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Mr. Lash Cancels


Hoodies Mr. Lash decided to cancel hoodies. Regardless how “comfy� they are he said hoodies made us look lazy. The fact that hoodies are canceled doesn't mean we cant bring other sweaters, Mr. Lash said he preferred cardigan type sweaters.

Students have been arguing about this new policy. Even the new personero candidates said they would try to convince Mr. Lash to bring them back. All students hope the hoodies return, lets see if Mr. Lash changes his mind.


New Coke Stand Routine Kcp has a new routine in the coke stand which we should start calling it Food Court. So Mr. Lash decided that he wanted the school’s food court to sell healthy things that were good for our body.

For example now they don't sell coke which was one of the most selled things. Now tht=ey changed it for lemonade and everyone in High School and Middle School likes it just as much as the coke.

Another change is the way of buying. Like elementary, now we have the finger print systems. When you are going to buy something you just put your finger in the little device and you're done. Its much faster.

Interview with KCP student Interviewer: Hello Carolina , I'm going to ask you some quick questions about the new food court and you are going to tell me what do you think of them. Carolina: Hello Marialejandra, sure ill answer them. Interviewer: Do you think its faster to buy with the digital fingerprint method or the money method? Carolina: I think its faster with the fingerprint, but I kind of still need to get used to this method. Interviewer: Ok, do you like the new beverages the school used to replace the coke? Carolina: Yees!! I really like that they sale lemonade because its healthy and delicious. Interviewer: What about the food? Do you like it? Carolina: I think the new food is good, my favorite snak is a lemonade with a dedito. Interviewer: Thanks for taking your time to answer this questions. Carolina: You are welcome

One Direction movie “This is Us” One Direction’s movie is out on theaters this August 30, 2013 everywhere. Everyone is excited about it. This movie is about how they became famous. Also how they have stayed grounded even though they have been compared to big boy bands such as The Beatles .

They have been working on this movie since the middle of last year. In some situations for example in one concert, Niall, one of the band members had a camera attached to his suit. This way since the movie is in 3d the fans who didn't assist to the concert will be able to live it as if they were there.


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Karl C. Parrish school newspaper.

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