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Luis Orozco McGill Architecture Portfolio May 2010 ID: 260375190

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Tetris Chair March 2010 Construction Pg. 4-5

Skeleton Sketch January 2010 Still Life Drawing Pg. 12

Gerts Logo January 2010 Graphic Design Pg. 6

Six Poses March 2010 Painting Pg. 13

WAC Logo November 2007 Graphic Design Pg. 7

Lounge Chair March 2010 Still Life Drawing Pg. 14

Monster Fan August 2009 Industrial Design Pg. 8

Woman with Curtains March 2010 Painting Pg.15

Rubber Ducky Sketch October 2009 Still Life Drawing Pg. 9

Flowers in a Vase March 2010 ContĂŠ Drawing Pg. 16




I.F.I.N.A.E.T.Y.S. November 2009 Illustration Pg. 10-11


Baby Hedgehog November 2008 Origami Pg. 17

© Original drafts were made with the seven iconic Tetris blocks, then converted into digital models. After a design was decided on, it was split into four sections and assembled. All models are made with “Papercraft”, a technique that uses glue and card stock to create 3-D shapes. Improvement on the design of Gabriel Cañas’ “Tetris Chair” ©. 4

Tetris Lounge Chair March 2010 Card Stock 8 x 6 x 6 cm 5

“Gerts Challenge� Logo Design Competition Entry January 2010 Adobe Illustrator Submission for the rebranding competition the McGill Campus Bar, inspired by the Student Society of McGill Univeristy (SSMU) Logo 6







“World Affairs Conference� Logo Design Commission November 2007 Adobe Illustrator Identity update for the annual international speaker series on global change hosted by Upper Canada College in Toronto, ON. 7

Monster Fan August 2009 Pencil on Paper 7” x 10” Inspired by Coca Cola’s “Coke Creatures” 8

Still Life featuring Rubber Ducky October 2009 Pencil on Paper 10” x 7” 9

“I Fall in Love Again Every Time You Smile” November 2009 Pencil on Paper 7” x 10” Christmas present for my long-standing girlfriend, along with preliminary sketches and designs 10


Skeleton Sketch January 2010 Pencil on Paper 18” x 24” 12

Woman in Six Dynamic Poses March 2010 India Ink on Bond Paper 8.5� x 14� each 1 minute model pose with emphasis on tone 13

Lounge Chair Tone Drawing March 2010 Pencil on Paper 7” x 10” 14

Woman in Front of Curtains March 2010 India Ink on Watercolour Paper 18� x 24� 30 minute model pose with different ink tones 15

Flowers in a Vase March 2010 Conté Crayon on Bond Paper 7” x 10” 16

Eric Joisel’s Baby Hedgehog November 2008 11” Square Bond Paper 15 x 8 x 5 cm An international convention “Complex” level real 3D model based on exercise in the “Box Pleating” Technique. 17

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Personal creative work up to and including May 2010.