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Fall 2021 - Vol. One Issue Three


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The Ray Booth® Collection MADE FOR YOU™

The Made For You magazine is published by Hickory Chair, manufacturer of fine personalized wood and upholstered furniture. From classic to modern, each piece is made by hand and to order. Over 90% of Hickory Chair’s products are made to order in America. Alex Shuford III CEO Rock House Farm President Hickory Chair Laura Holland Editor-In-Chief The staff of Made For You, based in Hickory, North Carolina, welcomes your feedback. Comments and queries can be referred to: Send traditional mail to: Made For You Attn: Laura Holland PO Box 2147 Hickory, NC 28602 Electronic mail should be directed to:

Click here for a free copy Please note that submissions for furture publication, including photographs and articles, should be clearly identified with contact information and full project details. Produced in USA © 2021 ON THE COVER: The Jacques Sofa and Lounge Chair, Yvette Spot Table, Luc Cocktail Table and Austell Side Table with Wood Top from the Suzanne Kasler® Collection.

issue three contributors SUZANNE KASLER is an Atlanta, Georgia based designer that has created warm, inviting

environments that strike a balance between elegant, traditional design and practical comfort. She has collaborated with Hickory Chair to bring that same spirit to her extensive line of furniture, Suzanne Kasler® for Hickory Chair. Her works are also available through Lee Jofa, Visual Comfort and Ballard Design. She is the author of three books - Inspired Interiors, Sophisticated Simplicity and Timeless Style. JAIMEE ROSE is a full-service interior designer is focused on building and furnishing luxury residences throughout Arizona and across the country. She is available for new construction and remodels, as well as refreshes of existing rooms and select commercial projects. Jaimee studied design and English at Brigham Young university and at Arizona State University. She began her career as a designer at a young age while helping her mother, also an accomplished decorator. A longtime journalist, Jaimee squeezed design work for select clients into evenings and weekends for many years before shifting to design full-time and widening the scope of her work to encompass the entire building process. She lives in Phoenix with her husband, Tyson. BETHANY O’NEIL knew at a very early age that interior design was her passion. Growing up in a small midwestern town as an only child, she found herself constantly rearranging her room and exploring new looks. Her father traveled throughout the United States for business and often would take her along. Not only did she learn the art of selling, but most importantly, never be late for a meeting. Traveling to so many glamorous cities provided great awe and inspiration. After graduation from Minneapolis College of Art and Design, she went on to work for Ralph Lauren’s Home collection creating lifestyles in their specialty shops around the country. In 1992, she started her own business. She and her family reside in Naples, Florida.

CHERYL NESTRO the principle and creative director at Northvillle, Michigan based Tutto Interiors for over 18 years. Tutto Interiors is a multifaceted, full-service interior design studio that combines sound, trusting relationships, creativity, and unsurpassed attention to detail, and her passion and collaborative approach enable each project to reach its highest potential. Cheryl takes a holistic approach to design, giving careful consideration to every decision and creating fluid spaces throughout a home. She begins the process at the conceptual stage to develop the best solutions and to combine functionality with style. Tutto Interiors blends traditional and modern spaces without claiming allegiance to any particular style. Cheryl and her team masterfully interpret the dreams of discerning homeowners. SKIP RUMLEY is a Greensboro, NC based designer in his 9th year with Hickory Chair as the VP Creative Director. In this role, Skip is responsible for leading product innovation, merchandising the product assortment and creating collaborative collections with company design partners. Skip has forged a 20-year career engaged with some of the most prestigious luxury brands in the furniture industry where he has designed interiors for showrooms as well as deisgning lighting, accessories and furniture. In October 2020, the company introduced a new collection EVERETT™ by Skip Rumley. LAURA HOLLAND has proudly been a part of the Hickory Chair family for over 35 years. Throughout her storied career working in various areas of the company, she has become known for her passion and determination. As VP Marketing, she is responsible for all marketing intiiatives of the company. She enjoys painting and the great outdoors. She and her husband reside in Newton, NC. 2

greetings from the chair 2021 marks Hickory Chair’s 110th anniversary. We are also celebrating the 80th anniversary of both our James River and Pearson collections. The first 110 years has certainly been an incredible journey. Looking back at each of these 11 decades, each has brought times of flourish and growth as well as times of strife. Each management team over the years has faced unique challenges and with great determination has led the company forward. We are blessed at The Chair to have a resilient family of talented artisans, craftsmen, designers and staff that have chosen to practice their vocation with us. It is fair to say that the past year and a half have challenged all of us. We have learned to work, to think and to live differently. While millions of people around the world were able to work from home, our handson industry was essential to the recovery of our country’s economy. We brought our employees back into our workroom and office with new safety protocols in place after a short break. With an unparalleled shift from spending on travel and entertainment to the home, our industry and Hickory Chair has been overwhelmed and overjoyed with new orders. Our employees have worked countless overtime hours while we work diligently to recruit more talent to join our company. We are not only actively hiring new artisans and craftsmen to join our family, but are proudly reaching out to local high schools and trade schools to provide a place for young men and women to learn a vocation to become master craftsmen of the future. We believe in our culture that embraces and develops talent and strives for continuous improvement as an equal opportunity employer. We are confident this culture will allow us to continue the ability to celebrate many milestones in the future. We appreciate the feedback that was shared from our first two issues of Made For You™ and have implemented wishes from our readers. Each issue is created with you in mind. We received submissions from designers across the country and are pleased to share the talents of Cheryl Nestro, Jaimee Rose, Bethany O’Neil and Suzanne Kasler in this third issue.

We invite you to submit your projects for

consideration for a future issue. We hope that you enjoy this new issue of Made For You™. It is written with love and appreciation of our artisans and craftsmen and for you. It is our honor to make a one-of-a-kind home furnishings for you. All my best, Editor-in-Chief


West Coast East Coast I


west coast east coast a stor y of collaboration and customization Wr i t t e n b y Ja i m e e Ro s e, p r i n c i pa l o f Ja i m e e Ro s e In t e r i o r s, P h o e n i x , A Z Ro o m s c e n e p h o t o g ra p h y b y Is a a c B a i l e y Po r t ra i t b y A l l i s o n Ty l e r Jo n e s

Kent Sectional

Jaimee Rose 4

Jules Chair

“As preserving original elements in each room of the house was important to our client, we made recommendations that would complement these historic “Jaimee is a perfectionist when it comes to design and detail, and she’s features,” shares Easterling. also a great “advocate during the new build process – from start to finish. Jaimee doesn’t settle and will not give up troubleshooting to make your finished product happy and beautiful. I don’t think I could ever build another house without her.” ~Celeste and Eric Silvernail MADE FOR YOU™


ut here on the West coast, we have a little problem

that’s technically a big problem: everything out here is larger. Houses are sprawling, great rooms can double as hotel lobbies, and residents love to stretch out on sofas that could sleep a family of four (with their feet up on a coffee table that could hold a Manhattan kitchen.) You








manufacturing industry is on the East Coast, where things are ever so slightly more petite. For interior designers with projects like mine, there’s a shortage of scale. This is big sky country. We always need everything to be bigger! Enter Hickory Chair, and our beloved made-to-measure program. It allows us to create custom pieces for our clients that keep everyone sitting pretty. To










quarterback’s media room, sized at 200-inches long and 45-inches deep. He told us that he’d never found his personal holy grail: a sofa to support his frame. We measured his actual thigh bone to make sure the cushion would sit just right, and sent the drawings off to Hickory. When the Kent sofa arrived, his wife reported happily that she had to drag him out of that room. We’ve created crazily-sized coffee tables and consoles, as well as ottomans grand enough to be queen-sized beds. We’ve specified bespoke mirrors sized for doubleheight entries, and dining tables to seat twenty-two. My design philosophy is that the space my clients and I create together is going to be beautiful, of course, but to be beautiful, it also has to be comfortable. A

“I know this: Good design can actually help you live better.” - Jaimee Rose

well-designed home should support you, almost like another member of the household. We like to build in systems to strong-arm those places where messes accumulate. We work to plan kitchens that make getting dinner on the table a faster and a more pleasurable

I always tell my clients that we want them to be happy with our work for years, not just for days – and to do that, we have to listen hard for ways to make their lives better.

task. We are so grateful to have means to create

From the beginning of our work together, we try to have

furniture that holds you just so at the end of a long day,

the end of our client’s story in mind. “As in all the good

lowering your blood pressure and easing stress. And you

stories, it’s the best part: you open your new front door

don’t even have to worry about spilling wine on the up-

and walk into a space that delights you, comforts you,

holstery because it’s performance fabric, of course!

and already feels like home.” - Jaimee Rose


By Don Easterling and Nina Nash Long Photography by Emily Followill

Astor Side Table

Kent Sofa

Gratitude & Giving Back F O U R S T R O N G W O M E N F I N D I N G T H E G O O D I N D I F F I C U LT T I M E S


aul TP Wong once quoted, “A person’s true character is often revealed in times of crisis or temptation.” The past year and a half has certainly been a period of ‘such times’ and all around us are wonderful examples of kindness, giving and gratitude from people around us.

While a breast cancer journey for some is a very private experience, Lorelei took a decidedly different approach. “I wanted to raise awareness for younger women and do something that continued my life’s mission of making an impact, even if I personally wouldn’t be able to do so during my journey,” she shares. Alas, the “Chemo to KindnessSM Challenge” was born. Facing 16 weeks of chemo, Lorelei would launch a challenge the day of her first treatment and later a website to house the impact this wave of kindness was creating. Lorelei challenged friends, family and complete strangers to perform acts of kindness and share them with her using the hashtags #1600acts and #TeamLorelei to lift her up each week. She felt confident that as she recovered from each treatment, reading these acts of kindness would lift her spirits as well others that read them. It was her hope that 100 acts of kindness would be completed for each of the 16 weeks; an ambitious goal of 1600 acts.

Lorelei Colbert, former Marketing and Public Relations Manager at Hickory Chair from 2014 through 2016, married her soulmate on July 3, 2020. It was not the wedding they planned in their hometown in New Jersey; they married in the living room of their North Carolina apartment with friends and family all over the world attending by Zoom® due to Covid-19. Keeping their original date was intentional, as Lorelei’s husband had recently graduated from a military training program, and this young couple had sights on their next chapter in Japan come fall. However, that all changed on August 26th when Lorelei went in for a physical exam gearing up for their departure. On this day, a lump was found in her breast. This appointment saved her life.

At just 28 years old, Lorelei was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer – Triple Negative, Stage 2. The military reassigned them to stay in North Carolina where Lorelei has navigated chemo, surgeries and continues her recovery in between appointments.

To date, more than 75 charitable organizations have benefited from individuals performing acts of kindness in her honor. Like all her goals in life, this goal was exceeded and it continues on. Lorelei shares, “I am so grateful. I could not have imagined the incredible acts of kindness that poured in during the challenge. From offering scholarships for education, paying for the people behind them in line, calling an old friend and writing a letter, the acts ranged from grand gestures to simple, but importantly, acts of kindness. This experience has changed my life.” She continues, “Not just taking on cancer, but this challenge. It taught me how to better “show up” for others, and I will spend the rest of my life doing so.” To learn more, visit As Lorelei was to visit with the surgeon and oncologist to begin her journey, she reached out to her former manager, Laura Holland whom in 2018 had also battled Triple Negative breast cancer. This became Laura’s opportunity to not only help this special young woman, but also be able to pay forward the wonderful support she had received during her journey. From providing information about what to expect as Lorelei navigated her way through her journey by answering questions and supporting her challenge with act of kindness, it was gratifying and rewarding to be able to help another. In fact, another former co-worker and friend had been diagnosed with breast cancer just six weeks prior to Laura. They were able to support each other throughout the journey of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and recovery. 8

(c)(3) nonprofit organization, The Common Thread for the Cure Foundation is the united effort of the varied businesses and individuals within the furnishings and design industries to support their own in the battle against breast cancer.

“KISS AWAY CANCER! I walked today to help save lives from cancer. I walked today in honor of 2 of my friends who are strong, beautiful survivors. I walked today for everyone fighting to beat cancer.” – Shannon Murray Shannon Murray, a Rye, New York based interior designer that Laura had met through Hickory Chair University, became an unexpected force in her life. Shannon too had battled cancer; Hodgkin’s-Lymphoma - not once but twice. Shannon was treated at Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) hospital in New York. After Shannon’s recovery she began volunteering in their Patient-To-Patient program. Every Monday she speaks with patients that call the hospital’s outreach program. She not only listens to their needs and concerns, but also refers them to applicable programs the hospital provides to help ease their journey. Most importantly, she matches them to a survivor of that type of cancer whose journey was similar. Shannon ‘adopted’ Laura and was there throughout her journey to answer questions, lend support and surprise with calls, cards and gifts at the milestones she knew that she was reaching. She even participated in a 5k Breast Cancer Walk in her honor. Paying forward help and support is an important part of healing and can change and shape lives of those it touched. Inspired by his mother’s selfless acts, Shannon’s teenage son also volunteers after school at Sloan Kettering. A longtime friend of Laura, Kym Bauguess, was there with encouragement and support through her journey. She learned from a friend, Dee Wyrick, a breast cancer survivor, about a charitable foundation for people battling breast cancer and provided contact information for The Common Thread For The Cure. The foundation focuses on patient well-being. They support individuals that are fighting breast cancer by offering helpful financial assistance. “We know it’s a frightening, overwhelming time, and we belong to an industry that cares,” states Jane Barea, president. She continues, “A 501

The Foundation’s Helping Hand Grants provide relief from some of the financial stress that comes with the diagnosis. Anyone affiliated with the home furnishings and design industry may request a grant for himself (herself ) or for a member of his (her) immediate family. The grants can be used for whatever the survivor feels will provide the most benefit to himself (herself ). Grants have been used for paying medical deductibles, housing during treatment away from home, mortgage payments, tuition for a child to continue college, car and home insurance costs, and taxes. This is only a small list—think about all the financial obligations you face every day. The Common Thread For The Cure Foundation is here to help take care of those things so survivors can focus on what is critical to them—survival.” Since that casual mention by a friend in 2018, Helping Hand Grants have been awarded not only to Laura and Lorelei, but to two other former co-workers battling breast cancer and chemotherapy. Giving back by helping others is an important part of moving ahead with your life after a major illness such as breast cancer. Each year, the organization accepts donations and holds fundraisers to be able to give financial assistance to offset the unexpected costs incurred by those battling breast cancer. To learn more visit


“We know it’s a frightening, overwhelming time, and we belong to an industry that cares,” - Jane Barea, President It is the relationships we forge in this industry that make what we do so special. We are a small industry in terms of other consumer goods sectors of our economy. These relationships between individuals that work for manufacturers, suppliers, press, furniture stores and trade showrooms as well as interior designers and sales associates are special. We believe that it is the simple fact that we make pieces for people and their home that makes what we do so very personal and special. Craftsmen at Hickory Chair know that they make furniture for people and not boxes going to a warehouse. “We appreciate every person that turns to our craftsmen to make pieces for their home. We pay it forward with making one-of-a-kind heirloom quality furniture by hand,” shares Laura Holland. She continues, “While this has been an unprecedented time, as long as we focus on the good and paying it forward, we will all prosper – our human spirit, our company and our world.”

Southern Hospitality In 1941, Hickory Chair signed a licensing agreement with the James River Plantation Foundation®. Now celebrating its 80th year, this collection is based on the lifestyle and furnishings of the historic homes that line the James River in Virginia. The James River Collection is the furniture industry’s longest continuously made collection of wood and upholstered furniture. Pieces from the James River Collection have been passed down through generations just as the recipe that we share from the James River Cookbook [Williamsburg Publishing Co. 1980]. A tribute to life on the James River, the cookbook was written by the late Payne Tyler, former owner of the Sherwood Forest estate. This pecan pie recipe has been a favorite of the families that lived at Berkeley for generations.

Berkeley Pecan Pie 3 eggs slightly beaten 1/2 cup pecans whole 1/2 cup pecans chopped 1 cup light corn syrup 1 9-inch unbaked pie shell

Kit Chair

1 cup sugar pinch of cinnamon 1/8 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon vanilla

Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Mix all ingredients except the pecans. Add the chopped pecans and pour into the pie shell or pastry. Place the whole pecans on the top of the pie filling. Bake for 10 minutes. Reduce heat to 325 degrees and bake until filling is firm. (Old timers shook the pie slightly and when the center remained still, it was cooked.) Baking time is approximately 50 minutes. When fully baked, the pecans will be lightly toasted. May serve with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.

Lorraine Sofa

Photography by Lori Anderson

what’s modern now design that is timeless today and always


aples, Florida is known not only for its weather and beautiful natural surroundings, but also its easy lifestyle. It is also the home of the Hickory Chair - Naples trade showroom. The interior design industry is flourishing there with both seasonal and year-round residents. While contemporary design currently is all the rage in southwest Florida, the Hickory Chair – Naples showroom is a destination for fine furnishings that span modern, transitional and traditional and has become a trusted resource for the talented Bethany O’Neil.

Celine Sofa

Bethany takes a very different approach to creating interiors for her clients. Her boutique style philosophy specializes in creating the perfect lifestyle for her clients. Interiors that are modern and timeless - ones that will remain fresh and current over time. While she is exceedingly intuitive, she knows that it is all about the client and she aims to please them by providing service that caters to their needs. Bethany qualifies

“I believe that good design is timeless not only today but always.” - Bethany O’Neil

a client by defining their lifestyle, she reviews images of what appeals to them

and then is able to reinterpret all the information with her opinion, resources, creativity and experience. Of all these, experience is one of the best assets she can offer. This insight allows her to find that ‘secret ingredient’ that becomes the foundation she builds upon, to create interiors that reflect who they are and what makes them happy. Many of her clients are so pleased that they rarely do just one project with her. She incorporates a few antiques in most interiors. “I believe one traditional piece should anchor a room and prevent the interior from looking date-able. I believe that a non-date-able interior is what defines classic.” With a love for quiet colors, it is her ability to bring a room to life with her natural instinct to layer an exciting mix of textures within fabrics, and painted case goods. She also has a love for all things French and often mixes in that element of surprise to create a chic vibe. Her timeless look is always complemented by transitional items and usually a little touch of bling. She shares “Nothing goes better with blue jeans than diamonds and I design the same way.” Bethany and her husband purchased a home in Naples about 12 years ago. Over the years they had given it a series of ‘face lifts”. While they had always planned on eventually selling their little house, they made the realization about two years ago that it had become home and knew that they wanted to live there forever. “We started from scratch by completely gutting the structure. Removing the maze of hallways allowed us to create larger rooms with wonderful sight lines,” shares Bethany. With an open floor plan, she could now furnish her home for her family’s needs. Her family room is a pure reflection of her design aesthetic. Anchoring the room with a large

workroom to create a custom banquette with the Leigh Armless Love Seat from Suzanne Kasler. She specified changing the seat height, lengths and depth to make the love seat into a comfortable, custom banquette that was the perfect companion to Hickory Chair’s Mercer Dining Table. “Spending time together preparing and enjoying meals is one of our most special times of the day. I wanted to create a space that would be inviting and where we could make memories now and for years to come. Creating a space that will remain current into the future is my passion.”

Drake Cabinet

Leigh Banquette Mercer Dining Table

Julien Desk

antique French cabinet to hide the big screen TV, she used Hickory Chair sofa’s, mixing two very different styles: traditional and transitional. She then blended in a unique metal cocktail table with its decorative brass rim and topped it with an elegant vintage crystal bowl. The result is a visual feast of texture, and quiet color. The completed home now feels modern as it is filled with light, visually engaging and comfortable. As Bethany works from home, it was important to her that she create not only a productive space for her office, but also an inspirational space that complements her living spaces. She chose the Julian Desk painted in Dove white with gold accents and paired it with Maitland-Smith gold-finished chairs. She then anchored the space with a customized Drake Cabinet to house her multiple printers and office materials. Surrounded by natural light she created a dramatic and sophisticated environment from which she creates. Her clients love to come to her home. She believes that a warm and friendly invitation to a home for a meeting creates excitement from the beginning and is less intimidating. Her clients can see her personal style as she uses her home as her showroom. Her clients are able to sit in her favorite Hickory Chair upholstery that she has selected for her own home and how they are complemented by the painted finishes on the wood products. She knows that it is easy to find showrooms filled with trendy contemporary furniture, but is her goal to show clients how new furniture can be blended in with family heirlooms and chic antiques to create a timeless and more personalized look. She shares, “It is fun to witness them enjoying the benefits of a beautiful curated home.” The heart of any home is the kitchen. Bethany created an intimate space for friends and family to gather by challenging the Hickory Chair

For Bethany’s young daughter, she thoughtfully selected pieces that would transcend time. Anchored by the Simone Upholstered Bed by Suzanne Kasler, this room is ready for all the stages of life to come. Today it has a tea table with chairs for two and the writing desk serves as the nightstand. “As my daughter grows, she will use these pieces differently. This space is her sanctuary. The pieces are classic and the soft colors will always look fresh and comfortable. I believe that good design is that which is timeless not only today but always.”

Simone Bed

For Bethany, her style has evolved over time. She learns something new about herself with every project and new client. She believes that her own personal style has become an acquisition of all these experiences and is ever changing. She shares, “While there is a lot of psychology involved in the process of determining the perfect mix of what makes people feel good about their surroundings, I learn from each project and it ultimately heightens my own awareness.” 12

Behind the Curtain

A behind the scenes series of tips for purchasing and living with fine furniture.

There is an art to caring for your wood furniture. Whether it is a new purchase or an heirloom piece that has been passed down through the family, all furniture needs to be protected from light, have controlled humidity and be cleaned properly.

The three greatest enemies to the finish are light, dust and humidity. Both natural sunlight and artificial light over time will fade or discolor the finish as well as the natural color of the wood underneath the finish. Ultraviolet rays are the most damaging part of light. Whether artificial or natural, these tiny wavelengths of light can be extremely damaging to colors and materials. This is true for all materials from hair and skin to fabrics, leather and wood. How do you protect your furniture from UV rays? - Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight. - Do use curtains, window film or solar blinds. - Re-arrange furniture, lamps and accessories to prevent consistent light exposure from the same direction. The abrasive nature of dust is another enemy to furniture. Dust is comprised of dirt, pollen, soot, skin cells and hair, pet dander, dust mites, lint, food and smoke as well as flecks of matter produced by smoking or cooking. These tiny particles float in the air and then settles on every surface of your home. The best solution is regular dusting to prevent a buildup of this residue. Unfortunately, the majority of cleaning products on the market should not be used on most furniture. Depending on the type of topcoat the manufacturer applied to the piece, many products available today will ruin the finish. Furniture products such as oils, silicone based polish and other products available on the market can damage the manufacturer’s finish. Furniture polishes are not needed. Wood does not need to be ‘moisturized’. So, how do I care for my wood furniture?

- Use a damp soft cloth to remove dust and then dry it with a dry soft cotton cloth to remove any remaining moisture. - Apply liquid carnauba wax to the surface following the manufacturer’s instructions. It is resistant to UV rays, it is moisture resistant, fills tiny surface scratches and helps repel dust. Meguiar’s Carnauba Liquid Wax is recommended. Carnauba paste wax is not recommended for furniture.

If you feel you need a furniture polish and cannot use liquid carnauba wax, the only brand we would recommend is Guardsman and their application directions. Fine wood furniture is one of the most beautiful and expensive investments in your home. Controlling humidity levels is essential to protect its finish, joinery and its ability to last for generations. Subjecting wood furniture to a high or low humidity environment will cause damage. Modern forced air heating systems dry out the air in the winter time. Air conditioners reduce the humidity in the summer time. Keeping a consistent temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 50% humidity year round will protect your furniture. Following these simple steps will protect your beautiful wood furniture so that its beautiful finish will remain in good condition for generations to come. MADE FOR YOU™


Suzanne Kasler shares her favorite things with Skip Rumley *If you could only wear one fashion designer or brand...who/what would it be? Dior but I usually wear Jil Sander and Prada. And I am always inspired by Dries Van Noten. Whenever I go to Paris I make a point to go to the Dries flagship on the Left Bank. I am in awe of his interiors as much as his clothes. *How do you like to entertain? Cocktail or dinner parties? Formal or casual? Casual dinner parties and formal cocktail parties. We have this amazing outdoor space that feels like a room and we have been using it more than I ever imagined over the last year. I had these beautiful patterned tablecloths I found in the South of France and for the first time, I started to use them and it’s inspired a whole new focus on outdoor entertaining. *What is our favorite china / crystal / flatware patterns? Hermes Mosaique is one of my favorite patterns. Christofle, I love the monogramed Hotel silver flatware.

SUZANNE KASLER Suzanne Kasler Interiors

*Do you have a pet? If so, what animal is it? If not, why not? We have a grand-dog, Murray, who is a sweet, fluffy English Cream Golden Doodle! While my daughter and son-in-law have been renovating their house, they have been staying with us and we’ve become quite attached to him! *Beach or mountains? Beach! But the interesting thing is my husband, John, and I just bought a property at High Hampton in Cashiers, North Carolina. With Blackberry Farm now partnering with High Hampton, we are excited! *Biggest extravagance? Caviar Kaspia in Paris. *What music are you currently listening to? What is playing in your car right now? Justin Bieber’s Peaches! *Favorite scent? Hermes Rouge. I have been wearing it for years and it’s part of my essence. *What are you currently watching on tv? HGTV’s Love It or List It and I am finally watching The Crown!

SKIP RUMLEY VP Creative Director Hickory Chair

*What was the last movie you watched? What did you think of it? Where’d You Go Bernadette and I loved it!! *Cocktail party cocktail of choice? Cakebread Chardonnay *Biggest pet life and in design world? In life, negativity and in the design world, not being true to one’s personal, authentic style.


Aix-en-Provence Counter Stool

Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair


Astor Side Table

Kent Sofa

Jules Chair

Photography by Carlson Productions






heryl Nestro, owner of Tutto Interiors in Northville, Michigan, always had a natural appreciation for fine things in the home. Her Mother had a very special touch and always had everything set beautifully not just for company but everyday for her family. A simple tuna fish sandwich on a Saturday afternoon was lovely as she would set a beautiful table for something so simple. She is confident that this influence at a young age fueled her appreciation of fine furnishings and helped her develop a deep respect for fine materials and beautiful things. With a discerning eye for color and an inborn nature to understand balance and proportion in a room, Cheryl started her design career in 2004 opening a small retail and design studio. The design part of the business immediately took off successfully. It did not take long for Cheryl to discover that the retail side of her business was not her passion.


Over the years Cheryl has gained a reputation for designing luxury home interiors that are classic and timeless. She is known for a holistic approach to design as she gives careful consideration to every decision and detail in a home. She shares, “While I have to pay attention to what the trend is in design, I stay true to the classic, timeless interior. I am confident that Hickory Chair has had a strong influence on the success of my career.” As an interior designer it is a challenge finding the right size or finish for that special piece we are trying to fit into a space. “Hickory Chair set the standard for the industry for their made to measure model that has turned their workroom into my workroom.” She shares that she can take the same piece of furniture, change the size and dress it with a different finish and fabric allowing it to translate into a traditional, transitional or modern space.

Hudson Table

LeeLee Side Chair


Rye Table

Hutton Console Kent Sofa

“While I have to pay attention to what the trend is in design, I stay true to the classic, timeless interior.” - Cheryl Nestro Having this workroom to make one-of-a-kind pieces has been instrumental in my design aesthetic. Whether customizing the size of a piece for the room or adding hand-painted striping, decorative nail head trim or perhaps a special tape trim to punctuate the form of a piece, the craftsmen in this 110-year old workroom have allowed me to build my reputation with these details and please my clients. Hickory Chair has remained high quality with classic, timeless style that is always current and most importantly, never trendy. They have remained true to who they are and make the vast majority of their products in America. I am grateful to have received 65 design awards in my career and so very thankful to continually meet clients that place all their faith in the passion that I have for designing their homes. I truly believe that I have changed my clients lives for the better by creating these special interiors that not only provides luxury and comfort, but also exceeds their expectation. I am blessed to have Hickory Chair as my partner in this creative process.” - Cheryl Nestro

looking ahead T he

last two years has been a period of unprecedented change for every individual, business and organization in the world. Historians will look back at this time and reflect on it being one of the few times in history where the world was focused and aligned on a common goal, a shared purpose and a singular enemy. Covid has been for many businesses and business leaders a period of profound reevaluation. Over the last three years Hickory Chair has been on a journey of profound significance. From the sale of the company to the Shuford Family, through the trials of Covid, to the strain and determination required to endure the Foam Crisis, the dedicated employees of Hickory Chair and our treasured customers have proven time and again that great companies are built on strong foundations. Hickory Chair’s one hundred and ten year legacy endures because of a commitment to great product, skilled craftspeople and caring leadership. For the last five years Kevin Bowman has led Hickory Chair through this amazing journey and provided vision and stability that have positioned the company to deliver on its legacy for years to come. As Kevin leaves our company to take on new challenges, I and the nearly 500 associates of Hickory Chair are optimistic. We are eager to build upon the last few years and to prove that our company is one hundred and ten years young… and our best days are still ahead. Sincerely,

Alex Shuford President, Hickory Chair CEO, Rock House Farm



Half Moon Side Chair

Maxime Console

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