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Lynette Salas Bachelor of Design | University of Florida-Gainesville

The following excerpt was written as a combination of Seal and Clerical Scripts, because it was written between the two phases. Seal Script has delicate, circular strokes, while Clerical has dramatic strokes with flare.



A Place to Sit: Activating an Interstitial Space UF School of Architecture, Gainesville, FL 10-hour Charrette Group Charrette with Emily Marvel and Jieun Jeong For this Charrette Design Students were asked to supplement the School of Architecture with costeffective solutions for one of the following issues: 1. lack of public/shared seating 2. dilapidated studio desks 3. lack of signage to direct incoming students and visitors Our group decided to activate a dead space between classrooms on the fourth floor of the architecture building. This interstitial space has a nice view of campus. In fact, many students sit on the floor of this space for studio breaks.


Below sections created by Emily Marvel

Above arrangment of cubes is for leisure or dining, while below arrangement is for final critique with cubes arranged against the presentation boards to display models.

We created a space that had two primary functions: 1. leisure/relaxation/dining space 2. lecture space Boards were mounted onto one of the walls for the lecture space and 4’ x 1’ rolling presentation boxes were placed perpendicular to the presentation wall to create a space for critiquing. A latticed wall made of resinite tubing registers with the presentation boxes to create another space for leisure. Cubes made of resinite tubing were also utilized for seating, tables, and/or display depending on the arrangement of the user. All drawings and renderings were created by Lynette Salas, except where noted.








Raumplan Analysis Model

Design 2

of manipulating light


Gallery, Plaza, Tower, and Occupiable Wall

Design 4

of articulating space, skin, and mood


A House in the Pines Design 5

of adapting to and highlighting different landscapes + climate of being myself


Tything + Trustee Lot

Design 6

of designing a skin that speaks volumes


Charleston Community Library Design 6

of designing in a historical urban context of thinking unconventionally


Revitalizing the Hudson Rail Yards Design 7

of designing in and for a dense urban context of applying theory to design of having conviction


URBAN TETRIS: Reading of a Sectional City Seminar

of visualizing and analyzing a city’s history, culture, past, present + future, and layers of development


Stitching the Fabric of Chen Lu Design 8

of developing an infrastructure according to a place’s needs of applying design to health, business and sociology


Chinese Calligraphy Spring ‘09

of creating a line full of richness of conveying passion in a single stroke


Pride in a Place Charrett Spring ‘09

of making cost-effective solutions to immediate needs of going with my gut


Lynette Salas (954) 261.4494 14917 SW 37th Street Davie, FL 33331 Sheridan Technical Center

May 2010

Certificate in Web Design

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University of Florida Bachelor of Design

May 2009

Minor in Business Administration

Florida State University

May 2006

General Education Requirements

Generative sketch for a lower-division landscape project.



Selected Undergraduate Works  
Selected Undergraduate Works  

My portfolio includes the work I designed at the University of Florida. Works include mostly upper division projects and projects from lowe...