armstrong This quote from Lance Armstrong basically (maybe a little bit exaggerated) describes my life right now, yellow of course being a metaphor for I*ESN. Don’t misunderstand me though, because it is an awesome life. I get to party with all of you lovely people and join you on the many activities we organize every week. However this is of course not all I do! My function is that of Treasurer & External Relations, which basically means I am responsible for the money and the sponsorship deals. When we started this summer we had no money whatsoever to spend, this meant that I had to be very strict in not allowing the board to spend anything and always find the cheapest solution. We also had to be very creative by for example organizing the TIK week together with partners. Besides worrying about money I was also busy trying to get sponsors so you guys could enjoy some nice discounts with your I*ESN cards. We got some nice sponsor deals and of course I am still looking for more. As treasurer I am doing a lot of administrative work, making sure all our books are up to date. Currently I am very busy moving our entire administration from Excel to an accounting system (Reeleezee), this is taking up a lot of my time. However, at the same time we got a new building! A new building comes paired with a lot more administrative work making my life only busier. However, you won’t be hearing me complaining since this has given us so many more opportunities to organize more amazing activities for you! As you can see I have plenty of work to do, but nothing you should be worrying about. The only thing important to you is to have the best time of your life, which I definitely hope we are providing for you! Mark Lauret


I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume1 - Issue 2

! e c n a D ! k n i r D ! E at m - 4 pm a 0 1 m o ay fr every d rg - www.caf

Tilbu Piusplein 8,

Birthdays November

1 - Can Yilmaz - Sadji Shabani 3 - Rens van Eijk 4 - Maria Jose Recalde Vela 5 - Eoin Dolly 6 - Lennard Pape - Pia Gutierrez Zarate 9 - Evi Michalopoulou 12 - Maria Teresa Lousade de Freitas Monteiro 13 - Nicoline Sorensen 18 - Nicolas Palma 23 - Da Jung Yooh 27 - Connor Lyng 29 - Paul Deckers Santiago Illera 30 - Mark Duchesne

I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume 1 - Issue 2


Ladies and men’s hair


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I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume1 - Issue 2

1- Pass it on!

Name: Sirli Luik Place of Birth: Tallinn Three things I cannot live without: Nature, my camera and coffee. What I would do with 10 million euro’s: Travel around the world with my closest people. The biggest wish when I was a kid: two competing wishes; to become an astronaut or to go to Australia to see the koala’s. If I can go back in history, I would go to: I wouldn’t. The world is full of historical plases, so I would visit these places if I wanted to. Three things I have to do every day: Eat, take a picture and love. If tomorrow the earth will explode, today I will: be in a shock. My biggest wish: The earth not to explode tomorrow. Some last words: Heeeeeeerlijk. I am going to “Pass it on!” to: Evi Michalopoulou

2- Pass it on!

Name: Stan Berkers Place of Birth: Geldrop, a town near Eindhoven, I was born in the hospital Three things I cannot live without: Friends, listening music, and my keys. What I would do with 10 million euro’s: A lot of it will be spend in the Carpe Diem, and I will buy a house in Tilburg for me and my friends. The biggest wish when I was a kid: To lose my fat, I was a very fat kid. If I can go back in history, I would go to: Rockwerchter 2009, a big festival in Belgium. I saw my favorite band Oasis just before they split up. It was amazing! Three things I have to do every day: Waking up, ask myself which day it is, and watching the joke of the day presented by Jan Slechter (Max geheugentraner). If tomorrow the earth will explode, today I will: have a great party with all my friends and family. We’re all going down partying, quite fun I think! My biggest wish: Staying young forever, I can’t image myself when I’m old and lazy! Some last words: Be free to be whaterver you want and live forever. I am going to “Pass it on!” to: Kelly Smits

I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume 1 - Issue 2


The first weeks of ... Carolin

Hello everyone, I would like to share my first impressions of the starting weeks in Tilburg with you. My name is Carolin and I was born and raised in Germany and plan to stay in Tilburg for the next two years, to study for Pre-master and Master. Before I came to Tilburg, I spend some years living in the Netherlands, but also abroad for exchange and internship, while studying for my Bachelors degree at HAN University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem. Looking back at the last seven weeks, the first thing I can say about living in the Netherlands again is “It’s great to be back”. The first adventure in Tilburg was to find a room. As I was running late with my search – in the end of August- I had to consider several ways to find a room. After browsing the internet, signing up at internet pages and spending afternoons reacting on room offers, I decided to go to a real-estate agent. Luckily, after the first agent showed me a room which looked like an old kitchen with a bed, another second real-estate agent found me a very nice room to which I could move in within 48 hours. By now, I am very happy with the typical student house accommodation and living with nice people. My first impressions of Tilburg are great, the city seems cosy and neat to me. I really like the University and by now, I don’t get lost on Campus anymore. It feels good to be back in the Netherlands, using a bike to cycle around and enjoy “gezelligheid”. Although I really missed biking a lot while I was living abroad, I still did not get used to bike under every weather condition and I am impressed how people are riding their bikes in the rain. I am trying to keep up with that and bought a rain pants just some week ago. All in all, my first impressions of Tilburg are very positive and I hope collect some great experiences in the future. Carolin Bödding


I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume1 - Issue 2

Carpe diem. Nay, this eventful night shall be remembered as carpe noctem, which means‌ . Men and women sexchanged dance moves, kisses and later various newfound positions as they undressed a more feminine touch or masculine beast long hidden beneath the bras, jockstraps and other metaphorical shackles society has cast down upon our sacred temples. But God had no place in the inaugural Tuesday night fracas, where the Spanish once again reminded us all why they´re the champions both on and off the pitch. Two sports[wo]men in the mould of xavi and Iniesta took their toll on their sissy opponents in the centre circle, while Norway was once again conquered by the Dutch maestro...this time in warmer conditions. The States were back to the old front. Continuing with the football theme, and the Dutch continue to impress with a strong team across the Board; more goals need to be scored if they want to seize this crown. The Captain will certainly have to step up his balls game, could a new hair colour be the ticket? The rest of the team is suspiciously quiet after the previous victories. To international matchups, and the Dutch-trained Australians were remembering their lessons, picking up all three points in what can only be branded a comprehensive victory. In other news, an inseparable trio have become, well, separated, as one musketeer has found someone else to polish his gun; his fellow countrywoman seems to be selling more than just football tickets. This just in, a returning mentor placed two half-stines upon her matching red lips that fateful night. The polkadot wearing new mentor could only approve of this. And could the owner/s of a bra, top and silver ring please contact _________, he/she seems to have lost more than they counted on, on this coitally (un)deniable, cross dressing, cunningly distasteful, and completely detestable Carpe Diem night.

I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume 1 - Issue 2


Wall of


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Building Updates:

So finally the building became reality, and your membership card even more useful. In this update I’m just gonna give you some general information about this building, which from now on is called ‘Carpe Diem’. It was build in 1908 and nowadays it is a monumental building. As you might have seen, the ground floor is where the activities of I*ESN take place. In the basement we have the bathrooms, girls have probably noticed that there are three ladies rooms which is a real luxury after being used to only one. The room where the drinks are stored, with two 1000L beer tanks, is also in the basement. As we move upstairs we have a kitchen and three rooms on the first floor, of which one will be the future I*ESN office. The other rooms will be rented to students together with two rooms at the top floor. At the top floor there is also a bathroom and a big storage room. That’s it for now, I hope to welcome you all soon and Carpe Diem! And one more important thing: we couldn’t do all this without our barcommittee which consist of: Marinte, Lisa, Rens, Erik, Joep, Eva, Michiel and Alex. Meet them at the bar! Jiska Vroon

Euro: 0 - 1,5,50 - 1 ,50 1 ) é s o 0 t, R ea e 5 ) , e r 1 e w l s i / p y - ,50 dr e, Ice T Ju ( e t i r e h e 1 B (Red/W , Sprit 0 0 , 2 Wine Cola, Fanta - r a e c t o a C kling w e c i u r j a p e 1,80 ,80 S / Orang , a k d o /3 0 W 3 , , l 3 e ) g Apple y drink r lù hrobbe!è F , g a l r i e u c En s (Teq cotch, S Shot Butters Mixes

: t s i l e Pric


I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume1 - Issue 2

!! y a d i r F s ’ t I d Thank Go @ Carpe Diem Every Friday

from 5 pm

: Special deals € 2,50 r e il p u J L .5 0 s all Special Beer

€ 2,00

Special B


Leffe Blonde:

Hoegaarden Rosé: White:

I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume 1 - Issue 2

Leffe Brown:


Culture Share: Have a look at your food!

As you all are very much aware of, there are diverse eating habits all over the world. Easterns live on rice, while American and European stick to meat. Indians add curry to everything, African have own special spices. Have you got any idea how you can learn what people eat in a certain region? Want to have a Food Tour through our earth village? The easiest way to figure it out is to have a closer look at regional product within international chain food providers, like McDonald’s. Have you ever heard about McKroket or McFlurry with ‘Stroopwaffel’? Do not bother yourself looking for Dutch Food. There is no such thing like Dutch food, they simply fry everything. Are you a seafood lover? Then try McLobster Roll in littoral Canada. But you have to pick the right time for the reason it is not served all year long.

Maybe, before your trip to Germany, you didn’t expect to see sausages within a burger. Try this ‘Hoeneß bratwurst burger’ and never mess with Germans.

Are you a Vegetable lover and a Pie lover at the same time? Do not miss this Spinach Pie in Thailand. It will blow your mind off.

‘I would like a salad, please.’ Sorry, no can do, say the Chinese. Have a Corn Cup instead then, it is fresh creamy and yummy, I promise. Not impressed? For much more fun, ask around your international friends about their favorite chip flavors and be prepared to be shocked! Jinwei Zhang


I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume1 - Issue 2

Food a family consume in a week: See how world eats. United S




I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume 1 - Issue 2


Trip: Maastricht

Gathering in front of the central station at 8.30 in the morning we set off to explore the southern, most distant and a bit secluded part of the Netherlands - Limburg. Looking through the train window everybody got amazed by the beauty of the region, its breathtaking landscape and... MOUNTAINS. Okay, I know that maybe ‘mountains’ is a word too big to describe the hilly forests but we were just all convinced that Holland is flat as a table. Our first stop was in Valkenburg where we had a nice stroll around the city, seeing old fortifications and citywalls. There were many cyclists going through the city, not only on road but also on mountain bikes. As I found out later on, Valkenburg has held Road Cycling World Championships and even the famous Tour de France had a stage finish in Valkenburg 2 times in history. After Valkenburg we made our way to the main point of our trip - Maastricht. The city known worldwide for the ‘Treaty of Maastricht’ and its European significance welcomed us with a nice sunny weather. Not having sunglasses was quite annoying, especially on the boat, which we took to go to the St. Pietersberg Caves. After a short wait for our tour guide, we entered the darkness of the caves which are the result of excavation of marl (a building stone) some centuries ago. At the beginning it felt like walking into some ancient Egyptian temple, having columns on both sides and enormously high ceilings above our heads. Walking on some of the 20,000 passages of the caves we admired many inscriptions and art works on the walls. The guide also wanted us to experience the feeling of complete darkness so he took all the 3 lights our group had in the caves, and left us disappearing behind the corner. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen because the other groups taking the tour lit the passages. On the way back from the caves our boat went further down the river to the point where Maas (the river of Maastricht) enters Belgium. Enjoying the nice 2 minutes in Belgium we went back to the city centre just in time for the city tour offered by ESN Maastricht. Starting off from Vrijthof, the biggest and well-known square in the city, we explored the paved streets of Maastricht seeing the Sint-Servaas basilica with the unique red tower, then having a stroll to the University of Maastricht and the beautiful park in the surroundings, entering the Basilica of the Virgin Mary, and then going through the Helpoort (Hell Gate, the oldest town gate in the Netherlands) to finish off. It was 6pm and our plan said ‘free time’ so it was simply time for dinner. Following our lovely guide (which we were given at the beginning of our trip) we ended up looking for a restaurant which didn’t exist. Instead of arriving at Cafe de Wekker with cheap student food, at Tongersestraat 13 we arrived at Jacques Restaurant full of older people and high prices. At the end we ate some kebab just in time to recharge our batteries before going for a drink to the pub of ESN Maastricht called Highlander. It was a wonderful end of the trip sipping up on some €1.20 beer and enjoying a nice relaxing chat. Adri Redpants


I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume1 - Issue 2


Extase d


5,- eu 1 y l n o rs for e h c t i P 2

I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume 1 - Issue 2


Upcoming Activities November

Thursday 3th of November T-day Go-Karting and Lasergaming! This Thursday we are going karting and lasergaming at Voltage in Tilburg. You can also do only karting or only lasergaming, or you can choose to do both! The prices will be announced on Facebook. You can sign up at the office from now untill Wednesday 2nd of October 16:00h. Saturday 5th of November City Trip to Brussels Saturday on the 5th of November we are going to visit the Capital of Belgium: Brussels! This beautiful city is quickly becoming a trendy spot for weekend getaways and holidays. Apart from its famous chocolates and beers there are many attractions. It is a centre of European culture, officially nicknamed ‘the European Village’, with almost 90 museums, beautiful parks, fascinating walks and trendy restaurants and bars. We will gather at 08.30 and the price is 38 euro for members and 43 euro for non-members We promise it is going to be awesome! You can sign up at the office E204 from now untill Friday the 4th of November 16:00h. Thursday 10th of November International Dinner Since our first International Dinner, themed Indonesia, the mood has been set. All new regions are trying to show as much as possible of their culture, food, music and dance. Indonesia and South Asia have already shown how wonderful their culture is, and up next is Bulgaria. So are you as interested as we are in the culture of Bulgaria and wondering what exactly typical Bulgarian food is? Then make sure to keep an eye on our facebook, weekly update and webpage, so you know when and how to sign up! Sunday 13th of November Cycle tour to the Brewery and Foamparty Brewery de Koningshoeven (the royal farms) is the only Trappist brewery in the Netherlands. Here, in cooperation with monks of the Abbey of O.L.V. van Koningshoeven all the La Trappe beers are being developed and brewed. We are going to have a cycle tour to the brewery, which is just outside of Tilburg. At the brewery we have a guided tour and everyone gets one consumption, there is a nice terrace where you can chill out and enjoy some more locally brewed La Trappe beers if you want. This activity costs 10 euro’s for members and 12 euro’s for non-members. Everybody that already sign up for this trip in October and you didn’t pick up the money, you are still signed in! You can sign up at the office from Monday 7th of November untill Friday 11th of November. After this trip, on Sunday evening from 21:00h I*ESN presents a foamparty in Extase! Last semester it was the most popular party, so don’t miss it! We will have a shot for 1 euro which will be announced on Facebook.


I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume1 - Issue 2

Monday 14th of November Create your own event This Monday you can create your own activity. We will create an event on Facebook, you can give your ideas and we will make a poll out of it, Then you can vote for your favourite activty and the one with the most votes wins! Previous times we went bowling and we went to the Octoberfest. Let’s see what it is going to be this time! Thursday 17th of November Finnish Beer Rally For this activity you will be in groups (you can sign up as a group but also as an individual, then we will form a group for you). This is going to be some kind of pub crawl where different tasks has to be done in the different bars. In every bar there will be a jury who gives your group points. We will have prizes for the groups with the most points. These tasks can be a quiz, puzzle, etc. It is going to be a great night for sure! We will end up all together and we’ll party like the Finnish do! Saturday 19th of November T-day: Museum Day On this day we will visit 2 museums in Tilburg. One is going to be the Texile-museum and the second one will be announced on the Facebook event and the website. Wednesday the 23rd of November Band Night @ Café Bolle I*ESN presents a band night at café Bolle, you can form your own band and perform this night on stage! If you would like to show your talent and perform as a band, send an email to: Friday 25th of November International Party The international party will start at 22:00h at Café Studio and is not only for I*ESN members but for everyone! Joyce Adriaensen Activity Coordinator I*ESN Tilburg


I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume 1 -Magazine Issue 2 - Volume1 - Issue 2 I*ESN Tilburg


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I*ESN Magazine Vol.1 Issue 2  

Second magazine of Fall 2011