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Corporate Branding Guidelines. The Yellow Jersey Bike Company

CONTENTS 2. Foreword 3. Logo Variations 4. Corporate Typeface 5. Company Colours 6. Yellow Jersey stationary set 7. Yellow Jersey stationary set 8. Yellow Jersey stationary set 9. Alternative Uses 10. Additional Information and Contact


FOREWORD The Yellow Jersey Bike Company are a strong uk chain of stores. As a company we have exceptional product knowledge and team spirit. We care about our customers and thrive to provide the best experience and advice we possibly can. The company holds four key brand values. - Product Knowledge - Quality - Adventure - Reliability It is important for this company logo to represent all of these key values and create the correct impression. the logo has been designed wth these values in mind. This document gives the basic information for the company branding, how to treat corporate typefaces, corporate colours and logo placement.


LOGO VARIATIONS The Yellow Jersey Company logo is set in specific colours that relate to the company. The logo can be set in black and white when necessary.

The surrounding box indicates where no other graphic elements should be placed when the logo is in use.


CORPORATE TYPEFACE The corporate typeface used is ‘ostritch sans’. It is not exclusive to The Yellow Jersey Bike Company. It will be used for all visual communication with the exception of the logo.

The corporate typeface used for the Yellow Jersey logo is exclusive to the company and has been made specifically. This typeface cannot be used by any other company otherwise permission is required. Please see for further information and contact.

Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789(),./?”’!%


COMPANY COLOURS RGB R - 243 G - 210 B - 15

CMYK C - 6% M - 13% Y - 99% K - 0%

Pantone 7404C

The examples shown here are for the colours used in the Yellow Jersey logo and the company stationary set. Other colours are not permitted to be used for the logo as these chosen colours are specific representations of the company. Adjacent you will find the colour matching specifications.

RGB R - 28 G - 117 B - 188

CMYK C - 85% M - 50% Y - 0% K - 0%

Pantone 660C

RGB - is an abreviation for Red-Blue-Green, the primary colours of light. This is used for production on screen and electronic systems. CMYK is the abreviation for the colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (Kohl) used in the printing process. Combinations of these colours are used to achieve matches to the spot colours. PMS is the abreviation for the Pantone Matching System. This system is used to achieve specific spot colours.



The Yellow Jersey Bike Comapny stationary branding guidlines. These are size guidelines for the staionary set. The dashed line represents the folds within the letterhead, the grey areas of the logo will be die cut and printed onto the reverse of the letter head for presentation, please see below for detail.

Mr D Andrews 5 Church street stanwix carlisle ca3 9df

YEllow jersey hull lane croston preston pr6 8ug

This area of the logo will be die cut and printed onto the reverse as part of presentation. dear mr lund


We are writing to inform you that your raleigh 4000 moutain bike is now ready for collecetion. If you could please come in store between 10am and 4pm on wednesday the 17th august, ask for John Marrer.

regards, The yellow jersey bike company

ADDRESS 26 hull road, croston, preston, pr7 8ug ph# - (01228) 345 678 fx# - (01228) 567 893 Email -




These are the guidelines and measurements for the compliment slip and envelope. The envelope is sealed and stickered with the triangle logo piece.

ADDRESS 26 hull road, croston, preston, pr7 8ug ph# - (01228) 345 678 fx# - (01228) 567 893 Email -

Mr A Davids 26 Church Road Stanwix Carlisle CA3 7GY




These will be printed onto matt finish cartridge paper 300gsm



part 1

part 2

Luci Ormrod tel - 07756786423 email -




Here are the guidelines for the company business cards. Each member of staff will have their own card relating to whichever area they specialise in. The wheels of the bike on part 1 are die cut, alowing the image presented on part 2 to be visable when the card is shown and handed out. Each card has various wheel designs to differenciate between specialised areas. These will be printed onto matt finish cartridge paper 300gsm


ALTERNATIVE USES/MERCHANDISE Here are examples of how the company logo can be reproduced and applied to various elements such as, - Web - Merchandise When the logos are being applied to the various elements, colour specifications should be recognised and applied apropriately.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION AND CONTACT The outlines in this guide intend to cover the basic priniples of Yellow Jersey and therefore cannot cover every application or eventuality. Full guidelines and additional information can be found on our website. WWW.YELLOWJERSEYCOMPANY.COM/BRANDING/CORPORATE GUIDELINES For more information please contact Email - Web - WWW.YELLOWJERSEYCOMPANY.COM Fax - (01228) 678543 Tel - (01228) 785120

Corporate Identity ( Yellow Jersey )  
Corporate Identity ( Yellow Jersey )  

I was asked to create a logo and branding for a company called Yellow Jersey. Th idea was that the company was a small chain of stores that...