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AD – Can we afford not to recycle phosphates?



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Visitor Information Morning session: 9.30-1.00 The Telford Theatre [first floor] Coffee and lunch will be served in the Great Hall

First Floor

Afternoon session: Breakout sessions 2.00 - 3.30 Can food waste policy keep up with industry growth? The Telford Theatre [first floor – where the morning session was held] How can we demonstrate good operational performance? Rennie Room [lower ground floor]

Telford Theatre Main conference theatre

FIT degression consultation briefing with Q&A 4.00 - 4.15 The Telford Theatre [first floor – where the morning session was held]

Great Hall Exhibition room

Breakout sessions 4.15 - 5.30 How will demand for biomethane develop? The Telford Theatre [first floor – where the morning session was held] How will industry growth and changing regulations affect land bank availability? Rennie Room [lower ground floor] Drinks reception: 5.30 - 7.00 The Council Room [ground floor – opposite the staircase]

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adba national conference | 3 Dec 2013


Welcome to the ADBA National Conference 2013 Anaerobic digestion has come a long way since ADBA’s inaugural National Conference in 2009. The UK industry has grown 265% since then, with 123 plants operating today in addition to those in the water and landfill sector generating nearly 1.7 TWh of electricity. As we move through our difficult teenage years and into maturity, recognition of the other benefits the industry delivers is likely to grow, which is why today’s main debate focuses on the need to recycle phosphates – could this one day become AD’s main economic and policy driver? Of course, there are other burning questions relevant to the industry’s potential to grow. How should we respond to the debate on consumer energy bills, and the resulting political focus on renewable financial incentives? Can food waste policy keep up with industry growth? How should we demonstrate good operational performance? How will demand for biomethane develop? What effect will industry growth and changing regulations have on land bank availability? How important is nutrient recycling for the future of farming and food production?

One Great George Street Westminster Chief Executive Charlotte Morton Policy Manager Matt Hindle Policy Officer Jordan Marshall Commercial Director Louise Wallace Sales Manager Jamil Ahad Sales Executive Rachel Fenton Marketing Manager Annika Herter

Confronting these issues head on, today’s debates will bring together government representatives and experts from a wide range of backgrounds including: former Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne, Tony Juniper, Defra representative Dr Colin Church, Baroness Miller, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Agroecology, Dr Andy Rees, Welsh Government, Paul Densham, Sainsbury’s Supermarkets, Rob Wood, Gasrec, Pete Pearce, Thames Water, to voice their thoughts on current and future market issues. No debate is complete without your ideas so please share them with our panels in the Q&A sessions. Don’t forget to meet our exhibitors during the refreshment breaks for project and product advice or pick up the brand new AD & Biogas Industry Directory 2013/14 at the ADBA registration desk. Last but not least, thank you to our headline sponsor Edina for supporting the event, plus all our speakers, exhibitors, advertisers and everyone who has contributed to what we hope will be a valuable and insightful day. We have achieved much over the last 12 months and there is a lot more to do, but the AD industry is up to the challenge. Together we have a real chance to realise the industry’s full potential. Let’s make today’s discussions another step in that direction. Best wishes,

Design and Creative Manager Matthew Ireland Marketing Executive Kelly Oxenham Marketing Intern Barbara Landell Mills

Charlotte Morton Chief Executive, ADBA

R&D Liaison and PR Manager Rosaline Hulse Finance Manager Amy Pritchard

In partnership with:

Office Executive Peter Mackintosh

Canterbury Court, Kennington Park Business Centre, 1-3 Brixton Road, London SW9 6DE Tel: 0203 176 0503 Website:

3 Dec 2013 | adba national conference


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UK AD & Biogas 2014 Hall 3, NEC, Birmingham

UK AD & Biogas industry awards 2014 Birmingham

ADBA R&D Forum Featuring presentations on AD relevant research, commercialisation and export tools, case studies and much more.

ADBA Members’ Meetings A short, sharp information fast-track covering the most current industry issues and developments that affect our members.


adba national conference | 3 Dec 2013

Our first ADBA AD & Hospitality Conference, hosted in association with WRAP and the British Hospitality Association (BHA). This event will bring together companies from across the hospitality and food service industry with waste management businesses and AD operators to look at how we can increase the amount and quality of food waste extracted from the hospitality sector and recycled through AD, with a view to delivering financial and other valuable benefits to all.

270+ exhibitors, 3,500 visitors, 24 free seminars and workshops, free conference and advice clinics, site visits, plus a brand new R&D hub! Having grown by an incredible 365% since the first show in 2010, this free to attend exhibition and conference is the UK’s only dedicated AD and biogas trade show. Attracting key contacts and decision makers from the AD and biogas, farming, waste management, food and drink, local authority, transport and utilities sectors, 93% of visitors rated the 2013 event as good to excellent. Focused on making AD happen and perfecting plant operation, the event helps turn plans into actions.

A great way to raise your profile and rub shoulders with the best of the best in AD. With 11 categories, celebrating innovation and achievement across the entire AD industry, this black tie event plays host to 300 attendees on the first night of UK AD & Biogas 2014 and offers first class networking, plus an abundance of PR opportunities for all those involved.

Bridging the gap between industry and academia, this event is the best way to learn how research can increase your competitive edge. The ideal platform to learn, share and debate the latest developments in AD R&D, the ADBA R&D Forum is a must for those involved in engineering, operating, developing or designing AD plants.

A twice yearly event at which members can hear the latest policy and regulatory updates, learn of ADBA’s activities, debate consultation responses, obtain vital information on industry issues and developments, hear from and question government representatives and industry experts, as well as gain contacts and exchange ideas with fellow members.

Headline Sponsor

Edina Group

Edina container at Clayton Hall Farm

As the sole official distributor in the UK and Ireland for the MWM engine range, Edina Group is a market leading supplier of power generation equipment to waste and anaerobic digestion plants, combined heat and power applications and all other forms of power generation using gas as the fuel. MWM is the world’s oldest manufacturer of gas powered generating engines and has a proven track record for class leading electrical efficiency and reliability. Edina supplies the UK, Ireland and Australasia. As a founding member of ADBA and a keen supporter of its associated events, Edina has benefited by raising the company’s profile at home and abroad due to the diversity of exhibitors and visitors to the Conference. Attendance at the Conference has risen year on year and we are delighted to be able to contribute to the continuity of this event which provides both publicity for our product and the wider industry.

The containerised generating engines are as a direct result of 25 years of operational experience guaranteeing maximum operational availability and are constructed at Edina’s own manufacturing facility in the UK. All installations and equipment meet and exceed current UK gas industry standards, UK health and safety and CDM regulations. Ongoing full operation and maintenance support is included with a minimum 8000 hour per year availability guarantee. The Edina approach of working closely with the client and other suppliers has led to the seamless installation of equipment, from 400 kWe to 2 MWe. We are delighted to report that many of our clients are repeat ordering thanks to the price and service offered. Westcott Park

In particular it gives the opportunity to demonstrate the high standards and bespoke service which we maintain through dedicated staff, who design, build, install and maintain the generation sets. Over the past few years Edina has had a major success in the AD market with generation supplied to plants across the country. These have ranged in size from numerous 500 kWe agricultural and commercial waste plants to 6 MWe for the largest waste anaerobic digestion plant in the UK. On biogas alone over 70 MWe of MWM generation has been installed by Edina in the past three years. Edina supplies not only containerised generation plant but complete turnkey systems including design service, gas pretreatment, steam generation and electrical connection.

3 Dec 2013 | adba national conference


ADBA National Conference 2013 Programme AD – Can we afford not to recycle phosphates? Agenda Speakers

9.30 - 9.40

Welcome and introduction to the conference

Charlotte Morton, Chief Executive, ADBA

9.40 - 9.45

Sponsor’s address by Edina

Ian Farr, Technical Sales Engineer, Edina UK

9.45 - 10.05

Why we need to move towards a circular economy, and AD’s critical role (with Q&A)

Tony Juniper, Sustainability and Environmental Advisor, Ltd

10.05 - 10.20

The importance of nutrient recycling for the future of farming and food production (with Q&A)

Baroness Miller, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Agroecology

10.20 - 10.30 10.30 - 10.40

Perspectives on renewable energies and the cost of energy

Chris Huhne, Chairman – Europe, Zilkha Biomass Energy Claire Thornhill, Manager, Frontier Economics

10.45 - 11.00

Q&A on perspectives on renewable energies and the cost of energy

11.00 - 11.30



Can we afford not to recycle nutrients and organic matter? The main debate at this year’s conference will assess the value of the contribution anaerobic digestion can make to supporting farming and food security. As well as helping to decarbonise farming and providing an additional revenue stream for farmers through the sale of electricity or biomethane, AD can help mitigate the soil management and nutrient problems which threaten our ability to feed a growing population, in particular peak phosphorus. This session will also look at the potential value of digestate products in reducing the carbon footprint of food production and making farming more resilient against the effects of our changing climate. But will FIT degression – which only looks at the energy value of AD – impact the ability of on farm AD to deliver these benefits? Is on farm AD worth more than the FIT?

Panel discussion: Telford Theatre




Can food waste policy keep up with industry growth? This session will look at the direction of current food waste policy in England, and whether this will support the continuing growth of the AD market. Drawing on lessons from Scotland and Wales at both a policy and technical level, the debate will cover the pros and cons of options such as banning food waste from landfill. This session will also explore the financial side of separate food waste collections, and how councils can be supported in deciding the services they offer.

Breakout session: Telford Theatre

1.00 - 2.00

The coloured stickers on your badge indicate your registered preference for breakout sessions

Chair: Tony Juniper, Sustainability and Environmental Advisor, James Murcott, Director, Methanogen Rembrandt Koppelaar, PhD Researcher, Imperial College London Patrick Holden, Founding Director, Sustainable Food Trust Michael Chesshire, Director, Evergreen Gas Dr Alan Knight, Sustainability Director, Business in the Community

Chair: Bill Elliott, Business Development Director, Tamar Energy Chris Mills, Programme Area Manager – Food Waste Collections, WRAP Dr Andy Rees, Head of Waste Strategy Branch, Welsh Government Andrew Needham, Commercial Director, Biogen Dr Colin Church, Director, Climate, Waste and Atmosphere, Defra Mark Hogan, Business Development Director, Kier Services Louise McGregor, Head of Market Development, Zero Waste Scotland


adba national conference | 3 Dec 2013

ADBA National Conference 2013 Programme AD – Can we afford not to recycle phosphates? Agenda Speakers


How can we demonstrate good operational performance? Efficient operation is critical for a project to achieve its target return on investment. This session will look at how performance should be measured, and how the AD industry can continue to raise its operational efficiency. The Green Investment Bank’s 2013 AD market report highlighted efficient operation as one of the key elements taken into account by investors, but recognised that the main metric they used – average load factor – “is but one of a series of potential measurements of operational performance.” What other options are there, and how do these compare? With banks still hesitant to lend, the session will also discuss how this high level of operation in AD projects might attract other forms of finance to the industry.

Breakout session: Rennie Room


Chair: Dorian Harrison, Technical Director, Monsal Adrian Judge, Director, Tolvik Consulting Bruce Nelson, Director, Compass Renewables Alexander Maddan, Chief Executive, Agrivert Charles Banks, Professor of Environmental Biotechnology, University of Southampton Russell Mulliner, Director, Marches Biogas

3.30 - 4.00


4.00 - 4.15

FIT degression consultation briefing with Q&A Following last week’s announcement that DECC will carry out a tariff review to tackle small-scale FIT degression in January 2014, Katie Halter from DECC and Matt Hindle from ADBA will provide a FIT Degression Consultation Briefing with Q&A.

Katie Halter, Head of Energy, Waste and Advanced Conversion, DECC

How will demand for biomethane develop? As plants start to come online, interest in the biomethane sector is growing – particularly from end users such as supermarkets and logistics firms. This session will discuss the benefits and knock-on effects of the increasing demand for biomethane, the current financial incentives regime and the impact of biomethane certificates. How important is it for end users to be able to demonstrate the actual carbon value of the biomethane they use? Are the incentives right to supply this biomethane, and how does government view its strategic value? Will changes in transport policy lead to a boom in biomethane to transport and what will the implications of this be for waste policy, AD operators and the AD industry in general?

Chair: Rob Wood, Chief Executive, Gasrec

Breakout session: Telford Theatre


Matt Hindle, Policy Manager, ADBA

Paul Densham, Buyer Energy, Waste and Recycling, Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Robert Wilby, Head of Business Development, SGN Simon Farris, Renewable Energy Opportunities Manager, Severn Trent Water Grant Ashton, Chief Executive, GGT Katie Halter, Head of Energy from Waste and Advanced Conversion, DECC

Breakout session: Rennie Room



How will industry growth and changing regulations affect land bank availability? A session covering land bank availability and the evolution of markets in digestate. This session will include information about how digestate can be best used on land to ensure maximum takeup of nutrients, highlight areas where there may be a shortage of land and what is needed to make more land available. This session will also include a discussion about digestate storage and spreading best practice to gain maximum benefit from digestate and reduce ammonia volatilisation and GHG emissions, and will also cover NVZ issues.

Chair: Pete Pearce, Wastewater Innovation Manager, Thames Water Anna Becvar, Director, Earthcare Technical Will McManus, Project Manager – Agriculture & Horticulture, WRAP Andrew Needham, Commercial Director, Biogen Bryan Lewens, Agricultural Manager, Andigestion

Drinks reception

3 Dec 2013 | adba national conference



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adba national conference | 3 Dec 2013

Speaker Profiles Adrian Judge Director, Tolvik Consulting

Anna Becvar Director, Earthcare Technical Ltd

Adrian has been active in the waste sector for nearly 15 years, most recently as managing director of the waste and bioenergy team at the Green Investment Bank. He was group strategic director at Cory Environmental responsible for taking Riverside EfW to financial close in 2008, and then moved into consultancy, setting up Tolvik to provide market analysis and commercial consultancy services to funders, waste companies and local authorities.

Dr Alan Knight OBE Sustainability Director, Business in the Community Alan has over 25 years of experience working with global and national companies and governments on sustainability. He is currently advisor to Business and the Community (BITC) where he oversees all their corporate sustainability programmes and is the chairman of the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Environment Partnership. He chairs the UK Task Force on Sustainable Growing Media which is creating a roadmap for the UK gardening and horticulture industry to only use sustainable growing materials.

Anna Becvar studied soils and plant nutrition at Wye. She has a farming background and has worked in land-based industries for over 20 years, with experience in precision farming, soil management, laboratory analysis, and the recycling sectors. Anna leads a team of technical consultants at Earthcare providing comprehensive, practical advice to operators, farmers; and advisers on soil, water and waste management across the UK. Assisting clients in the AD and composting industries with all aspects of permitting and recycling their products to land. Anna is particularly interested in compost and digestate and is a specialist adviser to WRAP, and is involved in Defra-funded R&D projects.

Bill Elliott Business Development Director, Tamar Energy Bill is the business development director of Tamar Energy which plans to build some 40 plants in the next five years. Its first plant at Basingstoke in Hampshire took in waste from the 17 November and its second at Holbeach, Lincolnshire is in commissioning with another four under construction. Tamar is now in second round of fund raising. Bill has spent over 30 years in the waste industry both in multinational and in smaller companies but all of it in the development role. For the last four years Bill has concentrated on AD.

Previously he has worked with companies as diverse as B&Q, Kingfisher, SABMiller and the Virgin Group and has served on several government think tanks.

Alexander Maddan Chief Executive, Agrivert Ltd Alexander Maddan is chief executive of Agrivert which operates two food waste AD plants with a third under construction, generating 6.9 MW/hr and consuming 150,000 tonnes of food waste. All Agrivert plants must have robust operational procedures in order to achieve ambitious efficiency targets.

Bruce Nelson Director, Compass Renewables As director of Compass Renewables, Bruce and his team advise on all aspects of attracting debt and equity to AD projects across the UK. Previously the Northern Europe regional director for a US bank heading up operations across six countries, and divisional managing director, Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC, responsible for developing around ÂŁ300m of lending annually to sectors such as, aviation, industry, transport, construction and agriculture.

Bryan Lewens Agricultural Manager, Andigestion Ltd

Andrew Needham Commercial Director, Biogen (UK) Ltd Andrew is an established expert on anaerobic digestion technology and application, he is a graduate of Harper Adams University College and has an MBA from Nottingham University. It was Andrew’s research into anaerobic digestion back in 2002 that led to the development of the Biogen concept and the reality of its first AD plants in Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire. Andrew oversees all the inputs and outputs associated with the plants, including feedstocks, renewable power sales and biofertiliser sales.

Dr Andy Rees Head of Waste Strategy Branch, Welsh Government Andy has 32 years of experience working in the environmental field, including spending the last 16 years in the area of waste strategy. Andy is head of the Welsh Government’s waste strategy branch that is responsible for waste strategy policy and delivery. He is a chartered environmentalist and a chartered chemist.

Bryan graduated from Reading University with honours degree in agriculture 1968. He worked in market research with Beecham Pharmaceutical Division 1969-1973. Bryan worked on the family farm in Devon from 1973- 2005 doing mixed farming but mainly dairy. He became agriculture manager at Andigestion in 2005. Bryan is responsible for supplying over 40 farmers with around 70,000 tonnes digestate per annum from Holsworthy plant in Devon.

Charles Banks Professor of Environmental Biotechnology, University of Southampton Prof Banks is head of the Bioenergy and Biomass Resources Research Group. He has led and participated in a number of EU projects on anaerobic digestion including food waste and micro-algae. Research interests are in technology innovations for optimising biological processes used for environmental protection and sustainable development: these include municipal and industrial effluent treatment systems, waste management processes, bioenergy projects, biorefineries, and technology for pollution remediation.

3 Dec 2013 | adba national conference


Speaker Profiles Charlotte Morton Chief Executive, ADBA

Dorian Harrison Technical Director, Monsal

A former corporate lawyer with an MBA from London Business School and an LLB in English and French Law from the London School of Economics, Charlotte is an entrepreneur with a passion for the environment. Charlotte is determined to ensure that ADBA maximises the potential of the anaerobic digestion and biogas industry, and that a supportive regulatory environment with appropriate standards, training and finance is created to secure the industry’s future.

Chris Huhne Chairman – Europe, Zilkha Biomass Energy Chris Huhne works in renewable energy and energy-saving as chairman, Europe of Zilkha Biomass Energy and a consultant for Nationwide Energy Saving. He was Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change from 2010 to 2012 when he was responsible for the Energy act on energy-saving, setting the fourth Carbon Budget, and Electricity Market Reform. Before entering government, he was the Liberal Democrat shadow Environment secretary responsible for the first party programme to decarbonise the UK economy, Zero Carbon Britain. He also writes a column in the Guardian on Mondays.

Chris Mills Programme Area Manager for Food Waste Collections, WRAP Chris’ role is to support government and local authorities in research and technical support in food waste collection strategies both to households and businesses. Chris’s recent work has been in managing the roll out of new food waste collections across Scotland in advance of the requirements of the new landfill ban of food waste. Chris is currently involved in leading a series of pilots in maximising household food waste diversion and also demonstrating good practice in commercial collections though 10 business food schemes.

As technical director for Monsal and director of ADBA, Dorian has built AD projects in the UK and overseas. Designer of 13 advanced digestion, six biowaste plants and one bioenergy plant he is a leading expert on anaerobic digestion, authoring numerous papers and is a regular speaker at international conferences.

Grant Ashton Chief Executive, Green Gas Trading Ltd Grant is a partner with Omni Partners LLP a leading London based hedge fund; he has over 27 years of experience in financial markets. He has previously been the chief executive of Infinity Capital Markets, head of European credit trading and managing director of Barclays Capital, as well as having set up and run credit trading desks at Salomon, UBS and HSBC.

Ian Farr Technical Sales Engineer, Edina UK Following his MSc, Ian worked in water research and effluent treatment and this led to his involvement with gas treatment and its subsequent uses. Ian has long, practical and technical experience of the industry and applies these skills daily. Joining Edina in 2006, his combined passion and knowledge for his subject is reflected in an enviable sales record.

James Murcott Director, Methanogen James Murcott has been designing and building innovative anaerobic digesters for nearly 40 years, co-founding Farmgas in 1975. His UK farm digesters alone have more than 400 years’ combined operating time. His company WRI created a market for their award-winning AD compost, largely driven by his fundamental belief that AD is the best nutrient recycling technology. His latest designs include a range of micro-scale digesters and full-scale automatic de-gritting digesters.

Claire Thornhill Manager, Frontier Economics Claire is an experienced economist advising clients on challenges associated with the move to the low-carbon economy in the energy sector. Her work covers a number of areas, including economic appraisal and evaluation, tariff and proposition design, demand side response and smart technologies. Prior to joining Frontier in 2011, Claire worked at the Committee on Climate Change and in the Government Economic Service.

Katie Halter Head of Energy from Waste and Advanced Conversion, DECC Katie has worked in the renewables team since DECC was formed, and has recently taken the lead on energy from waste technologies, including anaerobic digestion. A key part of her role is seeking to understand and help create the right conditions to encourage deployment.

Dr Colin Church Director, Resource, Atmosphere & Sustainability, Defra His responsibilities include the government’s policies on adaptation to a changing climate, air quality, industrial pollution prevention, local environmental quality, noise, ozone-depleting substances, resource efficiency/waste, sustainable development and sustainable procurement. He also leads for Defra on climate change mitigation and is a non-executive director of WRAP, the waste reduction and resource efficiency body.


adba national conference | 3 Dec 2013

Speaker Profiles

3 Dec 2013 | adba national conference


Speaker Profiles Mark Hogan Business Development Director, Kier Services Mark has worked within the resource recovery and environmental sector for over 25 years, operating within both the private and public sectors. Over the past five years Mark has overseen a period of sustained business growth, increasing Kier’s environmental services portfolio fourfold. A strong customer focus has enabled Mark and his team to deliver client focused solutions which provide both cost savings and improved service standards, the most recent example of this being the £120m contract with the East Sussex Joint Waste Partnership. Mark also plays a vital role in the mobilisation and stabilisation of contracts, ensuring that, through effective partnerships, bid commitments and key drivers are quickly incorporated into the heart of services.

Patrick Holden Chief Executive, Sustainable Food Trust Patrick is the founding director of the Sustainable Food Trust whose mission is to promote international cooperation between all those involved in sustainable food production – not just those who are certified organic. Between 1995 and 2010, he was the director of the Soil Association and became a much sought after speaker and campaigner for organic food and farming. He spearheaded a number of prominent food campaigns around BSE, pesticide residues and GM food. More recently, he was a member of the UK government’s working group on the Foresight Report into Future of Food and Farming and received a CBE for services to organic farming in 2005.

Paul Densham Energy, Waste and Recycling, Sainsburys Supermarkets Ltd

Matt Hindle Policy Manager, ADBA Using his previous experience as parliamentary and legislative adviser with the Liberal Democrats, Matt works with ADBA’s board and the working groups to address and communicate policy issues affecting AD. Managing ADBA’s relationships with key policy influencers, including government, regulatory bodies, NGOs and civil servants, Matt works on breaking down regulatory and other barriers affecting industry growth and coordinates the delivery of actions to address these.

Paul has worked for Sainsburys for 30 years and in procurement for just over 10 years buying all electricity, gas, own use fuel, as well as waste and recycling services. The strong links between energy and all waste streams mean that Sainsburys is ideally placed to spot and exploit the synergies. This has led to it taking a small equity stake in Tamar, being the first supermarket to divert all food waste to AD and entering into a number of PPAs with renewable developers.

Peter Pearce Waste Innovation Manager, Thames Water Utilities Ltd

Louise McGregor Head of Market Development, Zero Waste Scotland Following a year’s career break to study for a Masters in environmental diagnostics at Cranfield University, Louise joined WRAP in Banbury as materials support officer in October 2001, working on a range of R&D projects in the plastics and organics sectors. In October 2007 Louise moved to Scotland and now heads up the Zero Waste Scotland market development programme in Stirling. Her focus is developing reprocessing infrastructure; increasing demand for recycled products in Scotland; and helping to develop circular economy solutions with business.

Pete has been involved in technical roles at Thames for over 25 years almost exclusively on the waste side of the business. Much of the experience gained in wastewater and sludge treatment processes is now contributing towards development of energy efficient appropriate technology flowsheets. This involves simultaneously minimising energy use whilst maximising energy recovery in order to obtain a better and ultimately positive energy balance.

Rembrandt Koppelaar PhD Researcher, Imperial College London Centre for Environmental Policy

Michael Chesshire Managing Director, Evergreen Gas Ltd Michael Chesshire is a Cambridge engineering graduate and has worked with anaerobic digestion since 1975; first with Farmgas pioneering pre-fabricated sludge digesters for sewage works; second with Greenfinch pioneering the anaerobic digestion of food waste over a period of ten years; and now with Evergreen Gas developing small-scale AD for farms and rural communities. Michael is also visiting professor at Southampton University and director of the Renewable Energy Association.


adba national conference | 3 Dec 2013

Rembrandt is a research associate at the Institute for Integrated Economic Research and PhD researcher at Imperial College, working towards modelling the economy from a resource flow and consumption perspective. He is author of “assessing phosphate rock depletion and phosphorus recycling options” published in Global Environmental Change, and the book “De Permanente Oliecrisis” discussing the end of cheap oil and its consequences (Dutch, Nieuw Amsterdam publishers, 2008). Rembrandt holds an MSc in economics from Wageningen University.

Speaker Profiles Rob Wood Chief Executive, Gasrec Limited Rob joined Gasrec in 2013 as chief executive. He has worked in the energy industry for 27 years, 24 within BP, where he began his career in BP’s downstream business selling oil products to a variety of commercial and industrial customers. He then moved to BP’s gas business where he developed a CCGT at Saltend, one of the first independent power projects in the UK. Rob then moved to BP Chemicals where he first led a global technology licensing business and then BP’s European ethylene-polyethylene manufacturing business. He then moved to BP’s oil and gas trading division to set up and lead a financial services activity. Rob’s last role in BP was in alternative energy where he set up and led a carbon origination and trading business. Since leaving BP Rob has led a number of new technology ventures. Rob has a degree in mechanical engineering.

Robert Wilby Head of Business Development, Scotia Gas Networks Robert’s main role is to develop SGN’s biomethane business from a collection of projects, such as Rainbarrow farm and Crouchland Biogas, into a commercial business stream. He comes from a commercial finance background working for most of his career in telecoms, although he had the opportunity to launch two start-up businesses across Europe and the US so creating new businesses has always been in his DNA.

Russell Mulliner Director, Marches Biogas As proprietor of Marches Biogas, and previously as Operations Director of Greenfinch Ltd, Russell has over 15 years’ experience in the AD industry. Projects of significance include the design and construction of South Shropshire’s Biowaste Digester in Ludlow and in excess of 20 UK onfarm and municipal AD plants ranging from 10kWe to 1.5MWe. Russell combines hands-on AD engineering expertise with a philosophy of affordable AD provision that is efficient, robust, and safe. Marches Biogas currently has eight on-farm plants in build utilising Marches’ own ‘Semi-Plug Flow’ and ‘AgriDigestore’ design. Russell was elected fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 2008 and as a member of the Renewable Energy Association Biogas Group in 2009.

Baroness Sue Miller Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Agroecology Having served on South Somerset District Council and Somerset County Council, Sue Miller was nominated a Life Peer in 1998 and was Lib Dem spokesperson in the Lords on Agriculture and Rural Affairs from 1999 to 2007. As Co-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Agroecology, she work towards embedding the principles and practice of Agroecology integrated into mainstream farming practice. She also chairs the APPG on Food and Health.

Tony Juniper Sustainability and Environmental Advisor, Limited Tony Juniper is an independent sustainability and environment adviser, including as special advisor with the Prince’s Charities International Sustainability Unit, Fellow of the University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership and as President of Society for the Environment. He is a founder member of the Robertsbridge Group that advises international companies. He speaks and writes on many aspects of sustainability and is the author of several books, including the award winning Parrots of the World, Spix’s Macaw and How Many Light Bulbs Does It Take To Change A Planet? He was a co-author of Harmony, with HRH The Prince of Wales and Ian Skelly. His best-seller, What has Nature ever done for us? was published in January 2013. He began his career as an ornithologist, working with Birdlife International. From 1990 he worked at Friends of the Earth and was the organisation’s executive director from 2003-2008 and Vice Chair of Friends of the Earth International from 2000-2008. Juniper was the first recipient of the Charles and Miriam Rothschild medal (2009) and was awarded honorary Doctor of Science degrees from the Universities of Bristol and Plymouth (2013).

Will McManus Project Manager, Agriculture, WRAP Working in the Organics and Energy team at WRAP, Will manages several research and knowledge exchange programmes, helping to develop the markets for digestate in agriculture. Current projects include investigating the fate of crop pests and diseases in AD systems, and work on the fate of herbicides in AD. Will also manages DC-Agri, a flagship project which is quantifying the fertiliser replacement value of digestate, and measuring emissions of greenhouse gases and possible pollutants.

Simon Farris Renewable Energy Opportunities Manager, Severn Trent Water Simon is a chemical engineering graduate from the University of Bath who has held a number of operational roles in Severn Trent Water. Since 2011 he has specialised in developing new energy generation opportunities in all areas of the business including biogas upgrading for injection into the national gas grid. The company’s first upgrading facility will be commissioned in Autumn 2014 to go alongside its CHP asset base in the Midlands.

3 Dec 2013 | adba national conference


Exhibitor Profiles AB Systems (UK) Ltd

Gas Bus Alliance

Glenrue, Bow, Crediton,Devon EX17 6EN

Technology Business Centre, 2 Alexandra Gate, Pengam, Cardiff, CF24 2SA

E: W:

E: W:

AB SYSTEM (UK) Limited is the UK suppliers of the Ag Bag sealed storage system used to contain all types of material in sealed storage without loss, enabling the safe storage of feed or waste without effecting the environment or the environment effecting the stored material. We use the bags to store and treat all forms of biomass before digestion or post digestion. We have developed innovative harvesting of wet lands for energy in conjunction with DECC.

CNG and biomethane fuel and gas station providers for commercial vehicles.

Gas Data Ltd Pegasus House, Wheler Road, Coventry, CV3 4LB

Clarke Energy

E: W:

Unit C, Power House, Senator Point, Knowsley Industrial Estate, Knowsley, Liverpool, L33 7RR E: W: www.clarke– Clarke Energy is an authorised distributor and service partner for GE’s Gas Engine Business. Clarke Energy provides added value to the customer by acting as single point of contact from initial sale, project management, engineering, installation through to commissioning and long-term, reliable maintenance of your gas engine (CHP) plant.

With 20 years’ experience in the designing and manufacturing of portable and fixed instruments, Gas Data plays a key role in the analysis and control of biogas and landfill gas. Both our portable and fixed analysers are used on the UK’s leading biogas production sites. It has been proven that Gas Data’s biogas analysers have helped end users increase revenues and reduce costs making anaerobic digestion projects profitable.

Green Gas Trading Canterbury Court, Kennington Business Park Business Centre, 1-3 Brixton Road, London, SW9 6DE UK

CooperÖstlund Unit 1, Britannia Trade Centre, Ryehill Close, Lodge Farm Industrial Estate, Northampton, NN5 7UA

E: W:

E: W: Our technical expertise is unsurpassed and encompasses the entire spectrum of engines and associated ancillaries. It is the application of this knowledge and experience that stands us out from our competitors and makes CooperÖstlund a leading player in its field. From routine servicing t major overhauls, out team will handle the job expertly, thoroughly and quickly, ensuring engines get back into production fast and to optimal potential. Wherever possible, routine services are arried out in-situ to keep downtime to a minimum.

Edina GROUP (Headline Sponsor) Unit 13 Rugby Park, Bletchley Road, Stockport, Cheshire, SK4 3EJ E: W: Edina Group provides power generation in the AD and CHP sectors as the sole UK and Ireland distributor for MWM. Offering a comprehensive turnkey service as needed, with UK design, container build, and great after care and maintenance too with nationwide coverage. Edina is now supplying the Australasian market with its bespoke solutions.


adba national conference | 3 Dec 2013

Green Gas Trading runs the Biomethane Certification Scheme. The goal of the scheme is to maximise the value and liquidity of biomethane by enabling biomethane producers and consumers to transact in the certificated “green” value of biomethane at a market determined price, divorced from the physical and contractual flows of the commodity gas.

Imtech Water, Waste & Energy Imtech House, 5 Newlands Court, Attwood Road, Burntwood, WS7 3GF E: W: Imtech has an unrivalled track record in developing award winning environmentally sustainable solutions and power self sufficient wastewater service. We are the leading delivery partner for advanced digestion in the UK and have a proven track record with many of the leading water companies. We have unique experience in advanced anaerobic digestion, food waste digestion and practical experience in beneficially recycling Class A biosolids for agricultural use.

Exhibitor Profiles Jones Celtic Bioenergy

seepex UK Ltd

The Foundry, Blackfriars Road, London, SE1 8EN

3 Armtech Row, Houndstone Business Park, Yeovil, Somerset, BA22 8RW, UK

E: W:

E: W:

We provide a complete solution for the generation of renewable energy from biodegradable sources including municipal, food and agricultural waste and biomass, achieved through the use of anaerobic digestion combined with composting processes to generate renewable gas, electricity, heat and fertiliser. Services tailored to client requirements include dry and wet anaerobic digestion, in-vessel composting and biogas upgrading.

THE National Skills Academy for Process Industries

seepex develops, manufactures and markets a range of progressive cavity pumps, macerators, grinders, control systems and pump systems. We deliver innovative, hygienic pumping solutions to the food and beverage sector, pumping low to highly viscous products, with and without solids and with a low shear action. seepex offers significant cost savings and process advantages to all.

System Mix ltd Sawtry Court, Brookside Industrial Estate, Sawtry, Cambridgeshire, PE28 5SB

5 Pioneer Court, Morton Palms Business Park, Darlington, DL1 4WD

E: W:

E: W: Skills for growth in the UK bioeconomy: The Skills Academy has a dedicated specialist biotechnology unit to meet the training needs of industrial biotechnology and life science companies. We provide short courses and brokering access to specialists. Talk to us about your skills issues and let us solve your training needs.

System Mix helps to maximise the digestion process. Mixing specialists System Mix Ltd will be using the ADBA Conference 2013 to promote their message and specifically their Rotamix tank mixing systems. With over 20 years of experience in pumping and mixing digestate and sludge they are acknowledged as experts in digester mixing.

NETZSCH Pumps & Systems Ltd

Vogelsang Ltd

Horchester, Holywell, Dorchester, Dorset DT2 0LL

Gateway, Crewe Gates Industrial Estate, Crewe , Cheshire CW1 6YY

E: W:

E: W:

NETZSCH Pumps and Systems Ltd manufacture NETZSCH NEMO progressing cavity, TORNADO rotary lobe pumps and NETZSCH grinders, which are used extensively in the AD/biogas sector for digester feed, recirculation and transfer applications. The products are designed to reduce energy and maintenance costs whilst also remaining competitive to purchase.

Vogelsang are suppliers of rotary lobe pumps, inline RotaCut macerators, digester feed equipment and systems for applying digestate to the land as a biofertiliser. All sales, spares and after sales support is coordinated from a facility in Crewe which is equipped with a comprehensive spares store and a repair workshop.

PRM Waste Systems

Weightron Bilanciai

Unit 5, Monument View, Chelston Business Park, Summerfield Avenue, Wellington, Somerset, TA21 9ND

Bridge Way, Chesterfield Trading Estate, Chesterfield, S41 9QJ

E: W:

E: W:

PRM Waste Systems draw upon an abundance of knowledge to supply equipment based solutions for: handling, segregation, separation, dewatering and depackaging of waste materials and specialise in equipment for aerobic and anaerobic digestion for waste to energy and biomass fuels. We ensure your equipment continues to run at optimum performance with our nationwide engineers.

Weightron is the UK’s leading supplier of weighbridges, weighbridge systems and software to the energy from waste, biogas and recycling industries. The scope of supply includes surface and pit weighbridges, touch screen driver terminals, Winweigh software, card readers, ANPR cameras, traffic lights and barriers. Systems range from single weighbridge installations through to multi-site multi weighbridge projects.

3 Dec 2013 | adba national conference




We are the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association (ADBA), the not-for-profit trade body representing businesses and organisations in the anaerobic digestion and biogas industry. We support not only AD builders and equipment suppliers, but also those interested in using the technology to help remove the barriers to growth currently faced by the industry and to promote the benefits of AD to the UK. We want to realise the huge potential of the AD industry, and allow this sector to deliver significant energy security and economic growth – in waste management, transport, food processing and farming among others – while also combating climate change, supporting food security and improving air quality.

Why join ADBA?

• Influence – As the voice of the AD industry, we listen to our members’ views and regularly represent them at the highest levels, including in Europe. Our active working groups, in which all members are welcome to participate, also contribute to our responses to consultations and other requests for information from government. • Knowledge – whether you are looking for regular AD industry updates, the latest news on AD policy and regulation or business opportunities, our weekly member e-newsletter, private members’ area on our website, member exclusive blog posts, industry reports and member-only events will keep you in the loop at all times. • Advice and support – Whether you have a question on financial incentives for AD or want help to make your business stand out from the crowd, our team offers invaluable advice. • Contacts – Exclusive opportunities to meet with the biggest network of AD contacts from all sectors of the industry at our host of member and industry events.

“The ADBA team has always been extremely helpful in responding to questions or requests for information. They have helped to clarify certain issues very quickly which is highly beneficial to both Bidwells and our clients. It is always good to see ADBA ready and willing to support its members.” John Scott-Kerr, Sustainability and Bioenergy Consultant, Bidwells Agribusiness

• Discounted events – Members receive preferential rates for all our events, including stand spaces at UK AD & Biogas. • Free PR opportunities – Share your latest news and projects with the 7,500 readers of AD & Biogas News, our press database and the visitors to our website.

“ADBA encompasses everything a trade body should be.” Dean Pearce, Regional Account Manager, PDM

FIND OUT MORE AND JOIN For further information, please visit or contact Jamil Ahad E T 020 3176 4414.

Canterbury Court I Kennington Park Business Centre I 1-3 Brixton Road I London I SW9 6DE I T: 0203 176 0503

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