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luri & wilma

“i long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever i find myself.� maya angelou

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editors’ letter

and the editors fell in love with... our editors’ picks for the home.


green your... eco-lovely products for you, your home & fido.


urban girl garden diy big city living and wishing for a garden? dig one on your windowsill.


world girl dc-based non profit, green america, is making “green” sexy for us all.


sustain-a-biz who got the organic hooch? catocin creek distillery.


gal on the up & up dc lady, voyo woo makes pretty paper.


home work home office spaces we fell in love with.


home office do’s & dont’s interior decorator & home store owner, amber frazee’s do’s and don’ts of home office styling.


green your office our editor-in-chief’s ode to russell + hazel office organization products.


stay beautiful at-home working girls beauty tips to stay lovely and productive when working from home.


play house tips & tricks to make at home cocktail parties slammin affairs.


oh you’re an invitee? you’re a guest, you say? whatever will you wear, however will you style your hair? we’ve got the scoop.


cute & classy cocktail looks we love for the girls and the guys.


the grub fancy cocktail party fare.





host doing the most sarah madera of hello lucky event planning shares tips for a successful shindig.

home decor diy forgot which glass is yours there, wino? keep up with your stuff with this diy.

hittin’ switches malaka gharib, of the runcible spoon shows us how to do a switcheroo on a traditional cocktail party.

city by the bay a fashion writer’s homecoming to sunny san francisco.

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be the show stopper 5 minutes til go time. complete these tasks to ensure tip-top beautifulness.

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editor’s letter


ell hello there party people, welcome to our home issue! thanks for rolling along with us on our fifth and largest issue ever. we hit a freaking milestone with this one y’all, literally cannot contain ourselves!

notice anything bright and new? we’ve done a little bit of housecleaning on the luri & wilma branding tip, lookin’ kind of cute, eh? we agree, we agree!

so a few things you should dive into right away – as working from home women, we’re crushing on home office spaces. check out a few we found along the way on page 48. after you’re done with work come over for our cocktail party. beginning on page 80, we’ll show you how to do this hon, this being throwing the most slamming shindig you’ve ever been too. but hey, if you’re hungry now, don’t wait. head to page 140 to sample what our fabulous food contributor, chris mclaurin is whipping up in the kitchen. you can also dine with the runicible spoon’s malaka gharib in an conventional way on page 152 and then go home to san francisco with our fashion writer, necole peralta, on page 162. lots and lots to do this issue. run along. be merry.

dig on diy? flip to p. 24

and the editors fell in love with...

see it. want it. snag it.

for the home

our favorite picks




paper art by voyo woo stitchagram pillows

recycled hemp chopped runner



teardrop hanging terrariums.

4. confetti recycled paper shag rug


karmalades grapefruit all purpose spray


customizable keep cup coffee cups


green your kitchen


see it. want it. snag it.

cook up an eco-friendly storm with these handmade, fair trade, and upcycled kitchen gems.






1. cute cute by nkuku.

nkuku’s fleur handpainted bowl est tres belle! fair trade and painted by artisans in kashmir, this cute bowl is food safe and certified stainless steel.

2. i will cut you.

chop stuff up on these hand-shaped bamboo cutting boards. choose whichever size tickles your fancy, and rest assured knowing they’ve been finished with an au nauturel food-safe oil.

3. steel it up.


we bet you’ve never had anything as eco-sleek as this in your mouth. the ever-chic float flatware collection is crafted from recyclable steel, which makes them 100% recyclable still.

4. countertop compost. this bamboo countertop compost is hitting you with some über eco power! it’s perfect for cooking waste and table scraps and features an odor fighting charcoal filter.

5. shake it. shake it.


dinner guests on the way? store the salt and pepper in these handcrafted natural clay cellars. no two are alike since they’re handmade and all, plus they’re made with low impact dyes!

6. colorful colander.

melaboo colanders for the colorful chef? yes! made up of bamboo fibers, these vibrant things add a brightly hued statement to your eco kitchen.

7. stop wine-ing.


another cutie from nkuku, these distressed birdie wine stoppers are handmade by indian artisans, fair trade, and a fashionable way to keep your wine.

8. pot head.

if you’re going to smoke something in the kitchen, make sure it’s in an ecopan. the eco-friendly cookware is ptfe and pfoa free, and made out of aluminum and stainless steel.

9. i just decant.

pour that eco vino from this luscious wine decanter. it was handblown in guatemala and crafted from old soda and beer bottles.

green & organized

see it. want it. snag it.


an organized home is a happy home.





1. all you need is love show a little love with the mason jar’s one-of-a kind love shelf. it’s hand-crafted from salvaged wood and if you ask us, simply lovely!

2. pinteresting

pin up the stuff you need to keep your day moving on this handmade corkboard by cabin. how cute is the little birdie decoration burned right into the board?

3. an apple a day


make your friends green with organization envy with these handmade halved apple bookends by article design atelier.

4. no cigar

adorable vintage cardboard cigar box. perfect for storing paper goods, writing utensils, and accessories.

5. a twig runs through it get back to nature with this made-toorder piece by veronika paluchova. the plant in the center represents how nature deforms what is man made. deep. we can dig it.


6. father time

satisfy your vintage & eco-loving style with this birch clock. it’s been styled after old-school french clocks, covered by eco friendly turquoise acrylic paint and sand papered by hand to attain its weathered look.

7. bare vasics

talk about repurpose, reuse! this handsome vase pair was salavaged from a fallen maple branch and handcrafted into dry vases (they’re cute but they can’t hold water) by the old mason jar.

green for fido


see it. want it. snag it.

whether you work from home or have that big girl 9-to-5, if you’ve got a pup he or she needs some home accessories too. and they must be green, of course! peep our favorite green pet work and play accessories.

1. 3.



6. 1. fuzz ball.

2. a 3. give 4. leash 5. the 6. chew pooches a dog a the pup and me, place bone. beast. the pea. baby.

color-fun boiled wool dog balls from muttropolis are great for fido and the earth. they are completely biodegradable once your pooch is done with them.

keep his food in place with this jumbo recycled rubber pet place mat. this guy is also made in the good ol’ u.s. of a.

for the older dog kiddos, we love planet dog’s orbee-tuff old sole bone. they are made specifically to entertain the mature dogsand are non toxic and 100% recyclable.

got an errand to run? a farmer’s market to hit? this found tote bag (brooklynmade!) has a removable travel leash for your favorite pup! buy it online at olive

every pup needs a soft place to lay his head! earth doggy beds are made from 100% hemp canvas and axofree dyes.

it’s time for pup to get his big chew on with these 100% romain hemp rope toys from earth dog. perfect for playing, chewing and chasing – all the things dogs love.


see it. want it. snag it.

clean crib, clean spirit. that’s what you get with karmalades. the dc-based household product brand uses biodegradable, sulfate-free ingredients and houses them in glass jars. you know, gotta keep those landfills free!






1. gotta 2. it’s all 3. scrub 4. baby 5. hands be fresh. good. it down love. clean. now. freshen up the linens and the rooms in your life with this citrusy room refresher.

simple, natural, fresh and all purpose, this grapefruit spray is good for disenfecting and making all thangs sparkly thangs.

this yum-smelling scrubbing emulsion works like a charm on your tub, sink, cook tops, silver, jewelry and things of that sort.

launder baby’s onesies with this au naturel detergent. it’s derived from natural minerals, castile soap, and essentials oils, plus it’s soft on sensitive skin.

wipe those hands clean without washing anything with this 100% natural solution. lemon and ginger essential oils are just a few of this santizer’s good things.

urban girl garden diy

by christina lemley is lucky enough here’s what ya need: Notto everyone have a big yard to plant a garden, especially living in the city, where most folks don’t even have a balcony. but that doesn’t mean you can’t exercise your green thumb on a smaller scale. herb window gardens are the perfect option for growing in a small space, using up your otherwise wasted window sill area. plus, you’ll end up with a source of fresh herbs you can use to cook everyday. if you’re new to growing plants inside, etsy is a good resource for finding beautiful, handmade, eco-friendly planting boxes to help you get started. 8point8 is a san diego seller making a variety of garden planters from 100% recycled wood. their individual wooden pots measure 5” x 5” x 5” and are perfectly sized to use individually on your window sill or together on a table or patio. etsy seller, gone knitting, has a cute, functional cedar grow box that you can use to start plants before transplanting them outside, or for use as an indoor garden space. cedar is a great choice for planting because it resists rotting and insects. boxes sized 14” x 12” are best suited for use in a bay window or extra large window ledge. but, if you’re feeling crafty and have about an hour to spare you can make your own planting box to fit perfectly into any size window sill. in just a few easy steps you’ll have a rustic mason jar-inspired planting garden of your own:

mason jars potting soil wood for base furniture stain spare rag twine nails hammer seeds or herb plants rocks

here’s how ya make it: start by prepping your wood base. i used a piece of 1”x 5” pine and the nice guys at home depot cut it to the length i wanted. you can use any size wood that fits your sill and your chosen mason jars. if i was doing this again i’d use a thicker piece of wood, perhaps something at least 1 1/2” thick (like a 2” x 4” or 2” x 6”) so there’s more stability for the nail. i used a terrific wood stain, minwax express color in walnut which was so easy to apply. just squeeze a bit onto an old rag and rub into the wood along the grain. it dries fast and produces great color. put on one coat, let dry, and put on another, if desired. while the stain is drying, prep your mason jars. since the jars don’t have a drainage hole in the bottom add some gravel or rocks in the bottom, about an 1” high. this will give extra water a place to drain. fill each mason jars about 3/4 of the way full with potting soil, pack it down as you go. if you’re transferring plants from a starter pot, remove the plants and roots and carefully add to the soil in the mason jar. add a bit more soil to the top, and pack it all in

to help support the plant. if you’re starting from seeds, follow the directions on the back of the seed package regarding how deep the seeds should be placed in the soil. typically, you’ll want to put your seeds under a thin layer of soil and water thoroughly. once your plants are all potted and your stained wood is dry, lay the wood onto a flat surface and pull out the hammer and nails. you can use any size nails, but i’d stick to something at least 3 or 4 inches so you’ll have enough height. hammer one nail into each corner, careful not to get too close to the edge or the end. you might end up splitting the wood slightly, but given the rustic look of the garden i think a few wood blemishes look alright and aren’t something to worry about. make sure you get each nail into the wood securely, probably at least 1/2” into the wood. start with the twine on one corner and tie a knot around one of the nails. wrap the twine around each nail and continue around each corner until you’ve built up the twine to your desired height. when you have gone as high up as you want to go, finish off the twine by tying a knot around another nail. place your potted mason jars into the garden and set it up on your window sill (for the best light choose a window that faces south!) watch your plants grow, and enjoy your fresh herbs in your cooking over the next few months!











world green america

by amanda michelle goldchain photographed by charlie heck, and courtesy of green america.

d girl

elizabeth o’ccnnell and denise hamler of green america.


owerful women come in all shapes, sizes and colors, but the most vibrant and beautiful color is always, of course, green. executive director alisa gravitz and executive assistant elizabeth o’connell top green america, a washington, dc not-for-profit founded in 1982. “one of the most challenging parts of our organization is sort of having people understand what we do specifically because we try to do so much,” said elizabeth o’connell, executive assistant and fair trade campaigns director of green america. o’connell describes green america as “twofold.” “green america’s mission is not just environmentally focused. it’s the people and planet and environmental and social justice because they’re inextricably tied,” she said. created in the early 8os, green america is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing information to the public on what tools and educational resources are available in the green arena. they also develop strategies to make changes in the social and economic environment. denise hamler is one of the four founders of green america, but will tell anyone that “our real founder is paul freundich.” hamler, direc

green america team with jesse jackson at the green festival.

tor of the green business network and director of the green festival institute, states that currently, “we think we are the only ones out there that bring both the social justice and the environment together.” one problem hamler noted, concerning the difficulty of making green be more widespread is, “it used to be pretty clear that you were green or not green, but now there’s all shades of green.” originally, green america was titled co-op america, but in october 2009, the non-profit changed its name due to common confusion with being affiliated as a network of food co-ops. when green america began with its original name in the early ‘80s, freundlich felt that “there really needed to be an organization that really helped build … the ‘alternative economy,’ which we now call ‘the green economy,’” hamler said. “we were way before the trend.” “and now that there’s so much green stuff, we’re almost lost in the mix,” said hamler. as director of the fair trade campaigns in green america, o’connell said, “we work to help americans understand fair trade and a lot of the issues that affect the products that we consume on a regular basis. and then, how they

can find alternatives and how they can support and grow fair trade here in the us.” the fair trade program at green america is one of ten other programs including: the better paper project with a focus on how to reduce intake and waste of wood and paper, the boycott program with a focus on how to responsibly and safely assemble to raise awareness and also the social investing program with a focus on how to meet financial goals while leaving the planet clean. concerning the fair trade program, “we have more options to choose from [including] responsibly sourced products so that the people who made the products are actually paid fair wages and have safe and healthy working conditions and the children have better working opportunities,” said o’connell. when green america began, hamler says that her goal was “to basically bring together businesses and consumers in a cooperative economy to deliver products and services.” hamler spoke of her work with various local “alternative businesses,” many being the first businesses in dc that sold products or services that were sustainable and green, to gain strength in numbers. “there were these companies all over the country, but they had no way to access a national market,” she said. assembling a big co-op of businesses, hamler worked to bring the businesses to the customer. “one of our first products was a mail-order catalog. and that was before there were a lot of mail-order catalogs, so people would open the catalog and they’d go, ‘oh, my god. look! i can buy organic fair trade coffee.’ so, it was the first publication of its kind that brought together all of these ways of how you really support women’s businesses, small local

businesses [and] local farmers? you know, things that we take for granted now. but just think about it. this was in the reagan era. this was in late 1970s/early ‘80s.”

“you just feel the momentum behind our campaign [and how it] is really building, and i know that the hershey company really feels us as a thorn in their side,” o’connell laughed.

beginning with food co-ops, housing co-ops and more, hamler worked with the national consumer cooperative alliance to participate in an annual training program. she said, “we had to learn from ourselves … because there was no book that said, ‘oh, this is how you start a food co-op … oh, this is how you do a daycare coop.’”

on june 8, 2011, o’connell organized a rally in new york city times square in front of the hershey store with close to 300 students from new york and the surrounding areas. “we had kids coming from new jersey, brooklyn and manhattan and their teachers and also some faith groups. so, people on both sides of the street were protesting hershey,” said o’connell.

“so, it was all these different types of social issues [and] agricultural issues,” said o’connell. “people wanted to control their economy, which we didn’t use words like that. we just got out there and did it. we provided our first organic foods that came to market.” green america has expanded from that one publication with the national green pages, green american, and guide to socially responsible investing. ranging in topics from eco-friendly businesses, events and coupons; social and environmental issues, those who make a difference with a smaller footprint and a comprehensive guide to investing, respectivly. with the publications available online, there is easy access to all the tools needed to become greener and cleaner. their national green pages publication is the only nationwide directory of green businesses that utilize the same two-fold method of the company, itself, being that of environmental and social reform. one major campaign, currently active within green america, is the raise the bar campaign headed by o’connell. targeted at the hershey company, o’connell is working in an effort for the company to go fair trade and “stop sourcing cocoa that’s been sourced with child labor,” she said.

with picket signs, musical performances and speakers that included kerry kennedy and the representative of the new york state teacher’s union, the day ended as a success for o’connell. in january 2012, hershey announced that they would switch the way they source the bliss line to have rainforest alliance certification. the small step was in response to “an announcement that we had made that we would be running an ad at the super bowl talking about hershey’s labor issues,” said o’connell, later stating, “we really want them to make a more significant commitment – a long term commitment.” concerning the ad, it was planned “in partnership with the international labor rights forum, a group we work with on the hershey campaign, we were going to run an ad that would talk about how hershey was sourcing cocoa from the ivory coast where child labor is pretty endemic, and it would have pictures of children who worked on the fields there. so, i think that kind of freaked hershey out,” said o’connell. while a step in the right direction on hershey’s part, “it’s not what we had hoped for, we had wanted them to go with one of their more main-

selling products … we’ve been targeting hershey for almost two years, and they haven’t made any progress,” said o’connell. o’connell began working with green america in 2009 after attending new york university. studying international business, she noted how she was already interested in working to promote fair trade after having grown up overseas as a child. growing up in hong kong and switzerland, o’connell took a bike trip through china while in seventh grade. she said, “we visited all these different factories, like a glass factory and a brick factory and a cookie factory,” she said. describing the harsh conditions inside the factories, o’connell remembered her shock at seeing the workers wearing flip-flops on broken glass while the air was difficult to even breathe in.” “it just made me realize that there was some inequality in the world, and that this was a job that i would never want for myself or my own children. i think my entry into the green movement was really through looking at labor and human rights, but it’s all tied together,” said o’connell. hamler became invested in environmental and social justice during her sophomore year at ohio university. originally, hamler had her goal set on becoming an anchor, studying broadcasting and dreaming of becoming “the next katie couric, but,” she laughed, “my hair was too big.”

elizabeth o’connell speaking at green festival

it wasn’t until one of her professors “who was such a radical” introduced her to mother jones magazine. “my professor came in and said, ‘oh, you gotta see this new magazine that came out.’ it was Mother Jones … i was like, ‘woah.’ and i remember thinking, ‘oh, that’s what i want to do. i want to be the person who makes all of these issues mainstream. i want to be able to communicate all of these things that no one is going to put on the front page,’” said hamley. she noted that it was during that moment when she was “convinced” that she wouldn’t want to pursue broadcasting. hamler said the reason was because, “broadcasters were not, at that point, able to say anything. they still aren’t.”

becoming involved with cesar chavez and working during the summers with the united farm worker, hamler soon became actively involved in labor issues and boycotts of gallo wine, grapes and iceberg lettuce. “i realized the discrimination of people who were not white with privilege in this society, and being mistaken for a migrant worker in the fields during this time meant that you were susceptible to death, brutality – you name it. and people who had to work the fields at that point – that was bad. that was bad. and so, i think that was my other epiphany. once you see that, you can’t ever go back. you can’t ever work for the man or the woman, you know. so, i haven’t. i’ve been blessed to be able to do this for almost 35 years,” hamler said. during her college years, o’connell was also greatly involved in fair trade groups on campus, including oxfam america nyu and the entrepreneurial club. working to promote fair trade on campus, o’connell sold fair trade coffee, tea and other healthy local snacks in the basement of the business building, “the little café.” o’connell said, “it was really successful, and our profits at the end were donated to a local charity. it was a really neat project, and we learned a lot, but we were also supporting good causes and getting the word out. so, I just sort of realized that there was a way to both - business, but in a better way.” “i think fairness – that’s a question that the fair trade movement constantly has to answer because it’s hard for anyone to say what’s fair for someone else,” o’connell said.

about these things from alternative healthcare to eating organic to backyard chickens?” hamler continued, “to me, i can’t believe it. i can’t believe how mainstream this stuff is, and for young people to embrace this – i just thought i’d always be on the fringe of something weird. and so i don’t know how to act anymore. i really don’t. do you get it? i was always gonna be this radical that believed in green, and holistic food, and blah blah blah and wearing weird shoes. and now everyone wears those birkenstocks.” “i think it’s a bigger concept in that it means that people have the security in their life situation to make decisions for themselves about their life and their future. so, that’s financial security, that’s having a home, that’s having the access to health care and education for their kids, that they don’t live hand to mouth with fear on a daily basis about ‘will i be able to provide for my children tomorrow?’ and things like that. so, if people everywhere could feel sort of more secure and have the power to make the important decisions in their life and not have someone else telling them what to do when it comes to that, i think that would be a fair world. and also the environmental aspect, it’s just part of that.” “so, how has [green america] changed?” said hamler. “i would say the thing that has changed the most is now everything we talk about is mainstream. i still get goosebumps when i open martha stewart homeliving... and it’s just like – oh, my god! she’s talking about how basil can heal you. and this is martha stewart. how much more mainstream can you get when your mother and father watch her on tv and she’s talking

while being green is becoming not only trendy, but accessible, o’connell and hamler still see how much more improvement must be made before being green is simply natural. o’connel said, “all of the fair trade chocolate in the grocery store if the grocery store has it, it’s not in the candy aisle. it’s off in that organic natural section where people only go there if they know it’s there and it puts off people who don’t think they can identify with the green movement. they think, ‘i don’t know anything. there’s nothing here that i want.’” to make being green worldwide, hamler advises that the media has to “make it sexy and fun … i mean, who the hell wants to go to a funeral when they can go to a party? … we’ve got to make this really fun for people and easy. i always say that the number one impediment to people going green is ease of access to what it is.” this year, green america’s annual green festival in washington, dc, will be held from sept. 29 to sept. 30. the green festival is a two day event that includes a fashion show,

musical performances, vegetarian cuisine and organic beer and wine, scholars, authors, multiple green businesses, and celebrities. the event travels through five different cities, including new york, dc, chicago, san francisco and los angeles. “people can come and interact with the businesses , buy green products, never have to feel guilty about them, spending your money on them,” said hamler. green america is also capable of certifying green businesses on how green they are. called the green business certification, it rates businesses on various policies, including sourcing and workforce. hamler said, “we acknowledge, and they acknowledge, and they also need tools. everybody wants to go greener … but how do we do that? well, our tool is not only a certification tool, but it’s also a sustainability tool. it’s like the sustainability officer that you can’t afford. it’s the tools and the practices. it’s an initiative. it’s a project-based tool.” certification levels include “bronze” for businesses that are just starting their path to being green, “silver” for businesses that are committed to both social and environmental responsibility and “gold” for businesses that are “showing leadership in their industry, embed social responsibility into the dna of their company,” as stated on the green america website. “it gives you projects and initiatives to move the dial for your company, and it’s all point-based,” said hamler. with greenwashing becoming more and more prevalent, it can seem very daunting at first when beginning one’s path to greenness. how can you look at a product and know that it’s good for the environment and the

community? “the consumer is being bombarded by so many messages right now that they tend to be more skeptical of the claims,” said hamler. “so, i think that’s why people have to go local. you know, go to your local green co-op, grow your own food. have your own chickens.” “there’s so much greenwashing,” said o’connell, “like with ‘clean, natural gas.’ i mean, it’s so misleading.” o’connell continued, “things have gone so mainstream. as far as consumer behavior, that’s really great, but also coupled with that, businesses have realized there’s something, an opportunity there to really market something as green. it has become sexy, and you’re seeing it all over, and even though i’m someone who works with these issues day by day, it can be confusing to navigate all that.” “for me, when i’m evaluating a product or a company, i try to really understand holistically what their impacts are in terms of the environment, and then their work force or where they’re sourcing products from. so, then when looking at a product, i want to understand where it came from and then if it says, ‘made in vietnam’ or ‘china,’ trying to educate myself on the labor issues in those countries, and then big corporations, in general, are not going to be that good,” said o’connell. hamler noted the website, responsible shopper, saying it “rates your top several hundred consumer products [and] companies, the good, bad, the evil about them. ”i think what we’re trying to do is put together all the tools that a consumer needs. like i always say, green america is the one stop shop for all that is green,” said hamler. “i made a decision many years

ago that this message went out way beyond people that look like me and talk like me. so, my absolute i will be successful when at any given moment if i’m speaking or at an event, i can look out and see 50-65 percent people of color. that is my goal. that is my passion,” said hamler. she said, “when we go to the green festival, or when we have happy hours here, or when i’m in my community where i’m the minority, it’s that i want to make sure that these issues and these topics are accessible to everybody no matter where they are in that continuum because everyone wants that same thing. they want to help the planet. they want to help their kids … that’s why i think green festival is one of our most successful products in that way, in that we go to our six, eight, nine communities, and the mandate, the work that we do, is that everybody knows about green festival, and comes to it, and sees themselves and walks away as a community.” you can find green america at 1612 k st. nw, suite 600, washington, d.c. 20006 vist the green america website. connect with green america on facebook, twitter, youtube, and their blog. find our more about the green festival this fall.


n a biz

perusin’ the gin mill at catoctin creek

photographed by charlie heck, sarah hauser firefly imagework, and emily landsman. by porsha thomas

frank, the

guard pug


ne sunny sunday afternoon of summatime dc hanging, we had the pleasure of being introduced to a muddled cucumber gin concoction that knocked our socks off (we don’t know if you’ve noticed from our instagram feed, but we luri & wilma ladies kind of love our gin). catoctin creek was the gin’s name-o. “look how cute the bottle is,” we said to one another, and upon further examination we discovered that the grassy-undertoned spirit was not only organic, but distilled in purcellville, virginia. “well that’s right next door to our dear old dc,” said we, and a google search later we were headed out of the district with touring and tasting on the brain. perhaps it’s because we’re texas girls used to seeing wide open spaces and home-on-the-ranges, but we would be lying if we said we didn’t expect a virginia farm complete with stills and rows of rye. instead we found ourselves driving up a hill to a quaint brick and mortar nestled inside an industrial strip mall! we were able to satisfy our farm animal assumption (a little bit) upon entering the distillery and being greeted by frank, the friendly guard pug. husband and wife team, scott and becky harris, decided distilling was for them over three years ago when the former government contractor and chemical engineer got the itch to go their own way. becky’s experience in mass production and scott’s experience in according to him, well, drinking, prompted the two to take their moonshine-making idea to the bank. the pair was granted the go-ahead to become loudoun county’s first legal distillery since before prohibition and have been producing the hooch ever since. “i spent 20 years writing computer programs and decided that was enough,” scott told us during our tour. “we put together an idea, took it to the bank and kicked off our business in 2009.” what we took a liking to was the duo’s au naturel zero-waste attitude. everything involved in the spirit-making process at the catoctin creek camp is reused, payed forward, sourced locally or organic. in order to make the stuff we dc-ers love so much (a little “the more you know” tidbit,

scott harris chatting it up on a catoctin creek tour.

dc consumes more catoctin creek than our neighbors in both maryland and virginia), the distillery imports organic rye shipped in from the bread basket (kansas to be exact)in quantities that top 700 lbs. using filtered water and a mash tank, the rye is heated to just about boiling to break the starch down into sugar. after 5 days of fermenting, the sugar gives way to high powered beer (imagine sipping a 10% alcohol brewskie and you’re on the right track). to separate the alcohol from the mash, it is boiled off and then monitored by hand for taste – to the boozers in the house, be jealous; this is scott’s job – for sweetness. the alcohol comes out in three parts. the “heads”, the earliest batch, is what you don’t want. it’s poisonous and used around the distillery for equipment cleaning and fruit fly-killing purposes (because those damn fruit flies just love the booze). the second part, the hearts, is the good stuff. after being diluted with water, it becomes suitable for consumption. apparently before dilution, the hearts is 100% good old virginia moonshine – for those having a really hard day maybe? the last part is the “tails”, which is bitter in flavor and often redistilled to recover the 80% ethanol base we began with. and the alcohol-drained mash? virginia cows, goats, and pigs get one sweet feast when it’s all said and done. catoctin creek ships spent mash to local farms as a cake batterlike animal feed and judging from the distillery’s facebook posts, the animals are pretty stoked about it. the last stop before bottling is aging the hooch in wooden barrels (providing that we’re making the honey-colored organic roundstone rye). if you’re like us – p.s. don’t admit this anyone else – and thought that the stuff came out brown, it doesn’t. after hanging out in a few dc brau-donated barrels for at least 6 months, catoctin creek roundstone rye whiskey is ready for the sipping and the shipping. once they’ve been bottled using a contraption called a whiskey cow, the distillery hires happy handlers to label the spirit-filled bottles by hand (hence the reason catoctin creek products have handwritten messages on the labeling.

so what types of booze can you purchase from the catoctin creek family? aside from the watershed gin we fell in love with, you can get 1757 virginia brandy (of the peach or grape persuasion depending on the season) mosby’s spirit (an unaged white whiskey), roundstone rye, or limited edition pearousia (a pear based brandy), which, by the way, we are dying to try! we asked becky and scott what’s in store for catoctin creek in the future. they are hoping to work with local farms to produce the organic rye that is currently imported from kansas. “there is a lot of fungus in virginia, so a lot of fungicides are used [on rye crops]. it’s hard to mill and store organic rye here,” scott said, “but we are working with local farms to try and implement a small organic rye supply chain.” we can dig it. head to va and get yourself a hooch tour or stay here and sample it from your fave liquor store. we’re sure you can find it, we drink the stuff by the dozen in the district anyway.

thirsty? try this.

ingredients: 2 cups cucumber juice 1 cup mint infused simple syrup 1 cup lime juice tonic gin (we like catoctin creek) making the gimlet base: 1. simple syrup – bring 1/2 cup water to a boil with 1/2 cup sugar and 1 bunch mint. cool and remove mint leaves 2. grate cucumbers and strain through cheesecloth retaining liquid (don’t throw out the pulp – add it to tzakziki or your next green smoothie!) 3. mix cucumber juice, simple syrup, and lime juice – chill serve it up: 1. shake equal parts gimlet base, tonic, and gin over ice.

gal on the voyo woo

e up & up

by charlie heck photographs courtesy of voyo woo

woo started her paper Voyo cutting journey at the ripe

old age of 14, in china. jianzhi, which means “paper cutting” in chinese, began as a hobby but her skills quickly garnered the attention of peers and her teachers. one teacher gave her individual tutoring and actually entered one of her pieces in a national contest without her knowing (the shuanglong cup national painting and calligraphy competition), she won too! as she continued her art, she eventually landed in the states in 2008. starting as a college opportunity, she has been living and working in the dc area for more than three years. “i really wanted to take a break from the competition in china, for the better job, better status in society, i wanted to find myself, and i got the opportunity to come study in america,” said woo. she also fell in love with western art. “chinese paper art can be very structured, i liked the concept, the abstract feeling that western art has,” said voyo. a video journalist by day and an artist by night, there is much more to her paper making than meets the eye. “the best thing about making my creations is i get to promote chinese paper cutting to people who don’t know anything about it,” she said. a disappearing art, most paper cutting in china is done by artists in the rural areas, some make less than $200 a month for their craft.

a craft dating back almost 2,000 years, voyo also wants to bring these chinese paper making artists in front of a better market place. “i really want to find an opportunity for chinese paper makers to bring their art in front of people who know the value of these handmade items and can afford them. most of these pieces take hours and hours to make, a value much higher than $200 a month,” she said. she has been selling her art for almost a year now on etsy and at local craft markets. and she said being a shop owner has been one of the most difficult things about selling her art. “being an artist you can create whenever you have the inspiration. whenever you have custom requests, you have to match their deadline and inspiration. so for me there is actually a little bit of a struggle, do i want to do business or do art?” she does take the business side a little slower than her art. “for me, i have a day job but i do the business for fun but i try to take the business slowly, and use more time to create the designs from my soul,” she said. “the best advice i ever got was from a close friend. he said you

have to create the piece that has your sig -nature, your soul in it. i’m still trying to find that piece and what i want my soul to look like. maybe after that i’ll figure out the business side,” she said. she may have not figured it all out, but her accomplishments speak highly about her art. in december 2011 she was invited to perform live paper cutting at the freer & sackler gallery of arts. she was also a guest speaker at the 2011 dc photography annual event. “the best part was when my art was projected at the freer & sackler event. it was a very unique experience, people coming up to me, realizing this one cutting, projected on the screen, took hours to create,” she said.

B socially responsible. B eco concious.

YB Green Jewelry. From the Lower 9th ward to you with love.


by necole peralta photographed by lauren bulbin and courtesy of rebecca goldschmidt

e work home office spaces we adore

not many have mastered the art of turning that quiet corner nook or extra bedroom space in their homes into an enviable office – you know, one that is pinterest worthy. so whenever we saw the incredibly vibrant and artsy home offices of local designer nina o’neil and oakland based blogger, online shop owner and event curator rebecca goldschmidt, our office envy kicked into overdrive.

west coast gal rebecca goldschmidt oakland, ca big things shop


hen we came across rebecca goldschmidt’s amazing west oakland industrial loft, – and when we say industrial, let’s just say her loft was an old greyhound repair shop many, many years ago – we immediately wanted to learn more about this girl and her awesome space. rebecca is the creative mind behind big things shop, an online shop that sells incredibly cute jewelry, handpicked collector pieces from around the world, and various houseware items made by artsy locals like herself. her love for travel, textures and the beautiful textiles she discovered along the way helped her launch her shop and blog in 2010. when asked how she chooses artistic pieces for her shop rebecca stated, “i see everything with a vintage eye. an elderly woman may walk past wearing something that no one else would pay attention to, however, i look at the details in her fabrics, maybe the pattern or structure of her bag and instantly fall in love and that’s how i approach my art, its all in the details.” the moment she stepped foot into the industrial loft, she knew she was home. the two story, factory style windows and skylights were an easy sell. no matter the weather those windows always provide natural light, which keeps her spirits high and creative. the large wooden beams rebecca drapes with green vines give the space an urban yet rustic greenhouse feel. our favorite things about this darling unfinished palace? its concrete flooring takes us back to the repair shop, the scattered doo-dads from rebecca’s travels make us feel like world girls, and we simply can’t get enough of the gigantic “big things” garland putting its stamp on the place.

east coast gal nina o’neil washington, dc ciao nina


ina o’neil is the fantastic milliner behind dc-based company ciao nina. she crafts hats (specifically the bold and beautiful felt fascinator that was recently featured on gossip girls), earrings, coral necklaces and hair accessories with an eye for quality material and a love of all things vintage. o’neil intentionally focuses on accessory pieces because simply put “my pieces fit all body types and sizes, one size beautifully fits all,” the milliner told us recently. surrounded by creative grandmas and fashionable aunts as a child, nina learned early on that fashion shouldn’t be fussy or ostentatious. her maternal grandmother’s style was polished and feminine, and nina snagged her style inspiration from a 1930’s photo of her in london. nina’s office space is tucked away inside of an adorable h street row house befitting of the girlie-girl artist she is. pops of color abound as vibrant fabrics are stashed on shelves, and memories of family and friends stand out. pictures of loved ones hang on the walls and small knick knacks that provide precious memories of grandma are scattered throughout. when asked where her love of color originates, nina remembers a quote from her passionate italian grandpa, “little girls don’t wear black unless they are in mourning.” from that day forward it’s been all about the color.

1 -- don’t get too hung up on buying “office furniture.” if you stock your

home office with all office-y furniture, you’ll bore yourself to tears! find creative ways to inject the style you love at home into your office. a cool dining table makes a great desk (and gives you tons of extra work space!), while a vintage dining chair, given a facelift with some spray paint and new upholstery, gives you a stylin’ desk chair!

2 -- do bask in the glow of a beautiful lamp! trade out that utilitarian work

light with a stylish lamp like you’d use in your living room or bedroom. there’s something about the soft glow of a lamp that really warms up a space and makes it so much more homey than working in your office cubicle!

10 do’s and don’ts when styling your at home work space amber frazee

by amber frazee, owner stelladallas

3 -- do keep it clean! there’s

nothing more dread-inducing than pulling up to a desk covered in all the paperwork from yesterday (or last week). buy yourself a few stacking letter trays to corral the clutter and you’ll feel in control and productive from the moment you sit down!

4 -- do stay inspired! one

of my favorite things in a home office - a designer’s, or any other creative type, everchanging inspiration board! a plain cork board can be transformed into a rotating work of art, with clippings of fashion sketches, photographs, magazine pages, fabric swatches and more. you don’t have to have a “creative” job to need inspiration; spend a few weeks snatching up everything that grabs your attention: a cool ad in a magazine, a fun greeting card you received, a bar coaster from your favorite restaurant, a memento from a recent trip, an inexpensive piece of art you bought from a sidewalk vendor -- anything colorful and fun that makes you smile. hang a large cork board above your desk and start to pin up your findings. i can feel the creative juices flowing already!

5 -- don’t go overboard!

it’s tempting to fill up every square inch of space

with pens, staplers, tape dispensers, sticky notes and white-out, but try your best to keep your workspace free and clear of office supplies. if possible, stash these things in an (organized) drawer with easy access. less junk sitting out in the open makes your desk a welcoming place to work!

6 -- do style your desk like you’d style any other room in your house.

we tend to put so much thought into the main living spaces of our homes that we ignore our little ol’ desks! on my desk at home, i have a stack of vintage black and yellow books (which coordinate with the color scheme in the rest of the room) with a little yellow bird sculpture on top. do these books have a purpose? nope. but they sure do look pretty! no need to go over-the-top with decorations, but having a little non-officey “moment” is very calming!

7 -- don’t face the wall (if possible!).

while it’s our instinct to line up our furniture against every spare space of wall in a room, a designer’s best trick is to pull furniture away from the wall. think about your room arrangement, and if possible, pull your desk out a few feet so that your back is to the wall and you face the room as you work. you’ll be amazed at how nice and open it feels!

$20 from a local screen-print artist. do a search for “screen print art” or “letterpress art” on etsy and go nuts!

10 -- do make your home workspace a reflection of you. all of my favorite

offices beautifully reflect the personality of their owner. whether you prefer a white-on-white, au natural look, or bright-and-bold with pops of color, make sure your home office reflects your personal style. there’s no reason a workspace has to be dull and lifeless! the key is to work in lots of layers: inexpensive curtain panels for the window, a beautiful fabric for your chair, a cushy rug underfoot, a gorgeous lamp... heck, you could even buy a couple rolls of a richly patterned wallpaper and hang on the wall you look at most -- whatever makes the room uniquely you!

cute lamp alert!

8 -- do think vertical!

have a big, empty wall above your desk at home? put it to work and install some clean, white wall shelves. fill them with pretty, colorful boxes, baskets, magazine holders and binders (check out russell+hazel for gorgeous binders). then, fill in blank spaces with stacks of vintage books and pretty little finds, like a lovely vase or an old alarm clock -- anything that just screams you.

9 -- don’t forget about art!

if your home office is lacking a little warmth, find a few pieces of inexpensive art to frame and hang above your space. or, prop smaller art against a wall on a shelf. some of my favorite art cost me about

artichoke lamp, available at stelladallas.

russell + hazel see it. want it. snag it.

green your office space with

one thing porsha thomas’ office would never be without? an abundace of items by eco-friendly office organization brand russell + hazel.

editor’s pick


1. binding.

dry erase inside + book linen spine + 100% post-consumer recycled content = tools to organize your life in style.

2. the notebook. take it back to your school days with this über cute college rule notebook.

3. page-ulators. forget your place? never again with russell + hazel’s lovely and colorful page tabs.

4. stamp it out. personalize and orignalize your notecards, notebooks, envelopes and more with this signature seal.

5. feelin’ file.



in an organized state of mind, yeah? get it right and tight with russell + hazel’s embossed file folders.

6. note that. first send ones card

of all, hot pink? yes, please! exquisite cards to your loved with russell + hazel’s fine note set.

7. the dividends. we aren’t talking cash here, but we could be. divide up projects, clients, subjects and more with these colorful divders.

8. my cal. like ical, but handwritten. keep your dates with smartdate month tabs.

9. relax & take notes. yellow filler paper makes for a happy girl. relax, take notes and be cheery.




6. 9. 7.

stay beautiful and productive when working from home


by anika rich

e working girls have all but perfected our morning beauty routines so that we look our best in the office. for the lucky ladies who get to work from home, it’s incredibly tempting to stay in your pj’s, pull your macbook onto your stomach, and flip through soap operas and talk shows to begin your work day. but have you ever noticed the difference in how you feel on those pajama-laden days as opposed to the days when you get all gussied up and go out into the world? believe it or not, your mood and motivation can be directly affected by your outward appearance. have y’all ever had a bad hair day, and the rest of the day just seemed to suck? that’s exactly the point. so even if the only commute you make in the morning is from your bed to your desk, here’s how to look and feel your best! first things first, have a shower. yes, of course, you always smell like rainbows and sunshine, but a quick lather with a fun, fruity scent can perk you up just as well as your favorite coffee brand. you’ll be energized and ready to roll! now put some real clothes on, woman! a cute and comfortable dress or your favorite jeans and a cute top will feel better than a raggedy old tank and sweats. your day is getting better already! you don’t have to put on any makeup if you don’t want to, but a little mascara and light gloss goes a long way! one last thing. if you can help it, try not to work from your bed. the softness and your relaxed position could just make you want to crawl back under the covers. sit at a desk or the dining room table. feels more official, doesn’t it? now y’all work from home honeys feel refreshed, motivated and ready to take on the world! have a great day at “work”!


house impressin’ and entertainin’

so you’re having a classy house party? we like those. we’ve got tips and tricks to make yours one slammin’ affair. read on.

host doing the most


planning on it

by kelly tang

osting get-togethers large or small is always a blast with good booze and great company. admittedly, it is a daunting task to balance all that accompanies “hosting with the mosting”. seemingly a small army is needed to bust out party decorations, prep and cook the food and well, simply entertain, but having fear? no you should not! we caught up with sara madera, an event planner (she’s done events and thangs for the likes of Walt Disney World and others) who currently organizes shindigs for her own dc-based company, event lucky. her tips will surely help simplify your planning and hosting duties. • first thing’s first, stop and breath. this thing is supposed to be enjoyable. • second, choose your time wisely. picking a good time allows you to define the type of shindig you’re throwing, (cocktails and dessert? tea time?) solidify menu options, and dictate your party’s dress code. as if all of that wasn’t enough, it keeps things simple! selecting a schedule and sticking to it can ensure that you aren’t playing hostess all night. • stick to the basics. simplicity is best when it comes to party planning. begin with the evening’s cocktail. offer one type (with a few custom elements to add some individuality) or serve your favorite bottle of vino or champagne. this way guests can help themselves to refills and you have one less thing to worry about. this system also works with the food served and party décor. limit the menu to a couple of high quality nibbles and keep the decorations monochromatic. if you’re girl who desires variety however, different shades of decorations are fine too.

she knows what’s up. plan well, chill later.

• use your imagination. this is madera’s go-to for an a-plus event organization. pretend you’re a guest. figuratively pour yourself a drink, eat the food, and hear the music. with this tactic you’ll be able to cover the details (like being sure to have a dish set aside for olive pits or not forgetting tongs for the ice) it should prevent you from dancing the “hostess shuffle” - running around like a mad woman after guests have arrived! now after reading this doesn’t it feel like your event will be a surefire “hit”? and should there be a few hiccups, dust your shoulders off and get back up. it’s a celebration after all!

the green hostess

see it. want it. snag it.

when putting together a fabulous shindig, it’s important to remember you’re eco-chic but keep in mind that frugality. here are our favorite green queen party plannin’ necessities to help you out!




4. 5.

1. table running.

business on the front, party on the back - how about a reversible table runner from proper pillow?

2. confetti party.

fancy a cute centerpiece? no need to plan anything too extravagant! try out a little plantable confetti? all of ecopartytime’s confetti is “tree-free” and made from 100% post-consumer waste.

3. serve me.

susty party, born in brooklyn, makes sustainable party products. their compostable starch plates are made from tapioca, potato starch and grass fibers. these guys biodegrade in about 100 days.

4. the party’s fave.

don’t leave your guests empty handed! we love these cute green-kraft favor boxes & confetti from loutinen events. fill them with your favorite flower or veggie seeds and hand ‘em out at your next gettogether.

5. plant-based party cups.

greenstripe® cold cups are made with plant-based plastic (awesome!), can be used multiple times and are totally compostable. #winning

host doing the most

diy that decor, girl! by lauren bulbin


t’s outside wine sippin’ summer time in the district, and we love an impromptu wine night with friends. avoid the night becoming a “whose glass is this?” affair with this cute, kitschy, diy solution - wine glasses with chalkboard labels- for the preschooler in all of us!

chalk board wine glasses

here’s what you need: clean wine or cocktail glasses (have fun with this, use mason jars if you want) chalkboard contact paper (buy something that has cubic centimeters printed on the back, it will make your life much easier) chalk chalk eraser scissors step 1: cut it! i cut out a piece of paper for each glass. using the ruler printed on the back of my contact paper i cut out four pieces, measuring 3 x 1 ½ inches. i chose rectangles, but you can cut out any shape you want. try hearts, circles, stars or even a mustache shape. step 2: stick it! to make sure it’s even, start by sticking the top half of the chalkboard to the glass and work your way out from the middle. if you have any air bubbles, don’t worry, use the handle of your scissors to smooth out your edges! step 3: draw it! this is the part where you can let your inner preschooler run wild. don’t be afraid to break out the colors and draw some delightful little pictures. step 4: drink it! place a few pieces of chalk on your home bar or table, next to your glasses so your guests can personalize their drinks!

host doing the most

be the show-stopper


by anika rich

o you’ve spent all day cooking, cleaning, and decorating and now you’ve completely lost track of time. it’s five minutes till party time and you’re still running around barefaced. here’s how to look spectacular with no time to spare.

2 min

on your mark, get set, go!

` :eyes first - so that any eye products that fall onto your cheeks can be covered later by foundation. swipe a neutral shadow over both lids. brown and gold tones work best for pretty much everyone. a quick line of eyeliner on the top lid only (lining the bottom lid requires too much concentration. skip it). two swipes of mascara on each eye and you’re done.

1 min

:time for foundation! the quickest, foolproof, mess-free form of foundation is powder. with a large powder brush you can beat that face in sixty seconds flat!

30 secs

:two quick strokes of blush or bronzer from the apple of your cheek to right below your temple for rosy, sunkissed highlight. almost done!

1 min

:lips are always last. if you want a pop of color, now’s the time to do it. your favorite lipstick or gloss will probably do the trick.

30 secs

:give yourself a once-over and a pat on the back! you’re all done, just in time to answer the first knock at the door! i’ve given you the rules, now hop to it, party girl! your guests are waiting! image courtesy of the clarabella blog

this wa

the culprit? chalkboard pa

as that


host doing the most

see it. want it. snag it.

serve it up

our favorite vintage serving trays

oh,yo an inv

hair styles by natalia lapchenkova nails manicured by monica marquez. photographed by lauren bulbin, charlie heck & roy moody.

ou’re vitee?

what ever will you wear? how will you style your hair? flip.

hair done long hair




3. 6.



first apply mouse for a better hold and more control. brush throughout and pull into a tight pony tail. once pulled tight, slowly form a knot with the pony tail. pin hair to create your desired look.

hair done


long hair

1. 5.






section out your front bang area (must be long enough to pull back) to the right and leave it in the front for later. pull the rest of your hair to the right and split it in half. here’s where prior braiding comes in handy! create two loose french braids and secure the two together with bobby pins. take that front section and pull it back, creating a pin curl and place it wherever you want. add a flower to the back for an extra fairy tail like updo.

hair done

curly hair





4. 6.


start with a light gel and gently twist the hair away from your face, starting from the top of each side. secure the twist with bobby pins as you work your way down to connect each side, creaing a seashell shape. attach the two twists with bobby pins and add flowers along the bottom of the seashell.

hair done

curly hair




3. 4.



for an easy, sort of rock-ish look with short hair, take small sections on each side, approximately one inch, and twist. secure each twist with a bobby pin.

nails done

by porsha thomas photographed by charlie heck


ail maintenance – trés importante for cocktail party prep. your level of lovely should determine how zany (or not) your cocktail-holders should look. opting for a classic and more muted look, we booked it to luigi parasmo salon in dc’s georgetown neighborhood. the salon is easily a one-stopshop for beautification purposes. the celebrity stylist (he’s maintained the tresses of bigwigs like condi rice and provided runway hair for milan fashion week) and his crew provide a set of stellar hair and nail services any gotta-bepampered-girl would love.

luigi and monica

monica marquez (pictured right) is the georgetown spot’s featured manicurist. making nails pretty for about as long as she can remember, she was just the manicuring-lady to satisfy our muted nail craving. what did we love most about luigi parasmo salon? aside from amazing, fabulous, all-to-awesome service (cappuccino while you wait, anyone?), its dedication to eco-chic living. the salon uses and retails sparitual, an eco-concious spa collection boasting vegan lacquers and nailcare essentials. let marquez tell it, georgetown’s expectant mom population really digs on the stuff because the brand’s products are at least 72% organic. now while we chose an earthy tone for our signature cocktail look, if you let marquez know in advance, she’ll pull out all the stops for something a little kooky or high glam. “if your nails were long enough, christian louboutin nails would’ve been cute,” marquez said with a smile. totally. so now we’re taking our vitamins. high glam nails with marquez are next!

erything did

pretty faces by anika rich

sun kissed berry p

perfect for your outdoor barbecue or pool party! a cream shadow in a light beige topped with a pale gold shimmer shadow. dark brown or black eyeliner on the top lids to make the whites of your eyes pop. gold bronzer on the cheeks and a nude or brown lip color finish this look!

for you beauties who love a s be done any shade! we’ve chos the base of this face. the sh gold shimmer with a deep purp ment the lip. dark brown or b and one coat of mascara finish ite blush on the apples of yo

pretty high drama

splash of color, this look can sen a dark berry lip color as hadow on the lids is a pale ple in the crease to compleblack liner across the top lid h the eyes. swipe your favorour cheeks and you’re all set!

having a sophisticated summer soiree? this look is for you! this smoky eye was achieved with shades of brown, with the medium brown on the lid, darker brown in the crease, and lightest brown right under the brow. the darkest brown on the outermost edge of the eyes adds the smoke effect. eyeliner on the top and bottom lids, and as many coats of mascara as needed to get those lashes super long! blush and bronzer were both used on each cheek, and the red lip brings this ultra glam look together.

cocktail ring a ding see it. want it. snag it.

your hand’s gotta look pretty holding that glass. accessorize!

clutch it

see it. want it. snag it.

don’t show up empty handed. clutch something.

cvte &

classy photographed by lauren bulbin, josh lanier and roy moody.


ome is where we enjoy our friends, family, cocktails and good food. we’ve put together a fabulous dinner, from start to finish, perfect for those near and dear to your heart! don’t let the prep or execution stress you out. include dishes that you can prep ahead of time and that require only a bit of finishing. plan a couple of appetizers, a main dish with two sides, and a dessert. serving the entree family style will make for a more intimate experience and will keep kitchen time down. also, invite one of your besties over to help. not only will the cooking load be divided, but you can get ready together and enjoy a cocktail before friends arrive. here are two words - pork belly. now what should you do with those two words? call your favorite butcher or grocery store and see if they have any in stock. if they do, stop everything and go pick one up! not kidding, put everything down and go get this fabulous piece of meat. few people realize that the crispy/fatty/luscious piece of meat you often order out is super easy to recreate at home. after cocktails, appetizers, and the entree; a light and refreshing dessert is in order. think seasonal and choose fruits that are ripe and local. great fruit doesn’t need much fuss!


e grub

by chris mclaurin photographed by roy moody and josh lanier

romesco with veggies ingredients

12 oz. bottle, roasted red peppers 4 oz. slivered almonds 3 cloves garlic 1.5 lemons - juiced 1/2 cup olive oil salt 2 lbs. okra 1 lb. radishes

putting it all together the romesco

drain peppers toast almonds add peppers, almonds, garlic and lemon juice to food processor turn on processor and add olive oil in thin stream final result should be slightly chunky season veggies heat skillet or grill and add okra cook (without any oil) until blackened slice radishes and serve raw

duck liver pate with ginger strawberry chutney ingredients

1.5 lb. block duck liver pate 1 baguette 1 pt. strawberries 1 tsp. fresh grated ginger black pepper salt 1/4 cup water 1/4 cup sugar 1 tsp. champagne vinegar

putting it all together

dice strawberries make simple syrup by bringing water and sugar to a boil add strawberries and ginger to simple syrup cook until strawberries are tender but have not lost their shape cool to room temperature add vinegar season with salt and pepper slice baguette and toast to finish: place slices of pate on toast and top with chutney - sprinkle with fresh cracked black pepper and crunchy salt

pork belly with cripsy polenta, snap peas and pickles

the snazzy main course

pork belly with crispy polenta, snap peas, and pickles ingredients the belly 1 4-5lb. pork belly some water and salt canola oil the polenta 2 cups polenta 6 cups water 1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese 4 tbsp. butter salt and pepper the snap peas 2.5 lbs. snap peas olive oil lemon juice salt and pepper the pickle 1 yellow onion 1 bulb fennel 1 carrot 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup distilled vinegar 1/2 cup sugar 2 tsp. turmeric 1 tsp. cumin salt putting it all together the belly preheat oven to 300 place belly in roasting dish add water until 3/4 of the way up the belly pour 3 tbsp. salt into water cover roasting pan with plastic wrap and tinfoil braise for four hours remove belly from water and chill remove skin from belly and cut into individual portions to finish: sear portioned belly pieces in canola oil until nicely browned

the polenta bring water to a boil add salt while stirring slowly add polenta reduce to a simmer and stir frequently until fully cooked – around 30 minutes once cooked stir in cheese and butter and season with salt and pepper pour into greased sheet tray and smooth top chill (the polenta will firm up nicely once cool) remove from pan and cut into individual portions to finish: sautÊ to olive oil until golden brown the snap peas clean peas and remove fibrous string heat olive oil in large sautÊ pan add peas and cook until just al-dente to finish: toss hot peas with salt, pepper, and lemon juice the pickles mix water, sugar, vinegar, turmeric, and cumin seeds - bring to a boil slice onion, fennel, and carrot into thin strips pour boiling liquid over veggies and let sit for at least one hour (can be made up to one week ahead and stored in the fridge)

the jared dalby

ingredients 1.5 cups lemon juice 1.5 cups lime juice 2 cups simple syrup 1 pt raspberries gin or vodka tonic

putting it all together add juices and raspberries to blender blend until only the raspberry seeds are left whole strain through fine mesh sieve add simple syrup to taste - start with 1 cup and go from there to finish: fill highball glass with ice. add 1.5 oz. liquor, 5 oz. cocktail base, and top with tonic. stir and enjoy

peaches and cream with oat crisp


3 peaches 1 pt. heavy whipping cream 1.5 cups oats 6 tbsp. butter 1/2 tsp cinnamon 1/2 cup brown sugar 1 pinch salt putting it all together the oat crisp preheat oven to 325 mix room temperature butter with oats, cinnamon, brown sugar, and salt spread on parchment lined cookie sheet and bake until slightly brown - stir occasionally cool oat crisp peaches and cream cut each peach in half and remove pit place peaches, cut side down, on hot grill or grill plate grill until marks have formed (ripe peaches do not need to be cooked all of the way through - just charred a bit) whip cream to medium peaks to enjoy each peach half gets a dollop of cream and a sprinkling of oak crumble

hittin swit

n’ tches

why dine on the top of the table, like everyone else, when there is so much fun to be had beneath it?

by malaka gharib of the runcible spoon photographed by roy moody

tea for two in a tent: dining the runcible spoon way H

ere at the runcible spoon headquarters, we (my little elf friends and i) have turned this ordinary dining room table into a secret, magical underworld, perfect for sipping tea and making out and reading gossip magazines. all you need to do is drape some colorful fabric over the sides of the table (i scored these african cloths from the flea market on 9th and u), hang up a string of christmas lights, and lay out some funky pillows for comfort. make a tiny table using a breakfast tray and a mini suitcase (or some old books). arrange all your tea things just the way you like it, and make sure to serve some zany treats, too. add some flowers and candles for a little romance, and crawl right in. be careful not to move around too much, or the whole thing will fall apart. malaka gharib runs the runcible spoon, an indie food magazine, in washington, d.c. you can buy it here!

malaka gharib enjoying tea at her under-the-table tea party.

city by th the exploits of a fashion writer’s homecoming to sunny san francisco

the bay by necole peralta photographed by necole peralta

i never loved and longed to be a tourist in my own city until i relinquished my california driver’s license some years back. never did i think i would get lost in my hometown again! but i recently went back to the “city by the bay” and that’s exactly what i became - a picture taking, golden gate gawking, eating a burrito in dolores park, sf groupie - aka “tourist.” my goal this time was to discover and relive the best in vintage, thrift, boutiques, organic markets, fruit stands and flat out san fran living and bring it to my east coast ladies! check it y’all, it gets deep: i stumbled upon sway while walking in noe valley and let’s just say this store is no quick in and out. everything in this store is on my list. you know that coveted dream list every girl has, cause only in your dreams are you getting everything on it!


3979 24th street san francisco, ca 94114 415.800.8353 i stumbled upon sway while walking in noe valley and let’s just say this store is no quick in and out. everything in this store is on my list – you know that coveted dream list every girl has, cause only in your dreams are you getting everything on it!

fan clothing 1510 haight street san francisco, ca 415.861.1190

this small, adorable boutique, which happens to be hubby and wife owned, is jammed packed floor to ceiling with summer’s hottest trends. after chatting up the super friendly sales girl at fan clothing, my eyes rested on the gorgeous accessories, specifically a peachy, python like bracelet and yep you guessed it, i snagged it!

mystery mister 1506 haight street san francisco, ca 94117 415.552.4226

don’t let the name of this little vintage jewel fool you, mystery mister is not just for the gents, not at all! i fell in love with this little spot immediately - with the woodstock, flower power dresses and rompers tacked to the wall. mystery mister is a mix of vintage clothing, accessories and knick knack oddities located in the haight ashbury.

loft 1513 boutique 3972 24th street san francisco, ca 94114 415.550.1513

while browsing the racks at sway, i came across an awesomely fashionable gal wearing “to die for” platform sandals we chatted a bit and continued shopping. a few blocks down, i saw the same woman arranging the window at loft 1513 boutique. loft is truly unique, not only does yugala, boutique manager and designer house an ever changing list of local and international designers but they construct and create many of the ecofriendly designer pieces right there in the self sustained boutique! let’s not forget about my fashionable new friend, swati. she is the designer behind swati jr* jewelry, which is available through loft 1513. her jewelry collection boasts big, bold, gold pieces.

swati jr* jewelry

haight ashbury vintage 1501 haight street san francisco, ca 94117 415.558.8803

haight ashbury vintage houses a comfortable mix of vintage pieces from your mom’s 1970’s closet and super fun halloween costume pieces. from eclectic wigs to a cowboy hat rack, this vintage haute has it all!

community thrift 623 valencia street san francisco, ca 94110 415.861.4910

if you love color, hot pink to be exact, then you won’t miss this spot, smack dab in the middle of valencia street! it’s a legit thrift store! community thrift is a great place for authentic thrifty fashion finds and little knick knacks, like vinyl records, dainty ashtrays and awesome furniture pieces. luri and wilma approved too - it’s the only thrift store in the city that allows customers to choose from over 200 charities to donate proceeds.

another reason i’m lovin’ on san fran, it’s almost impossible to go 10 city blocks without running into a fruit stand or health food store of some kind.

rainbow grocery 1745 folsom street san francisco, ca 94103 415.863.0620

rainbow grocery is a landmark in the city. a worker-owned cooperative, this organic, sustainable, vegetarian, holistic store boasts everything: herbs for tea and spices, a dried raisin station, herbal remedies, organic fruits, vitamins, skincare and house ware.

la taqueria

2889 mission street san francisco, ca 94110 415.285.2117 some of my earliest san fran memories are of la taqueria. as kiddos, my parents would take my brother and i to this mexican joint. it was my favorite then and now! not a visit goes by without me grabbin’ a fat juicy burrito from tq. located in the heart of the mission, no matter the time of day or night this place is an all time fave.

pier 39 & pier market

now i would be terrible tour guide if i left out san fran’s breathtaking sights. a few great places where the word “sightseeing� is used in the literal sense and any photos snapped are postcard worthy are: pier 39 yes the pier is definitely a tourist fixture. but if you happen to love the water and lazy, sunbathing seals then this is a must. it also boasts some of the best seafood in town. pier market 39 pier #103 san francisco, ca 94133 415.989.7437 pier market will make you feel right at home - gorgeous views, delicious seafood, and great service! for dessert, ghirardelli square is just a hop, skip, jump away and has thee best fudge yummies any sweet tooth could ask for!

golden gate park, another popular attraction, is for both locals and tourists a like! if you’re lucky you’ll catch a day when area artists are drumming up beats and live music.

local musician jamming in

the park

coit tower

1 telegraph hill blvd. san francisco, ca 94133 415.362.0808 coit tower, a 210-foot tower built in 1933, gives you an almost 360 degree view of the city. this is where you can grab those shots of the golden gate bridge, bay bridge, alcatraz and treasure island, just to name a few! beautiful both day or night.

missoni home. lilly pulitzer home. beautiful home.

so there you have it eco-lovers! san fran is a city that places sustainable living at the forefront, where buses are emission free, bike lanes are wider than vehicle lanes and art expression is everywhere! here’s to the city by the bay‌cheers!

where did you get that?

page 120 dark royal blue dress from kilse fashion jewelry by rachel pfeffer designs page 122, 123 white dress from red hue boutique jewelry from rachel pfeffer designs polka dot dress from red hue boutique jewelry from amy kozak page 126, 127 shirts from hugh & cry, bow ties from accoutre, page 133 red, blue and green pants, recut, hand-dyed khakis, ginger root design page 134 ring from rachel pfeffer design designs page 135 striped dress from red hue boutique, jewelry from amy kozak page 138 dark royal blue dress from kilse fashion jewelry by rachel pfeffer designs page 139 red dress from red hue boutique jewelry from amy kozak

moody photography

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