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Full blown evils

by Editorial desk

When Linda got into university, she became free from her parents’ control. It was her first time of taking her own decisions. In her bid to belong, she chose to keep pace with the trendiest girls on campus. She adjusted her clothes to be more tight fitting since that was what the campus social profile dictated. Her group of girls would go out on weekends, not home, but to some of the five-star hotels in the capital city where they sold their bodies for money to update their wardrobes and acquire the latest gadgets- smart fones and so on. With time, the social calendar became more important than the lecture timetable. Academic work suffered and needed to be supported by paying other students to write her term papers and also by flirting with lecturers for favor. She moved with people in the cult ring, so that drinking and drugs became part of her life. How easier it is to learn to do evil than good! Though nominal Christians, Linda’s parents never really invited Christ to be the head of their hearts nor home. They did not know the fear of God. By the time Linda was in her third year on campus, she and her friends had a “matron” who organized for them rented rooms in the hotel where they could receive their immoral customers away from public glare. One night, a middle aged man came and requested for a client from the “matron”. He was given Linda’s room number. He knocked and she opened the door. Wonders shall never end! The man shouted “what are you looking for?” Linda retorted, “It is late at night; you ought to be at home with Mom”. HORROR OF ALL HORRORS, it was Linda’s father!

Full blown evils  

They did not know the fear of God. by Editorial desk