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ADJECTIVES: A.-Usa algunas de las palabras en las dos listas para completar las oraciones. ADJETIVE: big, brown, small, young, good, bad, nice, clever, funny, hot, cold, beautiful. NOUNS: teacher, boy, girl, mouse, day, country, town, man, woman, book, elephant, dog. Example: He´s a clever boy. He´s a good teacher, It´s a nice day. 1,.___________________________________________________ 2._____________________________________________________ 3._____________________________________________________ 4._____________________________________________________ B.-Put the adjective in the correct place. 1.- It´s a rabbit. (small) It´s a small rabbit 2.- It´s a mouse ( big) 3.-It´s a lion (sleepy) 4.-It´s a monkey (young) C.- Write sentences using the word below. Use the correct form of be. Example: The/ school/ big The / dog / dirty I / sleepy

The school is big The dog is dirty I´m sleepy

1.- Our/ teacher/ clever.__________________________________ 2.- I / hungry_________________________________________ 3.- Robert / funny______________________________________ 4.- The / mouse / brown_________________________________

C.-Robert is looking for adjectives. How many can you see ? Write on your notebook and write sentences using ten of the adjectives. Put the adjectives before the noun. RED RABBIT THE SMALL BANANAS INTERESTING DANGEROUS BAD KANGAROO ZOO FAT TREE SUN LONG GIRAFFE OLD HAPPY GREEN SAD DIRTY TIGER A HEAVY AND DIFFICULT CLEVER ROBERT SHORT EASY SCHOOL HE THIN TALK YELLOW WORM CAT BIG Example: This is a big school. D.- Rewrite the sentences. Put the adjective after the verb be Example: This is a brow bear. This bear is brown 1. These are noisy monkeys 2. This is a hungry tiger 3. This a sleepy crocodile 4. These are dirty dogs 5. These are beautiful birds 6. This is an angry lion 7. This is a small mouse 8. This is a dangerous spider 9. These are thirsty giraffes 10.This is a grey elephant

E.- Robert is talking about a strange animal. Draw it in the space below. “It´s got a large body. It´s got long legs and small feet. It´s got green ayes and short nose. It ´s got yellow fur and big ears. It´s got a long thin neck. It´s got a large mouth and sharp white teeth. It´s eating a green plant”


Notes from adjectives