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Stretch your grilling repertoire with layers of flavor atop crisp, smoky pizza pie.

Love the taste of wood-fired pizza from a restaurant? Look no farther than your backyard to start making your own versions. The team that wrote the book on just that, Pizza on the Grill, shares tips for distinguishing your pizzas from the everyday pie. Apart from starting with special techniques to achieve a perfectly crisp, golden brown, crunchy, smoky crust each time, they do whatever it takes to infuse maximum flavor into each of the components that make the pizza, such as the sauces and toppings.The resulting layers of flavor make the pizzas—like the those from gourmet restaurants—taste so much better than your average pie. Plus, what attracted them to this delectable and versatile food is that it takes little effort and so few tools for a big reward. Whether you prefer marvelous and meatless or savory sausage, anyway you slice it, if you have a grill and the will, you can master grilled pizza.

By Elizabeth Karmel and Bob Blumer

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Lunds and Byerly's REAL FOOD Summer 2013  

Lunds and Byerly's REAL FOOD Summer 2013