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Eventful as always Nothing goes unnoticed from the eye of the most happening shopping mall of the nation

In crowning glory Lulu Mall adds more to its bulging bag of accolades

THE MONSOON KICK START A few trends in the fashion downpour

Join hands with Lulu for a better tomorrow Be a part of the Nature First initiative to help the environment

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2 LH JUNE 2016


Buckle up for a bright

monsoon Dear Friends,

Ashraf Ali M.A.

As the petrichor is taking over our minds, we slowly realize that summer has drifted away. Monsoon time in Kerala means that there’s a chance for families to spend a couple of hours together under one roof. With Lulu Mall’s exquisite collection of trendy essentials there is a favourite spot in Lulu for every member of the family. All you have to do is get your family in for some fun on a rainy day.


As Lulu is gearing up to witness its fourth monsoon, we want all our folks to spread their arms and embrace the exotic monsoon collection for their family. Whether it is fashion, entertainment, food, lifestyle products, beauty or health, Lulu has always been one of the best solutions available in town. In this issue of Lulu Happiness, every member of the family from kids to grandparents have something or the other attracting them towards Lulu Mall. We would also like to bring to light, the fact that Lulu is looking forward to create an eco-friendly atmosphere in the future and has thus decided to begin the green campaign initiative, “Nature First” in June. Nature First is our green initiative & is the Lulu Smiles undertaking for the year 2016. Say good bye to the gloomy days this monsoon. Enjoy the happiness at Lulu and enjoy the rains. Hope you have a great time reading this issue of Lulu Happiness. Happy Monsoon!

World of


Nishad M. A

Ashraf Ali M.A

Shibu Philips

Director, Lulu Mall

Executive Director, Lulu Group

For Advertisements

Athira Nampiathiri Tel. 8943348452

Business Head, Lulu Mall

Aiswarya Babu Asst. Manager, Marketing

Lulu International Shopping Mall, 34/1000, N.H. 47, Edapally, Kochi, Kerala- 682024



Abraham Tharakan Creative Head

Pankaj Sadasivan

Pages Editor

Lakshmi Babu Design & Layout

Sahla K

Lead Photographer

Jinson Abraham


Arun A Menon

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store Opening


Floweringo Floweringo at the basement of Lulu Mall helps you to bring a smile on the faces of your loved ones! They specialize in fresh and dry flowers in any arrangement/decoration that you want. Be it baskets, bouquets, weddings or stage decoration they will do it. They also make sure to give your loved ones a memorable experience even if they’re away from you by doing a surprise delivery anywhere in Kerala! Let flowers do the talking!

Hamleys Hamleys on the second floor of Lulu Mall, Kochi is the iconic brand present in 9 Indian cities with 18 stores across the country. For 256 years Hamleys, London has been ‘the finest toy shop’ in the world, bringing magical experiences and joy to children of all ages. The store in Kochi will offer an unprecedented selection of toys and an environment filled with toy demonstrations, magic and play spaces. With over 20,000 toys on offer that include the famed Hamleys range with its signature teddy bears, toy soldiers and much more, this store will redefine the toy shopping experience in the city. Boys and girls and all those young at heart will enjoy Hamleys immensely.

4 LH JUNE 2016

Crocs, on the second floor of Lulu Mall is a world leader in innovative casual footwear for men, women and children. Crocs offers a broad portfolio of all-season products, while remaining true to its core molded footwear heritage. All Crocs shoes feature Croslite material, a proprietary, revolutionary technology that gives each pair of shoes the soft, comfortable, lightweight, non-marking and odor-resistant qualities that Crocs fans know and love. Crocs celebrates the fun of being a little different and encourages fans to “Find Your Fun” in every colorful pair of shoes.

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41 & 42, Second Floor, Lulu Mall, N.H 47, Edapally, Ernakulam Kochi - Ph.:- 0484-4000743, 09605606432 JUNE 2016 LH 5

store Opening

50 Shades

Cold Stone Creamery

50 Shades on the first floor Lulu Mall, is a well known business establishment across the Middle East and India. Their retail garment division has been recently launched under the brand name of 50 shades. They have a qualified team coping with the latest trends in the market and providing stylish lounge wear garments for women and children. Their collection has a unique blend of global fashion and ethnic Indian designs.

Cold Stone Creamery on the ground floor of Lulu Mall is the American ice cream chain’s first outlet in India. Cold Stone Creamery makes its ice cream, cakes, smoothies, and shakes with the highest quality ingredients. They make ice cream fresh every day in every store. Apart from ice creams, they also have cakes and shakes. Cold Stone Creamery has something called ‘Signature Creations’ and ‘Create Your Own’, which is really the best part of this experience. Here the ice cream is customised for each guest by combining a variety of mix-ins on a frozen granite stone. The paper cup with a chocolate ice cream beneath thick blankets of chocolate syrup, cream and peanut butter is heavenly, each spoon of it. The texture is perfect where everything is not mashed soup-like; here you actually get to taste the peanut and the chocolate.

Allen Solly Jr. Allen Solly Junior on the first floor of Lulu Mall is amongst the fastest growing kids wear brand in the country. With 30 exclusive stores, presence in large format stores and most multi-brand outlets, it is also amongst the best distributed brands in India. It is targeted at both boys and girls aged 3-16 years and truly embodies the spirit of a child – fun, vibrant, colourful and exploratory. The clothes are stylized, colourful and sophisticated meant for almost all occasions in a child’s life – everyday playtime, going out casuals and partywear.

6 LH JUNE 2016

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JUNE 2016 LH


William Penn

A Penchant

for Pens

William Penn at Lulu Mall celebrates the art of writing


he pen is mightier than the sword and if its one from William Penn at the ground floor in Lulu Mall, you will agree that it is as classy as it is mighty. With a wide range of international brands to choose from, a choice from William Penn will be an ideal gift for those with a vision or an exclusive keepsake for yourself. With the latest technology in writing devices, the pens from ‘the world pen store’ are handpicked and exclusive. Write as the greats did with Rubinato crafted quills and nibs, discover the language of style with Troika accessories, gift an engraved Cross pen, be the proud owner of an Astronaut’s pen from Apollo 7 and more. Discover a world that has roots in legends at William Penn.

8 LH JUNE 2016

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JUNE 2016 LH 9


A World of Imagination Hamleys captures the minds and hearts of Kochiites


he world of toys is always a fascination for kids, and when it is Hamleys toys, all you see is a wide curve on their faces. Within no time, Lulu Mall, as the mall of happiness, has brought yet another surprise for Kochittes this summer by bringing in London’s Hamleys to our city. The oldest and numero uno toy brand in the globe indeed possesses everything that make little troublemakers go crazy. Whether it’s the plush toys or the Compaq ice hockey set, exciting entertainment and creative contests, Hamleys at Lulu Mall welcomes a world of imagination on the second floor.

10 LH JUNE 2016

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section name AWARDS

Lulu mall- in the glory of its crowning achievementS

Lulu Mall has won the Shopping Mall of the Year (South) – 2016 at the Indian Retail Awards. We are also elated to have won the Images most admired Shopping Centre of the year South ( Non –Metro ) 2016. All the awards being won every year are only possible due to our loyal customers and the dedicated team who work tirelessly to achieve the best. We share our success and all the accolades on our shelves with all of you who have supported us since our inception.

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Fashion section Scape name

The Monsoon Kick start A Few Trends in the Fashion Downpour Model: Deepti Nair Photographer: Arun A Menon Assisted by: Aghil Menon, Joby Eldho, Keya Christiena Styling: Lakshmi Babu Makeup: Shalu George Retouch: Vipin Viswanath Costumes: Splash, Lulu Mall, Kochi Shoes: Adidas Originals and Metro, Lulu Mall, Kochi Location: Camleon Studio, Palarivattom, Kochi

Full Sleeved Yellow Top - Rs.1899, Mini Jean Shorts - Rs.1699 all from Splash Store, Stan Smith Shoe - Rs.5999 from Adidas Originals

JUNE 2016 LH 15

section Fashion name Scape

Sleeveless Blue Float Dress - Rs.1999, Black And White Scarf - Rs.499, Gold Cuff Bangles - Rs.399 all from Splash and White Sandals - Rs.2190 from Metro

16 LH JUNE 2016

Fashion section Scape name

Striped Blue Skirt - Rs.1899, Striped Blue Top - Rs.1499, Silver Ring - Rs.299 all from Splash, Stan Smith Shoe - Rs.5999 from Adidas Originals

JUNE 2016 LH 17

section Scape Fashion name

Black Stretch Pant - Rs.1699, Hot Red Top - Rs.799, Multi Colored Bangles - Rs.299 all from Splash and M Attitude Up Shoes - Rs.7599 Shoes from Adidas Originals

18 LH JUNE 2016

Fashion section Scape name

Peach Flared Sleeve Top - Rs. 1699 and Light Wash Skirt Dungarees - Rs. 1699 all from Splash

JUNE 2016 LH 19

Fashion Scape

Black Netted Palazzos - Rs.1699, Black Thread Neck Piece - Rs.899 all from Splash And White Sandals - Rs.2190 from Metro

20 LH JUNE 2016



The Bridal Issue

EXCLUSIVE BRIDAL ISSUE FROM FWD To advertise contact : JUNE 2016 LH 21 +91 980 90 10 111.

cover story

Join hands with Lulu for a better

tomorrow Be a part of the nature first initiative to do your bit for the environment


ave you ever wondered what would happen if the Earth decides to avenge its loss? The impact of huge buildings and the poisonous fumes sent out by factories, vehicles, refrigerators and air conditioners are making it hard for our environment to breathe. It is high time we took an initiative to stop this cruelty towards nature. If we join hands and promise to work towards protecting our environment, it will not only benefit nature but will also ensure a secure future for us. Lulu Mall has always been keen on helping to create a better world for everyone. A magnificent initiative by Lulu Group International, “Nature First� which aims at mobilizing the entire city by creating awareness about preserving our planet and conserving its resources will take place from June 1st, 2016 at Lulu Mall. The Lulu Hypermarket will be introducing organic and garden products with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and re-usable carry bags. This will be a year long initiative and will mainly touch upon activities relating to the sustainability. From the Lulu atrium to every single space in the mall will be filled with ideals that will awaken the sense of responsibility within us.

22 LH JUNE 2016

cover story

Tips for saying ‘No-No’ to wastage. • • • • • •

Know your appetite well. Order only what you need and make sure you finish your meal. Tell the one who is serving you with food to give you a small quantity first. After finishing that, if you are still starving, order for more. In case you are with your family, tell your folks not to order too much from the menu and later end up wasting it. Make sure those tiny tots do not play with food while you are having your family get-together. Keep the option of throwing away the food last on your list. Avoiding food wastage includes the careful use of drinking water as well.

Fighting food wastage Ever wondered what you can do to help resolve the hunger crisis in our country? Many would suggest that we spend a part of our salary in buying food for the poor or provide food to them at low and affordable costs. But it seems quite strange when you realize that a large amount of the world’s hunger can be satisfied by just not wasting food. Yes! Globally, human beings produce enough food waste to feed 3 billion people in the world. This means that over 30% of world’s food supply is wasted unnecessarily. Food safety and distribution is a national concern. When the rich and classy are enjoying a splendid snack from a posh restaurant, the poor may not even have enough for a day’s meal. It is high time schools, colleges, restaurants and other commercial and recreational organizations realize the value of not wasting food. The food you are wasting today, might serve as a meal for someone tomorrow.

Lulu Mall is taking the issue of food wastage with utmost seriousness. The team is trying to create awareness, working towards not wasting food unnecessarily. The rate of their achievement at the end of the activity will also be considered with importance. A huge “No food wasted” pledge board will be installed inside the mall and the customers can attach stickers to this board. The retailers will be creating awareness among the customers by placing these stickers on their food trays while delivering food to them. Customers can place these stickers on the pledge board after finishing their meal. The success of the campaign will be evaluated on the basis of the number of stickers on the pledge board. As part of the generation that will have a great impact on our country’s future, it is important that we provide equal opportunity to everyone. Food is a necessity and the well-being of our community and environment should be our priority.

JUNE 2016 LH 23

cover story

Save the saplings Planting a tree is often communicated synonymously with protecting our planet and securing our future. Saving rare saplings have always been part of environmental initiatives undertaken by different organisations all over the world. Lulu Mall has once again proved to be unique in their approach towards creating an eco-friendly environment. The activity aims at bringing out the rarest of plants in Kerala that might be endangered in future, if they are not taken care of. These plants will be kept for public display. The main idea of this initiative is to take care of the species that are left on this planet and help build a greener and healthier environment. Trees not only provide us with pure air to breathe, our very existence depends on them. Everyone

24 LH JUNE 2016

is invited to take part in this cause and contribute towards saving our environment by planting more trees and saving the existing species of plants. The best organic garden gets rewarded What is an organic garden and how is it different from any other garden? An organic garden is a garden which does not involve the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides for its maintenance. Organic gardens focus on replacing manmade chemicals with those obtained from natural resources. Lulu Mall is organizing a contest for organic gardens that are unique and eco-friendly. The contest is taking place with the universal idea of decreasing the use of synthetic fertilizers and

pesticides. The Best Organic Garden chosen in accordance with the theme of conservation will be rewarded. Cheers to the ones who keep our city clean Trash collectors and sanitation workers are the real heroes of our city. They work day and night to keep our city free from dirt and garbage. Without them we would have no choice but to live in a world filled with the waste that we dispose. Imagine living in an unclean environment. This will lead to a lot of diseases in our body and will literally put our survival in danger. The only people who are willing to risk their lives so that we could live in a clean surrounding are our very own sanitation workers. This event will focus on realizing the importance

cover story

of the sanitation workers in our city and respecting them. The highlight of this event would be rewarding these real heroes as they actually deserve. Embrace the green ‘A green environment is a healthy environment’ is a familiar notion that we all grew up with. With the cutting down of trees for wood and clearing of forests for constructing buildings, the Earth is moving towards global warming at a much rapid pace. The temperature of our planet is rising day-by-day and this is definitely not something environmentalists would appreciate in the long run. Planting more trees and recreating the lush green environment is necessary to ensure our survival. Lulu Mall is initiating an event to embrace the eco-friendly atmosphere and

promote the importance of a green and healthy environment among the citizens. The objective is to encourage schools, colleges and other organizations to take part in the cause. Look at the evergreen wildlife Wildlife photography aims at capturing the animals in their natural habitat and encapsulating the whole idea of evergreen life in a picture. Many wildlife photographers have created wonders with their camera. They have made us realize the lost wildlife habitat and how green our planet was before. There will be a wildlife photo exhibition organized by Lulu in order to help us realize what we have lost these past years. As a responsible citizen one must ensure that the wild animals, birds and trees are not deprived of their natural habitat.

Visiting wildlife photo exhibitions will help us rethink about our past actions and help us take wise decisions in future without harming our environment. Public rain water harvesting Kerala is located in a very interesting geographical region where we tend to experience two different types of monsoons. Hence our state has a great scope in saving rainwater in our region and re-using it for various purposes. Being aware of how to conserve rainwater is one of the most innovative thoughts that can come to our minds. Our future lies in how well we conserve and reuse rainwater. Lulu Mall will be hosting a campaign in order to promote rainwater harvesting. Come join this initiative to contribute towards conserving our water resources.

JUNE 2016 LH 25

cover story

Rewards for your concern for nature As part of the celebration, the ground, first and second floors will have the theme of soil, rain and air respectively. The retailers will be contributing to the event through an art installation in their stores using eco-friendly and recycled materials. The purpose of these thematic activities which will take place from June 1st to June 15th, is to educate people on the importance of conserving the environment. • •

The ground floor will promote the idea ‘Preserve soil, preserve life!’ The first floor will be focussing on rainwater harvesting and limiting

26 LH JUNE 2016

the overuse of underground water. The second floor will be creating awareness about air pollution and ways to keep our air pure.

In addition to these, the campaign will cover customer engagement, activities, CSR, online and promotions. The CSR activities are aiming at larger projects like canal cleaning and protecting the green environment. Kochi Biennale Foundation is bringing its Master Practice Studio into Lulu Mall by organising a live sculpting gallery with artist Regunadhan K. The event will be held on the ground floor from June 5th to 15th from 3 pm to 9 pm

There are numerable online and offline activities that are going to take place as part of this initiative. • The activities will include: 1. Hug a tree contest 2. Terrace farming contest 3. Rare plants exhibition 4. Bicycle generator 5. Salute the sanitation worker 6. Public Rainwater harvesting campaign 7. Wildlife photography exhibition 8. Promotion of the initiative in schools and colleges 9. Discounts on green products 10. Farming equipment promotion 11. Energy saving equipment promotion Let us all come together and take part in this attempt to make the world a better place to live in. If all of us realize the importance of this initiative and take this forward, our world will soon be a place which conserves and protects the environment rather than destroying it. Set an example by participating in Lulu’s Nature First campaign and let others follow your lead.

JUNE 2016 LH 27


Eventful as always Nothing goes unnoticed from the eye of the most happening shopping mall of the nation

Unfolding a Terrain of Fashion Not just attire, but also ambience, glitz and glamour took centre stage as actress Priyamani set the stage ablaze to kickstart the LuLu Fashion Week that was held on April 20, 2016. The event, considered to be the first of its kind in the history of Kerala was nothing short of a redefinition of the fashion culture in the state. From fashion awards, forums and shows, to entertainment, product launches and more, the LuLu Fashion Week was a an

28 LH JUNE 2016

exciting experience for Kochi. As envisaged, the event was a platform for brands and models to learn, experiment and explore the depths of the fashionscope, as well as a playground for experts from the fashion industry to discuss emerging trends and themes. Presented by Indian Terrain and organised by LuLu Fashion Store, the fashion show


was held at the mall’s atrium. It was open to the public who got to witness models who set the ramp on fire with style and grace. Top models including Miss India finalists, Miss Bangalore, Miss Andhra Pradesh as well as faces from the international fashion scenario displayed an array of the most laudable garment brands. The most-sought after national and international brands like Kraus Jeans, Wills Lifestyle, Scullers, Sin and Classic Polo, Crocodile, Delsey, Marc Loire, Omra, Levis, Urban Touch, John Louis and Indigo Nation displayed their spring/summer collections.

On the final day of the event, awards were given out for various categories including best fashion photographer, best-emerging brand, most preferred men’s and women’s wear brand, best children’s wear, the fashion icon of the year award and so on. Actors Aparna Gopinath and Kunchacko Boban were honoured as the year’s fashion icons. Lulu Fashion Week was a great success. The city enjoyed a week of fun, festivity and fashion until the curtains were drawn, leaving a fresh mark in the minds of those who experienced this gala week.

JUNE 2016 LH 29


Fashion Innovation Award - Omra Model of the Year (Female) - Serin George, Award Received By Fashion Choreographer, Mr. Dalu Krishnadas

Fashion magazine of the Year (South) - Ritz

Most Preferred Men’s Wear - Levi’s

Most Preferred Women’s Brand - W

Fashion Icon of the year (Female) - Aparna Gopinath

Fashion Icon of the year (Male) - Kunchacko Boban

Best Kids Wear - United Colors Of Benetton

30 LH JUNE 2016

Fashion Photographer of the Year (South) - Radha Krishnan

Best Emerging Brand - Indian Terrian


Wedding Tales 2016 No other nation does weddings like we do in India. The band baja baraat, the rhythmic sounds of dhol or the melody of the nadaswaram, the aesthetics of kancheepuram and benaras sarees, the roses, carnations and bunches of jasmine or the mithayi mania and the sensational sadya - we have it all. In support of its reputation as a onestop destination for brides to curate their wedding trousseau, LuLu Celebrate unveiled its latest bridal collection through a new campaign called ‘Wedding Tales 2016’ on April 9, 2016 at the Solitaire

Hall, Kochi Marriott Hotel. Cine actor Sijoy Varghese, Marriott GM, Vineet Mishra, FWD Media CEO Arun Balachandran, MD & CEO of Executive Events Raju Kannampuzha, Lulu Group CEO A Shekhar, Kochi Marriott Hotel & Courtyard Marriott Kochi Airport Director of sales and marketing, Abhishek Rajagolkar, Josco Group GM Joe Abraham and other esteemed guests were present at the occasion. The event also featured a fashion show, choreographed by Nizar Shazin, where models showcased traditional and

contemporary wedding attires designed by LuLu Celebrate lead designer, Sneh. Film actress Aparna Balamurali was the showstopper and graced the ramp in a pink bridal lehenga. The event also featured other wedding day essentials including jewellery, florists, wedding cards, event management, apparels, makeup, decor and wedding cakes. The official sponsors of the event were FWD Life Magazine, Josco, Skyline Builders, Rajashree Motors, Mercedez Benz, Valavi Cards, and Live in Style: Makeup Studio.

JUNE 2016 LH 31


Lulu Summer Camp Lulu came up with an exciting summer camp for the little ones. The theme of the camp was ‘Jungle’ and almost 224 kids participated in it. The kids enjoyed making new friends and the activities helped them in exploring their individual creativity, building their self-esteem, and learning new skills. Daily activities included arts and crafts, indoor games, music, imaginative plays and special events.

32 LH JUNE 2016


Lulu turned Three Every day is a celebration here and this day in particular was all fervor and frenzy. The Lulu anniversary party was marked by a cake-cutting ceremony arranged in the glittering presence of famed musician Stephen Devassy and many prominent officials of Lulu Mall. The anniversary celebration went in full swing with the engaging ‘Retail Quiz’ and the inspiring 3500 sapling distribution ceremony hogging the limelight. The Nature First Logo was launched and Lulu retail awards were given to various brand categories.

Ronald Mcdonald hangout with kids The well loved icon of McDonalds ;Ronald McDoanld was as excited as the kids were on his visit to Lulu Mall. The session held from 5 pm to 7 pm on 2nd April 2016 was fun filled with continuous interaction, games and tricks that enthralled the group of tiny tots.

JUNE 2016 LH 33


World Earth Day World Earth Day was observed on 18th March at Lulu Mall by switching off all the lights on hoardings in and around the mall as a reminder to save energy and preserve Mother Nature.

Easter Special from Lulu A backdrop for photo opportunities was installed at Lulu Mall during the Easter celebrations. Families were excited to pose inside the large colorful Easter Egg, set in a special Easter garden.

34 LH JUNE 2016

JUNE 2016 LH 35

Monte Carlo

monsoon Vibes From Chinos to Linens, make room in your closet for the season’s new add-ons at Monte Carlo,first floor, Lulu Mall.

Linen Price: ` 1899 onwards

36 LH JUNE 2016

Monte Carlo

Shirts Price: ` 1299 onwards

Denim Trousers Price: ` 1499 onwards T Shirts Price: ` 650 onwards

Thermals Price: ` 450 onwards

Trousers Price: ` 1499 onwards Socks Price: ` 190 onwards

Sweaters Price: ` 1835 onwards Winter Jackets Price: ` 1690 onwards

JUNE 2016 LH 37


Styled for

monsoon ‘Identiti’ on the second floor Lulu Mall is all set for the Monsoon.

White Chinese Collar Kurta Price:` 999 Khaki Chino Price:` 1899

Indigo Round Neck T Shirt Price:` 999 Jog Jeans Price:` 2399

Shift Tunic Price:` 1399 Flap Pants Price:` 1599

38 LH JUNE 2016


Basic Double Blue Shirt Price:` 1499 Stretchable Jeans Price:` 1899

Round Neck Printed Top Price:` 999 Casual Jeans Price:` 1599

Yellow Classic Shirt Price:` 1499 Jog Jeans Price:` 2299

Round Neck Mosaic T shirt Price:` 799 Skin Fit Jeans Price:` 1699

JUNE 2016 LH 39


Shoes Supple

and Sleek Slip into an amazing range of adventure shoes brought to you by Adidas in the second floor of Lulu Mall. From sprinting to some sturdy hitch hiking, all you need is within a hand’s reach. Running Adidas Men’s Ultra Boost M Mesh casual Running Shoes Price: ` 15999 Running Adidas Men’s Energy Bounce 2 M Mesh Casual Running Shoes Price: ` 7999

Running Adidas Men’s Mana Bounce M Mesh Running Shoes Price: ` 7799

Rim Reaper Adidas Men’s Basketball Shoes Price: ` 5999 Running Adidas questar boost running shoes Price: ` 8299

Adidas Men X15.3 Shoes Synthetic, Lace-up Casual Football Boots Price: ` 5999

Running Adidas Men’s Ultra Boost M Mesh Casual Running Shoes Price: ` 15999 Hiking Adidas Mesh Outdoor & Hiking Shoes Price: ` 7499

40 LH JUNE 2016

Messi 15.2 Adidas Men’s Football Shoes Inspired by Footballer Lionel Messi Price: ` 7999


Across the

Arabian Sea Arabian Souk, second floor, Lulu Mall, has an exquisite collection of Arabian clothing, decors, perfumes and handicrafts that will take you on a tour across the arabian sands.

Jalabiya A wide range of colours and desirable designs in Arab kamees for men and women

Mehendi Attractive traditional Mehendi designs which are exclusive for different styles and lengths of the applying area.

Sheesha A wide range of flavoured hookah from the Middle East.

Turma Long Omanian head scarves made of pashmina material.

Oudh Selected wood from Cambodia and the Indian peninsula burnt in order to spread an aromatic fragrance which lasts for a day.

JUNE 2016 LH 41


Gold Rush You’ve hit the jackpot with this loot from Kushal’s on the second floor Lulu Mall.

Necklace Silver CZ Price:` 9800

Necklace Silver CZ Price:` 5900

Earring CZ Price:` 2900

Earring CZ Price:` 1100

Bangles Zircon Price:` 1450

Finger Ring Price:` 990

Finger Ring CZ Price:` 1220

42 LH JUNE 2016

Bangles Antique Price:` 690


Stop & Stare This summer, go the casual route of Hidesign,ground floor, Lulu Mall with pops of colour and handy graphics.

Handpainted Collection-The White Rabbit Price:` 8900 Handpainted CollectionDormouse White Blue Purse Price:` 2495

Diadema Melb Ran Handbag Price:` 8595 Snake Ran Red M Blue Styx Purse Price:` 1995

Tabit 01 Blue Handbag Price:` 7595 Tanzania Sunglasses Price:` 3995

Manilla Brown Beak Handbag Price:` 6395 Maldives Sunglasses Price:` 4695

Ascot 01 Handbag Price:` 7595 Ascot W3 Wallet Price:` 2295

JUNE 2016 LH 43


Creme de

la Kochi American ice cream chain Cold Stone Creamery opens its first outlet in India at Kochi’s Lulu Mall.


egular ice cream is passé. Vanilla, strawberry, the cassata or butterscotch is antediluvian at Cold Stone Creamery. This super premium American ice cream chain that has expanded to over 1,400 stores in 27 countries, has now opened its first ever Cold Stone Creamery in India in Kochi. Tablez Food Company, the F&B division of the retail giant LuLu Group International, has opened its doors to the first Cold Stone Creamery® on May 7. The Ultimate Ice Cream ExperienceTM of the world famous super-premium ice cream brand has been brought to to the country via a strategic collaboration with Kahala BrandsTM, the parent company of the Cold Stone CreameryTM. With a power team of skilled mix masters, Cold Stone CreameryTM creates an ultimate blend of fresh, high quality, super-premium ice cream products that attract ice cream lovers to the outlets. This monsoon, Cold Stone Creations® will have customers indulging in taste and fun.

Exciting Experiences Cold Stone Creamery has something called ‘Signature Creations’ and ‘Create Your Own’, which is really the best part of this experience. Using the finest

44 LH JUNE 2016


ingredients, Cold Stone CreameryTM makes superpremium ice cream fresh daily. These small batches are handcrafted in the store and are mixed with style by spirited crew members, on a frozen granite stone. To make the visit to the store more memorable, crew members sing and provide an ‘Experience Factor’ that is unique to Cold Stone CreameryTM. “We have an entertainment director for each location who will take the customer through the varied aspects of the store.” says Audrey DeHaven, Director of International Operations, Kahala Brands. Apart from the distinctive Cold Stone Creations®, Cold Stone CreameryTM also offers Signature ice cream cakes, shakes, smoothies and sorbets. With a wide choice of fruits, nuts, candy and cakes, this signature ice cream delivers fresh, madetoorder, unique and delightful treats. “Our strategic partnership with Kahala

BrandsTM with its proven track record and a robust team is all set to establish Cold Stone CreameryTM as the most preferred choice for ice creams. We are confident that it will enjoy the same popularity in India too that it enjoys internationally in India too with its unique flavours and innovative offerings,” stated Ms. Shafeena Yusuff Ali, Chief Executive Officer, Tablez Food Company.

Fulfilling Smiles As part of its CSR initiative, Cold Stone CreameryTM has partnered with the MakeAWish FoundationTM and the store will donate a percentage from each sale of Cold Stone CreameryTM ice cream to the foundation. “We are also honoured to partner with the Make-A-Wish FoundationTM, which is a truly remarkable charity that has helped fulfil cherished wishes of thousands of kids with critical medical conditions across the world. We hope that our contribution will help Make

AWish FoundationTM continue fulfilling heartfelt wishes of spirited children and their families across the nation,” she added. “Tablez Food Company is a leading organization in India and is the perfect fit for the Cold Stone CreameryTM brand in this very important market. Their dedication to seeking out concepts that bring inspiring experiences to their customers make this relationship a winwin. With 40 Cold Stone CreameryTM stores planned over the course of the next five years, we know this will be a great market for accelerated growth,” said Eddy Jimenez, Sr. Vice President of International Operations and Development, Kahala BrandsTM. With expansion plans already earmarked for the next five years, Tablez Food Company plans to open several Cold Stone Creamery outlets across India and Sri Lanka. The Kochi outlet will be followed by a few stores in Bangalore and subsequently other cities.

JUNE 2016 LH 45

Style Tips

Mix it Up A Few Things for Men


very guy takes an interest in dressing better and joyously begins wearing cotton oxfords with selvedge denim. But the secret, as with most of men’s style, is in the details. Beyond comfort, a proper fit always looks better. Good tailoring can emphasize a man’s most attractive features and draw the eye away from everything else. We form our impression of people within a few seconds of meeting them. Later interactions might change that impression, but the brain will continue thinking that a quality dresser is a quality person. Once fine clothing becomes a habit of thought, you begin to notice it in other men as well. Most men prefer to look at dressing well as an act of personal transformation. Or you might choose a style that looks more responsible, or older, or younger, or more relaxed, or more artistic. The point is that looking a particular way will help you to feel that way as well. Looking good will always translate to feeling good. It’s one of those lessons that we need to learn, so just give it a shot and see how these tips are helpful for you.

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Style Tips

Levels of Color and Pattern Formality Color goes hand in hand with pattern. Choosing one well does no good if the other is mismatched. Where the guides for pattern are largely based on formality, color is often a purely aesthetic choice. Ditch the shyness, learn the basics, and make pattern a functioning part of your wardrobe, not just something that happens to be there, something that makes a statement about you. Solid colors are the most formal end of the scale, while overstated patterns like paisleys and polkadots are so casual as to be almost entirely absent from menswear. Remembering the basic breakdown of dress codes, you can generally assume that only solid colors are appropriate for formal or semi-formal occasions, modest pinstriping becomes acceptable at the business level, and bolder patterns should only be worn in dresscasual or casual situations.

Dress Casual Casuals can be tweaked to be worn anytime. Any event that bothered to provide a dress code still expects attendes to look neat and well presented. However, jeans and casual shirts including polo or golf shirts are appropriate, and dress shorts may also be considered. Leather sandals, moccasins, or boat shoes may be worn. When more casual codes are in place, resist the temptation to throw on an old polo and a pair of khakis; the result will be looking like every other schlub in the room. Take care in choosing the layers and if you know the venue, it makes it a lor simpler. And in general, remember that it’s always safer to be overdressed than under, since clothes can be removed but not added .

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Health Tips

For the Working Woman for the working woman to stay healthy, wealthy and wise.


n life’s daily grind, what suffers most in a woman’s routine is exercise. Apart from dieting and doing proper research, fitness also requires some dedicated time to be set aside for excercise. It needs your dedication and hard work.

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Health Tips

Stay Positive A healthy mind fosters healthy thoughts. Healthy thoughts lead to healthy actions. It’s a cycle that should be followed every day of your life. Staying positive has also been found to make you more immune to diseases.

Stretch Stretch yourself every hour or so. Stretching has several benefits. It prevents muscles from becoming sore and aching at the end of the day. It improves circulation and also helps remove toxins from your body. There are many easy stretches you can do at work.

Ask Don’t feel pressurized to perform just because of your gender. It is alright to ask for help and take advice. It is not a battle zone and your well being should always be your concern. Delegate work as necessary and take help if required.

Use Technology Too busy? Too many things to do? There is an app for everything. Google Keep is a great app to keep track of lists, notes and such. It will send you reminders and guess what, you can share your lists with others as well. Use a note taking app to help you with endless amount of typing like Voice Assistant. Order food, keep your health in check, buy necessities online, there really is an app for everything.

Post lunch walk Walk across to a company canteen or café to eat your lunch. Never eat at your desk. One, you will be tempted to work while eating, which is not a good idea. Two, you won’t get a chance to walk post your lunch, thereby losing out the little chance that you have of digesting your food. Similarly, if you’re at home, avoid hitting the bed for an afternoon siesta post your lunch. JUNE 2016 LH 49


Rolling in the Deep Into the depths of the wilderness, blogger Arjun M K discovered a beautiful haven, Pullimootil Estates.


s we reached our destination, the mist fell like a curtain over us. Uncanny mist is, for it always reveals more than it covers. The neon signboard proclaiming “The Deep Woods� came out of the darkness like a beacon. Reminded of Robert Frost, we took in the beauty of Pulimootil Estates, a cozy nest in the lap of nature., in Munnar. Here and Now After we stepped down from the car and were done with the pleasantries, we moved to the villa. The skies were speckled with stars, but the night was made special when the gray moon revealed itself through the glass ceiling. The trees formed interesting silhouettes against a royal blue sky. I enjoyed the warmth of the bedroom, while the woods lay cold and dark outside. The classic wooden furniture in the room reminded me of storybook characters who stayed in wooden cabins. The noises of the night relaxed me into a deep slumber, that I really needed after the long journey.

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Stepping Out I slept soundly and woke up to the sound of the woods. There were birds chirping and the soft sound of the wind. I sipped my coffee and sat in the balcony, lost in the verdant view. Refreshed, I stepped out to enjoy the landscape. A stone Buddha naturally set against a picturesque view welcomed me. The outline of the nearby hills was accentuated by the morning sun. The villa lay in the shade of these hills protected by their warm embrace. The breeze benticed me with the aroma of breakfast. From homely South Indian fare to continental dishes, I indulged like a king. The Deep Woods has eight premium bungalows spread across 140 acres of the Pulimootil Estate. In a world of Green “Every villa has its own style and soul. Each bungalow is provided with top class amenities and a caretaker for individual care. We provide them with personalised camp fires and most important of all we provide them a place to be free.� says the manager. I was savoring in the Munnar

experience, moment by moment. The sights and sounds were inspiring. The sound of water cascading lead me through a green maze to a beautiful waterfall. The Estate had taken great pains to preserve the beauty of the area. I had to comment them for their efforts, and made a mental note to be a more concerned citizen. Although I was alway from electronics, I was quite surprised how time flew. The disconnect from technology only helped me to connect with nature and myself. The explorations had taken some energy out of me and I headed to have some warm lunch, a homely meal. Rice with Kerala Style chicken curry and avoli fry beckoned from the table. The fish was crisp and, more importantly, fresh. The expereince was truly relaxing and I could feel myself let go to enjoy the simple things in life. Until the Night Calls By evening, I could feel the energy of the place change. It was a slow shift. It became more intense and personal. A campfire was being set up on the lawns. The flames started to grow and throw and

playful shadows around. I reflected on my experiences in the estate and the warm ambience of the The Deep Woods. The night smiled at me knowingly and the deep woods became deeper again.

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The String Theory They say it’s how you play a guitar and not how it looks, but here’s a different story. Here are iconic guitars that go beyond the music but still has an interpretation of design too!

Jimi Hendrix’s Monterey Fender Stratocaster At the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967, The Jimi Hendrix Experience were closing their set with an extended version of Wild Thing. When Hendrix knelt next to his Fender Stratocaster and set it on fire, one of the most indelible performance in Rock history.

Kurt Cobain’s Fender Jag-Stang It’s said that he designed the guitar through a montage of Polaroid photos and pitched the Jag-Stang model to Fender who designed it for him.

Rick Nielsen’s Five-Neck Hamer There’s been no guitar that has been able to ace the eccentric design, it was the guitar to beat the double-neck, no one has beaten this one yet.

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Randy Rhoads’ polka-dot Flying V The guitar that was behind the two very famous songs, Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman by Ozzy Osborne. This polka-dot Flying V guitar was made by luthier Karl Sandoval

Tom Morello’s “Arm The Homeless” Custom As said by Morello,“It was the sh**tiest guitar in the world.” As for the words written on the body of the guitar, Morello claimed he enjoyed the juxtaposition of the strong line “arm the homeless” with images of the smiling hippos he drew himself.

Gene Simmons’ “Axe” Bass Gene Simmons had his guitar shaped like an axe. His Demon character was easily associated with his fire-breathing and blood spitting, but the guitar was the final touch.

Prince’s “Cloud.” It was featured in the film Purple Rain, and it was considered very symbolic as the cloud itself.

Zakk Wylde’s “Bullseye” Gibson Les Paul Wylde explained that the Bullseye design was inspired by the movie poster of Vertigo. As he was explaining to the designer Max, his mind changed and then the idea hit like the Bullseye and that design stuck.

Bo Diddley’s “Twang Machine” Gretsch Yes, this one was solely inspired by homemade instruments. The rectangular shape was inspired by folk musicians who made guitars out of cigar boxes.

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events, eat-outs, Offers & more in the city

In Kochi, Trivandrum, Chennai and Calicut TO ADVERTISE, CONTACT: +91 - 99473 90022

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Revel in happiness with our

services and facilities Happiness has always been our motto and we make sure that we give you happiness with our services. Our first priority has always been to provide and make sure that our customers have a pleasant shopping experience. We offer a wide range of facilities for you, to make your visit memorable.

ATM Ground floor, First Floor, Second Floor, Third Floor BANK Second Floor PHARMACY Ground Floor TRAVEL AND HOLIDAYS Second Floor, Ground Floor INFORMATION DESK, WHEEL CHAIRS Ground Floor REST ROOM FOR DIFFERENTLY ABLED Ground, First and Second Floor WI-FI, LOST AND FOUND, AMBULANCE Ground Floor BABY PRAM Information Desk


SPECIAL EVENTS INFORMATION Ground Floor BABY CARE ROOM All Floors BAGGAGE COUNTER Near Lulu Hypermarket, Ground Floor, Basement Lobby PRAYER ROOM First Floor for Ladies, Second Floor for Gents MOBILE CARE/SERVICE Airtel, Zahra Phones, Second Floor MONEY EXCHANGE Ground Floor CUSTOMER SEATING, CUSTOMER LIFTS, ESCALATORS All Floors MOBILE CHARGING STATIONS All Floors Electronic customer survey, Children Safety Tag Information Desk HELMET PARK, UMBRELLA PARK, LAUNDRY PICKUP, Florist Basement Lobby VALET PARKING, Parking for differently abled Parking for expectant mothers Basement and Mall Entrance

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