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July 2013

Page 8 !! Jessica Cobb´s photos and report

“Dancers at the International Festival of Jávea”

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Gardens are Blooming! The wet start to the year is now paying off with some fabulous local flower displays! Although a lot of the crops have suffered with the harsh weather contrasts that started the year, locally, the hot days and cool nights have made the bouganvillea rampant and the exotic plants like the Moonflower (Epiphyllum oxypetalum) bloom gloriously. Having had an operation and more time with my feet up since the last issue, I have had much more time to contemplate the view from the garden and the beauty that is not only natural to Spain, but also some of the super-imposed creativity from many of the keen gardeners who lurk quietly and industrially in our midst. As you will know Cathy Perez Pinto has not been well for a while now. Her regular article Spanish Explained has run without fail, every month, since she started it in the early days of The Grapevine. I remember poring over it, years ago, to learn the useful phrases I would need when I visited Jávea, never realising that one day, I would make Jávea my home. Cathy has not been able to write for us this month, I am exremely grateful for all the support she has given the magazine over the years and we wish her well. At very short notice, Lynn Cobb from Learn-Aprender has been persuaded to take up Cathy´s gauntlet (page 35) and carry on our Spanish Learning pieces - we hope that you enjoy her article. Please keep the feedback coming - good or bad - it all helps make it better :-) Gaile

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Dear Grapevine Readers, Here we are meeting once again. The months pass so quickly and almost without realizing it, we are half way through the year already, and we welcome with hope and optimism a summer which we trust will be positive for our town. June is clearly marked out with the Fogueres de San Joan Fiesta. This year we celebrated the 64th edition of a festival which perfectly combines both traditions and our Mediterranean culture. I particularly enjoy participating in this fiesta with all the young 18 year olds, and the Quintas who especially celebrate this fiesta. The proclamation of the Queens, the parades, the offering, the nit dels focs, the correfocs, the crema, etc ... Many kilometres walked and promenaded through the narrow streets of the Old Town, and the novelty this year of also touring both the Port and the Paseo de David Ferrer. Many hours sharing and participating in all the events with our enthusiastic people enjoying the excitement of watching all our beautiful young women passing by dressed in their stunning traditional costumes.

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But it has not only been about fiestas, the daily work in the Town Hall did not stop, and continued as usual. During the month of June I attended around 90 meetings of all kinds in addition to all my fiesta commitments which I mentioned earlier. I was also fortunate enough to be able to attend the end of term events in a number of our schools, and to present the first prize for a study on the Prevention of Smoking at the IES NËš 1 (Instituto del Puerto).

I welcomed the deputy Minister who participated in the meeting of the Local Security Board during which we saw the statistics showing that XĂ bia continues to be one of the safest municipalities throughout the province of Alicante. I also joined in the celebrations for the 50th Anniversary of the Vicente Tena College, which happened to be my old

school. I also was involved in many other activities which would be difficult to explain here. I have also launched a Social Programme for Employment and the Protection of the Environment which will begin in July. It will consist in the hiring of 30 long-term unemployed people who are suffering serious economic problems. They will be employed in cleaning tasks in mountain areas, fire prevention, road cleaning, etc.

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This programme is part funded by the mayoral salary which I do not take (€ 50,000) and € 125,000 from savings achieved from our staffing budget. An important and interesting initiative, in which I involved all the political groups, each of whom made a useful contribution to the scheme.

At the end of the month saw the opening of the 18th Edition of the International Festival, an opportunity for Xàbia’s citizens from around the world to celebrate their diverse cultures.

I wish all a very happy month of July. One of the high points of a very busy month took place on the 8th of June, when I was present at the centre court of the Roland Garros tennis arena in Paris, to support David Ferrer in his first ever Grand Slam final. Unfortunately victory was not to be his on this occasion, but it was exciting to hear the name of Xàbia being mentioned on the centre court of Roland Garros.

Hasta pronto amigos.

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Cover Story:

Dancers at the International Festival of Jávea photos and interviews by Jessica Cobb Following the hugely successful International Dance Festival, Jessica Cobb has given us an exclusive look behind the scenes at some of the young and skilful dancers belonging to the academy En Danza who entertain us so ably at the Festival. Here are their stories....

Sara Feiner Solís

Sara Feiner Solís (17 years old) One last mental revision of the steps, a check at the mirror - everything all right - a touch-up of lipstick, and you go up the steps with your tummy full of butterflies, and then, there you are: on stage, with spotlights and smoke, so different from the studio where we have been practising for months. You get into position, trying not to think about the fact that there are hundreds of people watching you. But when the music starts, the nervousness disappears and you just smile, dance, and enjoy yourself. Dancing at the International Festival of Jávea is a wonderful experience that I have repeated – always differently, each time unique - for the last thirteen years. I started dancing at the dance academy En Danza aged four, and since then I have done ballet, flamenco and hiphop. I have always enjoyed it very much, because even

though sometimes dancing is hard, and it requires perseverance and dedication, the feeling I get when I dance is just incredible. When I’m dancing, I forget about everything apart from the music, and I feel full of joy and emotion. This may sound exaggerated or even like a cliché, but it really is like this. In En Danza I have not only learned dancing techniques, but I have also spent a lot of very amusing hours, so that’s why I am sad to say that this was my last year in this academy as in September I’m leaving Jávea to study in Valencia. Although this is an achy goodbye to En Danza this is not going to be a farewell to dancing, given that I am determined to continue dancing next year somewhere else, where I hope to find more exciting experiences, interesting people and new things to learn. To conclude, I’d like to encourage everybody to get all the positive things that dancing can offer – fun, health, relaxation, friends, and a long etcetera-, remembering that dancing can also be enjoyed without a stage or special skills.

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Ana de Lope Planelles (16 years old) I have been dancing since I was 3 at En Danza dance academy, which I am very grateful for all the efforts made so that the students can enjoy participating year after year at the Jávea International Festival. This was the year we had the most dances, and in the locker rooms it was really crazy. I had 15 dances in 2 days, incredible! Some well-known songs such as ¨Suit & Tie¨ by Justin Timberlake, ¨Goin’ in¨ by Jennifer Lopez, a mix of Rihanna songs, etc... But if I had to choose one among all of them it would have to be ¨Candy Man¨, which we did with boys (all volunteers and none of them dancers), I had so much fun! I think it was a great experience for them and a way to encourage all those guys who do not dare to dance because, unfortunately, society nowadays would see them as homosexual. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think the audience did too, which is why I choose it as my favourite dance this year.

When you tell people you’ve been dancing non-stop for 13 years people are a bit amazed, I think it’s because they don’t feel what I feel when dancing. That moment of freedom, and the way you learn from every mistake and overcome them with hard work and dedication. But above all, know that your dancing can reach out to people and make them smile, that, I think is the best feeling of all. Many people don’t dare to dance because they associate it directly with ballet, which is a very demanding discipline. But not all dancing is ballet, there are other dances such as hip-hop, flamenco, funky, ¨escuela bolera¨, salsa, merengue, cha cha cha, rumba, etc.. Although a good foundation in ballet makes it easier to learn other dances. In my case, I have been doing ballet since I was 3, flamenco since I was 4 and hip-hop since I was 5. When I was 12 I started dancing ballet en pointe, and never thought that I would like a discipline like this so much. Now I would say that is my favourite part, but it is also the toughest. I inherited my passion for dance from my mum; she is a ballet and flamenco teacher. For her and me, we love to dance non-stop and I thank her for all the support she has given me all these years when it comes to dance. We are really grateful to be able to share the way we feel and bring the world of dance to the people of Jávea.

Estefi Pérez (15 years old)

The Grapevine July 2013 | 11 |

My name is Estefi and I love to dance. When I was younger I started dancing at En Danza and I was there for some time. Then I decided to leave because I started to like other things and I couldn’t do it all at once. As I started getting older I realised that I started to like dance again so, when I was 14, I went back. This year at the festival I danced various dances but the one I liked the most was Suit & Tie by Justin Timberlake because it was really fun and I also like that type of music. What I feel when I’m dancing is something I can’t explain, as I move I feel how my body, although I’m moving fast, inside I feel calm and when it’s over I feel good and that is why I hope I will continue dancing for a long time.

Aline Pöschk (16 years old) My name is Aline and I’m 16 years old. I started dancing at En Danza in 2009 when I finished with tennis. I started dancing because of my mum who used to dance and she asked me if I wanted to try it because tennis was starting to bore me. When I finished the first class I just wanted to continue and try and learn the dance before the festival although there were only 2 months left. I learnt it and I loved it, and after the festival I didn’t want to do anything else, just dance. As I start to dance and move my body to the rhythm of the music, I feel happy and free from all my problems and dancing gives me confidence in myself and also thanks to the people that smile and applaud because they like to see me dance. This year I had 9 dances, all different to each other. This year I danced three modern dances, “Goin’ in” by Jennifer López, “Suit and Tie” by Justin Timberlake and a mix of Rihanna songs, between those, I can’t decide which one I like the most because I love modern dance. I also had two swing dances which were really funny because one of them we needed boys and we had a lot of fun rehearsing it. I also had two classical dances. They were quite hard because they required a lot of technique. This year there were a lot of different styles, which is what I think makes the En Danza performance so interesting and fun to watch, and also for us, the dancers.

12 | The Grapevine July 2013

One of the things I most liked about this festival is, apart from having all those dances, is that my friends came to see me and see what I most like to do in my life and it was nice to share it with them. I will try and keep dancing my whole life, even if it’s not at the same dance school and not even professionally considering I started to dance quite late but it’s nice to know that I’m at the same level as some of the other girls that have been dancing for a lot longer than me. I love dance even more having done it at En Danza because I’ve made some good friends with some of the girls and the teachers, and I will also try to stay there as long as I can so that I can continue to participate with them in the Jávea International Festival.

Nieves Morató Serrat (16 years old)

My name is Nieves and I’m 16 years old. I started dancing at En Danza because when I left gymnastics my mum wanted me to keep doing sport so because I liked dance when I was little, I decided to do dance. When I dance I feel free, as if I could fly above everything and transmit all your strength I have inside. This year at the festival I danced quite a few, the ones I liked the most were Suit & Tie by Justin Timberlake and Fallin’ by Alicia Keys. I also liked the swing dances and Goin’ In by Rihanna.

103 Zona Encinas, Cumbre del Sol 03726 Benitachell / El Poble Nou de Benitatxell Phone 636 92 93 26 Email Website

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636 92 93 26

103 Zona Encinas, Cumbre del Sol, 03726 Benitachell 636 92 93 26

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You write you’e suffering from polyps and also sinusitis. So I think we have the answer to your question. Polyps are benign bits of extra growth of the lining of the nose. They can become very big and completely block one or even both nostrils. They also produce a lot of nasal mucus and easily block off the sinus as well. People with polyps talk in a very typical nasally way often blamed on the adenoids. What they also do is to literally lay on the sensors for smell thus cutting them off the aromatic substances given off by chewing food. So we do not perceive the aromas any longer and therefore get the impression that food has become tasteless.

Dear Doctor, I have a problem with my sense of taste and wonder whether you can help me with it. I am 79 years old and for the last year or so do not really taste anything any longer. This is a great shame as I enjoy eating and there is so little fun left in life at my age. I believe it has to do with my nose as I also do not seem to smell things any more. I have a lot of trouble with polyps and sinusitis, I take a nasal spray for that. Last year my doctor in Jesus Pobre gave me an injection with cortisone and it helped quite a bit but only for so long. He said I should continue with the nasal spray as it contains the same drug. However, I am not able to taste anything. I also take medication for my prostate but am otherwise quite fit. What can I do to recover my sense of taste again? Dear Albert from Jesus Pobre, I think you are right with your idea that your nose might be the source of all your trouble. Our sense for taste and our sense for smell are intricately linked, so much so that, without being able to smell, food tastes of very little. The reason for that is to do with the way we are wired up. Any sensory input we become aware of is achieved through nerve cells and their sensors. When the sensors do not work then we do not perceive. What we believe to be the typical taste of a particular piece of food – be it a lovely slice of cake or a well done piece of steak is really the smell of it. When we chew our food we release substances in our mouth which are carried by air inside our mouth into the nose through the junction between both at the end of our throat. These substances carry what we believe is taste but they trigger smell sensors on the lining of our nose. So taste really is smell in most categories. Our tongue only tastes sweat, sour, bitter, salty and a new entity called umami. When these sensors in the nose do not work any longer then we lose most of the flavours of our food.

What to do? Easy, really: we get rid of the polyps. The injection you got last year helped you because it managed to shrink your polyps so much that the smell sensors were open once more. Unfortunately once the injections wears off your polyps began to grow again shutting off the smell-sensitive area of your nose anew. The nasal spray you use should work similarly to the injection but for some reason does not appear to do so in you. It is really aimed at keeping your nasal polyps permanently shrunk, why it does not do so needs to be looked into. One way of helping you would simply be to give you another of those injections. The drawback is that in the long run there are too many side effects, so you should not have too many of them. Easier might be to change the nasal spray to a different brand of the same family and double the dose. I suggest you also regularly flush your nose with saline water to remove excess mucus and dried bits. The king of all solutions would be a little operaton on your nose: to remove the excess lining with the polyps at the same time. This can be done under local anaesthetic as a day case intervention. It will restore you sense of smell and have a long lasting effect. But I must add that there are more possible causes for loss of taste and smell. I am concentrating on nasal polyps with you because they are well known trouble maker. Once they are there they have to be considered the most likely culprit. However, they are not the sole cause for loss of taste. You should in any case have your nose examined again just to see how bad your polyps are. I would also recommend a number of blood tests to look for other causes like underactive thyroid gland, diabetes mellitus etc. It is also a good idea to check all medication you take as some have loss of taste and smell as a side effect.

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Summer Battles by Mike Smith

The Moors and Christians fiesta is one of the most popular of the year. Celebrated mainly in the southern regions of the Comunidad Valenciana, these noisy and colourful festivities serve primarily as a reminder of a period of history when much of Spain was under the control of Muslim powers as well as the later struggle against Muslim Barbary pirates who prowled the Mediterranean coast between the 15th and 17th centuries. Indeed, the village of JĂĄvea was once a walled stronghold to protect its citizens against such marauders. In essence, the festivities celebrate the success of the “Reconquistaâ€?, the ultimate triumph of Christian forces in 1492 over what were considered as Islamic invaders as well as the strengthening of the Christian faith across the peninsula. They are also a nod of acknowledgement towards the culture that controlled much of Spain for over 700 years.

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Photographs by Fay Hughes-Smith

20 | The Grapevine July 2013

The roots of this fiesta stretch back more than 500 years, beyond the success of the “Reconquista” and in some areas the celebrations have developed from older traditions over 800 years old. The biggest occasion takes place in Alcoy around the feast of San Jorge (St. George) in late April, celebrations which were declared a ‘Fiesta of International Tourist Interest’ in 1980 and are often top of the lists of much-see events in the country. Each town has its own peculiarities but in general the fiesta is celebrated is very much the same way. The participants split themselves into the Moors and the Christians. These two sides are then split into components known as “filas” which are funded primarily by membership fees and fundraising. Every year each side elects a ‘Captain’ or ‘King’ as their representative who will preside over the celebrations. Membership is a year-long commitment, raising funds, organising banquets and planning the activities that will make up this fiesta. The festivities open with the ubiquitous inauguration, a long drawn-out evening of speeches and presentations that test the patience of the most enduring of characters. A procession passes through the port collecting the representatives of each of the ‘filas’ before arriving at the decorated stage that has been constructed in the centre of the port. It seems quite disorganised to the outsider; participants mingle quite aimlessly with friends and family, sipping the odd beverage and drawing on long cigars whilst belated light and sound checks continue apace in the centre of the square. It’s not unusual for a sudden burst of distorted music to virtually rock the speakers from their stands and a handful of unaware spectators from their seats. What follows is almost two hours of bum-numbing speeches and set-pieces.

The Grapevine July 2013 | 21 |

Although the fiesta is based in the port area of Jávea / Xàbia, it does once move into the Historic Centre when representatives of the ‘filas’ make their way in a modest procession to Calle San Jaime to make an offering of flowers at the shrine of San Jaime (ENG: St. James) that sits in a small niche at the eastern end of the narrow well-preserved street. One of the twelve Apostles of Jesus, Jaime was beheaded by King Herod Agrippa I in 44 CE and legend claims that his body was taken up by angels and taken to Iria Flavia in Iberia (modern-day Padrón in Galicia, north-western Spain) where a massive rock closed around his relics. Tradition states that he miraculously appeared to fight alongside Christian forces during the legendary Battle of Clavijo (844 CE), a clash in which the vastly out-numbered Christians defeated the Muslim forces of the Emir of Córdoba, and thus he became known as ‘Santiago Matamoros’ – St. James the Moor-slayer – whilst “Santiago y cierra España!” (“St. James and strike for Spain”) has become the traditional battle cry of Spanish armies. Throughout the week-long fiesta, a number of attractions are available, including a modest Medieval Fair that stretches through a couple of streets in the port, offering all sorts of hand-made objects and some delicious food, and various traditional games, such as Valencian pilota. Music features heavily and there are a number of live performances throughout the week as well as several openair community dinners. As always, fiesta is a great excuse to come together and have a great time, forgetting for a moment those day-to-day pressures. Look out as well for children’s activities, including giant inflatables and special hot chocolate and buns. You may well find a giant paella blocking one of the side streets; take a plate - everyone is welcome to join in.

22 | The Grapevine July 2013

As the week slides towards a conclusion, another offering of flowers is made to San Jaime, his image placed in the parochial church of Nuestra Señora de Loreto back in the port area of Jávea / Xàbia. A crescendo of noise marks the start of the procession which starts when the sun is still quite high in the sky. At least two dozen ‘blunderbuss’ shake the foundations of the surrounding buildings and the nerves of the watching public with the enormous noise generated by their explosions. Inside the church, each ‘fila’ waits patiently to hand over their bouquets in a solemn offering of colour to this special saint. The relative noise is contrasted by the solemn Mass that follows; this isn’t just about noise, battles and fireworks. And then the invasion of the Moorish forces begins! It all takes place on La Grava beach, an evening of colour and noise generated by more large ‘blunderbuss’ that shatter the relative peace in the port. Don’t expect a David Lean epic with hordes of blood-thirsty Muslim warriors sweeping up the pebble beach for the landing is merely symbolic, a reminder of the conquest of Hispania by the forces of the Umayyad Caliphate who crossed the Straits of Gibraltar in the early 8th century and brought much of the Iberian peninsula under Islamic control within a decade. However, symbolic they may be, the landings on La Grava beach will be marked with plenty of noise and action as the Muslim forces lay siege to the “castle” that has been erected on the promenade and defended by the Christian forces. Sparks may fly as professional performers work through millimetre-perfect routines with razor-sharp blades before the flag of St. George is replaced by the bright crescent of the victorious Muslim invaders.

The Grapevine July 2013 | 23 |

Photographs by Fay Hughes-Smith

24 | The Grapevine July 2013

We normally don’t have to wait long for the Christian reconquest of the castle and the raising of the red-andwhite flag. Once again, the invading forces attack from the sea, there is noise and colour, sword fights and punch-ups and the flag of St. George is finally raised on the ramparts. A point to note: don’t expect to see much up of the ceremonies that take place before the castle swaps sides. You might think that you have grabbed a perfect spot against the yellow barriers around the castle but quite often the filas line up along the edge of the performance area, blocking much of the view of the general public along with the many “official” photographers who are after that defining picture of the fiesta. It can be annoying and often

raises the question about whether these important events in the festive programme can really be aimed at the tourist and those who aren’t directly part of the celebrations. People often vote with their feet and in recent years, crowds have dwindled rapidly once people realised they couldn’t actually see anything. In 2012, the organisers obviously realised that they need to address the problem and the members of the “filaes” were told to sit down during the action. In previous years, the reconquest was  celebrated with a colourful parade through the streets of the port on Saturday evening but in 2012 the continuing economic crisis forced the organisers to cut these extravagent processions to just a

The Grapevine July 2013 | 25 |

swifter 85 steps per minute (“El Honor de un Caballero” is a perfect example).

On the final evening, there is the colourful parade as the fiesta draws to a close. It’s quite often a long parade of colourful floats and mounted animals, including horses and, on occasion, elephants and camels. The celebrated filas march through the streets dressed in ornate and often quite heavy costumes, each accompanied by a band playing their favourite tune. Their sergeants lead them, waving at the crowd, hoping to attract applause for their efforts. Horsemen dramatically show off their skills on horseback whilst dancers go through well-rehearsed routines. A good place to watch is at the start as the filas drop down the slope through the archway in Calle Pio X although it can seem quite chaotic. If you want a bit of space, head up the road (Calle Santisimo Cristo del Mar) almost the point at which it joined the main Avenida del Lepanto and you’ll get some great photos as not only has  the parade sorted itself out but also the filas sometimes take a break and mingle amongst the crowd, excellent for discovering those candid fiesta shots. Be aware that you have to pay to sit in the plastic chairs which line the route for a few hundred metres at the start and then the last few hundred metres to the finish line in Avda. Jaume I. Charges have dropped in the last couple of years to reflect the continuing ‘crisis’ but the alternative is to take your own chair and set yourself up at one of the less in-demand locations (such as that above) where you can watch this long procession (it can take over three hours for all the filas to process past) in relative comfort. As the midnight hour approaches, crowds gather on La Grava beach and all along the seashore, eyes fixed on the far port boom which can just be made out in the darkness. And then the night is filled with tremendous colour, explosions briefly etching out patterns in the sky; look out for palm trees and birds - they will suddenly become obvious during what at first appears to be random bursts of colour. Then, with the last peace-shattering explosion, the festivities come to an end and the crowds shuffle home whilst the ‘filas’ are already making plans for next year. MOROS I CRISTIANOS – 13th to 21st July in the port of Jávea. Check for a full programme.

WHAT’S ON THIS MONTH single parade on Sunday evening. In its place, they offered their own version of the popular ‘correfocs’. There are rumours of a return to two parades over the weekend but the association coffers are hardly bursting with available cash. Music plays an important part of the fiesta and you may hear the famous pasodoble Paquito el Chocolatero and its great potential for audience participation throughout the week’s festivities. Each side has its own style of music, with the Moors swaying majestically from side to side at barely 55 steps per minute (listen to “Als Moros Vells” and particularly “Als Berebers” and you’ll get the idea) whilst the Christians bounce quickly along the street at a

For a regularly-updated What’s On Guide for Jávea, featuring live music, sport, cinema and much more, see Mike Smith SHARING A PASSION FOR JÁVEA Photographs by Fay Hughes-Smith

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‘A Tribute to Spain’ a truly integrated XD Garden Party On Thursday the 13th June over 70 people enjoyed a very pleasant garden party for Xabia Democratica members and guests, kindly organised and hosted by Keith and Sue Hyde in their beautiful home. Members of many nationalities enjoyed the evening which was also attended by two of our Councillors, Oscar Anton and Juan Lu Cardona along with our Amjasa XD representative Jose Mata. A great time was had by one and all. Food was organised by La Cocina Restaurant and served by our very own Brenda Bates. The bar was manned by Lisa Bates. Spanish guitar and Flamenco dancing and other classic Spanish dancing was provided.

The Grapevine July 2013 | 27 |

Lorna Ainsworth

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The raffle was organised by Lorna Ainsworth who produced some wonderful prizes donated by internationally renowned artist and Jรกvea resident Mai Griffin, restaurant vouchers from La Cocina and Le Gourmand. A voucher from a well known kennels residence, Casa Antigua. A book by Toni Mari, renowned sculptor. Whisky and wines from members of XD. Proceeds were the raffle were donated the Red Cross. All in all a very successful and memorable evening. Sincere thanks to all who helped make it so. We look forward to the next event!


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PEPITA, female, Shelter since 09.03.2010 Podenco, DOB 15.03.2009 – 45 cm

ELFE, female, Shelter since 06.06.2009 Pointer, DOB 15.10.2008 – 51 cm

It was really a busy day. We had found 2 dogs tied to the door, 1 puppy was running free on our plot and suddenly we discovered Pepita who had simply been thrown over the fence in one of our kennels. She was only lucky that the dogs in this kennel liked her right from the beginning. Pepita is the type of podenca with bad experiences with humans. She is very shy and she needs a lot of attention, of love and caressing. She would be right dog to start with podencos. She is used to walk on the lead and she is even house trained.

Elfe is a Pointer girl as she lives and breathes. She likes to jump, to run about and to play. She still is a little bit nervous on the lead but this will soon disappear with the correct training. She likes other dogs but people are more important to her. Elfe would need a sportive family who would do a lot with her, for example take her out to run with the bicycle or jog with her or take her to an agility training.

ULLI, male, Perrera since 23.03.2010 Alsatian Mix, DOB 01.01.2010 – 60 cm

NESCO, male, Shelter since 07.12.2010 Kishu Mix, DOB 08.03.2009 – 60 cm Nesco is a very impressive dog with a “good voice”. He can easily be mistaken for a guard dog. But looks can be deceiving because underneath, Nesco is just a sweet dog. He likes to be cuddled if you take the time to get acquainted with him. Nesco is young enough too to learn everything you want to teach him and would make a nice companion if he received a proper education.

One morning, when we arrived we found this young dog with red harness and red lead, tied to our gate. When we approached him, he only started to growl but when we growled back at him he started to pee. We called him Ulli since he was not able to give us his original name. We put him in our puppy house which he did not like as there were already 15 other young dogs but after only one day he had no problems anymore and now he keeps playing with his companions. We now keep fingers crossed that he we will soon find a new owner who would give a new home for the rest of his life. Asociación Protectora de Animales de San Antonio A.P.A.S.A. Cif: G-53334454 Reg. No. 6692 Cami de les Sorts s/n, Perrera Municipal de Javea Apartado de Correos 577, 03730 Javea (Alicante) Tel: 807 429 454 / 966 463 976 / email: Sabadell / CAM, Calle Pla 55, 03730 Javea IBAN / BIC: ES 2600811045900001042507 / BSAB ESBB

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34 | The Grapevine July 2013

Follow Agenda 21 on Town Planning department to ask for public input into the future General Town Plan. Xàbia Urban development department is preparing a questionnaire to seek the views of the public on various issues related to urban development and planning. These will be questions about the model of the town, urban spaces, environment and sustainability, public transport, accessibility, facilities, safety, property, types of housing, assessment of landscapes and resources etc. Once this document is ready, meetings and workshops will be held for stakeholders to have as much information on what has been included in the participation plan. In addition, everyone who wants to fill in the form may do so over a period of three months in the office of the Capella de Santa Ana, near the municipal technical office. XAD: Xàbia asks for office to cater for foreign tourists. Xàbia has asked the Alicante Authorities to set up an office for foreign tourists in the town, such as the one set up in Málaga. This provides personalised, comprehensive assistance to foreign tourists, and, if they are a victim of crime they get help from a special police team and interpreters which provide assistance in the foreigner’s own language. The service has been implemented in Benidorm, and Xàbia would be the second town in Alicante Province to have this facility, which could also be used by foreign residents. From XAD: Parietaria pollen a major source of allergy in region The allergy specialist at the Denia hospital remarked that she sees many patients suffering rhinitis, conjunctivitis and asthma brought on by the pollen of Parietaria, a common plant from the nettle family. The highest recorded pollen count for this plant is from Pego. The most common allergies in the Marina Alta are those from mites and Parieteria. From Diarioiformació Language students receive their certificates 77 adult education students received language proficiency certificates yesterday. They had completed 100 hour language courses in English and German given by a group of volunteer teachers drawn from the foreign residents community in the municipality. Free lessons given by Trish, Daisy, Jan, Rose, Ina, Morag, Chris, Tanya, Aileen, John, Sonia, Gisela, Ewa, Margit, Ursula, Carola, Monika, Martina, and Verena enabled the local development agency, CREAMA to continue to its language training despite being short of funds. Language skills are seen important assets in finding employment, particularly in the service sector. Press Release. Unemployment in Xàbia falls in June Xàbia closed June with 1851 people listed as unemployed, most of the enemployed belonging to the service

sector, though 119 new jobs had been created during the same month. A table of unemployment figures for all municipalities in Alicante Province can be found on: http:// municipios/junio_2013/MUNI_ALICANTE_0613.pdf from XAD British buyers fight back Foreign property investors are battling to recover money lost in deals gone bad and have discovered a useful law from 1968. The little-known legislation uncovered details procedures in the case of deposits put down on the construction and sale of dwellings, and outlines in clear terms the guarantees that a home buyer is entitled to…The law not only required the property developer to return buyers’ money, but required the bank to guarantee that any amounts it received were spent on construction. The bank would, from now on, have to supervise the money and provide a guarantee “under its own responsibility.” In other words, if a bank takes your money as a deposit on a property, if that property is not built, it is responsible for returning your money. In a recent case CAM was found responsible and ordered it to return the 1.5 million euros that British purchasers had paid to the developer. for full story see: El Pais Electricity sector on standby as ministry grapples with funding gap. The tariff deficit is the difference between what it costs to generate power and what can be charged to consumers by suppliers at rates regulated by the administration. According to the National Energy Commission (CNE) sector watchdog, the tariff deficit at the end of 2012 amounted to 4.281 billion euros, well above the administration’s initial goal of 1.5 billion… Spain’s electricity deficit is the result of a policy by previous governments of subsidising the promotion of renewables, including high feed-in tariffs to power generators. But the main contributor to the deficit has been a policy of keeping consumer rates low even as supply costs climbed, so the true costs were never passed on to the user…According to sources in the sector, the best approach would be to remove from electricity bills the extra costs that have nothing directly to do with electricity generation or distribution and that currently make up almost half of users’ fees. For full story see El Pais 155 applications for 30 short term jobs. Xàbia town hall received 70 applications for 18 three month jobs as forestry labourers, and another 85 for 12 officer positions. These summer jobs are aimed at residents who are unemployed and suffering hardship. Employees will receive €1000 per month and work on fire prevention in Granadella, Tossal Gros and the Montgó, as well as cleaning gulleys and roadsides. From Levante

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So now that you live in Spain....

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Prices are only a rough guide. / “f.” means when closed (fermé) / tlj = everyday (tous les jours).

NEWS Along with the statistical majority today, the compiler of this listing is antagonised by muzak (anywhere but most especially in restaurants) and accordingly those establishments offering the most offensive muzak or radio station programmed for juveniles (notably offering screaming females or throbbing-washingmachine type musics”) are not listed here. “Who chooses this stuff?”, he asks ! “Are they qualified to do so ?”.......... Did you ever hear anyone asking for muzak ? NO ! Did you ever hear anyone object to it being turned off ? NO ! So please do keep up the fight. Sadly this problem is found everywhere in Spain - even in some of our local Michelin-starred restaurants ! For sure it’ll get worse if clients don’t complain so please be a good citizen and speak out, boldly, and let them know how many of us hate it ! ‘Quiet, please!’ says BBC presenter John Humphrys - Daily Telegraph culture/tvandradio/9700384/Quiet-please-says-newspresenter-John-Humphrys.html

THE RETURN – on SEPT. 4th & 5th - OF THE ENGLISH TEAS at the JÁVEA PARADOR at 16:30h – yes, such is their popularity that they now run the teas on two consecutive days ! Bravo… let us celebrate that this has become a well establish fixture of Jávea life ! The hotel offers  perfectly made  tea (incl. Earl Grey) as well as cucumber sandwiches, delicious scones  (with clotted cream and red jam) and carrot & walnut cake and a glass of Cava to finish.  A delight.  Yes, readers .... this is a triumph and all for €10.  Because the teas have been so successful it remains essential  to book [96 579 0200].   Make up a small group - and book early. VERY TOP OF THE CLASS for all true Gastronauts !

JÁVEA :  Restaurante BONAMB :  Dutch owned, this  restaurant (formerly Giardino, at the Tarraula roundabout at the end of Cabanes and the beginning of the Benitachell/ Golf Club Road) offers a sophisticated and comfortable interior and beautifully laid out gardens and terraces.  This is  the most important gastronomic investment in Jávea - ever - and it  really puts Jávea on the map completing the triangle of world-class restaurants formed by Quique Dacosta (Denia) and Casa Pepa

(Ondara).   I am always charmed and enchanted by my visit each has been a memorable triumph. We suggest that you telephone for details of menus (usually €24 - Aperitif BonAmb/ two starters/ 4 main courses/ 2-3 desserts + one beverage or glass of red or white house wine).  DINNER : The 7-course dinner is € 49.50 and the 9-course dinner is € 70. f.Sunday p.m & Monday. Tel : 96 508 4440 / E-mail: Reservations   / Website:  http:// Reports from serious gastronauts are consistently full of praise. Our last two visits were magnificent … and look out for their Azpilicueta (Rioja), Crianza 2009 – a delight. JÁVEA’s TOP MENUS DEL DÍA   [ between €14 - €20 : full details in text ] Many restaurants are now producing menus-del-día of such outstanding quality that we thought it best to recognise their achievement in listing them here.  Fuller details in the main text.  

Amarre 152   -   Masena   -   El Rancho  -  Parador (€33)   Piri-Piri   -   La Plaza - Los Remos   -   La Renda  Sophia’s (Thurs. only)   -   Tosca       JÁVEA : CINEMA JAYAN - special offer The cinema (and their restaurant offer) is now closed for the summer. The Restaurante La Renda remains open, naturally. IN A CLASS OF THEIR OWN (from €35+ per head)

Restaurant ATALAYA : On the right side of Jávea’s Arenal beach.   This restaurant serves creative dishes of superb quality.  Previously held to account for appalling muzak, we learn that this is now less of a problem so we are pleased to acknowledge their excellent culinary skills with the proviso that we hope that common sense has now prevailed and that clients are now spared the (previous) infernal noise ! Tel: 96 628.9666 /  

Restaurante LA BOHÈME (Jávea, Arenal beach front) : This restaurant (and Los Remos de la Nao, La Perla & Atalaya) are the best French styled restarants on the Arenal beach front.  Fine tapas, superb steaks. Menu del dia €15.95. Consistently excellent reports throughout the summer but comments reveal this is an expensive place.  Parador end of Arenal promenade.  Tel : 96 579.1600 / open daily. boheme/index.html

Restaurante LE GOURMAND : Carretera Jesús Pobre 202. Six months have passed since Le Gourmand moved to their new premises and excellent reports from many sources continue to reach us showing that it has become a major success in our community and is established in the affections of a very wide range of  resident gastronauts as one of the very best restaurants in the area.  We foresaw that a move away from front-line tourism on the beach would allow  their reputation to blossom amongst serious eaters throughout the resident community - and so it has proved.  Last week’s visit revealed superb duck and a succulent steak of one’s dreams! Booking recommended.  There is a large covered area in the garden in the Summer. Tel: 96 628.9686 / f. Mon   

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EXCELLENT (c. €25-30 per head)

Restaurante CALIMA (Jávea port, Avda. de la Marina Española - pedestrianized seafront). Next to Piri-Piri and recently refurbished. Imaginative and sometimes rewardingly experimental.  Jazz on Thurs.  Menu del dia €11.95 (Mon-Sat) but Sun. €13. Tel : 96 579 4821 / open daily.  Email:   www.  

Restaurante CHEZ ANGEL (Jávea Arenal - close to Humpty Dumpty on right after Arenal traffic lights).  Brasserie style.  Excellent meat - absolutely the best Châteaubriand in the area (with Masena at No. 2 !).  Restaurante MASENA (Jávea) :  Go to the end of Cami Wonderful Cous-Cous.  Serves copious vegetables.  Menus Cabanes road (behind Barclays) and immediately left onto del dia c.€16.00 & €25.00.   Tel :  96 579.2723 / f. Tues  the  Benitachell (Golf Club) road. Beautifully appointed Restaurante LA COCINA : leaving Jávea port towards Belgian-owned restaurant with a stylish  air of Mexican  the old town - on the corner of the last of row of shops Menu del dia €17 (but not Sundays).   Good meat notably before petrol station.  This restaurant is  acclaimed all Chateaubriand and steak cooked on hot stone. They are over the Jávea community.  The food is truly excellent, always busy so must book!  Muzak always turned down on well presented and served with charm and showing flair.  request.  96 579.3764 / f. Tues   www.restaurantcostablanca. Adventurous regional Spanish & international cuisine.  com/restaurantes/Alicante/Javea-Xabia/Masena/ What is remarkable is the pricing structure of €16 (two courses) or €19 (three courses) making the whole Restaurante LA PLAZA No.6 : (in the “triangular square” (sic) opp. Humpty Dumpty).   All-year-round experience, in terms of quality/price, “top of the class” !  successful and delightful German-owned establishment The wine list is fascinating and very honestly priced;  it offering excellent international cuisine (includes excellent is  also a challege but do not be intimidated as you will Wiener schnitzel !).  A favourite with residents in tranquil receive good advice if needed !  Quality wines also surroundings.  Menu del dia €11 (midday) & €19.00 available by the glass.  Evenings only.  Tel: 96 579.5140 evenings. Kitchen open till 23:30h.  Live music one (f. Sunday & Monday) / Web: / evening a week (Thurs). 96 646 2314 /f. Monday / www. E-mail :  /  E-mail: STOP PRESS ! This restaurant now offers many of its Restaurante EL RODAT (Jávea) : Superb restaurant of the Rodat Hotel (A small hotels of the world member - but regrettably with muzak - although beautifully appointed).   Menus at  €55 & €42. Tel: 96 647.0710 / / Restaurante SOFIA’S : Avda. del Pla 20, Jávea.  Really delicious and excellently prepared food. Muzak now tamed !   The Menu-del-día is one of the best, cost/quality, that we know (currently Euros 14.50h with a glass of wine - but available  Thursday lunch only.  High standards pervade all their dishes and the restaurant is beautifully appointed. Easy parking. Tel: 96 646.2903 / Open 19:00  22:30h / f. Sun/Mon

Restaurante TOSCA (Arenal beach, on bridge overlooking creek close to Jávea Parador); Creative cooking. c.€35.00. Excellent Menu-del-día €17.90.   Muzak here can be irritating (they say they play it to cover the noise from the kitchen !). BYO “corkage” is a good idea but charged at an outrageous €9.Tel : 96 579.3145 / f. Monday midday restaurante/Restaurante-Tosca-105829-0.html

main courses deep-frozen at about €5 each to be taken home. We’ve had 4 so far – truly marvellous – perhaps essential if you don’t much feel like cooking ! TAPAS NEW ADDITION

IBERIA GASTRO BAR, C/ de San Buenaventura 9 (off town hall square, Jávea). Tapas of a very high quality indeed (chef did a stretch at the Savoy, London). Portions designed for two so choice of 3 tapii makes a meal ! Try their “Other tortilla” for a delicious surprise. Cost 20-30€ per person. English spoken. Muzak inside is variable but controlled. Tel: 96 599 6716 www.iberiagastrobar. com / Open Mon-Sat 13:30– 15:30h &  19:30–22:30h (Sat. to 23:00h) Restaurante NESFOR : Cta. Cabo de la Nao-Pla 25.  Reopened by the same family after 14 years, this restaurant has immediately impressed.  A lunch visit (we ate à la carte) proved excellent.  New parking area at the back. Tel: 96 646 3872 / E-mail: reservas@restaurantenesfor. com  /  Web : 

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Continued... Restaurante LA PERLA de JÁVEA (Arenal beach front, right hand side). Menu-del-día €14. Some very good reports have been reaching us. Tel : 96 647 0772  / open  daily / Web :

Restaurante EL RANCHO : Cta. Cabo de la Nao (between the German clinic & Saladar SuperMarket).   Another recently reopened  restaurant !  A young British couple (Simon & Danielle) have taken over and added, recently, a French chef to make the 3-chef team.   Well appointed and in delightful surroundings the kitchen team has settled down well and, after all  these years, the food can  again be taken seriously !  Reports are, overall, are on the good to  excellent side.  Menu-del-día (€13.95 & €22).   We think  you need to book !  Good  parking either side of main road.  Tel: 96 577.1126 / f. Sunday p.m. & Monday.  E-mail:  /  Web :   (under construction) Restaurante LOS REMOS de la NÃO (Jávea, Arenal beach front) : French owned and was probably the best of all the Arenal beach restaurants although there are recent reports of improved standards they have proved shortlived.  Lies at the extreme right hand end of the bay on the edge of the large car park overlooking the beach.  Fish a speciality.   Great views.  Menu del día  €15 (Sunday €20).  Best to book. Tel : 96 647.0776 /  f. Tues.  www.

Restaurante BACCHUS (Jávea) : Wonderful quality, Swiss owned.  Cook your own (superb) steak on stone.  Pinosol-Cansalades road. Must book. Menus-deldía from €15 (W/ends €18).  Tel : 96 647.3096 / f. Mon.  / TAPAS – NEW ADDITION BOCA BOCA, C/La Paz (down left side of Correos, Jávea). Belgian owned high-quality sandwich / salad / tapas bar. Worth investigating. Tel: 96 579.6265 / Wine bar & ITALIAN specialities DOLCE e SALATO : Avnda Marina Espanola 13, Javea (next to Calima & Piri Piri). Wow ! What a discovery … a charming Italian (Luca) and his Greek wife (Pamela) offering a range of (in-house created dishes) from their delicious home baked bread through the best possible tsatziki and other original Eastern Mediterranean tapas (read mezze !) creations - not to forget the best Mozarella in town and Baklava, too long to list. We look forward to Pamela’s Taramasalata and Melizanosalata (the Greek version of Mtabal) very soon, please !! Sensationally good house wine (red). A delightful new arrival. 667 246233 Restaurante L’ÉCHALOTTE : Jávea Costa Nova, beside the tennis club just before the La Guardia cross roads. International cuisine of excellent quality with covered terrace behind. Good parking.Tel: 96 647.3364

Restaurante EL GAUCHO (formerly Las Brisias on the Jesús Pobre road). This re-opened restaurant has gained Restaurante LA RENDA : Cristo del Mar, Jávea Port, many plaudits under the management of the excellent right beside the Cinema Jayan.  Beautifully appointed Pizzeria Pepa (at Arenal) and offers an especially restaurant  with some serious, adventurous  and very worthwhile restaurant for the residents of Montgó. Superb creative cuisine - we even found sweetbreads on the menu.   meat is their speciality. Best to book. Tel: 96 646.1338 / Menu del día €12.50.  Live music on Friday.  Muzak   turned off on request.  Tel: 96 579.3763 / E-mail: larenda. Restaurante LUNGO MARE (Jávea, Arenal beach front) : Good  Italian restaurant -  beware large portions (some can be shared!) and muzak can be bad !  Often fairly full FAMILY RESTAURANTS / GOOD & RELIABLE so best to try to book.   In spite of hot competition next (Euros 20 - 35 per head) door recent reports have not been good. Tel : 96 647.1196  Restaurante AUSTRIACO  has been sold and a / open daily / Italian restaurant is now open - see under LA lungo-mare-javea   TAGLIATELLA.   Restaurante MEZQUIDA: Main road from  Jávea AUSTRIACO Bakery (Jávea; Arenal beach front).  towards Arenal, on right side, just after Iceland roundabout This excellent bakery continues to offer superb bread/ on left but before Sol-Mar offices.  Good ambience/very croissants & gâteaux from 07:00h daily also served at popular Spanish ‘family’ restaurant. Serves the best Arroz their café. (Another source of very excellent bread is the negro (a delicious rice and squid dish) that we know of.  expensively-priced Saladar Supermarket). 96 647.1004 / Good prices, superb meat. Spotless & mostly muzak-free.  open daily / Delightful, large and musak-free terrace. Menu-del-día €16.   Restaurante AZORIN  :   Jávea Port (in street behind Tel : 96 579.3620 / open daily / E-mail: rtemezquidaxabia@ Napoli). Superb fish (especially sole) /chicken & chips. Menu del dia €9. Kids love it. Tel : 96 579.4495 / f. Sat.

Restaurante MINTT RUSTICA (Jávea - Cami Cabanes). Take road to right of Barclays, right at roundabout; it’s along on the left after the first burmp. Formerly La Rustica and now under new management. Appears to be aimed at the young – but, then, why is it so far from the beach ? Tel : 96 577.0855 /  Open 7/7.  

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Restaurante BUDDHA PALACE : Arenal - opposite Banca March (newly opened). This was a most enjoyable experience ! Tel: 96 579 2894 / E-mail: buddhapalace1@ / Open: tlj

Restaurante GURKHA PALACE : Avda. Jaime 1, No.8 in Jávea port. Fine food with good ambience. Take away Restaurante MONTGÓ  : 2-3kms along  Jávea -Jesús service. Menus del dia : €9.50 & €11.99 A la carte €20Pobre road (on left, with large stone tablet outside).  30. Tel: 96 579. 3331 / f. Tues.midday Amazing choice/ value/ quantity/quality & well presented.  INDONESIAN Best fish ‘n’ chips of the region (with Azorin).  Menu-deldía €11.50.  We remind readers of the slightly more upmarket ALMENDROS restaurant (slow service) on the TAPINDO (& “Take-Away”) : In the last row of shops on the right side as you leave Arenal shopping area opposite side of the road. Tel : 96 579.5020 / f. Thurs.   towards Mercadona. Produces excellent Indonesian food Restaurante PIRI-PIRI : Excellent/imaginative (copious) (especially Bami Goreng & Nasi Goreng). All sorts of ‘tapas’. Widely praised and popular with residents.  On the combinations can be served to take home although there port’s pedestrianised  sea-front,  leading from the bridge. are facilities for eating on their terrace. Ideal for the Arrive early for lunch, but best to book.  Excellent Menus- hungry ! Tel: 96 646.4191 / f.Sun. del-día €11.50 (w/ends €14.50). Charming host  & very professional - one of our favourites Tel : 96 579.4745 / CHINESE f. & Mon (closed early Restaurante < The WOK BUFFET > : Jávea, at the New Year). Barclays roundabout. Very good. Recently refurbished Restaurante PIZZERIA PEPA (Jávea: Arenal beach and now with an extensive choice of shellfish included in front,  nr. middle).  Spanish; excellent value, swift their bargain price. Eat all you like for Euros 9.95 (special service. Pizza takeaway.  VERY efficient, popular price for kids under 7). Go early (12:30h for lunch, 19:30h with  good atmosphere;  muzak low; must book for dinner) when the huge spread is at its best. Attentive !  Menu-del-día €16. The best quick-service “family” service. No muzak. A bit of a “canteen” ambience but a restaurant at the beach. 96 579.2572 / open daily great quality “fill-up” if you are hungry. Tel : 96 579.7016 / daily 12-24h. Restaurante LA TAGLIATELLA : (Jávea, Arenal beach Restaurante (the 5-star) BENI ASIA !! : On right side front) : Another elegant looking Italian restaurant, close to of the Cumbre del Sol road which leads off Benitachell Lungo Mare, but with dark 19thC decor.  Reports (4) have high street.  This is regarded by very many (including your revealed poor service and high prices.Tel: 96 647.2984 / writer) as the best Chinese restaurant in the whole area, lead / tlj by the charming owner, Fan-Fan.  Recent visiting residents EASTERN RESTAURANTS (Jávea) : of Singapore and Hong Kong have strongly confirmed this view.   Peking Duck a speciality - of course !  Every dish INDIAN RESTAURANTS Restaurante TAJ MAHAL  (Indian) : The “top rank” tastes different and the food is free of MSG.  Take a group Indian restaurant at Arenal beach,  overlooking main  car of 6 people and order these dishes : 10, 24, 34, 51, 54, 70, park.  Lunch buffet €7.40. Voucher  for 10% discount 89 & 99 and then tell me that wasn’t the best chinese meal available from Campobello on request.  Re-opened after of the year ?? Tel: 96 649.4042 / holidays.Tel : 96 647.1684  / open daily / http://www.

Restaurante THE GREAT INDIAN : Another quality Indian at Arenal beach (in the middle outside of the road that runs right around the beach area). Takeaway facility and Wi-Fi. Noisy, but with appropriate(!) muzak and TV.  Open 7/7. Tel: 96 646.3768 NEPALESE RESTAURANTS Being largely ignorant of Indian cuisine one wondered why these next two restaurants are talked about over and above all other (Indian? style) restaurants and both are listed at Trip Advisor higher than the other Indian restaurants. I can only assume it must be the Nepalese influence ! Go and try them.

Bar/Restaurante LAS OLAS HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED ...... why there are always so many cars outside the Bar LAS OLAS (on the Cabo de la Nao road, on the right, half way between Barclays and the Ferreteria PLA48) ? Well, go discover it for yourselves.  Here is, indeed, a real surprise.  A huge range of really good, copious tapas far cheaper than the Arenal beach front !  The size of the portions means this is perhaps 50% of the cost of the beach establishments ?  Be careful how much you order - you may not be able to finish.  Ideal for hungry kids !  Clean tables, good service, bi-lingual menu. TV inside but mostly quiet outside. Tel:  96 577.0175 

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(from Euros 25.00 per head) : Restaurante AMARRE 152 (Jávea) : literally “Mooring 152”, tranquil situation by the bobbing boats at the very head of the mooring creek that goes inland from the Parador. Menus del dia €18 & 20 (fish). Excellent for rice/fish dishes.  A recent visit showed them on top form. Tel : 96 579.0629 / f. Monday http://www.verema. com/restaurantes/36008-amarre-152-xabia-javea Restaurante SUR : the beautiful Granadella creek (down off the Cabo de la Nao and the No.1 beach of the Marina Alta);  certainly the best fish restaurant in Jávea (they own their own boat!).  Our absolute favourite for fish and a beautiful location.  Sensational puds !  Highly rated in Spain’s Gastronomía Guide.  Best to book. Tel : 96 577.1612  /  July/Aug daily 10-23h  /  otherwise open lunch only (closed c. 15 Dec - end Feb).   TEULADA : Exceptional item :   RESTAURANTE : POISSONERIE : FISH SHOP << LES FOUGES >>, Teulada.  On the dual carriageway in Teulada on a corner at No.74 (on the left side going down) is a marvellous French-run fish shop with restaurant added offering a huge range of fish & shellfish (incl. scallops, fresh haddock, oysters, potted shrimps, tarama  and many other sorts of fruits de mer).  They now have whole kippers.  They also have pastries/gâteaux, French bread, patés and a better range of French cheeses than we have seen anywhere in the area (even Boursault - wow !).  All this is now served in their restaurant (fish only cooked a la plancha).  Booking essential - and they’ve up-graded all the furniture. Tel: 96 611.3100 / Wed - Sat 10:00h - 17:00h / Sunday 10:30h 17:00h/ f. Mon. & Tues.  E-mail: / AND ANOTHER EXCEPTIONAL ITEM! Outside the Ermita supermarket (by the little church on the Jesus Pobre road) at 10:00h on a Saturday morning is to be found an enterprising Dutchman (Arjen) who is selling fresh martjes, smoked eel, roll-mops, smoked mackerel, buckling (a herring smoked whole – as opposed to kippers which are smoked flat), smoked trout and potted shrimps …AND (only to order) fresh/frozen HERRINGS (mostly with their roes – and at €1.25 each). When did you last enjoy a fresh herring ? A most marvellous of fishes ? Orders to : 667 997300 (every Sat. morning from 10:00h) or [ and inside this supermarket, at Xavi’s excellent meat counter, can be found the very best STILTON in the whole area ].

INCODNITO < Fish ‘n’ Chips > : Jávea, Arenal beach, on main car park.  It is not usual for such an establishment to find its way onto this list but it has proved to be very reliable with both fish and chips of excellent quality.  Tel : 95 577.0068 / f. Sunday. BOOKING: Good restaurants are busy; best to book. f. = fermé = Day closed (if known) PLEASE TELL US ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCES IT HELPS EVERYONE Join our mailing list and/or send comments / up-dating of information please to : E & O E : 130704 © 2013  J.G. DEACON 

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Avda Lepanto 2, Puerta Real E-30, Jávea Tel: 965 790 803 email THE PROACTIVE JÁVEA ESTATE AGENCY FOR SALES AND LONG TERM RENTALS. We speak English, Spanish, French, Dutch and German



perty re Pro u t a e eF





Property Ref: HO232205 - REDUCED €189,000- 3 Beds - 2 Baths - Jávea - Second floor, corner south/east facing apartment in the popular Puerto Real complex, close to all amenities & beaches in the port area of Javea. Basement parking included. Click Here to see more

perty e Pro r u t a e June F


Property Ref: HO232362 - €140,000 - 2 Beds - 2 Baths - Jávea - An as new first floor apartment with a basement parking space and store room, quality furniture included, community pool and gardens, close to amenities and beaches. Click Here to see more

ty 3 roper P e r u e Feat


Property Ref: HO232374 - Javea - €395,000 - 3 Beds - 2 Baths - Jávea - A quality villa in the Piver area with fabulous Montgo views, 11 x 5 metre pool, hot and cold air conditioning and underfloor heating. Modern, south & west facing. Click Here to see more

Cli ck h e r e t o v i si t w w t

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from XD

Deputy Mayor Anton presents prizes at Xabia International College. XD councillor and Deputy Mayor Oscar Anton took time out from his busy schedule to make the presentations during the end of term celebrations at Xabia International College at the end of June. Head of College Mrs Hilary Fernandez, while thanking Anton, said “it was greatly appreciated that Oscar took the time to attend and present prizes at our Secondary end of term celebration, his presence made the event very special indeed”. Anton who is the President of the Xabia Democratica party acknowledged as a major representative of the expat community in Javea commented that “XIC is a perfect example of integration in education with the participation of their students in exchange programs and many worthwhile collaborations; most notably with The Red Cross. I congratulate all the students here today on their participation and contribution to the multinational culture of Javea. I hope you all have a great summer break.”

Creama gets Autoservef Terminal in Javea.

XD councillor Juan Luis Cardona is pictured here with the latest addition to the offices of Creama in Javea. Cardona who runs the Local Development Agency of Javea council facilitated the installation of a touch terminal that allows residents of Javea who are unemployed or wanting to change their job access to Autoservef services. Servef is the public Employment Service of Comunidad Valenciana. It has a network of 56 employment offices throughout the autonomous region where job seekers can take part in employment promotion programs and match their CVs to suitable vacancies as well as receive careers guidance and job training. It is open to anyone over 16 years old living in the Communidad Valenciana who is an EU citizen, from any other country within the EEA or Switzerland or from another country and who has a right to work in Spain. The terminal is located in the Avenida Clot offices of Creama. Juan Luis Cardona, commented that this is only one of the many initiatives he has implemented since being appointed that improves the services Creama delivers. “Local residents will no longer have to travel to Denia to access these services” he said, “they can now do so in Javea”

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Save thousands against used car showooms SANDYCOASTAL is a specialist used car dealer based in Jávea on the Costa Blanca, Spain. We offer a first class service and highly competitive pricing on all our second hand cars, vans and motorcycles. SANDYCOASTAL also buys used cars for cash, or trade your second hand vehicle in part exchange. With 25 years main dealer experience behind us, you can be confident you’re talking to the professionals.

Call Gary 0034 622431788 OR VISIT SANDYCOASTAL.COM

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Partners’ Newsletter Bringing you the news from our Official Partners across Spain

Know your EHIC Rights As you may have heard recently in the news, there have been questions raised around the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) being accepted in Spanish public healthcare facilities.

Our Partners

The UK Department of Health is aware of this issue and has raised it with the Spanish authorities. It is important for visitors to Spain to know that they can use the EHIC to access all necessary medical care in public hospitals and healthcare centres and that this cover is not just limited to emergency care. Even if someone has

taken out travel insurance, they have the right to insist that their EHIC is accepted. Tourists that do not have their EHIC with them

can call the Overseas Healthcare Team (OHT) in Newcastle to apply for a Provisional Replacement Certificate. They can be contacted on 0044 191 218 1999. You should also note that there

are hospitals in Spain that offer both private and public healthcare and it is up to the patient to make sure their EHIC is accepted if they want to be treated under the state scheme. If you find that you or someone you know visiting Spain is being denied necessary care on their EHIC, please call the Healthcare Team at the British Consulates in Madrid and Alicante on 902 109 356. Alternatively you may also contact the OHT on the number given previously.

Change to Passport Service for British Nationals From Monday 13 May, all applications will need to be sent directly to the Identity & Passport Service (IPS) in Belfast in the United Kingdom, instead of the regional passport processing hub in Madrid. All the necessary information about the new passport application process, including a new IPS overseas application form, can be found at

For more information on Living in Spain, see


Andy Hamilton, head of the regional passport processing centre in Madrid, says “In real terms, all that this means is that British nationals living in Spain now need to send their applications to a different address. Current passport processing times remain the same. If you are renewing your passport, you should allow at least four weeks from the date the fee is taken and all the correct documentation has been received.

If you are applying for the first time or you are replacing a lost or stolen passport, you should allow at least six weeks” The only other change is that the current passport helpline call charges are being removed. Instead of paying for a premium rate phone line, customers will now only have to pay for the cost of a call to the UK. British nationals who lack internet access or want

advice are able to call the IPS Customer Service Centre on +44 (0) 300 222 0000. People who need to travel urgently but whose normal passport is unavailable should contact their nearest British Consulate via 902 109 356 or email . Your local Consulate may be able to issue an Emergency Travel Document to help you travel.

Life Certificates A „Life Certificate‟ is a form sent by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to UK state pensioners living abroad to check their continued eligibility to receive their state pension. The DWP has made changes to who can witness a Life Certificate. This is now the same as the list of people who can countersign a passport photo for a British passport and can be found at the following link: Note, however, that if you live in Spain your witness does NOT need to be British NOR resident in the UK.

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New Welfare Coordinator District North of The Royal British Legion in Spain welcomes a new Volunteer Welfare Coordinator Pamela Twissell-Cross retired to Spain three years ago after spending thirty years in the nursing profession, working both abroad and in the UK. After a number of years as Matron of a palliative care unit, Pam became a nurse consultant in palliative care which involved her supporting patients, relatives and staff within her team. In addition to the many life skills Pam brings with her to this new role, she also has empathy with the armed forces family, having served for a time with the Queen Alexandra‟s Royal Army Nursing Corps. Pam has been a volunteer caseworker for the Legion for three years so has an understanding of the challenges and the rewards that being a volunteer for the Legion can bring. She is very committed to

Get Involved! This quarter our „Get Involved‟ section features the U3A association in Spain. U3A is an acronym for the University of the Third Age. The main goal of the U3A in Spain is to encourage lifelong learning and friendship for those no longer in full time employment, by providing Educational, Recreational and Leisure Activities for its members. It is open to all English-speaking adults of any nationality and age. There are many U3A groups throughout Spain, all doing different but similar activities. Groups can be found in Fuengirola, Torrevieja, Moraira-Teulada, Vall del Pop, Oliva, Javea, Calpe and Denia amongst


supporting our team of volunteers in District North and to building strong relationships with other charitable organisations in the area. Along with the Volunteer Welfare Coordinator for District South (Pauline Harpin) Pam will be working closely with the Country Welfare Officer (Donna Wilson) to coordinate the activities of the Legion caseworkers and to effectively deliver welfare services to Legion beneficiaries living in Spain. Pam‟s predecessor in the role is Marianne Pearce whom we sincerely thank for her valuable contribution to the delivery of welfare in District North during her time as welfare coordinator and wish her well for the future. Pam can be contacted on the District North Welfare telephone number or email as follows: / 0034 676 541 780. Welfare enquiries in Spain may also be directed to the Country Welfare Officer – Donna Wilson: Email: Telephone: 902109356 (option 1 followed by 6). Mobile: 690 144 603

others and if there isn‟t one in your area, then why not start one! We spoke to the The Costa del Sol U3A group based in Fuengirola. Activites available to their members range from painting, drawing and photography to talks on art and art history. Game players can enjoy bridge, scrabble, Mah Jong and canasta and for those who prefer to be more active there is walking, yoga, table tennis and modern jive classes on offer.

Members also have the opportunity to attend monthly lectures on a wide range of interesting topics. Talks on notable British crimes, larger than life people, heraldry and The Golden Age of Spain are expected to be popular in the year ahead as are travel talks, drama, psychology, museum visits and

MBE Honour

Angela Keay, who was awarded a MBE in the New Year's Honours List, attended an Investiture Ceremony on Friday, 10 May '13 where she received her award from HRH Prince Charles. Angela, who is Secretary of ACASA, works tirelessly for ACASA and for the older expatriate community in Spain Official Partners of ACASA

ACASA's client base is people over 50 years of age and those seeking to return permanently to the UK. For further information please write to

even a dining and relaxation group. If you like reading there is a Book Circle and a Poetry Group and for those keen to improve their Spanish, there are various levels of Spanish classes available. There is also a short story writing group for beginners and a writer‟s circle for the more experienced. So as you can see, there really is something for everyone. Whether as a couple or someone on their own it is a great way to make friends. Each group is run by the members for the members. Group members are all voluntary and groups are always happy for people to join who want to share their knowledge and skills. If you would like to become a member of the U3A in your area, check out your local group‟s website. For further information on joining the Fuengirola group contact Ann Matthews, President, by calling 952577671/ 635837417 or visit their website:

The information provided in this publication is given in good faith. At the time of publication, all efforts have been made to ensure that the information provided is accurate. The contributors of this document accept no liability for the content of this publication, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided.

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Spain +34 68 864 0092 (Glenn Tullett) Regulation - Infinity International is registered by the Financial Services Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2009 for the provision of payment services.

Community Administration by English Chartered Accountants & Surveyors providing premium quality services at competitive fee rates to communities across the entire Costa Blanca from Denia to Murcia. Sevices include- Monthly site meetings with Presidents & community members; monthly accounts, community website, ,maintenance schedules & estimates , professional advice on all aspects of the running of communities.

Cabo La Nao, El Pla no135, Buzón: 37, 03730, Jávea, Espana t: + 34 966 460625 m: + 34 606 0061241 e: w:

Our firm reference number (FRN) is 67835.

Jacksons Administradores S.L. CIF: B-54485834 Administradores: F.A.L. Parkinson

Infinity International is also registered with HM Revenue and Customs as a money Services business. Our registration number is 12273818. As a Money Services Business we follow a strict code which incorporates all the requirements of the 2007 Money Laundering Regulations and other legislation. You can look us up on the HMRC website

& fontana design

attention to detail....

web design marketing

We create bespoke websites, manage existing ones, help clients with SEO using a top-ranking search engine optimisation package (IBP from Axandra).

solar electricity solar hot water solar pool heating Electricity

Energy prices keep rising. Isn’t it time you explored SOLAR POWER? Pool Heating Grants and 100% finance available. Dehumidifiers Call us now for free advice, or simply come Biomass Heaters Pool Covers and visit our showroom in Pedreguer Street Lighting Industrial Estate Hot Water

Portable Heat kit

We also have a marketing expert available to all of our clients to advise on website text and all aspects of marketing strategy

FREE SURVEY ! contact us

902 636 570

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Doris Courcelles, councillor for “services, environment and beaches” was born in Belgium and studied at a French university. She speaks Castellano, English, French, Dutch, and German and is still trying to improve her Valenciano. As a consequence, she knows many residents and societies of Spanish and other nationalities here in Jávea. She moved to Spain in 1978. She has a son aged 30 and can empathise with parents in a foreign country.

The new punto verde next to calle Flor de la Neu is now open! The Jávea´s Department of Services and Environment of the City of Jávea has commissioned a new punto verde (punt verd / Green Point) next to Flower Street Neu. The enclosure is number 17 on this network designed for better waste management in urban areas, a place where residents can deposit household waste easily, because it has its own parking area. The punt verd allows selective waste management as there are containers for organic glass, cans, paper and cardboard and clothing. After the summer a container for used cooking oil will also be provided. Finally the point also has a container for Garden/ Yard waste, for the exclusive use of individuals. (There are other waste disposal points for professional Gardening services to use)

As Services Councilwoman I have overseen this initiative with Mayor Jose Chulvi, so I am very pleased to announce that, with the new punt verd, residents in the area have a far better option to manage their waste and it will be much safer than the containers that were placed in narrow streets which we were concerned could endanger road safety. In fact, the old containers that were previously located in calle Maduixera, Margarina y Grèvol have been removed now that the new Green Point has been opened. Thank you all for your patience and for your support getting this matter sorted out. It has been an excellent example of resident and civic co-operation that will benefit current and future Jávea residents.


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Hi all, from Spectrum FM Last month´s article started with a comment about waiting for summer to start, well it is certainly well and truly here now! Things were a tad warm for ´Team Spectrum FM´ in last month´s ´it´s a knockout competition´ in aid of the charities; EKA and Guardian Angels. What a great fun day for everyone and it was a rather pleasant surprise to come out as eventual winners! Another welcome surprise is the return of my favourite presenter not only on Spectrum FM but of any of the expat stations, Spectrum FM welcomes back presenter Mark Dennison. I have always been a huge fan of Mark´s and it was such a shame when last year due to commitments to the BBC Mark had to quit the Spectrum airwaves. I have had the pleasure of working with many great presenters in my time but for me Mark really is the best of the best, a true gent that makes it all look and sound so easy and just gets it right every time. I have never been a fan of radio presenters doing anything other than ´present,´ I have often listened to many expat radio stations over the years and cringed as presenters try so hard to be bigger than the station they are working for and failing miserably! Dennison gets it right, a total professional with such a great dry sense of humour; short, sharp and comical wit. I could listen to Mark all day and look forward to the imminent return of his 4 hour show (full new programming details coming soon). As mentioned last month we have some great boat parties planned throughout this summer and we are setting the standards SO high with our first ´evening cruise´ on Friday July 26th; OK we would all love to have Michael

Bublé to kick things off but (a) he is in the middle of his world tour, (b) Jávea Port doesn´t have a boat big enough and (c) yes it´s true he is ever so slightly outside of our budget! BUT fear not... we have the next best thing! Joking aside mention the word ´tribute´ and some people instantly think of tacky ´karaoke´ type acts but we have the WORLD recognised No 1 tribute to Michael Bublé booked; Kriz K is not only officially recognised as world No 1 but he is actually signed to Bublé´s US agent, you simply don´t get that kind of recognition unless you are a little bit special! For full details of this amazing trip see the Ad on the next page in this edition of the Javea Grapevine. Well, I must finish off, as I have friends over (as many of us do at this time of year, how popular we are during the summer when living in Spain!!), so where do we go tonight? The choices really are endless; to start is the decision of the Arenal, the Port or the Old Town and then what type of food do we fancy, tough executive decisions!? Good luck to the guys at the new Nostro´s Cocktail Lounge and Restaurant by the way, hmm decision made, Nostro´s on the Arenal it is tonight! As always, thanks for listening,

John Migan If anyone has any views or comments regarding Spectrum FM or if we can help any charities with events (or anything) throughout the summer please feel free to email me - john@

..and listen in on 90.2FM or online

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It is Hot Work !

Marina Alta Business Club is hot, sticky and

taking advantage of the cool terraces and great views from the Parador for its Summer meetings in July and August (first and Third Thursdays - 7:30pm for 8). The Denia Branch has closed for the summer and we again seek a suitable location for meetings in Denia (with easy parking and close to the businesses who want to attend), for when we return in the Autumn. I have been busy, since last issue, having an operation and exploring the Farmacias in search of appropriate drugs. I do have to admit the hospital in la Xara has been brilliant - having a SIP card and being legal has been worth every reluctantly contributed cent - and the support from the Salud in Jávea Pueblo has been amazing. I did manage to publish “Live in Spain magazine” on the iPad, before the op. Members, however, have been much more industrious, working hard to make their businesses even more accessible on and off line. They have also been whizzing up and down the Costas and Globally outreaching with an energy that just leaves me exhausted thinking about it. Jacksons for example has grown so big that it is splitting its main business areas into two separate businesses, to make sure that whichever one you talk to, you are speaking to specialists in that area. So Jacksons Contables will continue to handle Spanish and UK accounts’ issues and Jacksons Administradores will continue their very specialised services to Urbanisations along the coast, making sure that residents are properly represented and that their money is not wasted. However they will still have each other to use if any areas overlap. Infinity International´s presence, having taken over Rabbit FX, seems to be growing across Spain and Glenn Tullett is now managing offices up and down the coast between Malaga and here. The Signshop is working hard as new businesses seem to be opening again in Javea and the surrounding area. Much easier for customers to access now that the roadworks blocking them has been completed. U P Publications has a stream of new authors ready to launch. Some local to Jávea and following the successful launch of its first novel in Spanish (Malévelo Karma by Norman Reeley) is about to launch its first US English book aimed squarely at the US market and written by our first American Author (Piccadilly Circus by James Mitchell - out soon). To meet more of our members and find out what they do why not come along to a meeting or visit Gaile Griffin Peers, Marina Alta Business Club and email for more info:

The Grapevine July 2013 | 61 |

966 461 913 & 681 001 300

Bringing Business Together in Spain

Marina Alta Business Club

Sarah Farrell is a journalist and managing director of the online travel guide

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The CREAMA Javea has handed out the diplomas to students who have attended courses during the year. Specifically 77 students have completed courses 100 hours of basic English, intermediate and advanced as well as basic and intermediate German and all have been taught, voluntarily by a group of foreign residents in the municipality. The closure of these courses and awarding of diplomas were Councilman Economic Development, Juan Luis Cardona, and responsible for relations with the residents, Oscar Anton.

Both thanked the generosity of teachers, Trish, Daisy Khan, Rosa, Ina, Morag, Chris, Tanya, Aileen, John, Ewa, Sonia, Gisela, Margit, Ursula, Carola, Monika, Martina, and Verena. Thanks were also passed to the selfless work of the Local Development Agency which has been able to maintain this training in languages, a very important asset to finding employment in the region and to engage the services sector, as Javea which has 53% of its foreign population census. From CREAMA came the announcement of the new program of courses like food handler and the professional card for construction. For more information, go to their offices in the Office of Citizen Services (OAC) next to the Covered Market in the centre of Jรกvea Pueblo (Old Town). Reminder: The voluntary payment period for IBI (Property Tax/Rates) will open on 6th August and close on 21st October 2013


The Grapevine July 2013 | 63 |





Hi Everyone! Last month we talked about tablet PCs and today we are going to talk a little about a new term that is on most of the adverts of mobile phone line providers that will affect the connectivity of our tablets if a part of the common Wi-Fi connection, one: 4G Having a nice device is all well and very good, but no matter how flash your gadget looks, it will be quite close to useless without a decent data connection. You will eventually need a mobile data (2G and 3G in today’s world) whether it’s for checking your email, working remotely of posting rubbish on Facebook. And this is where 4G comes into play. 4G, as the name clearly suggests, picks up where 3G (and 2G before it) left off and it stands for Fourth Generation of Cellular Communications developed for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, netbooks, notebooks and wireless hotspots. It’s basically the next step in the evolution of mobile data. 4G is gaining momentum in countries like the United States. but these still aren’t true 4G networks although the marketers (in Spain Vodafone, Yoigo and Orange too) don’t want you to know that. At present, they’re more like 3.75G, or advanced stage 3G. But the important thing is that these networks are ready to be upgraded to full 4G once it arrives. At the moment they depend on frequency bands that are assigned to the Spanish digital TV service and the Government will not release them till 2014, so apart of being available only on some major cities, the speed offered is nowhere near close to the system’s capabilities. When it’s finally 100% working, the biggest benefit of 4G is that it will be upwards of 10 times faster than current 3G network speeds. The obvious benefit of this is that you’ll be able to do things faster, consume more media on your device and work harder, although not necessarily in that order. There are several types of 4G networks, but the one we’ll probably be able to contract here is called LTE (Long Term Evolution Advanced) and This technology promises to give users faster access to the Internet than previous third-generation (3G) networks can offer, also offering new user options such as the ability to access (download and upload) high-definition (HD) video, high-quality voice, and high-data-rate wireless channels via mobile devices as fast as 100 megabits per second (Mbps) for high mo-

bility users, which includes those in cars and trains, and 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) for low mobility users, such as pedestrians or those who are stationary while using their device providing the service using a comprehensive and secure internet protocol solution, much closer to the one used in our desktop PCs. This fourth-generation will also be able to inter-operate with third generation systems and broadband broadcasting systems; integrating with fixed wireless access, wireless local area network (the familiar WLAN), wireless local loop and personal area network, to provide fully IP-based wireless internet. When fully implemented, this technology will surely help to create additional markets and opportunities for new and established telecommunication enterprises. A 4G network can potentially open the gates of video blogging on mobile devices when combined with cell phones that are equipped with advanced HD capabilities, or high-quality digital cameras, like the latest models we can find in the shops. Doesn’t sound bad so far… but here is the catch; not all mobile devices are ready for using this technology. This means that in order to enjoy all these benefits, most of us will have to change our mobile devices for others that are capable of working with this system, and being top range devices… this will probably not be cheap! Last but not least, all this has an additional extra cost; mobile broadband providers are willing to recover the investment made on improving and adapting their network infrastructures, therefore higher monthly rates are to be expected if we want to jump on the 4G train, which with no doubt will be here soon… Well, all for today. All this might sound like science fiction for some of you, but being familiar with these terms will allow us to understand better the info we are starting to receive and to be prepared for the new system, when it’s finally embedded in our lives… Please find our contact details below; in case you have any questions or queries, we can assure a quick and professional reply. If these queries are of general benefit, we will post the reply on further editions of the Grapevine so they can be for everybody’s benefit. Also, please visit our new Facebook page, where we will try to keep you all posted on latest news about computers and the world around them. Here is the link: JPG-Asistencia/121514197877746 you will find a link to the Grapevine’s website too, where you’ll always find the latest edition for online reading. Back to work till the next post! Until then, keep clicking!! The JPG team Tel. : +34 644 46 41 49

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Costa Blanca Astronomical Soc. Meets on first Tuesday of every month at 4 p.m. in Montgó Visitors Centre in Dénia. For details and directions call Ed Morley on 96 574 4612 or Costa Blanca Male Voice Choir rehearse every Tuesday 7-9pm, at Bar Mediterraneo, Teulada. New members always welcome, no experience necessary. Come along and give us a try! Tel: Mike Evans 965744577 or go to our web site: Crib Club every Thurs 8pm at Bombers Bar in the Port Costa Blanca Yachting Assoc.The CBYA welcomes all boat owners; We meet every week, please our for details & location of the meeting website

Local Club Directory Al-Anon Support Group The Al-Anon group for friends or relatives of alcoholics to share their experiences. No membership fee. 96 646 3689. Arsenal Costa Blanca Supporters Club, meets every match day at Cheers Bar, Javea Port under the archway. All club matches are shown live. If you live in or around Javea or are just visiting and would like to renew or start your support for the club, come along. All will be made welcome, young or old. Any further information, e-mail, Bob at ARNAAP - Association of Royal Navy, Army and Air Force Personnel. If you enjoy lunching in congenial company join us. It is not essential to be Ex-Service, just like minded. Call Susan on 966 404650, or Art Centre Association - Javea Subjects available are: - Painting in Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour, Pastel, Drawing, Mixed Media, Portraiture, Creative Textiles and Restoration of Porcelain. Join any time. Visit the Art Centre, we can fax, E-mail or post info and map or more details tel: Lorely Griffiths, Javea 96 647 20 49. Facebook Page Art Clubs for Oils, Watercolurs, Pastels, Acrylic now meet in Javea at ArtyFacts, Denia, Cumbre del Sol & Benimeli. Call Lesley Clark 96 579 4462 or email lesleyclarkjavea@ Backgammon Club We meet on Mondays at the Grand Cafe residential Toscamar at 20.00. For more information please call Steve on 96 647 1708 or 635 377 335. Benitachell Christian Fellowship Sun. 11am in the Arts Museum Tel David Newman 650738638 Ray Davies 96 649 4036 Club Nautico, Javea Yacht Club Crochet & Soft Yarn Club Meets fortnightly in a private house in Javea. Contact or phone 96 579 4462. Costa Blanca Anglo Spanish Association meetings and trips to further our knowledge and understanding of Spain; its history, geography, culture and institutions.New members are welcome. Visit or email the secretary on

Expatriate Ostomates of Spain EOS Contact Cynthia on 96 646 0063. Javea Book Circle We meet on alternate Tuesdays at 19.30 for 19.45 at the Centro Social, behind the Centro de Salud Contact Eleanor Joy on 96 647 2876 Javea Bridge Club Avd de Paris 2. www.javeabridgeclub. com or call Margaret on 96 579 3413. Jávea Conservatives Abroad meets socially 6 to 7 times a year contact Javea Computer Club (More than just Computers) JCC meets every Mon/Tues and Thurs morning from 09.30 until 12.30. (Check our Web Site for how to find us) There is something of interest for everybody; whatever your ability or knowledge. We have been teaching beginners for more than 25 years and have widened our scope to cover - ‘connecting your PC to your TV’, ‘Smartphones’, ‘Apple devices’ (iPads, iPhones, Apple Macs) and various ‘Special Interest Groups’...e.g. Video Editing, Genealogy and even Hand Made Cards.If you would like to have a look around, pop in and ask for Morris. Javea Grapevine Group interact with The Grapevine, its readers, contributors and friends on Facebook - add your photos, club and event news for the next issue, via the Group or through Javea Green Bowls Club - Inn on the Green - Javea International Civic Society Enquiries to Jeni Jackson Phillips 96 579 0470, 619 270 493. Javea International Magic Club For more information please call - 627 046 897 or 96 579 2808. Javea International Tennis Club (JITC) is based at the idyllic setting of the La Sella Tennis Complex near Pedreguer on the Costa Blanca. Javea Netball Club Playing Wednesdays, 20.00 - 21.30 at L’Ancora Playa Tennis club. contact Anita on 96 647 2169 or 660 782 165. Javea Public Lending Library Borrow books in English from Javea Public Lending Library, FREE! The English section is open every Tues and Sat morning 10.00 - 12.00. Javea Public Library, Calle Mayor 9, Javea Pueblo, old town. Contact Alma Dorndorf on 96 646 3262 or 636898162 Javea School of Bridge and Social Club Edifico 80, Avenida Tamarits. Tel 96 649 1539.

Javea U3A - 1,155 members, new members always welcome. Anyone interested in joining can turn up at the monthly general meeting at the Parador Hotel at 10am on the last Wednesday of the month. Jávea Welsh Society - meets in Jávea - for more info see our Facebook Page Javea Whist Club meets every Monday and Thursday (7.45 for 8 p.m.) at L’Ancora Playa, Arenal to play progressive partner whist. All players welcome particularly at the Thursday session when the numbers are lower. MABC - The Marina Alta Business Club meets in in and around Jávea & Denia All nationalities welcome. Meetings conducted in English and are currently open to non members, by arrangement, until September - Contact Gaile on 96 646 1913, email MABS Cancer Support Group Jacqui 96 579 4083 or 686 305 006 Brenda 678 843 666 or for Valencia area Cynthia 652 835 063 Kirsten 646 865 308 Rian 619 876 062 www. Montgó Vegetarians - delicious meals out in Javea and surrounding areas, special menus created just for us, all welcome don’t have to be veggie! montgovegetarians Montgó Residents´Association (APMJ) Asociación Propietarios Montgó Jávea - meets monthly throughout the year - multilingual group of local residents with homes along the slopes of the Montgó - includes access to Neighbourhood watch information Mujeres Emprendedoras De Jávea New Country Linedancers Line Dancing classes every Thursday at Socco on the Arenal Beginners: 7.00 - 8.00pm Intermediate: 8.00 - 9.30pm For further information phone David on 96 647 0632 Patchwork/Quilters Group meet Wednesday 10.00 - 13.00 at the Centre Public Formacio e Persones Adultos in Javea, Calle Ramon Llido, Javea. Contact Debbie on 96 579 0086 Peña Javeamigos The international supporter’s club and now the primary source of info for CD Javea. For more details, see Royal Air Force Association. The North Costa Blanca Branch meets at Los Arcos Restaurante, Pedreguer (N332, west side) on the second Monday of each month at 12:00 to 13:00, followed by lunch. We have nearly 140 members, who enjoy friendship, help and support with RAFA; and we always look for new members who have, or have not, served in the RAF. For more information, or call 966 430 215 Royal Naval Association, Costa Blanca North - Regular events, monthly, including special Trafalgar Night event contact for more info Scottish Country Dancing please call 96 645 6881.

To book and for Enquiries

Stamp Collectors /Philatelists /Postcards meets - 2nd & 4th Monday of every month 10.00. For more details please call Derek Guyett on 96 579 5499 or Dave Anderson on 96 647 6034

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Stress Busting Yoga Club in Javea Yoga for beginners. We meet Tuesday at a house on the Jesus Pobre Road. For more infomation call Maria Palomar on 96 646 0851. Toscamar Tennis Friends - Join us for a friendly game of tennis on Mondays and Wednesdays 10.00 - 12.00 at Ciudad Toscamar, Javea. Just turn up or ring Christine on 96 649 3900 The Firs Nursery Mother & Toddler Group Every Monday from 14.00 - 15.30. Children aged from 18 months to school age. Call 96 647 2929 for more information. The Javea Branch of the Royal British Legion meets every 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month at Scallops. We start our meetings at 11.30am but most people start arriving at 11.00am to have a coffee etc, before our meetings. You don’t have to have been in the services to now join the Legion, anyone can join or come along and see what we do. We have a great social programme thoughout the year, so come and join us, you will be most welcome. Make your self known to Pam and Roger. The Javea Players produce 5 plays a year at Gata theatre and in their own Studio theatre. Cine evenings and socials. New members welcome, contact Gerald on membership. or 96 647 2876 Taoist Tai Chi Society of Javea New instrucors, new space. Beginners welcome anytime Mon and Wed 11.30 at Danza Ronda Sur (near paint shop in old town) Info 649 161 290. UFO Discussion/Research Group We meet on the first Friday of every month at 10.00 for 10.30 start in the Social Services Centre Javea. contactPresident, Jeanine El Khouri. 965795148 or Christine Newton 618111376. e. mail Facebook Page www.facebook. com/UFOandWorldMysteries Wall Hangings and Rug Making Club We meet every other Tuesday in Javea from 09.30 - 12.00. Contact Amanda on 639 987 301 or email Women in Business Club Monthly Business Meetings open to all members and non members, but you must be a WOMAN 3RD MONDAY OF THE MONTH JAVEA - L’Ancora Tennis Club from 2pm to 4pm Location: L’Ancora Tennis Club Xabia Rugby Club formally Javea Bulls. Our 1st Team plays rugby in the Valencia 2nd division with a multi cultural mix of players and a wide range of ages! We are proud of our Junior section which has continued to grow and is now producing some good players for the future.

If you have changes to make, or have a club you would like to add to this list please email or use the Contact Form on

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Have you ever been to IKEA? You go to the nearest store, miles away, wander round picking up pretty things you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t really need, find the checkouts, pay, figure out how to fit it all in the car, load up then drive it all back home. The next day you open the flatpack box and find a set of cryptic instructions, a bag

Putting it all together of screws and different sized bits of wood with holes in odd places only to find yourself at war with your own sanity. It is tedious at best and tantrum-inducing at worst - which is where we come in, we take the stress away completely! We buy, deliver and assemble IKEA furniture on the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol.

For more information about easy flatpax visit or like our Facebook page If you want advice about which IKEA products we recommend just get in touch! Get your stylish, affordable IKEA furniture delivered straight to your home safely and stress free! We cover the Costa Blanca & Costa Calida. We guarantee to beat any other quote you receive and we are faster than any other shopping service. www. We can also assemble your furniture for you so your dinner chairs donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t end up with the legs on the wrong way! Just ask for a quote, our assembly work is guaranteed for 2 years!

The Grapevine July 2013 | 67 |

Dining Out Around 88 members have enjoyed recent eating out experiences locally with great service and high quality food. Membership is full, but to join the waiting list contact group leader Peter Speer at Discussion The May meeting at the Social Centre was set to debate ‘What are the benefits of multiculturalism, does it change the character of a country?’ If you would like to have a say, contact Gill Birch, group leader, at depgroupcoord@ Javea U3A has more than 50 groups, but ideas for new ones are always welcome. Among those currently being considered are Floristry for Beginners. Karen Smith, a Foodies qualified florist, is interested in setting up a new group to teach the art. The workshop would be for 2 hours, 1 hour Members were off to the market this month – on a special of demonstration, followed by 1 hour of practical. Fresh visit to Alicante … with time to sample some of the food flowers will be supplied. For more information, contact on offer in this popular Costa Blanca city! Any Javea U3A Karen at members who would like to get a taste of what’s going on Ladies that Lunch among Foodies can get in touch with group Gillian Breen at This new monthly group is a way of meeting new people over lunch and a jolly good chin-wag. It is likely to be History limited to 40 ladies, so if you are interested be quick and contact group leaders Sally Wells or Katrina Frost on la- Victoria’s Children is the subject of this month’s meeting on May 13 (12.30pm) at the Casa de Cultura when Dee Craig will give a talk on the long-serving Queen’s nine Badminton offspring. Victoria has been described as a mixture of a There are now two sessions for badminton – on Mondays dependent personality and a control. By definition, everyfrom 10am-midday and on Thursday from 10am-midday. one in the Jávea U3A is a member of the History Group so Any U3A members interesting in finding out more should anyone is welcome to go along; there is no need to book. contact group Philip Gauron at Contact group leader Pilates

Travellers Tales

The Beginners and Intermediate groups have proved very popular and are full. Any members who are interested in being part of a new beginners group with a minimum of 8 people should contact the group leader, Carol Pilgrim.

Meetings are in the Javea Players’ Studio in the Old Town at 11 am for an 11.30 am start. Members are asked to contribute 1€ pp to cover the cost of room hire, which includes tea/coffee and biscuits. New members always welcome! Just contact Angela Chantry at travellers.tales@u3ajavea. org

Book Club The group meets at 3pm on the third Monday of the month and the morning group at 10.30am on the first Tuesday, both at the Parador Hotel. If you are interested in joining either group, please contact Kay Thomas (morning group) on or Pru Hughes (afternoon group) on Cycling The wheels are truly turning for this relatively new group, but any Javea U3A members interested in joining enthusiastic riders “on the road” can contact group Philip Gauron at

Some of the smaller groups such as Backgammon, Bridge, Digital Photography, Poetry and Spanish, do need new members. Anyone interested in these groups should contact the group leader in the first instance. * Javea U3A currently has 1,155 members, but new members are always welcome. Anyone interested in joining can contact the website or turn up at the monthly general meeting at the Parador Hotel at 10am on the last Wednesday of the month.

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If you are reading already has !!

ALL ENQUIRIES including advertising and editorials to or ring 681 001 300 Web site: Or you can book, upload and pay for your advert on javea/advertising/ Tony and Corinne - As of the beginning of May, The Signshop, Javea moves to super new premises next to Sparta Gym in the Arenal Telephone 96 579 0710

Don´t forget Classifieds are free but proper adverts are classier :-)

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Spinning Fitball Boxercise Spin/Tone Yoga Aerotone Body Pump Body Tone Pilates

THE MOST VARIED EXERCISE CLASS PROGRAMME IN JAVEA FULLY EQUIPPED HEATED AND AIR CONDITIONED GYM FOR MEN & WOMEN includes H.I.I.T (high intensity interval training) Special Offer for New Members 96 579 5656

70 | The Grapevine July 2013

Out & About in and Around Jávea last month... The Centre Artistic Musical de Xàbia is now offering introductory courses for children aged 1 to 3 (with thanks to Xabia al Dia for the picture and item)

PLANNING A new phase of public participation for the municipal plan ‘Plan General de Ordenación Urbana (PGOU)’ is about to begin. The Department of Planning is preparing a questionnaire to seek the views of the public of various issues related to urban development and planning, such as environment and sustainability, public transportation, accessibility, facilities, safety, property, housing typology and assessment of landscapes and resources, among others. Councillor Pere Sapena (Planning) informed the ‘Consell de Urbanismo y Medio Ambiente’ of this latest phase and asked representatives from civic associations, hotel industry, builders and traders that to inform their groups and make them aware of all the issues of interest that are included in these questionnaires, giving them the opportunity to give their opinion, bring creativity, insights, knowledge and resources. Anyone who wants to fill in the questionnaire can do so by picking up the documentation from the Capella de Santa Ana in Carrer d’Avall next to the municipal technical office. Thanks to Mike Smith at Please send your pics and news to the

The Grapevine July 2013 | 71 |

email or call 65 777 4913 -

7 days a week

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The Javea Players

The Grapevine July 2013 | 73 |

Jávea Players Association, made a donation of 1000€ to the Red Cross in Jávea, this month, towards projects benefiting the people in the Jávea region. In the first week of July the Jávea Players performed “What’s for Pudding” directed by David Garnett and “Last Tango in Little Grimley” directed by Keith Livesey, in the Casa de la Cultura de Jávea, both works are by David Tristram. Before the performances the Bar Restaurante Imperial served a special supper in aid of the Red Cross (Cruz Roja). Each night was packed out with 90 strong audiences who thoroughly enjoyed the shows. They will be back at the end of October with Yes Prime Minister

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Billy Joel is an American pianist, singer-songwriter, and composer. Joel had Top 40 hits in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, achieving 33 Top 40 hits in the US, all of which he wrote himself. He is also a six-time Grammy Award winner, a 23-time Grammy nominee and one of the world’s best-selling artists of all time, having sold over 150 million records worldwide. Billy Joel is positioned at No. 23 in the Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists. His compilation album Greatest Hits Vol. 1 & 2 is the third-best-selling album in the US. Billy Joel was born in the Bronx, to a German born father who had fled the Nazi persecution, and English born Mother. Both parents were Jewish and following their divorce, his father moved to Vienna, Austria. Billy has a sister, Judith Joel, and a half-brother, Alexander Joel, who is an acclaimed classical conductor in Europe and currently chief musical director of the Staatstheater Braunschweig. Joel’s father was an accomplished classical pianist. Billy reluctantly began piano lessons at an early age, His interest in music, rather than sports, was a source of teasing and bullying in his early years. As a teenager, Joel took up boxing so that he would be able to defend himself. Billy helped his single mother make ends meet by playing at a piano bar, which interfered with his school attendance. Like countless other musicians, after seeing The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964, Joel decided to pursue a full-time musical career and when he did not have enough credits to graduate, he said ‘To hell with it. If I’m not going to Columbia University, I’m going to Columbia Records, and you don’t need a high school diploma over there’.” Columbia did, in fact, become the label that eventually signed him. He soon founded the Echoes, a group that specialized in British Invasion covers and after a couple of stints with various bands he decided to concentrate on solo work. While in California he did a six-month gig in The Executive Room piano bar on Wilshire Boulevard. It was

there he composed his signature hit “Piano Man” about the various patrons of the lounge. This has become Joel’s signature song (It ends nearly all of his concerts.) Despite the Vietnam War and the draft, Joel performed no military service. Because he was the sole provider for his mother and sister, the selective service gave him a draft exemption. But he felt very strongly about the war, and his song ´Goodnight Saigon´ is a heartfelt tribute to the Vietnam vets, and he often invites them to perform with him on stage for this song. Once signed to Columbia Records, Phil Ramone was to become the producer for all Bill Joel studio albums, and the process usually consisted of Billy writing and recording many songs, submitting them to the record company and letting them chose the content for any upcoming album. He said he could never choose a hit, in fact he wanted to discard ¨Just the Way You Are´(Don´t go Changing) and only allowed it to be sent off to his record company after Linda Rondstadt heard it and convinced him it was good enough. He considered it only as a ´chick song´….. If you are ever in a pub quiz and are asked, what was the first album to be released on a CD? You can reply, 52nd Street by Billy Joel. It was the first album to be released on compact disc when it went on sale alongside Sony’s CD player on October 1, 1982, in Japan. 52nd Street also became Joel’s first #1 album. The album was named after the famous street of the same name which hosted many of the world’s premier jazz venues and performers. Fans purchased over seven million copies on the strength of the hits “My Life” “Big Shot” and “Honesty”. The album won Grammys for Best Pop Vocal Performance, Male and Album of the Year.

The success of his piano-driven ballads like “Just the Way You Are,” “She’s Always a Woman” and “Honesty” led some critics to label Joel a “balladeer” and “soft rocker.” Joel thought these labels were unfair and insulting, and with the Glass Houses album he tried to record an album that proved that he could rock harder than his critics gave him credit for, and with songs like ´Í Didn’t Start the Fire´ and ´Why Do I Always Go to Extremes´, he managed to silence those criticisms. The album An Innocent Man resulted in Joel’s second Billboard #1 hit, “Tell Her About It”, and “Uptown Girl” became a worldwide hit upon its release and its popular video featuring his then wife, model Chrissie Brinkley is a constant mainstay of music video channels. Billy Joel was one of the first American rock acts to play in the Soviet Union but he lost more than $1 million of his own money on the trip and concerts, but he has said the goodwill he was shown there was well worth it. In the Seventies and Eighties, Billy Joel was rivaled only by Elton John as a piano-pounding hit machine and so it was only right that they should tour together. Beginning in 1994, Joel toured extensively with Elton John on a series of “Face to Face” tours, making them the longest running and most successful concert tandem in pop music history. During these shows, the two have played their own songs, each other’s songs and performed duets. Joel has never lost his love of classical music and concentrated on it more than popular music for many years. In 2008, he performed with the Philadelphia Orchestra and premiered his new classical piece titled, “Waltz No. 2 (Steinway Hall)”. He also played many of his less well-known pieces with full orchestral backing, including the rarely performed Nylon Curtain songs “Scandinavian Skies” and “Where’s the Orchestra?” In 2008, Joel played the final concerts at Shea Stadium before its demolition. His guests included Tony Bennett, Don Henley, John Mayer, John Mellencamp, Steven Tyler, Roger Daltrey, Garth Brooks, and Paul McCartney. Billy Joel is a bard of everyday suburban dream and disappointment, and his forte is the romantic ballad, epitomized by his signature tune, “Just the Way You Are.” He continues to tour with concerts planned this autumn in the UK and Ireland.

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Bringing Business Together in and around Jávea and Denia &

76 | The Grapevine July 2013

The Grapevine July 2013 | 77 |

Useful Telephone Numbers

With thanks to Amparo Botella for this list of contact numbers extracted from Seminal Jรกvea Magazine (has English pages)

78 | The Grapevine July 2013

ART CENTRE ASSOCIATION, JAVEA The aim of the Art Centre is to encourage both beginners and experienced artists alike, by offering tuition in a wide variety of traditional and contemporary arts and crafts. There is an occasional newsletter, and an ‘Antiques Road Show’ for charity each year. Membership is €5 per year from September to September. Members are welcome to use the Art Centre as a meeting point. The Art Centre is in a quiet country house not too far away from ‘Inn On The Green’ bowling club and near Las Laderas Urbanization. Part of the house has been remodelled with extra windows, special lighting and central heating for the two studios, reception area and coffee lounge. WIFI is available and free. There is easy parking and wheelchairs are welcome. Lorely and Glyn Griffiths have retired after more than 35 years working around the World. Glyn had previously been involved in telecommunications (now promoted to car park attendant and janitor for the Art Centre ! ! ) This will be the 4th Art Association Lorely will be running. She started the first Design College in Nairobi more than 30 years ago and finally was looking after the Art Society in Dubai for many years. Subjects usually available are: - Painting in Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour, Pastel, Drawing, Mixed Media, Portraiture, Creative Textiles, and Porcelain Restoration. All of the subjects are available for absolute beginners or for those more advanced. Although the Art Centre is a non-profit association, there will be a flat charge of 20 Euros per 3-hour session, whatever the subject, this pays the teachers and covers the overheads. Also everyone is welcome to arrive early and leave late or come for a coffee any morning. Usually groups will meet (3hrs per session) once a week, in the mornings, 10am to 1pm which includes free tea, coffee & ‘choccy bikkies’ at any time ! ! We will always welcome enthusiastic and experienced people to teach any existing or new subject. Those who would like to attend could add their names to the subject “Wish List” and in that way everyone can be tied in together. It is advisable to pencil your names in to secure a place. Didn’t you always say when you had time, you would learn to paint ! ! In addition the Art Centre Association has studio/meeting rooms available for ANY group or club who want somewhere to meet on a ‘one off’ or regular basis or, who just want to come along and make a mess ! ! Fully equipped studios with tables, comfortable chairs, easels, good lighting, projector screen, paper roll, white spirit, art & antiques reference library, car park, central heating, wheelchair access, coffee lounge, ‘choccy bikkies’ and as much tea/coffee/softies as you can drink (but bring your own wine ! !). All of the above included free for €5 per head per morning or afternoon session. As this is a non-profit association, if the meeting is cancelled you don’t have to pay. Come and visit the Art Centre, (we can E-mail or post you a map) or for more details please contact Chairwoman: Lorely Griffiths on Javea 966 47 20 49. E-mail:

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TRANSLATIONS We can act as an Interpreter in your visits to Town Hall, Banks, Notary, any Administrative Tasks, Police….

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! How can I help you? With your Administrative Tasks?: N.I.E., Driving Licence, SIP Card, Social Security…. Acting as an Interpreter in your visits to Town Hall, Notary, HEALTH CENTER & HOSPITAL…? (Possibility of FLAT-RATE and PICK-UP SERVICE)

And/or to GP, Health Centre or Hospital: maybe one of the most IMPORTANT parts of my job. The understanding between DOCTOR and PATIENT is ESSENTIAL PICK-UP SERVICE & FLAT-RATE We can also arrange a – PICK-UP SERVICE for those who need the translation service and can not or do not want to drive, as they do not feel safe. – FLAT-RATE to make it cheaper for those who may need the personal translation service very often HOME HELP SERVICE for elderly and ill people, this includes an option for nursing care … NOT ONLY

Offering Home Assistance or House Maintenance? HOME HELP SERVICE for elderly and ill people … People to help you at home: Household, Gardener,….

M.S.P. ASSISTANT SERVICES How can I help you?

• Nursing Assistants to take care of everything related to the care of the elderly or ill person: medication, blood pressure, personal hygiene etc BUT ALSO • People to help you at home, supermarket/ pharmacy purchases, gardener, plumber, “Neighbour Service” … QR CODE:

Mónica Suárez Manager

M.S.P. ASSISTANT SERVICES was born with the idea of helping them all, residents and non-residents, who need a PERSONALISED AND TAILORED QUALITY SERVICE HERE ARE SOME OF THE SERVICES WE OFFER: ADMINISTRATIVE TASKS Helping you • To get your N.I.E, Residencia, S.I.P. Card, Prescriptions, get or renew a Driving Licence and to prepare Taxes, • deal with Suppliers of Gas, Water, Electricity... • deal with Banks: direct debits and standing orders... • Certified and Non-Certified Translations …

• As an extra service for every client, we will provide a unique M.S.P. QR CODE, in which we include all the relevant Health information which does not appear on the client´s SIP Card, such as the list of normal medication, allergies and/or ailments that the bearer suffers. This can be read by any health provider from their smart phone. Giving them critical and potentially life-saving information quickly and efficiently We provide all the benefits associated with Bupa and Sanitas but with the advantage of providing a personal service tailored to your requirements. You will be assigned your own Client Relationship Manager who will help and advise on all aspects of cover, be it in English or Spanish.


To offer the Best Service, I have the Best Partners

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Free Classifieds

To add your FREE advert (text only) to the classified section you can fill in the form on or join the Javea Grapevine Facebook Group Where to look for Local Information: Whats on and Where - Mike Smith - Javeamigos - http://

Jávea Ayuntamiento website link Jávea Buses Buses%202013.htm

Useful phone numbers Street map Farmacias Transport

Comparison websites banks energy Mortgages, bank cards http:// Car insurance


Insurance - house, health, car, life http://www.asesorseguros. com/seguros-salud/

Bars/Restaurants/Entertainment Live Entertainment

British Consulate

Irish Des

Amjasa water company on Facebook

The Shamrockers

Ajuntament de Xàbia on Facebook ajuntament.xabia?fref=ts

Sharon Crowson-Sharni Professional singer/entertainer.

Restaurants and Cafés

Protección Civil Jávea-Xàbia on Facebook https://www.facebook. com/proteccioncivil.xabia?fref=ts

GJ´s Café – Arenal events/131347643723010/?ref=3

Driving in Spain as a Resident from the UK consulate https://

Tribus -


Iberia: Café, Tapas & Copas

Child safety in cars

Iberia Gastrobar a New Concept to eating tapas in Javea. Be sure to book a table in advance as the busy season begins. or call us on 96 599 67 16.

Legal aid in Spain


Fiesta days CalendarioLaboral/index.htm

autónomo system

reporting illegal workers

Chiringuito Moskito ( Montañar, Jávea) Sunday 28th FREE Salsa Lessons Hora/ Time: 20:00 until 22:00 Pizzeria & Grill Bótanico ( Arenal, Jávea) Sat 27th July 20:00 until 23:00 Dancing & Dinner € 15,00 P.p. Kids FREE Passive Entertainment Jávea Grapevine –



fuel prices & petrol stations - select your fuel, input you location, and up pops a list of petrol stations and their prices

5Ws Magazine Online Home and Leisure Magazine based in Jávea -

location of speed cameras! Click on “radars” and you can see all

Live in Spain Magazine iPad and Kindle Magazine

the location of speed cameras - and click on the camera and see what speed it is allegedly set to! Useful if you are going elsewhere... also good for latest traffic flows, and petrol stations in the area with their prices!

Kindle Books and paperbacks - U P Publications - www. (includes Jávea authors) Polly’s Bookshop Javea

Telecoms where to complain about Telecoms companies

Maya Middlemiss

shop-Javea/322859944483274 dren-safe-uk-and-spain/

The Grapevine July 2013 | 81 |

Floor-Restore - Restore Marble, Terazzo, Terrocotta,Tiles and bring them back to their former glory you can contact us on 689075125 or email

IT & Electrical Satpc Guy- Jon Worby IT & Satellite - The Sat and PC Guy Sky TV Freesat and UK Satellite TV

Installers For Javea

Body Beautiful

Ebuys - Mike Wood IT & Electrical :

Beauty and Fashion

Miscellaneous inc Money Matters

Lenceria Susan Body Beautiful ! Shop in Javea old town, in the lane between the post office and church. Something for everyone at anytime


Fitness and Health Bernadine Davis Turpin - Chiringuito Moskito ( Montañar, Jávea) Sundays 16th and the 30th June FREE Salsa Lessons Hora/ Time: 19:00 until 21:00

Clubs & Associations (inc Facebook) and Education Clubs and Associations Marina Alta Business Club Bringing Business Together in Spain & - meets in Jávea and Denia and sponsors many projects including the Javea Grapevine

Costa Women @costawomen on


Costa Blanca Business Association - The CBBA is a group

of established businesses on The Northern Costa Blanca. For more information visit

Mujeres Emprendedoras De Jávea https://www.facebook. com/

Montgó Vegetarians - delicious meals out in Javea and surrounding areas, special menus created just for us, all welcome don’t have to be veggie! Costa Blanca Male Voice Choir - always looking for new singers, rehearse in Teulada every Tuesday at 7.00pm...great cameraderie, a few beers and enjoy our singing, come along for a try Javea Welsh Society -


Costa Blanca Yacht Association - Art Association, Javea – Art Classes, Porcelain Restoration and more Education Howard Westcott, home tuition UK exam subjects Lynn Cobb - learn-aprender Homes and Gardens – cleaning, maintenance, building A D Lawton Construcciones

My Destination Alicante can bring your business to life with videos and 360º tours. Sarah Farrell

Krazykidz - come along to Krazykidz in Javea Port Childcare and Housekeeping Services, As a mother of 2, I am very aware of the work required in caring for my children whilst running the house. Larisa Cirstoiu Pet/house sitting, dog walking, garden care My sister in law is a very experienced house/pet sitter/dog walker, looking for sit(s) approx Aug 21 to Oct 3. Has own car. tamasine.leadchanges@gmail. com

Money Matters Glenn Tullett, Fully Regulated Independent Foreign Exchange Broker. (v) John Hayward Financial Adviser Spectrum IFA http://www. (v) Peter Sharp Email: - conserve your assets Worried the Euro will fall lower or fail; avoid IHT, all legal, no risk - 96 579 3081 Arts, Crafts, Cakes & Gifts Art Association, Javea – Art Classes, Porcelain Restoration and more Javea Photos – local photos and photographers (includes mild “adult” content) Winks Inks - personalised hand crafted cards/glasses/frames -

totally bespoke - made to order - all languages and occasions https://

Tanya Lacey Organic home-grown herbs, scented sweet peas and more. Every Sunday 3-7 Casa Vegana. Cumbre del Sol, Benitachell Hibiscus Cakes for your cupcakes and celebration cakes..... https://

Wants To Rent Claire Butler - My family is looking for a property on a long term let price between 400 and 600 in Jávea

82 | The Grapevine July 2013

Javea Grapevine July 2013  

Monthly Magazine for Javea (Xabia), Costa Blanca, Spain with local news, views, reviews, events, photos, information, pictures, articles and...

Javea Grapevine July 2013  

Monthly Magazine for Javea (Xabia), Costa Blanca, Spain with local news, views, reviews, events, photos, information, pictures, articles and...