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An update from Phil & Merilee Henderson with MAF


New Year 2013

Final Travel Itinerary: Henderson Family MAF Course) Toronto, Canada ––––> London, England (2-week Jan. 25, 2013 ! !

kampala, Uganda (Caravan training) May 2013! ! kampala !! ! ! ! N’Djamena, Chad!

Feb. 10, 2013 ! !

London, England ––––> N’Djamena, Chad

Un Petit Détour Time and time again we have been told that MAF really stands for ‘Move Again Friend’. Well a couple of weeks ago we saw why this seems to be the common joke told to new families. Our route after we leave Canada in January has changed slightly. It has become apparent that the MAF program in Chad will be short a pilot for their larger Cessna Grand Caravan. Phil had been expecting to jump right into the smaller Cessna 182 when we got to Chad and then learn the Caravan when time permitted. Now he will need to be trained on this new 14-seat aircraft in order to be ready to go when we land in Chad. MAF’s large and diverse program in Kampala, Uganda is the best place to do this training. For our first three months we will be living in Uganda while Phil gets comfortable in the Caravan, flying regular MAF flights under the watchful eye of their instructors. We kind of like this turn of events as we have good friends in Uganda with MAF. So in February, after just finishing a two-week MAF orientation course in the UK, we plan to fly directly to Kampala, Uganda. Then, in about the middle of May, we plan to move up to N’Djamena, Chad to finally settle down there. Another outcome of this change of plans is that Phil will need to take a two week

MAF’s Cessna Grand Caravan in Chad is able to carry up to 14 people and plenty of much needed supplies.

When & Where

Three MAF Caravans in Kampala, Uganda

We’re Back in Ontario th Dec 20 th to Jan 25

Phil’s IFR renewal in Three Hills Jan 9th to Jan 19th

Depart Canada (Toronto) Jan 25th 2013 6:30 pm

2 Week MAF Training in UK End of Jan 2013

Caravan course in South Africa, just after we get to Uganda. This course covers all the book and head knowledge, plenty of simulator exercises and some in-aircraft experience. Merilee and the kids will stay in Uganda with the other MAF families who will help to introduce them to Africa. This is definitely the part of the plan where we will especially cherish your prayers. Without a doubt, for Merilee, it will be a stressful time, having just arrived and being on her own with the kids. But the alternatives would mean being apart for the full three months and/or having Merilee fly over later with the girls. When we looked at it in those terms, two weeks in Uganda looked much better than intercontinental travel with two kids and being apart for a quarter of a year.

les... ...a few more bells & whist

Phil in South Africa Feb 20th to Mar 4th

3 months in Kampala, Uganda Feb 10th to mid-May 2013

We arrive in N’Djamena, Chad mid-May 2013

Please let us know if you’re not interested in receiving our letters. If you’re getting this by mail and would prefer an email version, just email us at for updates, videos and photos from Phil’s side of things thoughts on life, parenting and our family from Merilee

Looking back at Quebec Well, we’ve had our good days and our 'my brain isn't working in French' kind of days. We saw daily progress in French and our confidence has grown to the point that we can carry on a conversation in French. God blessed us tremendously with our French teacher Julie. She is from France and so she taught us French from France which is closer to what they speak in Chad – as opposed to Quebec French which sounds very different once you have an ear for it. She is an amazing teacher. She came up with many interesting exercises and did a lot of work to make the course applicable to our situation and our future. It was fun to introduce her to our world, what we’ll be doing in Chad and what we believe about God, Jesus and life – all in French of course. Many people in Quebec come from a Catholic background, however these days anti-church sentiments seem to be the norm. We were surprised – and admittedly, a little Notre professeur, Julie humored – to find out that people, in an attempt to distance themselves from the church, use common church terms as swear words...but not the ones you’d expect to hear. Apparently if you smash your thumb with a hammer in Quebec, it would be entirely appropriate to yell out the French word for communion wafer. Quebec City is a beautiful place to live and we have enjoyed acting as 'tour guides' for those who’ve made the trek out to visit us. We didn't mind introducing our guests to all the French Praise God ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣

We have a solid foundation in French A great six months in Quebec For sustaining us through the challenges of being in a different culture MAF Chad – successful first ministry flights on the new Diesel Cessna 182

delicacies and 'eating' our way through the Old City. There are many bike paths, forests to explore, parks for the kids and sights to see – we wish we had a bit more time to see them all. We attended a French speaking church since we arrived in July. One of our goals each Sunday was to try to have at least one conversation in French. Believe it or not, many people speak English and would rather practise their English with us – maybe our French was just that bad. We usually asked them to switch back to French. We found understanding the sermons to be the most challenging part – an oral presentation without pictures or words to read. The worship was our favourite part. Being able to read the words, recognize a lot of the melodies and understand what we were singing allowed us to be more involved in it. Kaitlyn gradually adjusted to school as she made friends. Her days were 100% in French which was awesome for Kaitlyn’s teacher, Mme Tessier learning the language. She loves her teacher and friends and we’ve seen the results of total immersion as she seems to be able to understand most of what she hears in French. On her last day her class had a goodbye party for her and we were able to see her chatting with her friends in French too! Lily picked up French words here and there and even though she did not take any lessons she would copy Kaitlyn in belting out French songs or learning new words that Kaitlyn would bring home. They are great friends and we are blessed by these two precious girls.

Prayer ‣ ‣ ‣

Wisdom in parenting Unity in our marriage & family throughout the major transitions ahead The next 4 months – very busy with lots of preparation, traveling & learning

Some of you have asked what our needs are at this point and if you can help. Once we arrive in Chad we will need to find a solid, sturdy vehicle so we are saving for that – a 10 year old used Toyota can still cost up to $20,000. That is just a taste of the cost of normal things in Chad. If you are interested in helping with this project you can contact MAF at the number or website below and mention the MAF project number: V87C.

And to all of you who care for us by praying and partner in our ministry with MAF through annual gifts or monthly partnership – Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Mission Aviation Fellowship of Canada, 264 Woodlawn Rd. W, Guelph, ON, N1H 1B6 Toll free: 1.877.351.9344 |

Mission Aviation Fellowship, PO Box 47, Nampa, ID, 83653 Toll free: 1.800.359.7623 |

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