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MAGAZINO The Macinino™ Magazine - May 2010 - Issue 2


• Need a video for your new site? • Have you noticed that your corporate video is unwatchable after 10 seconds?

• You have spent a fortune for the usual voiceover? • Have you discovered that your competitors website is identical to yours except for the domain name? • The YouTube channel of a teenager gets more hits in one day than your site does in a year?

Here they are, Videotricks! Taylor-made stop motion video. Macinino™ creates a high definition video for your company’s product or brand using the technique of stop-motion animation. The approach of Macinino™ tends towards stylistic elegance while at the same time highlighting the rough side of creativity. Macinino™ will add value to your communication!


The Videotricks of Macinino ™ push beyond the definition of viral clip because they have the added value of a work of art. In fact, the props used in these videos are offered in the website shop at as works of art made unique by their participation in Videotricks.


The Videotricks of Macinino™ are designed for web surfers with little time at their disposal, a limited level of concentration, and who admire the creativity necessary to promote a concept condensed into a few seconds.


The Videotricks of Macinino ™ are brief, incisive, and original.

Macinino™, through knowledge of the product that the customer wants to promote, creates custom video clips, films that are unique and personalized, made with an eye to the specific needs of each customer that are then expressed in a new artistic dimension.


The Videotricks of Macinino ™ are powerful and effective tools for any communication and marketing campaign. They are artistic commercial spots for companies that want to promote a brand or a product and convey a message.


Stop-motion or frame-byframe is a technique used in film and animation that allows objects and drawings to come to life. Each individual frame is photographed (there are 24 frames per second) and then edited to create a film with an audio track using dedicated software.


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Magazino - Videotricks - english  
Magazino - Videotricks - english