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***     Yellow feels like the sun.  Yellow tastes like a banana.  Yellow smells like flowers.  Yellow sounds like tigers and lions.  Yellow looks like our school. 


We see blue We see brown We see books on the ground. We see green We see red We see trees above our head.

*** FOREST Flowers Orange Rabbit Energy Sunny Tree

Flavour Oak Raspberry Earth Stone Tree



SUN Sunny Universe NASA  

Cute Animal  Tree   

Pink feels like a T-shirt Pink tastes like candy  Pink smells like flowers  Pink sounds like Pink  Pink looks beautiful 





F Fantastic L Life O Orange like a pumpkin W White like a cloud E Endearing R Rose

D Dirty O Orange dog toy  G Giant dog 

*** Black is like the night Green is like the forest  Yellow feels like the sun  Stone is like a wall  Brown is like mud  Brown feels like a stick  Brick is like a house  Bushes are full with leaves  A football is round like the moon  Flowers are colourful 

***    Ant  It is tiny, Ant is strong  Ant is fast, Ant is smart, Ant is black  Ant 


*** Stones feel like a hard wall Stones taste like‌.a stone Stones smell like the dark forest Stones sound like‌.nothing Stones look like the moon. Bushes feel like grass Bushes taste like blueberry Bushes smell like a tree in the middle of the forest Bushes sound like leaves flying. Bushes loook like grass together. Parks feel like a beautiful place to be. Parks taste like many trees together. Parks smell like a lot of trees and bushes together. Parks sound like grass like flying Parks look like a place where humans want to live.

Poems 4c (3)  
Poems 4c (3)