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Lynden Family Physical Therapy What happens at a Physical Therapy visit? Evaluation: At your first visit, a Physical Therapist will evaluate your condition based on your history, physical measures, and special tests. A physical therapy diagnosis will be made and explained to you, goals will be set, and a treatment plan will be established. If a physician recommended your physical therapy, we will send a report to your physician summarizing your assessment, goals and plan. Every 30 days, we will update your physician with a report of your progress. Exercise: Almost every physical therapy visit involves exercise that is specifically designed for your diagnosis. Depending on your evaluation, your exercises will help to improve flexibility, strength, endurance, balance or coordination. Manual Therapy: Manual therapy is a general term for treatment using a therapist’s hands. This may include massage or joint mobilizations. The goals of manual therapy are to reduce pain, increase motion at a particular joint or relax muscles. Education: Physical therapy often involves education including how to complete your home exercise program and how to avoid re-injury. Vestibular rehabilitation: Vestibular rehabilitation involves improving your inner ear’s response to changes in position. These patients are frequently referred to our clinic due to vertigo or balance problems. ACL tear prevention: ACL tears are extremely common in high school aged athletes. The vast majority of these injuries are now thought to be preventable. Studies have shown a 400% decrease in the incidence of ACL tears using appropriate preventative measures. We are now able to predict and prevent most of these season ending injuries. Bracing/Orthotic fabrication: Orthotics can be a helpful tool in relieving pain and preventing dysfunction at the foot, ankle and knee. When appropriate, we assess and measure patients for orthotics to help control the body from the ground up. Graston: Graston Technique is a unique form of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization that allows for improved diagnosis and treatment of many difficult musculoskeletal conditions. Our staff is 100% Graston Technique certified.

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