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PASTRY CHEF : Kritnakorn Rooplek / PHOTOGRAPHER : Mike Nopasut

SACRED DROP Composition Mojito Sphere, Pine Apple Semi Sphere, Green Grape Semi-Sphere, Apple Sphere, Blueberry, Cantaloupe, Chocolate Ball, Lemon Cremuex and Herb Leaves


he Mojito, one the world's scenemaking cocktails, and has been cherished and enjoyed worldwide. Sacred or divine, this long time favorite from time antiquity has been prepared as a beverage, as a dessert and even as a flavor for sorbet and gelato. The origin of the this Cuban classic cocktail, is legend and could be in debate. It was called " El Draque ", after Sir Francis Drake who raided Cartagena, Cuba in the year 1586. Its ingredients were sugar cane aguardiente, raw sugarcane juice, lime and mint. It was highly valued by the Cuban Indigenious Indians, as a medicinal remedy for scurvy and dysentery. Chef Kritnakorn, have created a wide selection of Mojito cocktails with refreshing and freshly grown Thai ingredients .. Let's have a cocktail party tasting !

Mojito Sphere Serve for 4 portion 48 mm. sphere mold

150 g. club soda 5 g. white rum 50 g. sugar 50 g. lime juice 5 g. salt 12 g. gelatin sheet 4 fresh mint leaves

The gelatin sheet in cold water. Heat soda, white rum, sugar, salt and dissolve the gelatin, previously hydrated. Add lime juice. Pour into 48 mm. sphere then add in mint leaves one by one for each sphere. Leave in refrigerator for 3 hours then remove the sphere from the mold. Pine Apple Semi-Sphere Serve for 24 portion 28 mm. semi sphere mold 100 g. 5 g. 1 g.

pine apple juice gelatin sheet agar agar

The gelatin sheet in cold water. Heat some pineapple juice with agar agar and bring to a boil. Remove from the heat then add gelatin sheet and the rest of pine apple juice. Pour into 28 mm. semi-sphere silicone mold. Leave in refrigerator until set then remove from the mold. Green Grape Semi-Sphere Serve for 24 portion of 28 mm. semi sphere mold

100 g.

5 1

green grape juice

g. gelatin sheet g. agar agar

PASTRY CHEF : Kritnakorn Rooplek / PHOTOGRAPHER : Mike Nopasut

The gelatin sheet in cold water. Heat some green grape juice with agar agar then bring to a boil. Remove from heat then add in gelatin sheet with the rest of green grape juice. Pour into 28 mm. semi-sphere silicone mold. Leave in refrigerator until set then remove from the mold. Apple Sphere Serve for 10 portion 28 mm. sphere mold

100 g. 5 g. 1 g.

apple juice gelatin sheet agar agar

The gelatin sheet in cold water. Heat some apple juice with agar agar then bring to a boil. Remove from heat then add in gelatin sheet with the rest of apple juice. Pour into 28 mm. semisphere silicone mold. Leave in refrigerator until set then remove from the mold. Lemon Cremuex 100 g. 50 g. 40 g. 25 g. 2 g. 45 g.

lemon juice sugar egg yolks eggs gelatin sheet butter

The gelatin sheet in cold water. Combine lemon juice, eggs, egg yolks and sugar. Heat up to 85 degrees celsius while continuously strirring. Remove from the heat. Add in the gelatin sheet, previously hydrated. Add in butter and mix until creamy. Store in the refrigerator.

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Beyond the amazing powers of seeds, herbal, vegetable, fruit or flora, the ultimate healers, Mary Hewitt stated many years ago, "He is happiest who hath power to gather wisdom from a flower".

PASTRY CHEF : Kritnakorn Rooplek / PHOTOGRAPHER : Mike Nopasut

PASTRY CHEF : Kritnakorn Rooplek / PHOTOGRAPHER : Mike Nopasut PASTRY CHEF : Kritnakorn Rooplek / PHOTOGRAPHER : Mike Nopasut

SEEDS OF BLESSING Compositon Mango mousse, Chocolate mousse, Vanila bavarios, Orange glacage, Chocolate sable, Feuilletine, Chocolate rock, Chocolate ball, Lemon cremuex and herb leaves


astry Chef Kritnakorn, has created a special occasion dessert exalted in a nucleus of buds, and rewarded with a core of black chocolate, almond and fresh mango puree, to name a few of the blessed ingredients that come from our earth's seeds or beans. The title is complimentary in denoting the adored, rewarded and blessed seeds, that have been employed in this dessert. The therapeutic plants for health, beauty, and dietary purposes implemented here, have been utilised since the time of the Pharohs and The Mayans. The latest scientific studies and medical research have additionally confirmed the amazing power of aromas which have an impact on our mind, and emotions. This fragrant holiday dessert is an arduous extraordinarily amazing creation with an amazingly impeccably unforgettable fragrance ..

Chocolate Mousse Serve for 8 portion 48 mm. sphere mold 70 g. sugar 20 g. water 45 g. eggs 50 g. egg yolks 155 g. dark chocolate 58% 220 g. semi - whipped cream Make a syrup with the sugar and water to 118 celsius. Pour over the eggs and egg yolks to make a pate a bombe. Melt dark chocolate. Mix some of semi -whipped cream with melted dark chocolate,then add the rest of the cream and pate a bombe. Pipe in 48 mm. sphere with 28 mm. vanilla bavarios sphere inside. Leave in freezer.

Mango Mousse Serve for 4 portion 58 mm. sphere mold 163 g. mango puree 43 g. egg yolks 18 g. eggs 30 g. sugar 6 g. corn starch 8 g. gelatin sheet 140 g. whipping cream The gelatin sheet in cold water. Boil mango puree and make creme patissiere with corn starch, eggs, egg yolks and sugar. Add bloom gelatin sheet and cool down to 25 degrees celsius. Gently fold the whipping into the creme patissiere. Pipe in 58 mm. sphere with chocolate mousse inside. Leave in freezer until ready to cover with glacage.

PASTRY CHEF : Kritnakorn Rooplek / PHOTOGRAPHER : Mike Nopasut

Vanilla Bavarios Serve for 18 portion 28 mm. semi sphere mold 25 g. cream 25 g. milk 1 vanilla bean stick 12 g. egg yolks 14 g. sugar 1.5 g. gelatin sheet 50 g. whip cream The gelatin sheet in cold water. Combine milk, cream and the split vanilla bean altogether then bring to a boil. Mix the egg yolks and sugar then pour 1/3 of boiling milk over them. Add all the mixture into the remainder of the milk and cook to 85 celsius. Strain and add the gelatin. Let cool down in freezer to 25 celsius and gently mix with whip cream. Pipe in a 28 mm. semi sphere. Leave in freezer.

Chocolate Sable

Orange Glacage

25 g. almond powder 48 g. cocoapowder 167 g. flour t55 1 g. salt 82 g. icing sugar 129 g. butter 48 g. whole eggs Cream the butter, icing sugar and salt with a paddle. Sift together almond powder, flour and cocoa powder.Add to butter mix.Make sure all ingredient combined. Slowly add the egg, make sure they are incorporated well. Spread dough in the sheet pan and chill. Sheet the dough to thin 50 mm.freeze sheets of dough. Cut by ring cutter size 60 mm. while the dough is frozen.Bake 160 degrees celsius 40 minutes

390 g. water 600 g. sugar 600 g. glucose 430 g. condense milk 36 g. gelatin sheet 650 g. white chocolate 28% QS orange color QS a dust of titanium dioxide The gelatin sheet in cold water. Combine water, sugar, glucose and bring up to 110 degrees celsius. then add condense milk and bloom gelatin. Pour over white chocolate and add orang color, use hand blender to mix. Let cool,Ready to use at 28-35 celsius. Lemon Cremuex (see Sacred Drop page 17 )

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PASTRY CHEF : Kritnakorn Rooplek / PHOTOGRAPHER : Mike Nopasut

SAPLING Composition Chocolate and Coffee mousse, Dark Chocolate cream, White chocolatecream, Bitter chocolate sponge cake,Chocolate spray, almond crumble,Coral microwave sponge and Chocolate leaf for decorate.


astry Chef Krinakorn's formula for his lusciously scrumptuous chocolate coffee mousse creation called the Sapling, includes dark chocolate cream, white chocolate cream, bitter chocolate sponge, almond crumble and "a fast micro-wave sponge". A deliciously inventive treat with four seasonal flair shall lead to a perfect surprise ending to any get together .. Saplings are young trees, and henceforth, denote, a relatively new dessert, which has been prepared especially for the 1st edition of Lucid Magazine, by Pastry Chef Kritnakorn. Creating delicious bites of this nature, do not require any obscure or difficult to find ingredients. As a matter of fact, the focus on this stunning imaginative dessert, is just that, the imagination. Wait a minute, the dinner is not over, until you have had this new flangled, yet comfort food dessert. Sapling is a sweet ending to a wonderful lunch or dinner. By following the recipe carefully, one can easily produce absolutely amazing results and a dessert, your guests or family shall never forget ..

PASTRY CHEF : Kritnakorn Rooplek / PHOTOGRAPHER : Mike Nopasut

Chocolate Cream 80 g. milk 120 g. cream 1 vanilla bean stick 50 g. egg yolks 28 g. sugar 108 g. dark chocolate72% Combine the milk, cream and vanilla stick, bring to boil. Separately combine the egg yolks, sugar and pasteurize by average heat 85 celsius. gradually emulsify dark chocolate with just prepared creme anglaise. Pour in small pan that plastic wrap on the bottom of pan until the mix high 1.5 cm. Shock freeze and cut by ring cut with size of 3 cm.

White Chocolate Cream 80 g. milk 16 g. egg yolks 4 g. corn starch 120 g. white chocolate 28% 4 g. gelatin sheet 220 g. cream The gelatin in cold water. Prepare creme patisserie with milk, egg yolks and corn starch. Add Bloom gelatin. Mix thoroughly. While still hot, pour over whit chocolate and emulsify well until a smooth. Let cool down 28-29 celcius. Whip the cream to soft peaks and add the white chocolate cream. Pour in small pan that plastic wrap on the bottom of pan until the mix high 1.5 cm. Shock freeze and cut by ring cut with size of 3 cm.

PASTRY CHEF : Kritnakorn Rooplek / PHOTOGRAPHER : Mike Nopasut

Bitter Chocolate Sponge Serve for 30 cm. x 31 cm. oven pan 95 g. egg whites 107 g. sugar 70 g. egg yolks 30 g. cocoa powder, sifted Whisk the egg whites with half the amount of sugar until stiff and beat the egg yolks with the remaining sugar. Fold the cocoa powder into the egg yolks, add the batter to the egg whites. Pour in pan. Bake at 220 celcius for 15 minutes cut to octagon mold size.

Chocolate and Coffee Mousse Serve for 6 octagon mold 300 g. milk chocolate 38.2% 100 g. milk 100 g. cream 40 g. sugar 75 g. egg yolks 10 g. coffee liquid 100 g. Tanzanie dark chocolate75% 8 g. gelatin sheet 330 g. Whipped cream The gelatin in cold water. Boil the milk and cream and add the egg yolks, previously beaten to pale with sugar. Cook to 85 celsius Add coffee liquid and bloom gelatin. Homogenize and pour over the semi-melted chocolate. Finally add the whipped cream. Pipe in octagon silicone mold with chocolate cream and white chocolate cream inside until full close with chocolate sponge. Leave in freezer until ready to spray by chocolate spray Almond Crumble 100 g. butter, diced 100 g. sugar 100 g. almond powder 100 g. cake flour 1 g. salt Combine all ingredients while cold.Mix to a crumble texture. Bake at 160 celcius until golden brown. Coral Microwave Sponge( see Cedrus Libani page 62 )

The interpretation of Phuket Island, Thai cuisine is esentially a

social phenomenon of supreme exponents of nature's bounty and the sea's daily catch.True passion is born when a team is devoted to perfection. Immerse yourself in the cuisine and culture of Phuket Island, and moreover see cuisine in a new perspective with Phuket Islandss Top Notch Chef, Chef Wuttisak Wuttiamporn and Restaurant Reporter, Journalist Margaux Cintrano, based in Marseille, France. Chef Wuttisak Wuttiamporn, a native of Tak, Thailand, was twenty years old, when he had discovered, he wanted to pursue a career in the culinary arts. He was in Restaurant Commis1 and had the opportunity to stage as an intern, and cook along with the Executive Chef Joerg Meierhans at that time. Working in a team, totally inspired and motivated, Chef Wuttisak. He told me; " He was so passionate about every little thing he did, and by the end of the staging apprenticeship, there was no doubt in my mind, heart or soul, that I wanted to become a professional Culinary Artist and Chef someday too". Chef Wuttisak continued to tell me about his studies of the Gastronomic Arts .. Chef Wuttisak : First of all, I am indebted to Executive Chef Joerg Meierhans and Executive Chef Alexander Mark for their personal culinary philosophy, attitudes, perspectives -- their enthusiasm for and training in the food arts. Furthermore, for having me realise, that success does not mean succeeding once, but succeeding all the time, and at least being consistent. Additionally, I was constantly questioning myself, with the unfailing desire to improve my skills and efforts. I have also learnt, from them, that it is a life long passion, and you decide when to retire from your career. He also had taught me, to be straight forward and trust, respect and be honest to myself and to others.

Chef Wuttisak : I would like to add, that Executive Chef Jerome Case, had taught me to appreciate and the understand the art of simple trade. To be able, by the way of culinary institutions, to offer at all levels, rich traditions, to see our dreams come to a reality, passion, cultures and in general a wealth of teachings, discoveries, history and encounters of uncountable chefs. What other profession could offer one this ! To turn to, 76 Bar Drink & Dine, The Nap Patong, on Phuket Island, had given me time to pursue my passion and surpass myself, and above all, the work I love to satisfy the patrons and to serve happiness around the tables .. Margaux Cintrano : How would you describe your cuisine at the Charm Hotel on Phuket Island ? Chef Wuttisak : First of all, in regard to the international cuisine,

aspect of my work, I love to create the menus, train the staff, as well as both manage and motivate, lead and coach my team to produce exemplary work,while also inspiring them to continue in the profession. I enjoy the creative aspects, the passion for food in my veins, the energy and excitement of being in the kitchen and also the priviledged contact I derive from the communications with the public. The wit, and the discovery of what the patrons or clients truly have enjoyed, and most of all, creating ectastic tables at the restaurant. Margaux Cintrano : I understand that you are opening a restaurant of your own within the next few months. Can you tell us about it ? How would you describe your new menus and degustation cartes ? Chef Wuttisak : I cannot say at the moment, because the construction has only just begun ..


Margaux Cintrano : What are your favorite ingredients to work with ? Chef Wuttisak : I do not have a favorite dish per se, howeverI enjoy making stocks. They are the base of all sauces, and braised food items. They really are the foundation to a greatmeal. When a stock is outstanding, your finished product shall be a true success. Margaux Cintrano : How important do you deem dressage & the final plating up of your dishes ? Chef Wuttisak : My belief returns to the rule: " Hot food, is hot,clean and hygienic and then the delicious ' ..

Bocuse, Culinary Artist Michel Roux, Culinary Artist Alain Ducasse and Culinary Artist Pierre Gagnaire; what would you prepare for them ? Chef Wuttisak : The great honor and privilege of having worked with renowned Chefs, has been a quintessential aspect of my profession and career growth. Through my experiences, I have worked with some of France's most celebrated Chefs, and I have discovered the meaning of excellence with regards to our profession. While learning almost every thing about Haute Cuisine, I had begun to understand the importance of the precision of details and to appreciate the perfection of excellent work. In addition, I had been inspired by the sense of integrity, nobility and fraternity, as well as the rigorousness demanded in order to succeed at this profession. I would serve them withnseasonal local dishes created by me .. Margaux Cintrano : What do you consider your

Margaux Cintrano : What inspires you when plating strengths, what you do best and what do you consider, is in need of improvement? up anddressing a plate for the final presentation to a client or guest ?

Chef Wuttisak : I would state that my strength is in the creative and plating up. Furthermore, the building of a Chef Wuttisak : " Everywhere ! If I limit my sourc- strong and like mind team around me which creates and es of inspiration, then I am limiting myself ".. When makes day to day challenges a lot easier to deal with. I I see a new ingredient or one I have not worked am also quite good at leading .. with for quite awhile, I think of ways to change it However, I am truly quite self critical, a bit of a perfecinto something innovative, interactive, fun and of tionist and need to not be so hard on myself !

course, to be a paradise for the palate !

Margaux Cintrano : Tell us about your mentors, coaches and Chefs that you would like to Stage with at your new restaurant and why ? Chef Wuttisak : Firstly, Chef Rene Redzepi, as I adore his work and the re-invention and refinement of the New Nordic Cuisine and the food that is characterized by the inventiveness and pure naturally clean flavors and aromas .. Margaux : If you were to choose a dish to serve a group of Veteran French Chefs that includes: Le Maitre De Maitres, Paul

Chef Wuttisak : " A huge thank you to all my friends and family, most of all, their love and support which has made everything possible, and worth it " !

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The extensive lunch menu always meets the demands of our business and leisure guests. Dinners at Scalini combine authentic atmosphere with fabulous food and amazing wines. There’s no doubt that Scalini is the perfect choice for corporate entertaining, family celebrations and romantic encounters. A

Publisher, Author & Photographer : Mr. Philippe Germain of Visions Gourmandes

Publisher, Author & Photographer : Mr. Philippe Germain of Visions Gourmandes

Visions Gourmandes French Macarons Bursting .. The Big Bang Creation .. Concept ..

One of the veritable jewels of French cuisine, are French Macarons. Classic Macarons are made from a sweet meringue confection prepared with egg whites, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder, and sometimes food coloring .. The Larousse Gastronomique has published, the first macaron recipes were documented and prepared in 1791, in a convent in the village of Cormery, France. There have also been uncountable legends that Catherine de Medici´s Italian Pastry Chefs whom

had arrived with her in 1533, upon her wedding to King Henry II of France, had brought a similar sandwich filled cookie with them from Venecia, Italy.. Macarons have existed for generations, however, they have become the fashion dessert on all French tables in recent times. French and International Chefs have been creating uncountable styles, flavors, ingredients, and colors, from the simplest to the most sophisticated formats.

Bakers and Pastry Chefs as well as Home Gourmets have been providing an exceptional tasting adventure worldwide ..

VISIONS GOURMANDES INGREDIENTS .. Vanilla and caramel macarons - home made or purchased Icing or frosting sugar White sugar cubes Brown sugar cubes Cocoa powder Golden brown sugar A caramel sculpture prepared from culinary parchment paper

VISIONS GOURMANDES PLATING UP .. To begin, either with a spoon and/or by hand, take a small smitten amount of sugar and extraordinarily gently, toss it on a plate as shown in the photograph .. Again, repeat the same tossing movement with the brown sugar cubes .. Now, sprinkle the top of a plate or slate board, with some golden sugar .. Place the largest macaroon on the plate or board and then, 1 smaller macaroon crushed gently, scattering the crumbs, deliberately on the plate or board .. Create a caramel sugared sculpture in the shape desired as shown in the photograph .. The installation, of the caramel parchment sculpture, provides height to the overall presentation and with a pipette tube, fill the large macaron with caramel .. This presentation is daring !

Courtesy of Publisher: Author Mr. Philippe Germain of the Book, Visions Gourmandes.

The Book, The Author & The Photographer of Visions Gourmandes. Mr. Philippe Germain Face to Face, Ear to Ear in Interview. WRITTEN BY : JOURNALIST MARGAUX CINTRANO

Firstly, it has been commonly said, that “ we eat with our eyes first “. The quality of the products, textures, seasonal colors, contrast, elevation and height, placement, enhancements and garnish, and the art of food combining and the mastering of the art of plate dressage, are all keys to success, this exquisite masterpiece of art, profoundly tells us, how to. As multi Michelin Star French Chefs, Jacques Pourcel and Pâtissier Laurent Pourcel stated in the the preface of the book, Visions Gourmandes; “The plate is parallel to a white canvas offering the Chef or Home Gourmet a space to express themselves, render and sketch their creative compositions, support their imaginative ideas, their culinary philosophy, and to be able to knit or weave their epicurean story along with the optical view, which enchants all the senses”.

“Furthermore, the servingware or the plate has become as quintessential as the ingredients served upon or inside of them. Imagine, all the new dishes in process, and the Executive Chef, is thinking, of the plate or servingware vessel as the key to his or her preparation, where he or she creates the final performance”. Extraordinarily amazingly charismatic Philippe Germain, had come to my attention with his photographic works, with his savvy masterful knack for presenting plate dressage, through a friend, a Michelin Star Chef who I interviewed. In 2013, Mr. Germain had developed the idea and concepts of Visions Gourmandes due to the catalyst of an enchanting event wherein he was invited to a cooking competition, involving several culinary artists, and executive Chefs, who were creating and presenting an

array of amazingly sublime appetising dishes. However, all Mr. Germain could think about was, how would he have dressed these plates if he had participated. The next day, so profoundly empowered by this event he attended, decided to do some research. After many fruitless searches on the internet and in the book shops, Mr. Germain´s idea, gave birth into the development of the writing of Visions Gourmandes. Philippe an avid street photographer hobbyist, and grand lover of the sea, presents his masterpiece of art on :

The book focuses on the basic principles of the creative process, sources, styles, meal themes, space management, colors, volumes, forms and shapes, textures, graphics supports and equipment, layering with sub plates, glass, spoons, instruments and tools are just the tip of the iceburg of subject matter that are covered in Visions Gourmandes, a guide to learning the art of how to plate up a presentation .. This is the most amazingly incredibly stunninmasterpiece I have ever read in my lifetime .. I had been honored with the position of English Editor for the English version of Visions Gourmandes. Visions Gourmandes tri lingual website on the social This book is a majestic masterpiece unto its own .. red : One can order the book in English, French or Spanish in book form and / or PDF .

Publisher, Author & Photographer : Mr. Philippe Germain of Visions Gourmandes



PHILIPPE GERMAIN - VISIONS GOURMANDES Margaux: Philippe, let´s start with a totally basic question, how do you write ? With a pen, with a pencil or via computer or mechanical pencil ? Philippe: Normally, I write with paper and a pencil. However, quite often, I also work with a voice dictation recorder that automatically transcribes text on my computer.

Margaux: Tell us, about Visions Gourmandes. How did you create the concept ? What inspired your dedication to Visions Gourmandes ? Philippe: This is certainly a most interesting question.It all started one day when I was invited to be a jury member at a culinary competition. The most interesting factor, seemed to be the one concerning the presentation.

So, I had become totally fascinated and wanted to document all that I had seen. I desperately looked for books relating to the subject. It was simply, impossible to find, even in foreign languages. It was at that moment that the idea of a reference work on the art of plate dressage was born. Margaux: What was the book writing process like ? Philippe : As you know, I had started writing the book about two years ago, in 2013. My plan was a simple idea : Firstly, a theoretical and technical part of the concepts that make a dish successful. Then, a more visual section with a number of culinary creations, each accompanied by the procedures for their implementation. Margaux : What were the most challenging chapters in the book and why ? Philippe : I had written the first part of the book relatively quickly and rather easily because I have mastered the different aspects in this field. What has been most difficult to achieve concerned the enforcement and the creation of all the original culinary works that are found in the book. My first idea was to use various professionals and above all, creative chefs to create fifty plates. This proved impractical extremely quickly, on the logistical and practical perspectives. I had then thought to contact culinary and hospitality catering institutes, to have students work under my artistic direction and with the help of their teachers. Again, this idea proved too complicated to implement. Afterwards, I had thought to contact culinary photographers who could serve as intermediaries between their clients and my book idea. Finally, I decided that the negatives outweighed the positives and that I would create the book myself and all the plating ups that were to compose the book. So that was the hardest part, however, it also the most extrarordinarily interesting part in the realization of this book.

Margaux : Did you actually take notes prior to writing the book ? Did you write your thoughts down for the book during other professional activities ? Philippe : No note taking. No thoughts collected over time. The writing of the first part of the book was done in one go. Once the defined plan was chosen, it was relatively quick and easy to write all the chapters. Margaux : When were your best writing moments, the early am or late at night ? Did you have a specific time period where the words seems to flow off the pen so to speak ? Philippe : I had the chance to write the book in idyllic conditions because I had travelled to a a distant tropical island for a few months, spent time in the sun, and especially in the morning, during the spring of 2013. A judicious mix of documentation and reflections enabled me to write all the text in one go virtually book. Margaux : Did you video tape the preparation of the dishes ? Philippe : Unfortunately, I have no videos on the creating of all my dishes. It was hard enough to coordinate the implementation and management of each photo to my creations. That said, it would seem to me, quite interesting to imagine now, the achievements of pre-made dishes in the form of instructional videos. Margaux : Tell the audience about the dressage of the recipes in the book. Are these traditional turned modern recipes that you have collected ? Are these recipes from professional chefs ? Philippe : All the art of dressage of the plates, that you will find in the book are generally the fruit of my imagination. Some sources of information, some inspirational images, some variations, some rantings, many trials have led to the execution of a hundred in number. After the final selection, you shall find 63 in the book. The style of the plate dressage of the presented are intentionally modern creations. Moreover, it is not a question really of recipes but rather procedures to present a beautiful plate. However, you can found all the ingredients that were used in the execution of each creation. Margaux : Can we talk a little bit about the naming of the recipes ? What inspired these extraordinary names ?

Philippe : If this question is asked of me, are all these titles an enjoyment to you ? In fact, I had imagined relatively quickly, at a time when it was necessary to define the layout. At this point, I have not thought much about each title. I instinctively had written down what was going through my mind as what inspired me this or that dish. Margaux: In 2013, prior to our meeting, I recall you mentioning that you were going to utilize some of the uncountable comments that have been made online. Is there going to be a second book or a sequel to Visions Gourmandes ? Philippe : In reality, because this book seems rather comprehensive, I do not see how I could imagine a sequel. I could possibly add new creations under different themes, or make books with, for each one, an artistic coordination with a creative professional chef. However, this would be book addition rather than expansion. I imagine, I rather run training modules in videos. To continue this project, I rather want to organize Master Class to help all cooking enthusiasts, professionals or amateurs, to create beautiful presentations of plates. Margaux: Can you tell us about the challenges that you had faced in the process of publishing a book of this nature, a first of its type ? Philippe : I have already spoken of the first difficulty, which was to find an experienced culinary artist who would create and direct the dishes that are contained in The Visions Gourmandes Book. However, on a broader scale, the challenge was to combine all the skills needed to develop a book. Fortunately, I have been well surrounded by a few friends who have helped me by intervening in various parts of the book. Fortunately, my career has allowed me to calmly deal with all aspects of the realization and production of the book, in particular concerning the photos, the computer technological part, the administrative part and thousands of other details because this book has been fully directed and financed at own expense, from design to distribution.

Publisher, Author & Photographer : Mr. Philippe Germain of Visions Gourmandes

Margaux : How did you get yourself into the mental space required to write this kind of Professional Culinary Artist´s course, for lack of a better word, to provide such a thorough and complete text on the art of plating ? Philippe : Perhaps, it’s like having a child. It is the passion for this baby that gives us all the energy to move forward. Add to that a good dose of passion for the subject, and you will come to this result very honorable, recognized as a success by all amateurs and professionals.

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PASTRY CHEF : Kritnakorn Rooplek / PHOTOGRAPHER : Mike Nopasut

CEDRUS LIBANI Composition 70 mm. Chocolate sphere, 50 mm. Chocolate sphere, 30 mm. Chocolate sphere,Coral microwave sponge, Chocolate mousse, Chocolate strusel, Chocolate stone, Raspberry, Blackberry, Mint leaves and edible flower.


irstly, the ancient Cedrus Libani is an evergreen coniferious tree, native to the Mediterrean and grows in Northwestern Jor dan, Southern Turkey, Lebanon, Palestine and parts of northern Syria. The ancient Egyptians implemented the resin of the Lebanese Cedar Evergreen in their intricate mummification processes. To digress and turn to, Pastry Chef Kritnakorn's spectacular chocolate one of a kind spherical sculpture, the ingredients include: Chocolate spheres, coral sponge, fresh mint, edible flowers, chocolate mousse, chocolate streusel, rasberries, blueberries and of course, the chocolate stone which the sculpture sits upon. Highlighted by tones of sepia and the precious jeweltones, this masterpiece of art creates a perfect table centerpiece titillating a combination of the extraordinary and nature at its best.

Coral Microwave Sponge 120 g. egg whites 80 g. egg yolks 80 g. sugar 25 g. cake flour 2 espuma cream chargers Mix all the Ingredients with a Hand Blender. Put into Siphon Gun. Use 2 charges. Spray into a hard plastic cup with a hole in the bottom. Cook for 30 seconds in the Microwave at maximum temperature. Turn upside down to cool,(Freeze, Remove and dry out in oven or dehydrator).

Chocolate Strusel 100 g. Butter 50 g. brown sugar 50 g. sugar 100 g. flour 15 g. almond powder 1 g. salt Mix all ingredient until crumble texture with paddle. Bake at 160 degrees celsius for 18 minutes.

Chocolate Mousse PASTRY CHEF : Kritnakorn Rooplek / PHOTOGRAPHER : Mike Nopasut

75 g. milk 150 g. whipped cream 4 g. gelatin sheet 100 g. Manjari 64% dark chocolate couverture The gelatin in cold water. Boil the milk. Add gelatin and pour over the melted couverture at intervals until an elastic, smooth, glossy mixture is obtained. Cool down mixture at 25-28 celcius, add whipped cream.

PASTRY CHEF : Kritnakorn Rooplek / PHOTOGRAPHER : Mike Nopasut


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PASTRY CHEF : Kritnakorn Rooplek / PHOTOGRAPHER : Mike Nopasut

FORBIDDEN FRUIT Composition Vanilla Mousse, Red Fuji Apple filling,Red glacage, Almond crumble and cinnamon streusel.


ince, the times of antiquity, red apples have often been associated with the mystical and / or the forbidden. Additionally, legends and folklore have revealled that as late as the end of the 1600's, the word "Apple" was a generic term for all fruit except the berry varieties. Furthermore, during the 1920's, New York City, has been entitled "The Big Apple", denoting globe trotting jazz musicians and jockies racing horses. To move on, Pastry Chef Kritnakorn has created an absolutely amazingly flawless red apple dessert. This red apple masterpiece of art, sits upon a chocolate stone and is filled with Fuji apple filling and vanilla mousse, and is adorned at its base with cinammon streusel and almond crumble ..

142.5 g. Fuji apple puree 25 g. Fuji apple dice 7.5 g. lemon juice 4.5 g. pectin 45 g. sugar Bring Fuji apple puree to boil in a sauce pan and add sugar, pectin, lemon juice. After 2nd boil, stirring add apple dice. Pipe in 48 mm. sphere mold. Store in a freezer.

PASTRY CHEF : Kritnakorn Rooplek / PHOTOGRAPHER : Mike Nopasut

Fuji Apple Filling Serve for 4 portion 48 mm. sphere mold

Vanilla Mousse Serve for 8 portion 58 mm. sphere mold 400 g. cream 12 g. gelatin sheet 50 g. sucrose 30 g. sugar 60 g. egg whites,pasteurized 300 g. whip cream 1 vanilla bean stick The gelatin sheet in cold water. Heatcream and vanilla bean. Add bloom gelatin. Prepare meringues by mixing sucrose,sugar and egg whites. Heat the mixture over water bath until sugar dissolves. Once dissolves, whip until to be meringues. Mix 1/3 meringues with cream. Gently fold all of rest meringues and cream.

Finally add whip cream. Pipe in 58 mm.sphere mold with fugi apple filling sphere in the middle of mold. Store in freezer until ready to cover with glacage.

Red Glacage

Cinnamon Streusel

90 g. water 600 g. sugar 600 g. glucose 430 g. condense milk 36 g. gelatin sheet 650 g. white chocolate 28% QS Red color The gelatin sheet in cold water. Combine water, sugar, glucose and bring to 110 degrees celsius add condense milk and bloom gelatin. Pour over white chocolate and add red color use hand blender to mix. Let cool, Ready to use at 28-35 celsius.

100 g. butter 100 g. sugar 70 g. flour T55 20 g. cinnamon powder 100 g. almond powder Dice the butter while still cold. Combine flour and powder ingredients, add the butter and gently knead the dough with help of the paddle until crumble mix. Bake in ring size 60 mm. at 160 celsius for 20 minutes. Almond Crumble( See Sapling Page 31 )

PASTRY CHEF : Kritnakorn Rooplek / PHOTOGRAPHER : Mike Nopasut



PASTRY CHEF : Kritnakorn Rooplek / PHOTOGRAPHER : Mike Nopasut

CIRCLE OF LIFE Composition Green tea choux cream, Chocolate choux cream, Vanilla choux cream, chocolate crumble, Edible flower and Herbleaves


ne of the latest desserts created by Pastry Chef Kritnakorn, is a fusion circular sphere, or halo consisting of vanilla choux cream, chocolate choux cream and green tea choux. These perfect sandwich styled shaped delicacies, for the sweet tooth are the perfect way to pamper one's palate along with an Espresso or cup of coffee. They are served with edible flowers, on a chocolate sable creating an aromatic synergy and yearning to reconnect to our natural farm to table ingredients. Chocolate, is an aphrodisiac, vanilla is a soother, and green tea provides the balance, thus this is a perfect all year round romantic dessert and energy pick me up.

Craquelin 100 g. butter 100 g. sugar 50 g. flour t 55 Dice the butter while still cold. Combine Sugar and flour,add butter mix with paddle until smooth. Roll on baking paper to thickness 0.5 cm in diameter. Store in freezer. Additional Green tea craquelin + 20g. green tea powder Chocolate craquelin + 10g. cocoa powder

Pate a Choux 125 g. water 125 g. milk 100 g. butter 2.5 g. salt 2.5 g. sugar 145 g. flour 250 g. whole eggs Boil water, milk, butter, sugar and salt. Add the flour off the heat and mix dehydrate over the heat again. Pour into the bowl of the mixer and progressively beat in the eggs. Pipe small choux buttons 4 cm in diameter. And top with craquelin cut by ring size 4 cm in diameter. Bake at 170 celsius for approximately 35 minutes. Once baked,leave to cool completely on a rack.

Pastry Cream 271 g. milk 1 vanilla stick 16 g. corn starch 61 g. sugar 16 g. flour t55 81 g. egg yolks 20 g. eggs Bring milk to a simmer over moderate heat with the vanilla seeds.Other bowl mix egg yolks and eggs into sugar,mix with corn starch and flour .Whisk hot milk into mixture,then pour the mixture into saucepan and cook over moderate heat,whisking constantly until the mixture is bubbling and very thick,about 5 minutes. Scrape the pastry cream into large bowl and press a piece of plastic wrap directly onto surface. Let the pastry cream into Blast chiller. Additional Green tea pastry cream = 100g. pastry cream + 20 g. Green tea powder Chocolate Pastry cream = 100g.pastry cream + 40 g. Ganache

PASTRY CHEF : Kritnakorn Rooplek / PHOTOGRAPHER : Mike Nopasut



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