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BTEC Teaching Assistant Child Psychology

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IAB Book-keeping Plumbing Nail Technician Business Management Personal Assistant ECDL BA (Hons) Social Care ASET Beauty Therapy A Level Psychology

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A brighter future? Make it happen with ICS! Welcome to New Direction, your guide to home learning with ICS. If you’ve ever thought about getting more out of life, this is your opportunity to do it! Looking for a new job? Want to get a promotion? Whether you’d like to learn practical skills, get a work-related qualification or even study for a degree, with ICS you can. We’re the world’s Number 1 in home learning – with over 100 years of experience. Every single year, thousands of people get the skills they want with ICS. Remember, this catalogue is just a taste of some of our most popular choices, and you can see our range of over 200 courses at Why not take a look? Or pick up the phone and start something new today. With £20 off, no deposit and 10 months interest free, there’s never been a better time!



Donna Linden, Glasgow

They’ve done it – why not you? “The BA Psychology Studies course is well structured, easy to understand and the flexibility of being able to study where and when I want is a real benefit. Studying this course makes me feel like I'm doing a good degree through a good University…any time I've needed help my mentor and personal tutor have always been there.” Eve de Maertelaere, Southend-on-Sea

A refreshingly different way to learn When you learn at home with ICS it’s not like school or college. You can start when you like, there are no classes to go to, and no set timetable – you decide when and where you want to learn. All our courses have been specially designed with home learning in mind. So you get everything you need to learn quickly and easily – and if your course needs any special equipment, that’s all provided. And you get all the support you need too, from our Student Advisors and your Tutor. What’s more, our online Student Community gives you access to resources and lets you communicate with other like-minded students.

£20 OFF Your first course This voucher entitles you to £20 off your course fees. To claim your saving, remember to send back your voucher with your enrolment form – or quote new direction when you call.

“The A Level course materials were excellent, and I got great support from my tutor when I needed it, which helped keep me motivated. When I passed my exam, I was delighted – and my employers were really impressed, as I’d done it all in my own time. The course has really opened doors for me and given me the confidence I needed to get ahead!”

Julie Forsyth Education Services Director

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Got questions? Get answers Do I need qualifications before I start? For most ICS courses you don't need any previous qualifications, experience or knowledge. How long will my course take? It’s up to you. After all, you set your own pace – though most students complete their course within a year. It also partly depends on the course you take. What makes home learning different? In a word, flexibility. All our courses are made up of bite-sized modules that you work through at your own pace.

what are you looking for? Business Courses Want to get a headstart in your career? Our business courses cover everything from Marketing to Book-keeping.

How does it work? As the end of each unit, you fill in a test paper online or complete an assessment and send it to your tutor for marking and comments. You only ever move on to a new module when you feel ready, and when you’ve successfully completed the previous one. So you get real proof of your progress. Do I have to do it all on my own? We give you all the support you need. With all our paper-based courses, you have a Tutor who’s experienced in helping students just like you. They’ll mark and comment on your work, give you feedback, and answer any queries. You also have access to our ICS Student Advisors for practical help. Plus, our online Student Community means you can take part in forum discussions, complete surveys and manage your account. What qualification will I get? It depends which course you take. You’ll either get a recognised qualification from the relevant awarding body, or an ICS Diploma. How soon can I start? Your enrolment should be processed within two days – and all your course materials will be delivered within two weeks. How do I enrol? Call us on 0800 068 5725 and talk to one of our course advisors. Alternatively, complete the application form on page 15 and return it to us at ICS FREEPOST, SCO7487, Glasgow G3 8BR. Don’t forget to send back your New Direction voucher to claim your £20 saving (or if you call us, please remember to mention your voucher).

Degrees, A Levels and GCSEs Having the right qualification can be essential. And if that’s something that’s important to you, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Health and Social Care Courses Increasingly, people working in the field of health and social care are getting the recognition and rewards they deserve. Want to be part of it?

Leisure and Creative Skills Courses With everything from Fashion to Fitness, this range of courses is ideal if you fancy trying your hand at something completely new!

IT and Technical Skills Courses Want to learn something practical? From plumbing to PC repair, designing web pages to repairing cars, here’s where you’ll find our hands-on courses.

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Business Courses SPECIAL OFFER

£20 OFF your first course

NEW ASET Event Planning

Travel Agent

Good at organising? Enjoy working with people? The events industry could be right for you – and this ASET qualification will get your career off to a great start. You’ll gain the practical skills and knowledge needed to plan a small scale event, including finding the necessary resources and getting the costs right.

Recognised by all UK travel agency organisations, this course is a great way into an exciting and challenging career. It covers everything from travel geography to organising tailor-made holidays and package tours. You’ll learn everything you need to pass your Level 2 and 3 travel agent exams.

Code: N42

Qualification: Certificate in Travel jointly awarded by ABTA and City & Guilds

Qualification: ASET Level 2 Certificate in Event Planning

£42.20 per month

£49.20 per month

Personnel Management

Fares & Ticketing Level I

Personnel Management is all about looking taking care of a company’s greatest assets – its people. This is an excellent introduction to the general principles of the profession. You’ll also learn about key issues like recruitment and selection, the importance of training, and employee relations.

Do you want to take your career as a travel agent further? With this course, approved by British Airways, you’ll learn industry terminology, procedures and fare types, and be able to complete tickets to IATA (International Air Transport Association) standard. It will fully prepare you for the Level I exam and you’ll earn 10 IATA points!

Code: N36 Qualification: ICS Personnel Management Diploma

Code: N50


Qualification: A certificate endorsed by British Airways

per month

£35.20 per month

Professional Receptionist

Catering & Gourmet Cooking

Starting Your Own Business

A great receptionist is the public face of an organisation – making sure customers and clients have a good impression of the company. If that appeals to you, this course will give you the training you need to work for a wide range of businesses, adapting quickly and easily to any company.

Interested in food and cooking? Turn your passion into a career! Learn how to prepare food to a very high standard, from sourcing the best ingredients to the art of presentation. And you'll also discover how you can apply them to running your own successful business.

Want to be your own boss? You need more than enthusiasm and a good business idea – and what you learn on this course will give you a better chance of being a success. You'll find out how to develop your idea, present your business plan professionally, and sort out your financial planning.

Code: L03 Qualification: ICS Professional Receptionist Diploma


Code: N55

£36.20 per month

Code: N33 Qualification: ICS Catering & Gourmet Cooking Diploma

Code: N38

£50.20 per month

Qualification: ICS Starting Your Own Business Diploma

£49.20 per month

NO DEPOSIT and 10 months interest free on all courses

BEST SELLER IAB Level 2 Certificate in Book-keeping

Book-keeping & Accounts

The IAB is the leading professional body in the UK devoted solely to the interests of bookkeepers – and this course is an excellent introduction to the skills you’ll need in your career. The course covers all the fundamental areas of book-keeping, earning you an exemption from the Level 2 Certificate exam.

Got a good head for figures? Working in a company's accounts department could be the challenge you're looking for. And if you want to get off to a great start, this course gives you a great introduction to accounting systems and principles, as well as developing the practical skills you’ll need in your career

Code: N70

Code: N77

Qualification: IAB Level 2 Certificate in Book-keeping

£37.20 per month

Qualification: ICS Bookkeeping & Accounts Diploma

£32.20 per month


ILM Intro Certificate in First Line Management

CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing

Business Management

Are you new to the responsibilities of being a manager? Here’s the ideal way to build your knowledge and your confidence. Accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), the course will develop your supervisory skills – covering everything from decision making to time management.

If you already work in marketing, this is an excellent way to take your skills further – giving you a highly respected Chartered Institute of Marketing qualification. This comprehensive course covers everything from managing marketing relationships to understanding customer behaviour.

Have you got what it takes to become a good manager? This course covers all the key areas, including leadership and motivation, communication and understanding finance. It’s an excellent starting point for anyone who wants the extra pay and responsibility that comes from being a manager.

Code: N60

Code: V07

Code: N35

Qualification: ILM Introductory Certificate in First Line Management

Qualification: CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing

£56.20 per month

£77.20 per month

Qualification: ICS Business Management Diploma

£50.20 per month

BEST SELLER Personal Assistant

Hospitality Management

Being a Personal Assistant can bring excellent rewards in terms of both career satisfaction and salary. A good PA is essential, making sure senior managers are fully informed and prepared. This course gives you all the skills you need to make sure everything you organise works smoothly.

Looking for a career with variety, involving fun and working with people? Hospitality management could be right for you. This BTEC Level 3 course will get you off to an excellent start, giving you general business management skills, as well as the specialist techniques involved in the hospitality industry.

Code: L04

Code: N34

Qualification: LCCI IQ Business Administration

0800 068 5725

£42.20 per month

Qualification: BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Hospitality Management

£59.20 per month


Degrees, A Levels and GCSEs

GCSE Mathematics An essential qualification, whether you’re thinking about a job or further education. The course covers everything from addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to more complex subjects, like algebra. You’ll soon feel your confidence and abilities grow.


£20 OFF

Code: G34

your first course

Qualification: GCSE Maths

£32.20 per month

GCSE English

A Level Psychology

This qualification is proof that you have a good command of the language. You’ll discover the importance of good punctuation, as well as learning how to write reports and letters clearly. You’ll also discover the pleasure you can get from reading fiction and poetry, and learn how to express yourself.

When you study psychology, it’s amazing how it changes the way you see everyday life! On this course, you'll learn about a very wide range of subjects, including social and cognitive psychology and child development – as well as understanding all the main issues in psychological methods.

Code: G38

Code: H12

Qualification: GCSE English

£32.20 per month

£37.20 per month

A Level Law

A Level Biology

GCSE Spanish

The law touches many aspects of our day-today lives. So as part of your studies for your qualification, you'll cover a wide range of subjects – including dispute solving and liability, as well as criminal law. This qualification conclusively demonstrates that you can think clearly and logically.

Interested in knowing more about the life that surrounds us all? This qualification can be a stepping stone to many areas of science. The course will help you understand how animals, human beings and plant life interact – and includes practical experiments you can carry out at home.

This course teaches you to speak, understand and write Spanish, and the many topics you’ll study include everything from holidays to work and lifestyle. So as well as learning the language, you’ll have a good insight into life in Spain. Audio tapes are included to help you learn faster.

Code: H09

Code: H03

Code: G37

Qualification: A Level Law

£37.20 per month


Qualification: A Level Psychology

Qualification: A Level Biology

£37.20 per month

Qualification: GCSE Spanish

£32.20 per month

NO DEPOSIT and 10 months interest free on all courses

Degree Programmes

in association with

Looking for a qualification that can help you reach the top in almost any career? A degree is about more than showing your knowledge of a subject: it also proves you have valuable skills that can be applied to a wide variety of different areas. All our degree programmes are validated by our partner, The University of East London – and have been designed specifically for home learning.

Your degree is made up of modules – and because you can study one module at a time, you don’t have to pay all your fees upfront. This means you can achieve your degree in one of the most cost-effective ways available.

Complete flexibility

LLB (Hons) Law BA (Hons) Law with Criminology BA (Hons) Criminology and Criminal Justice


BSc (Hons) Public Health BSc (Hons) Health Promotion BA (Hons) Health and Social Care BA (Hons) Social Care

With our programmes there are no fixed term times. You can enrol when you want, and take as long up to 8 years to complete your degree.

With ICS, you also get full support. You’ll have a dedicated mentor, who can help you plan your studies and keep you on track, and you’ll also have a tutor for each module you study. As an ICS student, you qualify for automatic access to our online student community, allowing you to get direct help and support from your fellow students.

Want to know more about our degree courses? call 0800

068 5725


0800 068 5725


BSc (Hons) Health Studies BSc (Hons) Health Services Management BA (Hons) Psychology Studies BA (Hons) Psychology Studies and Criminology BA (Hons) Psychology Studies with Counselling Studies


BA (Hons) Business Management and Law BA (Hons) Business Management (Finance) BA (Hons) Business Management (Human Resources) BA (Hons) Business Management (Marketing) HE Certificate in Local Government Management



Health and Social Care Courses SPECIAL OFFER

£20 OFF your first course

Counselling Skills

ASET Essential Care Practice

If you want to help people cope with life, this course shows you what counselling can achieve. It’ll give you a clearer, deeper understanding of the ideas behind counselling, as well as the personal qualities an effective counsellor needs. You'll also learn how to give practical help.

A career in residential care can be challenging and rewarding. This course is designed to give you the fundamental skills you'll need to work effectively, covering areas like basic food hygiene, pressure care and client hygiene. It not only boosts your job prospects, but your self-esteem too.

Code: N37

Code: A41

Qualification: ICS Counselling Skills Diploma

£47.20 per month

Qualification: ASET Level 2 Certificate

£42.20 per month

ASET Nutrition Awareness

ASET Drugs Misuse & Abuse

With current concerns over healthy eating, especially in young people, nutrition is more relevant than ever. Leading to an ASET certificate, this course will build your understanding of the principles of nutrition and its importance. You'll gain a thorough, practical knowledge of healthy eating.

Working with individuals who have drug problems is an essential aspect of many careers. Covering everything from the fundamentals to the impact of various types of drugs, this course is an excellent way to gain comprehensive information and valuable skills, and leads to an ASET Certificate.

Code: A40

Code: A43

Qualification: ASET Level 1 Certificate

Qualification: ASET Level 2 Certificate

£42.20 per month

£42.20 per month


Starting Your Own Childminding Business

Child Day Care

The demand for trained people in the With so many parents working, there’s Buy these area of childcare has never been so more demand than ever for two courses great. But as well as being fun, looking together and childminders. Aimed at giving your after children can be a big responsibility. business the best possible chance of save £££’s That's why this course gives you the success, this course covers everything skills and confidence to cope with the from planning and launching a business to challenging situations you'll face on a day-toHealth and Safety regulations and contracts. day basis. Code: A59 Code: A08 Qualification: ICS Child Day Care Diploma


£47.20 per month

Qualification: ICS Starting Your Own Childminding Business Diploma

£50.20 per month

NO DEPOSIT and 10 months interest free on all courses


Supporting Children, Young People & Families

BTEC Teaching Assistant

Want to know more about the world of familyfocused social care? This course gives you fascinating insights into the issues involved in working with families – including why young people become vulnerable, and balancing the needs of children and parents. Worth 20 Credits towards a degree.

Would you like to work alongside a teacher, helping children get the most out of their lessons? Teaching assistants are essential in today’s schools – and if you're as good with words and numbers as you are with children, you could enjoy a career where those talents are really in demand.

Code: A47

Code: A27

Qualification: University Undergraduate Associate Certificate

£44.80 per month

Qualification: Edexcel BTEC Level 2 Teaching Assistant Certificate

£57.20 per month



Signing with Babies & Toddlers

Child Psychology

Whether you’re a parent, nursery nurse or teacher, you’ll be amazed at how sign language can help the development of babies and young children. Our new course, based on British Sign Language, trains you in the techniques you need to encourage spoken language and communication skills.

The better you understand children, the more you'll get out of working with them. But this course does more than give you a better understanding of the way a child's mind works. You’ll also gain the skills you need to help children develop and reach their full potential.

Code: A60

Code: A09

Qualification: ICS Sign Language Diploma

Qualification: ICS Child Psychology Diploma

£62.20 per month

£45.20 per month


BTEC Health & Social Care

Become a Life Coach

Whether you already work in a caring profession, or want to get a head start in the field, this course will certainly boost your career prospects. This is a practical, workrelated course, covering everything from individual needs to therapeutic activities – leading to a nationally-recognised qualification.

If you want to be part of an exciting, fastgrowing industry, and help people get more out of life, this is the course for you. You’ll learn proven techniques to build people's selfesteem and motivation, as well as getting practical advice on setting up your own practice and attracting clients.

Code: A35

Code: A31

Qualification: BTEC Health & Social Care

0800 068 5725

£57.20 per month

Qualification: ICS Life Coaching Diploma

£47.20 per month


Leisure and Creative Skills Courses

This is the ideal starting point for a career in the fashion business. You’ll learn everything from the principles of colour and design to pattern alterations and fitting. You’ll also achieve the high level of garment-making skills you need to be a success in fashion


£20 OFF

Code: D01

your first course

Qualification: City & Guilds Certificate in Design and Craft, Fashion Wear

£42.20 per month

RHS Gardening

Short Story Writing

City & Guilds Interior Design

Serious about gardening? Our Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) course gives you a thorough understanding of both the practical side of gardening, and the science behind it. The ideal course if you're a professional gardener, or want to become one.

Unlock your creativity with this fascinating course. Discover how to really bring a story to life, using convincing dialogue, developing plots and creating dramatic tension. As well as helping you to write compelling short stories, this course gives you advice on selling your work.

More people than ever are using the services of interior designers. If you want a career in this exciting field, this course gives you the knowledge and confidence you need for your City & Guilds Level 2 Certificate. Learn how to draw to scale, light a room and add the vital finishing touch.

Code: D08

Code: D23

Code: A01 Qualification: RHS Level 2 Certificate in Horticulture

£47.20 per month


Qualification: ICS Short Story Writing Diploma

£30.20 per month

Professional Proofreader

The Professional Pet Groomer

Do you have a keen eye for detail, and a love of the written word? If so, proofreading could be the career for you. It's a highly-skilled job – and one you can even do from home. On this course, you'll learn all the tricks of the trade – from spelling and grammar to the editing process.

Get into a business with good financial rewards that also lets you work with animals. On this course, you'll learn all the skills and techniques needed to work in this in-demand field – you could earn up to £40 per animal! Includes a free pet grooming kit.

Code: D20 Qualification: ICS Professional Proofreader Diploma


City & Guilds Fashion

£39.20 per month

Qualification: City & Guilds Design & Craft Certificate in (Planning a Room)

£52.20 per month

Code: E02 Qualification: ICS Professional Pet Groomer Diploma

£57.20 per month

NO DEPOSIT and 10 months interest free on all courses

BEST SELLER Nail Technician


Massage and Body Treatments

Want to work in a nail salon? Here’s an excellent way to build the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to succeed in this increasingly popular field. As well as learning how to dress nails professionally, you’ll learn about the anatomy of the hands and you might even end up running your own business!

Get the knowledge and confidence you need to give massages to friends and family, or take the first step to making massage your career. You’ll develop your sense of touch and learn a wide range of techniques, from aromatherapy to effective hand and foot massage.

Code: D22

Qualification: ICS Massage and Body Treatments Diploma

Qualification: ICS Nail Technician Diploma

£52.20 per month

Code: D25

£45.20 per month


BTEC Make-Up Artist

As well as learning about a wide range of beauty products, equipment and treatments, on this course you’ll find out how the business side of the beauty industry works. This accredited course is a great way to get a job in a salon, or could lead to a Modern Apprenticeship.

Interested in a career as a make-up professional? Get your career off to a great start with this course. Gain experience of working with different types of models, situations and make-up techniques – from photographic to catwalk projects.

Code: A30

Qualification: BTEC Intermediate Certificate in Designing & Applying Make-up

Qualification: ASET Beauty Therapy

Code: A37

£55.20 per month

per month

YMCAfit Exercise to Music (Aerobics Instructor)

YMCAfit Gym Instructor

Turn your interest in aerobics into a career! This course is the ideal preparation for the YMCA Fitness Industry assessment. It covers everything from the cardiovascular system to leading a class. You could work full or part time, or even become your own boss.

Learn how to get the best out of people and help them reach their fitness goals. As well as understanding customer care and correct exercise technique, you’ll discover how to deliver safe and effective gym training – and motivate and advise your clients!

Code: A32

Code: A33

Qualification: YMCAfit Exercise to Music Certificate

Qualification: YMCAfit Gym Instructor

£62.20 per month

0800 068 5725


£62.20 per month


IT and Technical Courses

Car Operation & Maintenance Why pay a garage to keep your car in good condition, when you can check it yourself? With this course you will learn about the main components and systems fitted in your car, as well as finding out how to make sure your car is in a roadworthy condition.


£20 OFF

Code: W03

your first course

Qualification: IMI Car Operation & Maintenance Certificate

£46.20 per month

IT Career Starter

IEE Wiring Regulations (16th edition)

If you'd love a career in IT, this could be the perfect introduction. Combining both the A+ and Network+ qualifications, this course will give you the key skills you'll need to progress in the industry. These certifications also count towards the Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) Certification.

Need to prove you comply with BS7671, the IEE Wiring Regulations 16th Edition? This course covers everything you need for the City & Guilds 2381 Award, from the Principles of the Regulations, to the Requirements for Testing. Also includes a free copy of the IEE Regulations and On Site Guide.

Code: 516

Code: W17

Qualification: A+ and Network+ Certification

£64.20 per month

Qualification: IEE Wiring Regulations (16th Edition)


£52.20 per month


Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)

Video Game Design & Development

Introduction to CAD

This qualification proves you have the skills needed to design, implement and administer business systems based on the most advanced Windows operating system. With Microsoft's domination of the computer market, you'll find Microsoft Certification is a valuable addition to your CV.

Looking for a challenge that’s also fun? With this comprehensive online course, you will master vital skills like 3D graphics pipeline programming and artificial intelligence algorithms. It’s the kind of specialist knowledge that opens doors to the evergrowing video game industry.

If you want the get the skills you need to use AutoCAD®, this hands-on practical training course is for you. Understanding this industrystandard computer drawing program is essential in a wide range of careers – from civil engineering to interior design. Includes FREE AutoCAD® Student Portfolio software.

Code: 281

Code: 901

Code: X08

Qualification: MCSE

£125.20 per month

Qualification: ICS/Gatlin Certificate

£199.89 per month

Qualification: ICS Introduction to CAD Diploma

£52.20 per month

*£200 deposit


NO DEPOSIT* and 10 months interest free on all courses



PC Repair & Upgrading


Almost everyone's got a PC these days – and fixing and upgrading them can be a great way to make money. Step-by-step, this course will give you the skills you need to take care of upgrading, repairing and protecting PCs. We even give you all the specialist tools you need to get started.

Want to get into a trade that’s in demand? Maybe you're already a plumber and want a qualification. Either way, this is a great way to get the skills you need. The course covers everything from common problems to hot and cold water systems, and can lead to the City and Guilds Level 2 Technical Certificate.

Code: X04

Code: W15

Qualification: ICS PC Repair Diploma

£45.20 per month

Qualification: ICS Plumbing Diploma

£62.20 per month


Electrical Contracting & Installation

Web Page Designer

Working with electricity is something that takes skill. And people with the right specialist knowledge are always in demand and wellpaid – whether they’re an employee, or working for themselves. This course will give you the practical skills and knowledge needed to get a start in the job you want.

This course is an excellent starting point if you want a career in web design. As well as pure design skills, it covers everything from web basics to technical aspects – building your confidence until you can create exciting, involving web pages. Also includes our Writing for the Web course – free!

Code: W14

Code: X06

Qualification: ICS Electrical Contracting & Installation Diploma

Qualification: ICS Web Page Designer Diploma

£49.20 per month

per month

European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL)

Surveying & Estimating

If you want to be able to demonstrate to employers that you know how to use computers, this course is exactly what you need. Recognised throughout Europe, the ECDL proves that you understand all the most important aspects of day-to-day computing, like word processing and file management.

This course can give you the skills and knowhow needed to get into one of the most important jobs in the construction industry. Making sure the costs are right from the start of a job is vital – and on this course, you'll find out how to control a budget from design to completion.

Code: 503

Code: W05

Qualification: ECDL Certificate

0800 068 5725


£22.20 per month

Qualification: ICS Surveying & Estimating Diploma

£38.20 per month


OTHER COURSES AVAILABLE For more information on any of our courses visit or call 0800 068 5725 Health & Social Care Mind, Body & Soul Introduction to Health & Social Care Certificate in Manual Handling Certificate in Basic Food Hygiene Advanced Certificate in Essential Care Practice Certificate in Managing & Safe Handling of Medicines Certificate in the Control of Infection & Contamination Certificate in Dementia Care Supporting Children, Young People and Families

Creative & Leisure Complete Gardening Fitness & Nutrition Introduction to Homeopathy How to Invest Successfully Garden Design ISRM Sports & Recreation Operations Certificate

Business CIMA Accounting Catering & Gourmet Cooking Personnel Management Retail Management IOSH Managing Safely BA Fares & Ticketing Level II-Ref Passport Into Travel (Ttc) Certificate in Travel (Tour Operator) IAB Level 3 Certificate in BookKeeping IAB Level 3 Diploma in Accounting & Advanced BookKeeping CIPD CBAAPS CIPD Certificate in Personnel Practice CIPD Leadership & Management CIPD People Management & Development LCCI IQ Level 3 Customer Service LCCI IQ Advertising LCCI IQ Public Relations LCCI IQ Selling & Sales Management LCCI IQ Marketing CIM Marketing

Dressmaking Pattern Cutting & Design C&G Basic Photography Short Story Writing Freelance Journalism C&G Black and White Photography Writing for the Web Calligraphy Writing Books for Children Freehand Drawing Small Animal Care Animal Nursing Assistant Spa Therapy & Management

IT/Technical Maths to Help with Electronic Calculations Engineering Drawing & Design Motorcycle Maintenance C&G/ICS Basic Mechanical Engineering Refrigeration, Heating & Air Conditioning C&G/ICS Basic Electronic Engineering Electronic Engineering Introduction to Electronics/Electricity Electrical Engineering

IT/Technical (continued)

ICS Terms & Conditions Our commitment to you A.



Definitions In this Agreement unless otherwise stated: (i)

Introduction to Computer Programming

and all related Materials, support and tuition where applicable; (ii)

training materials and books in the event that you transfer Distance Learning Package in accordance with Clause 5); (iii)

PC Basics

materials. (iv) (v)

singular words shall include the plural and vice versa; and headings are included for convenience only and shall not affect the construction or interpretation of this Agreement.


Payments (i) We agree to sell and you agree to buy the Distance Learning Package for the Total Cost/Total Cash Price on the terms set out on this page and overleaf

GCSE Accounting


Under no circumstances shall we be deemed to have received payment until payment has actually been received by us in full.


GCSE Business Studies

Care of the Materials (i) We will reserve all the Materials in your name and store them at the ICS Learning Centre. (ii)

GCSE Child Development

We will release the Materials to you in compact learning units as you progress through the Distance Learning Package to enable you to work systematically through the core material.

GCSE French GCSE German

Your “Support Period” depends on which course you choose to study and will be between one and three years unless otherwise stated in your course

Web Page Designer

GCSE Biology

“Materials” shall mean the learning materials and books for the Distance Learning Package or any part of them (and shall include any replacement

PC Repair & Upgrading

GCSE/A Level

“Distance Learning Package” shall mean the course(s) identified overleaf


You will inspect each set of materials promptly following delivery. You will tell us about any omission as soon as it is reasonably possible.


GCSE History

Services (i) During the Support Period, we will provide you with support and tuition as set out in the Materials. (ii)

GCSE Human Physiology & Health

If requested, we may at our sole discretion, extend the Support Period for an agreed fee.


If you are sitting an external examination at the end of your Distance Learning Package, we will provide you with such information as we have in

GCSE Italian

our possession to assist you in making such examination arrangements. In all other respects, you will be solely responsible for making arrangements to


enable you to sit the examination and for any and all fees in relation thereto. (iv)

GCSE Psychology

of local examinations or reserving an examination place for you, you

GCSE Sociology

acknowledge that we shall not be responsible for any losses incurred by you as a result of inaccurate information provided in connection with any such

GCSE English Literature GCSE Business & Communication Systems

If we, at our sole discretion, assist you in making your examination arrangements by providing you with information about the time and location

arrangements except such losses, excluding business losses, caused by our failure to act with reasonable care and skill. 5.

ICS Course Transfer Facility (i) If you wish to transfer to a different course, we may at our sole discretion agree to such transfer. (ii)

GCSE Food & Nutrition

Unless you are paying under a Credit Agreement, if we agree that you may transfer to a different course, we will transfer the fees paid for the Distance

A Level Accounting

Learning Package you wish to discontinue towards the amount payable for

A Level Ancient History

balance of fees due in respect of the new course (if more expensive than the

A Level Business Studies A Level Economics

the new course PROVIDED THAT we receive payment from you for the discontinued Distance Learning Package) and a £75 transfer fee to cover our tuition and/or administrative costs. 6.

Warranties and Limitation of Liability (i) We warrant that the Materials will be of satisfactory quality but do not warrant that the Materials will be error free.

A Level English Language


A Level English Literature


reasonable skill and care. We intend to rely on the written terms set out here and on the other side of this document. If you require any changes, please ensure you ask for these

A Level French A Level History

We warrant that we will perform any services provided hereunder with

to be put in writing. In that way, we can avoid any problems surrounding what we, and you, are expected to do. (iv)

Other than in respect of liability for death or personal injury arising from our negligence, we shall not be liable for:

A Level Mathematics


A Level Physics


losses that were not caused by any breach on our part; or


business losses and/or losses to non-consumers.

losses that were not foreseeable to both parties when this Agreement was made;

A Level Religious Studies


Subject to Clause 6(vi) and 14, if you have elected overleaf to take our damage cover plan, we will replace free of charge any Materials which are

A Level Sociology Adult Numeracy

accidentally lost, damaged or stolen during [the Support Period]. (vi)

All claims under Clause 6 must: (a)

be submitted to ICS in writing:


itemise the Materials which need to be replaced: and


be made within 14 days of the damage occurring.

Application form for enrolment A Credit Agreement will be sent along with your first study unit. You must complete and sign this and return it to ICS as soon as possible to complete the enrolment process.

Your personal details



IMPORTANT: USE OF YOUR INFORMATION This privacy statement applies to any personal data you may give to ICS Ltd, a division of Thomson Learning. We collect any personal data you may give us when you begin your course. We will also collect contact details from prospective students. We maintain data on your transactions with us as well as your use of our services. We would like to use your personal data to provide you with information about our products and services and those of other Thomson companies. Please indicate if you do not want to be contacted by Mail c Email c Telephone c We will not pass on your details to any third party. To receive a copy of the full privacy statement or to access or modify your information or change your preferences, please contact us by email at:, or by post to Data Services, ICS, 1st Floor, 45 Finnieston Street, Glasgow, G3 8JU. A copy of the full privacy statement can also be viewed at

Date of Birth

Postcode Tel No (day) Tel No (eve) Email Address* Signature

* If you supply us with your email address we can keep you up-to-date with our latest news and offers. We will NOT pass your details on to any 3rd parties.

Course of Study and Payment Details Code


Your monthly payment is quoted next to each course throughout this brochure. It includes postage and packaging at £12.99 and optional Materials Damage Cover at £10. Your £20 discount is not included. Monthly Payment




No of Payments


Credit Card No Issue No

Expiry Date

Name as it appears on card (print in BLOCK CAPITALS) Cardholder’s Signature IDTST1H6



Please complete and return FREEPOST to: ICS, FREEPOST SCO7487, 45 Finnieston Street, Glasgow G3 8BR. Or call 0800 068 5725 now to enrol – it’s easier by phone!

ICS C ourse Guide

Want to know more about ICS and our courses? If you want to find out more about our great courses, simply return this coupon to our FREEPOST address and we’ll send you an information pack straight away.


Or visit Course of Interest Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Surname

First Name Date of Birth

Address Postcode Tel No (day)


C. 11.


Over 20 0 cour ses to choose from


First Name


B. 9.

Other Terms No relaxation or indulgence which we may extend to you shall affect our (i) rights under this Agreement. (ii) If any part of this Agreement is held to be unenforceable the remaining terms and conditions shall continue in force. (iii) All liabilities or obligations arising under this Agreement shall be enforceable against you after termination of this Agreement. (iv) You will notify us immediately of any change in the address specified overleaf. Any notices required to be served under this Agreement, or in accordance with the Act will be deemed properly served if sent by way of prepaid first class post to your last known address. (v) This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of [Scotland] and you hereby agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the [Scottish Courts]. ADDITIONAL NON CREDIT TERMS Payment (i) You will submit payment with this enrolment form of the price payable by the method you have indicated on the enrolment form. Cancellation (i) Your statutory right under the consumer protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, allows you seven working days from the day after receipt of materials in which to make a written request for cancellation. Unless the parties have agreed otherwise, you will not have the right to cancel by giving notice of cancellation for the supply of computer software if they are unsealed by you or for the supply of online courseware which has been accessed by you. ADDITIONAL CREDIT AGREEMENT TERMS Payment (i) You will pay the Deposit shown overleaf in section B of the Credit Agreement and the Balance Payable by the instalments and on the dates specified overleaf in the Credit Agreement. (ii) In respect of all sums payable under the Credit Agreement, punctual payment shall be of the essence. (iii) If you fail to comply with any terms of this Agreement, we shall be entitled to recover from you the reasonable costs and losses incurred by us as a result of locating you, communicating with you and collecting any unpaid sums. Such sums are payable on demand. In the event of legal action for breach of payment, you will be responsible for all costs allowable by the court if an award is made in our favour. Discretionary Waiver (i) If, at any time during the course of the Credit Agreement, you notify us that you no longer wish to pursue the Distance Learning Package we may, in our absolute discretion, agree to waive our rights to the sums payable under Clause 13(ii) upon payment by you of all sums due under Clause 13(ii)(a) and an administration fee of £60, upon condition that you waive all rights to delivery of any and all Materials which we have not yet released to you in accordance with Clause 3(ii) and you assign to us all title and interest in such Materials. (ii) If you wish to be considered for a discretionary waiver, you should contact us by letter or telephone. Termination (i) If: (a) you fail to pay any amount due under this Agreement; (b) you breach any of the other terms and conditions, express or implied, of the Credit Agreement; or (c) any information provided by you in the making of this Agreement proves to be incomplete or inaccurate, we shall be entitled, after the expiry of a Default Notice served on you in terms of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, to terminate this Agreement. (ii) If this Credit Agreement is terminated you will pay us the unpaid balance of the Balance Payable, less any applicable rebate, plus all expenses, charges and costs in accordance with Clause 11(iii). Warranty (i) ICS shall not be obliged to replace free of charge any Materials pursuant to Clause 6(vi) if any monthly instalments or other sums are due and unpaid under this Agreement as at the date of the claim.


Email Address*

ICS, FREEPOST SCO7487, 45 Finnieston Street, Glasgow G3 8BR

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