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FASHION Venice Issue


Introducing the new Jeep® line up. The new Jeep Compass, Wrangler, and Grand Cherokee have arrived. We don’t adapt to conventions and that’s why we feel alive.


If you are not the type to always be out and about in your free time, winter can offer more opportunities to indulge yourself in the comfort of your own home – perhaps with the backdrop of a roaring fire and browsing through recipe books full of ingredients and methods the heat of summer doesn’t allow. That sums up most of my own evenings. In fact, all the recipes in this issue – straight from the famous Harry’s Bar in Venice – have been tried and thoroughly enjoyed at home with friends! In this issue you will also meet the owner of Harry’s Bar, Arrigo Cipriani, who talks to Vamp about his restaurant and its humble beginnings and international success. As you may have guessed by now, this first issue of the year takes you to Venice. Nicole Cuschieri brings the city to life in her travel feature, with her knowledge of, and advice for, this most beautiful of cities. And re-live the life of Peggy Guggenheim, and her love affair with the art of her time – her great love that was shared with her artist friends, husbands, dogs and home on the Grand Canal in Venice. Dr Edward Duca spices things up a bit as he explains the science behind love and offers a possible recipe for being like a loving and loyal prairie dog. And finally, find out more inside about the new generation Maltese photographer and installation artist Elisa Von Brockdorff, who is exhibiting her latest collection in her first solo exhibition at my gallery. So until the next issue – wrap up and keep warm. It can’t be too long before the sun has got his hat on and we can take ours off.

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What is it that makes us fall in love?


The life of Peggy Guggenheim

in>side 22. PLASTIC DREAMS

Exposed: artist Elisa von Brockdroff


The spring/summer 2012 fashion shoot


A touch of this and that here and there


A travel story in Venice


Interview with Arrigo Cipriani owner of Harry’s Bar


A selection from the kitchen of Harry’s Bar

49. DR.JO

answers your beauty queries




FRENCH CONNECTION’S LATEST COLLECTIONS FOR SPRING/SUMMER 2012 WOMEN’S S/S 2012 The Woman readies herself for spring with a wardrobe of sophisticated and refined classics paired with fashion-forward looks that stay true to her contemporary feminine style. A bold spring colour palette of bright reds, electric blues, forest greens and mustard yellows is punctuated with more refined neutral tones and monochrome elements to give a vibrant and modern collection.

HEAD & SHOULDERS introduces THEIR NEWEST Conditioner RANGE If not taken care of very well, your hair’s look, shine and feel are the first qualities that are compromised. The outer elements of the hair serve as its ‘protective barriers’. However, constant erosion exposes the deeper layers of the hair, leading to significant damage. Conditioning the hair after each wash is an important measure for protecting it.

MEN’S S/S 2012 This spring, the Man heads into the warmer weather with a sophisticated wardrobe of reworked classics and wearable fashion-forward looks that stay true to his rugged masculinity.

Thanks to the unique and active ActiZinc technology, Head & Shoulders creates a preventive layer that balances the scalp and prevents the recurrence of dandruff, giving 100% dandruff-free hair!

French Connection takes traditional maritime pieces as a base and reworks the look with an abstract twist and a focus on clean-cut simplicity. A muted colour palette of faded greys, washed-out browns and clean white tones is punctuated with pops of bright royal blue and go green to give the collection a refined and mature feel.

In addition, Head & Shoulders conditioners are light on the hair, facilitate styling and provide free movement and a wonderful appearance. 9 out of 10 dermatologists in the world recommend Head & Shoulders.

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“What did you ask for this Valentine’s day? Love? A more sensitive man? Better sex? To be closer to your loved ones? Then get yourself a bottle of the “cuddle hormone”, oxytocin, preferably taken nasally, and read the next couple of pages to learn how to use it”. The above statement is inspired by websites selling this experimental drug. Oxytocin is portrayed as a wonder chemical, simple yet potent and with few known side effects. A spray – and any woman or man could be faithfully yours. The appeal is understandable, but is it ethical and is there any truth behind the claims? 014



Research on oxytocin started nearly 30 years ago with neurobiologist C. Sue Carter studying one of the world’s most romantic animals, the prairie vole. This mammal forms life-long partnerships, and both parents help raise the young – a case of rodent domestic bliss. Such harmony is rare in nature, with only around five per cent of mammals being monogamous. Carter spent years studying this animal to learn why. She injected oxytocin into the brains of prairie voles, which made them form quicker bonds. When she suppressed oxytocin, divorce rates skyrocketed and the voles started acting like their promiscuous cousins, the Montane voles. Without oxytocin, prairie voles start screwing around. This research inspired other scientists and suddenly studies on sheep, mice and rats showed that all mammals use oxytocin to form loving, long-lasting relationships. In sheep, a dose made mothers bond with babies that weren’t their own. Before oxytocin, the young would need to have been covered by the fleece of the mother’s own dead lamb. Oxytocin seems exclusive to animals with strong social bonds, so what about those other mammals, humans? The “cuddle hormone” in us Humans are neither mice nor voles, so what does this wonder drug do to us? In men, oxytocin seems to aid arousal and spikes post-orgasm. The rush of oxytocin fixes a person’s face in your memory and

enhances how you remember that moment. The flip side is that the memory boost is to the detriment of other information. Other studies show how the “cuddle hormone” makes men more generous and emphatic. Psychiatrist Rene Hurlemann and neuroscientist Keith Kendrick gave men either a sniff of oxytocin or just water. They then showed them faces with intense emotional expressions: people in pain, babies crying and so on. The men under the influence of oxytocin were greatly moved, compared to those without the drug. Spray a whiff of oxytocin and you could have your macho bodybuilder shedding a tear for Bridget Jones. When oxytocin was given to players of risky economic investment games, it increased their trust and reduced fear. This research lit a light bulb for internet companies who now advertise the “cuddle hormone” for business and salespeople, although as a perfume it’s more likely to affect the wearer rather than other people. The salesperson ends up trusting the customer; the trick thankfully backfires. >> VENICE ISSUE



In women, oxytocin has similar roles to men and helps her love, trust and stay with her partner – with a couple added tricks. It helps women lactate and soothes the mother from the stress of raising a newborn. Oxytocin also stimulates the contractions that help childbirth and is used by medics around the world. On paper, oxytocin really does seem like the perfect drug, so why aren’t we all on it? The dark side of oxytocin Oxytocin comes with a catch. It seems to enhance love and trust towards a person’s ingroup, il-klikka, at the expense of the out-group. Studies on

People tend to find symmetrical and blended faces much more appealing. Researchers used software to average a number of faces into one composite, which people preferred. Why they should desire these qualities is still anyone’s guess. Kissing is another important influence: locking lips opens the window to detect your partner’s immunity genes. The more different they are to yours, the sexier that person is. Bizarre, but it means that your babies will have a better immune system to resist infections and disease. For clues about attraction we need to go back to the prairie voles.

The magical love potion seems to be a mix of all the three qualities in the equation. Can science explain love? Love is not that simple, and neither is oxytocin. Oxytocin can make you feel warm and fuzzy, but it cannot improve a bad relationship. It reduces love to a drug and turns it into a medical issue. Can’t get a date? Then “sniff some oxytocin” – seems to be the ugly message that these internet companies promote. Instead, they should be helping two special people meet and build a lasting relationship. Isn’t it better to share some special time with

your partner, or partner-to-be? Flowers, a meal at your favourite restaurant, a short holiday together to get away from it all, all sound a lot more precious to me than a chemical. I leave you here with the words of the inspirational deaf-blind American author, lecturer and political activist Helen Keller (1880-1968) to think about: “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart”. V

On paper, oxytocin really does seem like the perfect drug, so why aren’t we all on it? Dutch students showed that a whiff of the drug made them prefer Dutch-sounding names to German or Muslim names. The cuddle hormone can also make you feel bad. Older women who are ignored by their partners had chronically high levels of the drug. When attention is lacking, oxytocin demands that other social bonds are made. It seems to make the good better, and the bad worse. Then if oxytocin isn’t the stuff of love, what is? What is love? From a scientist we’d expect an equation, perhaps: love = appearance + attraction + attachment. Science has studied them all. Whether someone finds you sexy seems to be due to symmetry and averageness.

Brain scans found an overlap between their oxytocin and dopamine pathways. Dopamine triggers our pleasure pathways; it is linked to addiction and why we love chocolate and succumb to that cigarette. For prairie voles, dopamine makes love addictive. The prairie voles get pleasure from monogamy. Back to humans, and brain scans of young people head over heels in love had huge dopamine areas lighting up their brain. No wonder your friend just cannot stop talking about him or her. Attachment leads us back to the wonder chemical oxytocin. After decades of being together, some lucky couples still say that they feel passionately in love. Brain scans reveal that these couples have high levels of oxytocin and dopamine. They were bonded and addicted.



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1: LUNA BLUETOOTH HEADSET Nokia brings you the most playful headset ever! in a variety of delicious colours. This is a bluetooth headset like no other and is really easy to use. When you pop the Luna out of its base, the headset sends a signal to the phone, telling it to turn on Bluetooth and put the call through.



2: LUMIX G MICRO SYSTEM CAMERA The DMC-GF3, based on the Micro Four Thirds System standard, achieves downsizing by approx 16.7% in size and 16.2% in weight compared to the DMC-GF2 and so breaks the record for being the world’s smallest and lightest system camera. In addition, the DMC-GF3 is smooth and easy to use, with an optimum layout of control buttons and the Venus Engine FHD enhancing its performance by the use of new noise reduction technology for even better image quality.

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How cool would it be to slide your iPad into a desktop-sized arcade cabinet and rock it oldschool style? iCade integrates your iPad into an authentic, arcade-style cabinet complete with joystick and buttons! To use the iCade, gently slide the iPad into the cradle. The iCADE uses Bluetooth to connect to the iPad so there’s nothing else you need to do. You’re ready to “insert coin” – then it’s game on! And Atari, the first name in classic arcade games, has signed up to bring a huge suite of classic arcade titles including Asteroids, Centipede and Battlezone! This truly unique arcade cabinet game-controller for iPad will provide hours of action and nostalgic fun for years to come! Price: €75 V



AN ART AFFAIR Words & Images Peggy Guggenheim Foundation




eggy Guggenheim was born in New York on 26 August 1898. Her father Benjamin Guggenheim (of Swiss-German Jewish origin) was one of seven brothers who, with their father, Meyer, created a family fortune in the late 19th century from the mining and smelting of metals, especially silver, copper and lead. In 1912 he lost his life onboard the RMS Titanic. Her mother Florette nee Seligman (of German-Jewish and DutchJewish origin), came from a leading banking family. In 1919 Peggy inherited $2.5 million - a value of about $20 million today. In her early 20s, Peggy volunteered for work at a bookshop, the Sunwise Turn, in New York and thanks to this began making friends in intellectual and artistic circles, including the man who was to become her first husband in Paris in 1922, Laurence Vail. Vail was a writer and Dada collagist of great talent. He chronicled his tempestuous life with Peggy in a novel, Murder! Murder! of which Peggy wrote: “It was a sort of satire of our life together and, although it was extremely funny, I took offence at several things he said about me.” In 1921, Peggy travelled to Europe. Thanks to Laurence Vail (the father of her two children Sindbad and Pegeen, the painter), Peggy soon found herself at the heart of Parisian bohemian and American expatriate society. Many of her acquaintances of the time, such as Constantin Brancusi, Djuna Barnes and Marcel Duchamp, were to become lifelong friends. Though she remained on good terms with Vail for the rest of his life, she left him in 1928 for an English

intellectual, John Holms, who was the greatest love of her life. There is a lengthy description of John Holms, a war hero with writer’s block, in chapter five of Edwin Muir’s An Autobiography. Muir wrote: “Holms was the most remarkable man I ever met.” Unfortunately, Holms died tragically young in 1934. In 1937, encouraged by her friend Peggy Waldman, Peggy decided to open an art gallery in London. When she opened her Guggenheim Jeune gallery in January 1938, she was beginning, at the age of 39, a career that would significantly affect the course of post-war art. Her friend Samuel Beckett urged her to dedicate herself to contemporary art as it was “a living thing”, and Marcel Duchamp introduced her to the artists and taught her, as she put it, “the difference between abstract and Surrealist art.” The first show presented works by Jean Cocteau, while the second was the first one-man show in England of Vasily Kandinsky. In 1939, tired of her gallery, Peggy conceived “the idea of opening a modern museum in London” with her friend Herbert Read as its director. From the start, the museum was to be formed on historical principles, and a list of all the artists that should be represented, drawn up by Read and later revised by Marcel Duchamp and Nellie van Doesburg, was to become the basis of her collection. In 1939-40, apparently oblivious of the war, Peggy busily acquired works for the future museum, keeping to her resolve to “buy a picture a day”. Some of the masterpieces of her collection, such as works by Francis Picabia, Georges Braque, Salvador Dalí and Piet Mondrian, were bought at that time. She astonished Fernand Léger by

buying his Men in the City on the day that Hitler invaded Norway. She acquired Brancusi’s Bird in Space as the Germans approached Paris, and only then decided to flee the city.

Frederick Kiesler, the gallery was composed of extraordinarily innovative exhibition rooms and soon became the most stimulating venue for contemporary art in New York City.

In July 1941, Peggy fled Nazioccupied France and returned to her native New York, together with Max Ernst, who was to become her second husband a few months later (they separated in 1943).

Of the opening night, she wrote: “I wore one of my Tanguy earrings and one made by Calder in order to show my impartiality between Surrealist and Abstract Art”.

She immediately began looking for a location for her modern art museum, while she continued to acquire works for her collection. In October 1942 she opened her museum/gallery Art of This Century. Designed by the Rumanian-Austrian architect

There Peggy exhibited her collection of Cubist, abstract and Surrealist art, which was already substantially what we see today in Venice. She produced a remarkable catalogue, edited by André Breton, with a cover design by Max Ernst. >> VENICE ISSUE




She held temporary exhibitions of leading European artists, and of several then unknown young Americans such as Robert Motherwell, William Baziotes, Mark Rothko, David Hare, Janet Sobel, Robert de Niro Sr, Clyfford Still and Jackson Pollock, the “star” of the gallery, who was given his first show by Peggy late in 1943. From July 1943, Peggy supported Pollock with a monthly stipend and actively promoted and sold his paintings. She commissioned his largest painting, A Mural, which she later gave to the University of Iowa. Pollock and the others pioneered American Abstract Expressionism. One of the principal sources of this was Surrealism, which the artists encountered at Art of This Century. More important, however, was the encouragement and support that Peggy, together with her friend and assistant Howard Putzel, gave to the members of this nascent New York avant-garde. >>

Peggy Guggenheim in the entrance hall of Palazzo Venier dei Leoni near a Yoka Mask (Nimba) from her collection of African artifacts, Venice, 1960s. Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation. Photo Archivio CameraphotoEpoche. Gift, Cassa di Risparmio di Venezia, 2005




Peggy Guggenheim in the bedroom of Palazzo Venier dei Leoni; behind her Alexander Calder, Silver Behead (1945-46, PGC); Venice, 1960s. Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation. Photo Archivio CameraphotoEpoche. Gift, Cassa di Risparmio di Venezia, 2005

In 1947, Peggy decided to return in Europe, where her collection was shown for the first time at the 1948 Venice Biennale, in the Greek pavilion. In this way the works of artists such as Arshile Gorky, Jackson Pollock, and Mark Rothko were exhibited for the first time in Europe. The presence of Cubist, abstract, and Surrealist art made the pavilion the most coherent survey of Modernism yet to have been presented in Italy.

Guggenheim Museum in New York invited Peggy Guggenheim to show her collection there, and it was on that occasion that she resolved to donate her palace and works of art to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation. The Foundation had been created in 1937 by Peggy Guggenheim’s uncle Solomon, in order to operate his collection and museum which, since 1959, has been housed in Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous spiral structure on 5th Avenue.

beloved dogs. Since then, the Guggenheim Foundation has converted and expanded Peggy Guggenheim’s private house into one of the finest small museums of modern art in the world. V 704 Dorsoduro, I-30123, Venice. Open daily 10am-6pm and national holidays. Closed Tuesdays and 25 December +39.041.2405411 /

Peggy died aged 81 on 23 December 1979. Her ashes are placed in a corner of the garden of Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, next to the place where she customarily buried her

Ph. Andrea Sarti/CAST1466

Soon afterwards, Peggy bought the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, on the Grand Canal in Venice, where she took up residence. In 1949 she held an exhibition of sculptures in the garden curated by Giuseppe Marchiori,

and from 1951 she opened her collection to the public. In 1950, Peggy organised the first exhibition of Jackson Pollock in Italy, in the Ala Napoleonica of the Museo Correr in Venice. In the meantime, her collection was exhibited in Florence and Milan, and later in Amsterdam, Brussels and Zurich. From 1951, Peggy opened her house and her collection to the public annually in the summer months. During her 30-year Venetian life, Peggy Guggenheim continued to collect works of art and to support artists such as Edmondo Bacci and Tancredi Parmeggiani, whom she met in 1951. In 1962 she was nominated as an Honorary Citizen of Venice and 1969, the Solomon R.




‘Home Sweet Home - blue’

“My father asked me the other day what this photograph means. I said it’s a bird box; a home for a bird, where it sleeps, mates and has its offspring. But then there are the nails, which are hostile. The image is not about a bird box at all, but rather the overall concept of having one’s comfort zone penetrated by some form of threat – be it emotional or physical.” 024



Nope, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not talking about rubber dolls, or the rave anthem by Jaydee. Plastic Dreams is an exhibition featuring artworks by photographic artist Elisa Von Brockdorff that opened this month at Lily Agius Gallery. VAMP takes a look inside. >> VENICE ISSUE



>> WHY HAVE A GREEN TREE WHEN YOU CAN HAVE A PURPLE ONE ? << Not everything is what is seems at first, and on closer inspection the bigger picture is there for the taking. Reality is concrete, or plastic and dreams are as real as air.

Elisa Von Brockdorff has chosen to paint the world around her. Colour takes over and gives new life and meaning to everyday objects, masking, perhaps, any ominous results... A bird box that is meant to protect new life is attacked by nails – but maybe it has served its purpose and the nails have not penetrated far. Plastic glasses grow from the earth imitating flowers, man-made and scentless. A row of houses sit on unstable foundations or under a fallen tree and balloons that can normally become airbourne at the discretion of the wind remain tied to firm-footed chairs, having succumbed to control and defeat. Other balloons huddle together, cheek-to-cheek, in front of a stark white space. All of them can be pricked and burst. Human intervention is apparent in her work and you are left with a moment of what has been before but also of what is to come: then, now and the future. Elisa is clearly well-aware of the capabilities of both the natural and the man-made and offers her concerns and asks for caution, but chooses to interpret the ways of the world while basking in colour and humour. Favourite photographer? Tim Walker.

‘Plastic Dreams Series - good night cyan’

Favourite architect? Artist and architect Freidenveiss Huntervasser who painted houses in different colours. Favourite sculptor? Scottish artist David Batchalor. He’s more of an installation artist. Favourite colour? I like all of them but if I had to choose one, purple, and all its derivatives. V

Visit Lily Agius Gallery until 4 March to see the latest collection by Elisa Von Brockdorff, Tuesday to Sunday 11am-1pm (closed Monday) and 4-7pm Tuesday-Friday. For more information call 2099 2488 or 9929 2488 or email The images are from both past collections and the current exhibition





Calvin Klein Underwear latest COLLECTIONS for Spring 2012 This sexy, new product range characterised by vibrant colour brings a fresh, modern dimension to men’s underwear and sleepwear. Calvin Klein Bold features strong, dramatic hues set against clean lines. Attention grabbing colours – bright zinnia, festival and limeade – mixed with deep masculine blues – splash, solar and deep ocean – pop against a striking, slick-shine, black waistband with the Calvin Klein logo placed on the wearer’s left side. In addition, a unique and innovative black silicone logo is placed on the centre back. Available from : Ck Jeans Store, Pjazza Tigné, Tigné Point

BOSS Green Menswear S/S 2012 The BOSS Green line offers premium sportswear for men with a relaxed, casual focus and functional performance wear for golf enthusiasts. With its aesthetically appealing signature design, BOSS Green has discovered the ideal niche between lifestyle and sport. For the 2012 spring/summer collection, José Janga – Senior Head of Creative Management – drew his inspiration from the fashions of the famed British Royal Ascot horse races with their unique tradition, colour and style. This season, Boss Green presents a specially designed, function-focused capsule collection developed in collaboration with golf professional Martin Kaymer.

The BOSS Store Malta: 2 Ross Street, St Julian’s Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 10am to 8pm For further information call 2202 1000.

BOSS BLACK Menswear S/S 2012 The new BOSS Black Collection was created under the headline “THE GREAT ESCAPE,” inspired by a man who travels for work and for holiday. He’s always on the run, always packing and unpacking. He needs a wardrobe that delivers every time, between business and pleasure – full of timeless classics with an extravagant twist. The combination of luxurious style with functional quality provides the casualchic look of BOSS Black. The BOSS Store Malta: 2 Ross Street, St Julian’s Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 10am to 8pm For further information call 2202 1000.

CK Jeans Men’s & Women’s Spring 2012 Cool and cultivated. A strong, edgy attitude meets a luxurious free spirit. This season, skinny, shrunken, and slouchy denim are the essential fits. For women, silhouettes combine skinny and super skinny denim with flowing tops, combining a tough sturdiness with a sense of ease. The men’s silhouette mixes structured skinny jeans with relaxed weekend apparel. The slouchy cargo and soft easy-fitting shirts offer a smart, urban style. All are complemented by Calvin Klein Jeans footwear and accessories. Available from Calvin Klein Jeans Store, Pjazza Tigné, Tigné Point

vamp’in-dia Issue





bleached colours. The elements of work-wear are visible in the construction of the garment and in the styling: denim shirts to be worn with ecru work-wear pants with a very feminine attitude. A woman’s best friends are the clothes that most closely resemble her soul, while her jeans – like the new Diesel flare, Flairlegg – remain her best weapon of mass seduction. This new flare model is the sixth addition and completes the “fit your attitude” proposal. The classic pockets, yokes and details that are traditionally on tailored pants define this new denim attitude for an elevated look. Worn with high heels, it gives denim a dramatic movement on the legs, while worn with flats it suggests an instant holiday feeling.

Denim, fluid materials and a vibrant colour palette – the SS2012 women’s wear collection is a continuation and, at the same time, an evolution of the preview. A story told in garments, the rebirth of the Diesel female, a platform for the brave, the sexy and the playful, sending out a clear message: I am who I am. A brand new casual wardrobe of essential summer attitudes and occasions, a renaissance collection, re-imagining an effortless femininity. There is nothing more chic than a casual striped shirt with a blue leather jacket. The collection is injected with more dresses and cropped jackets (biker jackets interpreted in denim and knit) in light, fluid materials and sun-



The colour card adds some new highlights: a vivid orange for the hot summer and delicate bleached pastel colours. Gritty, abstract graphic prints are used as treatments, and treatments are used as prints, while typographic slogans such as “I am who I am” reveal insights into the mind of the Diesel female. In the shoes collection there is nothing sexier than an Antoinette, the star shoe of Les Dames de Cuir family: Italian, calf leather lining and small metallic details. The 13cm heel and platform give the shoe its 70s look and feel. In the bags family, the “In the Mood for Stripes” bags are the summer staple. A lighter, easy going, laid back style that is able to hold all necessary things for a day out in the sun. And don’t miss out on the new Wow bag, a combination of classic Diesel signature elements and

jecron fabric, making this bag unconventional and distinctive. The graphics are the same original Diesel graphic printed on the five pockets, while the leather eyelets and natural rope complete this unexpected mix. The iconic Divina bag reveals itself in joyful coloured denim and leather for a vibrant beginning to the spring-summer season. The beachwear assortment allows every woman to wear Diesel DNA even when lying under the summer sun. Fabrics that speak denim, embroideries, buttons and rivets, “lace” leather effects. The Fresh and Bright underwear collection suggests a subtle and sophisticated offer with a ‘ton sur ton’ colour palette.

FIT YOUR ATTITUDE. A NEW DENIM ERA. Six new styles completely redesigned to flatter the woman’s body and fit her attitude. A unique wash selection from a company with more than 30 years of experience in denim. Denim is completely redefined in the SS2012 collection, thanks to Grupee, Getlegg, Bootzee, Highkee, Myguy and Flairlegg. Six new styles for different attitudes in a new story about women and their sexy and extremely comfortable denim. ‘Fit your attitude’ is a full long-term concept that will be communicated to consumers. It combines six different fits with the perfect washes: Diesel attitude for every occasion. Grupee, super slim-fit jeans with a super-skinny leg, feature a higher yoke and draw their inspiration from a strong and free-spirited woman on a sexy

night out at a club. Getlegg are slim-fit jeans with skinny legs but wider at the knee and with a higher back that are perfect for a real and positive girl in her free time for everyday life. Bootzee jeans are perfect for both dressing up and a hard day’s work, to feel sensual and sophisticated. A thin, boot cut leg on a regular slim fit, with higher back pockets and a regular rise. Highkee, the “night on the town” denim, inspired by the Fifties era for a fashionable and chic look with a straight leg and slim fit with high waist and taller back pocket to guarantee a great look on the back. Myguy are boyfriend jeans designed for spontaneous and playful women and the perfect denim for browsing around a flea market on a Sunday morning. They feature a boyfriend-leg cut and a relaxed fit with low crotch and slightly tapered leg. Flairlegg – sexy, fashionable and chic, the perfect partner to dress to impress for a day out on the town. Regular fit and flare leg.



Creative Direction / Stylist - Luke Engerer Photography - Kris Micallef - Hair - Michelle Galea - Roots Hair Salon - 27454164 Makeup - Nicola Powell - 9986 5369 Model - Emelie from SO management

French Connection jacket - â&#x201A;Ź115.50 Mexx gloves - â&#x201A;Ź39.95

Calvin Klein top - €99.00 Calvin Klein jeans - €101.00 French Connection shoes - €80.50

Calvin Klein dress - â&#x201A;Ź129.00

Diesel Leather jacket - €419.00 Mexx chinos - €55.00 French Connection boots - €68.50

French Connection dress - €83.50 French Connection shoes - €67.00

French Connection top - €43.50 French Connection shorts - €34.00 Guess bag - €117.00

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Modern skin care is no longer a field of feel-good applications in its primary aim, but aims to assist and mobilise the innate ability of the skin to repair and maintain itself. Environ® AVST™ is the leader in this exciting new skin care approach.

The Environ® AVST™ range is based on the sound Modern skin philosophy care is no longer a field of feel-good scientific which recognises the normal applications in its primary aim, but to assist and physiology of the skin to be the aims gateway for altering mobilise thebehaviour innate ability of the to repair andThe skin cell to normal andskin healthy habits. maintain itself. Environ® is theantioxidants leader in thisand combination of VitaminAVST™ A, powerful exciting new skin care approach. flavonoids in AVST™ helps restore skin cells, resulting in a more youthful complexion with a smoother Thetexture, Environ® AVST™ rangeand is based on the sound greater elasticity a radiant, healthy glow. scientific philosophy which recognises the normal physiology of the skin to be the gateway for altering skin cell behaviour to normal and healthy habits. The combination of Vitamin A, powerful antioxidants and flavonoids in AVST™ helps restore skin cells, resulting in a more youthful complexion with a smoother texture, greater elasticity and a radiant, healthy glow.

think clearer A combination of the standardised GK501速 ginkgo and G115速 ginseng extracts, Gincosan速 is scientifically proven to naturally optimise concentration, learning and thinking by improving oxygen supply to the brain. Discover how we prepare, vitalise, protect and restore, naturally and effectively, at

Distributed by Vivian Corporation T: 2132 0338 E: W: /


WHAT’S ON? WHATS UP > IN VENICE 2012 The Venice Biennale It is soon back to offer an array of exhibitions. First up is the re-opened exhibition of artists’ videos created between 1969 and 1977, along with photographs and other documents from the collections of the ASAC (Historical Archives of the Biennale), selected by Bice Curiger, at the Portego and in the Sala delle Colonne at Ca’ Giustinian (San Marco 1364/A, Venice). The 13th International Architecture Exhibition will run from 29 August to 25 November at the Giardini, the Arsenale and other locations in the city. The exhibition will be directed by David Chipperfield. The 69th Venice International Film Festival, directed by Alberto Barbera, will be held from 29 August to 8 September. For more information log on to

Su e zo per i ponti The ‘Su e Zo per i ponti’ translates as ‘up and down bridges’ and was conceived by Father Dino Berti. This amazing race starts in the St Mark’s Square on the second Sunday in March, where runners follow a route characteristic of the city, through streets and squares and up and down bridges. Different routes are offered for different categories of people such as children, young people, family groups and senior citizens.

Damien Hirst at The Tate Modern, FROM 4 APRIL TO 9 SEPTEMBER. This will be the first substantial survey of his work in a British institution and will bring together key works from the last 20 years. The exhibition will include iconic sculptures from his Natural History series, including The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living (1991), in which he suspended a shark in formaldehyde. Also included will be vitrines such as A Thousand Years from 1990, medicine cabinets, pill cabinets and instrument cabinets as well as seminal paintings produced throughout his career using butterflies and flies as well as spots and spins. The two-part installation In and Out of Love, not shown in its entirety since its creation in 1991, and Pharmacy (1992) will be among the highlights of the exhibition.

Penelope: FROM Dust of Our Awakened Dreams 2 MARCH The Rubberbodies Collective is presenting a solo performance, Penelope: Dust of Our Awakened Dreams, at the MTIP Theatre on 2 March that will be repeated on 3, 4, 9, 10 and 11 March. All performances will be held at 8pm. This project is a collaboration with internationally renowned dancer Athanasia Kanellopoulou, who has danced and toured with European choreographers such as Pina Bausch, Koen Augustijn (Les Ballets C de la B) and Jasmin Vardimon.

Collective Art Exhibition at Lily Agius Gallery 8 – 24 March

This is a collection of art by over 20 local and international artists to suit all budgets and includes sculpture, paintings, furniture, jewellery and books. Contributing artists include Victor Pasmore, Esprit Barthet, Marc England, Celia Borg Cardona, James Vella Clark, Norbert Francis Attard, Teresa Sciberras, Amelia Saint George and Ben Maile. Lily Agius Gallery, 54 Cathedral Street, Sliema, 11am to 1pm and 4 to 7pm, Tuesdays to Fridays, and 11am to 1pm on Saturdays, or by appointment.,

Colores del Tango 25 & 26 February

International tango show dancers and quintet will perform at the Manoel Theatre on 25 & 26 February at 7.30pm. The performance will last an hour-and-a-half. The co-founders started Argentinian Tango in Malta in 1997 with workshops by Maestro Eric Jørissen. Isla del Tango was established in 1998 and is the first tango organisation to promote Argentinian Tango in Malta. Jørissen is the mentor of Isla del Tango, director of the renowned tango school El Corte in The Netherlands and an international tango teacher. / 21246389



Venice â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The city of mirrors by Nicole Cuschieri

Truman Capote 042




ary Shelley claimed: “There is something so different in Venice from any other place in the world that you leave at once all accustomed habits and everyday sights to enter an enchanted garden.” Erica Jong described Venice as “the city of mirrors, the city of mirages, at once solid and liquid, at once air and stone.” With the world’s most artistic masterpieces per square kilometer, this intoxicating city does truly awaken the senses. Once called `La Serenissima’, free as it was then from roaring mopeds and carhorns, the city stills has a calming serenity, with the sounds of bells chiming and the splash of water against a gondolier’s oar. Unlike many other cities that have succumbed to the passage of time, this city still manages to retain much of its old world charm. As it is surrounded by water on all sides, Venice gives the impression of being a magical floating city. Some 400 foot bridges and 170 canals connect the city allowing easy access to its residents. >> VENICE ISSUE



Exploring Venice is one big adventure. It is only when you lose yourself in the endlessly winding streets and confusing bridges, that you truly discover the magic that lies in its back alleys. Parallel to the jam-packed shopping and sightseeing districts around the Piazza San Marco and the Rialto, the city’s labyrinth of narrow calli (alleyways) are a true delight. With artisans hammering away at clay pots, chefs whipping up century-old recipes and musicians carrying worn out cellos to their awaiting audiences, Venetian inhabitants make it very much a living city. And while visiting Venice’s main tourist attractions, you must be sure not to miss the Basilica di San Marco, just off the Piazza di San Marco. This mediaeval building, built in 829, is the city’s most spectacular marvel. A gondola ride can be great fun, though expensive, with official rates starting at €80 for 40 minutes. These traditional boats have evolved and been perfected over time, having been used as transport around the narrow Venetian waterways for more than 10 centuries. You can travel peacefully down the Grand Canal, passing underneath the stunning Rialto Bridge and the famous Bridge of Sighs. Palazzo Ca’ Dario, with its attractive Venetian Renaissance architecture, is also on the Grand Canal and is one of Venice’s eeriest buildings. Most of its owners have died here mysteriously since the palazzo was first built in 1847. It is claimed that the last victim was John Entwistle, famed bass guitarist of The Who, in 2002 when he was leasing out the Palazzo. The Pescaria (fish section) and Erbaria (Vegetable and Fruit section) form the Rialto Market. This is the place to get a taste of the local way of life and to buy a freshlycaught fish from the Adriatic Sea, some crisp garden vegetables and a lovely bunch of Venetian flowers. The best time to visit the Rialto Market is early in the morning when it is less crowded, but it is important to remember never to touch the local produce! Italian retailers or stall-holders dislike it intensely when people touch things they don’t intend to buy. There are many festivals in Venice, the largest and most famous one being the Venice Carnival in February, which attracts thousands of visitors from around the globe. The origins of the Carnival, which celebrates the change in seasons from winter to spring, are very old. It was banned by Mussolini in the


MIRAGES, AT ONCE SOLID AND LIQUID, AT ONCE AIR AND STONE << 1930s, but in 1979 a group of enthusiastic Venetians decided to revive the tradition. Today, the unique image of the Venetian mask is recognised all over the world. During Carnival, the purpose of the mask is to hide the wearer’s identity and social status. The masks are ornate in design, mainly in gold or silver, and in a Baroque style, many depicting Commedia dell’Arte characters, such as Columbina, Pulcinella and Jolly. During the Carnival period, Venice offers endless possibilities for spending your money, such as gambling dens, brothels, theatres, cafés, wine shops (both licensed and illicit) and restaurants, as well as places where you can see exotic animals, ropewalkers and jugglers. At any time of year, you can never expect to have the city to yourself. Even during a bone-chilling winter drizzle, determined tourists will be found wandering aimlessly, discovering frozen gardens and sleepy churches. But if you are planning to take a trip to Venice, don’t leave it too long; Venice is slowly disappearing. With as many as 40 floods a year between March and September, Venice is sinking at an estimated rate of 2.5 inches every 10 years. Its vulnerable state could potentially deem Venice as a lost underwater city. V

Facts: • As it was once the city’s execution site, Venetians believe it unlucky to walk between the two columns that mark the entrance to St Mark’s Square. • An old fable promises eternal love if you kiss your loved one beneath the Bridge of Sighs, the covered bridge that led prisoners from the Doges Palace to their deaths. • The early Venetians invented income tax. • Venice has no sewerage system, so household waste flows into the canals and is washed out into the sea twice a day with the tides. • Many famous historical characters were born in Venice, including playwright and famous lover Giacomo Casanova, explorer Marco Polo and composer Antonio Vivaldi who wrote The Four Seasons and many of his other 500 concertos and 70 sonatas in Venice. • Only three or four Gondolier licences are issued a year. Qualifying applicants must complete a rigorous training programme and exam and today there are only 400 licensed gondoliers operating in Venice. • Both Michaelangelo and Palladio entered a contest to re-design the Rialto Bridge in 1542, but the winner was a Venetian, Antonio da Ponte. • In 1903, St Mark’s bell tower completely collapsed. There were only two recorded fatalities – a pigeon and a cat. VENICE ISSUE







PROBABLY THE MOST FAMOUS BAR IN THE WORLD! IT IS THE BIRTHPLACE OF THE BELLINI AND CONTINUES TO PLAY HOST TO THE ARTISTIC, INTELLECTUAL, RICH AND FAMOUS << On 13 May 1931 Giuseppe Cipriani, at the time a barman at the Europa di Venezia hotel, rented a five by nine-metre room alongside a canal just off St Mark’s Square in Venice that was used for storing rope. His partner was an American client from the hotel, Harry Pickering from Boston, who invested 40,000 Lira and from whom the bar took its name. The concept for the bar was simple: serve others as you would wish to be served yourself. This simple concept, even after 80 years, has remained the same to this day and now branches of Harry’s Bar can be found all over the world. In 2000, the Italian Ministry of Culture declared Harry’s Bar a national monument and nothing can change: the pink material on the walls, the cutlery, the tables, the travertin floor and Hemingway’s chair – Harry’s Bar has long been frequented by famous people and it was a favourite of Ernest Hemingway. Other notable customers have included Italian conductor Arturo Toscanini, inventor Guglielmo Marconi, Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock, Truman Capote, Orson Welles, Baron Philippe de Rothschild, Princess Aspasia of Greece, Aristotle Onassis, Barbara Hutton, Peggy Guggenheim and Woody Allen. The son and inheritor of the founder, ARRIGO CIPRIANI, talks to VAMP. Interview by Lily Agius.

How would you describe Harry’s Bar? Harry’s Bar is a room 15ft by 35. It is my room.

What do you think Venice has to offer as a holiday destination? Beautiful architecture, canals and open sea.

Has anything changed in the way that you run things? It’s been here for more than 60 years and nothing has changed.

What tips can you give Vamp readers visiting Venice? Avoid St Mark’s Square and the side streets. There are at least 10 fantastic small towns within 50 miles that are worth visiting.

What do you think makes the restaurant what it is, and so popular, in Venice and now abroad? It is the concept of it that made it famous because everybody likes it. It is the simplicity, the lack of imposition, the fact that we offer our product to our customers and not to the food critics or the restaurant guides. Running a restaurant can be very demanding on your time. What do you do when you are not at the restaurant? For a long time, my hobbies have been Karate and fly fishing. I have also written nine books, one entitled Prisoner of a room in Venice, published by Feltrinelli.

In one sentence, what can people expect from a visit to Harry’s Bar today? Complexity with simplicity. To be really simple is a very complex task. If you did not have a restaurant or had not been born in Venice, could you imagine yourself doing anything – or being anywhere – else? Born in Scotland. A bus driver and a fly fisherman. >> Address: Harry’s Bar, Calle Vallaresso, 1323 30124, Venice, Italy. Phone: +39 (0) 41 528 5777. Email: Web:

What is your favourite meal from Harry’s Bar that you find yourself often enjoying? I like risotto and my pasta.

Opening hours: daily 10.30am to 11.00pm

Do you cook yourself – at home or in the restaurant? I can cook everything I serve, but not as well as my cooks. VENICE ISSUE



EGG PASTA WITH SCALLOPS Tagliolini con Cape Sante Serves 6 as a first course or 4 as a main


900g salmon fillet in one piece, skin on 3 tbs extra virgin olive oil For the marinade: 125ml dry white wine 250ml fresh lemon juice 4tbs sugar 150g salt 12 peppercorns 1 garlic clove, crushed 3 sprigs fresh rosemary 3 sprigs fresh thyme 1 bay leaf For the fennel: 2 large bulbs of fennel 2ltrs water 500ml milk Juice of ½ lemon 125ml olive oil 1/2 teaspoon dry mustard salt and freshly ground pepper to taste Combine all the marinade ingredients in a shallow glass or earthenware casserole large enough to hold the salmon. Mix well and leave to stand until the salt and sugar have dissolved. Put the salmon in the marinade, skin side up, cover well with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 48 hours, turning it once every 12 hours. Drain the salmon and discard the marinade. Using a very sharp knife, gently scrape away the whitened flesh from the surface of the salmon and then return to the refrigerator. Trim and wash the fennel. Bring the water, milk, lemon juice and salt to the boil in a large pan. Add fennel and boil, covered, until tender – about 20 minutes. Drain and allow to cool to room temperature, then chop coarsely. Whisk extra virgin olive oil with dry mustard and a little salt and freshly ground pepper. Toss chopped fennel with the dressing and arrange on serving plate. Using a very sharp knife and holding it almost parallel to the work surface, slice the salmon paper-thin. Cover the fennel with slices of salmon. (You may have some salmon left over.) Sprinkle each serving with a little extra virgin olive oil. 048


450g scallops, rinsed and patted dry 2tbs flour for dredging 2tbs unsalted butter 2tbs softened butter salt pepper, freshly ground 60ml brandy 1/8 teaspoon powdered saffron 125ml fish stock 330g dried green tagliolini or tagliatelle (egg pasta) Bring a large pot of water to the boil. Dredge the scallops in the flour, shaking off the excess. Heat 2tbs of the butter (30g) in a large skillet over a medium heat. Add the scallops and some salt and pepper and cook until the scallops are just firm to the touch – 3 or 4 minutes. Pour the brandy into the skillet, heat and carefully ignite. Tilt and rotate the skillet and let brandy burn until the flames die. Add saffron to the fish stock, pour the stock into the pan, stir well and cook for 2 minutes. Meanwhile, salt the boiling water and cook the pasta according to instructions on packet or if fresh until al dente. Drain well in a colander. Add the pasta and softened butter to the scallops and toss gently but well. Transfer to serving platter and serve immediately. Note from the editor: Scallops when bought frozen may result in a less than expected quantity.

thoroughly combined. Fold the meringue gently but thoroughly into the chocolate mixture. Whisk cream until stiff and gently fold into mixture. Put mousse in small serving dishes and chill. Serve with chocolate sauce (below). CHOCOLATE SAUCE 160ml water 165g sugar 15g unsweetened cocoa powder 30g best quality (at least 70% cocoa solids) dark/plain chocolate broken into pieces Combine water and sugar in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Whisk in the cocoa and return to the boil. Off the heat, whisk in the chocolate until it has melted. MARTINI Take a bottle of Gordon’s gin at room temperature. Pour out 20 grams of gin. Replace it with 20 grams of dry martini vermouth. Turn it around a couple of times to let the vermouth mix with the gin. Put the bottle in the freezer and keep it there until you have drunk it all. Have a few glasses of martini ready in the freezer too. BELLINI A peach Bellini is the classic Venetian cocktail, created by Arrigo’s father in the 1930s. It did not have a name until he christened it in honour of the artist for the Giovanni Bellini Venice exposition of 1948. The spirit of the Bellini is not exclusive to peaches however and since peaches are not in season, you can try nectarines or berries for a good alternative.

CHOCOLATE MOUSE This mousse is very light – and very rich – and half a cup gives a generous serving. This recipe will make enough for 6 servings. For the meringue: 1 egg white at room temperature 55g sugar For the mousse: 60g best quality (at least 70% cocoa) dark/plain chocolate, broken into pieces 3 egg yolks 55g sugar 250ml double cream To make the meringue: be sure the egg white is at room temperature – cold egg whites do not incorporate as much air as those at room temperature. Place in a medium-sized bowl and beat until almost stiff. Gradually beat in sugar and then beat meringue mix until very thick and glossy. Put chocolate in a heatproof bowl and stand over a pan of just simmering water, being careful that the bowl does not actually touch the water. Stir occasionally until the chocolate is melted and smooth. Remove from heat. Using electric beater, beat the yolks and sugar until they are thick and pale. Whisk the chocolate into the mixture until

When the season allows, and if you want keep to the traditional Harry’s Bar recipe, never purée peaches by machine. If you cannot find frozen purée, you’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way. Use a food mill or meat grinder to make the pulp and then force it through a fine sieve. You can sweeten the purée with a just a little sugar syrup to taste. To do this, combine the sugar and water in a medium saucepan over a low heat, stirring occasionally until sugar is dissolved. Increase the heat, bring to the boil, and boil for 2 or 3 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Cover and chill the syrup before adding to the purée. Refrigerate the purée until it is very cold. Mix it with the very cold, dry Prosecco in the proportion of 1 part fruit purée to 3 parts wine or, for each drink, 30ml fruit purée and 100ml wine. Pour the mixture into wellchilled glasses and serve immediately. 2 1 x 750ml 390g 425ml

peaches bottle of chilled Prosecco of sugar water

These recipes from Harry’s Bar where cooked, tasted and thoroughly enjoyed by the editor. V

Buffet the Hilton Way If you’re going to Indulge, you might as well do it properly. On Saturday nights, Hilton Malta hosts a sumptuous Mediterranean Fusion Buffet in the elegant setting of the Oceana Restaurant. Whether out for a romantic evening or a warm get-together with family and friends, you’ll be simply spoilt for choice when faced with such an immense variety of mouth-watering dishes to savour. For those who want to upgrade their Sunday afternoon to make it really memorable, Hilton Malta’s Sunday Buffet Lunch makes for a truly special day out enjoying a veritable feast of culinary delights. What’s more, at either Saturday Mediterranean Fusion or Sunday Buffet Lunch, kids up to the age of 12 EAT FREE whereas diners also enjoy FREE PARKING!

Saturdays Mediterranean Fusion €37 per person Sundays Buffet Lunch €35 per person


Q+A>ASK DR JO! SKIN CARE SPECIALIST DR. JOANNA DELIA ANSWERS SOME COMMON QUESTIONS PUT FORTH BY OUR READERS Q: I used to suffer from spots on my back and chest and I still have the marks. What can I do about them? A: The nastiest thing about acne is probably just this – it leaves you with souvenirs! Microneedle treatments, carried out with one of the cosmetic medical sector’s most exciting new gadgets, will help improve the marks left by the pimples. The roller might look like a demonic pitchfork, but it is certainly a godsend for postacne scarring. The treatment micro-traumatises the skin, which is stimulated to produce more collagen which in turn will re-build and renew the superficial layers as would normally happen when skin is scratched or otherwise injured. Blood circulation is increased and during the healing process the marks will start to fade. This might involve more than one treatment, depending on the area as well as the severity of the marks, and a take-home roller is available so that the process can be continued on a daily basis. Q: I am pregnant and my skin has started developing pigmentation. What can I do and how long should I wait before I can begin doing something? A: Pregnancy is one of the most rewarding periods of a woman’s life, but sometimes it rewards you with less-than-desired gifts! Pigmentation is a problem that lands right on your face and so causes a lot of distress. Melasma-type pigmentation is caused by hormonal imbalances and therefore it is best to wait until after having your baby and breast feeding before carrying out any treatments. This problem can also be very tricky to target and sometimes the best that you can do is use the right products, which will help prevent the pigmented lesion spreading and perhaps lighten

it. The key ingredients here are alphahydroxy acids – AHAs – which help reduce the production of pigment. Professional peels will also help and acid peels of varying strengths are available. I always tell my patients, that this problem is something that will need constant care – after all, you cannot colour your hair roots once and then expect never to turn grey again, or visit a dentist once and hope your teeth will never decay! Perseverance is crucial here and, needless to say, it is very important to use sun protection every day to prevent the pigmentation from darkening. Q: What can I do for a more radiant complexion? A: The catchword these days that spells beauty is “radiance”. There are various reasons why our complexion sometimes appears less radiant. It is always very important to drink plenty of water in order for the skin to be plump and hydrated. Skin cells sag and look sallow when dehydrated and no topical product can hydrate your skin from within! That said, using the right products will improve the radiance of the skin. Vitamin C is one of the ingredients you have to look out for. You can also opt for treatments such as good old chemical peels, which will help brighten up the complexion. Q: There are so many facial moisturisers on the market but I never seem to find the right one for my skin. What should I do? A: Always look for the right ingredients in a product. Retinol is one of the most important. It is Vitamin A and it works at a cellular level and stimulates the reproduction of new skin cells. This helps renew the skin, giving it a more supple texture. Vitamin A is also responsible for preventing the skin from ageing and from forming fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C and E are also important for the skin. They are both anti-oxidants that will help hydrate the skin and remove the free radicals to give it a more radiant look. Due to our over-exposure to the sun, you could also include AHAs (alphahydroxy acids) on the list of products, since they will

help regularise any pigmentation and also prevent pigmentation from forming. It is always important to go to professional skin care specialists for advice as to which product is best for you, but it is a good idea to look for products that contain these ingredients. Asking for samples is a good way of assessing the product for yourself before actually making a purchase. Q: I have been plucking hairs from my upper lip for years. I am worried that people will see it grown if I stop plucking in order to laser it away. What can you suggest? A: In order to carry out laser hair removal, the full growth needs to be there, otherwise there will be hairs that will grow one week after your treatment, rather than six weeks later. Ideally, the hairs should be trimmed rather than plucked, so that the actual hair is not visible but the root is still there. This will only happen for your first session, then you will have six weeks with no hairs. Laser hair removal offers a more permanent solution to the problem and a peace of mind that you will certainly appreciate. The hairs do not have to be long in order to be affected by laser, so cutting the hair close to the skin would be the best solution. V

Ask Dr Jo any question by email on




NOW ONLY €9,999

t ABS with electronic

t Power steering


t SRS airbags


t Electric Windows

t Air Conditioning

t 3 years warranty

t Radio cd

t 6 years on body

t Colour coded

t Electric mirrors


t 5 speed manual





Payment over 6 years. Terms & conditions apply.

Muscats Motors Ltd, Rue D’Argens, Gzira GZR1368 Tel: 2326 4584/5/7 | Fax: 2326 4592 | Email: Mizzi Motors Showroom, Mgarr Road, Ghajnsielem GSM 9016 Tel: 2155 6942 | Mobile: 9978 2000 | Email: Official fuel consumption (EU combined mode) Daihatsu Sirion 1.0L : 5 L/100km (manual transmission). CO 2 Emissions 118g/km.

Valletta I St Julian’s | Sliema | B’Kara | MIA | Bugibba | Gozo | Bay Street




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