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Building & Remodeling

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Modem Visions is Fort Collins' Best Selling Book! Ray Martinez, Mayor of ~ort Collins, says, "This is the best way I know of for you to find out about our city. You'll learn a lot about how Fort Collins has grown up in the last half century.'' Phil Walker has been voted Fort Colli,ns' Best local Author every year since 1994. His newest book will help you understand how Fort Collins has grovyn up from a little town with nothing in 1950, to a big town with everything today.

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Building & Remodeling

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Annual 2001

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uilding & ernodeling MAGAZINE AND DIRECTORY

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On The Cover Bu il t in 1873, th e luxury Northern H ote l was co nsidered "the pea rl of Northern Co lo rado" an d, in its heyday, hosted fa mo us guests such as Fra nklin D. Rooseve lt and Jo hn Way ne. In 1936 the hote l was renovated in the popul ar art deco sty le. It is thi s art deco design that t he North ern w i ll m ain ta in durin g its current resto ratio n. Alliance Construction Solutions and Vaughtâ&#x20AC;˘ Frye Architects are the design tea m behin d the renovati on that w ill convert the upper floors of th e No rt hern in to 47 affo rd ab le o ne and two bed roo m apa rtm ents fo r se ni o rs. Th e f irst fl oor w i l l rema in reta il space w it h t he exq u isite lo bby ava il abl e fo r p ri vate eve nts suc h as wedd in gs . Shown in the fro nt lobby of the Nort hern Hote l are Clayton Schweri n, Pres ident and CEO of A ll iance Co nstru ctio n Solutio ns, the general contractor for the Northern renovatio n, Th eresa We rnimo nt, owner of Co lo rado Sash & Doo rs, a subcontracto r for the project, Bo Brown th e Seni or Proj ect Ma nage r in charge of the restorati o n, and Frank Vaug ht, ow ner of Va ughtâ&#x20AC;˘Frye A rc hi tect s, t he arch itects fo r th e p roject.

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Building Introduction A Place to Call Home The Great Room Commercial Appeal Thinking Big ... Bui lding Small Natural Stone: Bringing the Beauty of the Outdoors In

Remodeling Introduction living through Remodeling Creating Your Walls Discriminating Tastes

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Build ing & Remodeling Directory of Services Profiles: Builder of the Year, Gil Paben Calendar of Events

Restore & Restyle Remodeling the Bathroom Indoor Air Quality

Luxury condominium at Poudre Valley Plaza.

Photography by Rimrock Photography Hair and Make-up Design by Europa Colour Sa lon Spa

Home undergoing restoration by Delehoy Construction. Wall design by Sarah Strickland.

Great Room design by Brannen Construction.

Golfing. Sailing. Biking. Swimming. Fishing. Living at Water Valley is like living on a 700-acre playground. It's so much like a vacation resort you won't believe you can actually live here. With five lakes and a trail system that winds along the Poudre River, water sports are a way of life. And the new Pelican Lakes Golf and Country Club offers a championship course, pool and tennis court ..... aU in the WaterVaUey master planned community!

Part Playground Part Nature Preserve. AU Yours. This stunning community rests on both sides of the Poudre River as it winds through the heart of a spectacular natural setting. The river banks are home to a vast menagerie of waterfowl and wildlife. Pelicans, eagles, herons, deer and fox ... you can count them among your neighbors .

Estate Homes. Single-Family Homes. Patio Homes. Townhomes. Lake Front Homes. There's a home for every kind of buyer. Within the 1,200 acre development, homes range in price from the $I SO's to the $750's. So visit our playground and marvel at our nature. And remember... it's all yours for the taking!

Models Homes Are Open Today.

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in Windsor



Please note: Aerial view of Water Valley depicts completed south lakes at right. Tbis is an mtist's conception.


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e er

t has bee n four months since I started my journey to wellness, and, in the I have process, learned so mu ch about so many th ings. I have a ~I powe rful new faith in God, a new perspective on life, and an intense apprec iation fo r eac h fri end s, day. Famil y, acquaintances, love, kindness, hugs, and blue sk ies have all taken on new mea nings. The outpouri ng of love, encou ragemen t, di nners, visits, flowers, cards, e-mail s, and most important, prayers, have continu ed to humble me and bring me to tears. I have seen God's love shine through everyone, and I want to give back w hat I have received, A deep thanks to everyo ne w ho has reached out to me and my family with loving support. I look forward to good hea lth w hen my treatments are all behind me. Throughout this time, I have also been blessed w ith my Style M edi a Group staff taking over my business of publishing magazines in my absence. In fact, I'm proud to announ ce that our staff has grown. Gil Moon and Rosa lie Watkins have joined ou r advertising sa les team . Kim A lbrecht is our new adm inistrative assistant, and my dear husba nd, Ph il Walker has stepped in for me on many occas ions. M y creative and very competent team jumped right in and has done a fabulous job on th is issue. It is really terrific! The economy in Northern Colorado continues to be strong and coup led w ith the lower interest rates, bu il ding and remodeling continues at an astoni shing pace. Whether you are in the market for a new home, commercial property or remodeling an ex isting space, the variety of stories in this issue w ill help keep you informed about the latest in innovations and tips for making the process easier. From an overview on the building and remodeling processes in A Place to Call Home and Living Through Remodeling to un ique ideas for your wa ll s in Creating Your Wa lls, eac h story highlights a different aspect of building and remodeling. You can find out the newest ideas in bui lding a smaller abode in Thinking Big. ..Building Small and lea rn how to make your home a li ttle safer in Indoor Air Quality. We hope you enjoy this annual issue of the Building & Remodeling M agazine and Directory and look forwa rd to bringing you interesting and dynamic magaz ines in 200 1.



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Ready to Remodel?

Building Dear Readers,

Let your house lend a hand.

David Anastasio President, Home Builders Association of Northern Colorado Isn't it t ime to rep lace that wo rn shag carpet or those avocado appliances? Time to take o u t a

wall or add a bathroom? 1\1\ake your house do t he wo rk . W it h a home equity loan From First Natio na l Bank, y ou ca n bo rrow u p to

I 00% of the eq ui ty in y our home to pay for

Owning a home is and always has been the one thing that most people consider the most sought after and best example of the American Dream. A home, whether single family or multi-family, is a place where family ties are defined, pride of ownership in our community is seen and a feeling of security and comfort is provided for its residents. Nowhere else in the world do people enjoy such a high level of home ownership and Northern Colorado is a leader in the nation in creating this opportunity for the people who live here.

Now that the holiday season has passed we are starting to see more hours of daylight as we move closer to spring and warmer weather. It is this time of year that thoughts turn to our homes. It seems to start with a little yard work which leads to exterior fi~ up and ends up with that interior remodel project or room. 0 fier people make an entirely different decision about their current living situation and start to look for a brand new home.

imp rovements. A nd t he i.n te rest may be tax

Within this special Building & Remodeling edition of Style Magazine you will see many.. interesting articles and features that

deductible;' too!

Let Fi rs t Nation a l Ba nk s how y o u how to make you r house wo rk for you. Apply today by calling Loans by Phone at 495-1 244 a nd get a qu ic k respon se to your request.

I am proud to be a builder in our area and a member of the Home Builders Association of Northern Colorado which has so many excellent and qualified trade contractors, suppliers, t:emodelers, and new home builders.

First National Bank

Good luck with all of your R ojects. I hope that in 2001 you will have the most fun and rewarding project on your home that you have ever had.

Anything's Possible


970.495. 1244

will get your imaginations thinking about the possibilities for your own home. Also, mark your calendars for March 3rd & 4th for the Home & Remodel Show put on by the Home Builders Association. This promises to be the best show for new home and remodeling ideas in the area.


'"'"vw. l stnationalbank .com Or visit any of our six office locations

in Fort Collins and Loveland.




â&#x20AC;˘ Consult your tax advisor r~gard i ng interest drductibility .

Annual 2001

David Anastasi ABBCO Builders


Building & Remodeling

ou've looked at close to 1 00 homes and not one had


all the features you wa nted. You have lived in an ex istin g home and want your "stamp" on your next one. The on ly neighborhood you want to live in is all new co nstru ction . For a variety of reasons, in creas in g numbers of Northern Co loradans are choosing to build the ir hom e instead of buying an ex istin g stru cture. The process of bui lding your own home can range from euphori c to disastrous in a matter of minutes if you don't take the time to research th e builder and process you are about to undertake. If you are considerin g a new constru ction home severa l options are ava il ab le. The first approac h, and the most stress-free, is to buy a home that is based on the bu ilder's model plans. In many neighborhoods in Northern Colorado, a builder w ill offer a select number of house plans from w hi ch to choose from. If you are look ing for a more indiv idua lized approac h to home bui ld ing and your budget all ows it, hiring a custom builder may be the option for you. Many custom builders are utili zing the designbu ild approach to home building . This movement is sweep ing the country because it emphasizes a team app roac h to bu il ding that revo lves around the customer. Lastly, if you are interested in saving a sign ificant amount of money and have the time, you ca n co ntract to build your home yourself. The fastest and least stressfu l way to bui ld your new home is using a concept ca ll ed platfo rm bu il ding. In a nutshe ll, this is go ing to a neighborhood that spec iali zes in tract homes, choos ing a bu ilder and contracting you r home . This method of building helps to co nta in cost, is relative ly easy on the cli ent and ge nera ll y is faster than custom building. Builders of tract homes typical ly have a set number of plans ava il ab le in a predetermined neighborhood. The homes ava il ab le encompass the most popu lar attributes in the housing market. W ith the tastes of today, that often means soa rin g cei lings, ope n plans and five p iece baths. Depend ing on the neighborhood, you can find your perfect home in almost every price ran ge. The hard est part is pickin g the house and neighborhood that is ri ght fo r you, platform bui lders make the rest easy. Once you choose your plan, lot and sign the contract, the builder proceeds w ith the bu ilding of the home w ithout much input from the client until co lor se lection beg in s. "We try to li mit the number of se lections to make it sim ple on the customer and keep costs down," said Dan Ba rtran, owner of Bartran Homes in Fort Co llin s. This is one

Annual 2001

of th e biggest benefits to platform buil ding; you get the most for your money. Bartran's Engli sh Ranch deve lopment has achieved phenomenal success utiliz ing the concept of pl atform bu ilding. "We have a lot of contro l over the qua li ty of the home," he sa id. "We build the same house over and over using the same subs and modify plans as needed." Customer changes to the plan are limited, although they can be accommodated. "We all ow peop le to enl arge the house, change wa ll s and finish the basement," sa id Bartran. "The biggest inhib itor is the cost. " In platform building th e customer is guid ed through th e process. "My favorite part of building is worki ng through the project and see in g the exc itement of people w ith their new home," sa id Bartran . For qua lity control, cost and ease of process, platform building is a popul ar option fo r a variety of homebuyers. To individualize a tract home, buyers use their color se lections, landscap ing and interior design to signify the ir individuality. Platform bu ildi ng satisfies the needs of homebuyers w ho wan t to bu il d a new home quickly, econom ica lly and w ith minima l in put of time. For those who have the budget and can devote more time to the bui lding of their house, a custom home is an exce llent option. Bui lding a custom home can be a satisfy ing experience w ith the end resu lt being a uni que res idence that tru ly exudes your persona lity. In custom building, many bui lders uti lize the concept of des ign-build. The designbuild or team approach to home constru ction can save a significa nt amount of time and headaches by assembl ing all the parties into a team from the inception of the project. The customer, builder, architect, interi or and landscape des igners are all invo lved in the planning, design and constru ction of the new home. "Thi s approach tends to keep you on budget, on time and at t he qua li ty expectations," sa id Ray Spencer, owner of Class ic Custom Homes in Fort Collins. In a custom home scenario, you ca n expect to meet severa l times prior to the contract sign ing to deve lop the house and budget. Spencer spe nd s a sign ifi ca nt amount of time meeting w ith prospective cl ients and he lping them choose their property and design a home that encompasses all the best attributes of the land. He also guides you in developing a custom plan that fits in your budget. When cons id erin g your budget, you mu st we igh th e benefits and drawbacks of the size and qua lity of the home . If you r hea rt is set on granite countertops, you


wallcovering selections. You will also be expected to spend a certain amount of time on walkthroughs, change orders (if any) and answering questions that arise during the process. "Sometimes homes can take on a larger than life feeling," said Spencer. Keep in mind , with your builder guiding you, there are no wrong decisions. Your selections and preferences should be made based on what feels right for you and your family. After all, you are the one who will be living in the home. Althou gh there is a certain amount of The construction process. General contracted by the homeowners, Chuck and responsibility on the Marti DiTaranto and construction management by Coli Contracting. client's part, the may have to give up some square builder bears the greater accou ntabi Iity for footage to stay within your budget. the project. "He needs to be a watchdog for "Don't try to compare homes on a the client on the budget," said Spencer. cost per square foot," said Spencer. "The client should get feedback quickly so "It's like trying to buy a car by the they can make decisions. " The builder is pound!" Your input and living style is also responsible for the coordination of the crucial to be communicated at this team, in essence, the control point where all stage as it can save costly change the information is gathered. Custom home building and utilizing the orders further down the project. Once the plans have been developed and design-build approach to building gives you the financing obtained, the actual construction can start. "Customers should always insist on a pre-construction meetin g," said Spencer. "Just before you are ready to go, sit down as a team and go through the plans with a fine toothed comb." This will ensure that everyone is on the same page when the actual construction begins . Although many of the elements can be specified at this stage, still expect some changes to occur during the home's construction. " Don't put the pressure on yourself by saying you are not going to make any changes," said Spencer. " Some decisions are going to be made on site." As the home progresses, you will need to make decisions such as color, carpet and


Building & Remodeling

more control over the home and th e outcome of the project. Although more costly than platform bu ildi ng, you get exactly w hat you want and don't have to settle for features you don't need or do w ithout items that you prefer. If you are the type of personality that marches to the beat of a differe nt drummer and yo u are prepared to spend a sign ifica nt amount of time on th e building of your own home, yo u can choose to act as you r own general contractor. With this method, you rece ive a custom home at a lower cost, in some cases thirty percent of the total price can be saved. However, the time and com mitment level is quite a bit more substa nti al than hirin g a builder for a tu rnkey project. When emba rkin g on the quest to contract your own home, it is w ise to hire a consultant or constru ction manager, particu larly if you have no pri or experi ence in the building indu stry. UBuildlt, a nationall y recognized compa ny w ith locations across the country, recently opened a branch in Fort Co llins. Doug Collins, a gene ral contractor himself, brings over 20 yea rs of experi ence to the consu lting firm. UBui ldlt gu ides the ow ner/ builder through the process from selecting the land to filin g for permits to the actual closing. "We are a step beyond the constru ction manager, " said Doug Co llin s. The process is started w ith a no-charge co nsultation meeting w ith the prospective cli ents. Thi s meeti ng can take several hours and gives you a clea r understanding of the project and your role in the bu ildin g process. Then Phase I kicks in. In Phase I, Co llin s w ill ass ist you in finding land, doing a land analysis and f inding the right house plan to su it the property. "We have access to virtu all y every plan avai lab le," sa id Co llin s. "There are over 10,000 plans on our webs ite." Custom des igns ca n also be drawn up acco rdin g to th e preference of the owner. W hen a plan is se lected, a specification meeting is held with the owner/bu ilder and the consultant. "We spec ify eve rything from the door bumper to the co lor and make of the tub," sa id Collin s. The project is then put o ut to bid using pre-selected and qualified subcontractors. "We research the subs to find those who are top in price and quality and can relate to an owner/builder." When the pri c in g comes back, the owner/bu ilder is given an accurate cost breakdown of the house. Items that the inexperienced bu il der might neglect to include in the price such as trash removal, interest on the construction loa n and closing costs are all in cluded. "We get people

Annual 2001

YOU DON'T HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO BUILD OR REMODEL A UBuildlt Construction Consultant guides you step by step, start to finish. Our proven system saves you time and money. We Help With: • Planning • Cost Estimating • Referrals to Reliable Subcontractors and Much More!

ns • 5616 S. College, Ste. D e-mail: coloradoubuildit @aol. com

Cal/ Today for Your Free Consultation!


Bartran Homes - Building Homes in Fort Collins for 50 years

4th Generation Coming Up



,.,...,.._ Ot>POFIIU~IfT

Presently Building in the English Ranch • $190's to $200's Furnished models open weekdays 1-5. Sat. & Sun. 12-4 (970) 229-9533 • (970) 229-0700 • 2662 Paddington Rd. Joey Porter • Rachel Werner • Carol Canfield







z :::i a:




Real Estate


"' O:d wa:

..J~ Clz ~::I


No 0


'Tratto Featuring the best in traditional and gourmet Italian dishes in a relaxing ambiance. Locally owned and operated. â&#x201A;Źorner of Horsetooth & Shields

Your time, Our ti e,. Any time is the Right time to join us for lunch or dimnerr. Entrees starting at $4.98

to the point of knowing exactly what the house w ill cost," sa id Co llins. During Phase II the construction of the home begins. The owner/builder is provided w ith a construction "bib le," a schedule of the job, an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of costs, 24-hour access to a UBuildlt representative and site v isits w ith their consu ltant. "We take them from the permit process to the day they move in ." said Col lins. "\11/e are in constant touch w ith the homeowner. " Th e sav in gs rea li zed when co ntractin g your own hom e can be impress ive. "O n th e average we save th e owner/bu ilder 20 to 30 perce nt," sa id Collin s. In addition to sav ing costs on hiring a ge nera l contractor, the owner/ buil der workin g with UBuildlt is also able to take advantage of the buyin g power a larger company can offer. " But the ni cest thing about UBuildlt is you don't have to as k anyone if yo u can do someth ing yo urse lf," sa id Co llin s. Th e largest outlay on the owner/ bui ld er side is time. You mu st be wi llin g to devote an average of one to two hours a day on the process. Many times homeowners like to be a part of the construction process w hen buildi ng a log home. Often a vacation or retirement home, the hands-on approach to building a log cabin can bring satisfaction to the homeowner. North American Log Homes in Fort Coll ins w ill assist the homeowner in the bu ilding process or they offer turnkey projects to those who prefer to simply move in. "A lot of peo pl e on ly want a dry in ," sa id Blain Zu lkosk i, owner of North Ame ri ca n Log Hom es. In thi s case, Zulkoski co nstru cts the exter ior of the ca bin and th e homeowner comp letes the interior. " It is important the do-it-yourse lfer hires so meo ne to erect the logs," sa id Zulko sk i. "We won 't se ll a bi g log stru cture unless they have superv ision on site. " W ith a boo ming eco no my and a pl ethora of talent in North ern Co lorado, the opt ions for bu ildin g yo ur home are endl ess. W hether yo u decide to hire a p latfo rm , custo m or consultant bui ld er, make sure to c hec k th e credentials of t he build er and view some of the ir work. Tour .the neighborh oods w here th ey have built hom es and ask ho meow ners if their experience w ith t heir builder or co nsul tant was pos iti ve. Th en bu ild th e home of you r dreams and enjoy it for yea rs to come. ~

Marti OiTaranto is Managing Editor for Style Med ia Group and recently survived

the building process.


Building & Remodeling

Celebrating Our

27th Anniversary! _ _ HOMES _ _ Building Quality Homes

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EVERITI &WILLIAMS REAL ESTATE Each Office Is Independently Owned and Operated


Bill Krug


oom /





n today's world, family life ranges from madly hectic to self-imposed isolation.

Busy lives demand versatility in food, clothing and, more now than ever before, in the design of the home. Gone are the formalities and with them, the formal rooms. Enter the great or multi-purpose room and the variety of opportunities that come with it. "It's a trend that's been coming for a long time," says Dave Anastasio, owner of ABBCO Builders. "Not too long ago, the houses all had living rooms and separate family rooms. The living room was a formal area with formal furniture. There are very few that are being built like that now. We virtually have no one that comes to us and says we have to have a formal living room. Those rooms have disappeared." "It's very much the trend," says Rebecca Trenerry, designer and owner of Designer's Loft. "Rather than formal, lifestyles are becoming more casual, especially out west. Family life is more relaxed." The appearance of the great room or multi-purpose room is certainly influenced by lifestyle, he says, but also by economics. "With floor space costing more today, we want to get the maximum value out of the money so the family room that was typically for play has evolved into a multi-purpose room and it's not strictly where kids play. It's used for guests and can provide areas conducive for conversation. It's really a wonderful area for friendship." The idea of friendship and community typically drive the placement and function of the great room, says Gary Hixon, owner of Gary Hixon Interiors. "It seems

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Room design by Brannen Design & Construction.

like th e kitchen is usuall y the foca l po int. So the living env ironment evolves fro m that point. At a party, you' ll see everybody congregating in th e ki tc hen and sometimes that got in the way of the cook ing, so now the idea is to have these open areas w here people can gather and have them flow out of the kitchen." It's ce rta inly an added plus fo r the hosts. " People don't wa nt to be locked in a room by themselves cook ing and, in order to change that, thi ngs have opened up. It's nice w hen the perso n cooking can be a part of everyth ing else that's goi ng on," says Hi xo n. That does n't app ly j ust to pa rti es, adds Bobbie Cogburn of D ale's Ca rpet O ne. " If Mom is in th e kitchen, she ca n see w hat is go in g on. Dad ca n be pa rt of w hat's happening in the kitc hen even if he's watc hing TV." Th e idea of the great room or multi -p urpose room serves路 today's lifesty les, she says. "We I ive such crazy I ives that it's rare w hen a family gets together, so we' re not so proper anymo re. Thi s big open area is j ust so mu ch ni ce r than a room here and a hall and then a room there. It rea ll y makes fo r a nice, wa rm, fam il y situation." Because of the casua l approach, it's also easy to design restful environments and that's a plu s says Bill Kissock, designer fo r Des igner's Loft. "A lot of our cl ients say that they don't have dining rooms or li ving rooms and they say they rare ly entertai n formall y. They are so busy and when they have time off, they want to re lax ."

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The need to unwi nd has brought on a w ho le new focus in the des ign of homes, says Steve Harms, co-owner of Harms Sound Labs. "For the last 200 yea rs, the design of houses was rea lly des ignated by the fireplace. But how many times do we sit down and watch that? Now it's the television. A lot of the older designs don't fit w ith the new technology so that's rea lly a big change in the new designs." The technology actually dictates space, he says. " You end up in a larger house w ith larger rooms. There's the multi-med ia room where you can pl unk the kids down or have

people over. There's also the ded icated home theater w here the room is set up to watch movies," Harms says. Not everyone is a proponent of the great roo m, however. Robert Smith, owner of Robert Sm ith Constru ction, Inc., has changed his tu ne. "Six or seven years ago, I was a large proponent of that but I' m not anymore. We were bu ilding very large rooms but people would still put in groupi ngs of furniture. I li ke having different rooms so that you can get away if you want and there aren't kids runn ing through." Hixon agrees that great rooms aren't for everyone. "You rea lly have to look at how you live and make sure th is compli ments that. Some people ca n't live in one big roo m. A perfectionist, fo r instance, needs th ings in thei r pl ace and cl utter troubles them. So w hen you open thin gs up, working spaces can become cluttered and it's out in the open for everyone to see. You have to find out what works for you, w hat personal li mitations there might be and then address them." That's possible in a great room and that's w hy he says people may take a larger space and add groupi ngs w ithin it. "We can take traffic flow and have some very exc iting things happen," Hixon says. W hil e Smith isn't a big fa n of the oversized great room, he sees va lue in some variations of that concept. "W hat I li ke is a separate living room and then hearth room that is adjacent to the kitchen. That way, you can have a place for unexpected guests when the kitchen isn't clean. But you have the advantage of the great room concept w ith the hearth room. You can all ow the cab inetry to

Room design by Classic Custom Homes.


Interior design by Designer's Loft.


flow from the kitchen into the hearth room, have seating for several people and definitely a fireplace. Then put the kitchen sinks into an island and face that into the living area." Using the hearth room or the 'flex-room,' as Smith terms it, allows for different environments that work together. " Everything is open but the trick is not to make it too open. They have to flow into each other and there's no dead space. Here's one area and then you walk a couple of paces and there's a different environment." It accomplishes some of the same things as the great room but in a smaller space. It's an individualized decision . "It really depends on how you live and how you entertain," Smith says. Absolutely, Hixon agrees. "It is critical to look at that. People need to be realistic and honest with themselves. So often, they look at what they think they

should do and how they should live. But they need to look at how they really live and then make that exciting. If they like to have large groups, then they should arrange for that but if they want just a few couples over at a time, then they should look to more intimate settings." In designing with a great room concept, Anastasio says many of those needs can be considered . "You will certainly want conversation areas. Then size has to be proportioned . Cei I i ng treatments are important. The room has to have some volume to it so that you don't feel closed in. A vaulted or two story ceiling can give that feeling of roominess . You also have to look at how it sits in relation to the rest of the house. In our rooms, we try to set it up so the kitchen, breakfast nook and great room flow together." That is a common practice and, says Hixon, brings up some other issues . "You have to break away from what you think of a kitchen. The kitchen becomes furniture. You don't always have the upper cabinets, the standard placements. So you have to adjust the way you live and there are some big adjustments especially in terms of storage. Pantries will be used instead

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Room design by Gary Hixon Interiors.

of upper and lower cabinets and th en the isl and is where eve ryt hin g hap pens. It's a major switch." The points t hat Anastasio and Hi xo n bring up are in the initial stages of the thought process for making the great room work . Kissock moves into the great


room and points o ut other considerations as design and furniture layo ut become the issue. " Think of the traffic pattern and how the room works. Can yo u see the conve rsation pit? Where's the fireplace? Where's the TV? The room will te ll you w hat to do.

Often there is one perfect way, espec ially in the newer homes," Kissock says. But "one perfect way" doesn't mean there are limits on choices, he and Trenerry explain. There's a wide variety of choices in co lor, fabric and even furniture. " It's really up to the individual," Trenerry says. But she does suggest starting with the flooring and working up. "You don't want a beige ca rpet and then a beige couch ." Cogburn agrees that the flooring can set the pace but cautions that it, too, should be carefully considered based on individua l needs. "What is the lifestyle? Do they have chi ldren or pets? Do they both work and aren't at home much? That might require an easy care situation." The make-up of the residents is important, she says. "A family w ith four kids, three dogs and two cats might need a better, longer- lasting carpet than a retired couple that travels a lot. And you have to consider the pocketbook. What can you afford?" Cogburn says. Even with those things in mind, the possibilities are end less: tile, wood (not just oak), stone, carpeting - Cogburn w hips off the I i st. Some of the newer possibilities also appeal to philosophies of some people, jerry Cogburn of Dale's Carpet One says. "The 'pop bottle' carpet is recycled from clear pop bottles. A lot of our clients and


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contractors are environmentally sensitive and so they really like this. It can also be recycled again. In our society, if we want a change, we can just replace the carpet. So you can take this one, shave it down and recycle it. It also holds up well and is stain resistant." Those are big advantages for today's consumer, Kissack says. "People want two things. First, no fuss . They really like distressed wood and leather finishes, and also textured fabric . The pledge shine is gone. Second, they want comfort. A couch is like their shoes . If it doesn't fit their bodies, they don't want it." But, adds Trenerry, " Quality should be number one because you will get so much more use - with quality comes durability." But beyond the quality consideration, Trenerry says, it's wide open. "You can mix old with new, using antiques with more modern pieces." The possibilities are endless, Hixon confirms. " For th e most part you would not use a formal feeling with fancy velvets and damasks in a great room, but there are truly no limitations for decorating. Color and textures are not limited. You can go from clutter to very clean, from Country American to contemporary black granite and glass. The great room lends itself to a number of different styles." Therein lies some of the attraction, says Kissack . " Everything is very individualized right now. It's 'I' want. People really know what they want and it's not dictated by one style or another." For Harms, there is one rule, however. Plan for the future, he says. "Technology is not a fashion . It should be evolutionary based on lifestyle. Wire the house for what you might want later. The wiring is the plumbing for the new technology." Harms jumps beyond great rooms and home theaters in his predictions, conjuring up George Jetson-like images. But he brings it back to reality by saying, "my crystal ball only goes five years in the future. But you can lay wire to be prepared for new advances." That's the future of the multi-purpose room, he says. "We' ll see a blend of computer technology and entertainment technology in the next five years . And that's not the Jetsons. It's into our lifetimes and we'll need all this stuff."


Kay Rios is a free lance writer based in Fort Collins. She is currently looking for a house with a great room big enough to house all of her books.


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C mmercial Appeal by Lynn Pehrson Millar, M.Ed.

Linden Hotel remodel by Sinnett Builders.

Home State Bank construction by Heath Construction.


hen newcomers or visitors to the Northern Colorado region are asked what they like most about this area, the majority of these folks respond by mentioning something about the beauty of the mountains, lakes, trees and parks. Yes, we are fortunate to live in an area with such aesthetic appea l! Now, imagine that you are taking in all of these beautiful sights, but when your eyes move to the commercially zoned areas, you see shabby-looking, unattractive buildings planted randomly among the roads, sid ewa lks, and parking lots. Unfortunately, in many other cities across the nation, this is the norm. Thankfully, because of public input, the Fort Coll in s City Building and Zoning Department, Larimer County's Land Use Code, and the commercia l builders in our area, the beautiful natural landscape is not ruined by human-made elements. "We have a nice city compared to others, " said Brian Baldwin, President of Baldwin Construction. "We have trees and landscaping, and the rigid zon ing was well planned, we ll thought out. The development of our area " looks intentional, and not thrown together," Baldwin said. "Fort Co llins is ahead of other cities," sa id Randy DeMario, President of Heath Construction. " Regulations are now driven across Co lorado," as Loveland and Greeley also implement planning regulations for design and land use. In the city of Fort Coli ins, commercial builders must follow strict regulation s as set forth by the City Building and Zoning Department when designing, constructing, or remodeling a commercial site. These regulations are intended to encourage attractive street fronts and walkways around mixed-use, institutional, and commercial bui ldin gs. Accord in g to Peter Barnes, Zoning Administrator, the elements

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of site design that are subject to regulations inc lude landscaping and tree protection; streets, wa lkways, and parking areas; architectural eleand signage. vat ion detai Is; Regul ations in each element depend upon the use of the building and the zo ne w here it is located.

landscaping and Tree Protection Drive or wa lk down any street in a com merc ial d istri ct of Fort Collins, and you' ll see it landscaped w ith trees, plants, shrubs, and/or ground cove r. More "greenery" is req uired now than in the recent past, not only to enh ance the beauty of the area, but also to provide shading; screening; reinforce and extend existing patterns of outdoor spaces and vegetation; red uce erosion and storm water run off; and relieve air pollution. In ge neral, the City of Fort Co llin s requires all developments to establish trees alo ng all c ity streets, in and aro und parking lots, and in all landscape areas that are located w ithin 50 feet of any building. Dec iduou s trees must line the streets in commerc ial areas every 30 to 40 feet, w ith ca nopy shade trees constitut ing at least half of all plantings. Landscaped areas must extend at least 7 feet from a buildin g or structure wa ll and must contai n at least 55 square feet of nonpaved gro und area. Exposed sections of building wa ll s that are hi ghl y v isibl e must have p lanti ng beds at least 5 feet w ide, placed d irectly along at least half of the wa ll s. A lso, landscape areas must be provided w ithin any wa lkway that is 12 feet or greater in w idth, and any planting c utouts in wa lkways must contain at least 16 square feet. Six percent of the interior space of all parking lots w ith less than 100 spaces must include trees, plants, shrubs, an d/o r ground cover. Parking lots with 100 spaces or more must have 10 percent of its space landscaped. In add iti on, plant materi al in a parking lot island can be no mo re than 24 inches in height and located no less than 15 feet from a curbcut to maintain driver visib ility. And at least one canopy shade tree must be planted for every 1 50 squa re feet of interna l landscaped areas to provide for maximum shad ing. In add ition to landscap ing w ith greenery, parking lots must also include some form of screen ing from a street o r from an adj acent property. This sc reen in g could includ e shrubbery or short wa ll s. Bo Brown, Senior Project Manager for All iance Construction po inted o ut for example, that the large parking area needed at

Annual 2001

Fort Collins High School is buffered with landscaping in the form of grass, trees, and greenbelt-type areas. Brown also noted that parking areas with nothing but asphalt are certainly less expensive than they are when landscaping is added, but he recognizes the "adva ntage and payback for meeting the guidelines" to make parkin g areas more aesthetically appealing. In add ition, new turn lanes, signals, pedestrian paths, and bicycle paths add to the compatibility w ith the surroundin g neighborhood. In addition to regu lating the size of trees and landscaped areas, the City also regulates the diversity of species and the selection and location of turf, ground cover, paving, and other landscaping elements. The application of xeriscape landscapin g principles to encourage wate r conservation is req uired in all landscapin g plans. These prin c iples require that pl ants with similar water requirements are grouped together on the same irrigation zo nes, and plants must be " low-water demanding" w herever possible. Soil improveme nts and the use of mulches must also be incorporated, as well as a provision of regu lar and attenti ve maintenance. "The City follows up in a year," said Denni s Sinnett of Sinnett Construction. If plants or other landscaping items are not thriving, they are replaced.

Streets, Walkways, and Parking Areas In order to form v isually continuous streetfronts, commercial and multi-use buildings must follow the "build-to lines" standard, w hich is based on a cons istent relationship of buildings to the streetfront. If the street is smaller th an a full arterial or has on-street parking, the building must be located no more th an 1 5 feet from the street. If the street is larger th an a minor arteri al that does not have on-street parking, the building must be located between 10 and 25 feet from the street. Exceptions to these standards are made in several cases. One example is when an

outdoor space such as a courtyard, patio, or garden is located between a building and the sidewalk. An outdoor space must then include landscap ing, fencing or railings, low walls, a tree canopy, or other improvements for visual continuity, interest, and comfort. Any commercial or mixed-use building must include at least one main entrance that faces and opens directly onto a connecting walkway with pedestrian frontage. In other words, parking lots cannot come right up to the edge of the building. Parkin g lots w ith six or more spaces need to be sc reened from adjacent uses and from the street. This screening may consist of a fe nce, a wall, pl ants, or a combination of these w ith minimum hei ghts of 30 inches. The screening must also extend a minimum of 70 percent of the length of the parking . lot, with openings permitted for access or drainage ways.

Architectural Elevation Details Architectural elevation details that are regu lated by the City of Fort Collins include site-specific design; facad e treatment; base and top treatments; and encroac hments, awnings, and entrances. The design of each commercial and multi-use building must use predominant materi als, elements, features , and co lors that are tailored to the site and its usage. When multiple buildings are developed, each building must include predominant c haracteristics th at are shared by all buildin gs in the development. Cohesiveness w ithin the area is a primary concern. The overall look of a building needs to tie in to the look of the surrounding area. The Home State Bank building near Old Town is a great example of this. " Its design ties in we ll with the look of Old Town," said DeMario . He also pointed out how the design and construction of the new courthouse and parking garage buildings fit in we ll with the dow ntown area . To keep within the boundaries of an "o ld town loo k" in Old Tow n, th e


Hf'!!rautiful Views Forty Acres of

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Northern Hotel on the corner of College and Walnut is being renovated to "return back to the last histori ca ll y signifi cant look," said Brown. Alliance Constru ction Solution's Northern Hotel renovation project is strictly regul ated by historical preservation and rehab ilitation requirements. Not only does the renovation req uire comp li ance with the regul ation s of the City of Fort Collins, but also regul at ion s of the State of Co lorado and National Parks. The renovated building w ill have commerc ial appeal as its " 1936 art deco make-over" is performed. The first floor storefront is being replaced w ith wood on the Walnut Street sid e. The building will also have terra cotta trim details and black structural glass. The entire project should be comp leted by the end of this year. Also, no bri ght or reflective co lo rs or materials are allowed on the exterior of com merc ial bui ld ings. Barnes noted that unless the building is an industri al building, the City likes to see "bri ck, sandstone, trim, and accent features." The City encou rages ea rth-tone colors, discourages the use of all w hite, and reviews all color schemes. Any exterior wa ll over 30 feet in length that faces a street or a connecting wa lkway must be "broken up" to create interest. At least two of the fo ll ow ing must be included: windows, cha nge in plane, change in texture or masonry pattern, a treillage with vines, or an eq ui va lent element that subd ivides the wa ll. These features are added to the facade (front wa ll ) to enhance the look of w hat would normally be a long, flat, uninterestin g wa ll. All sides of the building must also incl ude materials and design characteri stics that are cons istent w ith those on the front. The Goodyear Store on the corner of Co ll ege and Foothill s Parkway that Sinnett Builders is cu rrently workin g on is a good examp le of positive cha nges in exterior wa ll s. " It used to be ju st a box," said Sinnett. When f ini shed, the building wi ll be much more interesting to look at. The size of w indows on a commerc ial building is also regulated by the City of Fort Co llins. One examp le of th is is that reta il buildings req ui re a spec ific size of w indow to indicate that it is a retail estab lishment. Base and top treatments of commerc ial buildin gs must be recogn izab le. A recognizable base would include th icker wa ll s, ledges, or sill s; colored and patterned materials such as stone or til e; li ghter or darker co lored materials; or textured materials such as stone or other masonry. A recognizab le top wou ld incl ude corni ce treatments with textured or differently co lored

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materi als, a slop ing roof with overhangs and brackets, or stepped wa ll s or railings . Encroachments, such as bay w indows, decorative roofs, and entry features may project up to 3 feet into public ri ghts-ofway, as long as th ey are at least 9 feet above the sidewa lk. Trellises, canopies, and fabric awnings may project up to 5 feet into public rights-of-way, as long as they are at least 8 feet above the sidewa lk. Awnings must also be no longer than a single storefront. Primary entrances must be clea rl y defined and recessed or framed by a sheltering element


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Signage Sizes and types are the major concern s on the regul ations of signage. In general, the max imum size of a sign is two sq uare feet for every linea r foot of a building's frontage length, unl ess the frontage length is over 200 feet. In thi s case, the sign area is red uced to 1 sq uare foot fo r eac h linear foot of the frontage length. Signs that are not all owed include rooftop signs, signs that project above the fascia wa ll, portab le signs, revolving or rotatin g signs, and strings of li ght bulbs that are not permanently mounted on a ri gid background (unless used fo r holid ay decorations). Commercia l builders in cur signifi ca ntly hi gher costs tha n they did in the past as they comp ly w ith the newer regu lations. Sinnett commented that architects "spend hours do ing work" to plan buil d in gs wh ile comp lying with the regu lations. DeMario noted that at first, the regul ations were a major concern and a challenge to all commercial buil ders. " It was slow at first, but we understand it better now," he sa id . "Education goes a long way!" Baldwin added that although the new regul ati ons make the process " more lengthy, with more hoops to jump through, it's worth it in the end ." According to DeMario, the result of design regul ations is that there are hi gher quality buildin gs th at are more aesthetically p leasing. Sin nett agrees. "We don 't li ke costs gettin g higher," he sa id, "but we must weig h the be nefit of a bland build ing aga in st one that is aesth eti ca ll y pleasing." The higher costs of design and construction tend to contro l the growth of an area. Nice-looking bui ld ings "attract commu nityoriented busin esses and wo rk fo rce," noted Brown. W hil e at the same time in creased costs contro l growth. The end result is an attract ive comm uni ty that keeps growth at a manageable leve l. ~ Lynn Pehrson M illar is a free lance writer, living in Fort Collins.

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game room is just ness. W hat we fa il to th ink about is w ith all that space comes maintenance, cost and a fee ling of being lost w ith in your own home. If you have a house th at is brimming w ith kids and extended famil y, th en be ing lost w it hin yo ur home may be just w hat yo u're look ing for! But, w ith the increase of empty nesters, professional coupl es, sin gles and fa mili es w ho are look ing fo r connection w ithin t heir ho me, a movement towa rd a small er, coz ier abode is ga ining momentum . It started wi th a book. Not just any book, but one that emphasizes your quality of living in your home over the qu antity of space. The Not So Big House by Sarah Susanka hit the boo kshelves in 1998 and has been flying off ever since. The book, fu ll of gorgeous photography and rea li stic info rmation fo r creating a home to live in, not just show off, gave credence to w hat people have long kn own but were afraid to voice . A house is impersona l if it is just sq uare footage; it is the detail s and the pe rsona l touc hes that make it a home. In this era of " b igger is better, " it is hard to imagi ne that peop le are trad ing thei r spac ious houses for homes that are half th e size at about the same cost. The Not So Big House emphas izes "the quality of des ign


materia ls such as stone and wood. " It's about putting more desi gn into small er areas," sa id Dana M cBride a loca l custom homebuil der and architect. Three things determin e w hat type of home you w ill li ve in : cost, quality and size. If you' re independent ly wea lthy and have an unl imited ba nk account then you probabl y don 't have to give up anythin g to get that spac ious mansion w ith the Wate rfo rd Crystal chandeli ers and ten-perso n ma rble tub. However, if you desi re a very large home but are limited on budget then the quality w ill suffe r. Yo u wi ll end up w it h a l arge space lac kin g in personality. " Peopl e ofte n don't thin k about th e three dimens iona l aspect of their house. There is mo re to a home th an its fl oo r p lan," exp lain ed McBrid e. If yo u are w illing to sacr ifi ce some of th e squ are footage, you w i II be ab le

Interior and exterior home design by Mark Twain Homes.

Building & Remodeling

Home design by Dana McBride Homes.

to build a home that suits your personality and way of liv ing. " You should as k yourself if you need a large house or wou ld rather put the money into the features," sa id M cBride. : What it boil s down to is you don't need as bi g a hou se as you think you do. M ake a li st of all the rooms in your home and the

percentage of t ime spent in each. Then, dec ide w hat rooms you ca n do w ithout and determin e if their fun cti on can be incorporated into another space in the home. Do three peopl e rea ll y need five bathrooms? Is the living room that hasn't been used since 1982 a necess ity? If enterta ining in your home consists of ord erin g

pizza and renting a movie th en maybe the dining room is another reli c from an era of enterta ining go ne by. If you eva lu ate the space you actuall y live in, you might be surprised. The ki tchen and family ro om often are the pivotal po int of th e ho use serving as the hea rth of the home and th e pl ace w here even guests feel most comfortabl e. " In any house, no matter how large, peop le gather in the kitchen," said Aletha Langham-Godwin, owner of M ark Twa in Homes in Fort Collin s. Elim inating the liv ing room and possibl y even the dining room w ill enabl e you to incorp o rate more features into thi s living area . O r, you may deci de that givi ng up a separate guestroom w ill all ow you to enjoy a more lu xurious master su ite. After all, your moth erin-law certainl y wouldn't mind a Murphy bed in the stu dy. " b on't thin k about your house as a showcase fo r furniture," sa id LanghamGodw in . In her craftsman-in spi red ho mes in The Gates, the team at M ark Twa in Homes wanted th e homes to be bea utiful as well as fun ctional. "With our homes, the fo rm of the house fo ll ows its fun ction." The spac ious ki tchen is U shaped, long kn own to be th e most functional design for a ki tchen. Th e kitchen flows effo rtless ly into a dining nook that can accommodate up to

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twelve people comfortab ly but still remain cozy enough for two. Stained glass and warm woodwork envelope the home giving you a sense of security and satisfaction. "We put a lot of extras into our homes because they make you fee l good," said LanghamGodwin. All of the homes are less than 3,000 square feet but never feel confi ning. Areas that open effortlessly into each other can make a sma ll space appear larger. It is not necessary to have a soaring ce iling to give the impression of space. By creating diagonal vi ews from room to room, a smaller home can appear as spacious as their larger neighbor. Make sure to not scrimp on space where it is trul y needed. For examp le, an entryway needs to be large enough to be welcomi ng and invite you into the rest of the home. In building a sma ll er house with more "soul," it's not necessary to have a separate room for each activ ity. What is important is to create a sense of shelter arou nd w hat you are doing. One room ca n accommodate telev isi on viewing, a reading nook and a fam ily game tab le. You can make your home formal , we lcom ing or cozy simply by choos in g lighting th at fits the mood of the room . The height of the room also gives comfort. A high ce iling can give the feeling of being lost where a lower ce iling creates a nestlike perception . Varyin g cei ling height from room to room can also be vis ually appealing and intrinsica ll y comfortin g. Although a home w ith more architectural features and detailing is more expe nsive to build by the squa re foot, there are a lot of inexpensive materials that can be used to create a feeling of opu lence. Vinyl flooring and squares are relatively inexpensive and when cut into a pattern or used in a backsplash the final product is quite str ikin g. Paint is another inexpensive product that can be incorporated into your home in a variety of ways. Doors can be jazzed up by pa inting the panels with a co ntrasti ng color and rooms can take on a whole new personality w ith a fresh coat of paint in a bold co lor. "Th ere are literally hundreds of trade-offs that can be made," said McBride. Many homeowners are trading in their large homes for smal ler maintenance free townhomes. Water Valley, a resort-like subdivision in Windsor, recently built their first phase of town homes. "We started se lling these before the foundations were even in the grou nd," sa id Sandy Shupe a realtor for Austin & Austin Realty. The first phase, scheduled for comp letion and sell out in two years, is almost comp letely so ld out after less than twe lve months and phase

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two is already in the planning stage. "We even have reservations for some of the water view lots in phase three," said Shupe . Following the concept of a small home with intricate detailing, the Pelican Bay townhomes feature many upgrades, but most buyers are still spending an average of $10,000 on improvements such as granite countertops and wood or tile floors . The lownhornes are spacious with large master suites and great rooms but eliminate the traditional living room . With more of the population reaching retirement age and the recent designation of Fort Collins and Loveland as the number one retirement destination in the country, the housing industry is moving to provide this segment of the population with the homes that their lifestyles demand . Poudre Valley Plaza in Fort Collins is embarking on a novel townhome project for this area. Patterned after the loft-style city apartments in Denver and other busy metropolitan areas, the townhomes at Poudre Valley

Annual 2001

Plaza will be very high end and equipped with the latest in luxury and style. "We have the same demographics as Denver on a smaller scale, " said Fred Croci, Managing Broker for Wheeler Commercial. Only seven units are planned with square footage ranging from 1,600 to 2,200 square feet. Each apartment will have a different floor plan and exude a unique personality. Residents will be within walking distance lo lop dining, spas and services located in the Plaza. "We offer entertainment value within walking distance, " said Croci . "This is a one-of-a-kind project." Our lives are vastly different from even a decade ago and it is time our homes follow our lifestyles. The concept of integrating detail and personality into your home can be done in a small cottage or a grandiose mansion. With a little research and a bit of soul searching you can create a home that reflects you and your lifestyle.


Marti DiTaranto is Managing Editor for Style Media Group.


FRONT RANGE RAYNOR Your Complete Garage Door & Accessory Center SEE OUR DISPLAY AT 3847 S. MASON FORT COLLINS

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Recipient of the 2000 ACE Award Project of the Year {Under $3 Million) Prime Contractor

Th e ACE Award is presented for Construction Excellence symbolizing the many facets of co nstruction- dynamic des ign, qu ality, skill, strength, and performance. Drahota Construction Co. (DCC) was awarded the ACE - Project of the Year under $3 Million, for The Chieftain Office Building in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Drahota Construction Company is a general co ntracting firm, which has been in business for 27 years in the Fort Co llins area and has worked in many Front Range communities as well as mountain resort areas.

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The 1400 nationwide stores of Carpet One give you outstanding quality and a complete line of floor coverings of all types. Our buying power insures that you will get the lowest prices available. Our 22 years of Northern Colorado experience means that you will receive the best service when you are ready to choose your floor covering products.

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We know, bu ying your wood w indows and doors direct is better. But ju st w hat are the adva ntages of bu ying direct? It mea ns we eliminate th e midd leman. It mea ns th at th ere is a knowledgeable salesperson to give you th e experti se and person al se rvi ce you need. It mea ns offerin g a compl ete line of cl assic w ood and state-of-the art aluminum cl ad w indows and doors. Sierra Pacific Windows ... have you discovered us yet?

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Let us create that ultimate feeling of relaxation with our distinctive and classic tile work, to soak away the tensions of building and remodeling. Professional, friendly staff ready to serve you in our beautiful new 7,000 sq. ft. showroom. Featuring Full Service Design Selections.



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olesale t the Indus , the General Publi W il We is Wlc me to ake T eir Selections fro Our ocal Showr m ... _




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Profiles by Marti DiTaranto

Gil Paben Builder of the Year Aspen Construction


il Paben was fascinated with Northern Colorado since childhood. After grad uat in g

from Nebraska Tech in 1966 w ith a degree in Building Constru ctio n Technology, Paben headed fo r th e territory that held hi s imagination on family vacations. "Thi s was something I wa nted to do since I was a boy," says Paben. Once in Fort Co llins the very green but eager to lea rn Paben went to work for Homes by Hol z, a local custom homebuilder. "That was where I lea rn ed the most," he says. " I lea rn ed every aspect of


Re~~~N~D~~~~ Calendar of Events Home & Remodel Show larimer Country Fairgrounds McMillan Building, loveland March 3, 12-6pm & March 4, 12-Spm, $3

carpentry you ca n think of." He soon moved into job costing and estimatin g and eventua ll y mastered al l the aspects of homebuilding. " It was an opportunity th at I was most grateful for. " Afte r a decade with Hol z, Paben left to run jobs for another loca l compa ny. It was th ere he met Del Helze r w ho wo uld become hi s partner in Aspen Co nstruction. In 1977, after three years working together, Pabe n and H elze r decided to strike out on their own and formed Aspen Construction. They started building custom homes and did some minor remod el work to fill in betwee n larger jobs. "We wa nted to build one-of-a- kind homes," he says. Quality was their motto from day one. "W hen we first started, we had pins made up th at sa id 'tota l q uality,"' says Paben. Twenty-three yea rs late r that sloga n sti II stands. "More now t han ever befo re the publi c demand s a quality product," says Paben. It is this co mmitme nt to quality that has kept Aspen Construct ion in business throu gh the booms and busts of the Co lorado economy. " O ne of o ur best years was in the 80s whe n th e interest rates we re sky rocketi ng. " Paben was qui ck to point o ut that their success is in a large part due to the quality employees that work for th e co mpany. As Aspen Constru ctio n matured and the business evo lved, remode ling became the bread and butter of Aspen with c ustom home buildin g as fi ll in. "We do additions, pop-tops, exte ri or and interior renovations," says Paben. Th ey stil l do custom homes, generall y one or two very uniqu e res id ences a year. "Usuall y the homes we build are on large ac reage," he says. " I like to put together someone's dreams and ideas." Staying in business for 23 years means Pabe n is doing somethin g right. Most of

th eir business is due to refe rrals and repeat customers. " Last fisca l yea r almost 75% of our j obs were refe rrals," said Paben. " It's kind of humblin g to think about t hat." H e looks at As pen Construction as a service to the com munity and hi s customers respond to this philosophy. Paben's service to the community doesn't end with Aspen. He is a member of the Fort Co llins Breakfast Rotary, th e Remode lors Co uncil and th e H ome Builders Association of Northern Colorado. " He has served on almost every com mittee we have ever had," said D otti Weber of the HBA. Currently he is the chairm an for the new ly establis hed Edu cat ion Comm ittee. He helps develop c urricu lum and teaches c lasses to give those in the building industry more field ex peri ence. "We started with basic framin g and hand tools and the c lasses will get progressively more difficult," said Paben. It was hi s co mmitment to the HBA and hi s quiet, behind-the-scenes work that rece ntl y ea rn ed him t he prestigious Builder of the Year Award. " He has been a member for over 20 years and has always been cons iste ntl y active," says Weber. He was nominated by his peers in the indu stry and voted for by past rec ipients of the awa rd . " I almost fell off my chair," j oked Paben. " To be chosen by yo ur peers is a great honor. " What does the future hold for Paben and Aspen Constru ction ? Pabe n looks forward to many more yea rs of stay in g strong and maintaining a moderate growth. " I've always said I' m never goi ng to ret ire," he says. One of hi s sons, Jeff Paben, is wo rking with the co mpany and Paben looks forward to eve ntu all y handing the reigns of Aspen to him. But for now, Paben is co ntinuin g to enjoy putting together quality projects for the community.

remodelers, suppli ers and rea ltors w ill be on hand to show their wares and answer qu estions. You can enter the drawing for a free Maytag washer and dryer. One dollar from every admission goes to the Interfaith of Loveland. Sponsored by the Home Builders Association of Northern Co lorado.

so you can get a jump start on the summer season. A list of the featured homes w ill be in the Fort Collins Coloradoan and the Windsor

Sneak Preview of New Homes Regional Northern Colorado Sites April 21 & 22, 12-6pm

If you are planning to remodel or buy a home this year you won't wa nt to miss this an nu al show! Sixty vendors, builders,

You won't want to mi ss this sneak preview of some of the hottest new constru ction in the area. Some homes wi ll be complete and others at various stages of construction

Beacon. Parade of Homes RegiMal Northern Colorado Sites August-4",-5路 &. 11,12; 12-6pm August 6-10, 4-7pm Come and enjoy the anticipated Parade of H omes throughout Northern Colorado. Over 45 new homes will be featured for a full week of viewing. Circulars highlighting the homes w ill be listed in the Fort Collins Coloradoan and the Windsor Beacon.

For information on any of these shows call (970) 686-2798. 10

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In rooms that people remember, the painting detail that makes the room is by Peak to Peak Painting.


Nothing brings the interior of your home into sharper focus than freshly painted walls and trim. We also offer quality varnishing and fine finish work, neatly done. Family owned and operated since 1980. We guarantee our work and your satisfaction. - Owners David & Tom Sheill

Interior â&#x20AC;˘ Exterior 1 61 1 Mathews St., Fort Collins

1970) 221-0207

A -

Many people don't know how important the appraisal is to a real estate transaction. It must be fair, accurate, and done on schedule. Hartlieb Appraisal Services has built their business in Northern Colorado by providing the best appraisal service possible to their customers. You can rely on Hartlieb to insure that your appraisal will be a complimentary part of your real estate transaction.

(970) 282-1206 www. hartliebappÂŽ Annual 2001



Custom Countertogs Vamity Togs Fireplace Surrrounds Tabletops lfile Edging & Polishing

A Hardwood Floor is Good to Find.

Enduring Stylish Dependable Beautiful

路 路 路 路

Pretlnlshed 1 HI ardwooa Foorlng

Fort Collins 4426 South College Avenue (Next to PETsmart)

The Harmony Market Place


0 0 S



ranite. Marble. Limestone. Slate. These words conjure up both exc itement and co nfu sion for people bu ildin g, remodeling, or renovating their homes. The cho ices are dizzying: What stones are best for the kitchen? For the bath room ? Fo r floors? O nce this is made clear yo ur on ly decisio n wi ll be choos in g a co lor. Not a small task in itse lf, but we ll worth the effort once you see the beauty and understand the va lu e natural stone can bring to you r home. Raffae le Campana of Quarry Direct and St. Peter's Marble and Gra nite notes that the su rge in demand for natural sto ne is due to an interest in and desire for a piece of history in homes. "With all of the stone being im ported, in a sense, Rome is sudden ly now in Fort Co llin s. Romans used stone for good reaso ns : it's beautifu l and it lasts," Campana says. Natural stone can be used just about anywhe re. "Peop le are onl y limited by the ir imag in ations," says jimmy jorda n of


j o rd an Marble and Granite. Besides kitchen co untertops and floors, stone can be used for si nks, showers, hot tubs, sta irs, firep laces, fish ponds, footpaths, decorative wa ll s and borders- anywhere the homeowner wants to add the uniqueness of natural beauty. The wonderful thing

about stone is that it ca n be cut or ca rved into vi rtu all y any shape you wa nt. Granite remai ns the most popu lar stone for residential and comme rc ial spaces because of its low maintenance and resistance to wear. Granite is popular for kitchen countertops because of its durability, but

Photos courtesy of St. Peter's Marble and Granite.

Building & Remodeling

with this attractive stone, fireplaces, baths, and outdoor walkways also become visually impressive. Granite comes in a surprising array of colors-don't believe you're limited to gray. "If you can imagine a color, it comes in granite," says jordan. Pink, black, red, purple, and green are just a few colors in the granite rainbow. Campana gets granite and marble from Italy, Brazil , Finland, Norway, and India-there is definitely a wide selection of types and colors. Marble is also popular, but not as widely used in kitchens as granite is. Because marble is more porous and softer than granite, it's more difficult to maintain and more vulnerable, transforming a simple spilled glass of orange juice into a case of substantial damage. Marble is desirable mainly because of its elegance; those who choose marble are searching for a particular look they can't achieve with granite. Marble has a softer, warmer style than granite - available in pastel colors like green, pink, purple, blue, and classic white. Limestone and travertine should be used in ways similar to marble because of their sensitivity to scratches and stains. Common limestone colors include yellow, brown, black, gray, and white. And travertine, which comes in light, neutral colors like cream, pink, and gray, must initially be treated properly to avoid future maintenance headaches. Think practically when considering marble, limestone, and travertine because of the aforementioned reasons. Once you decide what stone you want to use where, you need to choose the color. Gary Thompson, an Interior Design Consultant for Avalanche Floor Coverings in Fort Collins, gives this advice: "I feel it's important to have a good contrast in design, so use stone that is darker than or lighter than woodwork or surrounding interiors, so you don't get a washed out look, or a look that is too flat." While a common misconception is that color closes in a room, if contrast is used right, color makes wall seem to recede from the viewer, thus making the room appear la-rger. Thompson notes that slate is design versatile because of its color and shade variations; it can be adapted to other looks if a homeowner wishes to make changes to a room. The finish on natural stone can also help the homeowner achieve a certain look. A stone's finish can be altered if you prefer a less formal style. More natural finishes include " honing" and "tumbling" and are especially popular for granite. All

Annual 2001

Beautiful. Practical. Affordable.

Fort Collins MONUMENT and STONE SINCE 1889

824 E. LINCOLN AVENUE Ft Collins, CO 80524

phone (970) 482-5024 fax (970) 482-9270



Featured at T:rails and Ritter Ridge


1 Mile East of 1-25 on Hwy. 14




S 0




Hwy. 392 then South on County Rd.13

PointsWest,l 970-407-0755 Jamie Story â&#x20AC;˘ (970) 391-5009 Please visit for pictures & details 37

Photos courtesy of Fort Collins Monument and Stone.

granite slabs come po lished, and honin g and tu mbli ng remove the high polish, giving the stone a more casual look. Honed and tu mb led stone require proper sea ling to ensure protection from scratches and sta ins. Th ese processes also reduce co lor vib ra ncy, but Steve M iner of Fort Collins M onument and Stone recommends color enhancers to bring back the color's radi ance. These

processes make the surface more porous, thu s reducing its resistance to wear, so sealing is recommended to preserve its quality and appearance. Marbl e, on th e oth er hand looks best polished, and some people prefer a shiny surface on granite as well. Poli shed stone should also be sea led, though it needs less frequent treatment than honed and tumbled

stone. Which style you use w ill depend on its locati on, use, and the effect you wa nt. Campa na notes other pop ul ar trends inclu ding the broken edge look, the use of stone fra mes around w indows, and t he use of abstract shapes for sinks and kitchen island s. He also notes trend s in grani te types, I ike the in creased demand fo r the grain y, paste l colored Co lo mbo j uparana, and the brilli ance of Vogua Blu e, a stone from the U krai ne that has bea utiful fl akes of iri desce nt bl ue scattered in rough patc hes throu ghout a bac kground of bl ack and sil ve r. An other trend in natural ston e capitalizes on both beauty and practi ca lity by mi xing styles and types of natu ra l and man-made materials. Mi ner says the trend toward mixing honed and poli shed, til e and slate, or porcelain and granite combines the beauty of natural stone w ith the practicality of manmade materi als. "Granite and other stones are very durab le, but like carpet and wood, they have to be maintained," he says. For those homeowners wh o feel stone is too much of a commitment or their budget is

We Think You're

We have chosen the CORE KNOWLEDGE CURRICULUM because it builds solid academic foundations when children are • Most receptive • Absorbing Knowledge • Ea er to and Love Learning • Curious " Core Know ledge " pre-school is a curriculum which add resses five dimensions of re adiness: • Physi cal well-being and motor development • Knowledge acquisition and cognitive development • Approaches to learning • Language development • Social and emotional development


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limiting them, they can still get the aesthetics of natural stone through this mi xing of materials. Stone brings the beauty of nature inside, but you can also leave it outside and improve your home's exterior appearance. Stone enhances outdoor features like fountains, ponds and walkways. Slate, sandstone, and granite are good choices for outdoor use as long as they are properly sealed. Imported slates wear better and should be well sealed because they can dry out. Domestic slates are better for interiors. Colorado and Arizona types of sandstone are readily available and make good stones for garden planters, patios, and decorative wall borders. "W ith Colorado sandstone, you let it flake for a year and then seal it to avoid having to treat it again after nat ural chipping occurs," says John Wood of Oakwood and Design Associates. Granite is an excellent choice for outdoor use. " There is a cobble type of granite you can use as an outdoor border," says Wood . There is also a black granite

Photos cowtesy of Oakwood Design Associates.

from Wyoming that works great for ponds, fountains, and other water features . There are a lot of choices for the homeowner looking to use stone outdoors. The color and appearance you desire will help you choose. Wood's advice for outdoor stone maintenance is to treat the stone with a sealant that soaks in and protects the stone from the inside, but some stones

don 't need to be treated and look better if they age naturally. However you decide to use stone inside or outside your home, combine what you like with the advice of an expert and it will add beauty and value for years to come.


Samantha Prust is Assistant Editor for Style Media Group.

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6amp @ ~hadrz


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From start to finish, Oakwood Design Associates offers landscape design, construc t-io n, and maintenance. Project managing all phasesof landsca ping. Oakwood Design tailors all landscapes and designs to fit your style of hom e and your lifestyle, specializing in historical and traditional lan dscapes and renova tions unique to Colorado. Spring is just around the corner, call Oak wood Design today I

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MISSION STATEMENT: Committed To Our Partners, Building Excellence, Into The Future.

licemse~ Geme~al Cemt~aeterr •lmsmrred &Bemda~le COMMEIR€1~L • FIESIIEN11AL • REMOIEUING •TENANT FINISJ!I

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Einally, a website with

Remodeling Dear Readers, The Remodelors Council of the Home Builders Association is thrilled with this annual issue of Building & Remodeling Magazine and Directory. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our organization to you.

With the latest information on: • Publication Info. & Schedule Advertising Rates • Links to Our Advertisers' Websites· · • How to Contact Our Staff


Premier Publications of Northern Co lorado Drake Professional Park 2627 Redwing Road, Suite 220 Fort Collins, CO 80526 (970) 226-6400 Fax: (970) 226-6427 Email:

Annual 2001

The Remodelors Council is a group of local contractors, subcontractors and suppliers that encourage quality workmanship and good business practices. Our goals include promoting professionalism, professional development and service to our communities through projects for the benefits of others. Past projects include work at the Harmony President, Remodelors Council House and the renovation of the RC Apple House where the proceeds were donated to the United Way. Our current project is a remodel for the Salvation Army's South Mason Street facility. Many of our members enroll in national edueation programs such as the Certified Graduate Remodelor (CGR), Certified Graduate Builder (CGB) or the Graduate Masters Builder (GMB). These are.• ertifi~ations that are sponsored by the National Association of Home Bui}ders. National trade shows and seminars also help members sta\ i formelJ about new products and trends. Locally, we edueate our employ~es witli classes on building codes, safety, framing, tool operation and OSHA compliance to name just a few. All of this is done as a way to maintain the 1evel of professionalism in the remodeling industry. When choosing a professional remoif..eler, it is wise to select a company 1hat is established. f..ook for a company that has the experience, personnel and resources that are necessary' to complete your project. Low bid 'should not always be the deciding factor in your selection. Check to see if the remodeler is licensed in y,our community with the local building depa ment and 'f they are insured and carry the correct limits of insur-ance. Fino out if this individual or company has an industry designation or belongs to a tra'd association. Ask how long the company has been in business. Also, look at recent projects that would 6e similar in scope and size. All of this is hard work and time consuming, but ar.e ilealing with a reputable company they will be happr., to supply the information and be proud to show the quality of their work. The members of our Remooelors f:ouncil want rou to experience quality workmanship and professionalism on our next project. Our local Home Builders Association at (970) 686-2798 would be happy to supply a membership list to you.

â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘

IVIn through Remodeling by Carol Ann Hixon


et's remodel!" These are the words that dreams are made of. Th ey are also words

that make excellent text for your worst nightmare. Further, they are words to

test individual mettle and couple cohesiveness. I know. We have " remodeled" our home no fewer than five times in our 21 years in the same house. Each time has been an adventure w ith a delightful end ing. Remode li ng a house whi le liv ing in it and com ing through the dust, inconvenience, human error, acts of God, and multiple schedul ing hurdles w ith family and san ity intact - well, that is an ach ievement to boast of. A nd, the

Interior remodeling of Gary and Carol Ann Hixon 's home.


end product has been worth the wa it. Three simple ax ioms have provi ded the foundation for making remodelin g a dream and not a nightmare for ou r fam il y : 1. Know what you wa nt to achieve w ith the remodel. 2. Use experts and professionals to help you achieve that goa l.

3. Keep your eye on the goa l and your humor in a handy pocket. It is actua ll y possible to thrive o n the disruption (so me might say "chaos") ca used by a remodeling project. Being rud ely awa kened by the sound of saws and ham mers at the crack of dawn ca n prov ide o ne an entire new look at the world. As A I Ku lenski of AI Kulenski Bui lding & Remodeling noted, w hen you live in the space being remodeled you have a number of "characters comin g through you r house. You lose pri vacy. Day ! ight is work time." Th at translates to a 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. invas ion of you r home. Ku lensk i says another fru stration for customers is th at there's "not go ing to be someone there everyday." Schedu ling the va ri ous sub-co ntracto rs is a ski ll ak in to maste rmindin g a military maneuver. Certai n tasks must be completed before others w hi ch ca uses a kind of " hurry up and wait" phenomenon. Kulensk i usuall y asks c li ents to all ow 10 to 12 weeks f ro m start to f ini sh for basements, kitchens, and t he l ike, and wo rk s w ithin that time frame. Our most recent remodel invo lved 90% of

Building & Remodeling

the house, began in ea rl y November, and ended in mid-April. At the t ime, it seemed like years. Looking back, it wasn't long at al l. A fou ndation of pl anning w ill help you grow and even enjoy the adventure of remodeling. With new peopl e arri ving at odd times each day, pets can become skittish w ith th e invasion . O ur two cats hid each day from the first doorbell chime until the last tru ck pulled away. O ne stayed under a bed, until that room, too, was torn asunder; and, after that, we cou ldn't find her during the day. The oth er lurked around corn ers, peeking out occasionally to see w hat was happening. Six months after the concl usion of the last project, the cats still run w hen the doorbell announces a visitor. Foundation Rule #1: Know what you want to achieve with the remodel. Well, duh, that seems just plain obvious. " I wa nt a dining room." O r " I want to add a garage." This is the tri cky part. Identifying the space you want to add is not necessari ly the sa me thing as w hat you want to achieve. For example, does adding the dining room mean you want to enterta in more often, more people, more formally or all of the above? If what you wa nt is to entertain more often, is it sufficient to add th e dining room? You might want to consider a bit more space in the fa mily room or living room to accommodate more people. Or you may rea lly wa nt one large entertainment area that to prepa re and serve food w hi le guests gather round. And, consider thi s- you want a dini ng room, but does that mean you add a dining room or <;io you remodel an ex istin g room for th e dining room and repl ace that room w ith th e new addition? Possibilities are limited only by your dreams and plans, and, of course, budget. Adding a ga rage? Why? Is it to house an additi onal vehic le? Should it also incl ude storage? W hat kind ? Maybe something w ith a wash up area or a spot to store coats, di rty shoes, and work cloth es? Do you see how thi s works? Ask yourself many questions before settl ing on " I wa nt to add ... " Even if you end in the pl ace you began, the time explorin g poss ibilities is well spent to clari fy the scope of the project. Thi s askin g questions and pl anning has been an ongoin g process for our home. W hen we pu rchased our house 20+ years ago, we comp letely remodeled it p ri or to moving in. We moved the main entry from the north to the west side of the house. The ga rage became a liv ing room and now it is a din ing roo m. Th e original liv ing room beca me the kitchen and, though it has been remode led twice, it has stayed in th e sa me pl ace. Initi all y, we added a two-story

Annual 2001

add it ion - famil y room on th e main floor and master bedroom on the second floor and a two-ca r ga rage that beca me a th reeca r garage a few yea rs back w hen we added a "great room" at the oth er end of th e house. The spaces in our house allow us to consider different uses and we do so, sometim es with un conventi onal results. Our rul e is to dream until it's ti me to put the pl an to paper and then we work w ith peopl e w e tru st, peopl e w ho do their jobs expertl y. Foundation Rule #2: As you formulate ideas, work with people who design and create living spaces as a profession. Best advice: Seek professional help in pl anning each step of the way. A coroll ary to that advice is this: Do not ask your fri ends for th eir opinions - w ith many opinions you ri sk confusion and may find dec ision-making to be nigh impossib le. To involve your fri ends, share w ith them th e pl ans and expl ain w hy you have chosen to do w hat you have chosen. " Do you li ke thi s?" is an invitation to unnecessary chaos. You live there, make it look like yours and not li ke a composite of everyone's ideas. As we remodeled thi s past year, our chief focus was to add a master bathroom. For twenty yea rs a tiny bath w ith single lavatory and shower had been our ex istence. As we ta lked about the additi on, we took into considerati on that the current trend

is to put master suites on th e main fl oor and ours was (and remain s) on the second . In the end, we expanded- knockiflg out wa ll s and add ing a second fl oo r ove r the dinin g room. In doing so, we were abl e to add a balcony that looks into the courtya rd and out to the foothill s and also a purpl e sta ircase descending to a pati o w ith hot tub. We love the space- but, had I sought advice

from others, I' m certain th ey would have caut ioned us about proceeding. It is not a usual bathroom. That penchant for the "not usual" is the mark of an interi or designer. Designers are tra ined to listen and then to create a space that th e client w ill love but would probably not have considered. Another way to say this is: If it is going to look like everyone else's space, you probabl y are not taking full advantage of the designer's experti se. M y task th rough ou r remodel projects is to ask "why?" and to pose other poss ibilities to the des igner's ideas. (For the record, the designer is my husband, Gary.) Th is should work w ith any designer, not just spouse-designers. So, you wa nt to trust the profess ionals you hire and your own instin cts. Throw ing other opini ons into th e mi x generall y creates a "c razy quilt." Whatever you decide to do w ith design and building help, work w ith qualified, certified, bona fi de professionals. Comparison shoppi ng on pri ce is w ise, but the lowest pri ce may not be the best one. Look for quality. Your house should be a place of warmth, fun, refuge ... it's not the pl ace to cut corners w ith inferior products or workm anship.

Exterior remodeling of Gary and Carol Ann Hixon 's home.










Kristin Hoeven, w ho purchases houses and remodels them for rentals and resale, does price comparisons and bids. Hoeven has done some of the work herself, even tearing out wall s and flooring, but she a lso hires people to do many of the jobs. When it comes time to select the company or the material, she we ighs many things and finally, " I have good intuition," she says. Keep one eye on the cost; keep the other eye on expertise, quality, and your intuition about people. Foundation Rule #3: Keep a sense of humor ever handy. You will need it. Also, keep the " I apologize," phrase ready for those moments when humor takes a break and anger steps in . Accept the fact that things w ill go wrong, but don 't accept that it means less than the best in service or workmanship. Do expect com mitment to the finest work and know that when things go awry, it's that comm itment that will so lve the problem. During our 1999/2000 remodel, we, who find great pleasure in decorating and entertaining for the ho lid ays, had a dining room with no roof, rooms filled with boxes and furniture turned on end, tiles torn from floors, clothes tucked in strange places and dust everywhere, even on the toothbrushes. And, still, we had fun. We put up the holiday decorations to maintain family traditions and, then, on New Year's Eve, we had a luscious multi-course dinner catered for our family. It was perfect- and we sm il ed at the co ntrast of wonderful food in such a setti ng. In the mess, remembering the goa l of a beautiful home fades and the new goa l becomes getting the electrica l system to work aga in. We hoped each day that one of us would be able to see the " li ght at the end of the tunnel" and point it out for the other. We had to laugh when we couldn 't find underwear. We took delight in sma ll things -even the first brush stroke of the persimmon colored paint in the family room was cause for celebration . We kept the humor intact, most of the time. I blush with embarrassment, remembering my quick-tempered reaction to find ing the telephone not working, aga in . Surprises abound with electrical w iring, plumbing, and things of that ilk when you remodel. We had just one too many of the surprises and I did the stomp-the-foot-it-must-befixed-immediately tantrum act. The electrical and telephone people treated me carefully and politely and were ab le to so lve the problem. They got an apology in return small compensation for the total work they did. When you work with experts they do that. They acknowledge the problem and

Building & Remodeling

solve it. They also deserve apologies and thanks. Remodeling does cause stress, but there are ways to ease that. M ark j. Kessler of Kessler Construction Company, Inc. , works on 140+ remodeling projects a year, including insurance restoration work for damage caused by water, fire, wi nd, hail, and other distresses . He has established guidelines that help the customer through the remodel. First, he sets the expectations by exp laining w hat th e worst sce nario might be and also explains that the worst is not the norm . M aintaini ng clear, co nstant communicati on solves many problems and to do that Kessler has 24 hou r paging ava ilable for his clients- he or one of hi s staff is always avai labl e. Also, he provides eac h client with a clipboard and empty tablet where the homeowner can jot down notes and questions as they occur. In addition, the workers can respond and make rem arks for the cl ient. Prior to starting th e work, Kessl er likes to exp lain insurance needs, something also noted by Kulenski. Subcontractors should be insured either on their own or as part of the company. If they are not, the homeowner is responsibl e for workmen's compensation and the li ab ilities that attend th e work. Also, Kessler recommends that the homeowner move smal l items to avoid breakage. Kessler and Kulenski stressed, and my experience provides strong support, that selecting a competent contractor is criti ca l. Get references . Ask around - here is where friends' opinions are a specia l benefit. Word of mouth advertisi ng can be an excell ent source. Look for membership in professional organization s. Kess ler is a member of th e Trade Remode lers Council of the Homebu ilders Association of Colorado and has ea rn ed professional ce rti f ications through experi ence and coursework as a Graduate Master Builder. When and why should you remodel? Kul enski suggests that remodeling al lows you to stay in a house you like for a longer time. Hoeven finds houses in disrepair and makes them w hole again . We have remodeled a number of times and each time has made our home more enjoyab le w hether we' ve worked on a corner or the entire house. Remodel because you like w here you live and want to increase the pleasure you find in your home. The dream starts now. We have begun the conversations for a new idea for our home. We wi ll plan, work w ith experts and keep our senses of humor intact.


Caro l Ann Hixon is an educator and writer and married to interior designer Gary Hixon.

Annual 2001

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Wall design by Paragon.

clean up requires paint cleaner or mineral spirits. When choos in g a paint co lor for a room your style is the most important aspect. A I ighter or pastel co lor wi II open up an area w hil e a dark co lor w ill make the space appear smaller. But don't let that limit your cho ice for a room, for examp le; a dark color can be used in a very small room such as a powder room for a dramatic effect. When you choose your co lor, paint a small section of the room and leave it for a few days . This way, you can see the paint finish in a variety of lighting and determine if it fits with the personality of the room . Don't be afraid to use color, at the worst you ca n always paint over it! Paint can be used as a so lid co lor or combined w ith other co lors and painting techniques to create a decorative finish for your wal ls. Sponging, stippling, marblin g and other faux finishes can lend a touch of elega nce to you r walls. Depend ing on the detai I and you r own creativity, you may choose to do this yourself or hire a professional trained in fau x finishes . " Faux painting helps the resa le va lue of

Annual 2001

the house, " sa id j on Keil, owner and painter for Portfauxlio. But more importantly, a fau x finish expresses the personality of the owners and lends an oldwor ld appea l to the home. " Some houses lend themselves very well to decorative

finishes ," he added. Many of the paints used by Ke il are professional quality and not something you can p ick up at the hard ware or hobby store. " Th ere i s more trans lu cency and depth to these products. " The use of these materials, and,

of course the creativity and expe ri ence of Keil , give your walls, floors, ce ilin gs or anything else that can possibly be painted a dramatic and dynamic appea l. Tec hniqu es such as marbling and dragging are stunning on a smoot h su rface while sponging and ragging are appea lin g on textured or irregular surfaces. Unique f inish es can be done like wood gra inin g and re-pr od u c in g the look of old metal ceil in g tiles . "Thi s trade is hundreds of yea rs o ld," said Keil. "Peop le wanted to mimic wood grains or marble they saw in wea lthi er homes." This mimicking of high cost finishes became known as faux or false finishes. Today, Keil prefers to ca ll it decorative painting. "You have to come up w ith new

Wall design by Port Faux/io.


ideas all the time and combine a variety of tec hniques. Th at way you end up wi th a more invo lved and interesting loo k." Another way to get an old-world look for a newe r home is through t he use of plaster and marb le applied to the wa ll s. Ray Butera of Parago n Decorative Finishes offe rs a uniqu e process of creat in g a spectacular look fo r yo ur walls. "A lot of people are afraid o f co lor, but putting someth in g o n the wa ll s c re ates a mood and a wa rm t h, " said Butera. For an aged l ook on the wa ll s, Butera uses a p l aste r finish and different gl azes to c reate texture and co l or. The finish is harder and has better insu l at ion properties th a n machine fin i shes suc h as knockdown or orange pee l . Butera developed and perfected an embedded fini sh that leaves the wal ls lookin g aged and impressive. Butera is also known for his uniqu e marbled wa ll f in ish th at is go rgeous, durab le and wate rpr oof. Thi s Marmarino f ini sh use s powdered m arble that i s mixed with wate r and app li ed to th e wa ll . " Th e water c hanges the powder back into marble." Butera studi ed this technique w ith Car lo Biesuz, one of the masters of " Les Troi s M atons ." Th e M ato ns are recog ni zed

as masters in original wa ll fin ishes and tech niques practiced by the Romans and perfected during t he Italian Renaissance. In fact, it has onl y been in the last three years t hat the Matons have a ll owed their sec rets o u t of Europe. These finishes are not for the novice and because of the materials in vo lved and tech niqu es used, it is essential to hire a professional. These unique walls are currently showcased

Wall design by John Gieser, Style Media Group.

at Classic Custom Bu ilders show home in Eagle Ranch in Fort Collins.

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.Award Wimtillfl .Ctmdscnpcs for eommcrcin/ k Kcsidmtinl

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I Visit Our Ranch Style Model at Country Farms - Open Daily Located on CR5, South of Hwy 392

homes 'The Mark of Quality"

I 5 Ranch Plans Available from 1900 to 2600 Sq. Ft. Prices Start from 260's

<V~corativ~ fini~h~~

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I We Have 1/3 to 1/2 Acre Building Sites, Walkouts, Garden Level, Perfect For Ranch Plans

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A lso showcased in th at home are oldw orld murals painted by Sarah Strickl and, own er and painter for Art Customs. M urals are an excell ent choice fo r an art niche, a bl ank wall or even a ceiling. She speci alizes in reprodu cti ons of th e ol d masters but ca n do original murals as well. "Murals lend themselves we ll to just about anywhere in th e home," said Stri ckl and . Reprod ucti ons are popul ar because the homeowner knows exactl y w hat th e end produ ct w ill look li ke. " I ta lk w ith th e customer fo r a long time to find out exactly w hat th ey want," sa id Strickland . "We look at a lot of pictu res before dec iding on one." Wh en the painting is completed, Stri ckl and signs the original artist's name and then her own undern eath. The w ork is th en sea led to protect the paint and make it more durable. It can be washed like any wa ll in your home and " it should last longer than you w ill !" sa id Strickland. If you are not quite ready to hire an artist to create custom wa ll s fo r your home, wa llpaper ca n give the look of a mural, stenciling, faux or any oth er fini sh. From a simple bord er to intricate hand-screened papers, wa llpaper ca n transform a blank room into a showcase . It is also versatil e and can be used in any room in the house. Vinyl papers are the most popul ar for the do-it-yourse lfer. They are relati vely easy to install and ma inta in. Most come pre-pasted so all th at is needed is water and a few tools of th e trade. If you are a novice, choose an area with as few corn ers and obstru ction s as poss ible. Wa ll paperin g a small bathroom can be th e hardest to do because of th e corners, sinks, toilets and bathtu bs that you mu st cut around. Al ong the same lines as wallpaper, fabri c can be used to highlight the wa ll s in your home. Fabri c wall s are best done in less used areas of th e home such as the living, dining or bedrooms. For a fl at look simil ar to wa ll paper, you can stap le or paste the fa bric to the wall s. If you are go ing fo r a more luxurious look, the wall s can actuall y be upho lstered using batting and fa bric. Deco rati ve and fa ux f ini shes, pa int, mu ra ls, wa llpaper and fabric fas hions for wa ll s are a samp ling of w hat is readil y ava ilable to tu rn your house into a showcase home. Wheth er th e artist is yourself or a profess iona l, let your own personality rul e w hen creatin g your wa ll s. For more info rm ation and to v iew add it io nal wo rk go to www.stylemedi and cli ck on the links to Portfauxli o and Art Customs. jl\

Marti OiTaranto is Ma naging Editor for Sty le M ed ia and Des ign and in the p rocess of "creating" her wa lls.

Annual 2001

You can just "feel " these benefits. • Stress & Tension Reliever • Relaxes & Soothes Muscles • Deep Cleansing of Skin & Body of Impurities & Toxins • Improves Metabolic Rate, Circulation, Deeper Sleep • Promotes Healing and Resistance to Illness • Helps with Arthritis • Affordable Luxury • Ease of Installation • Low Maintenance, Low-Cost Operation

Invest in Yourself for Health g Relaxation, and Add Luxury to Your Home.



Precut, Prefab & Custom Saunas • Sauna Accessories . (970) 282-3773 • (970) 689-1585 • 49

eneraJiy, we consider oor

home appliances a necessity. We need them to feed our families, ready ourselves for the outside world and make our hectic schedules just a little easier. Few in the past would have considered a home appliance luxurious, just handy. But in today's world of appliances, luxury has crept in with a new focus on our homes and the quality time we spend inside of them. Though we try to forget the days of avocado green refrigerators, new colors are popping up everywhere and the explosion of choices indicates a desire to show off our appliances. And of course, the latest technology makes everything run smoother, faster, quieter and cleaner. Darrell Turman, general manager of Turman's Appliance Center in Fort Collins, said he credits the new attention directed


towards home appliances to our healthy economy. "We are seeing more and more people with greater discretionary income." According to Turman, much of that income is being spent on the home. A large part of that income is spent " on having fun in the kitchen," said Turman. The newest trends in the kitchen are restaurant-worthy ranges, bold colors that give a break from traditional white, and new advances in technology to cook faster and healthier. Built-in refrigerators are a must for the decorator's kitchen. They can be paneled to match the cabinets, hidden away behind gorgeous wood. They can match the

counter tops for a unique decorating option. Or you can order one of the exciting new colors made by Viking, such as eggplant, cobalt or a vibrant yellow. And the look of stainless steel never goes out of style. Refrigerators can also come with the convenience of a built-in water filter, making it unnecessary to pay for the expense of filtering the whole house. Where once these filters were awkward and hard to reach, today they take up minimal room and are easy to use. The trendy built-in refrigerators and their options will cost you; they can run anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000. Refrigeration is becoming more versatile as well. Under-counter drawer units, which cost about $2,400, can be installed under prep areas in the kitchen for convenience or to store beverages. Even icemakers have been updated . Reuben Heikkinen, owner of Elite Appliance Solutions on Mitchell Drive in Fort Collins, said the newest technology is a breakthrough for those who enjoy their before-dinner aperitif. The latest in icemakers features crystal clear ice, from which chemicals and minerals have been removed. This leaves restaurant-quality ice that won't affect the taste of your martini. The icemaker costs between $800-$1,000. The home of a true wine-lover would not be complete without a wine cooler. The cooler, which can be built right into the kitchen cabinets, brings wines to serving temperature so whites can be served chilled and reds a little cooler than room temperature. The topend Sub-zero model features two compartments with separate cooling temperatures to store reds and whites appropriately. This true mark of sophistication costs around $4,300. Other models with the single compartment that can hold up to 75 bottles can be found for about $1,000. Many serve a dual purpose with wine and bulk storage. The professional-style range can be the single most expensive appliance in the home, ranging from $5,000 to $9,000. They are the desire of every true gourmand. The professional ranges feature more burners, restaurant-style griddles, two ovens with one likely

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More space in the right place and new Climatelone technology in this state-of-the-art refrigerator by Maytag"'.

a convection oven. The options go on and on. While stainless steel remains the most popular finish on these stoves, Viking also offers the same colors as the refrigerators. Brass accents on ran ges is another hot trend in the kitchen. Colors and extras make the appliance a focal point in the kitchen, showing off these beautiful and fully functional marks of good taste. New accessories are available for the stove and oven. Rotisseries and pizza stones can be

Luxury outdoor grill available at Turman's Appliance Center.


added to the oven. Oven doors can be made to swing right or left, rather than down. Knobs can disappear when not in use and pop out again when needed. Specialty burners for simmering and wok cooking are available for the stove. New vents can be made to pop up and be positioned directly over the cooking surface, cutting down on smoke, grease and odors. Indoor barbeques are available with steamers and deep fryers built in. Warming drawers can be installed separately, anywhere they are needed in the kitchen, so food can be kept hot or plates warmed. According to Heikkinen, these oven drawers have even made their way into the bathroom to provide guests with warm towels. Heikkinen credits the popularity of these luxury items for the kitchen with the resurgence of the kitchen as a gathering place. New homes are having hearth rooms built onto an open kitchen. "They are going back to the old days," said Heikkinen, where family and close friends congregate in this warm center of the home. The latest in technology has created a variety of new cooking methods. One is the steamer. Designed for the health-conscious cook, steamers have settings for vegetables, poultry and seafood to keep cooking light and to add moisture. Built-in wall steamers are available for around $2,000. One oven that has received awards for its new cooking method is the GE Advantium, selling for $1,400. This oven cooks with halogen lights, rather than the traditional heating element. The Advantium cooks with the speed of a microwave, but gives food the taste and appearance of a traditional oven, said Turman . The oven cooks, roasts, broils steaks and cooks a baked potato with a crispy skin in less time than the average microwave. The Maytag store, located on South College in Fort Collins, sells another high-tech oven that combines great taste with high-speed cooking. Owner Rob Pehkonen said the Accellis 2X is combination microwave and conventional oven. It cuts cooking time in half with no preheating for $1,300. The next step up is the Accellis 5XP, which cooks five times faster than a conventional oven with "superb quality." The wall unit is $3,500. Maytag also carries the Gemini oven which features two self-cleaning ovens in one standard-size unit. The top and bottom ovens can cook at separate temperatures. The oven is ideal for homeowners who do not have the space for two full-size ovens or don't want to remodel, but want the convenience and cooking power of a dual range. The oven sells for $1,500.

The microwave has not aged without a few new innovations. Stainless steel is now available to match the range or refrigerator. Microwaves can be built into the cabinetry below the counter to make easier access for children to do their own cooking. Dishwashers have advanced leaps and bounds as well. Dishwashers now have trendy stainless steel fronts. They feature deeper top racks for more capacity and are quieter than ever. Perhaps the hippest dishwasher is the one that has two cabinets. The top rack and bottom rack can be accessed separately and can wash on different cycles at different times. This innovation in handsfree dishwashing costs about $1,600. The front-loading washing machine has become revolutionary because it can clean more clothes, use less water and help clothes last longer by being more gentle. They are also a great space-saver in a cramped laundry room. A front loading washer/dryer set can cost anywhere from $1,500-$5,000, but savings in terms of efficiency make the cost worthwhile. The latest in washers and dryers may not be in quality, but quantity. According to Turman, he often sells multiple sets to one home. One for the master bedroom, one for the children's and a separate set for the guest room-the ultimate in privacy and convenience. One specialty item that tops the list in versatility, it would seem, is the built-in coffee system. The system fits into any

Built-in wine cooler available at Elite Appliance Solutions.

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Coffee System by Miele; photo courtesy of Turman 's Appliance Center.

wa ll and w ith th e push of a button , it w ill automati ca ll y grind and freshl y brew your coffee and co mes compl ete with a froth er for milk. Turm an said he has had custom ers buy w ith th e intent of hav ing the system in stall ed in th eir bedroom to make gettin g o ut of bed just a I ittl e eas ier. The system se ll s fo r $2 ,000. Th e fin al area of lu xury appli ances mu st be th e o utdoo r gri II. Th ere has bee n an in crease in the use of th e o utdoo r patio, sa id Heikkin en. Barb eque grill s are no longe r ju st fo r burgers; tod ay's ve rsion features a rotisseri e, smoker and sid e burn ers so th e kitchen can be moved o utdoo rs during t he wa rm weath er seasons. Th e grill s se ll fo r $2,000 to $6,000 . H eikk inen f inds th at customers fee l t he money is we ll spent, bu yin g a qu ali ty grill that w ill last a lifetim e rath er th an rep lacing a chea per version eve ry other sum mer. And to make relax ing outdoo rs ava il abl e yea r-ro und, outdoor pati o heaters are also ava il abl e. Th e outdoor heaters cost betwee n $800 to $1 ,000. M any today find mon ey spent on qu ality appli ances m akes life run m o re sm oothl y and brin gs just a litt le more co mfo rt to th e hom e. A cco rdin g to Heik k in en, thi s is espec iall y tru e of the ki tchen. " Thi s is th e one room in th e entire home w here you get yo ur money back . Th e kitchen w ill sell yo ur home mo re th an any of th e room s in yo ur ho use." H e find s more new con stru cti on ho m es featur e open pl ans w ith t he ki tchen as a foca l point. For th ose loo kin g to add a li tt le more lu xury to th eir hom e, sa id H ei kkin en, remodels ca n cost as littl e as a $1 ,000 or as much as $40,000 . With the addit ion of th e right app li ance, anyone ca n make th eir hom e a more enj oyabl e, more co mfo rta bl e pl ace for t hemse lves and t hei r fa mili es.

tlite A~~liance ~olutions for the love of cooking


at the


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ou're driving through a charming neighborflood


dotted with quaint old homes, when you see it: some homeowner has created an eyesore by tacking on a mismatched addition. Besides being eyesores, additions like these mar historically important homes and reduce a neighborhood's desirability. Fortunately, people do understand the need to keep the past alive. Carol Tunner, a Historic Preservation Planner for the Historic Preservation Office in Fort Coli ins, notes the reasons for protecting the past. In the 50s and 60s, historical homes and other buildings were demolished all over the country due 路 to two major factors: the Urban Renewal Authority made room for high rises and the Federal Highway Administration made room for Interstate highways. When Americans started to question the mass destruction of a part of their history, the Federal Government passed the National Historic Preservation Act in 1966 and created the National Register, which started to list homes and other buildings that are historically important- subsequent state and local registers also developed. The Historic Preservation Office, part of the Advanced Planning Department of the City of Fort Coli ins, exists to protect the character of historic homes, buildings and neighborhoods . Its rol e involves designating property to make it eligible for financial benefits, monitoring changes to historical landmarks, and providing technical information rega rding restoration. Tunner lives and breathes preservation. "Preserving the craftsmanship of old homes helps tourism, and gives the community an economic advantage," Tunner says. Another local entity, the Historic Fort Collins Development Corporation, is a private, non-profit organization that works in partnership with the Historic Preservation Office. Mary Humstone, a board member of the organization and Consultant in Historic Preservation is interested in historical neighborhoods because they set each community apart. "Not only are historical neighborhoods attractive, but there is an interest in the stories contained in old buildings," Humstone says . Phil Majerus of Paul Davis Restoration agrees: "It takes years for a neighborhood to develop character. As a professional, I don't want to ruin those aesthetics." Majerus knows that restoration is good for everyone; the neighborhood looks appealing and houses retain their value

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l o nger. He stresses that historical preservation organizations are not out to sabotage homeowners' projects. " It's a phi lo sophy of preserving c haracter, and that's important in a country li ke ours. We're not like Europe; we're not tired of cast les yet!" he says. Majerus has worked on many restoration projects, from t he Old Rock Schoolhouse in Crested Butte to a two story outhouse (not the best id ea eve r), comp lete w ith hand forged nails and lead-based paint. While restoration of th is kind p rotects the value of hi storica l homes, it also points toward a trend in the overal l idea of w hat a home shou ld be. " Th e trend toward building new homes in older sty les- like the New Victorians- represents our nostalgia for the comfort and warmth of what we remember as home," Tunner says. Bob Peterson of Associates in Building and Desi gn recomme nd s doing some homework up fro nt if you own an o ld er hom e o r li ve in a hi stor ical district . "P l ann in g and p reparation on any project is im po rtant, but eve n more so for an older home, " Peterson says. H e recommends working with members o f historical preservation prog rams right from t he start to avo id problems

Annual 2001

down th e road. Even though you can't prepare for eve rythin g, you w ill definite ly have an advantage if you've done you r research. The 50 year rule - t ho ugh not ent ire l y strict helps determ in e w hether or not a home is cons idered for the preservation p rogram. If a home is 50 years o ld and ove r, it is reviewed according to cr iteria that determine its historical , arc hitectural, o r geograp hi ca l sign ifi ca nce.

Many historical homes may be eli gib le for federa l, state, and loca l tax credits, loans or grants if hom eow ners restore t heir hom es acco rdin g to The Secretary of the Interior's Standa rds for the Treatment of Hi storic Properties. Once it has been determined that th e home has significance in one or more of these areas, the Historic Preservatio n Office guides the homeowner through the fina ncia l incentives and restoration process. Restoration does not affect the use or genera l maintenance of the property, does not require resto ration of ex istin g structures, and does not require historic restoration of interiors. Changes in plans are common when restoring older homes because unforeseens occur and a rewo rking of the des ign may be necessa ry in order to comp ly with historical preservation guidel ines. Because of this, Peterson recommends that you find a contractor with w hom you ca n form the ri ght rel ationship. Be awa re t hat if your house fa ll s into the 50 year rule category, the Hi storic Preservation Offi ce w ill require historical rev iew before you can obtain a building permit, rega rdless of whet her or not yo ur home is hi stor ical ly registered. Th is local ordinance gives


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preservation organ izat ions time to recogn ize the hi storica l significance of a home, and to determine options for preservation, Humstone says. In 18 months, Mike Adams of Summit Compa ni es in Fort Coli ins has done five restorations in Old Tow n. "I love restoration and preservation - it's my passion," Adams says. His experience with the Historic Preservation Office comm ittee has shown him that they work we ll with homeowne rs during the process. "The committee isn't a group of people who meet behind c losed doors; you' re there with them every step of the way," he says. When problems arise, comprom ise is the key word. Mark Delehoy of Delehoy Construction in Fort Collins knows all too well about the pitfalls that come along with add itions to older homes, though he recognizes the importance and need for preservation. When one of Delehoy ' s cl ients app li ed for a building permit, she found out that before she co uld obta in it, the house had to be rev iewed by the Histori c Preservation Office because it was built aroun d 1900. The Office made suggestions th at the add ition follow the original sty le of the house as much as possible because of its magnificent architectura l significance. This included usin g brick instead of siding, installing stone window sill s, designing curved windows, and using sp lit-faced foundation block- all arc hitecturall y histori ca l aspects of the ex istin g hou se. Though t he redesign resulted in an in crease in cost and time, the owner of the house decided to go ahead w ith restoration in the add ition to her home. A hom eowner is not req uired to follow preservation suggestions, but may miss out on tax cred its if they don't. These incentives are a way to reward homeowners who invest, essentia ll y, in hi sto ry. "Prese rvation suggest io ns are backed more by encou rage ment than by law," says Majerus. And it pays off in the end in many other ways, like improv in g the value of neighborhoods and thus, com munities as a w hol e. Homeowners are ab le to take adva ntage of state and local gra nts, loans, and other benefits as we ll. "The majority of homeowners w ho purchase older homes are initially interested in its history, so they tend to follow preservation guide lines and suggest ions," Humston e says. Another problem Delehoy notes w hen dealing with the restoration of older homes is the difficulty that sometimes arises when trying to match o lder styles: The homeowner faces in creased cost and

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maintenance, and must also have access to an arch itect whose has ex pertise in this area. Howeve r, there are man y resour ces for finding materials, and materials don 't always have to precisely match the composition of or ig in al elements; this depends upon the historical review comm ittee following the Secretary of the Interior's Standards. Substitute materi als that are acceptab le according to the Secretary's Standards includ e cast aluminum, cast stone, g lass fiber reinforced concretes, precast concrete, fiber reinforced polymers, and epoxies. The guideline here is that every option for repair or replacement of original materials has been explored and ruled out. Reasons for rulin g out the use of or igi nal materials are that the materials themselves or t he craftsmansh ip to make those materials is unavailable; the origina l materials are of poor craftsmans hip; the or iginal materials are causi ng damage to existing adjacent materials; or there are confli cts with c urrent co des. Bes id es these substitute materials, there are other so luti ons: Delehoy mentions compan ies who wi ll stain brick to match ex isting brick, so homeown e rs don 't have to replac e whole wall sections . Finally, the Historic Preservation Office can refer homeowners to arc hitects who spec iali ze in historical restoration . There are many resources to gu ide homeowners in historical preservat ion. In fact, as part of their " Preservation Week" celebrations, Historic Fort Collins Development Corporation is holding a " Your Old House Workshop" to help homeowners discover strategies for project planning and building diagnosis fo r their o lder homes. The c lassroom workshop is schedu led for Monday, April 30, from 5:30pm to 9:00pm and the on-s ite workshop which will be held at the Preston Farm - is schedu led for May 7 from 5:30pm to 9:00pm. For more information on the workshops contact Betty Anne Bei erle at, or ca ll Rheba Massey at (970) 221-6688. Whatever homeowners dec ide to do in the way of restoration, a littl e research and preparation goes a lon g way- into the future . And w hen you preserve the historical integrity of your home, you can rest easy knowing that it will be enj oyed for generations to come, instead of being an eyesore that causes passersby to cr inge and wonder " what happened to that old house?"


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ollowing the kitchen, remodeling or adding a bathroom results in the

largest return on one's investment in home improvement. Surveys show that when you sell your home, anywhere from half to all of the money spent on bathroom remodeling can be recouped, especially if you sell your home within three years after the remodeling has been done. Today, the doors are open for every homeowner to remodel or add a bathroom, regardless of budget. The options available are abundant, and recent trends are much different than the designs of our parents' time. No longer are families willing to share a hall bath. The National Association of Home Builders states that homeowners now want at least two bathrooms, and the new bathrooms offer more than they did in the past. Successful bathroom remodeling results when a new bathroom is designed specifically for the people who use it and when enough time is allowed for the design process. This process includes thorough research and planning. The first step is to determine whether you can repair, replace, or refinish an existing bathroom, or whether a complete replacement is needed. Bob Castner, President of the Kitchen and Bath Design Center, Inc. in Fort Collins, offers this advice: Analyze your existing bath, create a list of every element in the room, and rate each element as unacceptable or acceptable. Look at everything while answering the following questions: 1. Is the bathroom adequate size? 2. Does the bathroom relate to the rooms around it?


3. Are the exterior walls adequately insulated? 4. Are shower, tub, and sink valves properly pressure-balanced or equipped with non-scalding devices? 5. Are there ground fault circuit interrupters on all electrical outlets? 6. What is the condition of the fixtures? 7. Are the fixtures comfortably situated? 8. Are subflooring and underlayment in good condition? 9. Is there adequate ventilation and heating? 10. Is there enough or too much natural or artificial Iighting? 11. Do you have enough storage space? 12. Is there potential for universal design to accommodate a wheelchair or walker? A complete replacement is not necessary if the positive or acceptable features outnumber the unacceptable. Of course, remodeling a bathroom is less expensive than a complete replacement. If you choose to remodel, you can do it selectively in stages as y our budget allows. If you choose to completely replace an existing room with a

bathroom, or plan to add a bathroom onto the house, another question to ask yourself is whether you will have proper access to plumbing. Whether you remodel, replace, or add a bathroom , several additional questions should be answered before you begin: 1. How will the bathroom be used? 2. Who will use the bathroom? 3. How much space do I have to work with? 4. What is my budget? 5. What are the necessities or basic elements needed?

Cabinets available at Kitchen & Bath Design Center, Inc.

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to Remodel?

cabinet knobs • door handles towel bars • switch plates house numbers

Ask Yourself: How will this bathroom be used? •!• By children? •!• As a powder room for guests? What is the main reason you want to remodel? •!• Poor cond ition? •!• Hard to clean? •!• Too little cab inet or counter space? •!• Outdated?

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What don't you like? •!• The layout? •!• The fixtures? •!• The lighting? What's on your wish list? •!• A special bath or shower? •!• A sauna? •!• His and her vanities? •!• Stone or tile surfaces?

What to Expect The process for a bathroom remodel depends on w hether you are removing all the plumbing and cabinetry and expanding the space or on ly updating a portion of the room. Here is a general outline of w hat to expect:

Get Ready •!• Empty cupboa rds and remove everything from the room, including items on the walls. •!• Plan an adjacent room for workers to use.

The Process •!• Cabinetry and plumbing is removed. •!• Floor coveri ng is removed . •!• Drywall and plaster are removed to get to plumbing and electri ca l work. •!• Any expansion framing begins. •!• Rough plumbing and electrical work is comp leted. •!• In sul atio n is in sta ll ed. •!• Inspections of the above are done. •!• Drywa ll and plaster are replaced. •!• Flooring is in stalled and toilet is reset. •!• Fini sh mate ri als are put in as app ropriate: first the cabi netry, cou nters and f in all y plumbing fixtures. •!• Finish wo rk begins, w ith installation of mi rro rs, I ight fixtures, showe r doors, etc.

Information on bathroom remodeling provided by the Home Builders Association. Annual 2001


Keep a notebook with answe rs to these questions and for jotting down other notes. You may also want to keep a box or tote bag that wi II store your notebook, sa mpl es of mater ials, and a measuring tape. An instant camera coul d come in handy as well to capture a snapshot of someth ing you see that you like. Once yo u get orga ni zed, look around and talk to profess iona l bathroom designers. Professional bath des i gne rs create des igns to meet Unique plumbing fixtures available at New Concepts Plumbing & Design. your needs and desires while respecting your space limita6. What are some special features that tions and your budget. Good designers also you'd like to have? (Castner describes design bathrooms that fo llow building these specia l features as "your fantasy codes, standards, and time-tested guidelines. of a perfect bath.")

Criteria to consider include lighting, heating, ventil ation, storage design, door location, and fixture placement. Safety issues, as we ll as loca l bu ild ing, electrical , and plumbi ng codes must also be taken into cons ideration. Another importa nt consideration is the type of environment you want to create. According to a few local retailers, homeowners today want to create a bathroom environment that is not on ly conven ient, but is also peaceful and restfu l. Cindy Denton of Loveland Design says that peop le today want a "time out place" that is " allencompassing." Homebuyers today place a high priority on master bedroom "su ites" that include a spacious master bathroom that is about 100 to 200 squa re feet in size. One option is to take a bedroom that adjoin s the master bedroom, and turn it into a master bathroom. The result cou ld raise the overa ll va lu e of your home, as long as at least three bedrooms remain in the home (if only one or two bedrooms remain, the result cou ld actua ll y lower the overall value) . Another option is to take out a closet to en large an existing bathroom. Maria joll y, Design Associate for New Concepts Plumbing, sa id that many people are even remode ling a large closet to become a

rtudmn w~ g- ~ Provides a unique handrail division that specializes in custom interior & exterior handrails, fencing and gates. We can develop custom designs to meet the specific needs of your home.


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bathroom, whi le making the o ld bathroom into a closet! Still another option is to bu il d an add ition. The cost of an add ition coul d be $15,000 to $30,000 or more, w hereas the cost of remode lin g ex isting space wou ld be $7,000 to $10,000 or more. As bathroom space en larges, changes in the types and sty les of tubs, showers, fixtures, wa ll space, and floor coverin gs are also evident. "Most peop le want new and exc iting things in th eir bathrooms," sa id jolly. "They wa nt the latest, and want everythi ng to match ." Many of the open and spacious bathrooms of today include separate tubs and showers, large van iti es, large mirrors, one or two toilets, a bidet, and dress ing tab les that are either a part of the van ity or are separate. joll y and Denton sa id that homeowners are replaci ng the once popu lar wh irlpooltype tubs w ith soak ing tubs, beca use soaking tubs are more restfu l. Castner added that many people are also in sta lling separate wa lk-in showers and separate soak in g or jetted tubs. Both j o ll y and Denton noted that showers with body sprays com in g from all directions are also very pop ul ar these days. Showers are now ava ilable that spray from the side, from ove rh ead, o r

from hand-h eld shower heads t hat ca n be ad j usted to create a va ri ety of sprays, from invigo rating to soothing, w ith less wasted water. Safety features have been added to new showe r va lves that prevent sudden , dangerous changes in water temperature. Many shower sta ll s even come equ ipped with a seat or a footrest attached to the wa ll to make shaving legs eas ier! Th e o utward appearance of toi let designs has not c hanged a lot dur ing the past few years. But new toi lets wi ll f lu sh more effic ientl y than o lder models, using onl y 1 .6 ga llo ns of water- l ess than half that of their predecessors. The variety in shapes, styles, colors, and textures of bathroom fixtures Continued on pg. 66

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Sources of Indoor Air Pollution BEDROOM 1. 2. 3. 4.

Air Conditioner Humidifier Kerosene Heater Bed

KITCHEN 5. Gas Appliances 6. Cleaning Products

GARAGE 7. 8. 9. 10.

Paints and Hobby Materials Pesticides Automobile Engine Lawn Mower

BATHROOM 11. Personal Care Products

LIVING ROOM 12. Fireplace and/or Wood 13. Carpets and Drapes 14. Paneling

BASEMENT 15. Furnace (not shown) 16. Gas Water Heater/Gas Clothes Dryer


.__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ .

' CD :

n oor air uality by Ken Tremblay, Jr.


f you are building a new home,

recently purchased a home or are remodeling an older home, it's important to recognize potential sources of indoor air pollution . Your commitment to learning about indoor air quality is a commitment to you and your fami ly's health. Frequent headaches, itchy eyes, congestion, nausea, asthma attacks and


fat igue are ailments often attributed to all ergies or stress. However, in some cases, a primary reason for these and other major hea lth problems may be the air quality in ou r hom es. Studies by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have shown that indoor air pollution is worse than outdoor pollution in many Colorado homes. Most of our

17. Charcoal Grill 18. Soil home<'" be iog b"ilt ood cemodeled to be more airtight, but these improvements in

efficiency can result in air that is not fresh or hea lthy. Those of us w ho own new homes or who are interested in remodeling older homes have a special opportunity to prevent or correct indoor air pollution before it becomes a chronic problem.

IDENTIFYING COMMON POLlUTANTS AND STOPPING THEM AT THE SOURCE A lthou gh many homeowners don 't think abo ut connecting health problems to indoor air quality, alm ost all homes contain some common pollutants. Use the fo ll ow in g gu idelines as yo u walk through your home, room by room, and identify and wr ite down potential indoor air pollution so urces. Address eac h potential pollutant w ith the suggestions listed. For more help and information, ca ll the Colorado State U niversity Cooperative Extensi on Office of Healthy Indoor Air for Colorado's Homes at 970-491-5575.

Biological Pollutants Molds, mildew, dust mites and pet dander are all biolog ical pollutants that can be made worse by high humi dity, inadequate

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ventilation and poorly maintain ed humidifiers and air conditioners. These pollutants ca n ca use headaches, watery eyes, nasal congestion, coughing, fati gue and breathing diffi culties. Carpets can house biologica l pollutants, espec iall y if the carpet has been water damaged. If your carpet has been water damaged, consider removing it. Area ru gs are a good cho ice because they can be removed and cl ea ned and the floor underneath them can be washed. Air conditioners are a common source of biological pollutants. Change the filter according to manufacturer recommendations, and if th ere is a water tray, regularly empty and clean it.

Combustion By-Products Combustion by-products from wood stoves, unvented gas stoves and ovens, firepl aces, an d backdrafting from furnaces and water heaters ca n irritate th e eyes, nose and throat and dam age the resp iratory system. Carbon monoxide is an exa mp le of thi s type of po llutant. Most people realize that carbon monoxide ca n kill but may not know that in small amounts it may be th e culp ri t that causes f lu an d allergy sym ptom s. Have a profess ional in spect your flue and chimn ey every yea r. Always open the f lu e w hen using your f irep lace or wood burning stove. Never use unvented gas or kerosene space heaters. Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and check them frequently. Installation and use of ex haust fans is a good way to reduce indoor ai r-qu ality probl ems from combustion by-products as well as from other po llutants.

Formaldehyde Form aldehyde is used as a preservative and adh es ive in bui lding products and furnishin gs. Large amounts ca n trigger asthma attacks and damage the liver, kidneys and central nervous system . Common sources include draperi es, upholstery, pane lin g and partic le board products used for ca bin ets and furnitu re framing. Some wood products, in c luding those w ith pheno l res in and those coated w ith pol yurethane, em it less formaldehyde. To reduce your exposure to forma ldehyde, ask about content leve ls before buying furniture or cabinets. Open your w indows after install ation and ai r out draperies before hanging.

Radon Radon is a radioactive gas w hich is especially prevalent in Colorado and can be

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found in most of the soil and rock in t he state. Hi gher risk for lung disease is linked to this pollutant. This gas can seep into basements, craw l spaces and other areas from so il and rock beneath and arou nd the home's foundat ion or from groundwater we ll s. Good remodeling practices provide an idea l opportunity to reduce radon gas in the hom e.



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Household Products Common household products that may contribute to indoor air problems include paints, solvents, air fresheners, hobby supplies, dry-cleaned clothing, aerosol sprays, adhesives, moth repe ll ents, pesticides and paint strippers. New ca rpet and drapes can also emit organic gases. Open your windows and doors and turn on the air co nditioning during installation. Ask for low-em itting ca rpet adhes ives.

Asbestos Asbestos is only a dangerous pol lutant w hen particles become airborne. It is no longer used in building materials, but in o lder homes sources in clude deteriorating, damaged or disturbed pipe insu lation, o r damaged aco ustical materi al and floor tiles . If you are remodeling an older hom e, do not cut, rip, ch ip, or remove materials you suspect conta in asbestos. Co ntact a profess ional to repair or remove the materials.

Lead Many homes built before the mid-1970s co ntai n lead paint. Lea d-based pa int dust can be created in the process of removing paint by sa ndin g, scraping or burning. If yo u are remod eling, hire a professional to co rrect lead-based paint probl ems.

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H omeowners who are remode lin g shou ld be especially aware that t he disturbance of old constru ction materials can release formaldehyde, asbestos and lead paint d ust. New hom eowners need to be particularly conscious about ca rp et fumes and pollutants released from new furnishings and from adh es ives used in building products. You should be on guard if you feel better w hen you leave t he ho use and if symptoms return whe n yo u spe nd time at hom e - indoor air pollutants are a likely source .


Or. Kenneth R. Tremblay, }r. is a Colorado State University Associate Professor in the Department of Design and Merchandising within the Co llege of Applied Human Sciences.

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is immense. Chrome and polished brass fixtures are on their way out and are being replaced with fixtures that are available in brushed or matted metal in matte black or rusty bronze; pewtered metal in warm bronze or silver; antique copper; and satin nickel finishes. Faucets are tarnish-free, and many models dispense filtered water. In addition to fixtures, Lyn Knowles Askew, owner of Knobs Etc. , noted that homeowners are also " having fun" with knobs on bathroom cabinets and doors. The most popular knobs she sells include those that are designed with fish in translucent, colored, or porcelain knobs. Askew has noticed that homeowne rs now want more wall and storage space in their bathrooms. "Large hooks for towels are very popular," she said. Also, linen closets and vanities are providing larger storage spaces. People no longer want the pedestal sinks because they provide no storage cabinets, yet Askew said that many medicine cabinets with mirrors are being replaced with flat mirrors. Common floor coverings in bathrooms of the past consisted of 4 x 4 shiny tiles. Larger, natural , unpolished tiles in tumbled m arble are seen on more bathroom floors today. Earth-tone co lors are popular, yet Denton said that she has seen some beautiful plums, purples, and go lds in popular floor tiles. " The ceramic tile industry has whatever you want for no increase in price," said Denton. She also noted that the new tiles available requir e little maintenance-another benefit for busy people wanting refug e in their bathrooms. Other trends seen in the bathrooms of today include the use of mechanisms to control temperature and lighting. jolly said that in creating that intimate place, many people use candles and low lighting. Some homeowners are also putting fireplaces in their bathrooms to create the ambiance of warmth and rel axation. In addition, having views with privacy is important to many people today as they remodel or add on bathrooms with windows that overlook mountain scenes. Whatever you decide to do with your bathroom, "Prepa re emotionally!" Castner advises. Having a part of your house torn up can be stressful. But it can be worth it in the end, monetarily and emotionally. " This is the time [to be remodeling a bathroom]!" exclaimed Denton. "Vendors have made it possible . . . and you deserve it!" ~

Lynn Pe hrson Millar is a free lance writer, living in Fort Collins.

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