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Seattle Center Sweater

Inspiration This piece explores the tension between two of the most iconic buildings in Seattle: the Space Needle and MoPOP, previously known as the EMP Museum. I varied fit, shape, texture, and color to evoke both the symmetrical, exploratory, flourished angles of the Needle, and the asymmetrical, patchwork, radically abstract organic forms of MoPOP. The emergent concept is a patchwork of abstract organic shapes, unified by the long, columnar legs of the Needle.

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I created the above swatches to test the different stitches, yarns, and textures I incorporated into the sweater. Analogous to building models, swatches let me determine at a small-scale level if it is necessary to swap out any materials, choose different colors, or use a bigger or smaller knitting needle to obtain a different gauge. Below are different fit concepts and a study of one of the legs of the Needle.

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The basketweave around the base of the sweater represents Seattle's many dark, rectangular buildings, while the broken cables worked in blue up the wearer's right sleeve were inspired to the broken guitar frets on the roof of MoPOP. The variegated color bands on the wearer's left sleeve and the competing red strands that form the neck drape panel expand on MoPOP's iridescent finishes, reminding viewers of both pieces that music and culture are in constant flux, and that impressions of either vary with physical, intellectual, or emotional separation from the subject matter.

Selected Sketchbook Works

Left: portrait of David Tennant as Kilgrave in Jessica Jones; above: sea otter anatomy studies; below: watercolor sea otter

<watercolor of an otter; in progress. no caption>

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Madeleine Crouch (720) 352-2089 905 Dexter Ave N Apt 545

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