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What are some of the conditions that might indicate my child should be seen by an orthodontist?

Why are my teeth wearing down on the surfaces and my fillings breaking? I also have jaw joint pain at times.

* Early or late loss of primary teeth

You may be grinding your teeth and have a condition called bruxism. About 15 percent of people have a habit of grinding their teeth or clenching their jaw. Most people do it in their sleep, so it often goes undetected until a family member hears the grinding sound or a dentist notices symptoms. Visit your dentist if you have symptoms and ask about having a night guard made to help this condition before it causes severe damage to the teeth.

* Difficulty in chewing or biting * Mouth breathing * Thumb or finger sucking * Crowded, misplaced, or impacted teeth * Improper fit of jaws * Biting cheeks or biting into the roof of the mouth


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How do I know if orthodontic treatment is needed? A lot of children need to see an orthodontist long before they need braces. Not all crowded teeth nor bite problems are obvious. Some conditions can cause future problems. All children should have an orthodontic evaluation at age seven. Complimentary consultations are provided.

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Can braces be placed on a child too early? Monitoring growth and development is an important component of orthodontics. Early treatment may be recommended to help reduce or eliminate complexities in the future. Sometimes children benefit from expanding devices or removal of primary teeth in conjunction with using space maintaining devices.


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