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Lynden Family Medicine When is my blood pressure too high? High blood pressure is a risk factor for strokes and heart attacks. For adults from 20 to 65 the top number (systolic) really should be below 135 mmHg. The bottom number (diastolic) should be under 85 mmHg. Can I lower my blood pressure without medicine? Lifestyle can influence blood pressures. Limiting salt in the diet, regular modest exercise and limiting the consumption of alcohol and caffeine can be helpful and should be tried. If blood pressures are repeatedly elevated, it is important to consult your health care provider regarding this risk factor.

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Lynden Family Medicine and Birch Bay Family Medicine are dedicated to meeting the medical needs of the north Whatcom County community. The Physicians are all Diplomats of the American Board of Family Medicine, and our Nurse Practitioners are nationally certified in the specialty of family medicine. As family physicians and practitioners, they serve people in several areas of expertise, including pregnancy care, women’s health care, health care for children, adult medicine, care of the elderly and minor surgery. We are two local clinics making community connections for compassionate and coordinated care. For more information about Family Care Network clinics and locations visit

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Birch Bay Family Medicine 8097 Harborview Rd., Blaine • (360) 371-5855

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Whatcom County Health Care Guide 2014