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Fairfield County Community Foundation Annual Report Fiscal 2013




Nearly 1,000 of you—fundholders, donors, individuals with private foundations, heads of nonprofit organizations, public officials, and business leaders—told us what you believe are the most critical issues facing Fairfield County. The widening gap between wealth and poverty gnaws at you. The declining quality of public education worries you.

YOU SAID . . .

Top critical issues in Fairfield County

69% 72% Education Economic


In our 20 years of working to improve education and economic opportunity, we’ve learned first-hand what is effective and what falls short. During this coming year, we will apply the lessons we’ve learned, our community research, and what you told us to enter a new era of community philanthropy. Together, you and we can create a more equitable Fairfield County.

Together, we can open more doors to economic opportunity by improving the education paths that lead to it.

There is a need, above and beyond current efforts, to focus on

83% 92% Economic Education


FCCF should take a more active leadership role in addressing

65% 76% Economic Education




As we continue supporting issues from affordable housing to women and girls, the Community Foundation will commit to a new priority for multiple years to make a greater impact. This is a growing trend among the more than 700 community foundations across the country. Two local trends are Connecticut’s population is aging, and too many youth are unprepared for employment. As older, experienced workers retire, our state’s economy will increasingly rely on young adults to provide goods and services, and start and lead businesses. If our youth are not prepared for tomorrow’s jobs, employers will recruit from other states or leave. Businesses will flounder. Unemployment will rise, our tax base will shrink, and the need for government services will increase. When young people are not attending school or working, they cannot attain education, work experience, or savings. What future do they face? Statistically, poverty, crime and imprisonment. Helping all of our youth prepare for fulfilling, productive lives is a moral imperative and an economic necessity. Our vision is for every young adult in Fairfield County to achieve self-sufficiency by age 24. At this time, we see three paths to this accomplishment: college readiness and scholarships, vocational education, and entrepreneurship training.

Fairfield County




113,480 number of youth ages 15 to 24

Unemployment rates in Fairfield County (national rate is 29.6%)

Ages 16-19

Ages 20-24


Despite the odds, Moenae Robinson graduated high school. Now she’s preparing to become a police officer By age 16, Moenae had seen her brother shot and killed, began cutting school, moved with her mother and siblings from the Bronx to Stamford, enrolled in a new high school, and had a baby. “After my brother was killed, I felt my life was over,” she said. “When I had my son, I knew I had to make something of myself.” Moenae transferred to Stamford Academy, a charter school run by Domus that gives troubled youth the wrap-around support they need to succeed.

Source: CT Voices for Children, “The State of Working Connecticut 2013: Young people in the Workforce,” August 2013, analysis of American Community Survey 2011 1-year data table S2301

2012 high school graduation rates in 4 years (by school districts)

Male Female White Hispanic Black ELL* EFL**
















72.6 58.8 72.5 55.5 66.0

81.4 64.9 74.7 55.8 63.8

94.9 78.6 75.0 76.7 82.8

89.1 76.7 85.5 64.2 75.8

88.4 76.1 81.7 63.4 75.6

*English Language Learner **Eligible for free lunch Source: CT State Department of Education, Connecticut 2012 Cohort Graduation Rate


Difference in lifetime earning of a high school dropout vs. graduate

$16 million/yr.

Difference for one graduation class if we halve the high school dropout rate

Source: “Accelerating the College and Career Readiness of Connecticut’s Students.” Alliance for Excellent Education. May 2011

“They assigned family advocates to me,” she said. “They made sure I got to school. When I fell off track, they got me back on track. It was like having a second set of parents.” They never gave up on her. At age 20, Moenae graduated high school—the first in her family. She’s attending Norwalk Community College and plans to become a police officer. “I had a baby, missed a lot of high school, and went to school for social reasons, not learning,” Moenae said. “At Stamford Academy, the teachers are awesome. I learned school is what you make it. Now I know when I put my mind to it, anything is possible.”

59% 65% 48% Hispanic White Black Connecticut college students who complete their degree WWW.FCCFOUNDATION.ORG




We believe this ambitious goal—self-sufficiency by age 24—can be achieved. Consider Fairfield County’s resources: our population is less than 940,000 people, we have a concentration of prosperity, and a culture of achievement as well as generosity. We also have government agencies, school districts, community and state colleges, nonprofits, corporations, private foundations, business associations, community groups, houses of worship, and people like you who recognize the gravity of this issue. Yet no solution will be successful without engaging partners who will become champions, take ownership and accept accountability. As a community foundation, we can build such partnerships across all sectors by connecting people, ideas and funding. We can bring to the table teens and young adults, our partners, and examples of successful youth programs from Fairfield County as well as other parts of the country. We can spearhead adapting and applying these programs across our communities, measuring progress, making course corrections, and sharing lessons learned. Together, we can achieve this goal.

Fairfield County



146,620 Public school students


Shaquana Shaw is building her future on a foundation of gumption and opportunity

Fairfield County holds the resources to achieve this goal

1 in 4

Residents earned a Bachelor’s degree

1 in 5

Residents earned a graduate or professional degree

42% 33,100

Households have $100,000+ income


Her goal is self-sufficiency and community improvement. “I have a purpose to serve,” she said. “I want to put Bridgeport back on the map.”


Million in assets (private and corporate foundations)

School districts

“In my junior year at Harding High School, I joined AmeriCorps,” she said. “I worked at a health center and learned about community activism. Then I installed residential smoke alarms and deadbolt locks. I saw steady work in construction.” Shaquana signed up for training through the Housing Authority and Action for Bridgeport Community Development, and founded Shaw Facilities Development LLC in 2011.



The 26-year-old is also vice president of the P.T. Barnum Apartments Resident Council, where she lives with her two sons. It’s managed by the Housing Authority of the City of Bridgeport. She credits the housing authority and several nonprofits for opportunities to find her footing.

Private and corporate foundations


Shaquana Shaw owns a construction business, is a community activist, and serves on two boards of Bridgeport agencies.

Billion donated to charity by residents in 2012


Community college campuses

FCCF received the HUD Secretary’s Award for PublicPhilanthropic Partnerships for its partnershipbuilding work through the Stable Families Program and P.T. Barnum Partnership Initiative in Bridgeport.






We take our commitment to partners very seriously, particularly our nonprofit partners. They turn strategy into on-the-ground solutions. This front-line work is a calling as well as a profession. Sometimes the drive to make a difference for others can restrict paying attention to oneself. Your support of our Center for Nonprofit Excellence uplifts Fairfield County nonprofits, so they—and those they serve—can reach even higher. When nonprofits are strong and financially stable, they become more sustainable and make a bigger impact in the community. Nonprofit leaders told us they want help with making the most of their board members, improving donor relationships and fundraising, strengthening their finances, and learning from peers. Thanks to contributions from companies and individuals like you, nonprofit executive directors, board members and staff participate in professional workshops and networking functions. They also receive quality, affordable resources. One new executive director told us, “The trainings and networking events have been invaluable. I’ve gained a great deal of practical skills in finance, governance and fundraising. I’ve developed qualitative leadership skills that have helped me refine the vision and strategic direction of my organization. After 94 years, the entire organization is seeing a change in its culture.”

Fairfield County



1,720 Nonprofits

BRIGHTSPOT Luke Cooper turned incremental steps into entrepreneurial success

FCCF’s Center for Nonprofit Excellence FY13 results

“Mom preached, ‘hard work pays off,’” he said.


Local nonprofits served


Nonprofit CEOs, board members and staff served


Workshops on governance, marketing, fundraising, nonprofit collaboration, measuring impact


Board chairs exchange knowledge in two facilitated, quarterly Round Tables


Networking events for nonprofit executive directors


41,000 Employees

Luke Cooper couldn’t control the violence in his childhood home, housing project or Bridgeport neighborhood. But knew he could control his future by doing well in school.

Saved in online subscriptions to a database of 120,000+ funders

$2.2 billion Combined payrolls

Two events changed Luke’s life. At 12, he took his first airplane ride and realized there was a larger world. He decided he wanted to be a part of that world. Then, Luke’s 8th grade advisor introduced him to the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), which teaches entrepreneurship to low-income students. “They taught me how to problem solve, take incremental steps, and execute them well.” Luke’s first steps were a business idea for solar ovens. He tested it in a science fair, and won first prize for his homemade oven that cooked a hot dog. “For the first time, I felt validated,” he said. Thousands of steps led to Luke’s graduation from college, law school and business school, and an early career in investment banking. Today, he is the founder and president of Asurvest, a husband, father, philanthropist, volunteer, and speaker to youth. “I tell them to see their disadvantages as false limitations. And hard work pays off.”

$53,659 Average salary




HIGHLIGHTS LEADERSHIP After three years of board leadership and 15 years of board service, Sheila Perrin stepped down as board chair. Vicki Craver became the new board chair.


“Self-sufficiency by 24.” Our research on current and emerging needs in Fairfield County showed Economic Opportunity and Education intersect into one critical issue: Preparing Fairfield County youth for tomorrow’s employment and business ownership.


• Fund for Women and Girls Luncheon with keynote speaker Dr. Madeleine Albright

• Fund for Women and Girls Symposium for those addressing and funding girls issues • 20th anniversary celebration with fundholders, contributors and friends

• Legislative breakfast with 22 Danbury-based nonprofits and six state legislators

• “Next Generation” workshop with family philanthropy expert Sharna Goldseker

NEW PARTNERSHIPS The Social Venture Partners Connecticut* and Stamford Cradle-toCareer joined existing partners Fairfield County Funders’ Collaborative for Affordable Housing, Harvard Business School Community Partners, Housing Authority of the City of Bridgeport, Norwalk ACTS Cradleto-Career, and Norwalk Community College. *See its new fund story on page 19.

• Professional Advisor breakfast with speaker Ronald Aucutt



• Current and emerging needs in Fairfield County. The Community Foundation surveyed nearly 1,000 individuals engaged in charitable giving, nonprofit services, government services, community leadership and business leadership. • Current and emerging needs of women and girls in Fairfield County. Our Fund for Women and Girls surveyed more than 100 experts from nonprofits, the private sector, academia, law enforcement, government and philanthropy. • Trends on nonprofit mergers and collaborations. Our Center for Nonprofit Excellence surveyed just over100 leaders in Fairfield County.



“The Full Circle of Women and Girls in Fairfield County: A Status Report” All reports are available at

“Trends in Nonprofit Mergers and Collaborations in Fairfield County”

“Back to Work: A summary of the lessons learned from the Platform to Employment program”

WE HELP YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE Since 1992 we’ve helped people like you make a difference in Fairfield County and beyond with charitable giving that is meaningful and effective in four ways:


Vicki Craver

Chair, Board of Directors

Juanita T. James President & CEO


2. 3. 4.

You can give to your charitable passions. When you establish a charitable fund with us, we introduce you to local nonprofits, large and small, accomplishing great things for causes that match your passions. You gain access to our community knowledge about local issues and nonprofits. We steward your fund, and handle all grantmaking and reporting. You can give alongside others to a shared charitable passion. Your giving is leveraged when you contribute to a collective fund. You can choose among funds that benefit a field of interest, specific community, or the entire region. You can give to where the need is greatest in Fairfield County. You can join like-minded people and support our initiatives and leadership work in the community. This includes research, collaboration, partnerships and funding to create and lead solutions to complex regional problems. You can continue your giving long after you’re gone. You can leave a gift in your will or estate plan that will benefit your community or charitable passions forever.




Legacy Society


New Funds




Discretionary Grants


Fairfield County is among the richest in the nation, yet we live with greater economic and social disparity than ninety-five percent of communities across America.

Governance, Committees


Our county holds the resources to ensure every resident faces multiple doors of opportunity—and is prepared to walk through them.



Financial Review


One of our roles as a Community Foundation is to bring diverse partners to the table, then activate knowledge, solutions and funding to set change in motion. We invite you to join us in shaping the future of our region.




$1,000,000 and above

$10,000 to $24,999

Vicki & David Craver Frederick H. Leonhardt Fund at the New York Community Trust Susan & Stephen F. Mandel Jr.

Ann’s Place, The Home of I CAN Anonymous (4) David F. & Lucy Ball George & Carol Bauer Greg M. & Caitlin Behrman Bridgemill Foundation Mary Brock Brian & Laurie Doherty Marie Fauth Charitable Fund Guilford Fund Hartford Foundation for Public Giving Estate of Helen D. Hermes The Jeniam Foundation J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation The Lebensfeld Foundation Barbara Leonhardt Joyce & Larry Light Lone Pine Capital Lone Pine Foundation, Inc. Mahoney Family Fund of The Boston Foundation MasterCard Worldwide MBI, Inc. Joel & Ellen S. Mellis Mickey Lione, Jr. Fund, Inc. The Myerson Wagner Family Charitable Fund Navigant Consulting Norwalk Community Benefit Fund, Inc. The Oristano Foundation Cathleen & Richard Ostuw The Patterson Club Robert & Patricia C. Phillips Purdue Pharma L.P. Jane & Robert Ready Rowayton Seafood Dorothy M. Savage Charitable Lead Trust John & Sally Schlachtenhaufen Jon & Cleo Sonneborn Charlotte & John Suhler

$250,000 to $999,999 Anonymous (2) Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation Forester Capital, LLC Newman’s Own Foundation

$100,000 to $249,999

Every grant the Community Foundation makes comes from a gift made by someone like you. We are deeply appreciative and grateful to these caring, generous friends who contributed to one or more funds at the Community Foundation.

Anonymous (2) Estate of Joan T. Diedolf Domestic Violence Crisis Center Eric N. Ferguson Betsy & Jesse Fink John & Inda Gage Bruce & Keryn Geller Dan Levinson Liberty Mutual Insurance Group Ann S. Mandel John C. Mayer Peter & Barbara McSpadden Leo Nevas Family Foundation, Inc. Sheila & Charles Perrin The Shumway Foundation

$50,000 to $99,999

Thank you for making a difference. Contributions include interfund gifts.

Anonymous (5) James R. & Kaye E. Barker Edwin A. & Jane Bescherer Elisabeth H. Breslav Jane Gade Halliwell Fund Housing Authority of the City of Bridgeport Kendall Family Foundation Lizanne C. & John Megrue People’s United Community Foundation Nancy & Matt Rebold Estate of William Morris Saba Arthur Sekerak Charitable Trust Joan & Fred Weisman

$25,000 to $49,999 Anonymous (2) Bank of America Harry Brodbeck Trust Brooklawn Country Club, Inc. Amy C. & Tony Downer The GB Knecht Foundation James W. & Julia C. Hood Ward & Alexa Horton William R. & Audrey Knobloch Anne S. Leonhardt Edward S. Moore Family Foundation Morgan Stanley Katharine & Kenneth Mountcastle Gregory & Sue Neumann Paula Oppenheim Alan Owens & Betsy Foran-Owens Paul F. & Janice Roman Gilbert J. Rose Charles M. & Deborah Royce Karen Free Royce Sage Foundation Peggy & Leo Van Munching Viking Global Foundation Virginia B. Squiers Foundation Joan M. Warburg



$5,000 to $9,999 203 Pull It Together Charitable Trust Andrews Family Foundation Anonymous (4) Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Auray Joan & Ed Barksdale Judith L. Biggs Blue Nose Fund Louis J. Briskman Brody Wilkinson PC Patti Brown Cindy & Rob Citrone City of Tuscaloosa Country Club Homes, Inc. Leopold P. DeFusco, Esq. Marie G. Dennett Foundation, Inc. Effective Fitness FactSet Research Systems Inc. First County Bank Foundation, Inc. Lil and Julie Rosenberg Foundation, Inc. John Freeman The Georgetown University Law Center Community Justin Gimelstob Global Impact Inc. Charles Harris Per & Astrid Heidenreich Bruce & Michele Hubler Jeffrey & Andrea Immelt Helen & David Jaffe Juanita James & Dudley Williams Edward Krapels Janet L. Lebovitz Peter B. & Laurie A. Maglathlin

The Malkin Fund Jonathan & Elena Moffly National Association of School Psychologists The O’Herron Family Foundation Overhills Foundation Christine & John Palumbo PepsiCo Foundation Pitney Bowes Community Investments Marianne & Edward B. Pollak Redding Life Care LLC Sarah Roman Lauren Roth Schenk Family Fund Maureen Schloss Shaw Family Fund Jean & Jeffrey Shaw Richard A. & Vivienne R. Silver Stamford Hospital Foundation Lisa G. & Scott Stuart Sunrise Rotary 21st Century Foundation, Inc. The Ernest and Joan Trefz Foundation Tyler Family Charitable Gift Fund Curtis & Katharine Welling Jane S. & Brian Williams Eric & Claire Zielinski

$1,000 to $4,999 J.C. & S. Adams Fund of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole Oakes Ames Anonymous (9) August Home Publishing Richard A. & Nancy Axilrod Joe Baker Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Justin Bard April S. Barker George B. & Mary L. Beitzel Christopher & Kristen Bevilacqua Milton I. & Pamela C. Bickle Lenore and Sydney Bland Charitable Foundation Barbara Louise Blauvelt BNY Mellon Community Partnership Tina and Jeffrey Bolton Family Trust Mary Sue Bosch Ken Braziel Nancy C. Brewer Sandy Bria William J. Britt, Esq. Louise Brooks Ruth W. Brown Foundation William H. & Carol D. Browne Marianne Buchanan Annie O. Burleigh John Button III Victoria Cairns Daniel Calandro Paula C. Callari Ruth Camp Campbell Foundation Gretchen E. Carlson Linda & Anthony Causa Joel & Neva Cheatwood Steven Chille John P. Chiota, Esq. Patricia Chiota & Rick Payne Vidal S. Clay Jeanette Clonan George & Katie Coleman Russ Colon Colonial Coating Corp. Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore Vincent J. & Patt Como Connecticut State Police Marcia B. Cooke

Janet O’Connor Cornell Mary Corson & Jonathan Sackler Robert A. Craft & Angela M. Bell David & Jane Crandall Linda C. & Robert H. Cremin Athan Crist Andrea K. & David M. Cross Abelardo S. Curdumi Estate of Barbara Benton Davis Devon Rotary Club Diageo North America Foundation Brett & Susan Dixon Anthony J. Domino Charitable Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Benjamin V. Doto Jr. Elrose Anesthisia Services, Inc. Federated Investors John Ferrara Fiscus’s Alexis de Tocqueville Society Fund Thomas Foran Frode & Mary Foss-Skiftesvik Carol Foster Doon Foster Mary-Jane Foster Adam Frankel W. Michael & Ellen Funck Sam Gault Georgetown University Andrew & Meera Gilbert Marty & Roger Gilbert Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Golden The Goligoski Family William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund Sandra Greer Haffenreffer Family Fund Mary Lynn Halland & John Benninger III Sarita & Gregory A. Hanley Harbor View Hotel Leslie Hardy Anne R. Harris Mike & Sally Harris Myrna Gould-Harrison Greg Hartch Harvest Investments LLC Jim Hawthorne and Family Sidney & Rosalie Helfant Bruce Hennemuth Jane Boyle Highland Hardware, Inc. Jennifer Hill Hines Interest Limited Partnership, East Region Hazel & Mike Hobbs Fiona Hodgson Mrs. Harrison B.W. Hoffman Richard & Wendy Hokin Robert Hood Vicki Howard HRC Fund Associates, LLC Lydee Conway Hummel Hynes, Himmelreich, Glennon & Company Ingram Content Group Harvey & Joan James Janus Capital Management LLC Mystique E. Johnston & Manuel E. Mejia Nancie Julian Peter H. & Joan M. Kaskell Sean P. Kelley Martin & Betty Kent Mary Lee & Jack Kiernan Stefanie Kies King Low Heywood Thomas Eric Klindt Karen Knapp Linda & Bruce Koe Gary A. Kraut Richard A. & Susan M. Krinsley

The Louis J. Kuriansky Foundation The Kurzrok Foundation Jennifer W. & Mark Lapine Sally & Larry Lawrence Brian & Naida Leslie Phillip E. & Donna M. Lint Leslie B. Littlejohn Franz & Marci Loeber Jeremy Main Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mainiero Helen B. Malone Andrew J. & Danielle E. Maloney Hank Mandel Patrick McCormack Linda & Vincent K. McMahon Deborah Menton-Nightlinger Tracy & Joe Merrill Albert and Helen Meserve Memorial Fund of Wells Fargo C. Louis Meyer Family Foundation Thomas & Emily Michaud Jacqueline & Doug Millan Paul & Leanne Miolene Moore Family Fund The Mullings Group Barbara & William Murphy John & Joann Myers Kim Myers Neuberger Berman Newtown Wristbands Nike, Inc. Diane Nordin Ronald & Renée Noren Linda & Richard R. Northrop Norwalk Community College Foundation Norwalk Hospital Foundation David & Daria O’Connor Helen Ong Lindsay & David G. Ormsby Kristan Orr Stephen & Harley Osman Overbrook Family Advised Fund of Julie Graham at the New York Community Trust Jonathan Pageler & Ami-Lynn Bakshi John Paloian John L. & Donna A. Parisi Lynne Pasculano Jonathan Phillips Julie Phillips Susan Pimentel Paul A. & Susan P. Poniatowski James M. Quarto & Allison M. Straub Michael & Jill Rao M. Suzette Recinos, Esq. Elizabeth Rich Francis V. Rizzo Daniel K. and Betty Roberts Family Foundation Robinson Residential Design, Inc. Daniel D. & Doris A. Robinson Andrea Roman Patricia Russo & John Karr Savings Bank of Danbury Timothy & Brigid Scannell Betsey & Arthur Selkowitz Anissa Shannon Ann Sheffer & Bill Scheffler Shenandoah University Marsha K. Shendell William D. Sherlach Shipman & Goodwin LLP Nancy & Gilbert Simpkins Linda Smith and The People of Newtown, Ohio Mark & Tara Steinberg Sterling Capital Distributors, LLC Ruth Sternad Sternlicht Family Foundation

“When we are searching for the key players in Fairfield County social outreach, we always count on the expertise and knowledge developed by FCCF. We rely on them as we explore some of the complex challenges facing our community. And we find them to be invaluable guides as we work with local agencies to deliver practical, workable and costeffective solutions.” —Linda and Bruce Koe Stamford



CONTRIBUTORS continued “At J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation, we know it is important for nonprofits to operate at the highest levels of efficiency to make the most impact. The workshops and assistance provided by FCCF’s Center for Nonprofit Excellence are critical to the continued strength of the nonprofit sector. We are delighted to support this innovative work.” —Caroline Brecker Managing Director The Private Bank at J.P. Morgan

Amanda K. Storm Stryker Kevin J. & Edith V. Sullivan Summer Hill Foundation Eileen Swerdlick Joseph A. Tatusko Maya Tichio Robert Tisler Alison & Michael Troy Turn of River Middle School UBS Financial Services, Inc. Richard R. Uhl Elizabeth & Gary Unger United Illuminating U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management John & Cindy Vaccaro George Viebrock Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Vogel Mary S. Waldron Hon. David M. Walker & Mary E. Walker Carol V. Wall Bill Wallace Peter A. & Deborah L. Weinberg Family Foundation Jill & Jon Weiner Michael & Jennifer Welch Joseph H. & Marion Wertheim Westport Soccer Association Linda F. and John R. Whitton III The Malcolm Hewitt Wiener Foundation The Wiggins Foundation, Inc. Kyle Wilcox Wilmot Wheeler Foundation, Inc. Elisa & Thomas B. Wilson Winokur Family Foundation, Inc. Richard H. & Jean Witmer Jr. Susan R. Witter Steven & Gail Wolff Women’s Business Development Council Melissa & Andrew K. Woolford Ted & Christine Yang Nancy & Dan Yih YMCA, Central Connecticut Coast John & Sara Zimmermann

$500 to $999 Aliza Family Foundation George N. Allport Alpha Q, Inc. Anonymous (14) Courtnay & Matt Arpano Brooke Ashforth James Austin Mike Austin Norman L. Baird Rosamond Baldwin Elizabeth P. Ball Ajay Banga Mary J. Barneby Barrett Bookstore Carl Bennett Laura Benson James & Nancy Better Michael T. Biehl Kathy J. Birk BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. DH & GS Bono Jennifer Boyd Bridges School Early Childhood Program, Inc. Randall & Deborah Briskin John & Mollie Callagy Robin & James D. Carey



Cynthia Carlson Robert Carney Robert M. & Kristen E. Caruso Donna Castorina Rona & Jeffrey Citrin Clapboard Hill Advisors LLC Ann & Richard Cohen David Colon Courtney Combe Suzanne Connors Susan & Robert Cooper James & Karen Daly DCASP Thomas & Shannon Dempsey Susan M. DiLoreto Christine DiModica Brian G. Dobbins Dr. Greg Doyle & Ms. Susan Coan Ron Dray DRS Consolidated Controls, Inc. Ryan M. Duffy Kevin Dunphy Mrs. Henry B. duPont III Myron I. & Carol Dworken Mary A. Erlanger Edward & Elissa Farmer Jeffrey J. Feil Jed Ferdinand Rui J.P. de Figueiredo, Jr. and Natalia Ferretti Foundation Kevin & Jennifer Finnegan Mike & Julie Finneran First County Bank Tracy B. Flannery Food Bank of Fairfield County. Inc. Fund Margaret M. Foran & David H. Schmidt Dorothy Fox Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz Jennifer Frascella Noreen Fraser Mika & David N. Frechette Thomas J. Gamble Garden State Chorale, Inc. Carolyn Gilbert Amy J. & John Gillis Nancy Hart Glanville Arthur B. & Barbara M. Gnaedinger Jeanne Gnuse Mary Kate Gobleck Kathleen Gordon Sue & Ed Greenberg Eric Matthew Greifenberger Maggie & Jim Griesing GTM Payroll Services Anne Hadley Howat Marcia Hamelin The Darrell Harvey Family Foundation Inc. Jane Hauser HCB, New England Robert & Nogah Helfant Helping Hand Foundation Michael C. & Nancy Herling Shaun & Lois Higgins Ingrid M. Hirsch Meg Hock Holloway Family Foundation John & Michele Hundley Joan H. Igler Impact Personnel, Inc. Kevin & Lorraine Indiveri Inisfad Foundation Matt & Sara Iorio Sarah B. Jenny Thomas F. Jensen

Loretta Johnson Julie M. Johnson The Juge Family Joseph & Robin Kanarek Henry & Joan Katz Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of Eastern Fairfield County Michael J. Keenan James & Paula Kemler The Kennedy Family Foundation Fund at The Denver Foundation The Kite Key Foundation Elizabeth & Charles Kontulis Daniel W. Kornblut Alfred H. & Joan J. Lange Nancy Lavin Katherine C. & Gary L. Leeds Christopher J. Lenzen Kim & Stew Leonard Christine & Philip Lodewick George and Betsy Longstreth Charitable Gift Fund Christine Mactaggart Marybeth & James E. Manley Joseph & Deborah Matthews Denise McAloose Jane E. McCall Hugh G. & Anne McCrory Jr. Richard J. McLaughlin Karen & Brian McMahon M. & B. Mejean MFS Investement Management & Subsidiaries Karen Mitchell Moffly Publications, Inc. Ben & Leanne Mortell Cynthia J. Morton Timothy Murphy Don & Sara Nelson Jay & Catherine Nickse The Nielsen Company Claudia Breslav Nielsen Sandy Nielsen-Baumann Northeast Utilities John O’Brien Karen Oh Eleanor & Henry O’Neill Family Fund Kate & Bart David Osman James & Susan Ozanne Pamela Papay Diane Parrish Mrs. Grant A. Peacock William J. Peterson Peter & Cynthia Phelan Jeanne Pinto Christopher Previti David & Gigi Priebe Willard Raynor Matthew C. Reale Esq. Kathleen Reilly Eileen & Gary Rice William & Mary Jo Riddle Susan M. Ross & Charles MacCormack Rowayton Arts Center Royce Family Fund Katherine & Peter Sachs Deb Sawch Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Schmitt Monique Sefsik Senior Aerospace Sterling Machine Stuart W. & Jean B. Serenbetz Larry Sisney Linda S. Sloane Amy R. Smith George & Donna Smith Leonard & Margaret Smith

Stuart F. Smith John & Karla Spooner St. James Elementary School Kevin Stanton Patricia Stoddard Catharine S. & Jeffrey C. Sturgess David J. Sullivan III & Dr. Gioia J. Riccio Harrison Sutliffe Matthew P. Terry Thomas Allen and Son, Ltd. Melissa M. & Todd S. Thomson Nikki Tippins Jacqui Tooter Johnna G. Torsone Totilo & Company LLC Tow Foundation Ellen P. Tower Transamerica Capital, Inc. Sal & Joan Trombetta Len & Nancy Turner UBS Employee Giving Programs Thomas E. & Lisa M. Vacheron Venman & Co., LLC Nancy M. von Euler Sara Walbridge Albert & Miriam Walker David & Julia Waren Bernadette Warrens Grace Weatherly Jonathan Weiner Joyce Weiser Mary Lou & Lawrence Weisman C. Webb Williams & Sallie Walter Williams Brendan & Kimberly Wilson Nancy & Greg Wolcott Ellen Zumbach

$250 to $499 Laurel Abrams Fred Ackerman Ahern Painting Contractors, Inc. Pablito A. & Linda K. Almira American Red Cross Anand Family The Andwan Family (Stryker) Anonymous (22) John Argiro John Armstrong Maxine Armstrong Carolyn Arntzen Kim Augustine Rachel Baker Bank of America Foundation Sara Banks Alison Barlow William & Anne Barnes Chris A. & Nancy L. Barone Lance & Ann Beizer Miriam Beyman James & Jill Bicks Theresa M. Bildt Robert & Susan Blabey Judith Block Theresa M. Block Wendy & Jason Block Richard & Cynthia Blumenthal A. John Boudreaux Spencer & Dulcy Brainard Marc A. Breslav & Arlene Seymour Herbert M. Briggs Brooklyn Technical High School Dennis & Elizabeth Brown Kamal & Richard Browning

Jorgelina Brunetti Polly Bryson Sean T. Buffington Judith S. Burgess & Randy J. Bradway James & Erin Burgoyne Elizabeth H. Burke Christopher Byrnes Donna & Robert Byrnes Michael J. Cain Ann Cairns Kristin Calve Keri Cameron Nancy S. Cameron David & Julie Cannon Richard & Mary Casden Center for Women and Families of Eastern Fairfield Mary Cerabino Karen L. & C. Edward Chaplin Amy & John Cholnoky Paula Cleary Theodor Clineff Phyllis D. Collins Thalia Comninellis Como & Nicholson, Inc. Nadine Connor & Will Hogoboom Correale Photography, LLC Kelly E. Costigan-Smith Lloyd B. & Eleanor J. Cox Jr. Jeff & Megin Cramer Malcolm & Virginia Crawford Dawn Crouch Annemarie Cusma James D’Addario Family Foundation Elizabeth Daigle Sharon Danosky William R. & Marjorie Davidson Laurie A. Davis Sruba De Timothy Doheny Nadia Dombrowski William J. Donelson Leo P. Donovan Jr. Alexandra G. & John M. Duffy Martin A. Dworken, Esq. Thyra & Theodore Elliott Robert Ellis Terence L. Elsberry Mrs. Gay Empson Hanna G. Evans Anna Czekaj Farber & Jonathan Farber Killeen Faughnan Edward & Emily Federico Tom Feroleto Victor M. Ferrante Jr., Esq. Jane Fox Frederick & Dorothy Freedman Cynthia Freese Frosty & Donald R. Friedman Maria Friedrich FullCity Consulting Lisa Furnivall Elizabeth G. Galt The Garden City Group, Inc. Andrea Gartner GE Foundation Edward F. Gerber Kristin G. Glueck Lori Gonye Thomas & Janice Gorbutt Claire I. Gordon Katie Gormly Dorothy M. Gough Mike Gratale

Carole Greenberg Russel J. Greenberg & Robyn Engbar Greenberg Heidi Greene Sarah & Skip Grow William & Lynmarie Grub Marielle K. Guettler Stephanie Hall Peter & Karen Hanson Elizabeth S. Harleman Hilary Haroche Wilmot L. Harris, Jr., Esq. Robert B. & Mary E. Hartman E. Hassell Christian & Liliane Haub Barry C. & Lilyan Hawkins Henry B. & Lisa Hawley David R. Hermenze, Esq. Robert & Georgene Herz Stephen Horan Anda B. Hutchins Robert Iannazzo Jesse & Jennifer Iglesias Karen & Anthony F. Izzo Robert A. & Jane Jacobs John & Judith Janik James S. & Agnes C. Jensen Ellsworth P. Johnson Geraldine W. Johnson Judy & Terry Jones Amy Jurkowitz Nancy Justicz Joan Kahn Nancy Kail & Marcos A. Rodriguez Kaye and Hennessey, LLC Brian L. Keenan Norma Jean Keller Brian Kelly Cordy Gould Kelly & John L. Kelly Janet Kelly Midge Kennedy Gail Khosla Libby King The Kirby Family Kathy Klingenstein & Robert Miller Lynne M. Kopcik Christopher Kral Clare Kretzman Rosemary Ogrinc Krivoshik & Bill Krivoshik Meredith Landis Martha & Keith Lane John A. & Patricia C. Lannon Jan Laster John J. Lauria Mariko & Matthew LeBaron Martha Lebovitz Tim S. Ledwick & Sibyl M. Meyer Herve Lejeune Michael & Martha Lesnick Nina & Norman Lotstein Mary Maarbjerg Mimi Mager Monika & Joseph Maglio Ceci & Gordon R. Maher Andrew & Mary Pat Maretz Anna-Karin Mark Marni Marnell Timothy Massad & Charlotte Hart Katy Massam Shawn Matthews Jill Mays BB McLeod Steven Metallo Margery Meyer

“The Fairfield County Community Foundation was incredibly helpful as we launched our new foundation. The staff provided valuable insights on regional education, identified gaps, and connected us with experts in child development and early education. FCCF is a resource as our foundation works to maximize its impact.” —Carolyn O’Brien Viking Global Foundation, Stamford



CONTRIBUTORS continued Virginia & Juan M. Meyer Karen Mihalik Ellen Milberg Darien R. Millington Julie Moore Barbara & John T. Morris Natixis Global Asset Management Donna Nayden Loretta Nolan Sara & Matthew Nolan Robert W. Obrecht Robert O’Connor Dawn Oram Jody Osborn Jacqueline L. Parker & Deborah Reinhardt Laura & Stuart Parker George & Grace Pastorok Jr. Suzanne B. Peters Margaret Platka Heather Porter Elaine Potash Sarah Powers Lori R. Price Rick Pulito Lisa Pyne Amy & R. L. Rabenhorst Joann S. & Charles V. Raymond Ellen Reilly Hans F. Reiss Revson Charitable Trust Rhode Island Sewing Network Michael Riffice Riverside T. Fund Elizabeth Robertson Lynda Robinson Renee Rossi Valerie Rossi Leslie & Richard Roth

Rebecca Ruegger Cynthia Russell Claire F. & Randy Salvatore Jay & Mary Sandak Laura C. & Kenneth Saverin Paul & Susan Scheufele Diane Schmidt-Fellner James Schneider Rob Schubert Judy Schurman Annette Sciaretta Susan Scully Kate Sears Bill Sheehan Melissa Sheffy Janet M. & Keith S. Sherin Judith Shoucair Simmons Family Foundation Howard & Sarah Simon Jerry Simon Christine Slump William Slutter Small Changes Barbara & Herbert Soroca Viola Spinelli Kathleen Stack Warren and Susan Stern Family Fund Emily Sternberg Amy Meyercord Stevens Jayme Stevenson Russell P. & Pearl R. Stockman Davidde Strackbein Thomas R. Sturges Laura & Paul L. Sturz Leann & Joseph Sullivan Jonathan Tatz Tauck Foundation Julie Taylor John Theriault

Tory Thorman Trumbull High Class of 2005 Thurs. Night Basketball Friends of John Simek - Vestal, Apalachin, Endicott, NY Thomas Tilson Elizabeth Tobin Jason Tremont Anthony D. Truglia Christel Truglia Vincent J. Tufo & Deborah Low Unquowa School Roger & Virginia Valkenburgh Jr. Janette & Frederik van der Weijden John E. Veteri Jr. Audrey Villecco Christine Walker Leigh Walton John. L. & Phillis R. Warden The Watermark at 3030 Park Valerie Wayne Mary G. West Mallory V. & A. Conrad Weymann III Diane & Edward Whitbread Carina Whitridge Michael & Ronnie Wiederlight Kirby & Joseph L. Williams III Deborah R. Wilson Paul Winitz Karen & John Wood Mary Woods Richard & Jill S. Woolworth Jr. Thomas Woteki Marjorie Wren Alicia Wyckoff Jeff Yates Louise Whitton York Torrance B. York Craig & Maryann Zimmerman Jennifer Zonis

MEMORIAL GIFTS Contributions included these memorial gifts:


Contributor Ahern Painting Contractors, Inc. George N. Allport Alpha Q, Inc. Anand Family The Andwan Family (Stryker) John Armstrong Mike Austin Ajay Banga Justin Bard Chris A. & Nancy L. Barone Lance & Ann Beizer Laura Benson Christopher & Kristen Bevilacqua Miriam Beyman Michael T. Biehl Theresa M. Bildt BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. Marc A. Breslav & Arlene Seymour Randall & Deborah Briskin Brooklyn Technical High School Dennis & Elizabeth Brown Sean T. Buffington James & Erin Burgoyne John Button III Christopher Byrnes Ann Cairns Daniel Calandro Nancy S. Cameron David & Julie Cannon


In Memory Of Aurora Owens Thomas D. Cunningham Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Grace McDonnell Aurora Owens Mary Sherlach Aurora Owens Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Grace McDonnell Mary Sherlach Grace McDonnell Bernard Beyman Grace McDonnell Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Walter “Terry” Breslav Jr., Walter & Florence Breslav Sr., and Jon Breslav Mary Sherlach Grace McDonnell Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Grace McDonnell Aurora Owens Mary Sherlach Lori March Williams Grace McDonnell

Contributor Gretchen E. Carlson Robert M. & Kristen E. Caruso Donna Castorina Steven Chille Patricia Chiota & Rick Payne Clapboard Hill Advisors LLC Theodor Clineff Colonial Coating Corp. Thalia Comninellis Como & Nicholson, Inc. Nadine Connor & Will Hogoboom Suzanne Connors Janet O’Connor Cornell Lloyd B. & Eleanor J. Cox Jr. Robert A. Craft & Angela M. Bell Jeff & Megin Cramer Athan Crist James & Karen Daly DCASP Sruba De Leopold P. DeFusco, Esq. Thomas & Shannon Dempsey Brian G. Dobbins Nadia Dombrowski William J. Donelson Leo P. Donovan Jr. DRS Consolidated Controls, Inc. Ryan M. Duffy

In Memory Of Grace McDonnell Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Joan E. Chiota and John P. Chiota, Jr. Mary Sherlach Grace McDonnell Mary Sherlach Aurora Owens Cecile R. Palsa, Cheryl Bane and Dr. John Lawrence, Paul Runey Grace McDonnell Mary Sherlach Helen Walsh Thomas D. Cunningham Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Aurora Owens Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Aurora Owens Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Grace McDonnell Mary Sherlach

Contributor Mrs. Henry B. duPont III Effective Fitness Elrose Anesthisia Services, Inc. Terence L. Elsberry Hanna G. Evans Edward & Emily Federico Kevin & Jennifer Finnegan Margaret M. Foran & David H. Schmidt Thomas Foran Carol Foster Adam Frankel Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz Noreen Fraser John & Inda Gage Garden State Chorale, Inc. Sam Gault Georgetown University The Georgetown University Law Center Community Andrew & Meera Gilbert Justin Gimelstob Kristin G. Glueck The Goligoski Family Thomas & Janice Gorbutt Kathleen Gordon William & Lynmarie Grub Marielle K. Guettler Stephanie Hall E. Hassell HCB - New England Robert & Nogah Helfant Sidney & Rosalie Helfant Shaun & Lois Higgins Anne Hadley Howat Kevin & Lorraine Indiveri Harvey & Joan James John & Judith Janik Janus Capital Management LLC James S. & Agnes C. Jensen Ellsworth P. Johnson Loretta Johnson Judy & Terry Jones The Juge Family Brian L. Keenan Michael J. Keenan Sean P. Kelley Brian Kelly James & Paula Kemler Lynne M. Kopcik Christopher Kral John J. Lauria Nancy Lavin Herve Lejeune Christopher J. Lenzen Michael & Martha Lesnick Phillip E. & Donna M. Lint Christine Mactaggart Andrew J. & Danielle E. Maloney MasterCard Worldwide Denise McAloose Vincent K. McMahon M. & B. Mejean C. Louis Meyer Family Foundation MFS Investement Management & Subsidiaries Morgan Stanley The Mullings Group Timothy Murphy John & Joann Myers Kim Myers Navigant Consulting Donna Nayden

In Memory Of Gilbert C. Mott Grace McDonnell Aurora Owens Thomas D. Cunningham Steven Grace McDonnell Grace McDonnell Aurora Owens Aurora Owens Lucy E. Foster Aurora Owens Grace McDonnell Grace McDonnell Sean Manuel Gage, Aurora Owens Mary Sherlach Grace McDonnell Grace McDonnell Mary Sherlach Grace McDonnell Grace McDonnell Grace McDonnell Grace McDonnell Grace McDonnell Grace McDonnell Grace McDonnell Grace McDonnell Aurora Owens Grace McDonnell Mary Sherlach Grace McDonnell Grace McDonnell Mary Sherlach Thomas D. Cunningham Mary Sherlach John and Violet Totilas Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Charles W. Jensen III, D.M.D Susan L. Johnson Mary Sherlach Grace McDonnell Grace McDonnell Grace McDonnell Grace McDonnell Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Grace McDonnell Grace McDonnell Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Grace McDonnell Mary Sherlach Paul Corwel Edward E. Harrison Grace McDonnell Mary Sherlach Aurora Owens Grace McDonnell Mary Sherlach Aurora Owens Grace McDonnell Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Grace McDonnell Aurora Owens Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Grace McDonnell Mary Sherlach

Contributor Jay & Catherine Nickse Nike, Inc. Ronald B. Noren Northeast Utilities John O’Brien Dawn Oram Alan Owens & Betsy Foran-Owens John L. & Donna A. Parisi Jacqueline L. Parker & Deborah Reinhardt George & Grace Pastorok Jr. Christopher Previti James M. Quarto & Allison M. Straub Michael & Jill Rao Kathleen Reilly Elizabeth Rich William & Mary Jo Riddle Riverside T. Fund Elizabeth Robertson St. James Elementary School Timothy & Brigid Scannell Susan Scully Senior Aerospace Sterling Machine Stuart W. & Jean B. Serenbetz Shenandoah University William D. Sherlach Howard & Sarah Simon Jerry Simon Linda S. Sloane Amy R. Smith Stuart F. Smith John & Karla Spooner Kevin Stanton Mark & Tara Steinberg Sterling Capital Distributors, LLC Ruth Sternad Russell P. & Pearl R. Stockman Amanda K. Storm Stryker Thomas R. Sturges Jonathan Tatz Matthew P. Terry Thursday Night Basketball Friends of John Simek, Vestal, Apalachin, Endicott, NY Nikki Tippins Robert Tisler Elizabeth Tobin Turn of River Middle School Len & Nancy Turner UBS Financial Services, Inc. Thomas E. & Lisa M. Vacheron Venman & Co., LLC Veteri Jr. Audrey Villecco Carol V. Wall John. L. & Phillis R. Warden David & Julia Waren Janette & Frederik van der Weijden Carina Whitridge Brendan & Kimberly Wilson Paul Winitz Susan R. Witter

In Memory Of Mary Sherlach Grace McDonnell Gilbert C. Mott Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Aurora Owens Aurora Owens Mary Sherlach Grace McDonnell Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Aurora Owens John T. D. Rich Grace McDonnell Susannah Chase Aurora Owens Grace McDonnell Grace McDonnell Aurora Owens Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Aurora Owens Grace McDonnell Mary Sherlach Grace McDonnell Mary Sherlach Aurora Owens Grace McDonnell Mary Sherlach George Sternad Leonard Gilbert Grace McDonnell Grace McDonnell Thomas D. Cunningham Aurora Owens Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Aurora Owens Aurora Owens Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Mary Sherlach Edith Dent Moore, Mary B. McKinley, Norbert E. Mitchell Jr., Scott McCleathan, Thora C. RussellJohn E. Grace McDonnell Aurora Owens Grace McDonnell Thomas D. Cunningham Grace McDonnell Aurora Owens Aurora Owens Grace McDonnell Trina Walker Thomas D. Cunningham

THANK YOU FOR GIVING FROM YOUR HEART The December 14, 2013 tragedy in Newtown was a wakeup call to improve our mental health care system. Connecticut’s system is fragmented, confusing, and even denies treatment due to Catch-22 requirements. We see the possibility of an integrated mental health care system that provides a continuum of quality professional treatment for every community member who needs care, including in the early stages of symptoms. Our response to the Sandy Hook School shooting was to start this conversation, and invite all Fairfield County residents to contribute to supporting healthy minds and healthy communities.





You can give back to your community and support your favorite causes forever with a gift in your will to the Community Foundation. You tell us how you wish the money to be used, and we will honor your charitable wishes. Even a modest bequest will grow, under our stewardship, into a significant amount within decades. At the same time, your generosity will generate larger and larger grants to the causes or communities you specify. When you let us know you’ve made a bequest, you’re welcomed into our Legacy Society. You’re invited to events and gatherings, and informed about Community Foundation initiatives and activities. Please talk with your financial and legal advisors, and us, to see how easy it can be to make a lasting impact. We gratefully acknowledge the compassion, generosity and foresight of our Legacy Society members:



MEMBERS Anonymous (3) James R. & Kaye E. Barker Barbara Louise Blauvelt Susan Titus Glascoff Myrna Gould-Harrison Lori Hashizume Bruce & Michele Hubler Juanita James & Dudley Williams William R. & Audrey Knobloch John Marshall Lee, CLU, RHU Barbara Littlefield Jeremy Main Ann S. Mandel Thomas R. & Doris C. McCullough Peter & Barbara McSpadden Linda M. Molnar Katharine Mountcastle Roy G. Neumann Dr. Thomas Purcell Jane & Robert Ready Cheryl D. Reedy June Rosenthal Mary S. Waldron Joan & Fred Weisman Muriel Wilson

REMEMBERED Donald C. Baldwin Elizabeth Wingfield Barnett Nancy Bassett Ida Davidoff Barbara Benton Davis Frances Marian Deas Sally Dickson Joan T. Diedolf Anna K. Dziuba Robert Factor Mary Elizabeth Farman Thomas Gilmartin Jane Gade Halliwell Edward E. Harrison Eduvina Hennigar Helen D. Hermes Dorothy Herrmann Mary Elizabeth Hill Mia Holthausen Charlton Lyman Patricia Main Elizabeth Matthews Stella Margaret McHenry Helen Muller Leo Nevas Elizabeth Bissell Northcross Edward Vernon and Grace Nunes Janice Park Nancy J. Pilgard James Powell-Tuck Jonathan Prince Philip W. & Frances Ramer Jean Gregory Richmond Leah & David E. Robinson William Morris Saba Joseph J. Santry Dorothy M. Savage Edgar See Harriet S. Sherman Edmund C. Spencer Ruth Sternbach Mary Varaljai Edward Warren

WHO MAKES A LEGACY GIFT? Most often, they are people who view Fairfield County as “home.” Charitable giving is one of their core values. They are familiar with the Community Foundation, and trust we will ensure their gift will honor their charitable intentions. We sat down with Bruce Hubler to learn more about why he and his wife included a gift in their will to benefit their community.

FCCF: Bruce, you’ve lived in Bridgeport all of your life, and included a gift in your will to benefit Bridgeport. Why? BH: I’m the third generation of my family to live in Bridgeport. I know every inch of this city— the good and the troubling. The good includes the diversity of residents, the city’s history of innovation and resiliency, fortyfive parks, miles of shoreline, two excellent hospitals, museums, professional baseball and hockey teams, a zoo, a symphony orchestra,

a theater company, and first-rate restaurants. The troubling: it is one of the poorest cities in the nation. In Bridgeport, the per capita income is barely $20,000. In Darien, it’s $95,000. The disparity is staggering. FCCF: What will your legacy gift address? BH: Michele and I decided we want to make a difference for Bridgeport residents who will probably always need some help. Our will specifies our gift will support the health and welfare needs of Bridgeport’s lower-income, elderly residents. It will also support the health and welfare needs of pre-school children from disadvantaged families, especially single-parent homes. In addition, it will provide financial assistance to students who have demonstrated the capacity and motivation to learn and excel in their chosen field of interest. FCCF: Will you explain how you set this up? BH: Our will stipulates this gift will establish a permanent fund within the Community Foundation. After our deaths, the Community Foundation will award grants from our fund in perpetuity. The Community Foundation will steward our fund, allowing us, over the decades, to award more in grants than our original gift. Our desire to help the elderly live in dignity and give children a fair chance at fulfilling, selfsupporting lives will live far beyond us.

FCCF: You’ve served as a board member of the Community Foundation since 2009. Tell us why you chose us for your legacy gift. BH: I’ve seen first-hand how the Community Foundation works. I’m continually impressed with the superb staff, their in-depth knowledge about pressing needs throughout Fairfield County, and their insights regarding how to tackle them. As a retired business executive, I like the commitment to research, partnerships, and measuring results. It has solid financial management. I’ve seen changes in the leadership and staff members, yet its performance and quality have never wavered. FCCF: What would you tell someone who is considering making a legacy gift? BH: You can make a gift that costs you nothing now, yet will make a profound impact for the future. There are considerable tax advantages, although that could change. You can trust the Community Foundation to honor your charitable intentions. Bottom line: you can benefit your community, support your favorite cause, or serve the greater good for decades, if not forever.



NEW FUNDS We help you make a maximum impact with your charitable giving.

You can establish and name a fund at the Community Foundation, then support your favorite causes close to home as well as anywhere in the United States. In addition, you can join like-minded individuals and give to collective funds that match your local charitable passions. If you want to give to where the need is greatest, you can support our regional initiatives and leadership work in the community. Some want their giving to continue long after they’re gone, and leave a gift to their community or favorite cause in their will. If you don’t have a charitable passion, we can help you focus your philanthropy to support values important to you. If you do, we introduce you to corresponding nonprofit programs in Fairfield County. Depending on your level of engagement, you’re invited to guided visits of local nonprofits, donor briefings and events. We advise you about new giving opportunities that match your interests. In addition, you have access to our research, including program evaluations in your fields of interest. When you establish a charitable fund with us, you are freed from drafting documents, accounting and reporting requirements. You can engage your children and name successor advisors. Your contributions are professionally managed and overseen by the Community Foundation’s Investment Committee and Board of Directors. Anonymous giving is possible. As one fundholder said, “This is smart philanthropy.”

THE ACORN FUND This donor advised fund was established by a former chief executive of a social services agency in Fairfield County. The Acorn Fund’s main purpose is to support local charitable agencies addressing hunger prevention. Over 100,000 Fairfield County residents struggle to get enough quality nutrition on a regular basis. “Food banks and pantries deserve our overwhelming support,” the fund founder said. “We will work with the Fairfield County Community Foundation to initiate programs that teach local children about balanced nutrition.”




SEAN MANUEL GAGE MEMORIAL FUND Sean Manuel Gage was a graduate of Fairfield Prep and the University of Delaware, an Eagle Scout, Stamford Professional Fire Fighter, artist, and volunteer in the community for numerous youth activities. He was awarded Stamford Fire Fighter of the year 2008. He applied his creative talents to painting a wall mural of Noah’s Ark for the children’s room at Stamford’s St. Clement’s Church, and two wall murals at Pediatrics, Nassau County Hospital. With a short life of only 30 years, Sean lived it fully and passionately around service to his community. The Gage Family established this fund to continue Sean’s legacy of service to others, with a focus on creative arts and youth programs. Recent donations include gifts to Fairfield Prep and to Brady’s Smile, both in Fairfield. Sean loved the Hawaiian islands and culture, and a future project will help the youth on the Waianae Coast of Oahu.

The Social Venture Partners Connecticut Fund was launched with the goal of actively engaging philanthropists to participate hands-on to strengthen and support social enterprise as a means to achieve and sustain the nonprofit’s mission. Built around a global model, Social Venture Partners projects require a high level of involvement from both parties—the philanthropists and the nonprofit—and typically focus on building stronger management teams and boards, investing in outcome assessment, improving products, services and delivery, and other strategic ways to improve effectiveness and increase scale. Contributing their expertise, time and financial resources, Social Venture Partners seeks to be a catalyst for longterm growth within social enterprises, as well as a

convener and educator for the venture philanthropy community. Connecticut is the newest addition to the worldwide Social Venture Partners network of 33 affiliates involving more than 2700+ philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and community leaders that has contributed over $50 million in grants and thousands of volunteer hours.

THE CRAVER FAMILY FUND The Craver Family Fund was established by FCCF Board Chair Vicki Craver and her husband David to address the most pressing needs in Fairfield County. “Fairfield County is among the richest in the nation, yet there is greater social and economic disparity here than in 95% of communities across America. The Foundation plays a leadership role in addressing these challenges throughout the county, because none of these issues is isolated to one city and none can



NEW FUNDS continued

be solved within one town’s borders,” said the Cravers. The Fund will support the work of creating lasting and sustainable change by focusing on the region’s most critical challenges and ensure the Foundation has the resources needed to research regional needs, raise awareness, build partnerships and develop shared solutions to common problems. MARY’S FUND Mary’s Fund was established following the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Named after Mary Sherlach, the school psychologist at Sandy Hook, Mary was one of the first educators killed that morning. Mary’s Fund is dedicated to continuing her work of providing mental health services to children and teens, with a particular focus on those who might not ordinarily be able to get the help they need. In its first year, the fund provided a significant grant to Teen Talk, a program at Kids in Crisis which places trained counselors in area middle and high schools to provide a confidential support system for students dealing with the wide range of issues that arise in adolescence.



TAUNTON PRESS NEWTOWN CHILDREN AND FAMILIES FUND After the tragic shooting in Sandy Hook, the Roman family and members of its company, The Taunton Press, came together to explore how they could provide support to the community they’ve lived and worked in for over 40 years. “We decided to start a fund to assist children and families in the greater Newtown area, with a specific focus on at-risk youth through the support of children’s mental health services and parenting education and support,” said Sarah Roman. “We published our intent to our Taunton Press readers and business associates, and together have funded the Taunton Press Newtown Children and Families Fund,” said Tim Rahr, president, The Taunton Press. “We are grateful for the overwhelming outpouring of support from around the world thus far, and we are pleased to be able to offer our greater Taunton Press community, and others who share the same mission, an opportunity to further

contribute to the longterm support of Newtown’s families,” he said. THE PATTERSON SCHOLARSHIP FUND The Patterson Scholarship Fund was established by The Patterson Club in Fairfield, Connecticut, with the generous support of Patterson Club members. The goal of the fund is to benefit employees and caddies as they pursue their post-secondary education goals. The Patterson Scholarship Fund will provide annual scholarships to selected employees and caddies who have demonstrated their dedication to The Patterson Club community, have proven academic performance and have potential to be future leaders. In its first year, the fund awarded four scholarships to help deserving students attain their higher education goals.

doctor, but couldn’t afford college. A $1,000 loan from family friend Dr. Peter Buck helped him open a sandwich shop and eventually helped thousands of entrepreneurs around the world realize their dream of owning their own business. THE FREDERICK A. DELUCA FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP FUND Fred DeLuca believes in thinking big. When the president and co-founder of the SUBWAY® restaurant chain started envisioning ways he could repay the community that made his success possible, he knew he wanted to help students go to college. For the last six years, his scholarship program has helped students from 54 high schools, colleges, vocational and technical schools throughout Connecticut. In 2013, he moved the administration of the scholarship program to the Community Foundation. The Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation Scholarship Fund provides $5,000, fouryear scholarships. Each is annually renewable when students maintain a strong grade point average. Fred got his own start when someone invested in his future. In 1965, when Fred was 17 and a graduate of Central High School in Bridgeport, he wanted to become a

While Fred attended then graduated from the University of Bridgeport, the sandwich business he and Dr. Buck started continued to grow. By 1974 the two men were running 10 sandwich shops and realized that franchising the SUBWAY® brand was the best way to continue that growth. Today, SUBWAY® is one of the most successful global franchises, with more than 40,000 locations around the world. Now in a position to share his success, one of the core principals of Fred’s philanthropic goals is helping Connecticut students get a college education. THE DIAGEO SALUTES THE TROOPS FUND

home and abroad. Since the program’s inception, Diageo has provided iPads for Soldiers and Packages From Home. Grants have equipped soldiers and veterans with much-needed resources, including iPads that allow soldiers to talk face-to-face with their children and spouses, and packages of home comforts like beef jerky, extra toiletries and playing cards. Diageo has also funded NORC, the independent research organization at the University of Chicago, to develop a program that trains military health personnel to conduct alcohol screenings and brief interventions for soldiers and veterans as needed. The expansion of the Diageo Salutes the Troops program now includes additional militaryconnected initiatives that will provide backing to the brave men and women who serve the United States, in an effort to create a broader program to help support our soldiers for years to come.

The Diageo Salutes the Troops Fund is a corporate advised fund focused on helping our nation’s military service men and women. Earlier this year Diageo announced it was expanding its Diageo Salutes the Troops initiative. Since 2012, it has contributed over $300,000 to multiple organizations dedicated to supporting our military troops both at WWW.FCCFOUNDATION.ORG


NEW FUNDS continued DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CRISIS CENTER ENDOWMENT FUND The Domestic Violence Crisis Center (DVCC) has been working to advance safety for individuals impacted by domestic violence for over 30 years. Services include two SafeHouses, Court and Legal Advocacy, Counseling for Adults and Children, Housing and Medical Advocacy, Education and Economic Empowerment.

The DVCC is committed to violence prevention through PeaceWorks, an education project that reaches more than 25,000 young people annually through in-school and afterschool programs, and Teen PeaceWorks, a network of student-led groups that raise awareness about dating violence, bullying and the practice of non-violence in their schools and communities.


DVCC educators also provide professional trainings and workshops for community members, including medical and legal professionals, police and fire departments, social service, school and civic organizations, faith communities and businesses.

The Aurora Owens Scholarship Fund for the Creative Arts

The Giving Forward Fund The Austin Hood Fund The Horton Family Fund The Grace McDonnell Memorial Fund

The Arthur R. Sekerak Memorial Fund

DVCC360 is the Research, Advocacy, Policy and Partnership platform within the agency positioned to inform and advance best practices via client advocacy and systems change work. Professional staff comes from the disciplines of the law, psychological and behavioral health, education, social work, business, criminal justice and policy. Staff members provide crisis services to nearly 4,000 individuals each year across our communities.

DVCC is the only domestic violence agency serving the communities of Stamford, Norwalk, Westport, New Canaan, Darien, Wilton and Weston.

Thank you for choosing us as your philanthropic partner.






More than 500 individuals, families and companies have established a charitable gift fund with us. They choose the name for their fund and its purpose. Some prefer to pool their gifts with other like-minded people to make a larger impact on a shared cause. Some want their giving to take place during their lifetime. Others want their giving to endure forever. The following funds, listed by fund type, are held at and stewarded by the Community Foundation.

These funds make it easy to actively participate in your charitable giving. You establish and name your fund, and recommend grants to any qualifying public charity. Charities can serve Fairfield County, anywhere in the United States, and foreign countries. Unlike a private foundation, you can give anonymously. You can access our knowledge and philanthropic expertise for guidance about community issues and local nonprofits. You can name advisors and successor advisors. We handle all of the paperwork and reporting. Advancement of Norwalk Fund

Percy, Edna, and Edward E. Harrison Fund

Anonymous (3)

Winlow and Marian Heard Family Fund

Delbert L. Auray, Sr. Fund

The Heidenreich Family Fund

Back to You Fund

Hellogood Fund

Anthony Ball Memorial Fund

Horton Family Fund*

Lucy and David Ball Family Fund

Dr. Ellen Hosiosky Fund

Bannow-Noren Fund

Pat and Shirley Howe Fund

James R. and Kaye E. Barker Fund

Louis Joseloff Fund

Barksdale Family Fund

Peter H. and Joan M. Kaskell Fund

John P. and Nancy J. Bassett Fund

Henry L. and Joan L. Katz Fund

Louise Baum, Eastern Bag & Paper Co., Inc. Fund

Keeper of the Hearth Fund

Beard Family Fund

Knobloch Fund

Jane M. & Edwin A. Bescherer Fund Judith L. Biggs Fund James P. and Elinor Upton Biggs Fund Bisset Family Fund Bluenose Fund Richard P. & Barbara A. Bodine Fund Bosworth Fund Daniel and Emily Brennan, Sr. Fund James and Margot Butler Family Fund Captain Morgan First Mate Fund Octavio & Marianela Choy Fund Thomas C. Clark Fund Clarkson Family Fund Mildred (Aunt Mimi) Cohn Fund Como & Nicholson Fund Hugh and Eleanor Curran Memorial Fund Daffodil Fund Dalluge-May Family Fund Barbara Benton Davis Fund Delany Family Fund Bern Dibner Gift Fund Doherty Family Fund Donald J. Donahue Family Advisory Fund Benjamin and Frances Doto Family Fund George and Mary Dunbar Family Fund Henry B. duPont, III Advise and Consult Fund Fath Family Charitable Fund Ferguson Fund Betsy and Jesse Fink Fund Douglas and Olivia Floren Fund Forester Community Education Fund Irwin E. and Micheline Friedman Fund The Ganim Fund Garavel Family Fund Geller-Conarck Memorial Fund Giving Forward Fund* Goloff-Spector Memorial Fund

John A. Klein Leadership Fund Julie Kovar Fund Indiana B. Langston Fund Anne S. Leonhardt Fund Barbara A. Leonhardt Fund Melissa Anne Leonhardt Fund John A. Leslie Fund Dan Levinson Charitable Fund Sol and Rebeka Lieberman Fund Light Fund Phillip E. and Donna M. Lint Fund Mickey Lione Sr. Memorial Fund Littlefield Fund Tom Liu Memorial Fund Lockhart Jennings Family Fund Longstreth-Pullman Family Fund The Meghan K. Lowney Fund The MacGuire Family Fund Mandel Family Fund Stephen F. and Ann S. Mandel Fund Bonnie and Gene Markowski Family Fund Philip R. Marsilius Fund The Massad Family Fund McCullough-Wilkinson Families Fund McDonald-Wright Family Fund Grace McDonnell Memorial Fund* Peter and Barbara McSpadden Fund Mellis Family Fund Christopher T. Miller Fund Stephanie and David Mixter Fund Moran Family Fund Gilbert C. & Rosemary F. Mott Fund Gregory and Sue Neumann Fund Nevas Family Fund Melissa Nickel Memorial Fund Charles F. & Anne Meckes Niemeth Foundation Fund Norgren/Mahon Family Fund

Goodspeed Fund

Edward Vernon and Grace M. Nunes Fund

Colin and Eileen Green Fund

Ostuw/Leather Family Fund

Joshua Greenberg Memorial Fund

The Outreach Fund

Grossman Family Fund

Graham Overbrook Fund

Jane Gade Halliwell Fund

Norman K. Parsells Rotary Memorial Fund

Peter Hanson Fund

Perrin Family Fund

Mike and Sally Harris Fund

Pollak Family Fund



FUNDS OF THE FOUNDATION continued Rebold Family Fund

Ladysmith Fund for Women’s Health

Frank J. Riccio, M.D. Fund

Millstone Farm Charitable Fund

“As a private foundation, we consider the Fairfield Community Foundation a vital partner. The expertise and experience of the staff and Board are incredibly useful as we try to maximize our impact.

Betsy and Jack Rich Legacy Fund

John and Barbara O’Connor Education Fund

Their breadth and depth of knowledge about the sector is unparalleled. They know the nonprofits, the other funders, and the issues. They are absolutely critical to the community and we are honored to work with them.”

Shumway Family Fund

Ridgefield Community Foundation Fund David E. & Leah D. Robinson Fund Rockledge Fund Gil & Anne Rose Family Fund Anthony J. and Martha F. Ruscito Fund Safe Harbor Fund Dorothy and Frank L. Savage Family Fund Arthur R. Sekerak Memorial Fund* Rosamond Stephenson Shannon Fund Richard and Vivienne Silver Charitable Fund Skaarup Trust Fund Samuel and Esther Rachel Sobel Fund Theodore and Mariadina Steiber Memorial Fund

Executive DIrector Jeniam Foundation, New Canaan

Stephen J. and Madelyn M. Santa Environmental Fund Taunton Press Newtown Children and Families Fund* Jonathan M. Todd Accounting and Finance Higher Learning Fund The Truglia Thumbelina Fund Hilda Tooher-Corcoran Charitable Fund Upton Family Child Care Fund Florence and Bill Vermeulen Fund Westport Sunrise Rotary Young Voices Fund

Stiassni Family Fund

*Established in FY13

Suhler Family Fund Sullivan Family Fund Tauck Fund The Udell Family Fund Vacheron Family Fund Venman & Co. LLC Fund The Eric and Sasha Vincent Family Fund Fred & Joan Weisman Fund Wellborn Family Fund Wiehl Fund Joanne Woodward Fund The Zac and Amanda Zeitlin Family Fund Marie and John Zimmermann Fund

Donor, Family & Corporate Advised Funds with Grant Focus The Acorn Fund* Auxiliary of Park City Hospital Endowment Fund Theodore H. and Margaret S. Beard Excellence in Teaching Award Bluefish Foundation Fund Bordman-Beardsley Fund

FIELD OF INTEREST FUNDS Your contribution to a Field of Interest fund is pooled with gifts from other likeminded contributors to collectively support your favorite Fairfield County cause or issue. You can give to any existing Field of Interest fund or establish a new fund. The Foundation makes grants in perpetuity to nonprofits that serve your field of interest. Arts & Culture Fund for Arts and Culture Marian Anderson Award Fund


Bridgeport Arts, Entertainment and Recreation Fund

The Jessica Lee Brett Memorial Fund

Charles Ettl Fund

The Bridgeport Education Reform Fund

Sarah Wheeler Frassinelli Arts Fund

Bridgeport Public Housing Resident Support Fund The Colleen Doyle Britt Education Fund

Children, Youth & Families

Banyan Tree Fund of the Leo & Ida Davidoff Family

Bridgeport Energy South End Fund

The Diageo Salute the Troops Fund* Eye Care for the Underprivileged Fund Food Bank of Fairfield County, Inc. Fund Milton H. and Isabelle V. Friedberg Fund Sean Manuel Gage Memorial Fund* Good Schools Bridgeport Fund* Heidmar Fund Higher Ground Fund Austin Hood Fund* Lester Johnson Memorial Fund

Bridgeport Energy Campership Fund Anna K. Dziuba and Eleanor K. Borcz Fund for Children Fairfield County Fund for Children & Youth Fairfield County Fund for Women and Girls Fairfield County Woman-BF Goodrich Childcare Scholarship Fund Mia S. Holthausen Fund Edward McK. Holly Fund Jean Gregory Richmond Fund

Brenda H. Kaplan Music Fund

Ridgefield Community Foundation Fund for Youth

Kimball Cancer Cure Fund

Ridgefield Youth Leadership Fund

Mathew Kosbob Memorial Fund

Treasure Chest Fund

Ruth I. Krauss Fund Early Childhood Development


Lil and Julie Rosenberg Foundation Inc. Fund

Yankee Doodle Fund For Music

Clarence C. Walker Fund


Fund for Pete’s Sake

Sternheim-Gardner Family Fund

Turtle Insurance Policy

— Tripp Killin

Olga Fund

Community Development, Urban Affairs Alvord Award Fund Community Response Fund Arthur and Gladys Lunin Humanitarian Award Fund Janice Park Social Justice Fund Stamcag Fund Herbert B. West Award Fund

Community Leadership Fairfield County Community Leadership Fund Fund for Great Leadership

charitable interests. The Community Foundation depends on Discretionary funds to address emerging needs in Fairfield County, and the most critical issues in our region.

Environment Fairfield County Fund for the Environment

Health & Human Services Fairfield County Fund for Health and Wellness Fund for Health and Wellness with a focus on Mental Health* Interfaith Council Fund for Respite Care Peter & Rose Levinsky Memorial Fund Arthur and Gladys Lunin Fund Mary’s Fund* Stella Margaret McHenry Fund Harold L. Schine Fund Interfaith Council-Virginia Schroeder Fund

Miriam and Elizabeth Kriegler Memorial Fund Gota M. Norell Fund Raymond J. and Veronica O’Connor Fund

Elizabeth Wingfield Barnett Fund


Carr-Earle Fund Craver Family Fund*

Fairfield County Endowment Fund

Norwalk Fund for Excellence in Public Education

Bradford Newman Warner Fund

For Countywide Grantmaking

Fairfield County Fund for Academic Excellence

Rabbi Harry Nelson Memorial Fund


Bernard H. Trager Memorial Fund

Remington Products Inc. Fund

Fairfield County Community Foundation Board Designated Grant Fund

Sandra Alpert Nathan Memorial Fund for Children with Learning Disabilities


Anne W. Stokes Fund

Julia C. Palmer Fund

Education Fairfield County Fund for New Americans

Ralph & Marian Washburn Sprague Fund

Fairfield County Fund Impact Fund Memory Fund Sheila and Charles Perrin Fund Nancy J. Pilgard Fund Edmund C. Spencer Fund

Community-Specific Bethel Greater Danbury Endowment Fund

Zarrilli Family Fund

Five Town Endowment Fund


Greater Bridgeport Community Impact Fund Miriam and Elizabeth Kriegler Memorial Fund


Gota M. Norell Fund Remington Products Inc. Fund Greenwich Endowment Fund


Greater Bridgeport Community Impact Fund

Sight Handicapped Fund

Albert L. Coles Memorial Fund

Gota M. Norell Fund

Louis and Ruth Sternbach Fund For People with Disabilities

Leete P. and Marjorie S. Doty Fund

Julia C. Palmer Fund

Barbara J. Stockman Memorial Fund

Robert B. Factor Fund

Remington Products Inc. Fund

Nancy Flint Fund

Strengthening Nonprofits Fairfield County Center for Nonprofit Excellence Fund Financial Management Assistance Fund Social Venture Partners Fund* *Established in FY13

DISCRETIONARY FUNDS These funds allow you to ensure that your charitable giving is addressing the most pressing needs in Fairfield County, even as those needs change over time. You can name and establish a fund, or contribute to an existing fund that matches your

Grabau Family Fund John E. and Clare M. Hampford Fund Edward E. Harrison Endowment Fund Edward and Myrna Harrison Fund J. Walker Hill Fund Zalmon S. & Ethel P. Hirsch Memorial Fund

New Fairfield

Greater Danbury Endowment Fund New Fairfield Community Fund


Greater Danbury Endowment Fund


Five Town Endowment Fund Elizabeth Bissell Northcross Fund Ramer Fund

Michael and Ida Hoffman Family Fund


Emil & Mali Kriegler Memorial Fund

Greater Danbury Endowment Fund

A. George Lindquist Fund


M.& F. Foundation Advise Fund

Greater Danbury Endowment Fund

Maddever-Harrison Fund

(See the Ridgefield Community Foundation

Ann Adams Mandeville Fund Masonic Family Fund N.M.K.M. Fund #2 Herbert and Margaret Renert Fund Willard H. Sahloff Fund

Five Town Endowment Fund


Five Town Endowment Fund Elizabeth Bissell Northcross Fund


*Established in FY13

Remington Products Inc. Fund


Murray R. Glass Fund


Five Town Endowment Fund

Miriam and Elizabeth Kriegler Memorial Fund

Ginny Yurch Memorial Fund

Remington Products Inc. Fund

Julia C. Palmer Fund

Earle G. & Betty M. Anderson Fund

Jeanne C. Gerber Memorial Fund

Julia C. Palmer Fund

Gota M. Norell Fund

Arthur Clifford Fund

Timothy Fund

Raymond J. and Veronica O’Connor Fund

Trumbull Community Trust Fund


Julia C. Palmer Fund

R. Ward Chapman Fund

Gota M. Norell Fund

Greater Bridgeport Community Impact Fund

Carl B. & Marian C. Adolphson Memorial Fund

Philip H. & Cecelia K. Burdett Fund

Miriam and Elizabeth Kriegler Memorial Fund

Greater Danbury Endowment Fund

Miriam and Elizabeth Kriegler Memorial Fund

William & Margaret Buckens Fund



Bridgeport Rotary Club Memorial

David H. & Theresa L. Bresky Fund

Stamford Endowment Fund


Greater Bridgeport Community Impact Fund

John M. Berkowitz Fund

Mac Cart Fund

Greater Danbury Endowment Fund


Greater Bridgeport Community Impact Fund

Greater Danbury Endowment Fund

Fund under Donor Advised Funds)

DESIGNATED FUNDS A Designated fund is ideal when you want to support a specific nonprofit organization in perpetuity. You may name one or more organizations to receive annual grants from your fund. If a designated organization dissolves or changes its purpose, the Community Foundation ensures your original charitable objectives are continued. 3030 Park Grants-in-Aid Fund R & E Aiello Fund Ann’s Fund Aaron S. Avery Fund Baldwin Fund Edward F. Bodine Fund Bridgeport Learn Not To Burn Bridgeport Public Education Endowment Fund Bridgeport Rotary Club Endowment Fund William and Philip Carlson Fund Fund for the Center for Global Studies Sally Dickson Fund


Richard O. Dietrich Fund

Greater Bridgeport Community Impact Fund

Gellatly Family Fund

ETRA Health Fund

Norman Schaff, Jr. Memorial Fund

Miriam and Elizabeth Kriegler Memorial Fund

A Gift for Bridgeport Children

Schwerdtle Family Fund

Gota M. Norell Fund

Frederick B. Silliman Memorial Fund

Julia C. Palmer Fund

Sam M. and Pauline Golden Fund

William S. Simpson Fund

Remington Products Inc. Fund

Girl Scout Campership Endowment Christian I. & Hilma A. Gravesen Memorial Fund Greenwich Board of Education Fund



FUNDS OF THE FOUNDATION continued Anastasia P. and Peter S. Hardy Fund Percy C.K. & Edna Morgan Harrison Fund Hawley Memorial Trumbull Library Fund Charles M. Herbert Barnum Festival Seymour I. Hollander Fund Invest in Fairfield County Fund** Sanford D. Katz Fund Robert G. & Jean D. Lee Fund Byron S. Lindley Memorial Fund Lord Fund Arthur and Gladys Lunin Funds to benefit:

Ahlbin Center

American Cancer Society

American Health Assistance Foundation

American Joint Jewish Distribution Committee

American ORT

Anti Defamation League of B’Nai Brith

Arthritis Association

Heritage Institution of Ellis Island


Jerusalem Foundation

Jewish Community Center

Jewish Federation of Greater Bridgeport

Juvenile Diabetes Foundation

Kennedy Center, Inc.

Kids in Crisis

Arthur and Gladys Lunin Youth Funds to benefit:

Congregation B’Nai Israel

Jewish Community Center

Stephen Lyman/Greenwich Workshop Wilderness Fund Marjorie and Mabel Fund Rocio Garces Martinez Fund Robert and Sophia Mitchell Memorial Fund

ORGANIZATION ENDOWMENT FUNDS A nonprofit can establish an Organization Endowment fund to create a stable financial future. When an organization establishes a fund it becomes part of the Community Foundation’s investment pool, and benefits from robust investment diversification and economies of scale. The fund is stewarded for the long-term needs of the organization with oversight by the Foundation’s Investment Committee and Board of Directors. The organizations’ donors are assured that assets are held separately from its operating fund. The Community Foundation handles all administrative responsibilities, including regulatory reporting, ensuring compliance and freeing the organization to pursue its charitable mission.

William H. Moffitt, IV Cultural Arts Fund


Edward J. Morgan Fund

Barnum Festival Fund

June & Rachel Muhs Fund

The Beth El Cemetery Association Endowment Fund

Leo Nevas Memorial Fund established by the Newman’s Own Foundation Norwalk Senior Center Community Lunch Fund Norman King & Laura Eales Parsells Fund Phillips/Lansdale Fund Elizabeth M. Pfriem Fund Dr. Charles E. Reed Fund Amy Louise Rich Memorial Fund

Bridgeport Rotary Community Service Endowment Fund Greater Bridgeport Symphony Endowment Fund The Jane Norgren CLC Fund for Children Dr. Robert B. Cooper Fund Council of Churches Community Endowment Fund

Kay and Ed See Fund

Domestic Violence Crisis Center Endowment Fund*

Jeff Shoup Memorial Fund

The Domus Fund

Theodore B. Smart Fund

Pat Hart Scholarship Endowment Fund/ Neighborhood Studios of Fairfield County Endowment Fund

Stratford Jaycees Community Fund Weston Lacrosse Club-Paul Scheufele Endowment Fund Thomas Berry Willson Memorial Fund W.I.N-W.I.N Fund **Includes contributions from funds established by Elizabeth Farman, Russell Frost III, Ralph Sheffer, and Ruth and Albert Sims and gifts from the Perrin Foundation, Edgar See and Constance Scanley

Wilda Morgan Hayes Fund Mercy Learning Center Fund Norwalk Symphony Endowment Fund Person to Person Reserve Fund Person to Person Endowment Fund Ridgefield Community Center Endowment Fund Ridgefield Community Foundation Endowment Fund School Volunteer Association of Bridgeport- Alan E. Gustafson Memorial United Way Endowment Fund United Way of Coastal Fairfield County Endowment Ettlinger Fund VNA Corporations, Inc.-VNS of CT



Hospice Free Support Fund Y.M.C.A. Endowment Funds

Alpha Community Service YMCA Fund

Camp Hi Rock Endowment Fund

George T. Hewlett Fund

William S. Valentine Fund

Y.M.C.A. of Greater Bridgeport Fund

*Established in FY13

SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS These funds support the educational advancement of students based on criteria of your choice. Scholarships often memorialize a loved one, or honor a special person or milestone. Maurice W. Anderson Memorial Scholarship Fund Charlotte Aquino Nursing Scholarship Fund Aspblom-Graham Nursing Scholarship Fund Ernest J. Badillo Scholarship Fund Elizabeth Bigelow Ballard Fund Barquin-Bullard-Thompson ABCD Scholarship Fund Nancy E. Barrelle Memorial Scholarship Fund Arthur C. Bass Memorial Fund/Les Treize IV Nancy J. Bassett Oncology Scholarship Fund John P. Bassett Scholarship Fund Florence Batchelder Scholarship Fund of Class of CHS ’31 Edward R. Bernstein Memorial Scholarship Fund Bethany Congregational Church Scholarship Richard P. Bodine, Sr. Scholarship Walter Breslav, Jr. Scholarship Fund Brooklawn Country Club Caddie Scholarship Fund Robert W. Brown Scholarship Fund Cecelia K. Burdett/V.N.S. of CT, Inc. Scholarship Fund Wilson R. Burns Scholarship Fund May Camp & Webster Upson Walker Scholarship Fund Thomas E. Carroll Fund Chiota Family Scholarship Fund Christopher Chute Memorial Sportsman’s Award Fund Raymond E. Clafin Memorial Scholarship Fund Megan Cobbledick & Jason Kern Fund The Paul Corwel Fund Edward J. Crotty Scholarship Fund Leona Bedient Crouchley and Charles D. Crouchley, Jr. Scholarship Fund Mario D’Addario Scholarship Fund Charles A. and Eleanor Naylor Dana Scholarship Fund DeBlasio/Christopher Scholarship Fund The Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation Scholarship Fund*

Richard DiSalvo Scholarship Fund Pastor Shearon Dudley Memorial Scholarship Fund Ulysses J. Dunne & Ulysses J. Dunne, Jr. Scholarship Fund Edward A. Dworken Memorial Foundation, Inc. Dworken Family Fund

Ralph McIntosh, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund Frank J. McKee Scholarship Fund Meadow Ridge Scholarship Fund Amanda Martin Meloy Career Choices Scholarship Fund Charles J. Merritt, Jr. & Virginia B. Merritt Fund

Dr. Frank G. and Edith B. Elliott Scholarship Fund

Peg and Paul Mortell Scholarship Fund

Nicholas & Anne Nagy Fabian Scholarship Fund

Jack and Roselyn Goloff Nowitz Musical Scholarship Fund

Fairfield High School Scholarship Foundation Joseph R. Farkas Sr., Engineering Scholarship Fund

Theodor Muller Scholarship Fund

Frederick W. Nowlan Fund Helen F. Nowlan Trust Fund Eliza Oliver Memorial Scholarship Fund

Peter Fedorko Scholarship Fund

Oristano Foundation Fund

Victor M. Ferrante, Sr. Memorial Fund

Aurora Owens Scholarship Fund for The Creative Arts*

F.H.S. Class of ’41 Fund The Marion and Joseph Fullin Scholarship Fund

Patterson Scholarship Fund* P.C.H. Medical Staff Scholarship Fund

St. Gabriel School Scholarship/Financial Aid Fund

E. Cortright & Nancy Phillips Scholarship Fund

Thomas J. Gardella Memorial Scholarship Fund

Julia Peyton Phillips Scholarship Fund

Phyllis S. Garrison Scholarship Fund

Edward Pickerstein Memorial Scholarship Fund

GBAF Scholarship Fund

Caesar Pina Fund

June Goodman Scholarship Fund

George E. Pipkin, Jr. Scholarship

Greater Bridgeport Bar Association Scholarship Fund

Helen Redding Scholarship Fund

Peter Hanson Memorial Award for Humanity

Kay and Louis Samotus Scholarship

Peter Hanson Social Justice Scholarship Fund William L. Hawkins Scholarship Fund Edward C. Hawley Scholarship Fund Health Related Studies Scholarship Housing Authority of the City of Bridgeport Scholarship Fund I Housing Authority of the City of Bridgeport Scholarship Fund ll I Have a Dream of Norwalk, Inc. Scholarship Fund Olga and Dimitri Jankowich Fund Eugene and Betty Jones Engineering Scholarship for Minorities Kindergarten to College Collaboration Scholarship Fund

Marcy Sallick Scholarship Fund Marion Sanford Scholarship Fund Senator ALJ Scanzillo Scholarship Fund Richard K. Schmidt Aquarion Science Scholarship Fund Schofield-Blauvelt Scholarship Fund Sumner Simpson Scholarship Fund William E. Smith Scholarship Fund Sonneborn Scholarship Fund Spanish Merchants Association Scholarship Fund Ralph B.and Charlotte G. Sperry Fund Stamford High School Class of 1951 Scholarship Fund William E. Stratford Memorial Fund, Boys’ Club & Girls’ Club of Bridgeport, Inc. Margaret F. Taylor Scholarship Fund

Edward R. Kasparek Memorial Fund

Karen Telickey Scholarship Fund

Agnes W. and Ernest W. Kaulbach Fund

J. Richard Tiano Memorial Scholarship Fund

Julia Keefe Scholarship Fund Jeff Keith Scholarship Fund The Andrew E. Lange Memorial Science Scholarship Fund Mickey Lione Jr. Scholarship Fund Mickey Lione Jr. Scholarship at Trinity Catholic High School Fund Irving Loeb Kornblut Award Dorothy Weitzner Kornblut Scholarship Fund L’Ambiance Scholarship Fund LA DANZA Scholarship Fund Leonhardt Scholars Program Fund Les Treize Scholarship Fund I Les Treize Scholarship Fund II

James E. Tisdale Memorial Scholarship Fund Jettie Tisdale Scholarship Fund John T. and Violet Totilas Memorial Scholarship Fund Ernest and Joan Trefz Scholarship Fund Helen Varaljai Memorial Scholarship Fund Leroy Vaughn Scholarship Fund Lt. Robert W. Vogel, USN Memorial Scholarship Fund Magnus Wahlstrom Leadership Award Fund WHHS Class of 1948 Award Fund

Les Treize Scholarship Fund III

William Wolper School and/or Community Service Award Fund

Bruce G. Lockhart Scholarship Fund

Emanuel Zimmer Scholarship Fund

Arthur Lunin Learn A Trade Fund

*Established in FY13

Maccalla Family Trust Les Treize Fund Bertram and Sally MacMannis Scholarship Fund Margret McDonald and Lucy Blood Memorial Scholarship Fund

Greetings from Jessica Barragan

Two years ago, you met Jessica Barragan, the 23rd student to receive a four-year Magnus Wahlstrom Leadership Award scholarship. She was the Class of 2011 valedictorian at Stratford High School. Her mother often worked four jobs to support her family. Jessica is now a junior at Cornell University. She is a double major in Government and Sociology, and double minoring in Law & Society and Inequality Studies. This is her Spring 2013 update: My sophomore year began with the IvyChina Research, Mentorship and Exchange program in Beijing, Shanghai and Jinan. It was amazing to be immersed in a foreign culture alongside talented Ivy League student leaders. Back on campus, I secured a job at the Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives Community Development and Social Justice program, and joined Cornell’s pre-law fraternity, Kappa Alpha Pi. For spring break, I traveled to Panama with Cornell’s Global Law and Human Rights Brigade. I gave legal advice to families in impoverished communities, and shadowed lawyers who consulted with community members. This experience solidified my decision to dedicate my career to law and human rights advocacy. I secured a summer research position at the Avon Global Center for Women and Justice, which works to eliminate violence against women and girls. None of this would be possible without the Community Foundation and the Magnus Wahlstrom Scholarship. Thank you! The annual Magnus Wahlstrom Leadership Award provides students from Greater Bridgeport with four years of generous college assistance for tuition, room and board, textbooks and supplies. The fund was established in 1990 to honor Magnus Wahlstrom. Mr. Wahlstrom left his native Sweden in 1923, settled in Bridgeport, invented a high-speed drilling machine and co-founded Bridgeport Machines, Inc.




“When I came to the FCCF with the idea of starting a Social Venture Partners chapter here in Connecticut, they didn’t just encourage me— they jumped in with both feet. The Foundation’s staff helped me with everything from introductions to potential members of our group to helping identify and screen our first crop of Investees. I consider FCCF to be a co-founder of SVP Connecticut, and couldn’t have started it without their support and involvement.”

GREENWICH SCHOLARSHIP ASSOCIATION For scholarships available to Greenwich students, the Community Foundation works with the Greenwich Scholarship Association. Volunteers gather, review and process applications, then award scholarships to graduating students in Greenwich. The GSA selects recipients for scholarships from these funds:


Marjorie and Joseph Fullin Scholarship Committee

The Foundation appreciates these hardworking volunteers who invest hundreds of hours in reviewing scholarship applications:

Walter A. Flynn Jr., Esq.

Greater Bridgeport Area Scholarship Committee Carrie Allen Kristen Clyne-Hamitouche Joan Cummings Stella Dennis Patricia Hennessy Kate Kelly, MSW

Kathryn Nied

Greater Bridgeport Bar Association Scholarship Committee Leopold P. De Fusco, Esq. Kathleen Dunne, Esq. Edward McCreery, Esq. Adam S. Mocciolo, Esq. Maureen Williams, Esq.

Les Treize Scholarship Committee Elene Crosby

Agnes Lewis

Mildred Flowers

Beth McDonald

Rev. Carolyn M. Rogers

Janice Miles Dunn

Eunice Sanderlin

Doris Schwarz

Deborah Tisdale

Nora Spaulding

Karen Turman

Michael Jon Greenberg Memorial Fund

Kimberly Tenn Ford

Sheila T. Watts

Dr. & Mrs. William Hennigar Scholarship Fund

Patricia White

Dorothy Woodson

Tara Whalen

Roshelley Woodson

Hopetown Scholarship Fund

Edna Wilson, EdD

Charles W. Jensen, III, DMD Memorial Fund

Barbara Young

Allan Kitchel Jr. Memorial Fund

Greenwich Scholarship Association Board of Directors

Jane C. Bausman Memorial Fund Justin Scott Brown Memorial Fund Susannah Chase Memorial Fund Tod Clonan Scholarship Fund

Lyman/Reynolds Fund Elizabeth Matthews Memorial Scholarship Fund Nancy J. Michaud Fund Brett M. Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mickey Lione, Jr. Scholarship Committee Stephen Bedosky Anne Burke Piotrzkowski

Eryn Ament Bingle

Frederick F. Farina Jr.

Anne Bourne

Deborah Lione

Judy Chapman

Martha Moxley Memorial Scholarship Fund

William Dylewsky

Ralph MacIntosh, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Committee

Lee Fletcher

Jean B. Bieluczyk

Wataru John Narita Memorial Fund

Marie J. Hertzig

Hugh A. Burrell, Esq.

Osgood Lichty Scholarship Fund

Barbara Hindman

Laura Gallagher

Sunny Hill Children’s Center Fund

Catherine Holden

Ralph MacIntosh Jr.

Charlton Trust Fund

Rob Janelli

Matthew Yee Scholarship Fund

Allan Jay

Michelle Yee Memorial Scholarship Fund

Diane Keleher

Allison Coleman

Cindy Lindemeyer Jennifer Lynch Linda Miller Jennifer D. Port Ann Robb

— Don Kendall Weston

Katherine Sanford Adrianne Singer Geoffrey Thaw Dora Williams Linda Woods Chris Zadik Donna Zeale

Brooklawn County Club Caddie Scholarship Committee Robert T. Carney Ken Luczaj Patrick McCormack Rick Mellinger William Wallace

ETRA Health Fund Scholarship Committee Ross Hatfield Frederick Neupert S. Earl Shook


Erin Flynn, Esq.


Meadow Ridge Scholarship Selection Committee Marjorie Beinfield Virginia Crawford Judith Hamer, PhD Barbara Kos Bea Mangin Betty Woodman

Patterson Scholarship Committee Tim Carroll Sean Duffy Lynn Eckert Ramsey Goodrich Pat Keane Barbara Omohundro

UNICO Bridgeport Chapter Scholarship Committee Angela Baril Deacon Daniel J. Ianniello Anthony Luongo Joseph Vincenzi Perry Vincenzi




14% When you give to a discretionary fund, your gift goes to where it is most needed within Fairfield County. Many compassionate people include a gift to our discretionary funds as a part of their total charitable giving.

Some leave a gift in their will or estate plan.

You can contribute cash, securities, a retirement account, life insurance or other assets. Please see page 25 for a list of discretionary funds.

The following grants from discretionary funds were awarded in fiscal 2013, thanks to visionary people like you.

3% 28%

$2.27 MILLION IN GRANTS from Discretionary & Field of Interest Funds



■ Education and Youth Development ■ Economic Opportunity ■ Fund for Women and Girls ■ Health and Human Services ■ Arts and Culture ■ Environment ■ Strengthening Nonprofits

$ 640,369 $ 472,000 $ 438,630 $ 322,299 $ 244,700 $ 80,000 $ 69,036

HOW DISCRETIONARY GRANTS ARE AWARDED Grants are awarded through a competitive process. Nonprofits working in our priority areas are invited to submit a letter of inquiry. Letters are reviewed, and we follow up to learn more about the proposed project. When the project fits our grantmaking priorities, we ask for a full proposal. Grant application guidelines are posted on We gratefully acknowledge the generous grant from the Frederick H. Leonhardt Fund in the New York Community Trust, which significantly enhances our discretionary grantmaking. We are indebted to the generous support of Anne S. Leonhardt.




Education & Youth Development $640,369 Boston Foundation, Street Safe Boston

Boys & Girls Club of Stamford, Stamford Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition, Bridgeport Bridgeport Public Education Fund, Bridgeport Bridgeport YMCA-Central Connecticut Coast YMCA, Bridgeport

Education Connection, Sandy Hook Family & Children’s Agency, Norwalk Fox Run Elementary School, Norwalk George Washington Carver Center, Norwalk Hall Neighborhood House, Bridgeport Horizons at Sacred Heart University, Bridgeport Horizons Student Enrichment Program, Greens Farms Horizons Student Enrichment Program, New Canaan

Cardinal Shehan Center, Bridgeport

Lakewood-Trumbull YMCA, Trumbull

Connecticut News Project, Hartford

Maritime Aquarium, Norwalk

Connecticut Voices for Children, New Haven

McGivney Community Center, Bridgeport

Connecticut Center for School Change, Hartford

Neighborhood Studios of Fairfield County, Bridgeport

Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance, Hartford

Norwalk Education Foundation, Norwalk

Creative Youth Productions, Bridgeport

Norwalk Housing Foundation, Norwalk

Danbury Youth Services, Danbury

Regional YMCA of Western Connecticut, Greater Danbury

Domus Foundation, Stamford

School Volunteer Association, Bridgeport South End Community Center, Stratford

Down periscope! Children and teens explored innovations from personal submarines to 3D printing, generating electricity and more at the Westport Mini Maker Faire. Hands-on exposure to crafts and contraptions makes science, technology, engineering and math cool – skills needed to drive the economy into the future.

Southern Connecticut State University Foundation, New Haven Stamford Achieves, Stamford Stepping Stones Museum for Children, Norwalk Sterling House, Stratford Wakeman Boys & Girls Club, Bridgeport and Fairfield Westport Maker Faire, Westport Winning Plays, Regional

Economic Opportunity $472,000

Catholic Charities of Fairfield County, Danbury Connecticut Association for Human Services, Regional Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness, Regional Housing Development Fund, Regional Inspirica, Stamford International Institute of Connecticut, Bridgeport Local Initiatives Support Corporation, Connecticut, Regional Norwalk Community College Foundation, Regional Neighbors Link, Stamford One Region Fund-New York Community Trust, Regional Operation Hope, Fairfield Partnership for Strong Communities, Regional Regional Plan Association, Regional Southwestern Connecticut Area Agency on Aging, Greater Bridgeport The Workplace, Inc., Regional



Fund for Women and Girls $438,630 All Our Kin, Bridgeport, Norwalk

Center for Women and Families, Greater Bridgeport Chelsea Piers Scholarship Fund, Lower Fairfield County Domestic Violence Crisis Center, Regional Domus Foundation, Stamford Family and Children’s Agency, Norwalk FSW, Inc., Greater Bridgeport Girl Scouts of Connecticut, Regional Norwalk Community College Foundation, Regional Regional Youth and Adults Social Action Partnership (RYASAP), Greater Bridgeport Sexual Assault Crisis and Education Center, Stamford TBICO, Greater Danbury Wakeman Boys & Girls Club, Bridgeport Women’s Business Development Council, Regional Women’s Center of Greater Danbury, Greater Danbury YWCA of Greenwich, Greenwich

Health & Human Services $322,299 Ability Beyond Disability, Greater Danbury

American Red Cross-Mid-Fairfield County Chapter, Norwalk AmeriCares Free Clinics, Bridgeport Community Plates, Regional Connecticut Food Bank, Stamford

Teenage girls from 10 Bridgeport high schools—of different races, grades, sexual orientations, faiths and income levels—come together for Finding Your Voice. They identify, discuss and address shared problems. They explore making healthy decisions and setting goals. They learn to initiate positive change in their lives. The program is run by RYASAP.

Domestic Violence Crisis Center, Regional ElderHouse, Norwalk Family Centers, Stamford Human Services Council, Norwalk Kids in Crisis, Sandy Hook Laurel House, Stamford Liberation Programs, Regional Newtown Youth and Family Services, Sandy Hook Norwalk Hospital Foundation, Norwalk Norwalk Senior Center, Norwalk Person To Person, Darien, Stamford and Norwalk Positive Directions, Westport Recovery Network of Programs, Greater Bridgeport STAR, Inc., Norwalk United Way of Western Connecticut, Danbury




Over nine weeks, 45 Bridgeport students discovered their own city’s architectural gems, including The Arcade. These peer docents were guided by the Housatonic Museum of Art, part of Housatonic Community College. At the end of the program, the students became the experts, leading guided tours of their city to fellow classmates.

Arts & Culture $244,700

Ballet School of Stamford, Stamford Barnum Museum Foundation, Bridgeport Bridgeport Regional Business Council, Bridgeport City Lights and Company, Bridgeport Connecticut Beardsley Zoo, Bridgeport Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County, Regional Fairfield Museum & History Center, Fairfield Franklin Street Works, Stamford Greater Bridgeport Symphony, Greater Bridgeport Greater Bridgeport Youth Orchestras, Greater Bridgeport Housatonic Community College Museum of Art, Bridgeport Lockwood-Mathews Mansion, Norwalk Stamford Center for the Arts, Stamford Stamford Symphony, Stamford Westport Arts Center, Westport Westport Country Playhouse, Regional Wilton Historical Society, Wilton

Environment $80,000

Connecticut Land Conservation Council, Regional Connecticut Fund for the Environment, Regional Earthplace, Westport Keep Stamford Beautiful, Stamford National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Regional Stamford Garden Club, Stamford

Strengthening Nonprofits $69,036

Burroughs Community Center, Bridgeport

Partnership for Strong Communities, Hartford Technology Solutions for Nonprofits, Regional United Way of Western Connecticut, Stamford

None of these grants are possible without you. Thank you.



GOVERNANCE AND COMMITTEES Board members (L-R), Front: Sheila Perrin, Jacqueline Millan, John Freeman, Janet Lebovitz, John Bailey*, Steven Wolff, Abelardo Curdumi, Katharine Welling, John Chiota, Ron Noren, Lizanne Megrue, Greg Hartch*, Amy Downer Rear: Janet Steinmayer , Gary Kraut, Bruce Hubler, Jonathan Moffly, Suzette Recinos, Eileen Swerdlick, Vicki Craver Not pictured: Ed Barksdale, Mary-Jane Foster, Martin McCann, Elisabeth Morten*, Peter Mott *Joined board in FY14

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Sheila A. Perrin, North Salem, NY, Chair Edgar W. Barksdale Jr., Darien John P. Chiota, Trumbull Vicki Craver, Riverside Abelardo S. Curdumi, Old Greenwich Amy Chan Downer, Stamford John Freeman, Redding Mary-Jane Foster, Bridgeport Bruce A. Hubler, Bridgeport Gary A. Kraut, Greenwich La Tanya Langley, Norwalk Janet L. Lebovitz, New Canaan Maureen Linder, Fairfield Martin L. McCann, Trumbull Lizanne C. Megrue, Norwalk Jacqueline R. Millan, Ridgefield Jonathan Moffly, Weston Peter T. Mott, Fairfield Ronald B. Noren, Easton M. Suzette Recinos, Norwalk Janet Steinmayer, Old Greenwich Eileen L. Swerdlick, Stamford Katharine H. Welling, Wilton Steven A. Wolff, Fairfield

Emeritus Directors Edwin A. Bescherer Jr., Wilton Wilmot L. Harris Jr., Greenwich Edward E. Harrison*, Fairfield Harold Howe Jr., South Kent Ann S. Mandel, Darien Janice Park*, Bridgeport *We lost these friends this year

Officers and Executive Committee Sheila A. Perrin, Chair Vicki Craver, Vice-Chair Ronald B. Noren, Treasurer John P. Chiota, Secretary Edgard W. Barksdale Jr. Bruce A. Hubler Gary A. Kraut Lizanne C. Megrue Katharine H. Welling Steven A. Wolff


Arts and Culture Steven A. Wolff, Chair Elizabeth Fath Elisabeth Morten Karen Royce Vivien White

Audit John P. Chiota, Chair Edwin A. Bescherer Jr. Ralph L. DePanfilis, CPA



Katharine H. Welling, Chair Vicki Craver Mary-Jane Foster Bruce A. Hubler Janet L. Lebovitz Maureen Linder Jacqueline R. Millan Jonathan Moffly Peter T. Mott

Ronald B. Noren, Chair Edgar W. Barksdale Jr. Edwin A. Bescherer Jr. Abelardo S. Curdumi John Freeman Bruce A. Hubler Martin L. McCann Janet Steinmayer

Economic Opportunity/ Health and Human Services Mary-Jane Foster, Chair Bruce A. Hubler Gary A. Kraut Joseph McGee Jacqueline Millan Ed Rodriguez

Education and Youth Development Eileen L. Swerdlick, Chair Cecilie Jedlicka Marianna McCall M. Suzette Recinos


Governance Lizanne C. Megrue, Chair Vicki Craver Eileen L. Swerdlick Steven A. Wolff

Investment Edgar W. Barksdale Jr., Chair John C. Bailey Edwin A. Bescherer Jr. Christopher D. Brown Amy J. Gillis Charles W.K. Haberstroh Greg Hartch Allan V. Jay III, CFP William R. Knobloch Gary A. Kraut Dr. Arnold D. Pearlstone David J. Sullivan III John A. Vaccaro

Martin McCann, Chair John Freeman Robin Graham Arthur Selkowitz



GOVERNANCE AND COMMITTEES continued FUND FOR WOMEN AND GIRLS New! First Annual Girls Symposium Over 200 nonprofit leaders, experts in girls issues, funders, and individuals came together to learn how to help girls navigate a world with cyberbullying, dating violence, eating disorders, STDs and other threats that can destroy their adolescence and derail their futures. Rachel Simmons, the New York Times bestselling author, was the keynote speaker.



Honorary Members

Amy Chan Downer, Co-Chair Janet Lebovitz, Co-Chair Patti Brown Vicki Craver Mary Lee Kiernan Lindsay Ormsby Lindsay Reimers Katharine H. Welling

Lucy Ball Kaye Barker Edgar Barksdale Jr. Nancy Brown Andrea Cross Mary-Jane Foster Mika Frechette Frosty Friedman Marty Gilbert Beth Golden Julie Graham Wilmot Harris Jr. Helen Jaffe Juanita James Sally Lawrence Anne Leonhardt Barbara Leonhardt Ann S. Mandel Sue Mandel Lizanne Megrue Virginia Meyer Jody Osborn Lynne Pasculano Sheila Perrin Marianne Pollak Kathy Sachs Ann Sheffer Charlotte Suhler Eileen Swerdlick Ellen Tower Peggy Van Munching Mary Waldron

Katharine Mountcastle Joan Warburg

Program Lindsay Ormsby, Co-Chair Patti Brown, Co-Chair Cheri Amado Annie Burleigh Cordy Kelly Barbara Morris Sandy Nielsen-Baumann Kate Osman Eileen Rice Maya Tichio


Honorary Chair Sue Mandel

Community Chairs Courtnay Arpano Nancy Brewer Laurie Doherty Cordy Kelly Karen Knapp Sally Lawrence Marianne Pollak Eileen Rice

Highlights from the Luncheon for the Fund for Women and Girls Dr. Madeleine Albright electrified a sold-out crowd with her keynote speech. “Early Believers” were honored for their leadership and support when the Fund was founded 15 years ago. Chef Neena Perez moved supporters to tears as she thanked them for helping her graduate from Norwalk Community College’s Food and Restaurant Management Program and earn a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management from Monroe College. She has founded and runs two businesses. Several years ago, she and her children had lost everything and became homeless. The Fund for Women and Girls Family Economic Security Program helped her transform her life.


Clockwise: Dr. Madeleine Albright with Fund co-chairs Amy Downer and Janet Lebovitz (L-R) Some of the Early Believers: Kaye Barker, Ann Mandel, Mary-Jane Foster, Charlotte Suhler, Patricia Phillips, Fran Pastore, Marion Schmeelk, Marianne Pollak Chef Neena Perez



COUNCILS, ADVISORS Our Professional Advisors Council is a voluntary group of legal and financial professionals. These members help their clients engage in strategic philanthropy, and assist the Foundation with their expertise, guidance and referrals. Peter T. Mott, Esq., Chair Brody Wilkinson PC David F. Ball UBS Financial Services, Inc. Laura Weintraub Beck, Esq. Cummings & Lockwood LLC Deborah S. Breck, Esq. Pullman & Comley, LLC Catherine M. Brennan, Esq. Catherine M. Brennan Attorney at Law LLC Paul H. Burnham Gregory and Adams, P.C. Michael Cacace, Esq. Cacace, Tusch & Santagata Edward J. Capasse, Esq. Nevas, Capasse & Gerard, LLC Daniel L. Daniels, Esq. Wiggin and Dana LLP

Mary E. Hoyt, CPA Blum Shapiro Leonard Leader, Esq. Wiggin and Dana LLP John M. Leask II, CPA John M. Leask II CPA, LLC David T. Leibell, Esq. Wiggin and Dana LLP Steven Lerangis Wells Fargo Private Bank Patricia McDermott, CTFA Citi Private Bank Frank Moore UBS Financial Services, Inc. Loretta Nolan, CFP, AEP Loretta Nolan Associates, LLC

Carolina B. Fernandez Source Capital Group Richard S. Fisher, Esq. Nemchek & Poeschl Richard B. Freeman, CFP Round Table Services LLC W. Michael Funck National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship Leslie Grodd, Esq. Halloran & Sage LLP Wilmot L. Harris Jr., Esq. Ivey, Barnum & O’Mara, LLC Gregory A. Hayes, Esq. Day Pitney LLP Jevera Kaye Hennessey, Esq. Kaye and Hennessey, LLC David R. Hermenze, Esq. Hermenze & Marcantonio LLC Ellis A. Hiltz Ellis A. Hiltz & Associates

Jonathan Moffly, Chair, Weston Thomas C. Appleby, Norwalk

Ronald B. Noren, Esq. Brody Wilkinson PC

Lucy Ball, Darien

William J. Peterson Neuberger Berman

Nancy C. Brown, Greenwich

Gregory T. Rogers RayLign Advisory LLC Gregory A. Saum, Esq. The Law Office of Gregory A. Saum LLC Marc A. Silverman, CPA Mann & Company, CPA’s

Kaye E. Barker, Darien

Michael J. Critelli, Darien Laura Davis, Greenwich B. Cort Delany, Greenwich

Jesse Fink, Wilton W. Michael Funck, Riverside

Kevin A. Walsh, Esq. Whitman, Breed, Abbott & Morgan, LLC

Barry C. Hawkins, Bridgeport

Carl Zuckerberg, CFP, AIF Relyea Zuckerberg Hanson LLC

Wilmot L. Harris Jr., Greenwich

Per Heidenreich, Greenwich Mickey Herbert, Fairfield Peter Hurst, Bridgeport Thomas D. Lenci Jr., Bridgeport Peter Malkin, Greenwich

The Center for Nonprofit Excellence Advisory Board members provide guidance for the new Executive Leadership program.

Executive Office Juanita T. James President & CEO Alanna Morton Executive Assistant Program Karen R. Brown, MPA Vice President of Programs Alexis Bivens Program Director Nancy von Euler, MPA Program Director Elaine Mintz, MPA Director, Center for Nonprofit Excellence/ Program Director Arts and Culture Sharon Jones Program Administrative Assistant Fund for Women and Girls Suzanne B. Peters, MBA Vice President Tricia Hyacinth Manager Alex Quesada Administrative Assistant

Jeff F. Erdmann III, Greenwich

George L. Smith, Esq. Smith & Grant LLP

Amy L. Day, Esq. Day & Levy, LLC John J. Ferguson, Esq. Ferguson Cohen, LLP

The Advisory Council helps the Foundation accomplish its mission. Members live and work in cities and towns throughout the county, and have been selected for their community knowledge and strong interest in our mission.

Ann S. Mandel, Darien Sue Mandel, Greenwich Peter McSpadden, Stamford Robert Neiman, Stamford Ed Rodriguez, Stratford Gene J. Rubino, Stamford Everett M. Schenk, Stamford

Dan Levinson, Chair

Charlotte Suhler, Darien

Peter Baiardi

John A. Vaccaro, Weston

Deann Murphy

Thomas E. Vacheron, Fairfield

Donor Services & Development Fiona K. Hodgson Vice President of Development and Marketing Kristy Jelenik Development Manager Carole Schwartz Manager of Corporate and Foundation Relations Madeleine G. Thal Donor Services Manager and Scholarship Administrator Christa Chu, MPA Donor Services Associate Alison Riith Knowledge Associate Communications & Marketing Sallie Mitchell Communications Director Jeff Yates Communications Manager Finance Joseph R. Baker, MBA Vice President, Finance and Administration Curline Bell Finance Associate Lalatiana Randretsanilo Development and Finance Assistant Sonia Rivera Finance Assistant Human Resources and Administration Lauren Cross Director of HR and Administration Marie Pronesti, Office Administrator



FINANCIAL REVIEW Each fund established at the Community Foundation reflects a trust in our ability to invest resources wisely.

FISCAL 2013 IN REVIEW JULY 1, 2012 - JUNE 30, 2013






Including $745,808 in scholarships

Investment Philosophy The Community Foundation seeks to safeguard assets entrusted to us, and, at the same time, generate total return for awarding grants. These criteria dictate our investment philosophy: • We place primary emphasis on preserving asset purchasing power through investment growth and total return • We expect moderate growth of principal and total return, consistent with maintaining safety of principal, and • The Investment Committee focuses on asset allocation among equity, debt and other investment opportunities. It seeks a return in line with the Community Foundation’s spending policy as it relates to long-term grantmaking goals. To access the FY13 independent auditor’s report and Fairfield County Community Foundation’s IRS Form 990, visit




Includes inter-fund transfers




million million

net of expenses


$215,680 $157.3





■ Donor Advised* ■ Discretionary ■ Field of Interest ■ Scholarship ■ Donor Designated ■ Agency Endowments

$ 15.2 $ 1.4 $ 0.8 $ 0.6 $ 0.3 $ 0.3


$ 18.6

*Includes brokered grants


■ Donor Advised ■ Field of Interest ■ Discretionary ■ Donor Designated ■ Scholarship ■ Agency Endowments ■ Administration ■ Charitable Remainder Trusts

$ 68.7 $ 26.3 $ 20.8 $ 16.0 $ 15.5 $ 8.2 $ 1.6 $ 0.2


■ Large/Mid Cap Equity ■ Small Cap Equity ■ Non-U.S. Developed Equity ■ Non-U.S. Emerging Equity ■ Aggregate U.S. Bonds ■ Non-U.S. Bonds ■ Multi Strategy Hedge Funds ■ Long/Short Equity Hedge Funds ■ Private Equity ■ Direct Real Estate ■ Real Assets/Commodities ■ Cash and Equivalents



The Fable of the Magic Coin Purse (and why it matters to you)

ong, long ago,

a poor man in a poor village helped a traveling stranger. To thank him for his compassion, the stranger gave him a coin purse. “This is a magic purse,” the stranger said. “It will never run out of gold coins as long as you spend them to help others.” Indeed, it was true. The man helped his neighbors get through drought, famine, floods and other hardships, and the coin purse never ran out of gold coins. He built a school and hired a teacher, brought a doctor to the village, and bought horses and wagons so farmers and tradesmen could travel to sell their harvest and goods. The purse never emptied. The man died at a very old age, beloved by everyone in his now prosperous village. To this day, descendants of descendants of those he helped tell his story, and give away their own coins to help others.

Your gift can be like a magic coin purse. It allows you to help your community and support your favorite causes forever. It may even inspire others to do the same. To find out how you can give generously over time—and never run out of coins— visit or call Fiona Hodgson, Vice President of Development and Marketing, at 203.750.3200.

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FCCF 2013 Annual Report  

"Listening is the First Step" Fairfield County Community Foundation 2013 Annual Report