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Enbed_pdf Plugin for

v1.5 & v1.6

How to use Enbed_pdf in your Joomla articles? Thank you for using Enbed_pdf. I hope, you will find it useful and it will do what you expecting. Enbed_pdf only support PHP5 and higher! If your server use an older version, it will not work and show an error message! In this case, please contact your ISP, or hoster to update PHP.

Login into your Joomla back-end and go to "Extensions" >> "Install/Uninstall", click the "Browse" button and select the, which you have downloaded, before. You now, should see the path to Enbed_pdf zipfile at the text-field. Now, click the "Upload File & Install" button.

After a short time, you should see "Install Plugin Success" result and a short

info about Enbed_pdf at the bottom of the comment. Enbed_pdf is now installed on your Joomla page.

Next step is, we have to enable Enbed_pdf's at your Joomla installation. To do that, at the menu, go to "Extensions" >> "Plugin Manager". You will see a list of all installed plugins.

As you can see at the red mark, on right site of the above screenshot, Enbed_pdf is not enabled, yet. Click on the Enbed_pdf's name to edit the configuration.

To enable Enbed_pdf, click on "Yes" at the "Enabled" section on left side of the Edit window.

To use Enbed_pdf, you can use just the default settings. Click on "Apply", or "Save" at the right upper corner. If you clicked "Save", you will come back to the plugin list. If you would like to do further settings in Enbed_pdf ,just click on "Apply" and go forward with configuration.

Enbed_pdf is enabled and we now can start using Enbed_pdf in a Joomla article. Please click at the top menu "Content" >> "Article Manager" and open a new article, or select an article, where you would like to use Enbed_pdf.


The Joomla article will open and we now can setup/edit the article.

Click in your article, where you would like to show your pdf. Add a string same as at the below screenshot in your article. At least, if is just enough to write the path of pdf in between the {pdf}{/pdf} mark. Enbed_pdf will then use the default settings, which you can edit in backend of your Joomla page, at the plugin section >> Enbed_pdf.

If you like to set "height:", "width:", the used "app:", or other options for your pdf file, you are free to add such settings, separated with an "|" symbol. All options have to be set with an ":" between the option name and the value of it. Any other symbol will have no effect of the option!

The following options can be set with Enbed_pdf.





Sets the height of a pdf

Adobe Reader & Google-Viewer


Sets the width of a pdf

Adobe Reader & Google-Viewer


Sets the used viewer for the pdf file

toolbar: (0=disabled, 1=enabled) Show Adobe Reader toolbar, or not.

Adobe Reader only


(0=disabled, 1=enabled) Show Adobe Reader navpanel, or not.

Adobe Reader only


(0=disabled, 1=enabled) Show Adobe Reader scrollbar, or not.

Adobe Reader only

search: (0=disabled, 1=enabled) Show Adobe Reader search window, or not

Adobe Reader only


Add page number to go direct to page. Sample: ..|page:54|app:google

Google viewer only

How to for using Enbed_pdf displaying Google Documents (integrated from Enbed_pdf v1.8) Open the Google document, you would like to display on your Joomla Web-page. Click on the "Share" button on right upper corner. There, click on "Publish to the Web...".

You will see a button called "Start sharing". Click it and close the setting-window.

At the document, you want to share, now look at the link of it. It is something like this:

Now mark and copy the 1XchFhCByU8klDwWUczvpTVVIvUBUOw part. Just paste this part into Enbed_pdf string at your Joomla article. It have to look like this: Sample: [pdf}1XchU8klDwWUczvpTVVIvUBUOw|height:600|width:400|page:7|app:gdoc{pdf} Important is here, you have to use the "app:gdoc" in the end of the Enbed_pdf string.

Zoho viewer usage To use Zoho with your documents, use the "app:zoho" parameter at the Enbed_pdf string in your Joomla article. Sample: [pdf}|height:600|width:400|app:zoho{/pdf} !!! The current version of Zoho viewer can only show documents in original size! That means, you cannot shrink, or expand documents just with the frame size, same way you do with Google viewer, or Adobe Reader.

FlaPdf by usage To use FlaPdf with Enbed_pdf, just use the app:flash option at the Enbed_pdf string in your article. FlaPdf convert your pdf document in a real flash view. It is a free service from In several tests, this service was pretty fast, but there is no guaranty, how fast it is in your place. Sample string: {pdf}|app:flash{/pdf}


v1.5 & v1.6 Plugin for How to use Enbed_pdf in your Joomla articles? Login into your Joomla back-end and go to "Extensions" >> "In...