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STARTERS Pepper Jam (by Ana Moya)


Rice with tomato sauce (by Benjamín Sánchez)


Tuna Pie (by Rocío Sánchez)


Pisto Andaluz (by Tíscar Sánchez)


MAIN COURSES Jose Style Chicken Rice with squid (by José Antonio Campaña)


Paella: Rice with Chicken (by Jessyka Musso)


Macaroni Carbonara (by Inma Sánchez)


Spaghetti in a Sailor Sauce (by Pablo Argota)


Loin with Apple Sauce (by Ana Moya)


DESSERTS Tiramisu (by Alicia López)


Chocolate Sponge with White Chocolate Topping (by Daniel Sánchez)


Black Magic (by Fabiola Rojas)



(by Ana Moya)

Ingredients: 400 gr. of red peppers ½ cup of vinegar 1 cup of sugar ½ glass of water Elaboration: First, crush the peppers and put them in the pressure cooker, with the water, the sugar and the vinegar. Cover the pressure cooker. When it begins to boil, leave five minutes over a medium heat. After five minutes, open the pressure cooker and boil the mixture for a while over a medium heat until the jam is done. You can eat it with toast and Philadelphia cheese. TIPS: If you want green jam or yellow jam, you can do it with green peppers or yellow peppers.

I hope you like it.


(by Benjamín Sánchez) 0. INTRODUCTION Rice with tomato sauce (in Spain, “Arroz a la cubana”) This is a tasty and energy-giving dish which is very easy and quick to prepare, suitable for all of those who aren´t the best cooks in the world or just don´t







recommend it as a main course, especially for lunch. 1. INGREDIENTS FOR ONE SERVING Well, I usually cook this just for myself so I´m giving you the measures of the ingredients just for one person (who eats quite a lot). 1 little glass of rice (I estimate it´s around 150g of rice). 1 carton or tin of fried tomato sauce (the best quantity in my opinion is 1g of sauce per 1g of rice). 3 peeled garlic cloves 1 onion 4 glasses of water per every glass of rice (this is very important). 1 teaspoon of salt Some olive oil 2. DIFFICULTY Incredibly low. I´m sure you´ll be able to do it with no problem at all. 3. PREPARATION TIME It usually takes me about 5 to 10 minutes.

4. COOK TIME Most of the time you need is for boiling the rice. Altogether, around 20 or 25 minutes. 5. METHOD 1. First of all, peel the garlic cloves because you´ll need them later. 2. Put a medium pot on the cooker and pour a trickle of olive oil. 3. When the oil is hot enough you have to add the rice and fry it. Be careful not to burn it. To avoid this you should stir it. It´ll be ready when it starts smelling like popcorn. 4. When the rice is browned, add the first glass of water (be careful with hot vapour), some salt (here the measure is a matter of taste, but I recommend not more than a teaspoon) and the three peeled garlic cloves. 5. Let water evaporate (stirring the rice from time to time to prevent it from sticking to the bottom of the pot), and then, add the second glass of water. Let it evaporate again and repeat this process with the third and fourth glasses of water. The rice will be properly boiled when the heat evaporates the fourth glass of water. 6. Remove the pot from the cooker and cover it with a paper napkin, kitchen paper or similar. 7. Peel and cut the onion in small pieces. 8. Put a frying pan on the cooker pouring a trickle of olive oil and add the onion pieces. Fry until they´re browned (be careful again not to overcook or burn them). 9. Add the tomato sauce and blend it with the onion. Heat this mixture over a low flame and stir it often, otherwise it´ll splash all around (and you´ll have a nice kitchen with red spots on its walls). 10. Finally, you just need to pour the sauce into the pot, mix it with the rice, and “voilá”, it´s ready to serve and eat.

6. TIPS In fact I´ve already told you most of them. Remember not to add the four glasses of water at the same time as the rice will be tastier. Usually people garnish the rice with a fried egg, sausage or other toppings, but I prefer to give you just the base of this dish and let you add and innovate according to your tastes. 7. NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION Well, I don´t feel like telling you if the dish is healthy or not. In fact, I suppose you are all grown ups and you´ll decide what´s good for you and what isn´t. Anyway, I´ve gathered some nutritional information about the main ingredients, which I think can help you consider if this recipe is suitable for you or not.

* Nutritional values per 100 g: - Boiled rice (dry weight): carbohydrates = 76 g / Protein = 7,0 g / Fat = 0,2 g / 360 kcal - Tomato sauce: carbohydrates = 10 g / Protein = 1,5 g / Fat = 4,0 g / 80 kcal - Onion (raw): carbohydrates = 4,9 g / Protein = 1,2 g / Fat = 0,2 g / 28 kcal - Garlic (raw): carbohydrates = 24,3 g / Protein = 4,3 g / Fat = 0,23 g / 119 kcal

Tuna Pie

(by RocĂ­o SĂĄnchez)

Tuna pie is a perfect dish for a party because you can eat it hot or cold. It is also easy to cook. Ingredients for four servings (big helpings): 1 onion 2 green peppers 1 tomato 3 eggs 2 tuna tins 3 spoonfuls of olive oil 2 pieces of pastry puff (if you are a good cook, you can make them) Salt and pepper Preparation time: 15 minutes Cook time: 30-40 minutes Method: Chop the onion and the green peppers in small pieces; put them in a pot with olive oil. Put in a microwave and cook for ten minutes. Boil two eggs. Cut the boiled eggs into small pieces. Mash the tomato and mix it with salt and pepper (according to taste). Mix the tuna with the onion and the green peppers. Add the mashed tomato and the boiled eggs. Put all the ingredients (except one egg) onto one piece of pastry puff and cover with the other. Join the two pieces of pastry puff with a fork, putting pressure on the edges. Beat the final egg and spread it over the tuna pastry with a brush. Bake the tuna pastry for 30-40 minutes, until it´s golden. Tips: Some people cook tuna pastry with fried tomato. I prefer natural tomato and a pinch of pepper to fried tomato because the flavour is more natural.

Pisto Andaluz (by TĂ­scar SĂĄnchez) 1. Ingredients for 4 servings: 1 kilo of tomatoes two eggplants two onions two zucchinis two green peppers one red pepper one tablespoon of sugar six tablespoons of oil salt pepper

2. Difficulty: Medium 3. Preparation time: 15 minutes 4. Cook time: 30 minutes 5. Method: First, you must put the oil in a frying pan and heat it up to 90 degrees. Secondly, you must add the onions, chopped in small portions. Then, three or four minutes later, you have to add green and red peppers in small portions too. After that, you must add the eggplants and the zucchinis until everything is fried. Next, you have to add the tomatoes, the salt, the pepper and the sugar. Finally, stir it for 20 minutes. 6. Tips: It can be served cold or warm. 7. Nutritional information: This recipe contains a lot of vitamins and fiber which are very necessary for a healthy diet. This meal is represented in the second group in the food pyramid. Enjoy!

JOSE STYLE CHICKEN RICE WITH SQUID (by José Antonio Campaña) This dish is a main course and I personally like the taste of chicken mixed with seafood. I recommend this recipe because it has many vegetables and it's very healthy.


1/2 chicken


200 gr. squid with black sauce


1 tomato

75 gr. peas

2 carrots

1 stock of vegetables (tablet)

1 small onion

750 c.c. hot water

1 big garlic clove

30 cl. olive oil from Priego of

200 gr.of Bomba rice


Half a green pepper and half


a red pepper (to decorate at

A pinch of turmeric

the end)





METHOD: First you cut up and season the chicken with salt and pepper. Put olive oil from Priego into a frying pan and add the chicken, the squid with black sauce and the garlic chopped into small pieces.

When the chicken is fried, remove it and discard all but 1 tablespoon of oil. After that, add and cook the chopped onion, the chopped green peppers, and 4 minutes later the carrots and the tomato, peeled and sliced. Then stir in the rice and two minutes later add the chicken, the squid, some hot water, the vegetables stock, the peas, the paprika, the parsley and a pinch of turmeric. Season with salt. Reduce the heat, cover it and cook the rice for15-20 minutes until it is tender. Top with red pepper slices and serve 5 minutes later when it is set. NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: Without a doubt this recipe is very healthy because it has only vegetables, meat and seafood without fat. I personally believe it's a delicious typical Mediterranean dish. It has vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates which are in foods at the bottom of the food pyramid. Rice, pasta and bread are recommended to eat about 6-11 portions a week to have good health.


PAELLA: RICE WITH CHICKEN (BY JESSYKA MUSSO) I like this dish because it is very tasty and my mom cooks it very well!!!! I recommend it because it is a complete dish with a lot of minerals, proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates and it is a healthy dish!! You can have it as a main course with salad, a little portion of bread and accompanied with a cup of white wine.

INGREDIENTS for 5 servings: One little chicken 200 gr sepia 200gr squid, cleaned and finely cut in rings. 200 gr prawns 2 green peppers, finely chopped 1 red pepper, finely chopped 18 clean mussels 300 gr tomatoes, finely chopped

200gr onions, finely chopped Parsley 400 gr peas, cooked Carrots 500 gr of rice and double the amount of water Olive oil Yellow food colouring

DIFFICULTY: LOW PREPARATION TIME: 1 hour METHOD: Heat some olive oil in a frying pan. Add the onion, green pepper and carrot, and fry for about 5 minutes. Add the chopped tomatoes and squid and fry over a low heat for another 10 minutes. Add the rice and stir well for 2 or 3 minutes. Add water, the yellow food colouring, the mussels and the sepia. Season with salt. Leave the frying pan to cook very slowly with a lid for about 10 minutes. Add the prawns and peas and stir.

The Paella can be decorated with a red pepper cut in stripes artistically on top. Cover the pan for another 10 minutes- checking that it has enough water. If you think it is getting too dry, add more water. When the rice is cooked and the mussels have opened, it is ready to eat!! And If you like, you can add a fried chicken to decorate too. TIPS Before adding the water to the frying pan you can boil the prawns and the sepia. -

Once finished, let the pan stand with a damp cloth over it.

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION Nutritionally, it is a very healthy dish because the main ingredients come from the three main steps of the “Food Pyramid”. They belong to the rice group, vegetables group, meat group and it doesn’t have any ingredients that belong to the fats group.

Energy [Kcal]

And as we can see on the next Proteín [g] tables attached, the nutritional energy Carbohydrat [g] per serving is about 556 Kcal. Fibra [g]

Information weight: 412,00gr.



net Total Fat [g]

556,00 26,10 58,50 2,70 23,60

Cholesterol [mg]


Water [g]


MACARONI CARBONARA (by Inma Sánchez) In this recipe I’m going to explain how you can prepare Macaroni Carbonara, a delicious dish to enjoy with your friends. I have selected this recipe because it is easy to cook and it is very cheap so this is a suitable dish for students (they don´t have enough time to cook and they always have shortage of money ).




You will need these ingredients in order to make this recipe for four people: 1 kg of macaroni, a big onion, 300g of bacon, one packet of cooking cream, 100g of cheese, some salt, some olive oil, some nutmeg, some oregano and some pepper.


DIFFICULTY The difficulty of this dish is low because this recipe is easy to cook.



The preparation time is also low (about 10 minutes) and the only thing that you must do before cooking is cut the ingredients in small pieces as I will explain in the following sections.



This dish doesn’t require much time to prepare and the cooking time is approximately 30 minutes.



The steps that you must follow in order to prepare this magnificent dish are: 1. Boil the macaroni in a saucepan for 10 minutes and then drain them. 2. Cut the onion and bacon in small pieces. 3. Fry the onion with a little olive oil in a frying pan until it is golden brown. After that, add the pieces of bacon and fry them together. 4. When they are well cooked, you must add the macaroni and the packet of cooking cream and stir all the ingredients until everything is well mixed. 5. When the mixture is hot, you must add some salt, oregano and pepper. 6. Then, you can serve the dish to your guests.



Good tips to make this dish tastier are to add some nutmeg and to grill the macaroni with some cheese.



This dish is based on pasta and it has a big amount of carbohydrates that will provide you a lot of energy to face the day.

SPAGHETTI IN A SAYLOR SAUCE (by Pablo Argota) This is my favourite spaghetti dish because it is very tasty and easy to cook. If you don´t have much time to cook, you might do this recipe because it doesn’t take much time to prepare. 1. INGREDIENTS FOR FOUR SERVINGS SPAGHETTI.........................................................................500 gr FROZEN SHELLFISH:........................................................500 gr Clams Prawns Mussels Squid rings CLOVES..............................................................................4 or 5 CAYENNE..........................................................................3 or 4 SALT PEPPER OLIVE OIL..........................................................................200ml WHITE WINE ...................................................................200 ml 2. DIFFICULTY: Low 3. PREPARATION TIME: 30 minutes 4. COOK TIME: 15-20 minutes 5. METHOD: First, chop the cloves into little pieces. You need to use a frying pan where you add the olive oil, the cloves and the cayenne. Then fry slowly. Add the frozen shellfish into the frying pan (you don´t need to defrost it). Add salt and pepper and a glass of water. Heat everything up until the clams open the shells and then you must simmer for 5 minutes. Finally add the wine. Cook the spaghetti at the same time.

When you drain the spaghetti you should have finished cooking the shellfish. Now everything is finished. You can mix the spaghetti and the shellfish in a bowl and serve it; or you can serve the spaghetti and then the shellfish. 6. TIPS The dish is tastier if you use “manzanilla� (typical white wine from Lebrija- Spain) instead of a regular white wine. I recommend adding grated cheese when the food is served. 7. NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION I think it is healthy food because pasta contains carbohydrates, which means that it is energetic food, and the shellfish is rich in certain types of fat called omega 3, which can help keep our hearts healthy.


A piece of loin of approximately 1.5 kg One head of garlic Two apples Two carrots A medium onion A medium zucchini Oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder A little white wine and water

Difficulty: High Preparation time: 15 or 20 minutes Cook time: 15-20 minutes ELABORATION: Season a piece of loin with salt, pepper and garlic powder. Put a little oil in the pressure cooker, when the oil is hot, put the loin inside. Fry on both sides the loin with garlic, carrots, onion, apples and zucchini. When the loin is fried, add a little white wine and water. Cover the pressure cooker and when it begins to boil, leave for about fifteen or twenty minutes on medium heat. After fifteen or twenty minutes, open the pressure cooker. Remove the loin and garlic and put them on a plate. Whisk the ingredients with a mixer and if the sauce is too liquid, boil the mixture for a while over a medium heat. Cut the loin into thin slices and serve with the apple sauce. You can garnish the loin with boiled rice or potatoes.

Tips: If you haven´t got apples or zucchini, you can replace them with 4 or 5 prunes.

Nutritional Information: I believe that this dish is healthy because it has little fat. According to the food pyramid, it is necessary to eat meat, approximately two times per week.

TIRAMISU (by Alicia López) Tiramisu is an Italian dessert. Its name literally means “take me up”. I lived in Italy for three years and it is the first Italian recipe I learned. I think it is an easy and delicious dish. Ingredients for 6/8 servings

3 eggs 3 tablespoons of sugar 250 gr of mascarpone cheese 2 cups of coffee 20 ladyfingers Cocoa

Cost: Cheap Difficulty: low Preparation time: Half an hour Cook time: Three or more hours in the fridge

Method: Break the eggs, separate the whites from the yolks and put them into two different bowls. Add one and a half tablespoon of sugar in each bowl. Whisk briskly the yolks until you get a frothy cream. Whip the whites until they froth.

Mix very slowly the mixture of yolks with the whites and the mascarpone cheese. This mixture is called mascarpone cream. Put 10 ladyfingers in the container (20x20cm) and pour one cup of coffee gently over them. Spread half the mascarpone cream over the ladyfingers. Now, repeat this step with the remaining ladyfingers and mascarpone cream. Cover the container with aluminium foil and put it in the fridge for a few hours. Sprinkle with cocoa just before serving.

Nutritional Information: The tiramisu is a rather caloric dish. However its ingredients are quite healthy and Tiramisu is served in small portions.

100 gr.











Chocolate sponge with white chocolate topping (by Daniel Sรกnchez) Ingredients for aprox. 12 servings: Sponge: 4 eggs 125 ml. of non-flavored yogurt 250 gr. of sugar 350 gr. of sifted flour 125 ml. of sunflower oil A packet of baking powder 50 gr. of black chocolate 50 gr. of chocolate with milk Oil and breadcrumbs for spreading the baking tin Topping: 400 ml. of cream 400 ml. of white chocolate Instruments: A big bowl

A 26 cm. of diameter

An Oven

detachable baking tin

A small saucepan

A napkin


A jug

Difficulty: Low Preparation time: About 15 minutes. Cook time: 45 minutes (The hedge needs 2 hours into the fridge at least).

Method: Topping: 1.

Put the cream into a small saucepan.


Take the saucepan off from the heat when the cream starts to simmer.


Put the white chocolate in pieces into the saucepan and mix the mixture till it is uniform.


Let it cool in the fridge for at least 2 hours.


Once the cream and chocolate is cold, whip it.

Sponge: 1.

Whip the four eggs in the bowl.


Add 125ml. of yogurt to the mixture and whip.


Add 250gr. of sugar to the mixture and whip.


Add 125ml. of sunflower oil to the mixture and whip.


Mix the sifted flour and the baking powder in a bowl, add to the mixture and whip.


Melt the black chocolate and the chocolate with milk in a small saucepan and add it to the mixture.


Whip the mixture until it is uniform, with no lumps.


Prepare the baking tin. Spread it with a bit of oil. You can use a napkin to spread the oil over the whole surface of the baking tin. Put breadcrumbs into the baking tin. Move the baking tin until you cannot see the surface. Throw out the surplus breadcrumbs.


Fill the baking tin with the mixture.

10. Preheat the oven to 150ยบC. Then put the baking tin into the oven for 45 minutes. 11. Check the sponge once the time has passed. Prick the sponge with a Brochette. It must come out clean, with no chocolate. When this happens, the sponge is done and you have to turn off the oven and remove the baking tin. 12. Leave the sponge to cool down, and then cover it with the hedge.

TIPS: You can cook the topping the day before and leave it in the fridge. You can add a teaspoon of margarine to the cream and chocolate mixture before putting it into the fridge to make it bright. NEVER open the oven before 45 minutes at 150º C. Let the sponge cool down before detaching the baking tin. The author of this recipe is my girlfriend, Inés, so thanks to her for helping me with this. NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION This is a dessert recipe which has plenty of carbohydrates and fats, so it’s good to have a little piece of it.

BLACK MAGIC (by Fabiola Rojas) This is my favorite dessert. I like the smooth blend of chocolate with more chocolate and I feel energetic when I eat it. INGREDIENTS FOR FOUR SERVINGS 200 gr. of sugar 2 Eggs 1 teaspoon of powdered vanilla 200 gr. of flour

40 gr. of cocoa. 1 spoonful of bicarbonate 1 spoonful of instant coffee 1 glass of warm water. 1/2 glass of sunflower oil.

Ingredients for the glaze: 100 gr of fondant chocolate 1/2 tin of single cream DIFICULTY: Medium PREPARATION TIME: 1 Hour COOK TIME: 20 – 35 minutes in the oven METHOD: First you must shake the yolks with sugar until you get a bland mixture. Then add to the yolks all the other ingredients sieved bit by bit; you can´t stop stirring. When you have mixed everything, add the whisked whites. Spread butter and flour in a baking pan and pour the pastry into it. Heat the oven at 180º and insert the cake.

While you are waiting for it to bake, take a saucepan, add the chocolate cream and a teaspoon of butter, melt and mix it slowly for about 10 minutes.

Remove the cake from the oven and cover it with the chocolate cream.

TIPS: Add a little bit of salt to the pastry, and some chopped walnuts over the cake. NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: The ingredients are fresh and good but this recipe contains sugar and fats so we mustn´t exceed in its consumption. This delicious cake is at the top of the food pyramid.

Acknowledgements: I want to thank Chanelle MacCrea for revising recipes and giving the “native touch”. I also want to thank all the students in Intermediate G (2010-2011), especially those who participated in this Cookbook.

Mª Elena Tapia Carrillo EOI de Granada November 2010

Cookbook Intermediate G 2010-2011  

Cookbook by Intermediate G at the EOI Granada. Course 2010-2011. Teacher: Elena Tapia

Cookbook Intermediate G 2010-2011  

Cookbook by Intermediate G at the EOI Granada. Course 2010-2011. Teacher: Elena Tapia