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South Tampa Luxury Homes 3 Rules Turnbridge Agents Live By It’s not about us, it’s about you — from your first phone call till we hand over the keys. We work hard, so you don’t have to — from finding for the right listings to show you, or marketing your property to qualified buyers, and negotiating the real estate transaction, we will handle every detail we possibly can for you when buying and selling a home. Market knowledge is home buyer/ home seller power. You will have access to our time-saving South Tampa MLS search tools online and be equipped with the market knowledge of our team of luxury real estate experts

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Home Buying Tips for First Time Buyers Buying a home is always thrilling, but it can also be worrying and tiring if you're not prepared. Give yourself time to take the necessary steps, this will make your home buying experience a fun and relaxing pursuit. The first thing to keep in mind is that there is no point wasting time looking at all possible features when you are not sure how much you can even afford. As a first time buyer, be aware that you also have to budget for bills and household expenses in addition to a mortgage, thus make sure you carefully assess your income and expenses before you decide how much you feel you can afford to take charge in a mortgage. Look for a good real estate agent with lots of experience in the field you are mapping. A real estate agent who knows the area can not only advise you on your house, but on the location and neighborhood you will be moving into. Interview a few realtors before deciding on one; take time to get to know them a bit because you will trust them with some big decisions. Another important tip for first time home buyers is to always have a checklist drawn up, as this will help out you not to miss any important areas when you make a property purchase. These checklists can prove priceless, because it is too easy to forget something important when there is so much going on. You may also desire to get a home agent involved. You can hire the services of an agent that works solely for the buyer, and he or she will make sure that key areas of purchase are covered and will act in the best buyer to ensure rapid and smooth implementation from start to finish. Paying for your new home can be a stressful problem if you do not plan ahead. Hiring a mortgage broker to assist you with your home buying is always a best idea. Allowing a professional look at your finances and guide you with your decision often put you in a good situation on the road. Make sure you know all the issues surrounding your loan. Don't be frightened to ask questions about any of the many papers you will be asked to review and sign. Make sure to get detailed answers about the amount you will be expected to pay each month and over the years. It is very imperative to be relaxed with your mortgage broker and be willing to spend a lot of time to ask questions and review the options with them. It is the responsibility for the buyer to study the type of homes he/she going to buy. More number of vendors will offer home for sale, but the buyer should not go for home purchase without making proper inquiry or investigation of the property. It is one of the important factors that should be considered by the buyer. Buying a home is a long process and one that you must be cautious to deal with due care and attention. Such an important investment can profit you financially in the years to come, and to provide security and economic security. Don't sell yourself short on what you buy as your home. Turnbridge Properties, Inc., based on Harbour Island since 2005, is a Luxury Real Estate Agents in Tampa Florida specializes in representing buyers and sellers of high-end residential properties on Harbour Island, Davis Islands, and Hyde Park. Let our team of luxury real estate agents navigate the South Tampa residential market for you. Visit for more details.

Home Buying Tips for First Time Buyers  

Buying a home is always thrilling, but it can also be worrying and tiring if you're not prepared. Give yourself time to take the necessary s...