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The People’s Museum Qatar Brand Manuel


Welcome For more than 171 years, the People’s Museum Qatar name has embodied excellence in museum collections, scholarship, education, and historic, artistic, and scientific exploration. During that time, the breadth and depth of our work has steadily expanded. We have become an increasingly international institution, and our museums, research centers, and educational divisions have forged their own strong identities. Understandably, many people outside the Institution are not aware of all we are and everything we do.


Table of Contents 1. Brand Universe

Print Ephemera

Vision and Mission

Exhibit Catalog

Inspiration and



Gift Store Bag

Brand Essence

Water Bottle





2. Brand Identity

Digital Media


Desktop Website

Primary Logo


Secondary Logo


Color Palettes Typography


Image Library


Unacceptable Uses

Exterior Outdoor

3. Selected Identity




Business Stationery Business Cards


No.10 Envelope

Van Wrap

Letterhead 4. Contact Information For Questions Design Inquiries Legal Information


1. Brand Universe The essence of the People’s Museum Qatar’s brand is how the world sees, talks about, and experiences the People’s Museum Qatar. Our public image is the sum of all impressions made in the media, advertising, wayfinding, stationery, web, social media, video, animation, and all other communications. A strong identity captures the essence of an organization’s purpose. A well-branded institution projects a unified character that effectively reinforces its various activities. Use this guide to inform what we do and say, express how we look and speak, and, most importantly, remember why we do it.



Vision We aspire to build on the People’s Museum Qatar’s unique strengths to engage and inspire more people where they are and with greater impact.


Mission The museum’s mission is to provide museum visitors with the most captivating experience in order to engage them so that they leaving feeling satisfied. the museum tries the best that it can to accomidate everyone so that everyone can find something they like here.


Inspiration & Concepts The People’s Museum Qatar’ spirit is expressed in the people of Qatar, as the museum title suggests. We strive to tell the diverse and multifaceted story of Qatar, and attempt to depict an accurate picture of Qatar.



Brand Essence Aimed at creating an environment of inclusivity and fostering memorable experiences enjoyed by all, no matter what background they come from. The People’s Museum Qatar promises to deliver the most interactive and diverse experience.


1. Traditional 2. Modern 3. Informative 4. Cultural 5. Inclusive 6. Connection

Communication Pillars These six communication pillars were carefully chosen to best reflect the values that the People’s Museum Qatar upholds.


A brand is more than just a logo. And a logo is more than just a mark or symbol. A logo must work with other design elements to seamlessly adapt across colors, dimensions, and uses. This is called a logo identity system. The People’s Museum Qatar has created a logo system that is flexible enough to be broken apart or used in totality, depending on the design need.



Primary Logo Clear Space Our logo must have space to breathe, with rules concerning spacing and margins. It should not be cramped or overshadowed by other visual distractions. The logo clear space equals the ascent or ascender height of letter “S” around all edges of the logo, which should be free from other graphics and interference.

Size Parameters The People’s Museum Qatar logo may be resized as necessary. However, it should follow these minimum size requirements to ensure that it is still readable, even when scaled to smaller dimensions.

Minimum Print Size

The People’s Museum


Discover the Rich History of Qatar

To maintain the integrity of the primary lockup in print, a minimum width of 1.5 inches has been set. The height should be proportional.

Minimum Digital Size To maintain the integrity of the primary lockup in digital, a minimum width of 108 pixels has been set. The height should be proportional.

The People’s Museum


Discover the Rich History of Qatar


Secondary Logo These logos would be used in instances where the primary logo could not function properly. All rules on space and size still apply

The People’s Museum

Qatar The People’s Museum


Discover the Rich History of Qatar

Discover the Rich History of Qatar


Color Palettes Primary Color Palette The primary color palette is our resting place. It is designed to be used in situations where the brand palette is not being used. For instance, use these colors sparingly only on white, black, or non-duotoned photography.

Secondary Color Palette The secondary palette consists of six main colors. These colors complement the primary palette and are used to create emphasis and promote variety in content.


Primary Typeface Dolce Vita Heavy ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXY Z1234567890

Typography Two standardized fonts have been chosen for the museum name brand identity. They are to be used in all printed and online

Dolce Vita

communications. Each of the typefaces was selected for its visual compatibility with the museum and for its ability to

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ12 34567890 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz12 34567890

Secondary Typeface Avenir Light ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVW XYZ1234567890 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz12 34567890

convey a personality that is consistent with our brand story. Only use the weights and styles shown on this page.


Image Library A carefully managed approach to selecting photography and/or illustration will distinguish the museum name ’s brand and create a lasting impression. The general photographic categories for image selection, environments and people. Using images from these categories can help support brand story. It is important to select imagery that is dynamic, celebratory, and emotionally engaging.


Unacceptable Uses The consistent and correct application of the museum name signature is essential. Always follow the standards presented in these guidelines. The examples on this page illustrate some of the unacceptable uses of the restaurant signature: • Never substitute type in the logo • Never alter the colors in the logo • Never put other words or phrases inside the logo • Never tilt the logo • Never distort the shape of the logo • Never alter the proportions of the logo in any way • Never add elements inside or over the logo • Never rearrange the elements of the logo, unless there is a special usage and approved by Jim Herr • Never reverse the brandmark to white, unless it appears over a colored or grayscale image for special uses such as an advertisement or automobile wrap


Business Stationery The business stationery is used for branded communications. The following specifications are to be used with the primary signature, colors and fonts.

Print Ephemera Ephemera helps people identify and experience the restaurant. All print ephemera will utilize the People’s Museum Qatar ’s signature and supporting photographic and illustrative imagery.

Digital Media Digital media will be accessed through a website, Facebook and Instagram as a driving force of advertising and sharing our brand story. We will encourage people to engage us with photos of themselves in our beautiful space and with our exceptional exhibits. Special events can also be promoted here.

Environmental Signage Signage helps people identify, navigate, and understand environments. All interior directional signage will utilize the museum signature and supporting photographic and illustrative imagery.

Vehicle Wrap



Business Stationary Business Cards The front of the business card contains the museum signature. All contact information and website are located on the back. Colors used full-color CMYK. The color used on the back is full-color CMYK. Stock used is Potlatch McCoy Silk Cover, 100#. Satin aqueous coating should always be used on both sides to ensure maximum quality and protection from scratching.


No. 10 Envelope The #10 two-color square flap envelope contains the museum signature with contact information on the back flap. Colors used on the parent sheet of this converted envelope are full-color CMYK. Stock used is Mohawk Navajo Writing, 28 lb. Brilliant White.


Letterhead The letterhead contains the signature and contact information. Colors used on the front of the letterhead are fullcolor CMYK. Stock used is Mohawk Navajo Writing, 28 lb. Brilliant White.



Print Ephemera Exhibit Catalog Covers Exhibit catalog covers contain the museum signature and exhibit title. Colors used are full-color CMYK.



Gift Store Bag Gift store bags contain the museum signature and a beige diagonal. Colors used are full-color CMYK.


Water Bottle Water bottles contain the museum signature. Colors used are full-color CMYK.


T-Shirt T-shirt contains the museum signature and a beige diagonal. Colors used are full-color CMYK.


Other Other contains the museum signature and a beige diagonal. Colors used are full-color CMYK.


Digital Media Desktop Website The website contains the museum signature and contact information. It helps users understand how to book tickets, check upcoming events, who to contact for what, navigate their social media, and more.


Tablet/Phone Website


Environmental Signage Exterior Exterior directional signage will utilize the museum’s primary signature and supporting photographic/ illustrative imagery.


Outdoor Advertisement All outdoor advertisement banners will utilize the museum’s primary signature and supporting photographic/illustrative imagery.





Vehicle Museum Van All vehicle wraps will utilize the museum’s primary signature and supporting photographic/illustrative imagery.



Contact Information For Questions Sheikha Amna bint Abdulaziz bin Jassim Al Thani Director phone: +974 4492 5555

Design Inquiries Liam Dutton Creative Director, Designer phone: (562) 237-4084


Legal Information

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